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Perry Chapel Cemetery (Perry Chappell Cemetery)
Creedmoor, Granville County, North Carolina

Lat: 36° 05' 52"N, Lon: 78° 40' 39"W

Contributed by Denise Stephenson, Mar 03, 2008, last edited Mar 18, 2008 [oldstage@nc.rr.com].
Total records = 28.

To reach this cemetery in Creedmoor NC, drive south out of town on Main Street a few blocks, turn left onto Dove Road and continue southeast for 1.1 miles. The cemetery is on the right side, way off the road and up a hill in a grove of trees.

There are about 30 marked graves with markers and at least 30 more that are unmarked or marked with large rocks. I am not sure who owns or established this cemetery.

I walked and surveyed this cemetery Mar 02, 2008.

- Denise Stephenson

Andrews, William H., b. c.1879, d. 12/1/1939, age: 60yr
Chappell, Bettie J., b. 07/28/1854, d. 3/6/1913, wife of DC Chappell
Chappell, Edward Hillman, b. c.1872, d. 3/23/1946, age: 74yr
Chappell, Elizabeth, b. 02/10/1799, d. 07/04/1880
Chappell, Ethel, b. c.1899, d. 9/3/1904, age: 5yr
Chappell, Henderson N., b. 02/08/1820, d. 07/01/1871, son of JA & L Chappell
Chappell, Hillman "Doc" C., b. 09/23/1850, d. 11/2/1943, Masonic symbol on tombstone
Chappell, Ida B. Hughes, b. 02/29/1879, d. 12/29/1960, Wife of EH Chappell
Chappell, J. A., b. 03/19/1862, d. 3/15/1926, Father
Chappell, James R., b. 11/3/1912, d. 4/4/1914, son of JW & Mollie Chappell
Chappell, Leroy, b. c.1896, d. 03/29/1897, son of EH & IB Chappell, Age 9 Months
Chappell, Lula Jane, b. 05/22/1885, d. 11/13/1918, daughter of DC & BJ Chappell
Ferrell, Ida J., b. 07/07/1876, d. 5/4/1918, wife of C.V. Ferrell
Ferrell, Mary F., b. 05/26/878, d. 10/23/1905, wife of C.V. Ferrell
Ferrell, S. H., b. 05/12/1844, d. 4/27/1914
Ferrell, Suramerange?, b. 08/30/1854, d. 4/3/1917
Horton, Mary, b. , d. 1938, daughter of RR & OC Horton
Horton, Ola B., b. 12/23/1896, d. 1/3/1978, wife of WH Horton
Horton, Wade Ham, b. 03/15/1894, d. 12/15/1962
Hughes, Alma A., b. 04/25/1888, d. 9/22/1907, sife of SC Hughes
Hughes, Betsy Ann, b. c.1850, d. 06/09/1898, wife of J.T. Hughes
Hughes, Infant, b. 10/31/1906, d. 9/17/1907, son of SC & AA Hughes
Hughes, James T., b. 08/02/1849, d. 10/27/1914
Hughes, Nettie, b. c.1885, d. 2/26/1903, age: 18yr and 9 months
Hughes, Samuel C., b. 10/22/1879, d. 6/24/1912
Perry, W. D., b. c.1844, d. 3/22/1913, age: 69
Redmond, Fannie T., b. 03/??/1849, d. 03/??/1962
Weathers, Melecia W., b. 10/08/1826, d. 2/19/1901

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