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Fitzwilliam Village Cemetery
Cheshire County, New Hampshire

Submitted by Joanne Gonsalves [joanneg@familytreehouse.biz].

Airio, K. Alo, b. 1887, d. 1915
Allen, ?unlina? (Ingalls), d. 15 Jul 1885, age: 70y 5m, Wife of ?? Allen, (Stone is broken and lying on the ground)
Allen, Asa W., d. 8 May 1878, age: 41y 9m 20d
Allen, Cynthia, d. 22 Sep 1822, age: 2y 1m 21d, Dau of John J. & Cynthia Allen
Allen, Edward E., d. 26 Jan 1841, age: 37y
Allen, Esther, d. 3 Aug 1865, age: 68y, Wife of Lilburn Allen
Allen, Julia, d. 14 Sep 1822, age: 3y, Same stone with Mary Allen
Allen, Mary A.J., d. 16 Feb 1866, age: 13y
Allen, Mary, d. 9 Oct 1822, age: 5y, Same stone with Julia Allen
Andrews, John, b. Sep 1891, d. 8 Jul 1959, N.H. Pvt HQ CO 42 Infantry WWI
Andrews, Lydia M. Jamsa, b. 1900, d. 1964, s/w Victor Jamsa Andrews
Andrews, Victor Jamsa, b. 1890, d. 1974
Angier, Abel Jr., d. 29 Apr 1837, age: 40y
Angier, Frances E. (Hayden), b. 1899, d. 1948, Wife of Frank T. Angier
Angier, Frank T., b. 1887, d. 1946
Angier, Laura, d. 14 May 1830, age: 28y, Wife of Abel Angier Jr
Angier, Myrtle O. (Putnam), b. 1883, d. 1921, Wife of Frank T. Angier
Angier, Sally, d. 18 Sep 1796, age: 1y 10m, Daughter of Mr. Silas and Mrs. Priscilla Angier
Angier, Silas, b. 9 Oct 1737, d. 6 Oct 1808, New Hampshire, Pvt. Col. Moore's Regt. NH Line Revolutionary War
Angier, Tirzah, d. 4 May 1795, age: 31y, Wife of Benjamin Angier
Aquilla, William, b. 1855, d. 1911, Father
Autio, Aina H. (Hakala), b. 1 Sep 1886 Finland, d. 24 May 1927, Wife of Jacob Autio
Autio, Jacob L, b. 1848 Finland, d. 1929, Palo and Autio in same plot
Autio, Jacob L, b. 27 Apr 1891 Massachusetts, d. 17 Mar 1949
Autio, Mary L., b. 1855 Finland, d. 1924
Ayers, Alice L. (Byam), b. 1858, d. 1901, Wife of C.B. Ayers
Bailey, Anna C. (Burbank), b. 1871, d. 1956, Wife of Arlon D. Bailey
Bailey, Arlon D., b. 1868, d. 1954
Bailey, Barbara, b. 1898, d. 1900, Daughter of Arlon & Anna Bailey
Baker, Able, d. 29 Mar 1823, age: 70y
Baker, Sarah, d. 2 Oct 1835, age: 77y, Wife of Abel Baker
Baldwin, Francis T., b. 11 Jun 1902, d. 30 Oct 1970, Metal marker mounted on stone
Baldwin, George A., b. 1883, d. 1967
Baldwin, James C., d. 10 Aug 1902, age: 55y 10m 12d
Baldwin, Jennie R., b. 1847, d. 1930, Wife of James C. Baldwin
Baldwin, Martha B., b. 1888, d. 1979, Wife of George A
Baldwin, Walt, b. 1876, d. 1956
Barnes, Lennox D. Jr., b. 11 Apr 1913, d. 17 Nov 1995, SC3 USN. WWII
Barnes, Lennox Drake, b. 1880, d. 1946, Lennox, Lennox Jr. and Viola all on same stone
Barnes, Viola C., b. 1883, d. 1958
Barton, Sarah J., d. 21 Mar 1925, age: 81y 3m 7d, s/w Sarah G. Blodgett & Lucretia Davis
Beal, Ernest G., b. 1880, d. 1962
Beal, Hattie E. (Fairbanks), b. 1885, d. 1918, Wife of Ernest G. Beal
Beal, Marion L. (Stoddard), b. 1887, d. 1941, Wife of Ernest G. Beal
Bebee, Anson Guy, b. 5 Sep 1841 Highgate, VT, d. 3777, Born Highgate VT, died Fitzwilliam, NH
Bebee, Carrie Lizzie, d. 3 Sep 1877, age: 8y 5m 13d, Adopted daughter of Anson G. & Mary E.C. Bebee. We Loved Her
Beckwith, Carolina Joanna (Beebe), b. Highgate, VT, d. 26 Jun 1875, age: 22y 2m, Born Highgate, VT, Wife of Nelson B. Beckwith
Beckwith, Effie Grace, d. 27 Jul 1875, age: 2 m 16d, Dau. Of Nelson B. & Caroline J. Beckwith
Beebe, Carolina Joanna, b. Highgate, VT, d. 26 Jun 1875, age: 22y 2m, Born Highgate VT, Wife of Nelson B. Beckwith
Behringer, Bertha (Byam), b. 1928, d. 1992, Daughter of Bessie and A. Waldo Byam
Bemis, Addie F. (Howe), b. 1882, d. 1971, Wife of Henry W. Bemis
Bemis, Ella A. (Amadon), b. 1885, d. 1937, Wife of Julius E. Bemis
Bemis, Eva S., b. 1924, d. no date, Wife of Wesley E. Bemis
Bemis, Henry W., b. 1885, d. 1973
Bemis, Julius E., b. 1849, d. 1924
Bemis, Laura W., d. 12 Oct 1867?, age: 12y 10m, Dau. of Joseph & Mary Bemis
Bemis, Mary, d. 17 Aug 1878, age: 58y, Wife of Joseph Bemis
Bemis, Wesley E., b. 1918, d. 1948
Bennett, Laura E., b. 1898, d. 1955
Bent, Bernard R., b. 1902, d. 1917
Bent, Bernice B., b. 1890, d. 1890
Bent, Elisha M., b. 1844, d. 1904
Bent, Elizabeth, b. 1883, d. 1948
Bent, John K., b. 1877, d. 1953
Bent, Julia R., b. 1856, d. 1946
Bent, Mary (Hunt), d. 8 Oct 1838, age: 84y, widow of Samuel Bent
Bent, Mildred R., b. 1897, d. 1989
Bent, Rolland, b. 1887, d. 1887
Bent, Ruth I., b. 1895, d. 1916
Bent, Waldo H., b. 1883, d. 1904
Bergin, Cora (Gould), b. 1887, d. no date, Wife of John P. Bergin
Bergin, John P., b. 1887, d. 1945, Husband of Cora Gould
Bergin, Raymond G., b. 1910, d. 1958, Same stone with John P. Bergin and wife Cora Gould
Bigelow, Elizabeth, d. 25 Jul 1841, age: 37y, Wife of Charles Bigelow
Bigelow, Harriett N., d. 31 Jan 1810, age: 1y 6m, Daughter of Charles & Elizabeth Bigelow
Bigelow, Horace, d. 18 Jun 1818, age: 18y, Son of Levi and Polly Bigelow
Bigelow, Horace, d. 22 Sep 1828, age: 11m 14d, Son of Levi and Polly Bigelow
Bigelow, Joseph, d. 17 May 1845
Bigelow, Lucy, d. 28 Aug 1822, age: 25y
Bigelow, Lucy, d. 30 Oct 1845, age: 76y, Wife of Joseph Bigelow
Bigelow, Mary, d. 21 May 1831, age: 23y
Bigelow, Zebin A., d. 3 Nov 1810, age: 6y, Son of Joseph & Lucy Bigelow
Billings, Hortense Boyce, b. 1898, d. 1985, On Boyce stone as well as stone by itself
Birch, Charles A., b. 1877, d. 1918
Birch, Clarence R., b. 1914, d. 1957, Son of Charles A
Blanchard, Elizabeth, d. 13 Jul 1834, Wife of Lar---? Blanchard
Blanding, Lillian A. (Towns), b. 1865, d. 1922, Wife of Lyman H. Blanding
Blanding, Lyman H., b. 1858, d. 1921, Stone next to Towns stone
Bliss, Caroline L., b. 1849, d. 1938
Blodgett, Alice M. (Thompson), b. 1877, d. 1956, Wife of Joseph B. Blodgett, Stone is next to Thompson stone
Blodgett, Alphonso, d. 11 Jul 1864, age: age 13
Blodgett, Belinda, d. 2 Sep 1834, age: 23y, Wife of Prescott Blodgett
Blodgett, Dea. Timothy, b. 31 May 1835, d. 3 Feb 1904
Blodgett, Dorothy Laura, b. 1888, d. 1974
Blodgett, Eliza Ann, b. 1 Jul 1825, d. 1 Sep 1893, age: 67y, Wife of Franklin Kendall
Blodgett, Eliza, b. 7 Sep 1824, d. 11 Apr 1826
Blodgett, Elizabeth (Gale), b. 1859, d. 1949, age: 90y, Wife of Thomas Mayhew Blodgett
Blodgett, Ethan, b. 17 Oct 1832, d. 23 Jun 1908, age: 75y, Cpl. Co. A. Mass 21st Regt
Blodgett, Grace G., b. 4 Mar 1868, d. 12 Apr 1951, age: 83y
Blodgett, Hannah (Chase), b. 23 Jun 1800, d. 29 Sep 1876, age: 76y, Wife of Joseph Blodgett
Blodgett, Henriette N. (Hardie), b. 12 Aug 1830, d. 26 May 1903, Wife of Joseph Blodgett Jr
Blodgett, Jane H. (Coolidge), b. 13 Mar 1836, d. 5 Nov 1911, Wife of Dea. Timothy Blodgett
Blodgett, Joseph B., b. 1873, d. 1952
Blodgett, Joseph Ellery, d. 17 Jul 1876, age: 23y
Blodgett, Joseph Jr., b. 13 Jul 1828, d. 23 Oct 1903, Husband of Henriette N. Hardie & Emily Potter
Blodgett, Joseph Sr., b. 28 Oct 1796 Northfield, Franklin, MA, d. 10 Apr 1889, age: 92y
Blodgett, Joseph, d. 16 Sep 1822, age: 45y 8m
Blodgett, Mary M. (Martha), b. 25 Dec 1856 Hopkington, Iowa, d. 5 Nov 1927
Blodgett, Mary Mayhew (Manchester), b. 6 Apr 1832 New Bedford, Briston, MA, d. 21 Oct 1916, Wife of Cpl. Ethan Blodgett
Blodgett, Minnie J., b. 1855, d. 1911, Wife of Samuel J. Blodgett
Blodgett, Minnie Lincoln, d. 13 Dec 1870, age: 4y 8m 19d
Blodgett, Miriam, b. 1822, d. 1905, On Paul stone
Blodgett, Nellie Eldora (Hayden), b. 1856 Quincy, Suffolk Co, MA, d. 1940, age: 83y, Wife of Wm. Ethan Blodgett
Blodgett, Samuel J., b. 1849, d. 1915
Blodgett, Sarah G., d. 5 Jun 1935, age: 94y 1m 6d, Wife of Timothy Blodgett. s/w Lucretia Davis and Sarah J. Barton
Blodgett, Thomas Mayhew, b. 1870, d. 1917, Husband of Elizabeth Gale
Blodgett, William Ethan, b. 1855, d. 1943, age: 87y
Blodgett, William Henry, d. 22 Jan 1895, age: 14y, Son of William Ethan and Nellie Eldora Hayden
Bohmer, Josephine, b. 20 Jun 1861, d. 24 Mar 1917, May be wife of Chas. Hendrich. Not clear whose wife she was. Stone is set on base of the Forristall stone
Bolles, Baby, no dates, no additional notations
Bolles, Ethel E., b. 1884, d. 1972, Wife of Walter E. Bolles
Bolles, Walter E., b. 1878, d. 1939
Bordeau, Anthony Gero, b. 1816, d. 1909
Bordeau, Lewis Jr., b. 1880, d. 1933
Bordeau, Lewis, b. 1865, d. 1935
Bordeau, Mary, b. 1860, d. 1920, Wife of Lewis Bordeau
Bosworth, Charles P., b. 1856, d. 1930, Son of Joseph & Lydia Bosworth
Bosworth, Emma E., b. 1857, d. 1924, Wife of Charles P. Bosworth
Bosworth, George N., b. 1874, d. 1953, Son of Joseph & Lydia Bosworth
Bosworth, Isabelle, b. 1902, d. 1997
Bosworth, Jessie W. (Ferren), b. 1904, d. 1978, Wife of Winnfred Bosworth
Bosworth, Joseph N., b. 1820, d. 1897
Bosworth, Lydia F., b. 1817, d. 1900, Wife of Joseph N. Bosworth
Bosworth, Winnfred T., b. 1902, d. 1975
Bosworth, Winnifred E., b. 1883, d. 1902, Daughter of Joseph & Lydia Bosworth
Bowen, Edwin N., b. 1843, d. 1928, 3rd Reg't N.H. Volunteers
Bowen, Jennie C. (Smith), b. 1847, d. 1928, Wife of Edwin N. Bowen
Bowker, Annie B., d. 25 Mar 1880, age: 91y 9m, Wife of Ezekiah Collins
Bowker, Charles Fay, d. 24 Mar 1832, age: 2y, Child of Samuel & Orpha Bowker
Bowker, Daniel F., b. 31 Aug 1841, d. 16 Sep 1917, Husband of Elizabeth M. Everett
Bowker, Elizabeth M. (Everett), b. 27 Dec 1844, d. 15 may 1928, Wife of Daniel F. Bowker
Bowker, Emeline, d. 30 Jul 1843, Daughter of Luke and Rhoda Bowker
Bowker, Faith, d. 20 Jul 1788, age: 36y, Wife of Capt. John Bowker
Bowker, Leo Elijah, b. 1863, d. 1889
Bowker, Luke, d. 13 Mar 1887, age: 86y
Bowker, Orpha, d. 17 Sep 1851, age: 49y, Wife of Samuel Bowker
Bowker, Rhoda, d. 17 Jun 1841?, age: 37y, Wife of Luke Bowker
Bowker, Samuel, d. 30 Sep 1839, age: 37y
Bowker, Sarah Jane, d. 22 Jan 1838, age: 2y, Child of Samuel & Orpha Bowker
Bowker, Sarah, d. 3 Apr 1877, age: 68y 11m, Wife of Luke Bowker
Bowman, Harriett M., b. 21 Sep 1882, d. 15 Oct 1917, s/w Olive H. Bowman
Bowman, Olive H., b. 21 Nov 1828, d. 27 Apr 1911, s/w Harriet M. Bowman
Boyce, Clement R., b. 1898, d. 1982
Boyce, Edward Colton, b. 1873, d. 1951
Boyce, Everett A., b. 1865, d. 1938
Boyce, Fred R., b. 1872, d. 1966
Boyce, Ida L. (Martin), b. 1872, d. 1923, Wife of Everett A. Boyce
Boyce, Infant, d. 1900, Infant dauther of Everett & Ida Boyce
Boyce, Louisa Z., b. 1876, d. 1964, Wife of Fred R. Boyce
Boyce, Mary Locount, b. 1873, d. 1943
Boyce, Paulne, b. 1897, d. 1958
Boyce, Robert P., b. 1922, d. 1958, Flat stone on ground in front of Boyce stone
Brewer, Anna (Whitaker), b. 1882, d. 1972
Brewer, Asa, d. 4 Sep 1863, age: 66y
Brewer, Bertrand A., b. 30 Aug 1876, d. 1 Nov 1918
Brewer, Betsy (Knight), b. 4 May 1804, d. 14 Sep 1901, Wife of Asa Brewer
Brewer, Gardner, b. 11 Oct 1829, d. 28 Jan 1897
Brewer, H. H., b. 19 Mar 1841, d. 7 Jan 1917, MEM. CO. A 3rd CO A 12th VT Vols. GAR Star by gravestone
Brewer, Helen M., d. 22 Sep 1893, age: 50y, Wife of H.H. Brewer
Brewer, Hiram Tyler, b. 1880, d. 1916
Brewer, Infant Daughter, d. 1881, age: 2m, Dau of J. Nelson and M. Anna Brewer
Brewer, J. Nelson, b. 6 Aug 1852, d. 2 May 1889
Brewer, Jennie Belle, b. 12 Aug 1871, d. 6 Jul 1882, Dau of J. Nelson and M. Anna Brewer
Brewer, Mary Anna (Hartwell), b. 22 Sep 1857, d. 29 Oct 1902, Wife of J. Nelson Brewer
Brewer, Rachel, d. 2 Oct 1853, age: 20y, Daughter of Asa and Betsy Brewer
Brigham, Benjamin A.M. Rev., d. 5 Jun 1799, age: 58y, The first pastor of the church in this town. He fell asleep in Christ Jun 11, 1799. In the 58th year of his age and the 29th of his ministry
Brigham, Lucy, d. 22 Apr 1793, age: 53y, Wife of the Rev. Benjamin Brigham
Brock, Abbie L. (Hill), b. 1842, d. 1900
Brock, Elvira, no dates, Small stone in front of Mr. & Mrs. Nelson Brock, sss
Brock, Moses A., no dates, Small stone in front of Mr. & Mrs. Nelson Brock, sss
Brock, Nelson, Mr. & Mrs., d. ?, No other information
Broughton, Kenneth E., b. 1939, d. no date, next to Robert W. Tenney in row
Brown, Betty C., b. 1909, d. 1990
Brown, Julian P., b. 1897, d. 1981, Brig. Gen. USMC
Bryant, Anna L., d. 6 May 1920, age: 72y 1d
Bryant, Eunice N., b. 25 Jun 1801, d. 10 Apr 1857, Wife of George W. Bryant
Bryant, George W., b. 22 Feb 1800, d. 6 Oct 1861
Bryant, John T., d. 10 Dec 1895, age: 35y, Co. A 2nd Regt. NH Vols
Bullock, Gordon I., b. 14 Mar 1944, d. no date, s/w Robert & Elisabeth Devin
Bumford, Henry, b. 1896, d. 1958, On same stone with Bessie Hayden
Burbank, Alice H., b. 1876, d. 1901, Daughter of Isaac and Ella Burbank
Burbank, Anna H., b. 1848, d. 1909, With Daniel E. Burbank
Burbank, Avis E., b. 24 Sep 1877, d. 6 May 1929, Daughter of John and Mary Jane Burbank
Burbank, Daniel E., b. 1841, d. 1920, A Soldier in the Civil War
Burbank, Ella H. (Towns), b. 1847, d. 1936, Wife of Isaac Harvey Burbank
Burbank, Harold A., b. 1899, d. 1977, Vol. Royal Flying Corps. WWI
Burbank, Isaac Harvey, b. 1845, d. 1917
Burbank, Isaac, d. 31 Oct 1843, age: 20y 1m, Son of John and Hannah Burbank
Burbank, John, b. 18 Jul 1825, d. 30 Dec 1890, age: 65y 5m 13d
Burbank, Marion D. (Holden), b. 1906, d. 1981, Wife of Harold A. Burbank
Burbank, Mary Jane, b. 28 Jul 1837, d. 22 Oct 1893, age: 36y 2m 2d, Wife of John Burbank
Burbank, Sally S., d. 29 May 1849, age: 22y 1m 8d, Daughter of John and Hannah Burbank
Byam, A. Waldo, b. 1884, d. 1961
Byam, Abel, b. 1763, d. 1802
Byam, Anna (Woods), b. 1766, d. 26 Apr 1857, age: 83y, Wife of Abel Byam, On Fassett stone
Byam, Benjamin, b. 1793, d. 18 Aug 1876, age: 83y, On Fassett stone.(Erected by Lucy their daughter.)
Byam, Bessie B., b. 1891, d. 1957
Byam, Elisha, b. 1831, d. 1832, Son of Lucy & Benjamin Byam, On Fasset stone, (Erected by their dau Clarissa)
Byam, Eunice, d. 6 Jan 1851, age: 59y
Byam, Lucy (Fassett), b. 1793, d. 28 Aug 1879, Wife of Benjamin, On Fassett stone
Caprin, Horatio M., d. 1 Jan 1833, age: 3y 6m, Son of Joshua and Phylena Caprin
Caprin, Phylena F., d. 3 Jan 1833, age: 5y, Daughter of Joshua and Phylena Caprin
Carlson, Lillia Irene, b. 1909, d. 1909, Daughter of Victor & Ulriika Carlson
Carlson, Selma Mary, b. 1892, d. 1966, Daughter of Victor & Ulriika Carlson
Carlson, Sylvester, b. 1895, d. 1909, Son of Victor & Ulriika Carlson
Carlson, Ulrika, b. 1865, d. 1933, Wife of Victor L. Carlson
Carlson, Victor L., b. 1867, d. 1933
Carroll, Alonzo W., d. not listed, Son of Samuel W. & Mary M. Carroll
Carroll, Charles E., d. 1 Dec 1843, age: 3y 3m, Son of Samuel W. & Mary M. Carroll
Carroll, S. Whitney, d. 12 Sep 1880, age: 61y
Chaiffer, Dora B., b. 1905, d. 1981
Chaiffer, Edward A., b. 1904, d. 1986, Edward and Dora on same stone
Champney, Bessie (Tibbetts), b. 1883, d. 1938, Wife of Charles E. Champney
Champney, Charles E., b. 1858, d. 1925
Champney, Chester, b. 1873, d. 1955
Champney, Eva J., b. 1863, d. 1933, Wife of John Champney
Champney, John M., b. 1863, d. 1950
Champney, Lillian E., b. 1869, d. 1942, Wife of Chester Champney
Champney, Theo, d. 11 Dec 1888, age: 58y
Chandler, Albert I. or L., b. 1891, d. 1925?
Chandler, Albert I., b. 1861, d. 1923
Chandler, Elnora C. (Bowen), b. 1870, d. 1953, Wife of Albert I./ L. ? Chandler
Chandler, Foster P., b. 1866, d. 1933, Levi, Mary & Foster Chandler on same stone. Written across bottom of stone: I.O.O.F, B.P.O.E, F.& A.M
Chandler, Frank A., b. 1903, d. 1952
Chandler, Infant son, b. 1907, d. 1907, Infant son of Albert & Elnora
Chandler, Katherine I. (Gorman), b. 1902, d. 1945, Wife of Frank A. Chandler
Chandler, Levi C., b. 1828, d. 1896
Chandler, Mary M. (Pepper), b. 1834, d. 1916, Wife of Levi C. Chandler
Chaplin, Martha, d. 11 Apr 1810, age: 16y, Dau of Moses & Martha B. Chaplin
Chase, Apphia, d. 8 May 1862, age: 47y
Chase, Baby 1, d. 20 Apr 1830, Child of Silas and Nancy Chase
Chase, Baby 2, d. 20 Apr 1830, Child of Silas and Nancy Chase
Chase, Baby, d. 26 Apr 1832, Child of Silas and Nancy Chase
Chase, Calvin Sr., d. ?, No other information
Chase, Calvin, d. 5 Jun 1832, age: 17y, Son of Calvin & Abigail. Was instantly killed by the accidental discharge of a gun
Chase, Charles E., d. 8 Jun 1887, age: 28y 7m 14d
Chase, Edwin Stiles, b. 7 Aug 1824 Royalston, Worcester, MA, d. 12 Oct 1896
Chase, Elizabeth A. (Brewer), b. 21 Jun 1835, d. 23 Dec 1923, Wife of Edwin S. Chase
Chase, Ellen A., b. 1832, d. 1926, Same stone with Charles & Hannah Williams
Chase, Guy Herbert, b. 1868, d. 1930, On same plaque with Henrietta Martine Chase
Chase, Henrietta Martine, b. 1871, d. 1946, On plaque with Guy Herbert Chase
Chase, Lydia Ann, d. 17 Jul 1876, age: 64y, Wife of Archibald Chase
Chase, Nancy (Pratt), d. 24 May 1873 Winchendon, Worcester, MA, age: 77y 7m 15d, Wife of Capt. Silas Chase
Chase, Silas Harvey, d. 27 Aug 1824, age: 1 day
Chase, Silas, Capt., d. 21 Apr 1876 Winchendon, Worcester, MA, age: 81y 4m 18d
Clark, George J., b. 1831, d. 1903
Clark, Harvy A., b. 1838, d. 1919
Clark, Rosamund, b. 1837, d. 1922, Wife of George J. Clark
Clark, Sophronia A. (Perham), b. 1857?, d. 1902, Wife of Harvy A. Clark
Clark, William P., b. 24 Aug 1866, d. 26 Oct 1929?
Coffin, Mary Howland, b. 1873, d. 1962
Colburn, David, d. 26 Jun 1834, age: 40y
Colburn, Mary F., d. 6 Jul 1878, age: 77y, Wife of David Colburn
Colburn, Wm., d. 5 Nov 1902, age: 55y 2m 22d
Coles, Clifford Harry, b. 19 Mar 1910, d. 28 Oct 1992
Collett, Anthony, b. 18 Jun 1896, d. 30 Jul 1940, WH Pvt Co 20 Engineers WWI
Collette, Ethel B. (Streeter), b. 1903, d. 1921, Wife of Anthony Collette
Collins, Anna L.P., b. 26 Jan 1863, d. 26 Sep 1953
Collins, Anna, d. 9 Jul 1836, age: 54y, Wife of Ezekiel Collins
Collins, Annie B., d. 25 Mar/Oct 1880, age: 91y 9m, Wife of Ezekiah Collins
Collins, Dexter, d. 28 Mar 1909, age: 90y 6m
Collins, Dwight O., b. 29 Jun 1857, d. 12 March 1938
Collins, Ezekiah, no dates, age: Husband of Annie B. (Bowker?) No other information
Collins, Ezekiel, d. 22 Apr 1844, age: 62y
Collins, Harriet, d. 27 Oct 1838, age: 18y, Daughter of Ezekiel and Anna Collins
Collins, Julia, d. 14 Dec 1838, age: 15y, Daughter of Ezekiel and Anna Collins
Collins, Martha (Powers), d. 1 Jul 1881, age: 57y 11m, Wife of Dexter Collins
Collins, Susie A.H., b. 14 Jan 1862, d. 17 Nov 1931
Conklin, Margaret C., b. 1903, d. 1984
Coolidge, Austin, d. 8 Jun 1830, age: 11m, Son of Calvin & Patty Coolidge
Coolidge, Dea. Horace, b. 15 Mar 1823, d. 15 Oct 1903
Coolidge, Ellen A., no dates, age: 3y, Child of Curtis & Catharine Coolidge
Coolidge, Ellen A., no dates, age: 7y, Child of Curtis & Catharine Coolidge
Coolidge, Eugene H., b. 1873, d. 1900
Coolidge, George, b. 6 Aug 1821, d. 18 Mar 1876
Coolidge, Henry C, no dates, age: 3y, Child of Curtis & Catharine Coolidge
Coolidge, Jane Hyslop, d. 23 Mar 1828, age: 3y 3m, Daughter of Calvin & Patty Coolidge
Coolidge, Phebe (Blodgett), b. 3 Sep 1830, d. 23 Mar 1910, Wife of Dea. Horace Coolidge
Coville, Frederick R., b. 9 Dec 1922, d. 25 Sep 1967?, US Army WWII
Coville, Nancy B. (Rumrill), b. 8 Aug 1923, d. 19??, Wife of Frederick Coville
Crittsinger, Edith M., b. 1885, d. 1936, Stone on ground in front of Crittsinger stone
Crittsinger, Lewis, b. 1881, d. 1953, Stone on ground in front of Crittsinger stone
Crooker, Francis W., d. 21 Dec 1921
Crooker, Isabelle A., bur. 26 Oct 1938, interment date s/w Francis W. Crooker
Cross, Carrie S. (Byam), b. 1862, d. 1944, Wife of John A. Cross
Cross, John A., b. 1857, d. 1922
Croteau, Frank R., b. 1919, d. 1935, Frank R. 1919-1935 Croteau Dunlavy, Stone on ground has Frank R, 1919-1935, with two surnames staggered, Croteau & Dunlavy
Croteau, Frank, b. 1895, d. 1913
Cudworth, Hannah Louise, b. 8 May 1958, d. 11 Mar 1954
Cudworth, Rodney C., b. 12 Dec 1860, d. 16 Sep 1934
Cumings, Shirley E. (Derby), b. 1920, d. 1998, Daughter of J. Vaughn & Anna E. Piper
Cummings, Anna R., d. 27 May 1836, age: 2y 5m, Same stone with Eunice V. Cummings
Cummings, Anna, d. 16 Nov 1843, age: 59y 7m, Wife of Thadeus Cummings
Cummings, Danverse, d. 28 Apr 1832, age: 2y 5m, Son of Silas and Harriet Cummings
Cummings, Eunice V., d. 9 Mar 1834, age: 12y 6m, Same stone with Anna R. Cummings
Cummings, Silas, M.D., d. 30 Jun 1882, age: 78y 9m
Cummings, Thadeus, d. 15 Sep 1855, age: 72y 7m, An Honest Man
Dahl, Frank A., b. 5 Dec 1906, d. 16 may 1994, Same Stone with Autio Family
Dahl, Lillian B., b. 7 Mar 1911, d. 6 Dec 1990, Same Stone with Autio Family
Daly, V. G., b. 1911, d. 1978, V.G. & W.F. Daly stones on ground adjacent to each other
Daly, W. F., b. 1911, d. 1973
Damon, Benjamin F., d. 24 Jul 1841, age: 36y
Damon, Catherine, d. 2 Jul 1811, age: 19y, Daughter of John & Ruth S. Damon
Damon, George, d. 2 Jun 1890, age: 68y 8m 27d, Husband of Lucy Bowker
Damon, John, d. 14 Dec 1848 Rindge, NH, age: 80y, No death date on stone
Damon, John, d. 29 Nov 1852, age: 50y
Damon, Louis, d. 26 May 1837, age: 32y, Daughter of Oliver & Mary Damon
Damon, Lucy (Bowker), d. 21 Feb 1920?, age: 88y 1m 28d, Wife of George Damon
Damon, Lucy, d. 22 Sep 1851, age: 79y, Wife of John Damon who died at age 80
Damon, Luther, d. 21 Apr 1841, age: 49y, Same stone with Sibel Damon
Damon, Mary F., d. 13 Mar 1837, age: 2y 10m, Gravestone next to Luther & Sibel Damon, with inscription, Their Children
Damon, Ruth S., d. 11 Nov 1839, age: 36y, Wife of John Damon
Damon, Sarah K., d. 22 May 1837, age: 16y, Daughter of Oliver & Mary Damon
Damon, Selina (Parker), d. 2 Jul 1888, age: 88y 11m 28d, Wife of John Damon
Damon, Sibel (Fiske), d. 18/20 Sep 1877 Dana, MA, age: 81y, Same stone with Luther Damon
Damon, Silas C., d. 16 Aug 1850, age: 23?y, Gravestone next to Luther & Sibel Damon, with inscription, Their Children
Damon, child, d. 24 Nov 1844, Infant child of John & Selina Damon
Darling, Elvera M., b. 1866, d. 1902
Darling, Margaret E., d. 11 Mar 1913, age: 80y 5m 14d, Mother, Wife of Oliver P. Darling
Darling, Oliver M., b. 1861, d. 1947
Darling, Oliver P., d. 1 May 1905, age: 75y 8m 28d, Father
Davenport, Mary Grace Lynde, b. 1829, d. 1901
Davis, A. W., no dates, Co. F 142nd N.H. Inf.- No dates
Davis, Amanda, d. 9 Jul 1886, age: 51y 10m 11d
Davis, Charles W., d. 1860, age: 1918, Husband of Edith Emerson
Davis, Edith E. (Emerson), d. 1874, age: 1955, Wife of Charles W. Davis
Davis, Edith Lucille (Plante), b. 1916, d. 2001, Wife of Jesse Foss Davis
Davis, Ida, b. 1860, d. 1888, Dau of Isaac and Elizabeth Davis. Wife of Homer Davis
Davis, Jesse Foss, b. 1908, d. 1995
Davis, Joseph W, b. 1832, d. 1905
Davis, Lucretia, d. 18 Mar 1917, age: 62y 10m, s/w Sarah Blodgett and Sarah J. Barton
Davis, Margaret E., b. 1833, d. 1876, Wife of Joseph W. Davis
Davis, Marguerite E., b. 1892, d. 1970, Army Nurse UNIT E 44 WWI A.E.F
Davison, Arethusa, Miss, d. 12 Apr 1811, age: 25y
Davison, Benj----? (Benjamin?), d. 20 Sep 1860, age: 71y
Davison, Benjamin, d. 25 Apr 1820, age: 76y
Davison, Elizabeth, d. 14 Dec 1803, age: 86y, Wife of John Davison
Davison, Mary, d. 22 Nov 1822, age: 71y, Wife of Benjamin Davison
Davison, Nabby, Mrs., d. 8 Feb 1820, age: 32y 6m, Wife of Benjamin Davison Jr
Davison, Nancy (Colburn), d. 28 Mar 1874 Winchendon, MA, age: 81y 1m, Wife of Ben. I. Davison
Day, Julia A. (Monroe), d. 8 Apr 1859, age: 25y 11m ?, Wife of Hollis R. Day, Very ornate stone, Age difficult to read
Day, Mary P., b. 1916, d. 1962
Day, Sandra Lee, b. 1944, d. 1948, And A Little Child Shall Lead Them
DeCater, Albert E., b. 1858, d. 1924
DeCater, Ella F., b. 1860, d. 1938
DeCater, Harrison M., b. 1878, d. 1941
DeCater, Roy W., b. 1883, d. 1928
Decater, Mable, b. 1887, d. 1972
Demidoff, Lorna B., b. 1907, d. 1991
Demidoff, Nichola A., b. 1904, d. 1995
Dennison, Mable A. (McGee), b. 1872, d. 1922, Wife of Wm. Dennison
Dennison, Wm., b. 1871, d. 1934
Derby, Anna E. (Piper), b. 1896, d. 1983, Wife of J. Vaughn Derby
Derby, Cecille B., b. 1909, d. 1989, Stone next to Charles S. Derby
Derby, Charles S., b. 1908, d. 1985
Derby, J. Vaughn, b. 1899, d. 1979
Derby, Joseph E., b. 22 Jul 1894, d. 8 Oct 1956, New Hampshire Pvt. US Army WWI
Derby, Joseph M., b. 1867, d. 1939
Derby, Leora S. (McKolt), b. 1874, d. 1948, Wife of Joseph M. Derby
Derby, Marion, b. 1938, d. 1977, Wife of Charles J. Derby
Devin, Elisabeth I., b. 25 Mar 1911, d. 18 Mar 1999, Wife of Robert A. Devin
Devin, Robert A., b. 27 May 1823, d. ?
Dix, Mrs. Mary, d. 3 Sep 1836, age: 57y
Donnelly, Emma L. (Lebourveau), d. 3 Sep 1902, age: 54y, Wife of John G. Donnelly
Donnelly, Hannah E. (Bailey), b. 1849, d. 1932, Wife of John G. Donnelly
Donnelly, John G., b. 1839, d. 1923, Stone has an eye and 3 linked rings
Douglas, George, b. 8 Feb 1930, d. 29 Nov 1967
Driscoll, Veronica J., b. 16 Sep 1907, d. 27 Jun 1990, Driscoll, McLean and 2 Sheas all on same stone
Drudi, Armando, b. 1921, d. 1986, Drudi stone with Elizabeth & Armando only. Birth year for Armando agrees with Army marker
Drudi, Armando, b. 1925, d. 1986, Date differs from Army marker. Elizabeth & Armando with Tenney family
Drudi, Armando, b. 2 Jan 1921, d. 19 Aug 1986, US Army Air Corps WWII, Army plaque on ground. US Army Air Corps WWII. Birth year wrtten plainly as 1921
Drudi, Elizabeth, no dates, age: Dates unreadable on photo behind flowers. Elizabeth & Armando on same stone. Armando & Elizabeth are also listed on Tenney stone. Dates for Elizabeth also hidden by flowers here
Drury, Arthur W., b. 1861, d. 1936
Drury, Bertha, b. 1917, d. 1917
Drury, Eda J. (Wilder), b. 1857, d. 1929, Wife of Arthur W. Drury
Drury, Elisha, d. 20 Jan 1861, age: 39y 1m 10d
Drury, Elisha, d. 23 Feb 1841, age: 55y
Drury, Levina, d. 26 Apr 1871, age: 82y 8m 3d, Wife of Elisha Drury
Drury, Lucinda, b. 28 Feb 1821, d. 2 Aug 1903, Wife of Elisha A. Drury
Dunlavy, Frank R., b. 1919, d. 1935, Stone on ground has Frank R, 1919-1935, with two surnames staggered, Croteau, Dunlavy
Dunn, Emma (Dunton), b. 5 Aug 1864, d. 1 Mar 1948, Wife of Orin L. Dunn
Dunn, Eva M., b. 1875, d. 1903, Wife of W.C. (Wilfred C.) Dunn
Dunn, Leslie W., b. 1879, d. 1909, Son of W.C. & Eva M. Dunn
Dunn, Orin L., b. 27 Jul 1864, d. 11 Jul 1904, age: 40 y 14 d, Husband of Emma Dunton
Dunn, Wilfred C., b. 1866, d. 1934
Dunton, Ada Mae, b. 1880, d. 1965, Wife of George A. Dunton
Dunton, Bertie L., d. 19 Apr 1893, age: 5y 3m 29d, Son of George A. & Lillian Dunton
Dunton, Emily A. (Stone), b. 22 May 1835, d. 2 Oct 1896, Wife of George O. Dunton
Dunton, George A., b. 1861, d. 1935, Son of George O. & Emily Dunton
Dunton, George O., b. 18 Jun 1832, d. 27 Aug 1908, Husband of Emily A. Stone
Dunton, Leola, b. 1904, d. 1904
Dunton, Louise R., b. 1912, d. 1991, Wife of Roger Dunton
Dunton, Mary E. (Hayden), b. 10 Oct 1830, d. 15 Apr 1901, age: 70y 6m 5d, Wife of Wm. Dunton
Dunton, Nettie M., b. 1877, d. 1937, Stone next to Walter O. Dunton
Dunton, Raymond E., b. 25 Jan 1899, d. 19 Apr 1899, Son of George & Ada Dunton
Dunton, Roger A., b. 1905, d. 1973
Dunton, Walter O., b. 1869, d. 1940, Stone next to Nettie M. Dunton
Dunton, Wm., b. 24 May 1824, d. 31 Oct 1901, age: 77y 5m 7d
Earle, Hattie I., b. 26 May 1851, d. 22 Oct 1901, Wife of Solon Earle
Elders, John C., b. 1910, d. 1938, Gone But Not Forgotten, Beside Edith Ramsdell Elders Magnini stone
Ellis, Albert L., b. 1844, d. 1918
Ellis, Charles A., b. 1874, d. 1957
Ellis, Howard A., b. 10 Mar 1907, d. 1 Jan 1975, PFC US Army WWII Son of Charles & Lizzie Ellis, Army marker plus headstone with parents
Ellis, Lizzie (Mitchell), b. 1887, d. 1935, Wife of Charles A. Ellis
Ellis, Mary A. (Dunklee), b. 1842, d. 1914, Wife of Albert L. Ellis
Emerson, Asa, d. 18 Jun 1862, age: 76y 8m 28d
Emerson, Betsey, d. 12 Oct 1865, age: 72y 8m 22d
Emerson, Edwin, b. 1807, d. 1871
Emerson, Roxanna, b. 1804, d. 1892, Wife of Edwin Emerson
Estabrook , Margaret G, b. 9 May 1882, d. 1 Jun 1967
Estabrook, Anne L., b. 4 Sep 1877, d. 11 Mar 1869, Next to Francis T. Baldwin
Estabrook, George William, b. 31 Mar 1840, d. 10 Mar 1927, 4 Estabrook metal markers mounted on flat granite stones
Estabrook, George William, no dates, age: GAR Star. No other notations
Estabrook, Laura Simonds, b. 24 Oct 1842, d. 1 Nov 1935
Ezrow, Agnes F., b. 1877, d. 1964, Wife of Joseph H. Ezrow
Ezrow, Joseph H., b. 1892, d. 19--?, Wife of Agnes F. Ezrow
Fairbanks, Carl P., b. Apr 1880, d. Jan 1906
Fairbanks, George A., b. 1853, d. 1939, Husband of Myra A. Wilson
Fairbanks, Henry P., b. Apr 1853, d. Feb 1929
Fairbanks, Horatio N., b. 11 Mar 1832, d. 14 Jan 1912
Fairbanks, Mary D., b. Mar 1853, d. Dec 1929, Wife of Henry P. Fairbanks
Fairbanks, Millia P., b. 14 Oct 1825, d. 18 Nov 1918, Wife of Horatio N. Fairbanks
Fairbanks, Myra A. (Wilson), b. 1860, d. 1944, Wife of George A. Fairbanks
Farinoli, Altieri Julian, b. 29 Sep 1941, d. 2 Jun 1982, Son of Altieri and Gertrud
Farinoli, Altieri, b. 18 Jun 1899, d. 21 Nov 1992, Sgt. US Marine Corp. WWI
Farinoli, Cesare, b. 1896, d. 1923
Farinoli, Gertrud, b. 1908, d. 2001, Same stone with Altieri
Farinoli, Louis A., b. 1933, d. 1997, Same stone with Altieri and Gertrud
Farinoli, Mary M., b. 1876, d. 1947, Wife of Cesare Farinoli
Farrah, Deborah, d. 1 Nov 1793, age: 64y, Wife of Maj. John Farrar
Farrah, Maj. John, d. 6 Jan 1787?, age: 60y, DAR Star
Fassett, Dea. John, b. 1739, d. 12 Jan 1834, age: 94y
Fassett, Elizabeth (Parks), b. 1758, d. 6 Sep 1843, age: 85y, Wife of Willard Fassett
Fassett, Isabel, b. 1740, d. 1807, Wife of Dea. John Fassett
Fassett, Willard, b. 1765, d. 1795
Fellk, Elizabeth, d. 23 Nov 1817, age: 29y, Wife of Capt. Artemas Fellk
Firmin, Daniel W., b. 1860, d. 1890
Firmin, Eliza S., b. 1832, d. 1896, Same stone with Horace A. Presumed wife
Firmin, Horace A., b. 1820, d. 1901, Same stone with Eliza S
Fisher, Alathear R. (Sprague), b. 1850, d. 1915, Wife of Richard P. Fisher
Fisher, Chalburt R., b. 1895, d. 1916
Fisher, Clyde F., b. 1898, d. 1907
Fisher, Ervin R., b. 1873, d. 1933
Fisher, Eva Mynetta, b. 1869, d. 1938, s/w Richard and Alathear
Fisher, Helen M. (Smytherman), b. 1878, d. 1942, Wife of Ervin R. Fisher
Fisher, Richard P., b. 1844, d. 1912
Flagg, Anna L. (Bosworth), b. 1848, d. 1886, Wife of Milton W. Flagg
Flagg, Anne M. (Bailey), b. 1866, d. 1947, Wife of Henry M. Flagg
Flagg, Charlotte M., b. 1883, d. 1883, s/w Milton W. & Anna
Flagg, Edwin A., b. 1846, d. 1896, A member of Co. F, 57th Regt. Mass Vol. Inf
Flagg, Ernest L., b. 1876, d. 1887, Child of E.A. & N.F. Flagg
Flagg, Florence M., b. 1886, d. 1886
Flagg, Harry E., d. 17 May 1941, New Hampshire Pvt 151 Depot Brig
Flagg, Hazel E., b. 1905, d. 1970
Flagg, Henry M., b. 1862, d. 1951
Flagg, Jennie Etta (Hale), b. 1874, d. 1938, Wife of Lester E. Flagg
Flagg, Lester E., b. 1872, d. 1932, Husband of Jennie Etta Hale
Flagg, Marion A., b. 1913, d. 1937
Flagg, Mary G. (Fuller), b. 1820, d. 1895, Wife of William B. Flagg
Flagg, Maud L., b. 1879, d. 1891, Child of E.A. & N.F. Flagg
Flagg, Milton W., b. 1847, d. 1929
Flagg, Milton W., b. 1906, d. 1907, Son of Lester and Jennie Flagg
Flagg, Nora F., b. 1857, d. 1946, Wife of Edwin A. Flagg
Flagg, William B., b. 1816, d. 1907
Fletcher, Lucy, b. 1798, d. 1882, Wife of Roswell Potter, late Wife of Roswell Carpenter, Listed on stone as Lucy Fletcher with inscription listing both husbands. Same stone with Benjamin Potter
Flinchbaugh, Barbara, b. 1916, d. 1918
Flinchbaugh, Donald, b. 1886, d. 1958
Flint, Bessie N., b. 1876, d. 1968, Same stone with Kenneth and Fred Newton
Flint, Emma, b. 1852, d. 1921, Wife of Orrin B. Howe
Forrestall, George J., b. 1881, d. no date
Forrestall, Jesse, d. 12 Oct 1824, age: 68y
Forrestall, Lizzie G., b. 1878, d. 1957, Wife of George J. Forrestall
Forristall, Carl H., b. 2 Sep 1881, d. 2 Aug 1957
Forristall, Eben, d. 16 Jan 1892, age: 1y 2m, Son of G.W. & E.A. Forristall
Forristall, Elvira A. (Prentice), d. 16 Feb 1942, age: 91y 9m 4d, Wife of George W. Forristall
Forristall, Fred R., b. 25 Apr 1883, d. 27 Sep 1947
Forristall, George W., d. 20 Feb 1893, age: 45y 2m 10d
Forristall, Martha (Gibson), d. 3 Mar 1844, age: 91y, Wife of Jesse Forrestall
Foster, Daniel W., d. 17 May 1844, age: 26y
Foster, Roxanna, b. 1811, d. 1893
Fowler, Joan M., b. 1870, d. 1938, Wife of Walter Fowler
Fowler, Walter, b. 1861, d. 1913, Husband of Joan M. Fowler
Fox, Benjamin J., d. 23 Jan 1889, age: 85y 2m 11d
Fox, Hanna S., d. 22 Dec 1901, age: 91y 2m 18d, Wife of Benjamin J. Fox
Foy, Marjorie S. (Rumrill), b. 13 Jan 1922, d. 12 Feb 1995, Wife of Raymond D. Foy
Foy, Raymond D., no dates, WWII Vet
French, Atossa Nilsen Herring, d. 27 Sep 1914, Listed on 3 Stones, (Nilson, Herring, French)
French, David Garfield, d. 3 Aug 1914, (See also French, Atossa Nilsen Herring)
French, Wasu Nilsen, b. 16 Jun 1984, d. 13 Jun 1997, Jack In Loving Memory
Gibson, Samuel, d. 23 Apr 1836, age: 54y
Gilman, Carrie R., d. 12 Jul 1864, age: 3y 6m 24d, Dau. of Henry D. & Mary E. (Stone) Gilman
Gilman, George, d. 29 Jun 1864, age: 3y 6m 8d, Son of Henry D. & Mary E. (Stone) Gilman
Gilman, Mary E. (Stone), d. 29 Jun 1864, age: 30y 6m 24d, Wife of Henry D. Gilman
Gilson, Joel L., b. 1841, d. 1918, Joel, Louisa and Leroy all on same stone
Gilson, Leroy E., b. 1880, d. 1948
Gilson, Louisa A., b. 1847, d. 1909
Gilson, Sarah J., d. 28 Feb 1893, age: 48y, Wife of Henry M. Gilson
Gordon, C. T., b. 1919, d. 1952?
Gordon, E. E., b. 1919, d. 1932
Gordon, Georgia M., b. 1913, d. 1928?, Dates covered with litchen
Gordon, Harold F., b. 16 Jul 1902, d. 30 Jul 1925, BROTHER, Next to Osmar and Inez
Gordon, Inez B. (Hayden), b. 1882, d. 1929, Wife of Osmar L. Gordon
Gordon, John W. Jr., b. 1919, d. 1936, Son of John W. & Mary A. Gordon
Gordon, John W., b. 1893, d. 1928
Gordon, Margaret B., b. 1863, d. no date
Gordon, Mary A. (Watters), b. 1894, d. 1995, Wife of John W. Gordon
Gordon, Obed M., b. 1864, d. 1936
Gordon, Osmar L., b. 1872, d. 1928
Gordon, Robert E., b. 1921, d. 1942, Son of John W. & Mary A. Gordon
Gordon, Viola G., b. 30 May 1904, d. 16 Jan 1905, Sister, Next to Osmar and Inez
Gordon, W. O., b. 1916, d. 1940, W.O, C.T. & E.E. Gordon stones on ground in a row
Gowen, Charles, b. 1853, d. 1898
Grant, Elwyn A., d. 23 Dec 1875, age: 3y 7m, Son of A. F/G and O.R. Grant
Grant, Florra A., d. 22 Mar 1887, age: 38y 19d, Wife of Orren E. Grant
Grant, Gladys L., b. 1896, d. 1897, Dau. of Orren & Mary E. Grant
Grant, Helen M., b. 1891, d. 1899, Dau. of Orren & Mary E. Grant
Grant, Leslie O., d. 1878, Son of Orren E. & Flora A. Grant
Grant, Mary E., d. 11 Dec 1875, age: 30y 1m 19d, Wife of Orren E. Grant
Grant, Mary F. (Newton), b. 1861, d. 1949, On same stone with Orren E. and Warren N. Grant. Listed as his wife but not clear which was her husband
Grant, Olive R., d. 3 Dec 1875, age: 34y, Wife of Ahel Grant
Grant, Orren E., b. 1842, d. 1922
Grant, Warren N., b. 1889, d. 1968
Grasmuck, Ethel Palmer (Symonds), b. 1881, d. 1947, Wife of William T. Grasmuck
Grasmuck, Fred, b. 1922, d. 1985, Son of William and Rose
Grasmuck, Rose, b. 1893, d. 1925, Mother
Grasmuck, Viola G., b. 1925, d. 1981, Daughter of William and Rose
Grasmuck, William F., b. 4 Jul 1915, d. 22 Jul 1968, PFC Btry B129 AA BN CAC WWII
Grasmuck, William T., b. 1884, d. 1942
Gray, Dorothy Ann (Ilg), b. 1933, d. 1997
Gray, Helen Stocks, b. 1905, d. 1985, Wife of Walter Gray
Gray, Walter Melville, b. 1904, d. 1987
Green, Annie, b. 11 Jul 1883, d. 22 Mar 1900, Daughter of F.O & E.G. Green
Green, Ellen G. (Monroe), b. 1861, d. 1918, Wife of Frank O. Green
Green, Frank O., b. 1854, d. 1919
Grier, John J., b. 9 May 1912, d. 11 Mar 2000, J1 US Navy WWII
Grosvenor, Doc Peter Clark, d. 14 Dec 1794
Haines, Betsey, d. 10 May 1850, age: 11y, Wife of James Haines
Haines, Elizabeth, d. 29 Jan 1839, Daughter of James and Betsey Haines
Haines, James, d. 5 Dec 1838, age: 32y 10m
Hale, Harriett J., d. 11 Mar 1879, age: 67y, Wife of Merritt Hale
Hall, Eleanor (Mills), b. 1863, d. 1920, Wife of Lewis R. Hall
Hall, Lewis R., b. 1864, d. 1931
Handy, Alberto L., b. 1867, d. 1933
Handy, Alpheus, d. 12 Sep 1894, age: 64y, Co. E 5th Regt. N.H. Vols
Handy, Betsey (Grant), d. 4/5 Dec 1878, age: 81y, Wife of Paul Handy
Handy, Elizabeth (Howe), b. 1843, d. 1901, Wife of Henry Handy
Handy, Helen C., b. 1895, d. 1955, Daughter of A.L.H & N.A.H
Handy, Henry, b. 1836, d. 1907
Handy, Nellie A., b. 1863, d. 1957, Wife of A.L.H. (Alberto L. Handy)
Handy, Paul, d. 5 Apr 1885, age: 85y
Harkness, Harriett N., d. 28 Oct 1882, age: 52y, Wife of James Harkness
Harkness, James, d. 24 May 1900, age: 81y
Harris, Dea. Joseph, d. 17 Feb 1880, age: 83y
Harris, Mary (Angier), b. 1731, d. 1829, age: 97y, Wife of Stephen Harris, On Fassett stone
Harris, Sarah S., d. 2 May 1872, age: 68y, Wife of Dea. Joseph Harris
Harris, Stephen, b. 1725, d. 4 Nov 1819, age: 94y, On Fassett stone
Haskell, Abner, d. 11 Apr 1809, age: 74y
Haskell, Charles L., b. 1866, d. 1945, Stone next to Leonie Haskell
Haskell, Hattie A., b. 1858, d. 1929, Mother, Stone next to & matching that of William Aquilla
Haskell, Leonie, b. 1874, d. 1948, Stone next to Charles L. Haskell
Haskell, Levi, d. 23 Nov 1830
Haskell, Martha (Ward), b. 18 Apr 1739, d. 6 Feb 1816, age: 77y 7m 15d, Wife of Abner Haskell
Haskell, Roxanna, d. 22 Aug 1838, age: 84y, Wife of Levi Haskell
Hatch, Phyllis, b. 1895, d. 1985, On Flinchbaugh marker
Haverinen, John Yelma, b. 14 Nov 901, d. 20 Apr 1906, Finn-American
Hayden, Albert H., b. 1859, d. 1923
Hayden, Albert N., b. 17 Aug 1851, d. 7 Aug 1906, Next to Ingraham-Hayden stone
Hayden, Anna J., d. 31 Jan 1881, age: 29y 9m 25d, Wife of Thomas D. Hayden
Hayden, Arthur Eugene, b. 1857, d. 1937
Hayden, Bessie, b. 1839, d. 1947, s/w Henry Bumford
Hayden, Carrie Etta, b. 1884, d. 1968, Daughter of Arthur Eugene Hayden
Hayden, Charles George, b. 1898, d. 1970, Son of Arthur Eugene Hayden
Hayden, Clara C., b. 2 Mar 1875, d. 8 Oct 1911
Hayden, Daniel F., b. 9 Sep 1853, d. 21 Feb 1929
Hayden, Elizabeth, d. 23 Jul 1860, age: 82y, Widow of Ezra Hayden
Hayden, Ezra, d. 25 May 1843, age: 68y
Hayden, George, b. 20 Feb 1874, d. 12 Jan 1893, Son of Bartlett & Anne G. Hayden
Hayden, Harriett A. (Towns), b. 14 May 1856, d. 5 aug 1918, Wife of Thomas B. Hayden
Hayden, Hattie M. (Chamberlain), b. 1 Feb 1851, d. 25 Mar 1941, Wife of Albert N. Hayden
Hayden, Josephine Eliza (Matthews), b. 1863, d. 1946, Wife of Arthur Eugene Hayden
Hayden, Josephine, d. 24 Nov 1878, age: 21m 26d, Daughter of (---?)C. Hayden
Hayden, Lieut. Joel, d. 4 Feb 1811, age: 58y
Hayden, Lizzie A. (Whitcomb), b. 1858, d. 1929, Wife of Albert H. Hayden
Hayden, Samuel, d. 17 Jan 1882, age: 88y 6m 29d
Hayden, Sarah, d. 26 Jul 1822, age: 57y, Wife of Lieut. Joel Hayden
Hayden, Tamar (Grant), d. 2 Jan 1882, age: 86y 4m 2d, Wife of Samuel Hayden
Hayden, Thomas, d. 28 Dec 1909, age: 68y 9m 12d, Co. C 14th Regt. NH Vols
Hefler, Phyllis E. (Stickney), b. 1930, d. no date, 2nd Wife of Robert F. Hefler
Hefler, Phyllis J. (Spicer), b. 1924, d. 1978, 1st Wife of Robert F. Hefler
Hefler, Robert F., b. 1924, d. 1999
Hendrich, Chas., b. 18 May 1841, d. 30 Mar 1917, On Forristall Stone
Hendrickson, Henry, b. 1875, d. 1951
Herring, Atossa Nilsen, b. 1887, d. 1969, Also listed under French and Nilsen
Hill, Alice Bonnette, b. 1899, d. 1947
Hill, Amanda A., b. 1880, d. 1911, Wife of John Hill. + Baby , No date
Hill, Andrew O., b. 1866, d. 1927
Hill, Ano J., b. 5 May 1907, d. 28 Feb 1989, Born Eino J. Hirsimaki
Hill, Baby, b. 1910, d. 1911
Hill, Bertman F., b. 1876, d. 1910
Hill, Charles E., d. 22 Aug 1853, age: 14y 10m, Son of Samuel & Nancy Hill
Hill, Charles H., d. 17 Nov 1836, age: 1y 11d, Son of Samuel & Nancy Hill
Hill, Ellen M. (Isakson), b. 19 Nov 1910, d. 1 Aug 1972, Wife of Ano J. Hill/Hirsimaki
Hill, John, b. 1877, d. 1919, John, Amanda and Baby on same stone
Hill, Mary, d. 19 May 1858, age: 32y
Hill, Matilda, b. 1868, d. 1944
Hill, Nancy L., d. 3 Dec 1866, age: 60y, Wife of Samuel Hill
Hill, Samuel, d. 28 Apr 1879, age: 78y
Hind, Berdie E. (Wayland), b. 1882, d. 1970, Wife of Edward W. Hind
Hind, Edward W., b. 1892, d. 1972
Hind, Llewellyn A., b. 9 Feb 1914, d. 26 Sep 1949, S SGT 499 AAF Bomb GP WWII
Hodge, Evelyn M. (Stone), b. 1887, d. 1962, Wife of Perly G. Hodge
Hodge, Knowlton, G., b. 1925, d. 1925, With Perly & Evelyn Hodge
Hodge, Perly G., b. 1880, d. 1941, On Back of stone for Dorothy H. Peterson
Holman, Ada C., b. 1864 Iowa, d. 1935
Holman, Annie May, b. 1892, d. 1984
Holman, B. Barber, b. 1868, d. 1944, Next to Edgar B/E Holman
Holman, Baby, no dates, no other notation
Holman, Clifford C, b. 1894, d. 1974
Holman, Cora (Chase), b. 1858?, d. 1904, On Holman stone with Edgar
Holman, Edgar B./E., b. 1868?, d. 1953, Holman stones on one base in a row. Baby, B. Barber, Edgar E, Cora Chase, Harold G
Holman, Frank, b. 1864, d. 1926
Holman, Harold C/G., b. 1899, d. 1967
Holman, Howard C., b. 23 Aug 1906, d. 7 Oct 1996, Plaque on ground next to Holman stone
Holman, Jennie E. (Blodgett), b. 1878, d. 1945, Wife of Walter E. Holman
Holman, Walter E., b. 1877, d. no date
Hongisto, Amalia W., b. 1879, d. 1950
Hongisto, Baby, d. 1920
Hongisto, John E., b. 1884, d. 1950
Howe, Alice May, d. Nov -- 1888, age: 2y 3wks 4d, Dau of Henry P. & Marianna Howe
Howe, Atta May, d. 1 Sep 1873, age: 5m 18d, Dau of Henry P. & Marianna Howe
Howe, Bowman, d. 20 Jan 1877, age: 62y
Howe, Charles N., d. 13 Sep 1847, age: 15m, Son of Capt. Nelson and Eliza Howe
Howe, Cora M, d. 6 Dec 1861, age: 2y 6m, Daughter of Bowman & Cynthia Howe
Howe, Cynthia, d. 20 Feb 1890, age: 64y, Wife of Bowman Howe
Howe, Edna, b. 1876, d. 1936, Daughter of Orrin & Emma Howe
Howe, Eliza, d. 3 Jun 1850, age: 35y, Wife of Nelson Howe
Howe, Emma (Flint), b. 1852, d. 1921, Wife of Orrin B. Howe
Howe, Henry P., b. 27 Oct 1848, d. 30 aug 1930
Howe, Isaac W., d. 3 Jul 1812, age: 2y, Son of Bowman & Hannah Howe
Howe, Maria A., d. 9 Aug 1848, age: 3y 6m, Daughter of Capt. Nelson and Eliza Howe
Howe, Martha Ann, d. 1 May 1848, age: 10y 6m, Daughter of Capt. Nelson and Eliza Howe
Howe, Mary, d. 29 Jul 1850, age: 83y, Widow of Nahum Howe
Howe, Nahum, Capt., d. 9 Sep 1859, age: 70y
Howe, Nahum, d. 25 Jul 1816, age: 55y
Howe, Orrin B., b. 1847, d. 1913
Howe, Perley Clifton, d. 20 Jan 1893, age: 11y 20d, Son of Henry P. & Marianna Howe
Howe, Susan, b. 1831, d. 1915, Wife of Elijah Wilder
Howe, Susannah, d. 10 Apr 1862, age: 65y, Wife of Capt. Nahum Howe
Hurlburt, Mary F., no dates, no additional notations
Huuskonen, Maria V., b. 17 Sep 1871, d. 30 Jul 1907, On HERK headstone
Ibell, Alan D., b. 5 Apr 1937, d. 30 Jul 1997, Rm3 US Navy, Plaque on ground next to Holman stone
Ingalls, ??ulina?, d. 15 Jul 1885, age: 70y 5m, Wife of ?? Allen (Stone broken on ground)
Ingraham, Clara L.(Hayden), b. 1887, d. 1974, Wife of Louis W. Ingraham
Ingraham, Louis W., b. 1883, d. 1954

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