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South Lakes Cemetery
Lexington, Davidson County, North Carolina

Contributed by Kathy Mills [ke6pxx@yahoo.com].

Kelley, Willie Lee, b. 12/18/1951, d. 7/5/1973, East Sec
Kelly, Annie Fowler, b. 2/23/1911, d. 8/8/1977, East Sec
Kennel, Aaron Roscoe, b. 5/25/1920, d. 11/6/1965, East Sec
Kindle, Gertrude, b. 1900, d. 1985, East Sec
Kindle, Nara Lucile, b. 1919, d. 1985, East Sec
King, Alberta R., b. 1905, d. 1991, w/o William, West Sec
King, Lucille Marie, b. 12/21/1924, d. 8/28/2002, West Sec
King, William, b. 1903, d. 1981, h/o Alberta R., West Sec
Kinley, Frank, b. 6/6/1895, d. 5/26/1950, NC PFC 344 Service BN QMC WW I, East Sec
Kirk, John, b. 1/4/1876, d. 8/26/1958, East Sec
Kirk, Vonnie Lee, b. 6/2/1927, d. 5/27/1988, w/o James S., West Sec
Kiser, Devin R., b. 1915, d. 1991, Morrison FHM, East Sec
Knotts, Charles A., b. 4/2/1926, d. 10/17/1958, East Sec
Knotts, Mary J., b. 1923, d. 1982, Mother, West Sec
Koontz, Clifford O., Sr., b. 1910, d. 1989, h/o Elsie A., West Sec
Lanier, Cora L., b. 1937, d. 1979, Mother, East Sec
Lanier, James Thomas, b. 7/8/1910, d. 1/24/1988, h/o Lou Ida, From All Family, East Sec
Lanier, Latonja Darnell Abram, b. 3/13/1970, d. 8/24/2003, Wife & Mother, Daughter, Gone but Not Forgotten, West Sec
Lanier, Lou Ida E., b. 1914, d. 1969, w/o James Thomas, East Sec
Lathers, Eva Alma, no dates, Fhm, dates gone, West Sec
Lattiner, George Joseph, b. 4/7/1935, d. 5/2/1974, Sgt w/City Police Dept., SR US Navy, West Sec
Leaverett, John Thomas, b. 12/24/1880, d. 1/23/1961, h/o Josephine Freeman, East Sec
Leaverett, Josephine Freeman, b. 3/13/1898, d. 10/7/1976, w/o John Thomas, East Sec
Lee, Aaron, b. 8/5/1920, d. 6/30/1950, NC Pfc 1318 Engr GS Regt, WW II, East Sec
Lee, Henry L., b. 1907, d. 1984, West Sec
Lee, Mary D., b. 11/3/1927, d. 11/6/1994, w/o Hershel, West Sec
Lee, Thomas W., b. 11/7/1919, d. 1/14/1974, NC Pvt US Army WW II, East Sec
Leverett(e), Isabel J. Clark, b. 7/11/1911, d. 2/4/1988, Mother, w/o Luther, They live with us in memory still & will forevermore, West Sec
Leverett(e), Luther, Sr., b. 7/29/1913, d. 10/25/1982, Father, h/o Isabel J. Clarke, They live with us in memory still & will forevermore, West Sec
Leverett, Elizabeth Henderson, b. 6/28/1918, d. 8/8/1993, Sister, West Sec
Leverette, Jewel M. Cotton, b. 4/20/1926, d. 9/16/1983, West Sec
Leverette, Samuel Charles Sr., b. 12/23/1923, d. 12/3/1984, West Sec
Leverette, Wilbert N., b. 9/30/1936, d. 7/5/1995, In Loving Memory, Beloved Godfather, Brother, Uncle & Friend, West Sec
Lewis, Laura T., b. 4/3/1968, d. 3/15/2002, In Loving Memory, West Sec
Liles, Betty Tyson, b. 1950, d. 2003, FHM, West Sec
Lindsay, Casey L., b. 5/23/1934, d. 6/6/1999, h/o Vernice B., "Creek", husband, M: 12/19/1959, West Sec
Littlejohn, Elnora, b. 5/8/1923, d. 4/22/2002, Mother, West Sec
Littlejohn, James, b. 9/10/1938, d. 9/17/2001, Son, West Sec
Littlejohn, Robert, b. 1909, d. 1986, West Sec
Littlejohn?, Sallie, no dates, Slate marker, no longer readable, East Sec
Littles, De'Andre T., b., d. 5/7/1998, My Son, East Sec
Littles, Jyavious, b. 12/3/1996, d. 12/22/1996, Fhm, East Sec
Lockehart, Fred Moore, b. 3/4/1938, d. 2/2/1965, East Sec
Lockhart, Frank Jr., b. 3/12/1930, d. 2/28/1997, h/o Julia C., Ch: James Jason Shelia, West Sec
Lockhart, Frank Sr., b. 1902, d. 1973, h/o Frances, West Sec
Lockhart, Lizzie Ann, b. 8/11/1943, d. 1/20/1994, In God's Care, West Sec
Lockhart, Margaret H., b. 1/28/1924, d. 6/12/2003, In Loving Memory, West Sec
Lockheart, James Franklin, b. 11/3/1951, d. 6/28/1985, Sleep in Peace, West Sec
Long, Lillie G., b. 3/19/1885, d. 6/11/1974, East Sec
Long, V. K, Sr., b. 10/25/1891, d. 10/15/1961, East Sec
Lopp, Dermont D., b. 1975, d. 1975, East Sec
Loppe, Audrey Leverette, b. 1933, d. 1990, Mother, West Sec
Lowe, Willie, b. 4/17/1898, d. ----, s/o Lindsay E.& M.E., stone broken, East Sec
Lowery, Nolan, b. 3/6/1911, d. 10/19/1988, West Sec
Lucky, Annie Mae Smith, b. 1928, d. 2003, Fhm, East Sec
Luther, Ethel F., b. 1901, d. 1987, West Sec
Luther, William, b. 7/5/1901, d. 9/20/1964, East Sec
Lyons, Elmore A., b. 1919, d. 1977, West Sec
Lyons, James A., b. 8/6/1914, d. 1/19/1977, Husband, West Sec
Lyons, John Frank, b. 8/26/1927, d. 5/11/1980, Pvt US Army WW II, West Sec
Lyons, Thomas Clinton Sr., b. 1917, d. 2002, West Sec
Mabry, Reba Inetta, b. 2/9/1909, d. 2/1/1991, We Loved you but God Loved you Best, West Sec
Manuel, Jessie Mae, b. 7/20/1902, d. 10/18/1976, East Sec
Marshall, Edith H., b. 12/25/1925, d., w/o Lee Thomas, West Sec
Marshall, Lee Thomas, b. 12/20/1920, d. 6/25/1974, h/o Edith H., Precious Lord Take My Hand, West Sec
Marshall, Lilliam, b. 10/16/1906, d. 7/5/1980, East Sec
Martin, Clyde, b. 6/3/1886, d. 5/4/1963, NC Pvt. US Army WW I, East Sec
Martin, Dolores L., b. 1953, d. 2005, Fhm, West Sec
Martin, Emma Roman, b. 6/9/1889, d. 3/30/1951, w/o Clyde B., She is not dead, just waiting for Jesus to come., East Sec
Massey, Betty Mae, b. 1/13/1927, d. 7/11/2004, West Sec
Matthews, Wade McCoy, b. 4/21/1918, d. 9/10/1969, A Loving Father, East Sec
Matthews, Wade, Jr., b. 1941, d. 1982, Father, West Sec
McCall, Davette Chanel, b. 12/1/1973, d. 12/1/1973, Twin Sister of Divida, East Sec
McCall, Divida Chantel, b. 12/1/1973, d. 12/2/1973, Twin Sister of Davette, East Sec
McCall, Savannah, b. 3/28/1896, d. 5/20/1965, Mother, East Sec
McCarry, Percey, b. 1/28/1891, d. 6/22/1965, NC Pvt US Army WW I, East Sec
McCoy, Annie Mae Goodin, b. 8/8/1937, d. 6/1/1998, West Sec
McCoy, Ruth Henderson, b. 2/24/1919, d. 3/3/1981, Loving You, West Sec
McCrary, Maggie J., b. 8/20/1900, d. 11/17/1973, w/o Percy F., East Sec
McCrary, Percy F., b. 1/28/1891, d. 6/22/1965, NC Pvt US Army WW I, h/o Maggie J., East Sec
McDowell, Edna Knotts, b. 1931, d. 2005, Fhm, West Sec
McGee, Nannie Davis, b. 8/10/1896, d. 4/19/1964, East Sec
McGuire, Clatie H., b. 2/27/1903, d. 12/11/1977, w/o Robert L., East Sec
McGuire, Robert L., b. 8/18/1896, d. 1/6/1957, h/o Clatie H., East Sec
McIntosh, Ella Fisher, b. 4/8/1883, d. 5/17/1956, w/o Thomas, East Sec
McIntosh, Gladys P., b. 1911, d. 1997, w/o John H., M: 1959, West Sec
McIntosh, Inez, b. 4/2/1945, d. 2/17/1955, d/o Betty Lou & R.L., East Sec
McIntosh, John H., b. 1914, d. 2001, h/o Gladys P., West Sec
McIntosh, Judy C., b. 3/3/1951, d. 10/8/1985, Gone but not forgotten, West Sec
McNeair, Archic, no dates, Fhm, dates gone, West Sec
McNeair, Easter Gainey, b. 1919, d. 1996, Morrison fhm, West Sec
McNeair, Viola, b. 1941, d. 1983, West Sec
McSpadden, Willie M., b. 1919, d. 2004, West Sec
Medley, Ella Mae R., b. 2/13/1905, d. 7/23/1974, w/o Jesse Lee, West Sec
Medley, Jesse Lee, b. 3/7/1903, d. 4/4/1976, h/o Ella Mae, West Sec
Medley, John, b. 4/26/1919, d. 3/16/1976, East Sec
Medley, Terry M., b. 10/29/1963, d. 7/3/1986, West Sec
Melton, Annie Giles, b. 1900, d. 1984, West Sec
Merritt, Hobert J., b. 1928, d. 2004, Fhm, West Sec
Middleton, Nannie, b. 1993, d. 1948, West Sec
Miller, Cassandra Linette, b. 10/26/1970, d. 10/4/1971, Our Beloved Daughter, East Sec
Miller, Charles D., b. 5/20/1931, d. 3/29/2000, SSGT US Air Force Korea, h/o Louise G., A devoted Father"
Miller, Coy T., b. 1906, d. 1966, East Sec
Miller, Dinah, b. 1919, d. 1995, Mother, West Sec
Miller, Doretha L. Davis, b. 1921, d. 1984, West Sec
Miller, Florence H., b. 1913, d. 1990, In Loving memory, East Sec
Miller, Gertrude, b. 10/21/1914, d. ----, Wife, w/o Lewis, East Sec
Miller, Jessie White, b. 3/12/1916, d. 11/17/1987, w/o Sylvester J., East Sec
Miller, Lewis, b. 10/14/1904, d. 6/13/1967, Husband, h/o Gertrude, East Sec
Miller, Libbie, b. 1909, d. 1989, East Sec
Miller, Luther, b. 6/23/1883, d. 9/4/1958, Father, East Sec
Miller, Sylvester J., b. 3/5/1916, d. 2/7/1976, h/o Jesse White, East Sec
Mills, Charles W., b. 11/12/1968, d. 2/21/1983, West Sec
Mills, Cora Lee, b. 3/17/1927, d. 1/12/1982, West Sec
Mills, Robert, b. 4/29/1917, d. 5/7/1989, Rest in Jesus, West Sec
Moore, Alma Hicks, no dates, Fhm, East Sec
Moore, Eddie, b. 9/14/1931, d. 7/26/1970, Husband, at rest, East Sec
Moore, Flossie, b. 8/14/1900, d. 9/19/1994, w/o Wm. D., East Sec
Moore, Hilred Jewel, b. 9/12/1898, d. 10/30/1972, East Sec
Moore, Joe E., b. 4/4/1922, d. 4/17/1983, h/o Nellie R., West Sec
Moore, Nellie R., b. 1925, d. 1984, w/o Joe E., West Sec
Moore, Vinie E., b. 5/30/1869, d. 8/31/1957, East Sec
Moore, Virginia Ann, b. 1947, d. 1983, West Sec
Moore, William D., b. 1/28/1898, d. 9/30/1965, h/o Flossie, East Sec
Moore, Zalah, b. 1913, d. 1986, East Sec
Morrison, Mary, b. 6/17/1896, d. 6/7/1975, Mother, At Rest, East Sec
Murphy, Annie Hargrave, b. 10/13/1900, d. 1/16/1963, East Sec
Murphy, Annie Jackson, b. 4/6/1937, d. 4/12/2002, An inspiration to all who knew her, West Sec
Murphy, William E., Sr., b. 1/9/1935, d. 2/10/1976, Pvt Us Army, East Sec
Murray, Albert H., b. 6/5/1885, d. 4/5/1966, h/o Annie S., Precious Lord Take my Hand, East Sec
Murray, Annie S., b. 9/22/1887, d. 5/30/1971, w/o Albert H., Precious Lord Take my Hand, East Sec
Neal, Anita P., b. 4/12/1891, d. 12/21/1970, East Sec
Nelson, Viola, b. 12/19/1920, d. 7/9/1999, Age 79, fhm, West Sec
Nixon, Lila Garnett, b. 7/20/1937, d. 12/29/1988, Mother, West Sec
Norman, Earnest, b. 9/5/1905, d. 2/9/1952, East Sec
Norman, Eddie Barnard, b. 1959, d. 1986, West Sec
Norman, Thomas D., b. 11/9/1905, d. 5/30/1997, h/o Christine C., "When we all get to Heaven", West Sec
Norman, Thomas D., b. 9/24/1933, d. 4/28/2001, West Sec
Norwood, Inez E., b. 1909, d. 1958, Sister, Gone but not forgotten, East Sec
Nunn, Hattie Hargrave, b. 11/1/1889, d. 1/5/1955, w/o Luther, East Sec
Odell, Lindsey, b. 1920, d. 1969, East Sec
Owens, Annie, b., d. 8/31/1915, Ae 33y, East Sec
Owens, Calvin, b. 1926, d. 1979, TEC 4 US Army, East Sec
Owens, Charles M., b. 3/23/1923, d. 10/2/1969, NC Cpl US Army WW II, East Sec
Owens, Curtis, b. Sept 1893, d. 9/23/1959, East Sec
Owens, Elizabeth Mary, b. 9/6/1934, d. 10/6/1984, In Loving Memory, West Sec
Owens, Marilyn Rebecca, b. 2/26/1926, d. 12/15/1955, d/o Geo. W. & Mollie Young Owens, East Sec
Owens, Roy, b. 8/15/1896, d. 6/12/1956, NC Pvt 866 Co Trans Corps WW I, East Sec
Owens, Ruth M., b. 12/3/1919, d. 10/3/1974, Beloved Mother, East Sec
Parker, John General Hurst, b. 4/22/1893, d. 10/3/1950, Placed by Walter Parker, East Sec
Parker, Richard Ray, b. 1/1/1925, d. 10/19/1994, AS US Navy WW II, West Sec
Parker, Walter W. Jr., b. 7/7/1922, d. 5/1/1976, Pfc US Army WW II, East Sec
Parks, Dink, b. 7/11/1903, d. 7/28/1963, h/o Estella, My Trust is in God, East Sec
Parks, Estella, b. 5/18/1900, d. 7/27/1980, w/o Dink, My Trust is in God, East Sec
Parks, James C., b. 1934, d. 1983, West Sec
Parks, Nellie Gray, Mrs., b. 9/20/1904, d. 9/24/1968, "A Loving Mother & Church Worker", East Sec
Parks, Silas R. Jr, b. 10/10/1920, d. 4/12/1993, West Sec
Partee, Carl Edward, b. 7/18/1918, d. 5/12/1991, In Loving Memory, East Sec
Pate, Alberta E., b. 10/22/1924, d. 3/7/1999, In Loving Memory, w/o Johnnie, West Sec
Pate, Johnnie, b. 4/12/1920, d. 6/22/1999, h/o Alberta E., In Loving Memory, West Sec
Pate, Roosevelt, b. 1/12/1944, d. 5/6/1990, West Sec
Payne, Lindsey Odell, b. 1920, d. 1969, East Sec
Payne, Minnie, b. 1898, d. 1984, West Sec
Payne, Robert Lee Sr., b. 3/30/1943, d. 12/2/1998, Jesus have Mercy, West Sec
Payne, Viola Rea, b. 1907, d. 1991, West Sec
Payne, Willie Greley, b. 3/10/1921, d. 12/6/1968, East Sec
Pearson, Ellis D., b. 5/15/1914, d. 4/3/1959, East Sec
Pearson, Urshell Edward, b. 6/15/1915, d. 5/30/1992, f/o Elizabeth Murphy, :Hard work, Dedication & Pride", West Sec
Peart, Clara Martin, b. 5/13/1923, d. 9/13/1989, Jesus Have Mercy, East Sec
Penry, Laura, b., d. 8/16/1919, Ag 60yrs, Gone but not forgotten, East Sec
Peoples, Adam, b. 3/5/1867, d. 11/29/1960, East Sec
Peoples, Cynthia D., b. 7/10/1913, d. 1/7/2005, w/o Herman, West Sec
Peoples, Cynthia Delores, b. 8/23/1958, d. 8/1/1998, West Sec
Perkins, Lillie M., b. 3/28/1908, d. 11/9/1995, Grandmother, West Sec
Perryman, Etta, b. 1939, d. 1992, Fhm, West Sec
Phillips, Keohna Gerow, b. 1999, d. 2004, Morrison fhm, West Sec
Pierce, William, b., d. 1994, Fhm, West Sec
Pinkston, Fletcher Lee, b. 9/9/1933, d. 1/8/1955, TN US Navy, East Sec
Powell, William Carl, b. 1923, d. 2000, Fhm, West Sec
Powers, Robert, b. 8/21/1923, d. 6/10/1998, CK3 US Navy WW II, West Sec
Powers, Velma D., b. 6/24/1922, d. 5/6/2006, FHM, age 83, West Sec
Presley, Pink, b. 9/15/1894, d. 12/26/1967, NC Pvt US Army WW I, East Sec
Pressley, Ethel V., b. 5/15/1918, d. 8/3/1987, w/o Roosevelt C., East Sec
Pressley, Nora Bell, b. 4/22/1909, d. 4/8/1967, We Love You, West Sec
Pressley, Patrice Howard, b. 1971, d. 2002, Fhm, West Sec
Pressley, Roosevelt C., b. 7/13/1915, d. 5/29/1957, h/o Ethel V., East Sec
Pressley, William, b. 3/30/1902, d. 10/15/1964, We Love You, East Sec
Prince, David O'Brien, b. 10/7/1987, d. 10/7/1987, Crystal Knotts Mother, David Prince Father, East Sec
Prince, Helen "Harbor" Robinson, b. 5/15/1921, d. 4/26/1993, West Sec
Pringle, Annie, b. 1/25/1932, d. 12/11/2003, Mother, West Sec
Pulliman, Walter, b. 7/10/1914, d. 2/23/1978, West Sec
Quarles, Reba H., no dates, Fhm, West Sec
Rabbit, Hardy J. Walser, b. 1923?, d. 2002, FHM, West Sec
Reid, Ladovia McLain Jr., b. 1945, d. 1978, A2C US Air Force, East Sec
Reid, Stanley W. Jr., b. 5/28/1927, d. 12/3/1994, CPL US Air Force WW II, Father, h/o Corrina Payne, West Sec
Reid, Willis Alfonza, b. 9/2/1971, d. 4/25/1992, West Sec
Rice, James F. Sr., b. 3/16/1926, d. 4/1/1996, PVT US Army WW II, West Sec
Rice, Mary Jane, b. 11/11/1936, d. 10/10/1989, West Sec
Richardson, Joan Harris, b. 4/7/1950, d. 1/28/2000, West Sec
Ricks, Darius A., b. 1975, d. 1977, West Sec
Ricks, Terry, b. 1949, d. 1989, West Sec
Roberts, Bernice M., b. 9/17/1900, d. 6/8/1965, East Sec
Roman, Anilee, b. 1923, d. 1986, West Sec
Roman, Fletcher, b. 3/16/1891, d. 2/25/1955, h/o Katie Norris, b/o Mrs Emma R. Martin, East Sec
Roman, Grace P., b. 4/8/1919, d. 1/9/1999, Mother, We Love You, West Sec
Roman, Johnnie A., b. 3/23/1945, d. 4/26/2005, At Rest, West Sec
Roman, Mack P., b. 8/24/1943, d. 12/31/1950, East Sec
Roman, Maggie Keller, b. 7/3/1910, d. 2/7/2002, In Loving Memory, West Sec
Roman, Ruth, b. 11/11/1911, d. 12/20/1976, East Sec
Roman, Samuel A., b. 7/4/1922, d. 5/27/1984, West Sec
Roman, William F., b. 9/18/1916, d. 6/1/1987, West Sec
Sampson, Steward, b. 5/15/1895, d. 11/14/1954, Mason, East Sec
Sanders, Edwina L., b. 1931, d. 1972, m/o Engel Charles, West Sec
Sanders, Engel Charles, b. 2/10/1961, d. 9/22/1980, Son, Pvt US Marine Corps, s/o Edwina L. Sanders, West Sec
Sanders, William C., b. 1933, d. 1983, West Sec
Santoyo, Mary Mattie, b. 1894, d. 1984, West Sec
Saunders, Edwina L., b. 1931, d. 1972, West Sec
Saunders, Engel Charles, b. 2/10/1961, d. 9/22/1980, Pvt US Marine Corps, West Sec
Saunders, George Jr., b. 11/17/1931, d. 9/29/2003, Sgt US Army, West Sec
Saunders, Horace S., Sr., b. 9/26/1959, d. 3/11/2001, QM2 US Navy, West Sec
Saunders, Jo Letha Hairston, b. 7/4/1942, d. 9/19/2001, A Loving Mother, West Sec
Saunders, Lewis Franklin, b. 8/13/1908, d. 6/14/1985, Father, h/o Addie Harrys, STM2 US Navy, West Sec
Saunders, Marietta E., b. 1912, d. 1999, West Sec
Scott, Bettie Hargrave, b. 7/5/1899, d. 1/18/1993, Mother of James Scott, West Sec
Scott, Harold II, b. 2/4/1997, d. 7/15/1997, West Sec
Scott, Harold Jr., b. 9/19/1969, d. 8/26/1997, West Sec
Scott, James John, b. 1/25/1898, d. 5/5/1970, I have kept the faith, East Sec
Scott, Lee Collins, b. 1922, d. 1999, Fhm, West Sec
Scott, Travis LeMon, b. 4/23/1967, d. 3/11/1981, s/o Rita & Larry Scott, West Sec
Shaw, Anna Mae, b. 1943, d. 1987, Mother, West Sec
Sheffield, Lewis, b. 6/26/1938, d. 4/4/1998, West Sec
Shepard, Leroy F. "Elbow", b. 10/1/1938, d. 10/14/2001, Father, At Rest, West Sec
Sherrill, Julia Necole, b. 1971, d. 1996, West Sec
Simmons, Gracie H., b. 1892, d. 1973, At Rest, East Sec
Simmons, Thomas W., no dates, Fhm, dates gone, West Sec
Simpson, Daisy Jackson, b. 8/22/1958, d. 3/5/2002, West Sec
Simpson, Elaine Pearson, b. 8/30/1941, d. 3/21/1965, Mother, East Sec
Simpson, Inez, b. 1915, d. 1983, West Sec
Simpson, Pamela Lorraine, b. 6/5/1962, d. 3/21/1965, Daughter, d/o Elaine, East Sec
Simpson, Ronald Gregory, b. 1/9/1957, d. 9/21/1995, US Army, West Sec
Simpson, Victor Demille, b. 8/29/1964, d. 3/21/1965, Son, s/o Elaine, East Sec
Sims, Fannie A., b. 11/22/1906, d. 10/11/1974, w/o Willie, West Sec
Sims, Willie, b. 3/3/1901, d. 9/5/1972, h/o Fannie A., NC Pvt US Army WW I, West Sec
Singletary, Elizabeth Ann, b. 1967, d. 2002, West Sec
Sistrunk, Vivian C., b. 10/3/1930, d. 1/16/2000, In Loving Memory, West Sec
Small, Nathaniel, b. 3/18/1932, d. 12/19/1958, s/o Joseph & Vera & h/o Ruth Holt Small, East Sec
Smalley, Ethel B., b. 7/31/1897, d. 8/26/1975, w/o Lonnie, East Sec
Smalley, Henry F., b. 1928, d. 1979, h/o Lida M., West Sec
Smalley, Lida M., b. 1931, d., w/o Henry F., West Sec
Smalley, Lonnie, b. 8/15/1895, d. 2/9/1988, Mason, h/o Ethel B., East Sec
Smalley, Roy Lucian, b. 2/8/1927, d. 12/6/2000, h/o Dorothy, m: 45yrs, SGT US Army WWII, East Sec
Smith, Brandi Nichole, b. 8/16/1983, d. 11/19/1983, East Sec
Smith, Brent Leake, b. 4/20/1904, d. 1/14/1994, Rest In Peace, West Sec
Smith, Charlie Pearl, b. 1892, d. 1984, West Sec
Smith, Ermer, b. 1914, d. 1979, East Sec
Smith, Falecia L., b. 12/8/1974, d. 3/8/1975, Baby, God's Little Angel, East Sec
Smith, Henry Lewis Sr., b. 1/31/1940, d. 12/18/2001, SGT US Air Force, h/o Cora Knotts, West Sec
Smith, James, b. 1930, d. 1983, West Sec
Smith, Joycie K., b. 1894, d. 1974, West Sec
Smith, Julia Christine "Dude", b. 4/11/1935, d. 7/8/2004, West Sec
Smith, Maggie Nichols, b. 8/17/1936, d. 2/26/1985, Long Life to her for there's no other, to take the place of my dear Mother", West Sec
Smith, Mark Anthony, b. 11/28/1961, d. 8/2/1993, West Sec
Smith, Shirley Jean, b. 3/20/1941, d. 7/3/1971, East Sec
Smith, Wilbert J., b. 12/24/1934, d. 7/18/2003, Father, h/o Loraine M., West Sec
Sowers, Loretta A., b. 7/14/1951, d. 10/11/2002, I Love you Mom, West Sec
Springfield, Lanzie Nichols, b. 1913, d. 1970, Mother, East Sec
Springs, Elnora McMiller, b. 10/26/1900, d. 1/20/1954, Mother, w/o Lewis C., East Sec
Springs, Hazel, b. 5/5/1894, d. 10/5/1919, Pvt US Army WW I, East Sec
Springs, Lela C., b. 12/23/1904, d. 3/7/1964, East Sec
Springs, Lewis Clifton, b. 5/11/1911, d. 1/6/1969, Father, h/o Elnora McMiller, East Sec
Steel, Virginia Ann, b. 5/2/1940, d. 3/2/1967, East Sec
Steele, Louise, b. 8/25/1900, d. 1/14/1982, Mother, East Sec
Stowers, John E. M., b., d. 11/12/1902, s/o George & Nancy, ae 24y, East Sec
Talbert, Alberta M., b. 4/24/1915, d. 2/1/1998, Mother, w/o General, West Sec
Talbert, General J., b. 4/15/1898, d. 2/5/1977, Father, h/o Alberta M., West Sec
Talbert, Infant Son, b., d. 12/25/1949, Precious Son of General & Alberta, East Sec
Tate, Annie Anderson, b. 9/16/1934, d. 8/1/1989, In Loving Memory, West Sec
Tate, Bennie Mae, b. 3/30/1936, d. 9/9/1999, West Sec
Tate, Charlotte W., b. 5/2/1910, d. 12/1/1995, Mother, West Sec
Tate, Glenda Rose, b. 2/15/1954, d. 7/29/1979, West Sec
Tate, Kevin R. "Boo", b. 3/15/1971, d. 7/12/2002, At Rest, West Sec
Tate, Luther, b. 6/15/1927, d. 3/25/1999, In Loving Memory, West Sec
Tate, Sammy L., b. 1925, d. 1978, S1 US Navy, East Sec
Tate, Sophia, no dates, Concrete slab, no dates, East Sec
Tate, Viola Bonner, b. 5/18/1904, d. 1/18/1963, East Sec
Terry, Angelo DeBurt, b. 11/3/1954, d. 10/8/2001, US Army, h/o Candace M., West Sec
Terry, Bessie Child, b. 3/3/1898, d. 10/23/1961, w/o Bishop, East Sec
Terry, Bishop, b. 10/11/1889, d. 9/23/1962, h/o Bessie Child, East Sec
Terry, Carlos Fernando, b. 6/22/1956, d. 3/12/1989, We will always love & remember you, West Sec
Terry, Dwight D. Sr., b. 9/14/1951, d. 10/8/2002, In Loving Memory, West Sec
Terry, Melvin M. II, b. 7/27/1963, d. 10/2/1995, West Sec
Terry, Michael Steven, b. 10/2/1961, d. 5/28/1994, At Rest, "Mike We Will Always Love You", West Sec
Tharpe, Hazel Holmes, b. 1915, d. 2006, Fhm, West Sec
Thomas, Jarvis F., b. 8/1/1904, d. 2/9/1974, East Sec
Thomas, Maria, b., d. 3/25/1900, Ae 68yrs, East Sec
Thomas, Ruth N., b. 11/7/1910, d. 10/20/1976, w/o Wilbur O., West Sec
Thomas, Wilbur O., b. 6/12/1909, d. 5/30/1974, h/o Ruth N., West Sec
Thomason, Lillie Hargrave, b. 12/19/1905, d. 9/25/1974, w/o Verner F., West Sec
Thomason, Verner Franklin, b. 5/25/1900, d. 9/17/1972, h/o Lillie Hargrave, West Sec
Thompson, Tyrone, b. 8/13/1955, d. 12/19/2002, A Loving Father, West Sec
Threadgill, Edward, b. 1943, d. 1990, In Loving Memory, West Sec
Threadgill, Walter, b. 1913, d. 1972, h/o Beatrice, West Sec
Tillman, Bryan Evans, b. 6/30/1961, d. 7/22/1998, Sp4 US Army, West Sec
Toney, Edwin A. Jr., b. 1994, d. 1994, Gilmore fhm, East Sec
Toney, Silas De'car'las, b. 8/8/1974, d. 8/17/2001, West Sec
Treadgill, Beatrice, b. 1913, d., w/o Walter, West Sec
Treadgill, Sidney, b. 1926, d. 1983, West Sec
Treadgill, Walter, b. 1913, d. 1972, h/o Beatrice, West Sec
Troutman, Helen T., b. 1933, d. 2005, Fhm, West Sec
Turner, Leola Pompey, b. 2/18/1925, d. 8/2/1997, West Sec
Tuttle, Barbara P., b. 1/27/1955, d. 4/9/2001, Loving Mother, West Sec
Vickers, Edna Holmes, no dates, Fhm, no dates anymore, West Sec
Vinson, Clifford, b. 3/13/1921, d. 2/23/1982, US Army WW II, West Sec
Vinson, Grant, b. 8/2/1954, d. 9/2/1996, In Loving Memory, West Sec
Wagner, Horace Lee, b. 11/20/1935, d. 11/19/1976, Pvt US Army Korea, East Sec
Walker, Jessie Bell Wiley, b. 9/14/1919, d. 6/19/2000, West Sec
Walker, Lonnie, b. 1931, d. 1974, East Sec
Wall, Samuel L., b. 11/16/1928, d. 7/3/1986, West Sec
Wall, Sylvannah M., b. 1925, d. 2004, West Sec
Wallace, Josephine W., b. 1911, d. 1994, Fhm, West Sec
Walser, C. Estelle, b. 2/18/1929, d. 2/13/1996, East Sec
Walser, Hattie M., b. 1917, d. 2003, Fhm, West Sec
Walser, James W., b. 1/27/1925, d. 5/3/1964, NC S1 USNR WWII, East Sec
Wansley, Anna Carter, b. 3/13/1932, d. 3/31/1995, West Sec
Wansley, Henry, b. 12/20/1916, d. 11/13/1979, STM1 US Navy WW II, West Sec
Wansley, Master Dwayne, no dates, Fhm, East Sec
Wansley, Robert William, b. 6/14/1985, d. 2/20/1991, West Sec
Watkins, Demetrius Danielle, b. 10/2/1985, d. 9/21/1986, Our Darling, West Sec
Watkins, Douglas McCarthur, b. 2/16/1952, d. 6/1/1981, L CPL US Marine Corps Vietnam, East Sec
Watkins, Elizabeth H., b. 1923, d. 1984, West Sec
Watkins, Mary Louise, b. 6/20/1955, d. 9/23/1974, Sister, East Sec
Watkins, Randy R., b. 1959, d. 1979, Son, West Sec
Watkins, Sarah D., b. 1926, d. 1965, East Sec
Watkins, Walter James, b. 11/19/1919, d. 4/9/1991, Pvt US Army WW II, West Sec
Watson, Carol Jeanette, b. 1964, d. 2002, West Sec
Watson, Faye A., b. 1939, d. 1978, East Sec
Watson, James E., b. 7/14/1944, d. 3/4/2001, West Sec
Watson, Molease, b. 12/14/1914, d. 9/16/1983, w/o Sampson, East Sec
Watson, Sampson, b. 10/7/1910, d. 4/27/1966, h/o Molease M., East Sec
Welborne, Nora Manuel, b. 2/2/1917, d. 1/1/1969, A Flower dies: but its beauty if eternal in those who visioned, East Sec
Welborne, Sullivan A. "Peter", Sr., b. 10/13/1914, d. 5/25/1981, East Sec
White, Isiah, Sr., b. 2/15/1877, d. 5/17/1974, East Sec
White, Mable L., b. 1946, d. 2002, West Sec
Whiteford, Huey, b. 6/3/1922, d. 10/25/1985, "Love", West Sec
Wiley, John T., b. 2/15/1921, d. 11/1/1984, h/o Katherine S., West Sec
Wiley, Katherine S., b. 7/8/1926, d., w/o John T., West Sec
Wilkie, Amanda, b. 6/10/1910, d. 2/8/1979, Wife, w/o Frank D., West Sec
Wilkie, Annie R., b. 2/6/1937, d. 12/31/1987, West Sec
Wilkie, Frank D., b. 3/8/1910, d., Husband, h/o Amanda, West Sec
Williams, Charles H., b. 8/25/1923, d. 2/7/1970, Husband, h/o Helen W., East Sec
Williams, Christine G., b. 6/23/1924, d. 3/1/1990, West Sec
Williams, Connie Luther, b. 5/4/1924, d. 12/6/1984, Mother, West Sec
Williams, Dorothy A. Aiken, b. 9/17/1953, d. 6/29/1990, West Sec
Williams, Evelyn Estelle McCall, b. 5/29/1927, d. 4/6/1974, East Sec
Williams, Helen A., b. 7/4/1919, d. 11/9/1971, w/o Charles H., East Sec
Williams, Johnnie Lee, b. 4/7/1929, d. 8/10/1958, My Brother, East Sec
Williams, Lois Walser, b. 3/17/1923, d. 7/7/2003, Mother, "To live with Him & sing in endless morn of light", West Sec
Williams, Robert T. Sr., b. 3/11/1922, d. 4/10/2005, h/o Mary Alice Jones, Father, West Sec
Wilson, Barbara Jean, b. 5/28/1941, d. 1/26/2002, Beloved Daughter, West Sec
Wilson, C. Buddy, b. 1938, d. 1997, Fhm, West Sec
Winston, Ethel Mae, b. 4/26/1922, d. 1/15/1996, In Loving Memory, West Sec
Witherspoon, Robie, b. 7/16/xxxx, d. Xxxx, Handmade stone, barely legible, broken and lying under a tree, East Sec
Wood, Charlie W. Jr., b. 5/22/1936, d. 9/29/1994, A Loving Father, West Sec
Wood, L. C., b. 5/6/1944, d. 8/8/2000, West Sec
Wood, Sophie, b. 1918, d. 1969, East Sec
Woodberry, Rodney, b. 1989, d. 1989, Morrison Fhm, East Sec
Woodrow, Ervin, b. 1946, d. 2006, West Sec
Wright, Dora Gene, b. 9/20/1946, d. 6/5/1989, West Sec
Wright, Mary Holt, b. 5/19/1922, d. 3/1/1977, Blessed are the Merciful, East Sec
Wright, Willie James, b. 4/25/1937, d. 11/6/1982, US Navy, West Sec
Young, Earl J., b. 11/15/1902, d. 7/20/1975, East Sec
Zimmerman, Karen D., b. 1957, d. 1978, East Sec

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