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Five Forks Baptist Cemetery
Cedar Grove, Orange County, North Carolina

Lat: 36° 12' 12"N, Lon: 79° 09' 01"W

Contributed by Ellen Kerley, May 03, 2004 [family2808@hotmail.com]. Total records = 50.

In Central Cedar Grove Township, on new Hwy 86 North, 2 mi north of Cedar Grove School at the junction of Hwy 86 with Hawkins Road (SR #1508). Brick church on the left hand side of the road with woods and cemetery adjacent.

This cemetery was established in 1957 by the Five Forks Baptist church. It is a very well maintained cemetery, and still active.

First survey done in 1974, taken from church records and tombstones. I have completed this survey in Aug of 2003, using a digital camera, taking a photo of all existing and legible markers or tombstones.

- Ellen Kerley

Bradsher, Clarice Rimmer, b. 29 Jan 1915, d. 14 Jan 1994, 'Mother' 'In loving memory'
Bradsher, Rainey R., b. 27 Oct 1917, d. 18 Dec 1985, 'In loving memory'
Cates, Leroy, b. 4 Oct 1914, d. 23 Jul 1998, sp. Lettie Ashley Cates
Cates, Lettie Ashley, b. 26 Sep 1915, d. 5 May 1969, sp. Leroy Cates
Chambers, Christine Long, b. 4 Dec 1932, d. 25 Jan 2000, sp. James Lee Chambers, 'Thy kingdom come'
Chambers, Etta Dickey, b. 30 Aug 1911, d. 8 Sep 1989, sp. Percy Lee Chambers, 'Precious Lord take my hand'
Chambers, James Lee, b. 9 Sep 1929, d. 15 Dec 1994, sp. Christine Long Chambers, 'Thy kingdom come'
Chambers, Percy Lee, b. 25 Mar 1903, d. 16 Jun 1983, sp. Etta Dickey Chambers, 'Precious Lord take my hand'
Clayton, David Danton, b. 5 Feb 1957, d. 3 Nov 1979, 'Resting with Jesus' Marker from Your Best Friends
Crabtree, Beulah S., b. 3 Sep 1902, d. 18 Dec 1974, 'Mother'
Deckard, Effie Lee, b. 30 Oct 1911, d. 15 Oct 1989)
Eakes, Della Parker, b. 1919, d. 2003)
Eakes, Rufus (Dump),, b. 24 Apr 1912, d. 13 Oct 1969, 'Our Father which art in heaven'. Footstone: 'Father'
Fuqua, Daniel Carr, b. 3 Aug 1900, d. 7 Jun 1973, sp. Lessie H. Fuqua. Picture of cow on tombstone.
Fuqua, Lessie H., b. 13 Oct 1907, d. 16 Aug 1992, sp. Daniel Carr Fuqua
Garrett, Annie M., b. 21 Nov 1925, d., sp. John H. Garrett
Garrett, John H., b. 18 Jan 1918, d. 27 Nov 1961, sp. Annie M. Garrett
Hall, James L., b. 1 May 1939, d. 6 Mar 1983
Hall, Sarah Ruth, d. 1993
Harris, Cody Ray, b. 30 Mar 1992, d. 9 Mar 1993, Son of Calvin and Teri Harris
Harris, Elizabeth C., b. 29 Sep 1926, d. 20 Apr 1981, 'In God's Care'
Horner, Dea F., b. 7 Apr 1928, d. 12 Sep 1999, sp. Elizabeth F. Horner, 'Love lives on'
Horner, Elizabeth F., b. 3 Jul 1928, d., sp. Dea F. Horner, 'Love lives on'
Horner, Roger D., b. 8 Dec 1956, d. 17 Jan 1957, Footstone: 'Son'
Icenhour, Claude T., b. 18 Jan 1926, d. 10 Nov 1976, sp. Corine C. Icenhour, 'Thy Kingdom Come'. US Army, WW-II, Korea Military Marker
Icenhour, Corine C., b. 20 Apr 1936, d., sp. Claude T. Icenhour
Moore, Ila Mae F., b. 1906, d. 1979, sp. John T. Moore
Moore, John T., b. 1907, d. 1993, sp. Ila Mae F. Moore
Oakley, Curtis F., b. 10 Jul 1941, d. 26 Dec 1986, 'Precious Lord take my hand'
Oakley, Infant, b. 26 Aug 1976, d. 26 Aug 1976, Infant daughter of Ronald D. and Kathy W. Oakley
Parker, Kenneth L., b. 4 Nov 1970, d. 22 Apr 2002, sp. Diana A. Parker, 'Just a closer walk with thee'
Paschall, Lottie Weaver, b. 1 Oct 1934, d., Daughter of Fred and Ella Weaver
Penland, Patricia Louise, b. 30 Sep 1958, d. 31 Aug 1974, Aged 15 Yrs, 'The path is rough, my Father. Many a thorn hath pierced me. And my weary feet all torn and bleeding mark the way. Yet thy command bids me press forward Father, Take my hand then, safe and blest, lead on to rest thy child.'
Porterfield, Donald W., b. 1947, d. 1965, Brother of James G. Porterfield
Porterfield, Ernest Clifton, b. 21 Sep 1917, d. 28 Oct 1987, sp. Louise Blalock Porterfield, 'Peace in the valley'
Porterfield, James G., b. 1954, d. 1970, Brother of Donald W. Porterfield
Porterfield, Louise Blalock, b. 21 Jan 1919, d. 31 May 1994, sp. Ernest Clifton Porterfield, 'Peace in the valley'
Porterfield, Peggy J., b. 29 Apr 1935, d. 14 Oct 1997, 'Love never faileth'
Rudder, Earlest M., b. 5 Feb 1899, d. 4 Aug 1971, sp. Mallie J. Rudder
Rudder, Mallie J., b. 14 May 1894, d. 4 Mar 1989, sp. Earlest M. Rudder
Terry, Mamie C., b. 24 Sep 1895, d. 24 Nov 1973, sp. William Lester Terry
Terry, William Lester, b. 7 Apr 1893, d. 16 Jul 1961, sp. Mamie C. Terry. Aged 67 Yrs
Walters, Edward Dewey, b. 18 Jul 1901, d. 2 Feb 1973, 'Our Father which art in heaven'. Footstone: 'Father'
Weaver, Ella Horner, b. 22 Aug 1910, d. 24 Mar 1997, sp. Fred Lee Weaver
Weaver, Fred Lee, b. 4 Feb 1909, d. 6 Aug 1994, sp. Ella Horner Weaver
Weaver, Samuel G., b. 15 Nov 1945, d. 9 Apr 1967, 'Accepted, lived for and now dwell with Jesus.' A2C 70 Bomb Wing AF Military Marker
Wilson, Louise B., b. 22 Jun 1915, d. 30 Oct 1998, sp. Victor S. Wilson, 'Mother' 'In Loving Memory'
Wilson, Victor S., b. 2 Sep 1909, d. 5 Aug 1991, sp. Louise B. Wilson, 'Father' 'In Loving Memory'
Wright, Arthur T., b. 22 Oct 1887, d. 12 Sep 1981, sp. Maggie Bell V. Wright
Wright, Maggie Bell V., b. 22 Apr 1896, d. 2 Mar 1978, sp. Arthur T. Wright

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