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Wake Chapel Christian Church Memorial Gardens
Middle Creek Township, Wake County, North Carolina

Contributed by Shirley Olson [shirley32olson@yahoo.com].

A FH marker next to Lula Adams, no name or date, small angel stone
a grave next to Jack B. Duke with only "NC Pvt" inscribed
a grave alongside "NC Pvt" with unreadable FH marker
a small rough stone w. unreadable FH marker in Talley plot
2 small stones next to Eakes, no inscriptions
an infant's grave in Stevens plot, no inscription
3 unmarked infant's graves in the Barney B. & Mollie E. Fish plot
3 unmarked infant's graves next to Cindy Fuquay
* indicates graves relocated from Utley-Nash Cem. to this location
a grave next to George Sauls with "Unknown" inscribed on the stone, no dates
R. A. Ellen, ?? next to Nancy Langdon


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