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Pilgrim Reformed Cemetery
Lexington, Davidson County, North Carolina

Contributed by Kathy Mills, [ke6pxx@yahoo.com].

Aldridge, William Bowe, b. 5/20/1923, d. 11/2/1984, h/o Nell Sharpe, CPL US Army WWII
Aley, Geneva Leonard, b. 9/28/1909, d. 7/27/1995, w/o Paul Revere
Aley, Paul Revere, b. 5/14/1907, d. 4/7/1973, W. V. RDM3 US Navy WWII, h/o Geneva Leonard
Allen, Carly Del, b. 6/23/1999, d. 6/23/1999, Just one date, assume b&d
Andrew, Blanche C., b. 12/15/1901, d. 11/1/1989, w/o Paul Branson
Andrew, Flora Branson, b. 9/17/1871, d. 1/25/1943, w/o Rev. James David
Andrew, Paul Branson, d. 9/27/1941, NC Pvt 323 Inf S1 Div, h/o Blanche C
Andrew, Rev. James David, D.D., b. 9/27/1864, d. 1/3/1949, h/o Flora Branson
Austin, Melvin Curtis, Sr., b. 5/21/1920, d. 12/4/1973, h/o Hilda Hill, NC CPL US Army WWII, "Their words, their deeds, their epitaph"
Bariers, Sarah, d. 5/10/1858, w/o Henry, aged 66yrs 3mos (think this should be Barrier)
Barleb?, Jorge, b. 1739, d. 1810, Old German stone, hard to read
Barney, Katherine Austin, b. 12/3/1952, d. 10/25/1986, "Mother" "Forever in our Hearts"
Barrier, Henry, b. 12/20/1792, d. 7/16/1864, Aged 71yrs 6months and 25days
Barrier, Phrany, b. 10/28/1827, d. 6/19/1858, w/o Henry, aged 30 yrs 7mos 21dys
Beck, Carey L., b. 3/3/1933, d. 7/10/1968, NC CPL US Army Korea
Beck, Cordia Conrad, b. 5/14/1891, d. 11/8/1954, w/o R. Hill
Beck, Frank?, b. 1911, d. 1911, Infant son of R.H.& Cordia Beck? Hard to read
Beck, Franklin, d. 10/4/1902, Aged 76yr? 2m 10d
Beck, Freddie Hill, b. 10/3/1919, d. 4/12/1997, Tec 4 US Army WWII, h/o Sarah F. Crouse
Beck, James Clyde, b. 4/1/1907, d. 11/18/1985
Beck, Margie Ree, b. 10/24/1909, d. 1/13/1929
Beck, R. Hill, b. 9/30/1889, d. 10/13/1978, h/o Cordia Conrad
Beck, Sallie Belle, d. 9/17/1909, Aged 14ys 8ms 16ds
Beck, Sally Ward, b. 3/18/1905, d. 6/16/1978, w/o James Clyde
Beck, Theo Grimes, b. 7/16/1912, d. 2/5/1994, TEC5 US Army WWII, "Beloved Brother"
Benson, Amanda C. Hedrick, d. 12/21/1891, w/o W. F., aged 49ys 10ms 9ds, Dau of John & Phebe Hedrick
Berrier, Alec W., b. 5/11/1852, d. , Can't read the rest
Berrier, Chrissey, b. 8/27/1818, d. 5/9/1885, w/o Jacob, age 66y 8m 12d, "The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer……"
Berrier, Infant Dau., d. , Inf. Dau of H.J.& S.J. (no dates)
Berrier, Jacob, b. 7/22/1815, d. 11/19/1879, Aged 64y 3m 27d, "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord"
Berrier, Minnie Lou, d. 11/12/1889, d/o H.J.& S.J., age 11y, "Asleep in Jesus"
Berrier, Robert, b. 9/21/1827, d. 8/21/1844?, Age 16y 11m, Old German Stone
Berrier, Sally, b. 8/25/1838, d. 7/20/1857, Aged 18y 10m 25d
Berrier, Sivley, d. 10/22/1853, Aged 65y 6m 3d
Berrier, Susannah, b. ??, d. ??, Old German Stone, dates gone
Berries, David H., b. 12/21/1905, d. 9/20/1910, Son of D.T.& Luetta
Black, Donna Jean, b. 6/12/1957, d. 11/26/1994
Black, Infant Dau, b. 2/3/1885, d. 2/3/1885, Inf. Dau of ? & A.E., b&d same day
Bowers, Arnold J., b. 11/22/1900, d. 7/22/1932, Aged 31yrs 8ms
Bowers, Charles L., b. 2/5/1857, d. 6/13/1858, Aged 2y 4m 8d
Bowers, David W., b. 3/25/184X, d. ----, S/o Wm. & Mary (broken & worn, could be b&d 3/25/184X)
Bowers, Irvin Cromer, b. 4/14/1898, d. 11/13/1965
Bowers, James W., d. 5/11/1901?, Unsure of 190(1)
Bowers, Mary M., b. 6/27/1864, d. 5/5/1942, Aged 77yrs 10ms 8ds
Bowers, Mary, b. 12/14/1819, d. 7/9/1891, w/o William, aged 71y 6m 25d
Bowers, Mollie E. Conrad, b. 1/24/1886, d. 2/1/1955, w/o George E
Bowers, Susanna, d. 12/23/1891??, Aged 61yrs, very hard to read, unsure of date
Bowers, William, b. 4/8/1817, d. 1/10/1890, Aged 72y 9m 2d
Bowman, Martha Everhart, b. 5/13/1919, d. 12/24/1989, w/o Sherman Franklin
Bowman, Sherman Franklin, b. 9/5/1921, d. 8/13/1999, h/o Martha Everhart
Bozeman, Daugtery Dames, b. 4/13/1909, d. 6/14/1991, h/o Josephine Jacobs
Bozeman, Josephine Jacobs, b. 1/1/1907, d. 1/20/1967, w/o Daugtery
Breeden, Joyce Roof, b. 7/7/1941, d. 1/29/1987, w/o Wm. Caldwell
Breeden, William Caldwell, b. 6/28/1933, d. 2/19/1999, h/o Joyce Roof
Brenkel, Susana, b. 9/21/1798, d. 4/17/1823, Very hard to read, very worn
Briggs, Rosa H., b. 8/12/1909, d. 12/22/1950, w/o Walter C
Briggs, Walter C., b. 5/12/1911, d. 10/17/1953, h/o Rosa H
Brinkle, Casper, d. 2/14/1850, Aged 83yrs 7m ?dys "If a man die shall he live again all the days of my appointed time…."
Brinkle, Marian, d. 11/11/1844, Aged 89yrs 11dys "Thou hath come to the grave in a full age like as a shock of corn cometh in….".can't read the rest. "Sacred to the Memory OF.."
Brinkle, Mary M., b. 1/31/1780, d. 10/14/1816
Brinkley, Beulah E., b. 1899, d. 1977, w/o Daniel W
Brinkley, Charles Dewey, b. 4/24/1919, d. 2/6/1995, "Brother", PFC US Army WWII
Brinkley, Daniel W., b. 1891, d. 1945, h/o Beulah E
Brinkley, Esther V., b. 12/7/1922, d. 7/17/1926, Dau of D.W. & Beulah, "Safe in the arms of Jesus"
Brown, Notie Ella Everhart, b. 1/20/1891, d. 12/4/1917, w/o Robert Brown, Dau of L.H.& M.E. Everhart
Bunting, Francis Monroe "Check", b. 9/14/1919, d. 5/25/2003, h/o Evelyn Conrad, US Army WWII, **Purple Heart**
Bush, Millie Nadine, b. 11/4/1937, d. 11/4/1937, Dau of Dewey & Stephanie Bush
Byarley, Geo., b. 2/7/1793, d. 11/20/1873, 80y 9m 13d
Byerly , Jacob Olin, Jr., b. 3/6/1932, d. 6/18/2002, "Now You Know Everything"
Byerly, Andrea Louise, b. 10/16/1944, d. 2/16/1945, Dau of Mr. & Mrs. Willie Byerly, "Budded on Earth to Bloom in Heaven"
Byerly, Anthony "Andy" Charles, b. 7/6/1977, d. 8/19/2004
Byerly, Avery, b. 9/14/1914, d. 9/15/1914, Infant Son of J.M.& M.H. Byerly
Byerly, Avril Sink, b. 4/5/1931, d. 8/25/2001, "Resting & Singing With God"
Byerly, Brooks G., b. 1/3/1956, d. 1/8/2003, "In Loving Memory"
Byerly, Carrie Lenora, b. 5/24/1879, d. 2/1/1944, "At Rest", w/o P.L
Byerly, Charlie E., b. 7/5/1913, d. 8/10/1932
Byerly, Claudia Beck, b. 5/28/1894, d. 8/27/1987, w/o Elmer H
Byerly, David, b. ??, d. ??, Can't read/ Old German Stone
Byerly, Elmer Henderson, b. 11/24/1895, d. 5/17/1980, h/o Claudia Beck, "A chapter completed, a page turned, a life well lived, a rest well earned"
Byerly, Ida E., b. 1/3/1883, d. 3/11/1915, w/o W.H., "Come Ye Blessed"
Byerly, Infant Son, d. Jan? 1868?, Inf. Son of Jesse & Susannah Byerly
Byerly, Jacob Olin, Sr., b. 5/22/1905, d. 12/13/1983, h/o Pauline Hartley Brewer, "Good Night Here, Good Morning up There"
Byerly, Jacob, no dates, 14 NC Inf. C.S.A. (no dates)
Byerly, James Elmer, b. 1/24/1918, d. 7/1/1994, h/o Mary Evelyn
Byerly, Jesse M., b. 1883, d. 1934, "Father", h/o Mary H., "We Will Meet Again"
Byerly, Jessie, b. 1845, d. 1903, "The Lord is my Refuge"
Byerly, Kathie Charles Davis, b. 9/21/1951, d. 4/8/2006, Aged 54yrs, w/o Freddie Don, Piedmont FHM
Byerly, Lorene, b. 2/23/1937, d. 11/28/1937, Dau of G.M.& Etta "Budded on Earth to Bloom in Heaven"
Byerly, Louella Clodfelter, b. 5/16/1874, d. 4/3/1959, "Good Night Here & Good Morning Up There"
Byerly, Mary Evelyn, b. 8/8/1917, d. 4/16/1997, w/o James Elmer
Byerly, Mary H., b. 1882, d. 1939, "Mother", w/o Jesse M. "We Will Meet Again"
Byerly, Pauline Hartley Brewer, b. 12/7/1909, d. 10/8/1961, w/o Jacob Olin Sr
Byerly, Priscilla Lane, b. 1/21/1940, d. 1/21/1940, Inf. Dau of E.H.& Claudia Byerly
Byerly, Robert Dalton, b. 6/6/1873, d. 12/26/1927, "Gone but not forgotten"
Byerly, Susannah, d. 6/2/1884?, w/o Jesse, aged 41yrs 9m 9d
Byrley, Joan, b. 1933, d. 1934
Byrley, Mack Colen, b. 10/19/1913, d. 11/12/1918, Son of P.L.& Carrie
Clark, Harvey A., b. 1/7/1905, d. 9/22/1905, Son of J.K.& R.E
Clark, James K., b. 12/3/1872, d. 12/17/1921, "Father", Gone but not forgotten, h/o Rachel E
Clark, Rachel E., b. 8/12/1881, d. 10/26/1913, "Mother", w/o James K. "Gone to a better land"
Clodfelter, Annie Leonard, b. 4/4/1916, d. 4/12/1976
Clodfelter, Archie Lloyd, b. 4/23/1903, d. 9/15/1975, h/o Kila Ree, M: 5/15/1925, Son of Robert F. & Barbara E
Clodfelter, Barbara Elizabeth Richard, b. 6/18/1862, d. 5/26/1937, Wife of Robert F
Clodfelter, Beulah V., b. 4/2/1907, d. 4/9/2003, w/o James C
Clodfelter, Boyd Lee, b. 5/26/1964, d. 9/13/1999
Clodfelter, Brianna Lee, b. 12/13/1993, d. 2/4/1995, "our precious little angel"
Clodfelter, C. Guindola Sowers, b. 6/16/1893, d. 12/14/1924, w/o R. M
Clodfelter, Charlie A., b. 7/10/1884, d. 1/2/1918, Aged 33y 5m 22d
Clodfelter, Charlie F., b. 10/27/1878, d. 2/28/1959, h/o Mattie E
Clodfelter, Clara C. Redwine, b. 7/4/1898, d. 8/31/1971, w/o Henry O., M: 10/15/1921, Dau of James D.& Mollie Redwine
Clodfelter, Edith, d. 11/10/1888, Aged 78ys 9ms 1dy "She was the sunshine of our home"
Clodfelter, Emma Sink, b. 9/1/1875, d. 10/15/1950
Clodfelter, Freddie H., b. 11/10/1934, d. 11/25/1934, Infant Son of Mr. & Mrs. Gilmore Clodfelter
Clodfelter, Fredie L., no dates, Infant Son of Walter & Minnie Clodfelter, "Asleep in Jesus" (no dates)
Clodfelter, Gladys, b. 1926, d. 1926, Dau of A.L. & Kila Ree Clodfelter
Clodfelter, Grace Cornelia, b. 3/4/1894, d. 6/17/1991
Clodfelter, Henry Jackson, b. 12/29/1916, d. 7/4/1966, h/o Iva Mae Fowler
Clodfelter, Henry O., b. 3/14/1896, d. 3/18/1984, h/o Clara C. Redwine, M: 10/15/1921, Son of Robt. F. & Barbara E
Clodfelter, Infant Son & Dau, b. 4/1/1911, d. 4/3/1911, Inf. Twins of Mr. & Mrs. C.A. Clodfelter
Clodfelter, Irma Black, b. 1/27/1916, d. 6/24/2004, w/o Clell Batten
Clodfelter, Iva Mae Fowler, b. 2/19/1919, d. 9/4/1992, w/o Henry Jackson
Clodfelter, Jacob L., d. 11/5/1900, Aged 75 yrs, "Gone but not Forgotten"
Clodfelter, James C., b. 7/26/1902, d. 10/29/1967, h/o Beulah V
Clodfelter, James V., b. 2/2/1930, d. 1/23/1941, Son of J.C.& Virginia, aged 10yrs 11mos 21das, "In Heaven There is One Angel More"
Clodfelter, Jaunita, b. 1926, d. 1926, Dau of A.L.& Kila Ree Clodfelter
Clodfelter, John George, b. 1757, d. 1833, Rev War Soldier, Remembered on Special Monument
Clodfelter, Joseph L., b. 1847, d. 1871, h/o Melinda B. (2 separate stones, but this could be same Jos.L, son of Jacob L. & Polly, different birth year)
Clodfelter, Joseph L., b. 8/24/1849, d. 3/5/1871, s/o Jacob L. & Polly, aged 21y 6m 11d
Clodfelter, Kila Ree Black, b. 10/20/1906, d. 3/20/1994, w/o Archie Lloyd, M: 5/15/1925, Dau of Everette & Linnie Black
Clodfelter, Lorena Conrad, b. 6/1/1890, d. 6/8/1975
Clodfelter, Mary Etta, b. 1931, d. 1933, Dau of A.L. & Kila Ree Clodfelter
Clodfelter, Mary McCrary, b. 11/10/1902, d. 8/25/1990, w/o Robert McCleet
Clodfelter, Mattie E., b. 11/14/1877, d. 11/4/1949, "Her Memory is Blessed"
Clodfelter, Melinda B., b. 1845, d. 1917, w/o Joseph L
Clodfelter, Polly, d. 7/16/1900, Aged 72 yrs "At Rest"
Clodfelter, R. S., no dates, Co H 48 N.C. Inf C. S.A. (no dates)
Clodfelter, Rebecca Von Cannon, b. 3/14/1949, d. 7/5/1996
Clodfelter, Robert F., b. 1861, d. 1903, h/o Barbara Elizabeth Rickard
Clodfelter, Robert McCleet, b. 7/4/1891, d. 4/28/1965, h/o Mary McCrary
Clodfelter, William L., b. 11/4/1888, d. 12/9/1972
Clodfelter, William S., b. 6/4/1845, d. 3/7/1854, Son of Daniel & Eddie, aged 8y 9m & 3 days
Conrad, Alex L., b. 2/26/1859, d. 12/19/1899, h/o Emily D
Conrad, Beulah Leonard, b. 9/18/1896, d. 5/11/1963, w/o Wade
Conrad, Catherine Darr, d. 1862, w/o Alex
Conrad, Corina M., d. 12/8/1901, Dau of J.L.& M.A., aged 2yrs 1mo 14dys
Conrad, Crawford C., b. 1891, d. 1932
Conrad, David, b. 12/18/1788, d. 8/13/1860, Aged 71yrs 2m 25dys
Conrad, Eliza M. Berrier, b. 6/6/1843, d. 5/4/1907, "his Wife", w/o Lindsey L
Conrad, Elizabeth, b. 12/24/1798, d. 6/5/1888, w/o Jacob, aged 89yrs 5m 11dys
Conrad, Emily D., b. 11/8/1864, d. 1/8/1933, His Wife, w/o Alex L
Conrad, Eva Dora, d. 3/2/1902, w/o Walter E., aged 30yrs 3m 2d, "She is waiting for us in the glorious Eden land which lies beyond the sunset of life"
Conrad, Eve, b. 4/14/1792, d. 5/26/1818??, Unsure of 1818, hard to read
Conrad, Flavius Lee, b. 1861, d. 1899
Conrad, H. K., d. 8/12/1856, Aged 23yrs 6mo 8days
Conrad, H. L., b. 11/28/1840, d. 8/8/1917, Aged 76y 8m 10d, h/o Sallie
Conrad, Harvey O., b. 12/9/1898, d. 12/25/1918, Gone but not Forgotten
Conrad, Helen Mae Dalton, b. 4/21/1919, d. 5/28/1995, w/o James Casper, "Our Father Which Art in Heaven"
Conrad, Henry Hedrick, b. 1824, d. 1893, "A Memorial to: A founder of Holly Grove Lutheran Academy in 1884. Postmaster at Conrads Siding 1851. Became Jimes(?) in 1881, later Lake, NC a layleader in Old Pilgrim Lutheran Congregation. A son of John David & Eve Hedrick Conrad. h/o Rachel Lohr",,,,, Conrad, Henry J., b. 1866, d. 1928, h/o Ida Hedrick
Conrad, Henry, b. 12/30/1762, d. 4/15/1834, 72yrs 8mos
Conrad, Ida Elizabeth (Bettie), b. 10/15/1861, d. 10/5/1944
Conrad, Ida Hedrick, b. 1867, d. 1960, w/o Henry
Conrad, Infant Dau, d. 7/12/1893, Inf. Dau of J.L.& M.A., aged 4 days
Conrad, J. Ed, b. 3/17/1869, d. 9/2/1905, Aged 36yrs 5ms 16ds
Conrad, Jacob, b. 5/14/1796, d. 12/24/1862, Age 66yrs 7m 10dys
Conrad, James Casper, b. 5/10/1914, d. 12/16/1992, h/o Helen Mae Dalton, "Our Father Which Art in Heaven", TM3 US Navy WWII
Conrad, Jessie Myrtle, d. 9/12/1898, Aged 16yrs 6m 15ds, Dau of L.L. & E. M. Conrad
Conrad, Julius E., d. 6/4/1889, s/o C.L. & J.C., aged 1y 8m 25d
Conrad, Lindsey L., b. 2/19/1838, d. 4/10/1923, h/o Eliza M. Berrier
Conrad, Lollie, d. 12/26/1915, Aged 31yrs & 18ds, "Just waiting on the other side"
Conrad, Lunnie B., b. 1/30/1874, d. 1/10/1875, Dau of ??, aged 1yr
Conrad, Mariah?, d. 11/12/1855, age: 10dys
Conrad, Martha Darr, b. 1869, d. 1922
Conrad, Marvin L., b. 9/25/1901, d. 6/28/1948
Conrad, Rachel Lohr, b. 1826, d. 1901, w/o Henry Hedrick, on their monument: Dau of John & Charlotte Brinkle Lohr, an early member of Emanuel German Reformed Church. Their children: David Thornton (Bratch) Conrad 1849-1929; Laura A. Conrad Sechrist 1850-1933; Robert Winfield Conrad 1852-1936; Mary Adaline C. McDonald 1854-1940; Solomon Hedrick Conrad 1856-1858; Alexander Lafayette Conrad 1859-1899; Flavius Lee Conrad 1861-1899; Charlotte Elizabeth (Betty) C. Eddinger 1863-1951; Charles Franklin Conrad Sr. 1866-1948. Dedicated by Dr. Flavius L. Conrad Sr. D.D., Richard L. Conrad, Historian, Nov. 4, 1979 A.D. (and there is much more on the back of this beautiful monument).",,,,, Conrad, Sallie, b. 9/9/1845, d. 4/8/1881, w/o H.L., aged 35y 6m 28d
Conrad, Solomon H., b. 7/30/1856, d. 5/26/1858, Aged 1y 9m 26d
Conrad, Solomon Hedrick, b. 7/30/1856, d. 5/26/1858, s/o H.H.& Rachel Lore Conrad
Conrad, Son of…, d. 5/31/1889, s/o C.L.& J.C. age 4y 8m 15d
Conrad, Susanna, b. 4/23/1765, d. -/29/1837, Very difficult to read
Conrad, Wade, b. 5/15/1897, d. 10/23/1987, h/o Beulah Leonard
Cranford, Claude Wade, Jr., b. 3/25/1928, d. 4/10/2001, h/o Doris Everhart, SSgt US Air Force
Craven, Fredrick P., b. 2/2/1906, d. 2/5/1907, Infant Son of M.F.& M.L. Craven
Craven, Lou Quinn, b. 11/5/1877, d. 6/23/1936, w/o Manley Foster, "Their memory remains as a beacon on a hill top"
Craven, Manley Foster, b. 9/18/1877, d. 8/31/1944, h/o Lou Quinn
Craver, Ella Hepler, b. 2/17/1888, d. 3/11/1915
Crouse, Betsey Briggs, b. 3/1/1896, d. 5/21/1946
Crouse, Mary Bird Blackwell, b. 12/7/1892, d. 7/14/1988
Crouse, Nannis, b. 4/15/1893, d. 5/29/1973
Culpepper, Nora Clodfelter, b. 3/9/1898, d. 4/30/1985
Curry, Jefferson C., no dates, Son of Wm & Eve Curry, aged 7m -dys, very worn
Curry, Smith, d. 12/15/1882, Aged 26y 15d, Gone but not forgotten
Dace?, Sarah, b. 3/20/1838, d. 12/2/1848, Unsure of last name, hard to read
Darr, Catharine, d. 3/7/1837, "Wdo of Henry Darr, aged 81yrs 10m 13d, Mother of 11 children, grandmother of 12, and great-grandmother………" Old German Stone
Darr, Daniel C., b. 8/7/1848, d. 5/20/1870, s/o Henry & S., aged 20y 9m 13d
Darr, Eli E., b. 7/13/1835, d. 1/16/1854, Aged 18ys 6ms 3ds
Darr, Elizabeth, b. 4/6/1828, d. 2/22/1895, w/o Solomon, age 66yrs 10m 16dys
Darr, Elizabeth, d. 1/13/1893, w/o W. A., aged 46yrs 0ms 3ds, not sure abt Jan, hard to read
Darr, Frances, b. 12/15/1831, d. 2/14/1901, Aged 69yrs 1m 29ds
Darr, George C., b. 1884, d. 6/2/1895, Son of J.C.& E. Darr, aged 11y's 1m's 4d's
Darr, George L., b. 8/12/1822, d. 1/17/1878, Age 55y 5m
Darr, Henry, b. 12/2/1819, d. 8/29/1879
Darr, Infant Son, b. 11/22/1858, d. 11/22/1858, Infant Son of S.& M. Darr
Darr, John H? B?, b. 9/10/1855, d. 6/23/1892, Aged 36yrs 9ms 13ds
Darr, Lueller J., d. 9/29/1870, d/o G.L.& M.B. aged 2y 11m 8d
Darr, Mary, d. 9/19/1870, Age 5y
Darr, Melchior, b. 10/13/1790, d. 4/15/1862, Aged 71y's 6m's 2d's
Darr, Molly, d. 6/14/1887, w/o Andrew, 88y 11m 20d
Darr, Solomon, b. 7/10/1815, d. 2/13/1885, Aged 69yrs 2ms & 3ds, "Farewell dear ones weep not for me though on earth no more I be only trust Him and when life is over Happy will be our meeting on the other shore"
Darr, Susanna, b. -/9/1791, d. 11/2/1876, w/o Melchior, aged 85yrs 11dys
Darr, Susannah, b. 3/15/1824, d. 7/26/1850, "In Memory of…
Darr, W. A., Jr., d. 2/6/1906, Aged 27yrs 2mo 21dys, Gone but not forgotten
Davis, John Herman, b. 6/12/1916, d. 4/12/2003, h/o Katherine Hedrick, M: 6/24/1945
Davis, Neta Emeline Everhart, b. 1/11/1859, d. 4/23/1940, "His Wife", w/o Wm. Victor, "Till We Meet Again"
Davis, William Victor, b. 7/3/1856, d. 12/28/1940, h/o Neta Emeline Everhart, "Till We Meet Again"
Daye, Rev. Carl Theodore, b. 6/28/1921, d. 4/2/1989
Dillard, Annie V., b. 4/17/1894, d. 6/24/1938, "Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal"
Dorr, Henry, b. ??, d. ??, Old German Stone, can't read
Dorsett, Margaret Andrew, b. 10/7/1924, d. 11/28/1990, w/o Robert Edison
Dorsett, Robert Edison, b. 4/9/1917, d. 9/7/1992, h/o Margaret Andrew, Sgt US Army WWII **Purple Heart**
Eddinger, C., b. 5/12/1805, d. 6/5/1870
Eddinger, Christopher, b. 1720, d. 1802, Pvt Graham Regt NY Militia REV WAR
Eddinger, David, b. 1846, d. 1864, Pvt Co C NC Jr Res CSA
Eddinger, George W., b. 1837, d. 1862, Pvt Co B 48 NC Inf CSA
Eddinger, John R., b. 1825, d. 1864, Pvt Co B 48 NC Inf CSA
Eddinger, John, b. 1799, d. 12/10/1862, Aged 63yrs, "Sleep on dear father"
Eddinger, Philip H., b. 1839, d. 1862, Pvt Co B 48 NC Inf CSA
Eddinger, William M., Sr., b. 1/17/1833, d. 2/9/1879, Pvt Co B 48Inf NC Trp. Conf. States Army, aged 46yrs & 22dys
Eddinger-Mallard, Nancy Jane, b. 1843, d. -1883, "Mother", "Wife of Robt. Mallard, aged 40yrs, born 1843"
Edwards, J. W., b. 1/2/1849, d. 4/19/1921, "Farewell, my wife & children all. From you a father Christ doth call"
Eskridge, Infant Son, no dates, buried with Margaret, ch of John W. & Cora Clodfelter Eskridge
Eskridge, Margaret, no dates, Age 2yrs & 9 mo. Dau of John W. & Cora Clodfelter Eskridge, buried with baby brother
Essick, Amanda, b. 9/17/1840, d. 3/15/1923, "Mother", w/o John, "prepare to meet us in Heaven"
Essick, Andrew L., b. 5/22/1870, d. 12/13/1956, h/o Ola Westmoreland & Florence Wagner
Essick, Elmer, b. 7/14/1908, d. 4/7/2000, "He lived until he died"
Essick, Florence Wagner, b. 5/20/1867, d. 7/29/1930, 2nd w/o Andrew L
Essick, Foil, b. 12/18/1903, d. 9/10/1983
Essick, J. Dewitt, b. 1/6/1880, d. 6/28/1935, h/o Nora B. Mendenhall
Essick, John, b. 10/12/1840, d. 2/26/197X, "Father", h/o Amanda, "Prepare to meet us in Heaven", can't read last digit on year of death
Essick, Mary Lucille, b. 6/24/1919, d. 4/9/1920, Dau of W.A.& S.V. Essick
Essick, Nora B. Mendenhall, b. 4/1/1891, d. 5/5/1978, w/o J. Dewitt
Essick, Ola Westmoreland, d. 10/13/1896, 1st w/o Andrew L
Essick, Robert Clifton "Rob", b. 6/3/1916, d. 1/13/1991, In Loving Memory
Essick, Sarah Valda, b. 1/20/1892, d. 9/14/1974
Essick, Sula Glenn, b. 9/13/1908, d. 1/27/1993
Essick, William Avery, b. 1/23/1884, d. 9/14/1971
Everhart, ----, b. 9/5/1915, d. 2/20/1930?, Top of stone gone, crumbled
Everhart, ----, d. 7/6/1902?, Aged 84yrs 21dys, very worn, hard to read
Everhart, Alline L., b. 1905, d. 1925, "Gone but not forgotten"
Everhart, Alpheus M., b. 3/31/1906, d. 6/17/1907, s/o David & Maggie
Everhart, Alvin Berlie, b. 10/8/1910, d. 2/29/1996, h/o Onell Blaylock, m: 12/24/1934
Everhart, Andrew Allen, b. 2/27/1877, d. 5/9/1953
Everhart, Baxter F., b. 3/15/1901, d. 3/17/1971, h/o Beulah L
Everhart, Bernie E., b. 1/30/1891, d. 10/7/1917, "Woodmen of the World"
Everhart, Bertie Lee, b. 1/14/1894, d. 7/23/1894, Dau of Samuel L.& Ida Everhart
Everhart, Beulah Clark, b. 11/23/1904, d. 1/13/2001
Everhart, Beulah L., b. 4/1/1906, d. 12/4/1990, w/o Baxter F
Everhart, Brady Lee, b. 11/21/1891, d. 6/26/1989, h/o Rosa Nifong
Everhart, Brantley, b. 7/15/1888, d. 7/31/1910, "Not Lost but Gone Before"
Everhart, C. Elwood, b. 5/10/1899, d. 6/18/1957
Everhart, Callie Miller, b. 4/12/1869, d. 12/25/1946, "our father which are in heaven", shares headstone with Gracie, probably her dau
Everhart, Carl, d. 12/20/1903, Son of Chas & Lina, aged 17days
Everhart, Carol Stewart, b. 9/30/1935, d. 9/7/1989, w/o Paul Baxter
Everhart, Carrie Edna, b. 6/17/1906, d. 10/20/2001
Everhart, Catherine, b. 1/25/1833, d. 10/5/1854, Dau of D.& E.L., aged 25y 7m 10d
Everhart, Charles, b. 3/26/1879, d. 10/15/1950, "Husband", h/o Lina Frazier
Everhart, Charlie Lee, b. 7/11/1881, d. 8/26/1959, h/o Fannie Lopp
Everhart, Clarence E., Jr., b. 9/25/1931, d. 3/2/1977, PFC US Army Korea
Everhart, Clyde Casper, b. 4/21/1915, d. 8/18/1999, h/o Virgie L. Beck, EM2 US Navy WWII
Everhart, Crawford Hoyt, b. 6/19/1928, d. 11/9/1986, "Father", h/o Lena Hepler, M: 8/5/1947
Everhart, Daughter, d. 1901?, Dau of ? & Lizzie, very hard to read
Everhart, David L., b. 8/16/1881, d. 4/22/1947, h/o Maggie M
Everhart, Donald Vann, Sr., b. 8/31/1928, d. 7/5/2003, h/o Frankie Carter, "Father"
Everhart, Earl Smith, b. 9/28/1921, d. 12/3/1998, h/o Mary Leonard, "Just Away"
Everhart, Eddie F., d. 10/2/1914, Son of J.R.&M.R., aged 18yrs 5ms 22ds, Gone but not forgotten
Everhart, Elias, b. 11/2/1843, d. 1/4/1896
Everhart, Elijah Raymond, b. 11/9/1878, d. 4/16/1941, h/o Ida Fox
Everhart, Emmett Hill, b. 7/16/1882, d. 5/2/1918
Everhart, Ersie Swing, b. 9/7/1918, d. 3/18/2002, w/o James F
Everhart, Etta V., b. 7/16/1893, d. 11/1/1894, Dau of W.S.& Sarah Everhart, "Our Darling"
Everhart, Fannie Lopp, b. 8/11/1879, d. 5/11/1916, w/o Charlie Lee
Everhart, Fay McGraw, b. 5/28/1915, d. 5/20/2000, w/o Ira Flay, "Life is changed not taken away"
Everhart, Felix, b. Jan 1842, d. Feb-05, Confederate Flag flying�no military memorial
Everhart, G. W., b. 1875, d. 1939, "Darling Son thou hast left us, and they loss we deeply feel, but tis God that hath bereft us, He can all our sorrows heal. Gone, but not forgotten"
Everhart, Gene Raymond, b. 10/6/1939, d. 10/6/1939, Infant Son of Mr. & Mrs. R.L. Everhart
Everhart, Geneva Florence, b. 3/3/1934, d. 4/30/1934, Dau of H.C.& Corrina Everhart
Everhart, George Kohler, b. 10/29/1903, d. 8/5/1922
Everhart, George, d. 9/12/1877, Aged 70y 4m 6d
Everhart, Gladys Mae, b. 2/13/1923, d. 12/7/1926, Dau of H.C.& Corrina Everhart
Everhart, Gracie, b. 4/23/1895, d. 12/12/1965, Shares headstone with Callie, who is probably her mother
Everhart, Grant Olin, b. 1/31/1899, d. 8/14/1923, "Gone to Rest"
Everhart, Herman Carl, b. 11/30/1930, d. 1/25/1931, Son of H.C.& Corrina Everhart
Everhart, Ida Elizabeth Essick, b. 5/15/1874, d. 8/31/1971, "His Wife", w/o Samuel Lindsay
Everhart, Ida Fox, b. 11/4/1887, d. 9/21/1947, w/o E. Raymond
Everhart, Infant Dau., b. 12/26/1914, d. 12/26/1914, Inf. Dau of Joseph & Sarah Everhart
Everhart, Infant Dau., b. 6/28/1943, d. 6/28/1943, Inf. Dau of Mr.& Mrs. James F. Everhart
Everhart, Infant Son, b. 8/23/1939, d. 8/23/1939, Inf. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Clyde Everhart
Everhart, Ira Flay, b. 2/24/1904, d. 10/15/1974, h/o Fay McGraw, "Life is changed not taken away"
Everhart, J. Robert, d. 4/6/1902, Aged 36yrs 9ms 14ds
Everhart, James Bruce, b. 11/6/1944, d. 1/1/1946, Son of Mr. & Mrs. James F. Everhart
Everhart, James Franklin, b. 1/11/1922, d. 7/3/1981, h/o Ersie Swing
Everhart, Jessie Pearl, b. 12/31/1899, d. 1/2/1910, Dau of N.J.& A.E. Everhart
Everhart, John Samuel, b. 10/6/1920, d. 2/25/1977, h/o Joyce Smith "Precious Lord Take My Hand", PFC US Army WWII
Everhart, Joseph, b. 7/1/1859, d. 1/15/1940, h/o Sarah Jane Hepler
Everhart, Julian Parker, b. 3/30/1872, d. 4/9/1928
Everhart, Kneele, b. 2/14/1890, d. 7/11/1916?, Age 20yrs 6mo 16dys, hard to read
Everhart, Lena Hepler, b. 1/1/1931, d. 11/25/1996, "Mother", w/o Crawford Hoyt, M: 8/5/1947
Everhart, Lewis R., d. 2/2/1912, Aged 53yrs 2dys
Everhart, Lewis, no dates, German Stone mostly in ground, no dates show
Everhart, Lina Frazier, b. 10/27/1886, d. 5/23/1977, "Wife", w/o Charles, "Just Away"
Everhart, Lola Effie, b. 12/3/1898, d. 4/2/1980
Everhart, Lula J., no dates, Dau of L.H.& M.L.??
Everhart, Lula, b. 4/1/1874, d. 9/14/1963
Everhart, Maggie M., b. 8/24/1882, d. 2/21/1971, w/o David L
Everhart, Margaret Fritts, b. 7/4/1868, d. 7/22/1928, w/o John Robert, "Turn your eyes upon Jesus"
Everhart, Margaret J., b. 3/5/1849, d. 1/18/1923
Everhart, Margaret, d. 5/27/1890, w/o George, aged 81y 4m 10d
Everhart, Margarett, b. 9/22/1841, d. 3/23/1915, Aged 73yrs 5mos 29dys, w/o Peter F
Everhart, Martha Jane, b. 1854, d. 1940, w/o Elias "Gods Gift is eternal life make her to be numbered with thy saints in glory everlasting mother"
Everhart, Mary E., d. 8/14/1915, w/o L.H., aged 48yrs
Everhart, Minnie Estella, b. 12/31/1915, d. 11/9/1923, Dau of Brady & Rosa Everhart
Everhart, Mollie, d. 3/26/1913, Dau of L.H.& M.E., aged 31yrs 2ms 11ds
Everhart, Nancy, b. 1/17/1813, d. 11/11/1902, Aged 87yrs 9mo 21ds
Everhart, Ocko F., b. 10/25/1920, d. 9/20/1944, NC Pvt 7 Inf 3 Inf Div. WWII
Everhart, Onell Blaylock, b. 1/11/1915, d. 6/11/1987, w/o Alvin Berlie, M: 12/24/1934
Everhart, Ora N., d. 8/2/1907, w/o A.A., aged 24yrs 3ms 19ds, "The angels called her"
Everhart, Peter F., b. 6/4/1852, d. 7/27/1925, Aged 73yrs 1mo 23dys, h/o Margarett
Everhart, Peter, b. 1754, d. 1836, Rev. War Solder, remembered on Special Monument
Everhart, Raymond Lester, b. Aug-15, d. Oct-15
Everhart, Rebecca C., d. 2/21/1888, w/o Emanuel, aged 42ys 5ms 28ds, Gone but not Forgotten
Everhart, Richard O., b. 8/4/1926, d. 12/6/1928, Son of R.L.& L.M
Everhart, Rosa Nifong, b. 8/1/1895, d. 1/23/1973, w/o Brady Lee
Everhart, Sallie E. May, b. 12/8/1852, d. 6/11/1898, w/o J.M., "Our loved ones asleep in Jesus, blessed thou art"
Everhart, Samuel Lindsay, b. 4/4/1866, d. 7/9/1907, h/o Ida Elizabeth Essick
Everhart, Samuel, b. 6/11/1853, d. 6/14/1913
Everhart, Sarah C., d. 3/23/1909, Aged 54yrs 7ms 22ds
Everhart, Sarah Christiana Hill, b. 11/21/1868, d. 1/4/1949, w/o Wm. Sherman
Everhart, Sarah Jane Hepler, b. 10/31/1873, d. 12/2/1928, w/o Joseph
Everhart, Solomon, b. 6/19/1818, d. 10/21/1857, Aged 39y 6m 2d/ Old German stone
Everhart, Valentine, b. 11/13/181x, d. 1/3/189x, 77y 3m ? days
Everhart, Vernon Franklin, b. 10/13/1912, d. 10/31/1914
Everhart, William Harper, b. 1875, d. 1959
Everhart, William Sherman, b. 8/11/1865, d. 12/3/1943, h/o Sarah Christiana Hill
Everhart, Willie F., b. 4/1/1928, d. 4/6/1928, Son of Mr & Mrs. R. L
Everhart, Winford, d. 10/2/191X, Aged 5m 14d, last number gone…worn away
Farabee, Jackie Ward, b. 3/2/1930, d. 6/12/2003, w/o Robert Luther
Fine, Adam Clark, b. 2/1/1912, d. 9/25/1981, US Army WWII, "Husband" "Father", h/o Helen Miller
Fine, Helen Miller, b. 1/12/1915, d. 8/30/1988, "mother", w/o Adam Clark
Fine, Jennie Clarke, b. 8/20/1874, d. 7/4/1956, w/o Rev. J. H. Fine
Floyd, Bobbie Ray, b. 4/14/1938, d. 7/17/1938
Floyd, James Gilmer, b. 12/26/1912, d. 10/30/1955, "Asleep in Jesus"
Freedle, Catharine, b. 6/15/1836, d. 6/18/1859
Freedle, Jane Lohr, b. 8/25/1878, d. 12/13/1907, "Mother is not dead, only sleeping"
Freedle, Jerome Lee, b. 11/10/1878, d. 6/14/1897, Aged 18ys 7m's 4ds
Freedle, Pollie, b. 11/15/1836, d. 9/24/1912, w/o Wm. E
Freedle, William E., b. 2/1/1831, d. 4/5/1905, h/o Pollie
Fritts, Adaline Grubb, b. 1/9/1846, d. 2/26/1922, w/o Henderson
Fritts, Amos, b. 9/8/1829, d. ??, Aged 55y ?m 25d
Fritts, Anna P. Frank, b. 10/8/1839, d. Nov-08, w/o Smith Fritts
Fritts, Eli, b. 4/16/1832, d. 11/23/1850, Ag'd 18yrs 7ms 7ds
Fritts, Fannie Myers, b. 4/5/1866, d. 10/1/1937, w/o W.M
Fritts, Fred Franklin, d. 6/5/1908, Son of Jas. F.& J.A. Fritts, aged 12ys 9ms 26ds
Fritts, George, b. 1753, d. 1845, Rev. War Soldier, remembered on Special Monument
Fritts, George, b. 6/27/1787, d. 6/6/1856, Aged 68yrs 11m's 18d's
Fritts, Henderson, b. 4/21/1834, d. 12/24/1908, Age 74yrs 8m 3ds, h/o Adaline Grubb
Fritts, James F., b. 11/1/1858, d. 4/11/1930, h/o Julia A
Fritts, John, b. 10/30/1850, d. Jan 1851?, Aged 2m 18dys, very hard to read
Fritts, John, b. 1836, d. 2/16/1897, "Beloved One Farewell"
Fritts, Julia A., b. 3/19/1866, d. 9/23/1941, w/o James F
Fritts, Lu Alley, b. 12/22/1812, d. 4/12/1840, Age 26yrs 5m 20d
Fritts, Lucretia A., d. 2/8/1860, Aged 23y 7m 4d
Fritts, Sarah, d. 6/10/1856, Aged 65yr & 9m
Fritts, Smith, d. 2/12/1905, Aged 26yrs 1mo 11dys
Fritts, Susanna, d. 5/12/1855, Infant Dau of Geo. & Mary Ann Fritts
Fritts, William Martin, b. 5/29/1869, d. 3/23/1943, h/o Fannie
Fritts, William, b. 4/18/xxxx, d. xxxx, Can't read dates
Fritz, John, b. 5/7/1780, d. 2/24/1841, Might be 1847, very old, very worn
Fritz, Wooldrich, d. 11/2/1781, Aged 50 yrs, Rev War Soldier
Glover, Elizabeth Clodfelter, b. 1/30/1941, d. 5/23/1995
Green, Abigail, b. 11/18/1818, d. 9/?/????, Old German Stone
Green, Benjamin, b. 9/27/1796, d. 4/19/1871, h/o Elizabeth
Green, Charles Alpheus, b. 7/29/1862, d. 7/30/1902
Green, Charlie Smith, b. 8/10/1862, d. 7/9/1910, Aged 47yrs 10mo 29ds, "At Rest", h/o Ida Frances
Green, Elizabeth, b. 7/11/1812, d. 2/10/1860, w/o Benj
Green, Emily, b. 12/29/1898, d. 9/23/1955
Green, Ida Frances Underwood, b. 8/5/1870, d. 12/20/1953, w/o Charlie Smith
Green, Joe Allen, b. 10/20/1924, d. 1/2/1925, Son of J.A.& Leona Green, age 2mos 13dys
Green, Kemp Smith, b. 10/9/1890, d. 3/17/1959, "The God of Peace Shall be With You"
Green, M. Elizabeth, b. 2/20/1868, d. 6/17/1941
Green, Mamie K., d. 1/31/1899, Aged 14ys & 6 ds, "Asleep in Jesus"
Green, Mary E., d. 8/20/1921, Age abt 82yrs
Green, R. Smith, d. 3/3/1908, Aged 81ys 2ms 2ds
Green, Sally, b. 1/10/1797, d. 8/26/1855, w/o Benjamin, aged 58yrs 7mo
Green, Sarah, b. ??, d. 5/20/18XX, Dates buried, can't read, Old German Stone
Green, Virginia S., d. 7/24/1906, Aged 42y 5m 26d, "Resting in hope of a glorious resurrection"
Green, Walter L., d. 4/17/1902, Son of R.S.& M.J. Green, aged 24yrs 11ms 21ds
Green-Leigh, Sallie F., b. 1/28/1866, d. 2/26/1898, w/o W.W.Leigh, "Rock of Ages" "Gone but not forgotten"
Grimes, Augusta, b. 9/11/1855, d. 7/21/1859, Dau of Peter & S. Grimes
Grimes, Charlie, b. Sept 1867, d. 1870, Son of V.L.& SAE Grimes
Grimes, H. Lafayette, d. 5/4/1902, Aged 32yrs 10ms 15ds, "God's finger touched him and he slept"
Grimes, John Charles, b. 1761, d. 1830, h/o Barb, REV WAR Patriot, Placed by Old North State Chapter DAR
Grimes, John P., b. 9/16/1857, d. 3/27/1878, Son of Peter & S., aged 20yr 6ms 11ds
Grimes, Maggie N., d. 1/5/1894, w/o H.L., aged 22yrs 3mo 15ds
Grimes, Martha Evelyn, b. 9/23/1852, d. 12/4/1946, Age 94yrs 2mo 11das, w/o Rhuben H
Grimes, Rhuben H., b. 5/22/1842, d. 10/10/1917, Age 75yr 4m 18d, h/o Martha Evelyn
Grimes, Susan, d. 1/23/1883, w/o Peter Grimes, aged 60y 10mo 6dy
Gross, Martha C., d. 5/7/1907, w/o M.H., aged 62yrs
Grubb, Obadiak, b. 5/7/1855, d. 4/22/1939, Aged 83yrs 11mos 16dys, At Rest

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