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South Lakes Cemetery
Lexington, Davidson County, North Carolina

Contributed by Kathy Mills [ke6pxx@yahoo.com].

Adderton, Mary N., b. 1906, d. 1956, East Sec
Aiken, Doris Lee, b. 6/8/1931, d. 11/13/2005, The Lord is my Shepherd, West Sec
Aiken, Ralph, b. 12/17/1924, d. 11/16/1979, CK3 US Navy WW II, West Sec
Aiken, Raymond Paul, b. 2/14/1952, d. 10/2/1989, AB US Air Force Vietnam
Albright, Herman C., b. 1/6/1892, d. 10/14/1958, Rest in Peace, East Sec
Albright, Norman Rayvon, b. 7/10/1942, d. 1/1/1971, East Sec
Alexander, Maggie P., b. 6/24/1916, d. 7/26/2000, Mother of Alice Payne, Mother, In loving Memory, West Sec
Allen, Mattie B., b. Nov 1889, d. Sep-76, West Sec
Allen, Robert Thomas Jr., b. 8/17/1952, d. 2/17/1994, Husband, West Sec
Allison, Mary C., b. 12/19/1953, d. 8/21/2003, In Loving Memory, West Sec
Anderson, Bobby Eugene, b. 12/27/1947, d. 4/15/1963, white angel monument beside headstone, East Sec
Anderson, Calvin, b. 9/17/1937, d. 2/23/2003, "under the wide and starry sky, dig the grave and let me lie. Glad did I live and gladly die, and I laid me down with a will. This be the verse you grave for me. Here he lies where he longed to be; home is the sailor, home from the sea, and the hunter home from the hill", East Sec
Anderson, Grover, b. 1924, d. 1994, US Army WW II, West Sec
Anderson, J. W., Sr., b. 9/12/1886, d. 2/5/1949, East Sec
Anderson, James R., b. 1941, d. 1984, West Sec
Anderson, Mylo Smalley, b. 7/12/1925, d. 2/18/2003, In Loving Memory, East Sec
Anderson, Robert W., b. 1/6/1925, d. 5/16/1968, Christ is my Hope, East Sec
Arnett, Cleveland De Morris Franklin, b. 11/6/1976, d. 1/5/1977, You Were Loved, East Sec
Arnett, Harrison Miller, b. 7/28/1925, d. 10/29/1994, PFC US Army, STM1 US Navy, WW II, West Sec
Arnett, Jashunn L., b. 1/29/1979, d. 9/10/1999, West Sec
Arnett, Robert L., b. 10/18/1935, d. 9/1/1986, h/o H. Louise, West Sec
Ausborne, Herman Eugene, Sr., b. 3/16/1940, d. 10/11/1992, West Sec
Ayers, Richard, b., d. 7/18/189x, Ae 73y 6m 28d, broken, can't read all of date, East Sec
Bailey, John E., b. 1910, d. 1975, h/o Lula, West Sec
Bailey, John Franklin, b. 12/7/1936, d. 1/1/2002, US Army, West Sec
Bailey, Lula, b. 1913, d. 1989, w/o John E., West Sec
Bandy, Inell Bunn, b. 11/17/1929, d. 1/27/2004, Mom We Love You, West Sec
Bank, Sallie Knotts, b. June 1874, d. 9/3/1950, In Loving Memory, East Sec
Banks, Flecia, b. 1884, d. 1913, West Sec
Banks, Nora Bell, b. 9/9/1893, d. 11/1/1978, East Sec
Banks, Ralph W., b. 8/4/1909, d. 8/2/1981, Tec5 US Army WW II, West Sec
Barber, Mary Hargrave, b. 4/27/1891, d. 1/16/1966, East Sec
Barker, William, b. 1909, d. 1988, West Sec
Barmore, Larry, b. 9/1/1916, d. 10/1/1987, West Sec
Barmore, Marjorie Fowler, b. 7/13/1944, d. 11/3/2001, Mama, We'll Always Love You, West Sec
Barnes, Alice G., b. 1900, d. 1978, Mother, East Sec
Barnes, Pete Jr., b. 1/14/1972, d. 2/16/2002, My Beloved Son, West Sec
Beecken, Viola Lowe, b. 1918, d. 1987, Noble & Kelsey FHM, West Sec
Bell, Cliff S., b. 12/25/1904, d. 7/5/1998, In Loving Memory, West Sec
Bell, Edna Hartman, b. 5/4/1896, d. 3/15/1971, Wife, East Sec
Bellamy, Brandon S., b. 12/2/1982, d. 10/22/1983, Loved by Everyone, Our Baby, East Sec
Bellamy, Clarence, b. 4/21/1950, d. 9/2/1993, West Sec
Bentley, Connie, b. 1909, d. 1984, West Sec
Bernett, Willie, no dates, Gilmore fhm, East Sec
Bethea, Torrance D., b. 8/26/1972, d. 10/21/1997, West Sec
Betts, Pastor Dr. Franklin D., b. 11/30/1899, d. 11/12/1995, West Sec
Bey, Master Marcus Rhahiem, b. 3/15/1971, d. 11/16/1988, "Craft": "slightly ahead of his time still", West Sec
Bitting, Jessie, b. 1/8/1905, d. 1/2/1983, West Sec
Bitting, Nina Onita, b. 1974, d. 1974, Baby, 23ds, East Sec
Bittings, Bernice Holt, b. 4/24/1944, d. 3/25/2003, West Sec
Bittle, Frankie Flowers, b. 3/13/1899, d. 12/3/1966, Mother, East Sec
Black, Lizzie "Mus", b. 10/8/1907, d. 1/26/1992, West Sec
Blakely, Billy J., b. 2/15/1941, d. 9/17/2003, Loving Dad, West Sec
Blakely, John C., b. 10/16/1908, d. 11/14/1963, East Sec
Bobo, Elizabeth, b. 1901, d. 1990, In Loving Memory of her children, West Sec
Bobo, Ella Mae, b. 1/20/1934, d. 2/21/2000, Cupid, West Sec
Bobo, Kenneth Douglas, b. 10/27/1959, d. 9/6/2004, Our Beloved Son & Brother, West Sec
Bobo, Truman, b. 1/28/1923, d. 3/3/1979, Pvt Us Army WW II, West Sec
Boger, David C., b. 6/17/1945, d. 7/26/1979, Brother, The Lord is My Light, East Sec
Boger, Kay Evelyn, b. 7/22/1951, d. 7/11/2003, We Miss You, West Sec
Boger, Rose I., b. 1923, d. 1970, East Sec
Bohannon, Bertha Ida Murry, b. 5/6/1895, d. 10/18/1966, Mother, His Wife, w/o Early Julustus, East Sec
Bohannon, Early Julustus, b. 10/15/1876, d. 12/31/1961, Father, h/o Bertha Ida Murry, East Sec
Bohannon, Raynard D., b. 8/5/1960, d. 2/8/1983, Good Son & Brother, West Sec
Bowman, Ernest Lee, b. 1938, d. 2005, Fhm, West Sec
Bowman, Lawrence B., Sr., b. 6/10/1930, d. 6/23/1998, h/o Ruby Jackson, West Sec
Bowman, Ruby Jackson, b. 2/24/1943, d. 1/1/1997, w/o Lawrence Sr., West Sec
Bradley, Shanele Latrice, b. 11/13/1992, d. 12/24/1992, "Smooth", East Sec
Bradshaw, Henry L., b. 1/7/1924, d. 12/26/1990, Son, West Sec
Bradshaw, Macy H., b. 8/16/1905, d. 7/22/2002, Mother, West Sec
Brewer, Fannie B., b. 3/26/1908, d. 5/12/1973, w/o Lewis, West Sec
Brewer, Novellar Maske, b. 1916, d. 1988, A Loving Mother, West Sec
Brooks, Emma, b. 6/3/1898, d. 12/19/1983, East Sec
Brown, Andrea Janell, b. 10/5/1975, d. 8/19/1978, d/o Bobby & Masie, West Sec
Brown, Bettie Jean Peace, b. 3/9/1939, d. 2/19/1991, West Sec
Brown, Emmett, b. 1891, d. 1959, East Sec
Brown, Harvey Lee, Jr., b. 1957, d. 1984, West Sec
Brown, Samuel W., b. 12/4/1895, d. 3/24/1971, NC Pfc US Army WW I, East Sec
Brown, Sandy, b. 6/25/1896, d. 4/4/1964, NC PVT US Army WW I, East Sec
Brummel, Katie Mae, b. 10/18/1916, d. 2/11/1986, Rest In Peace, West Sec
Buchanan, Dorothy Shuford Knotts, b. 1/1/1931, d. 12/24/2000, East Sec
Buggs, Mary Alice Richards, b. 1924, d. 2001, In Loving Memory, West Sec
Buggs, Will, Jr., b. 7/4/1949, d. 12/1/1992, US Navy Vietnam, West Sec
Burns, Aaron A., b. 8/4/1976, d. 7/15/1998, West Sec
Burns, Asthion Jamual, b. 1988, d. 1989?, FHM, East Sec
Burns, Jim, b. 1919, d. 2004, Morrison fhm, West Sec
Burns, Kimberly Diana, b. 6/5/1968, d. 7/14/1989, In Loving Memory, West Sec
Burns, Mary C., b. 3/1/1918, d. 2/1/1985, Mother, West Sec
Burris, Annie Gordon, b. 2/26/1908, d., w/o Bennett, West Sec
Burris, Bennett, b. 8/10/1900, d. 4/23/1982, Husband, h/o Annie Gordon, West Sec
Bush, Joseph Lee, b. 9/17/1941, d. 5/16/1997, West Sec
Bush, Samuel "Sam", b. 1947, d. 2003, West Sec
Bussey, Wilson, b. 9/15/1887, d. 12/29/1967, "Father", Gone but not forgotten, East Sec
Butler, Simone Nicole, b., d. 2004, Fhm, West Sec
Byers, James, Mr., b. 1918, d. 1994, West Sec
Byers, Roy, b. 1924, d. 1996, Fhm, West Sec
Byrd, Williamay Edwards T., b. 11/30/1914, d. 8/29/1981, West Sec
Camel, Lizzie Bennett, b. 12/15/1923, d. 12/15/2000, "mother", A loving Grandmother, West Sec
Carr, Catherine A., b. 7/2/1906, d. 6/27/1978, Gone but not forgotten, West Sec
Carr, James L. Sr, b. 7/12/1926, d. 7/25/1998, h/o Virginia N., West Sec
Carr, Virginia N., b. 5/20/1920, d. 12/28/2000, w/o James L. Sr., West Sec
Carson, Drusilla E., b. 1/12/1916, d. 1/7/1999, Mother, w/o Kalford, West Sec
Carson, Kalford C., Sr., b. 10/5/1912, d. 5/6/1977, Father, h/o Drusilla, West Sec
Carter, Codell, b. 12/24/1924, d. 11/7/2001, West Sec
Charles, Susie M., b. 9/18/1944, d. 12/30/2002, Mother, West Sec
Charles, Willie, b. 1/28/1936, d. 4/25/1998, West Sec
Clark, Harry Lee, b. 10/9/1909, d. 7/11/1998, West Sec
Clark, John A., b. 2/5/1936, d. 2/3/1994, West Sec
Clark, Millie H., b. 6/8/1908, d. 4/22/1970, East Sec
Clark, Richard Odell, b. 1933, d. 1983, West Sec
Clark, Thomas, Jr., b. 12/27/1946, d. 1/23/1978, West Sec
Clark, Wyvette M., b. 11/9/1939, d. 1/29/1982, West Sec
Clemmons, Addie S., b. 1892, d. 1985, West Sec
Clemmons, Charles Roscoe, b. 10/8/1907, d. 7/19/1976, East Sec
Clodfelter, Eliza B., b. 6/26/1931, d. 1/9/1990, We will meet again, West Sec
Clodfelter, Geneva Smith, b. 10/21/1912, d. 11/28/1998, Mother, w/o Grady R., East Sec
Clodfelter, Grady R., b. 9/16/1910, d. 7/18/1959, Father, h/o Geneva Smith, East Sec
Clodfelter, John T. Jr., b. 10/14/1927, d. 2/26/2001, In Loving Memory, West Sec
Clodfelter, Mable R., b. 5/22/1936, d. 4/7/1997, West Sec
Clodfelter, Mayhew R., b. 9/22/1943, d. 7/24/1994, An inspiration to all who knew him, West Sec
Clodfelter, Peggy Ann, b. 8/19/1947, d. 1/6/1975, In Loving Memory, East Sec
Cobb, Alvin Jr., b. 2/2/1934, d. 8/30/1973, NC Pfc US Army Korea, East Sec
Cobb, Bernice L., b. 8/31/1931, d. 2/1/1973, Daughter of J.T.& Emma, East Sec
Cobb, Emma Wright, b. 6/18/1908, d. 3/12/1990, Mother, w/o John T., East Sec
Cobb, James W., b. 8/10/1935, d. 12/11/1960, Son of J.T. & Emma, East Sec
Cobb, John T., b. 4/8/1898, d. 10/19/1922, Father, h/o Emma Wright, East Sec
Coggins, Bessie May Parker, b. 8/23/1918, d. 8/8/1950, Mother, East Sec
Coggins, Collie J., b. 8/2/1919, d. 8/10/1982, Tec 4 US Army WW II, West Sec
Coggins, John, b. 1910, d. 1979, East Sec
Cohen, Leslie, b. 1904, d. 1961, East Sec
Cohen, Rachel L. Payne, b. 1907, d. 1960, East Sec
Cooper, Billy Lanier, b. 1/21/1924, d. 3/13/1970, NC Tec 4 US Army WW II, East Sec
Cooper, Mary T., b. 7/14/1899, d. 9/27/1965, East Sec
Cox, Addie, b. 1`2/25/1896, d. 1/15/1979, East Sec
Cox, James, b. 7/28/1888, d. 5/22/1955, East Sec
Craven, Infant, b. 1968, d. 1968, East Sec
Craven, Leon F., b. 11/28/1921, d. 5/29/1997, PFC US Army WW II, West Sec
Craven, Maggie Douthit, b. 4/7/1881, d. 5/20/1965, w/o Luther, East Sec
Crooks, Herman, Jr., b. 5/29/1933, d. 3/9/1976, SP4 US Army Korea, West Sec
Crooks, Ralph, b. 1928, d. 1986, PVT US Army Korea, West Sec
Crooks, Robert Willie, b. 8/12/1934, d. 12/27/1969, In Loving Memory, East Sec
Cross, Christine Mason, b. 3/14/1914, d., Wife, w/o James Odell, West Sec
Cross, James Odell, b. 11/25/1912, d. 5/16/1983, Husband, h/o Christine Mason, In loving memory, West Sec
Crump, John L., b. 11/25/1889, d. 11/13/1976, Husband, h/o Marie Barr, East Sec
Crump, Marie Barr, b. 4/30/1904, d. 11/18/1963, Wife, w/o John L., East Sec
Crump, Nathaniel Sr., b. 1904, d. 1968, East Sec
Curry, Alberta B., b. 1927, d. 1981, Loving Memories, s/w Josephine, East Sec
Curry, Josephine, b. 1955, d. 1981, Loving Memories, s/w Alberta B., East Sec
Curry, Mae Rose Winston, b. 5/13/1948, d. 10/30/1998, West Sec
Curry, Mamie Ida, b. 2/11/1936, d. 5/11/1984, w/o Patrick Croff Jr., Children: Karen, Elonia, Rodney, Patrick III, Lisa Mary. Grandson: Gary Fleming, West Sec
Curry, Mary Norman, b. 10/10/1909, d. 6/11/1998, A Loving Mother, West Sec
Curry, Pearlie P. C., b. 11/7/1953, d. 11/15/2000, Love Forever, West Sec
Curry, Scottie R., Sr, b. 1970, d. 1992, West Sec
Dalton, David T., b. 12/22/1912, d. 9/30/1982, h/o M. Jessie, West Sec
Dalton, M. Jessie, b. 4/30/1912, d., w/o David T., West Sec
Davis, Carlton L., b. 6/26/1942, d. 1/25/2005, West Sec
Davis, Charles, b. 11/2/1898, d. 9/22/1962, h/o Hattie Cox, East Sec
Davis, Ethel Rice, b. 7/9/1905, d. 11/14/1995, Mother, West Sec
Davis, Hattie Cox, b. 12/23/1908, d. 9/17/1946, His Wife, w/o Charles, East Sec
Davis, Helena E. R., b. 7/27/1931, d. 10/24/1992, In Gods Care, Mother, In memory of daughters & grandchildren, West Sec
Davis, Jacob Dewitt, b. 9/10/1912, d. 4/14/1985, West Sec
Davis, James Sr. "Jaybird", b. 7/16/1935, d. 4/20/2002, West Sec
Davis, Jeff, b. 6/24/1928, d. 3/13/1959, NC TN US Navy, East Sec
Davis, Lelia Alice, b. 1/17/1920, d. 2/25/1987, West Sec
Davis, Lelia M., b. 9/13/1944, d. 4/23/1997, West Sec
Davis, Lucy E., b. 11/14/1914, d. 2/6/1981, w/o Henry L., I have gone home, West Sec
Davis, Payton, b. 12/28/1910, d. 10/10/1960, East Sec
Davis, Sr., b. 1939, d. 2004, Fhm, West Sec
Davis, Walker, b. 7/10/1910, d. 4/22/1989, In Loving Memory, West Sec
Davis, Willie Mae, b. 4/15/1916, d. 7/25/2005, Mother, In God's Care, East Sec
Dawkins, John Henry, b. 7/6/1929, d. 7/12/1987, Pvt US Army Korea, West Sec
Dawkins, John "Shorty", b. 3/19/1934, d. 1/1/1996, Father, West Sec
Daye, Virginia D., b. 10/22/1907, d. 2/11/1997, Hallowed by Thy Name, West Sec
Dewberry, Willie G., b. 8/13/1912, d. 8/19/1997, West Sec
Dickens, Waddell J., b. 2/3/1968, d. 8/13/2000, West Sec
Dickerson, Linda C., b. 1950, d. 1994, Fhm, West Sec
Dison, Roy, b. 1897, d. 1971, East Sec
Dixon, Mack II, b. 11/1/1926, d. 6/13/2001, h/o Elizabeth, West Sec
Dixon, Martha E., b. 1916, d. 1983, West Sec
Doulin, Betty H., b. 2/8/1937, d. 9/14/1990, w/o Cathell, West Sec
Dowd, ? Jr., b. 1941, d. 2001, Fhm, West Sec
Drakeford, Cora L., b. 10/1/1923, d. 1/30/1991, Beloved Aunt & Sister, East Sec
Drakeford, Foster T., b. 11/11/1921, d. 8/16/1998, In God's Care, West Sec
Drakeford, Thomas Edward, b. 3/19/1919, d. 3/13/1995, h/o Zettie Arnold, In Loving Memory, West Sec
Dunlap, Mary "Mutt" Norma, b. 1921, d. -2006, Recent burial, not marked, West Sec
Dusenburg, Gertrude Miller, b. 7/5/1917, d. 11/6/1993, w/o Wm. Marshall, West Sec
Dusenburg, William Marshall, b. 4/12/1917, d. 3/12/1973, h/o Gertrude Miller, NC Sgt US Army WW II, West Sec
Dusenbury, William M., b. 4/12/1917, d. 3/12/1973, NC Sgt US Army WW II, West Sec
Dye, F. H., b. 1939, d. 1994, Fhm, West Sec
Echols, Ethel E., b. 3/10/1905, d. 6/6/1975, "In fond memory of our loving Mother. Son: Dr. James Reader; Dau: Mary Lee Friday Clodfelter", West Sec
Edwards, Horace L., b. 11/5/1905, d. 9/11/1967, h/o Mable P., Our Father Which Art in Heaven, East Sec
Edwards, Lougennie G., b. 1881, d. 1959, Gone but not forgotten, East Sec
Edwards, Mable P., b. 7/4/1912, d. 6/26/1975, Wife/ w/o Horace L., Our Father Which Art in Heaven, East Sec
Edwards, Oscar Lee, b. 6/9/1917, d. 3/7/1975, Pvt US Army WW II, West Sec
English, Levi, b. 5/20/1914, d. 7/18/1963, Husband & Father, East Sec
Epps, Sigmund Adre, b. 7/7/1971, d. 6/11/2005, Beloved Son, West Sec
Evans, Dorene Mae, b. 8/26/19--, d. 6/25/1981, (yr of birth was 19-- on headstone), East Sec
Evans, Earnest R., b. 2/16/1913, d. 7/11/1966, NC Pvt US Army WW II, East Sec
Evans, Garfield Lee, Sr., b. 2/1/1944, d. 9/19/1981, Son, West Sec
Fitzgerald, John Edward, Jr., b. 5/8/1939, d. 8/24/1975, Pvt US Army, West Sec
Fleetwood, Ronald D. Dye, b. 1958, d. 2002, Fhm, West Sec
Ford, Cleola, b. 1929, d. 1978, Fhm, East Sec
Fortune, Jannie Mae, b. 10/14/1929, d. 5/25/1985, West Sec
Fortune, Lawyer B., b. 8/16/1914, d. 3/12/1997, Gone But Not Forgotten, West Sec
Fortune, Lillie Mae, b. 1908, d. 1983, West Sec
Fortune, William Davis, b. 1926, d. 1985, West Sec
Fowler, Hilda Payne, b. 1/26/1933, d. 9/8/1998, West Sec
Frazier, John Ervin, b. 5/28/1916, d. 4/19/1989, In Loving Memory, West Sec
Freeman, Ezekiel, b. 6/9/1920, d. 4/7/1952, NC Pfc 96 Engineer BN, WW II, East Sec
Friday, Evelyn E., b. 1923, d. 1980, West Sec
Friday, Herbert Lee, b. 3/30/1940, d. 8/9/1997, A3C US Air Force, Vietnam, West Sec
Friday, James Earl, b. 1918, d. 1993, Tec 4 US Army WW II, West Sec
Fuller, Bessie, b., d. 5/18/1888, d/o Nancy Fuller, ae 2y 9m 4d, East Sec
Fuller, Herman H., b. 3/6/1913, d. 3/1/1982, West Sec
Fuller, Leo, b. 1934, d. 1986, West Sec
Fuller, Ronda Kay, b. 3/5/1956, d. 8/7/2002, West Sec
Fuller, Sean O'Brian, b. 10/28/1978, d. 9/17/1983, A Darling on Earth an Angel in Heaven, West Sec
Garris, Rev. L. J., b. 1905, d. 1966, h/o Cleath, East Sec
Gibson, Mary Louise, b. 9/5/1928, d. 2/7/1971, Sister, East Sec
Gibson, Robin Louise, b. 1962, d. 1985, West Sec
Gilchrist, James B., b. 11/30/1920, d. 8/27/2005, Cpl US Marine Corps WW II, West Sec
Glenn, Larry James, b. 8/11/1928, d. 6/19/1985, Pfc US Army Korea, East Sec
Glover, Beulah Knotts, b. 1928, d. 1982, West Sec
Gooden, Rev. Jack J., b. 4/11/1898, d. 1/31/1967, Husband, h/o Ardell Pegues, East Sec
Goodson, George Wills, b. 5/6/1928, d. 7/30/1999, PFC US Army Korea, West Sec
Green, Azelee E., b. 1/10/1909, d. 11/24/1967, Mother, Our Father Which Art in Heaven, East Sec
Green, Peggy D., b. 6/10/1937, d. 3/26/1968, Our Father Which art in Heaven, East Sec
Green, Robert Davon Jr., b. 1/28/1964, d. 2/8/1996, Forever Young, West Sec
Griffin, Gregory E., b. 6/29/1954, d. 12/27/1992, West Sec
Groom, Roberta W., b. 1949, d. 1985, West Sec
Hairston, Addie Mae, b. 1906, d. 1984, West Sec
Hairston, Benjamin, b. 1953, d. 1974, West Sec
Hairston, Cynthia R. F., b. 10/10/1966, d. 6/12/2006, Age 39 y, fhm, West Sec
Hairston, Dennis, b. 9/19/1891, d. 2/20/1963, Blessed are the Merciful, East Sec
Hairston, Fredrick D., b. 2/20/1950, d. 12/8/1988, West Sec
Hairston, Lena, b. 8/29/1889, d. 9/4/1968, East Sec
Hairston, Maggie P., b. 5/30/1913, d. 7/26/1976, West Sec
Hairston, Nathaniel, b. 10/29/1924, d. 1/2/1985, US Army WW II, West Sec
Hairston, Sylvia Louise, b. 12/1/1951, d. 4/2/1971, Daughter, s/w Evelyn Hargrave, Rest In Jesus, East Sec
Hairston, Willie Mae, b. 6/29/1926, d. 6/2/1965, East Sec
Hall, Wilbur L., b. 1959, d. 2002, In God's Care, h/o Mary Ann S., West Sec
Hamilton, Clarence A., b. 2/25/1908, d. 7/5/2002, Father, West Sec
Hardey, Grace, b. 1904, d. 1973, East Sec
Hardin, Willie Sr., b. 6/7/1919, d. 1/13/1999, US Army Korea, West Sec
Hargrave, Aldean, no dates, Fhm, dates gone, West Sec
Hargrave, Amos W., b. 11/15/1927, d. 10/29/1988, US Army WW II, West Sec
Hargrave, Baxter O., b. 8/13/1923, d. 9/30/2002, West Sec
Hargrave, Clyde Oliver, b. 1928, d. 1997, Fhm, West Sec
Hargrave, Daisy Olivia, b. 2/14/1928, d. 11/5/1999, West Sec
Hargrave, Della, b. 1876, d. 1954, Gone but not forgotten, East Sec
Hargrave, Duella Smith, b. 7/12/1903, d. 3/21/1981, West Sec
Hargrave, Emmanuel Rahei, b. 12/20/1997, d. 1/2/1998, East Sec
Hargrave, Evelyn Irene, b. 1/23/1951, d. 4/2/1971, Daughter, s/w Sylvia Hairston, Rest In Jesus, East Sec
Hargrave, Frances B., b. 5/2/1934, d. 2/3/2000, "Missy", West Sec
Hargrave, Hazel H., b. 1/16/1931, d. 9/12/1983, Wife, West Sec
Hargrave, Henry M., b. 4/2/1832, d. 8/3/1906, His Record Is On High, East Sec
Hargrave, James A., b. 3/31/1924, d. 11/5/1974, CK 3 US Navy, East Sec
Hargrave, John Irving, b. 1926, d. 1985, West Sec
Hargrave, Laura J., b. 1/1/1844, d. 6/28/1913, w/o Henry M., stone is sinking, death date no longer visible, East Sec
Hargrave, Lois, b. 8/14/1898, d. 1/29/1962, "An adorable mother a friend to all", East Sec
Hargrave, Lorine H., b. 1907, d. 1991, w/o Walter W., m/o Rachel & Mary Lou, West Sec
Hargrave, Mable Alice, b. 1/9/1909, d. 12/1/2000,
Hargrave, Philip, Jr, b. 1943, d. 1985, West Sec
Hargrave, Raymon George, b. 1901, d. 1985, West Sec
Hargrave, Raymond C., b. 8/12/1940, d. 3/29/1994, West Sec
Hargrave, Richard E., b. 1/8/1943, d. 1/12/1998, West Sec
Hargrave, Thomas S., b. 6/11/1918, d. 7/14/1967, NC Pfc 448 Base Unit AAF WW II, East Sec
Hargrave, Walter W., b. 1905, d. 1973, h/o Lorine H., West Sec
Harrington, Lovey Marie, b. 1949, d. 2004, FHM, West Sec
Harrington?, Antonio Jamal, no dates, Fhm, East Sec
Harris, Bessie Lindsay, b. 3/6/1887, d. 10/13/1948, Mother, w/o Luther, Gone but not forgotten, East Sec
Harris, Forest Richard, b. 9/11/1942, d. 4/24/1988, West Sec
Harris, German, b. 1907, d. 1955, East Sec
Harris, Irene H., b. 11/15/1907, d. 3/29/1981, w/o Wm. E., East Sec
Harris, Mary F., b. 3/7/1916, d. 1/3/2005, w/o Jimmie L., West Sec
Harris, Roland L., b. 11/1/1935, d. 7/27/1980, East Sec
Harris, William E., b. 12/30/1905, d. 12/15/1961, h/o Irene H., East Sec
Harrison, Ethel P., b. 7/20/1924, d. 11/7/2004, Eternal Love, West Sec
Hawkins, Helen O., b. 1935, d. 1954, East Sec
Hawkins, Sally M. Holloway, b. 7/24/1933, d. 3/25/1988, West Sec
Hayden, Lucy Mason, b. 7/31/1920, d. 5/20/1983, West Sec
Hayden, William, b. 6/4/1871, d. 11/3/1965, East Sec
Hayes, Kimberly Y. Wilson, b. 1979, d. 2002, West Sec
Hearst, John, b. 12/15/1919, d. 4/7/1988, West Sec
Hearst, Willie, b. 1932, d. 1998, Morrison FHM, West Sec
Heath, Evelyn S., b. 11/1/1929, d. 6/24/2006, Age 76y, fhm, West Sec
Hege, Minnie, b. 6/11/1900, d. 1/7/1973, w/o Oscar, West Sec
Hege, Oscar, b. 2/23/1894, d. 5/20/1979, h/o Minnie, West Sec
Heitman, Thelma M., b. 12/8/1912, d. 2/8/1994, West Sec
Helton, D. G., b. 1934, d. 1988, Fhm, West Sec
Henderson, Brenda L., b. 1947, d. 2000, In God's Care, West Sec
Henderson, Charlie A., b. 8/6/1916, d. 12/15/1976, East Sec
Henderson, Drussilla Owens, b. 8/23/1895, d. 8/29/1989, Mother, West Sec
Henderson, Henry, b. 1900, d. 1985, East Sec
Henderson, John Jr., b. 7/31/1914, d. 2/19/2000, h/o Martha C. In Loving Memory, West Sec
Henderson, John, Sr., b. 6/23/1889, d. 7/15/1968, Father, East Sec
Henderson, Linda C., b. 2/10/1948, d. 12/8/1963, d/o Mr.& Mrs. John Henderson Jr., East Sec
Henderson, Martha C., b. 3/23/1926, d. 1/24/2000, w/o John Jr., In Loving Memory, West Sec
Henderson, Merlene W., b. 3/19/1925, d. 2/5/1998, Mother, Loving Grandmother, West Sec
Henderson, Ophelia L., b. 1941, d. 2005, West Sec
Henderson, Raymond, b. 9/18/1935, d. 3/19/2001, West Sec
Henderson, Stanley Eugene, b. 5/24/1952, d. 8/9/1995, PVT US Army, Vietnam, West Sec
Hickerson, James H., b. 1911, d. 1967, East Sec
Hicks, Janie Dora, b. 6/28/1929, d. 12/22/1966, East Sec
Hicks, William M., b. 10/20/1932, d. 9/23/1968, NC PFC US Army Korea, East Sec
Hill, Clarence Richard, b. 3/6/1938, d. 5/8/1969, At Rest, East Sec
Hill, Elizabeth, b. 3/1/1917, d. 3/3/2002, w/o Dewey, Crossing Over, West Sec
Hill, Shirley B., b. 10/17/1940, d. 2/10/1995, Mother, West Sec
Hogan, Robert Henry, b. 5/26/1948, d. 10/3/1999, Son, West Sec
Hogan, Robert York, b. 4/10/1918, d. 4/27/1993, Father, h/o Winnia Elizabeth, West Sec
Holloway, Margie M., b. 1953, d. 2002, A Loving Mother, West Sec
Holloway, Nannie Moore, b. 3/23/1914, d. 8/24/1968, East Sec
Holmes, Bradie Mae, b. 9/12/1894, d. 3/20/1988, West Sec
Holmes, George Jr., b. 1947, d. 1991, Morrison fhm, West Sec
Holmes, Myrtle Owens, b. 1912, d. 1985, West Sec
Holmes, Produs Lee, b. 4/26/1926, d. 2/8/1983, Son, West Sec
Holmes, Thomas Sr., b. 8/23/1929, d. 11/25/2000, PVT US Army, Korea, Loving Husband, Father, Grandfather, West Sec
Holmes, Voidy Lee, b. 1941, d. 1974, East Sec
Holmes, Willie Jr., b. 1/20/1936, d. 8/1/2002, "Scabo", West Sec
Holt, Bessie Marshall, b. 5/17/1924, d. 12/20/1983, w/o Hugh, Thy Kingdom Come They Will be Done, East Sec
Holt, Frank, b. 12/6/1895, d. 4/22/1952, NC Pvt 837 Co Trans Corps WW I, East Sec
Holt, Frederick F., b. 6/18/1916, d. 1/5/1982, US Army WW II, West Sec
Holt, Giles, Jr., b. 7/11/1895, d. 1/31/1982, Pvt US Army WW I, West Sec
Holt, Hugh "Bill" Sterling, b. 12/29/1923, d. 1/13/1996, Father, h/o Bessie Marshall, Thy Kingdom Come thy Will be Done S1 US Navy WW II, East Sec
Holt, Iley Leonard, b. 1905, d. 1970, East Sec
Holt, Jesse James, b. 1/9/1920, d. 4/26/1989, US Army WW II, West Sec
Holt, Jesse Lee, b. 8/17/1922, d. 11/20/1974, Pvt US Army WW II, East Sec
Holt, Lawrence, b. 6/24/1884, d. 11/7/1968, East Sec
Holt, Lucille B., b. 4/24/1917, d. 4/20/2005, West Sec
Holt, Mary C., b. 1929, d. 2005, Fhm, West Sec
Holt, Neely, b. 8/2/1917, d. 1/15/1975, Cpl US Army, West Sec
Hoover, Clara Mae, b. 10/20/1940, d. 12/9/1973, In Loving Memory, East Sec
Horton, ?, b. 1940, d. 2004, FHM, West Sec
Horton, Clarence Wesler, b. 11/10/1965, d. 6/7/2003, In Remembrance, Son, West Sec
Horton, Rodney E. "Hook", b. 1/12/1966, d. 1/22/2001, West Sec
Houston, Betty Tucker, b. 1936, d. 1975, East Sec
Howard, Grady Lee, b. 2/18/1911, d. 1/21/1975, PFC US Army (his private stone has bd 2/18/1912), West Sec
Humphries, Howard, b. 12/9/1925, d. 5/1/1991, In Loving Memory, West Sec
Humphries, Maggie J., b. 3/12/1900, d. 10/11/1982, West Sec
Hunt, Lary P., b. 1/10/1904, d. 3/13/1960, East Sec
Hunter, Bessie, b. 1908, d. 1989, West Sec
Jackson, Addie T. Royal, b. 3/16/1921, d. 7/11/2005, Mother, West Sec
Jackson, Amy James, b. 10/2/1919, d. 4/5/1971, East Sec
Jackson, Ellis, Rev., b. 8/20/1917, d. 12/20/2000, h/o Maggie Aiken, In God's Care, West Sec
Jackson, Maggie Aiken, b. 3/15/1911, d. 1/29/1987, w/o Rev. Ellis, In God's Care, West Sec
Jackson, Mary Alice Medley, b. 10/1/1941, d. 3/12/1978, Let Not Your Heart be Troubled, West Sec
Jamerson, Clara S., b. 6/17/1892, d. 7/31/1961, East Sec
Jamerson, Mary Belle, b. 10/17/1904, d. 11/4/1986, East Sec
Jefferson, Faleasita L., b. 3/14/1976, d. 6/11/2002, In Loving Memory, West Sec
Jefferson, Tyler, b. 6/13/1972, d. 4/5/1978, West Sec
Johnson, Guy, b. 9/25/1924, d. 6/27/2001, East Sec
Johnson, John C., b. 11/21/1923, d. 12/18/1973, Son, West Sec
Johnson, Lelar, b. 5/1/1887, d. 7/12/1957, East Sec
Johnson, Linell S., b. 5/10/1922, d. 1/9/1994, Have Faith in God, West Sec
Johnson, Pearl R., b. 2/13/1906, d. 6/20/1996, West Sec
Jones, Annis Loftin, b. 6/14/1897, d. 10/29/1968, East Sec
Jones, Daisy M., b. 7/7/1898, d. 10/6/1995, Grandmother, West Sec
Jones, Dougie, b. 8/25/1919, d. 9/5/1986, West Sec
Jones, Emma Heard, b. 5/10/1901, d. 8/10/1997, In Loving Memory, West Sec
Jones, Hiram, b. 1922, d. 1979, Cpl US Army WW II, West Sec
Jones, Mary L. Parker, b. 3/24/1951, d. 1/16/1998, West Sec
Jones, Melvie, b. 12/23/1917, d. 1/19/1978, West Sec
Jones, Sharon Theronia, b. 6/18/1950, d. 1/21/1997, Daughter, Lovingly, West Sec
Jones, Watson W., b. 9/10/1902, d. 4/16/1983, Father, East Sec
Jones, Willie Lee, b. 3/2/1937, d. 9/18/1981, Sfc US Army Vietnam, East Sec
Jordan, Akia Faith, b. 9/18/1982, d. 8/20/2001, Our Angel Who Completed her Task, East Sec
Jordan, Willie J., b. 8/6/1950, d. 7/22/2003, h/o Carolyn P., West Sec
Jowers, Terry F., b. 1960, d. 1984, West Sec

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