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Medlin - Jeans Cemetery
Franklin County, North Carolina

Contributed by Pam Jeans [jeans@sierratel.com].  Total records = 20.

North side of SR1770, one-tenth mile East of intersetion of SR1770 and SR1759.

This cemetery was survey by The Little River Historical Society 1978 - 1980. The work done by them can be found in Wake County Public Library, 4020 Carya Drive, Raleigh, North Carolina. This cemetery is maintained by Albert Jeans and has been resurveyed by Faye Jeans Parker.

FLOWERS, Robert Howard, b. 7 Nov 1913, d. 28 June 1915
FLOWERS, Pattie W., b. 3 May 1886, d. 8 Jan 1921
HICKS, Sarah Cone Medlin, unmarked grave
JEANS, Baby girl, b. 29 Aug 1915 d. 29 Aug 1915 (unmarked grave)
JEANS, Bennie Lonie, b. 5 Sept 1906, d. 21 July 1953
JEANS, Cyntha Jane, b. 1881, d. 18 Aug 1930
JEANS, Eva Mae, b. 10 Feb 1932, d. 17 Oct 1934
JEANS, James K., b. 2 July 1902, d. 22 Jan 1962
JEANS, Kearney, b. April 1880, d. 9 Oct 1943
JEANS, Lucille Jane, b. 13 Jan 1929, d. 7 Dec 1998
JEANS, Lumas Derie, b. 11 Sept 1908 d. unknown (unmarked grave)
JEANS, Luther Edward, b. 5 May 1913, d. 15 Jun 1970
JEANS, Oliver Davis, b. 1903, d. unknown (unmarked grave)
JEANS, Thurman (Tom) Atlas, b. 13 Jan 1940, d. 30 Nov 1993
MASSEY, Mary Ann Medlin, unmarked grave, (wife of Jackson MASSEY)
MEDLIN, Barlett, Jr., unmarked grave
STRICKLAND, Julia Ann Medlin, unmarked grave
WILLIAMS, A. Eddie, b. 1871, d. 1950
WILLIAMS, Charlie R., b. 1903, d. 1916
WILLIAMS, Jane Driver, b. 1874, d. 1917

There are at least 14 unmarked graves in this cemetery. We have identified the burial of 7 ancestors in unmarked graves. There are also two more babies but until more information is obtained, this is all we know. Updated December 1998

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