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Paragon Cemetery
Cedar County, Nebraska

Lat: 42° 39' 20"N, Lon: 97° 11' 07"W
Prec Twp, Sec 22

Contributed by Connie Loftus, Dec 14, 2003, last edited Jun 19, 2007 [connierl@longlines.com].  Total records = 190.

Take Hwy 84 east out of Hartington, turn left onto 568 Ave continue for 2 miles. Turn left (west) onto 884 Rd, then go right (north) onto 567 Ave. The cemetery is located at the top of the hill at a T in the road.

Paragon used to be a community. There was a church, cemetery, mill and a school, all that is left now is the cemetery.

This is a complete transcription of all existing headstones I read in 2000.

- Connie Loftus

Anderson, Alfred, d. 1974, Block-2 Lot-17
Anderson, Esther, d. 1978, Block-2 Lot-17
Anderson, Infants, no dates, 2 children of John and Wife, Block-1 Lot-15
Anderson, John F., d. 1891, Block-1 Lot-15
Anderson, John, d. 1891, Block-1 Lot-3
Anderson, Mrs, no dates, wife of John, Block-1 Lot-15
Anderson, Stanley A., d. 1918, Block-2 Lot-17
Beacom, James E., no dates, Block-4 Lot-1
Beacom, Valfred M., d. 1997, cremated, Block-4 Lot-1
Bottolfsen, Bertha, d. 1969, w/o Magnus, Block-2 Lot-19
Bottolfsen, Charles Kenneth, b. 1909, d. 1985, Block-4 Lot-7
Bottolfsen, Herman Arthur, d. 1972, s/o Magnus, Block-2 Lot-19
Bottolfsen, infant, no dates, son of H.A., Block-2 Lot-19
Bottolfsen, Magnus, d. 1953, s/o Martin, Block-2 Lot-19
Bottolfsen, Martin Bertinus, b. 1911, d. 1990, Block-4 Lot-8
Bottolfsen, Nels Owen,, 1915, d. 1919, s/o Magnus, Block-2 Lot-19
Bottolfson, Anna, d. 1970,w/o Otto, Block-2 Lot-22
Bottolfson, Carl, , d. 1932 1935, Block-2 Lot-20
Bottolfson, Herman, d. 1928, son of Martin & Mari, Block-2 Lot-20
Bottolfson, Johannah, d. 1934, w/o Herman, Block-2 Lot-20
Bottolfson, Linda, d. 1946, dau of Harold B., Block-2 Lot-20
Bottolfson, Mari, d. 1911, w/o Martin, Block-1 Lot-17
Bottolfson, Martin, d. 1893, s/o Bottolf, Block-1 Lot-17
Bottolfson, Nils Martin, d. 1931, son of Martin, Block-2 Lot-21
Bottolfson, Orville, d. 1977, Block-2 Lot-22
Bottolfson, Otto, d. 1964, s/o Herman, Block-2 Lot-22
Bottolfson, Robert, b. 1926, d. 1930, Block-2 Lot-20
Bottolfson, William, d. 1974, Block-2 Lot-21
Brunick, Anna, d. 1883, Block-2 Lot-6
Erdenberger, Albert, d. 1924, Block-1 Lot-13
Erdenberger, Edward, d. 1956, Block-1 Lot-13
Erdenberger, John, d. 1938, Block-1 Lot-13
Erdenberger, Louie, d. 1934, Block-1 Lot-13
Erdenberger, Mary, d. 1883, Block-1 Lot-13
Erdenberger, Thorine, d. 1916, wife, Block-1 Lot-13
Erickson, Della, d. 1965, Block-1 Lot-20
Erickson, George, no dates, Block-1 Lot-10
Erickson, Martin, no dates, Block-1 Lot-10
Erickson, Rose, no dates, Block-1 Lot-10
Esther Gevarda (Klanderud) Bottolfsen, b. Aug 24, 1911, d. Jan 7, 2007, wife of Charles Kenneth, bur. block-4 Lot-7
Feelhaver, Anna, d. 1918, wife, Block-2 Lot-18
Feelhaver, Oscar, d. 1940, Block-2 Lot-18
Haahr, George, d. 1930, Block-2 Lot-4
Haahr, infant, no dates, child of Andrew, Block-2 Lot-9
Haahr, Wendell P., b. 1920, d. 2007, in battle of the Bulge WWII, buried Block 2, lot 9
Hinkel, Gail A. (Loftus), b. 16 Mar 1963, d. 1995, Block-4 Lot-7
Holst, Louise (Bottolfsen), d. 1940, wife, Block-2 Lot-21
Holst, Peter, b. 1869, d. 1948, Block-2 Lot-21
Holthe, Alous, b. 1860, d. 1910, Block-1 Lot-29
Holthe, Ida, no dates, Block-1 Lot-29
Holthe, Iver, b. 1858, d. 1932, Block-1 Lot-29
Holthe, Torger, b. 1888, d. 1956, Block-1 Lot-26
Holtz, Jacob, d. 1891, Block-3 Lot-4
Holtz, Melvin O., d. 1894, Block-1 Lot-18
Holtz, Myrtle, d. 1895, Block-1 Lot-18
Jens Peterson, d. 1895, Block-1 Lot-14
Jensen, Aleatha, b. 1888, d. 1953, Block-1 Lot-28
Jensen, Gustav, b. 1894, d. 1947, Block-1 Lot-28
Jensen, Ida, no dates, wife , Block-1 Lot-29
Jensen, infant, d. 1931, child of Otto & Mary, Block-4 Lot-2
Jensen, Jeanette, b. 1888, d. 1972 Block 1 Lot-28
Jensen, Johan, no dates, Block-1 Lot-29
Jensen, Josephine, b. 1877, d. 1929, Block-1 Lot-31
Jensen, Mary, d. 1969, wife, Block-4 Lot-2
Jensen, Otto, d. 1944, Block-4 Lot-2
Jensen, Thorvald, b. 1875, d. 1930, Block-1 Lot-28
Jorgensen, Eric, d. 1890, Block-1 Lot-11
Jorgensen, Martha, d. 1890, Block-1 Lot-11
Jorgensen, Martin, no dates, Block-1 Lot-11
Jorgensen, Wife, no dates, Block-1 Lot-11
Kasperson, Jens, d. 1931, Block-3 Lot-12
Klanderud, infant, no date, child of Charley and Sena, Block-1 Lot-26
Klanderud, Sena, d. 1916, w/o Charley, Block-1 Lot-30
Lentz, Anna, d. 1893, Block-3 Lot-6
Lentz, Lin, d. 1897, Block-3 Lot-6
Masson, Carl M., d. 1890, Block-1 Lot-2
Masson, Clara M., d. 1892, Block-1 Lot-2
Miller, Annie, b. 1874, d. 1878, Block-1 Lot-7
Miller, August, d. 1920, Block-2 Lot-6
Miller, George, b. 1872, d. 1878, Block-1 Lot-7
Miller, John, d. 1878, Block-1 Lot-7
Miller, Mrs, d. 1923, wife of August, Block-2 Lot-6
Muck, Clara, d. 1910, infant dau of John & Clara
Muck, Elsie, d. 1941, Block-3 Lot-5
Muck, Florence, d. 1948, Block-3 Lot-5
Muck, Fred, d. 1948, Block-3 Lot-7
Muck, Harvey, d. 1954, Block-3 Lot-7
Muck, Henry, d. 1897, Block-3 Lot-3
Muck, John, d. 1923, Block-3 Lot-3
Muck, Louisa, d. 1908, wife, Block-3 Lot-3
Muck, Mary, d. 1948, wife, Block-3 Lot-7
Muck, Ralph, d. 1989, Block-3 Lot-7
Muck, Roy, d. 1990, Block-3 Lot-5
Muck, William, d. 1985, Block-3 Lot-7
Nelson, Ann G., b. 1879, d. 1922, Block-1 Lot-31
Olsen, 3 small graves, no dates Block 1 Lot-1
Olsen, Alice, d. 1987, wife, Block-4 Lot-1
Olsen, Alva, d. 1919, Block-4 Lot-5
Olsen, Anders, d. 1891, Block-1 Lot-4
Olsen, Anders, d. 1892, Block-1 Lot-4
Olsen, Andrew, d. 1891, Block-1 Lot-1
Olsen, Andrina, d. 1899, wife, Block-1 Lot-33
Olsen, Anna Marie, d. 1893, Block-1 Lot-20
Olsen, Annetta, d. 1891, Block-1 Lot-19
Olsen, Bernhard, d. 1892, Block-1 Lot-33
Olsen, Carl, d. 1967, Block-4 Lot-4
Olsen, Caroline (Bottolfsen), d. 1949, wife, Block-4 Lot-4
Olsen, Carrie, d. 1892, Block-1 Lot-1
Olsen, Clara, no dates, Block-1 Lot-25
Olsen, Eva, d. 1938, Block-4 Lot-5
Olsen, Fred, d. 1949, Block-1 Lot-34
Olsen, Helen, no dates, Block-1 Lot-23
Olsen, Hulda, no dates, Block-1 Lot-23
Olsen, Ina, d. 1937, dau of Julius & Caroline, Block-4 Lot-4
Olsen, Infant, d. 1905, s/o Paul and Lula May, Block-1 Lot-32
Olsen, Infant, d. d. 1910, s/o Paul and Lula May, Block-1 Lot-32
Olsen, Infant, no dates, child of Fred and Maren, Block-1 Lot-21
Olsen, Infant, no dates, Child of L. A., Block-1 Lot-28
Olsen, Jens, d. 1912, Block-1 Lot-19
Olsen, Julius, d. 1952, Block-4 Lot-4
Olsen, Kristine, b. 1835, d. 1918, Block-1 Lot-4
Olsen, Leland, d. 1987, Block-1 Lot-32
Olsen, Lena (Loeng), b. 1863, d. 1924, Block-4 Lot-6
Olsen, Lina, no dates, Block-1 Lot-4
Olsen, Louie, d. 1892, Block-1 Lot-4
Olsen, Lula May, d. 1956, wife of Paul, Block-1 Lot-32
Olsen, Maren O., d. 1940, wife, Block-1 Lot-34
Olsen, Mrs, no dates, wife of Ole, Block-1 Lot-25
Olsen, Ole, no dates, Block-1 Lot-25
Olsen, Oscar, no dates, marker, but no burial, Block-4 Lot-5
Olsen, Paul A., d. 1925, Block-1 Lot-32
Olsen, Paul Ekeberg, d. 1890, Block-1 Lot-20
Olsen, Sena, b. 1880, d. 1901, Block-1 Lot-4
Olsen, William, d. 1984, Block-4 Lot-1
Olson, Andreas M., d. 1896, Block-1 Lot-23
Olson, Martha, d. 1911, Block-1 Lot-23
Olson, Paul J., d. 1909, Block-1 Lot-23
Peterson, L., b. 1890, d.1891, son, Block-1 Lot-14
Peterson, Peter, Jr., d. 1893, Block-1 Lot-14
Reeves, David William, b. 1961, d. 1962, Block-4 Lot-7
Riibe, Gerald, d. 1928, Block-4 Lot-3
Riibe, Helen, d. 1978, wife, Block-4 Lot-3
Riibe, Louis, d. 1981, Block-4 Lot-3
Schager, Alice, d. 1990, Block-4 Lot-3
Schager, Alma, d. 1897, Block-1 Lot-22
Schager, Arthur G., d. 1957, Block-1 Lot-24
Schager, Carl, d. 1983, Block-4 Lot-3
Schager, Edna, d. 1919, Block-1 Lot-22
Schager, Edward, d. 1904, Block-2 Lot-7
Schager, Hannah, d. 1933, wife, Block-1 Lot-22
Schager, Hans E., d. 1897 Block 2 Lot-7
Schager, infant, d. 1890, child of Louis and Hannah, Block-1 Lot-22
Schager, Infant, no dates, child of Gilbert, Block-2 Lot-7
Schager, Lars, d. 1944, Block-1 Lot-22
Schager, Mamie, , d. 1984, wife of A. G., Block-1 Lot-24
Schager, Mrs, no dates, wife of Hans, Block-2 Lot-7
Schager, Nettie, d. 1924, wife of Arthur G., Block-1 Lot-24
Schreiber, Jay Andrew,, b. 5-2-2003, d. 5-2-2003, son of Joshua and Julie, bur. block-4
Seim, Nels O., d. 1876, Block-1 Lot-5
Solline, Joan Mae (Bottolfson), d. 1995, Block-2 Lot-22
Strom, Amanda, d. 1932, wife, Block-2 Lot-16
Strom, Carl, d. 1945, Block-2 Lot-16
Strom, Nels, d. 1924, Block-2 Lot-16
Swan, Betty, d. 1966, Block-4, Lot-4
Swan, Ivie, d. 1911, Block-3 Lot-11
Swan, Johannah, d. 1910, twin of Ralph, dau of Pete, Block-3 Lot-11
Swan, Ralph, d. 1910, twin of Johannah, son of Pete, Block-3 Lot-11
Thompson, Charles, d. 1960, Block-2 Lot-16
Thompson, Hannah, no dates, wife, Block-2 Lot-16
Thomsen, Mrs, d. 1943, wife of Otto, Block-2 Lot-5
Thomsen, Otto, d. 1944, Block-2 Lot-5
Thorson, Infant, d. 1938, child of Rev. A. J., Block-4 Lot-10
Tvedt, Anna, d. 1891, Block-1 Lot-12
Tvedt, Arnold, no dates, Block-1 Lot-12
Tvedt, Clara, d. 1886, Block-1 Lot-12
Tvedt, Elmer, b. 1885, d. 1903, Block-1 Lot-12
Tvedt, Gerhard M., d. 1904, Block-1 Lot-9
Tvedt, H. Louise, d. 1964, Block-1 Lot-8
Tvedt, Ina, d. 1891, Block-1 Lot-12
Tvedt, Lena, d. 1954, wife, Block-1 Lot-9
Tvedt, Otto, b. 1882, d. 1882, Block-1 Lot-12
Tvedt, Rev. Nels G., d. 1921, Block-1 Lot-9
Tvedt. Neil, d. 1925, Block-1 Lot-8
Weiger, Albert, d. 1918, Block-1 Lot-16
Weiger, Amelia, d. 1919, wife, Block-1 Lot-34
Weiger, Clarence, d. 1958, Block-1 Lot-16
Weiger, Elizabeth, d. 1942, wife, Block-1 Lot-14
Weiger, John, d. 1923, Block-1 Lot-14
Weiger, Louis G., d. 1892, Block-1 Lot-16
Weiger, Otis, d. 1974, Block-1 Lot-34

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