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Perry / Privette Cemetery
Franklin County, North Carolina

Contributed by Pam Jeans, March 14, 2000 [jeans@sierratel.com]. Total records = 13.

West of State Road 1720 approximate 100 yards from Riley Crossroads

PERRY, Catherine P, b.1858, d.1923
PERRY, Chellie E, b.20 March 1884, d.15 August 1887
PERRY, D D, b.25 February 1891, d.21 September 1891
PERRY, Lin B, b.1854, d.1935
PERRY, Mary A, b.1836, d.1922
PERRY, Nannie A, b.18 January 1863, d.11 October 1901
PERRY, Siddie A, b.15 March 1861, d.21 June 1901
PERRY, W Clyde, b.6 January 1887, d.2 September 1942
PERRY, W Henry, b.15 October 1859, d.5 April 1907
PRIVETTE, Alfred Thomas, b.7 December 1933, d.12 January 1934
PRIVETTE, Mary Shannon, b.22 March 1919, d.23 August 1919
PRIVETTE, Maude P, b.4 July 1896, d.30 June 1967
PRIVETTE, Willie B, b.8 July 1889, d.18 May 1960


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