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Pilgrim Lutheran Cemetery
Lexington, Davidson County, North Carolina

Lat: 35° 51' 43"N, Lon: 80° 12' 26"W

Contributed by Kathy Mills, Jul 25, 2006, last edited Jul 28, 2006 [ke6pxx@yahoo.com]. Total records = 211.

In the town of Lexington, take Hwy 8 north to City Lake Road, turn right at the T-intersection of Ridge Rd. & City Lake Road. Turn Left onto Ridge Road and follow to Church on the left. Cemetery next to church grounds.

This cemetery is owned and maintained by the Pilgrim Lutheran Church. It dates back to the early 1900s and is still being uses for burials today.

I walked and read this cemetery in June of 2006, using my digital camera. This includes all existing and legible headstones and markers to that date.

- Kathy Mills
Anthony, Infant, no dates, Dau of Mr. & Mrs. Anthony
Atkins, Ruth, b. 9/1/1931, d. 4/22/1932, Dau of Jesse & Sarah
Berrier, Edna Whisenant, b. 8/23/1911, d. 3/19/1997, w/o Henry Grady
Berrier, Franklin D., b. 7/25/1908, d. 1908, Son of W. B. & M. E. Berrier
Berrier, Henry Grady, b. 3/2/1905, d. 10/12/1992, h/o Edna Whisenant
Berrier, Richard Neil, b. 7/9/1934, d. 6/24/1992, h/o Reba Ann Thomason
Berrier, William, b. 6/10/1906, d. 3/3/1910, Age 3y 1m 23ds
Bloh, Martha Sink, b. 9/28/1941, d. 9/23/1990, w/o Robert Edgar, m: 8/10/1963
Bloh, Robert Edgar, b. 7/24/1938, d. no date, h/o Martha Sink Bloh
Buckner, Tempie Jones, b. 6/27/1906, d. 7/24/1950
Byrd, Joel Scott, b. 2/1/1966, d. 8/28/2004, "In Loving Memory"
Clodfelter, Daniel A., b. 8/22/1838, d. 7/3/1918, PVT Co 1 2 Regt NC State Troops, Confederate States Army
Clodfelter, Daniel A., b. 8/22/1838, d. 7/3/1918, h/o Elesia
Clodfelter, Elesia, b. 8/26/1854, d. 2/5/1910, w/o Daniel A., age 55y 5m 9d
Collins, Thad, b. 6/22/1987, d. 6/22/1987, Infant Son of Kenneth & Libby
Conrad, Bettie Jean, b. 2/12/1929, d. 2/21/1929, Dau of Mr. & Mrs. G. C. Conrad
Conrad, Charles Jason, b. 1/10/1893, d. 11/12/1989, h/o Mary Lohr
Conrad, Charlie L., b. 10/4/1855, d. 2/6/1945, h/o Julia C. Sink
Conrad, Cicero C., b. 7/27/1881, d. 10/15/1995, "Husband", h/o Luella "God is and all is well"
Conrad, Clayton Hill, b. 7/15/1910, d. 7/25/1979, h/o Elda Mae Sink
Conrad, David Clayton, b. 3/25/1945, d. 7/22/2002, "Paw Paw I Love You, Jerod"
Conrad, Elda Mae Sink, b. 6/21/1916, d. 8/9/2001, w/o Clayton Hill
Conrad, Fleta Thelma, b. 7/19/1905, d. 1/16/1994
Conrad, George W., b. 2/9/1852, d. 11/18/1931, h/o Mary Ann Elizabeth Leonard
Conrad, Grover C., b. 1/6/1885, d. 8/15/1950, h/o Ora Lohr
Conrad, Grover Clarence, b. 2/1/1921, d. 3/30/1926?, Son of G.C.& O.M. Conrad
Conrad, Hester M., b. 3/27/1904, d. 6/13/1905, Dau of C.C. &L.E. Conrad, aged 1y 2m 16d
Conrad, Infants (2), b. 5/11/1904, d. 5/11/1904, Two (twin) infants of M.H.& M.A. "Budded on earth to bloom in Heaven"
Conrad, James Madison, b. 10/28/1912, d. 10/30/1912
Conrad, John David, b. 6/19/1931, d. 3/21/1932, Son of Mr. & Mrs. G.C. Conrad
Conrad, Julia C. Sink, b. June 1862, d. 8/11/1936, w/o Charlie L.
Conrad, Lottie, b. 8/3/1841, d. 12/21/1926, "His Wife", w/o Wm. J.
Conrad, Luella, b. 1/12/1872, d. 10/25/1953, "Wife", w/o Cicero C., "God is and all is well"
Conrad, M. Hill, b. 8/5/1880, d. 2/6/1947, h/o Minnie A. Young & Rose Coley
Conrad, Madison Hill Jr., b. 2/15/1919, d. 2/2/1998, h/o Sarah Taylor
Conrad, Margaret Cathrine, b. 10/28/1912, d. 9/29/1917, Dau of M.H.& M. A., "Budded on earth to bloom in Heaven"
Conrad, Mary Ann Elizabeth Leonard, b. 12/26/1853, d. 10/12/1930, "His Wife", w/o Geo. W.
Conrad, Mary B., b. 5/14/1835, d. 6/8/1926, "Asleep in Jesus"
Conrad, Mary Lohr, b. 5/19/1899, d. 8/18/1990, w/o Charles Jason
Conrad, Minnie A. Young, b. 10/21/1883, d. 7/8/1915, 1st Wife of M.H. Conrad, aged 31yrs 9m 17d
Conrad, Ora Lohr, b. 3/13/1894, d. 1/10/1980, w/o Grover C.
Conrad, Rose Coley, b. 1/9/1885, d. 6/17/1972, 2nd Wife of M.H.Conrad
Conrad, Sarah Taylor, b. 4/5/1928, d. 10/1/1993, w/o Madison Jr.
Conrad, William J., b. 1/19/1839, d. 4/25/1909, h/o Lottie
Crutchfield, Jerry D., b. 9/12/1921, d. 11/26/1957, NC MOMM2 USNR WWII
Darr, Ada Eulala Sink Darr, b. 2/12/1873, d. 5/3/1912, w/o Henry Julian Darr
Darr, Eddie W., b. 1/23/1939, d. 1/23/1939, Son of H.E.& Lucille, "Gone So Soon"
Darr, Frank H., b. 6/5/1909, d. 8/7/1910, s/o J. A. & Lula Darr
Darr, Henry Julian, b. 4/23/1866, d. 2/22/1935, h/o Ada Eulala Sink Darr
Darr, John V., b. 10/19/1900, d. 10/17/1942, h/o Thelma Jennings
Darr, Julius A., b. 8/22/1860, d. 4/15/1910, h/o Lula Sink, "Resting til the Resurrection morn"
Darr, Lula Sink, b. 3/4/1868, d. 4/27/1935, "His Wife" w/o Julius A. "Resting til the Resurrection morn"
Darr, M. Barbara, b. 12/17/1832, d. 10/28/1911, "Mother", w/o Geo. L., aged 28y 10m 11ds, "Just Waiting over There"
Darr, Rosa K., b. 8/5/1896, d. 2/6/1909
Darr, Thelma Jennings, b. 8/26/1899, d. 11/16/1973, "His Wife", w/o John V.
Essick, Pearl Everhart, b. 12/30/1904, d. 12/27/1996, w/o Thomas Washington
Essick, Thomas Washington, b. 8/22/1900, d. 5/25/1984, h/o Pearl Everhart
Everhart, Adam Frisco, b. 1/8/1907, d. 10/28/1997, h/o Mary Reid Sink Everhart
Everhart, Claytie Myers, b. 4/28/1907, d. 4/3/1967, w/o Eddie Charles "Rest in Peace"
Everhart, Eddie Charles, b. 4/8/1909, d. 8/22/1996, PVT US Army WWII, h/o Claytie Myers, Rest in Peace
Everhart, Edward, b. 6/7/1852, d. 5/5/1930, h/o Ruth Catherine Mayab
Everhart, Emma Lee Conrad, b. 2/21/1883, d. 9/24/1947, "His Wife", w/o Hill
Everhart, Hill, b. 9/22/1880, d. 3/23/1965, h/o Emma Lee Conrad
Everhart, Katharine, b. 1/9/1845, d. 11/14/1931
Everhart, Mary Reid Sink, b. 1/8/1912, d. 7/27/1986, w/o Adam Frisco Everhart
Everhart, Ruth Catherine Mayab, b. 8/23/1878, d. 10/16/1952, "His Wife", w/o Edward
Everhart, Susanah, b. 1/15/1831, d. 7/2/1922, w/o John
Everhart, Tony Wayne, b. 3/17/1952, d. 4/18/2003, "An Inspiration to all who knew Him"
Everhart, Valentine, b. 4/5/1921, d. 5/27/2003, h/o Margaret Alley
Everhart, Wilbur, b. 9/29/1818, d. 4/9/1982, Tec 5 US Army WWII (Shike) "Father", h/o Muriel Hedrick, M: 11/23/1942
Freedle, Ida E., b. 9/10/1889, d. 6/3/1912, Age 22y 8m 27d, w/o W. D. Freedle
Freedle, L. J., b. 9/18/1856, d. 4/9/1954, "Sisters"
Freedle, S. C., b. 1/1/1875, d. 7/4/1958, "Sisters"
Freedle, Vaden Myers, b. 7/14/1890, d. 3/6/1968
Freedle, William D., b. 10/9/1872, d. 4/19/1944
Freedle, William, b. 5/16/1869, d. 5/30/1943
Griffin, Ray Upson, b. 3/4/1932, d. 11/14/1990, h/o Nell Sink
Grimes, Mary Louise, b. 10/28/1907, d. 8/16/1966
Grimes, May Conrad, b. 10/9/1880, d. 7/9/1954, "His Wife", w/o Millard Fillmore
Grimes, Millard Fillmore, b. 2/14/1878, d. 9/15/1928, h/o May Conrad
Hedrick, Adam, b. 5/24/1837, d. 2/20/1914, "father", aged 76y 8m 26d
Hedrick, Charles Clifton, b. 9/19/1911, d. 7/20/1983, h/o Marie Wilhelm
Hedrick, Charles R., b. 8/28/1860, d. 1/30/1935, h/o Lula Hedrick
Hedrick, Etta, d. 5/19/1905, w/o CR, aged 28yrs 3mo 15dys
Hedrick, Hallie Rie, b. 10/18/1885, d. 6/13/1961
Hedrick, Infant Dau, b. 10/28/1908, d. 10/28/1908, Inf. Dau of CR&LL Hedrick
Hedrick, Julia A., b. 5/26/1860, d. 4/24/1917, Aged 56yrs 10m 25dys
Hedrick, Lula, b. 4/15/1874, d. 3/22/1955, w/o Charles R. Hedrick
Hedrick, Marie Wilhelm, b. 7/6/1914, d. 9/14/1999, w/o Charles Clifton
Hedrick, Moses P., b. 4/30/1852, d. 12/23/1921, "Gone but Not Forgotten"
Horton, Michael Eugene, b. 5/13/1955, d. 12/5/1987, "Father" "Love Lives On", M: 4/15/1986, h/o Margaret Wagner
Jones, Earl N. "Tex", b. 6/7/1923, d. 4/26/1993, "A friend to all"
Leatherman, Johnny L., b. 10/3/1913, d. 12/26/1954, h/o Ruby E. Sink
Ledford, Eunice Sarah, b. 2/26/1902, d. 11/7/1969
Leonard, Franey, d. 8/4/1905, Aged 27yrs 8m
Manning, Joel Monroe, b. 6/22/1916, d. 8/11/1996, h/o Louise Sink
Manning, Louise Sink, b. 10/27/1914, d. 8/29/1988, w/o Joel
Mayab, Franklin, d. 3/2/1909, Aged 53yr 5day
Mayab, Lucy, d. 5/29/1919, w/o Franklin, aged 53yrs
Merrell, Rebecca A. Conrad, b. 10/8/1847, d. 6/24/1934, Wife of John A.
Proto, Ralph Santo, Sr., b. 3/12/1918, d. 7/11/1985, PFC US Army Air Corps WWII, h/o Lena Sink
Ragan, James W., b. 7/8/1893, d. 3/25/1958, "Husband", h/o Nola Ledford
Ragan, Mary I., b. Feb 1928, d. Jul 1928, Dau of Mr & Mrs JW Ragan "Asleep in Jesus"
Ragan, Nola Ledford, b. 7/11/1894, d. 5/9/1987, "Wife", w/o James W.
Sink, Abner Julian, b. 2/18/1883, d. 11/22/1962, h/o Augusta Belle Beck Sink
Sink, Ada Eulala Darr, b. 2/12/1873, d. 5/3/1942, "His Wife", w/o Henry Julian
Sink, Ada Pearl, b. 12/15/1883, d. 11/1/1978
Sink, Adam A., b. 3/6/1860, d. 6/16/1941, h/o Mary C.
Sink, Albertine, b. 11/6/1829, d. 3/2/1905, w/o Gideon Sink, age 75yr 3m 26d
Sink, Andrew, b. 2/5/1842, d. 11/11/1930, h/o Mary Jane Sink
Sink, Andrew, d. 10/24/1853, AE 46yrs 1mo & 8ds
Sink, Annie Louise Bergman, b. 8/16/1885, d. 6/24/1972, w/o John L. Sink, "Lula"
Sink, Augusta Belle Beck, b. 10/9/1883, d. 3/1/1963, w/o Abner Julian Sink
Sink, Barbara E.(lizabeth) Hinkle, b. 3/10/1862, d. 5/22/1940, w/o David Henderson Sink
Sink, Bayard Franklin, b. 9/30/1912, d. 11/23/1974
Sink, Beatrice M., b. 11/1/1916, d. 5/19/2001
Sink, Betty Holt, b. 8/11/1917, d. 3/25/1998, w/o Rev. Olin Ward Sink
Sink, Callie E., b. 10/24/1861, d. 1/31/1940, w/o Jacob F., age 78y 3m 8d
Sink, Charles Clayton, b. 11/21/1932, d. 12/30/1998
Sink, Charles Foy, d. 4/19/1917, "son"
Sink, Charlie Monroe, b. 7/9/1881, d. 12/4/1957, h/o Lillie Wagner Sink
Sink, Clarence C., b. 12/13/1910, d. 7/10/1989, h/o Dorothy W.
Sink, Clayton B., b. 9/14/1879, d. 4/19/1956, h/o Lula May Sink
Sink, Clem Clodfelter, b. 6/25/1897, d. 10/26/1985, h/o Mary Ila
Sink, Crissie Jane, b. 12/9/1840, d. 10/23/1907, w/o Matthias Sink, age 66y 10m 14d
Sink, Daniel Alan, b. 5/27/1952, d. 1/20/1999
Sink, David Franklin, b. 8/14/1909, d. 4/13/1960
Sink, David H.(enderson), b. 2/25/1860, d. 10/6/1934, h/o Barbara E. Hinkle Sink
Sink, David Odell, b. 9/25/1902, d. 1/21/1966, h/o Zella Zimmerman Sink
Sink, Della, b. 11/6/1854, d. 9/19/1921, w/o Gideon D. Sink, aged 66 y 10m 18d "At Rest"
Sink, Dermot Bryan, b. 9/30/1908, d. 2/11/1960
Sink, Donna Stoll, b. 3/9/1921, d. 3/7/2004, w/o Woodford Grady Sink
Sink, Dorothy W., b. 4/14/1913, d. 8/8/2004, w/o Clarence C.
Sink, Eallie A., b. 2/14/1847, d. 12/9/1907, w/o O. Sink aged 60y 9m 24d
Sink, Edgar Ray, b. 8/3/1892, d. 6/23/1908, s/o M/M J. L. Sink
Sink, Estella Wagner, b. 1/11/1892, d. 1/13/1979, "Mother", w/o Henry Grady
Sink, Eula Rea Shoaf, b. 6/22/1903, d. 8/6/1993, w/o Grover Hollis Sink
Sink, Gideon D., b. 11/1/1850, d. 11/27/1917, h/o Della Sink , aged 67y 26d, "At Rest",
Sink, Gideon, b. 10/18/1823, d. 6/2/1864, h/o Albertine Sink
Sink, Grover Hollis, b. 10/30/1892, d. 1/4/1954, h/o Eula Rea Shoaf Sink
Sink, Harold Julian, b. 7/2/1919, d. 6/17/1979, SSgt US Army WWII
Sink, Henry Grady, b. 12/25/1889, d. 3/23/1980, "Father", h/o Estella Wagner
Sink, Henry Julian, b. 4/23/1866, d. 2/22/1935, h/o Ada Eulala Darr
Sink, Hilda Virginia, b. 6/28/1921, d. 3/29/1936, d/o M/M John Flay Sink "Budded on earth to Bloom in Heaven"
Sink, Hoyle E., b. 2/20/1917, d. 11/19/1997, "In God's Loving Care" on Sink Monument
Sink, Ida Jane A., b. 8/16/1879, d. 8/9/1971
Sink, J. Carl, b. 3/13/1886, d. 8/19/1972, h/o Virgie E.
Sink, J. Frank, b. 1/13/1881, d. 8/14/1959
Sink, Jacob F., b. 1848, d. 1940, h/o Lucy A. Sink
Sink, Jacob L., b. 12/2/1852, d. 7/11/1934, h/o Mary Ann Josephine Sink
Sink, Jason K., b. 5/11/1861, d. 8/18/1941
Sink, Jeffrey Lane "Jeff", b. 3/29/1966, d. 11/12/1983, "We Love you Jake"
Sink, Joe L., b. 2/16/1882, d. 8/3/1957, h/o Mae Wagner Sink
Sink, Joe Ray, b. 1/30/1920, d. 10/29/1941
Sink, John A., b. 12/24/1877, d. 11/6/1946
Sink, John C., b. 8/1/1911, d. 5/5/1914, Son of John A. & Ida
Sink, John F., b. 1863, d. 1918, h/o Lou T. Sink
Sink, John F., b. 4/12/1855, d. 11/22/1930, h/o Mary E. Hedrick Sink
Sink, John Flay, b. 3/19//1893, d. 8/24/1982, h/o Nora Sink
Sink, John L., b. 9/10/1872, d. 6/3/1944
Sink, Lettie Pearl, b. 8/23/1883, d. 10/7/1972
Sink, Lillie Wagner, b. 6/4/1884, d. 7/6/1961, w/o Charlie Monroe Sink
Sink, Lissie Pearl, b. 3/5/1895, d. 9/19/1989
Sink, Lou T., b. 1866, d. 1933, "His Wife"
Sink, Lucy A., b. 1856, d. 1924, w/o Jacob F.
Sink, Lula May, b. 8/13/1881, d. 2/12/1971, w/o Clayton B.
Sink, Mae Wagner, b. 5/11/1886, d. 1/4/1973, w/o Joe L. Sink
Sink, Mary Ann Josephine, b. 2/27/1857, d. 5/6/1935, w/o Jacob L.
Sink, Mary C., b. 4/9/1873, d. 3/25/1948, w/o Adam A.
Sink, Mary E. Hedrick, b. 1/13/1863, d. 6/27/1923, w/o John F. Sink "The Gift of God is Eternal Life"
Sink, Mary Ella, b. 5/6/1878, d. 3/19/1941, w/o W. Luther Sink
Sink, Mary Ila, b. 12/9/1899, d. 7/18/1990, w/o Clem Clodfelter Sink
Sink, Mary Jane, b. 10/30/1846, d. 5/10/1907, w/o Andrew Sink
Sink, Mary Kathleen Koon, b. 11/1/1913, d. 5/9/1942, w/o W. G. Sink
Sink, Mary Magdalene, b. 10/19/1851, d. 11/28/1933, Age 82y 1m 9d, "Asleep in Jesus"
Sink, Matthias, b. 10/12/1838, d. 8/15/1920, h/o Crissie Jane Sink, age 81y 10m 3d
Sink, Mattie Evans, b. 9/25/1874, d. 7/26/1937
Sink, Melva D. Conrad, b. 3/27/1919, d. 5/13/1953, w/o Harold J. Sink
Sink, Nora Glenna, b. 1/31/1887, d. 12/15/1955
Sink, Nora, b. 5/6/1895, d. 12/4/1992, w/o John Flay Sink
Sink, Obadiah, b. 7/17/1844, d. 2/10/1919, h/o Eallie A.
Sink, Phillip G., b. 3/17/1913, d. 1/10/1924, s/o B.C. & Lula, "Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven"
Sink, Reba, b. 7/7/1900, d. 8/6/1983, d/o Jason & Mattie Sink
Sink, Rebekah Love, b. 9/16/1942, d. 5/13/1953, d/o Harold & Melva Sink
Sink, Regina A. Richard, b. 5/31/1862, d. 11/29/1921, w/o W. Henderson Sink "Loved Ones at Rest"
Sink, Rev. Olin Ward, b. 9/1/1907, d. 3/4/1997, h/o Betty Holt Sink
Sink, Rev. Voight Mock, b. 2/25/1917, d. 1/25/1994, h/o Waldtraut Timmerman
Sink, Sadie Conrad, b. 5/24/1889, d. 4/13/1973
Sink, Sallie A., b. 2/14/1847, d. 12/9/1907, w/o O. Sink, aged 60yrs 9ms 24ds
Sink, Terrell Gene, b. 9/17/1961, d. 11/2/1996, "The Lord is My Shepherd"
Sink, Virgie E., b. 7/1/1888, d. 11/27/1942, w/o J. Carl Sink
Sink, Voight Glenn, b. 3/13/1905, d. 10/4/1909, Son of H.J.& A. E. Sink
Sink, Von Gerhardt, b. 6/10/1915, d. 6/14/1961
Sink, W. Henderson, b. 9/8/1857, d. 9/2/1930, h/o Regina A. Richard, "Loved Ones at Rest"
Sink, W. Luther, b. 11/27/1876, d. 6/24/1934, h/o Mary Ella Sink
Sink, Willie Bland, b. 4/15/1906, d. 11/20/1986
Sink, Willie C., b. 1/12/1886, d. 1/5/1949
Sink, Woodford Grady, b. 5/19/1913, d. 6/13/1985, h/o Donna Stoll Sink
Sink, Zella Sink Wagner, b. 5/24/1888, d. 8/29/1970
Sink, Zella Zimmerman, b. 5/13/1903, d. 10/31/1990, w/o David Odell Sink
Thomason, Charlie H., b. 10/22/1923, d. 7/16/1924, Son of W.G.& Zola
Tussey, Mollie Sink, b. 1/21/1868, d. 6/23/1939, w/o H. G. Tussey, "Thy trials ended, thy rest is won"
Wagner, John W., b. 1/2/1881, d. 4/26/1951, h/o Zella Sink
Wagner, William L., b. 1/26/1923, d. 11/27/1996, SSgt US Air Force, WWII
Wagner, Zella Sink, b. 5/24/1888, d. 8/29/1970, w/o John W.
Watson, Sara Pauline, b. 8/14/1945, d. 3/11/2002
Webb, Franklin, d. 5/2/1902, Age 58yrs 5dys
Yarbrough, Sarah Tysinger, b. 11/17/1917, d. 6/20/1999, w/o Woodrow Wilson
Yarbrough, Woodrow Wilson, b. 3/24/1913, d. 1/7/1969, h/o Sarah Tysinger
Yokeley, Maude Sink, b. 1/2/1887, d. 3/12/1957, "His Wife", w/o Dr. Raymond V.
Yokeley, Raymond V., Dr., b. 7/11/1884, d. 5/13/1938, h/o Maude Sink

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