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Prairie Gem Cemetery
Aurora, Hamilton County, Nebraska

Lat: 40° 47' 57"N, Lon: 98° 02' 11"W
Aurora Twp, T30N R? Sec 31

Contributed by Loren Warren, Jan 23, 2006 [kb0wzg@netscape.net].  Total records = 24.

In Aurora from Highway 14 & Highway 34 this church cemetery is located, 6 miles south, 2 miles west.

This cemetery was founded by the Prairie Gem E.U.B. Church, which was begun about 1892. The church was destroyed by fire Dec 24, 1961, so now only the cemetery remains.

The site occationaly gets mowed but is of low maintenance. It is no longer used for burials.

This is a listing of all visible and legible tombstone inscriptions completed in 2005.

- Loren Warren

Brandt, Jane C., b. 1812, d. 1906, age: 94yr, His Wife, same stone as Henry Bride
Brandt, William, b. 28 Sep 1864, d. 11 Apr 1918, age: 69yr
Bride, Henry, b. 1797, d. 1885, age: 88yr
Dieckmann, William, b. 5 Sep 1846, d. 30 Sep 1920, age: 66yr, Father
Ellsworth, William A., b. 3 Aug 1822, d. 23 May 1893, age: 70yr, born Granville N.Y.
Gingerich, Alma J., d. 26 Apr 1894, age: 7yr 4mo 2da, dau. of C. & L. Gingerich
Heidrich, Infant, b. 23 Mar 1917, d. 23 Mar 1917, son of Mr. & Mrs. J. E. Heidrich
Jeffers, William P., b. 16 Dec 1829, d. 6 Oct 1899, age: 70yr
Libolt, Emma M., d. Dec 1892, age: 2yr 6mo, dau of A.J. & M.S. Libolt, same stone as Mary Sholes
Meyer, Josephine, b. 12 Sep 1890, d. 17 Feb 1895, age: 3yr, dau. of F. & K. Meyer
Nowell, Mary, b. 11 Mar 1843, d. 8 Feb 1916, age: 63yr, Stone Broken
Nowell, Sophie, b. 4 Mar 1851, d. 26 Dec 1916, age: 65yr, Mother, same stone as William Dieckmann
Saltzman, Andrew, b. 16 Oct 1825, d. 13 Nov 1896, age: 71yr
Saltzman, Louisa, b. 10 Dec 1859, d. 17 May 1897, age: 36yr, wife of Jos. Omiel
Schneebeck, Martha, b. 21 Mar 1834, d. 2 Apr 1901, age: 67yr, His Wife, same stone as William P. Jeffers
Schneebeck, Mersch, no other markings
Schneebeck, Wilhelm, b. 29 Jan 1889, d. 15 Jan 1895, age: 5yr
Sholes, Mary S., b. 20 Dec 1861, d. 9 May 1897, age: 35yr, wife of A.J. Libolt, same stone as Emma M. Libolt
Sterbinz, Ada Viola, d. 20 Aug 1897, age: 17yr 7mo 17da, dau of L. & N.A. Bristol, same stone as Patience
Sterbinz, Patience, b. 26 Jan 1816, d. 21 Aug 1896, age: 80yr, wife of R.H. Bristol, same stone as Ada Viola
Sterbinz, Wm F, b. 15 Nov 1902, d. 26 Dec 1902, son of B. & T.E. Sterbinz, (Wm F is the only reference to name
Winter, Mable M., d. 12 Jan 1892, age: 1yr 2mo 10dy, dau. of J.E. & M.C. Winter
Wolcott, Jennie, b. 17 Dec 1861, d. 30 Mar 1903, age: 41yr, wife of J.W. Wolcott, Broken Stone
Wolcott, W. Lewis, b. 21 Apr 1890, d. 1 Dec 1908, age: 18yr, son of J.W. & E.J. Wolcott

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