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Center Methodist Cemetery
Welcome, Davidson County, North Carolina

Lat: 35° 54' 18"N, Lon: 80° 15' 54"W

Contributed by Kathy Mills, Jul 25, 2006, last edited Jul 28, 2006 [ke6pxx@yahoo.com]. Total records = 550.

In the town of Welcome, NC, turn left onto Center Church Road (at lights), follow past Center Methodist Church. The cemetery will be on the right side of the road (unmarked).

This cemetery is owned and maintained by the Center Methodist Church. It dates back to the early 1900s and is still active today.

I walked and read this cemetery in June of 2006, using a digital camera. This includes all existing and legible headstones and markers.

- Kathy Mills
Alber, Rev. Jack D., b. 2/2/1931, d. 3/4/1963
Arledge, Evin Denton, Sr., b. 6/7/1929, d. 3/17/2004, h/o Jean, SFC US Army, "In Loving Memory"
Ashby, Edgar Conrad, b. 4/6/1918, d. 12/18/1974, h/o Ruth Wise, "Together Forever"
Ball, Pamela Brinkley, b. 4/22/1941, d. 10/26/2000, w/o James Richard "Together Forever"
Bates, Annie (Polly) Moose, b. 6/14/1923, d. 10/26/2003, w/o George Henry
Bates, Chester Arling, b. 7/6/1912, d. 8/25/1986, h/o Esther Everhar
Bates, Claudia Annette, b. 4/9/1949, d. 5/27/1957, Dau of I. Dean & Mollie Lou, "Jesus Loves Me"
Bates, Ethel Everhart, b. 6/27/1915, d. 2/6/2001, w/o Chester Arling
Bates, George Henry, b. 1/28/1921, d. 12/1/1989, h/o Annie Moose, Vet WW II
Bates, Jacob, b. 5/4/1856, d. 6/25/1934, "Rest in Peace, aged 78yrs 1mo 21dys
Bates, Lotus Ward, b. 8/10/1909, d. 10/13/1991, h/o Susie Thomason, "Our Father which art in heaven"
Bates, M. Elizabeth Mock, b. 3/17/1911, d. 10/28/1999, 2nd w/o R. B.
Bates, Richard Baxter, b. 12/19/1895, d. 4/23/1976, h/o Zealla Sowers & M. Elizabeth Mock
Bates, Richard Sr., b. 1926, d. 2003, Davidson FHM
Bates, Sadie Yarborough, b. 12/18/1898, d. 6/6/1965, "Wife", w/o Zeb
Bates, Susie Thomason, b. 5/16/1912, d. 7/14/1967, w/o Lotus Ward, "Our Father which art in heaven"
Bates, Zealla F. Sowers, b. 1895, d. 1932, 1st w/o R. B.
Bates, Zeb Vance, b. 5/13/1894, d. 12/17/1954, "Husband", h/o Sadie Yarborough
Beck, Bobby Obadiah, b. 4/5/1934, d. 11/22/1992
Beck, Donald Talmadge, b. 2/24/1932, d. 12/3/1980, "Son" CPL US Army Korea, son of Hallie Mosley Beck
Beck, Hallie Mosley, b. 5/27/1912, d. 9/4/1992, "Mother", mother of Donald Talmadge
Beck, Jacob Calvin, b. 6/14/1907, d. 7/25/1992, h/o Ruth Welborn M: 9/29/1927
Beck, Ruth Welborn, b. 8/22/1912, d. 8/3/1994, w/o Jacob Calvin M: 9/29/1927
Beeker, A. E. "Rass", b. 4/10/1875, d. 3/13/1958
Beeker, Beulah B., b. 6/21/1910, d. 8/22/1990, Dau of A.E.& Jennie Beeker
Beeker, Dermont Isaac, b. 8/12/1959, d. 8/12/1959, Son of W.B. & Jo Anna
Beeker, Dora Hinkle, b. 12/20/1897, d. 12/25/1992
Beeker, Eva Mae Greene, b. 5/13/1901, d. 9/27/1987, w/o Harvey Pierce
Beeker, Gilford W., b. 10/30/1894, d. 1/3/1951
Beeker, Harvey Pierce, b. 5/1/1903, d. 5/24/1987, h/o Eva Mae Greene
Beeker, Jennie Leonard, b. 11/3/1873, d. 3/18/1949, w/o A. E.
Beeker, Sarah Ann, b. 11/25/1928, d. 11/26/1928, Dau of Mr. & Mrs. G. W.
Beeker, William "Bill" E., b. 5/2/1939, d. 12/9/1984, "An inspiration to all who knew him"
Boner, Esther R. Pickett, b. 9/23/1883, d. 12/23/1947, w/o W.H.
Boner, Jewell Edvia, b. 12/20/1913, d. 11/30/1964, "At Rest"
Boner, Lillie Wood, b. 11/5/1909, d. 12/1/1995, w/o Ulysses
Boner, Ulysses Pickett, b. 7/31/1910, d. 2/17/1985, h/o Lillie Wood
Boner, William H., b. 10/1/1875, d. 4/20/1953, "Husband" "At Rest", h/o Esther R. Pickett
Boyd, James L., b. 3/31/1923, d. 4/23/2005, h/o Alma L. "In Loving Memory"
Bridges, Andrew B., Sr., b. 10/31/1915, d. 11/16/1992, h/o Edna M., M: 10/19/1950
Bridges, Edna M., b. 7/26/1925, d. 3/11/1995, w/o Andrew B., M: 10/19/1950
Brinkley, Baxter Odell, b. 1/26/1920, d. 4/9/1994, h/o Hazel Gallimore
Brinkley, Christopher Howard, b. 3/17/1970, d. 3/17/1970, Son of Howard & Mildred
Brinkley, Frances Lanning, b. 10/25/1922, d. 8/20/1993, w/o Renza Willard, "Together Forever"
Brinkley, Furnando Lee, b. 7/13/1890, d. 4/24/1978, h/o Jennie Hinkle
Brinkley, Hazel Gallimore, b. 7/9/1921, d. 8/27/1969, w/o Baxter Odell
Brinkley, Infant Dau., b. 8/3/1927, d. 8/3/1927, Inf. Dau of Mr. & Mrs. F. L.
Brinkley, Jennie Hinkle, b. 6/13/1895, d. 3/5/1982, w/o Furnando Lee
Brinkley, Lois Leonard, b. 10/16/1908, d. 4/17/1995?, 1998? w/o Wm. Watson
Brinkley, Lucille Myers, b. 3/7/1911, d. 11/24/1996, w/o Roy Tilden
Brinkley, Renza Willard, b. 4/12/1915, d. 3/10/1984, h/o Frances Lanning, "Together Forever"
Brinkley, Roy Tilden, b. 7/17/1912, d. 2/22/1998, h/o Lucille Myers
Brinkley, Walter Howard, b. 7/11/1917, d. 5/12/1940
Brinkley, William Watson, b. 5/1/1903, d. 2/26/1979, h/o Lois Leonard
Broadway, Donald Eugene, Jr., b. 4/12/1970, d. 4/13/1970, Son of Donald & Mardie
Bunker, Chester Lewis, b. 6/5/1924, d. ----, h/o Louise Williams
Bunker, Louise Williams, b. 5/7/1925, d. 7/19/1997, "Woman of Substance", w/o Chester Lewis
Byars, Betty A., b. 9/17/1932, d. , *just one date, don't know if birth or death
Byars, Dollie Hinkle, b. 7/14/1900, d. 1/28/1979, w/o George Washington
Byars, George Washington, b. 4/20/1884, d. 10/10/1963, h/o Dollin Hinkle
Byerly, Joseph Aaron, b. 10/10/1897, d. 6/11/1985
Campbell, Jo Ann Bates, b. 9/16/1933, d. ----
Canady, James Paul, b. 5/6/1940, d. 5/28/1957, Son of R.C.& Lizzie, "The beauty of Heaven shines on our Darling Son"
Canady, Lizzie Williams, b. 8/8/1899, d. 2/17/1990, w/o Ronie, "Wife", "In his will is our peace"
Canady, Ronie, b. 9/26/1897, d. 6/10/1960, h/o Lizzie Williams, "Husband", "In his will is our peace"
Cannady, William Matthew, b. 8/1/1886, d. 1/17/1966
Carrick, Claude Calvin, b. 8/14/1928, d. 12/6/1994, h/o Gloria Chappell
Carrick, Gloria Chappell, b. 9/12/1932, d. 8/7/2000, w/o Claude C.
Cecil, Charlie Edward, b. 10/31/1886, d. 12/4/1967, h/o Lillian Miller, "Our Father which art in Heaven"
Cecil, Joe Ray, b. 10/11/1936, d. 7/5/1956, "The Lord needs youth to make heaven complete"
Cecil, John Robert, b. 6/9/1915, d. 12/2/2002, "Dad", h/o Ruth Thomason, M: 11/28/1994
Cecil, Lillian Miller, b. 7/29/1887, d. 5/9/1977, w/o Charlie Edward, "Our Father which art in Heaven"
Clodfelter, Arnold Lee, b. 10/26/1893, d. 11/28/1932, "Husband", h/o Etta Mae Leonard
Clodfelter, Etta Mae Leonard, b. 9/20/1903, d. 7/5/1973, w/o Arnold L.
Colwell, Anna Catherine Lantz, b. 1859, d. 1941, w/o Rev. Ernes
Couch, Roscoe Roan, b. 9/24/1932, d. 10/6/1982, h/o Thelma Laird, CPL US Army
Craver, Absalom T., b. 6/22/1850, d. 7/16/1925, Aged 75yrs 4days
Craver, Addie Leonard, b. 12/18/1881, d. 11/22/1960
Craver, Alice, b. 11/13/1872, d. 6/16/1934, "His Wife", w/o Joseph N.
Craver, Anna L., b. 6/16/1936, d. 11/12/1995, w/o David Curtis, "Our Father which art in Heaven"
Craver, Claude Richard, b. 11/13/1929, d. 5/1/1983
Craver, Daisy Pierce, b. 2/14/1906, d. 12/16/1999, w/o Numa Hoyle
Craver, Emery Sidney, b. 9/7/1871, d. 10/30/1953
Craver, Fredd, b. 7/6/1890, d. 12/27/1904, Aged 14yrs
Craver, Howard Webster, b. 4/13/1902, d. 7/15/1975
Craver, Infant Son, b. 6/10/1932, d. 6/10/1932, Inf. Son of N.H.& Daisy A. Craver
Craver, Joe Calvin, b. 12/1/1924, d. 4/11/1926, Son of N.H.& Daisy Craver
Craver, Joseph N., b. 6/2/1865, d. 10/3/1932, h/o Alice
Craver, Julia, b. 12/24/1852, d. 5/23/1919, w/o Frank, "Asleep in Jesus", aged 66yrs 4ms 29ds
Craver, Linda Sue, b. 5/20/1948, d. 5/21/1948, Dau of Eugene & Ann, "Let the little children come unto me"
Craver, M. J., b. 8/30/1882, d. 5/19/1959
Craver, Martin Emory, b. 2/28/1972, d. 9/30/1989, Son of Norman & Ruby Craver
Craver, McDouglas, b. 6/5/1876, d. 5/10/1951, "husband", h/o Molly LuCrissy Evans
Craver, Michael Dwayne, b. 3/2/1964, d. 3/2/1964, Son of Norman & Mary Craver
Craver, Molly LuCrissy Evans, b. 4/11/1874, d. 6/17/1950, "Wife", w/o McDouglas
Craver, Nannie Emaline McCrary, b. 3/27/1855, d. 8/15/1924, w/o A.T., "At Rest", age 69yrs 4mo 19dys
Craver, Norman Ray, b. 11/22/1941, d. 12/10/2001, h/o Ruby Yates, "See you at the River"
Craver, Numa Hoyle, b. 1/26/1900, d. 6/23/1979, h/o Daisy Pierce
Craver, Ray John, b. 6/12/1915, d. 10/10/1997, h/o Eleanor Rochester
Craver, Ruby Wheeler, b. 1/12/1906, d. 12/1/1991
Craver, Sallie, b. 6/2/1888, d. 12/6/1969
Craver, Thomas "Tommy" David, b. 11/28/1959, d. 3/6/1961, Son of T.D.& Dorothy
Crawford, Amy Hostetter, b. 11/30/1895, d. 4/2/1976
Crawford, Clara Mae, b. 7/27/1941, d. 6/10/1988
Crawford, Denny Gordon, b. 5/21/1934, d. 7/25/1998, h/o Mattie Robertson, M: 2/11/1953, "Together Forever"
Crawford, Matthew Lee, b. 1/9/1904, d. 6/7/1983
Crotts, Elmer R., b. 7/17/1906, d. 5/18/1908, Son of J.F.& Essie "Budded on earth to Bloom in Heaven"
Crotts, Essie, b. 1878, d. 1955, w/o John F.
Crotts, Howard O., b. 9/1/1908, d. 12/28/1908, Son of J.F.& Essie "Budded on earth to Bloom in Heaven"
Crotts, John F., b. 1876, d. 1937, h/o Essie
Crotts, John Hoyle, b. 5/12/1911, d. 5/18/1966, h/o Elva Snider, "Husband"
Dalton, Drury Heath, b. 2/22/1897, d. 1/29/1970, h/o Margie Friend
Dalton, Margie Friend, b. 10/12/1896, d. 2/4/1990, w/o Drury Heath
Davis, Evie Lee, b. 9/25/1898, d. 12/4/1985, "Father" h/o Nora Crotts
Davis, Henry E., b. 5/23/1901, d. 4/10/1955, "In His Will is our Peace"
Davis, Nora Crotts, b. 5/18/1901, d. 5/23/1989, "Mother", w/o Evie Lee
Davis, Willis Eugene, b. 6/14/1951, d. 6/14/1951, Son of W.E.& Betty
Disher, Archie Lee, b. 2/6/1906, d. 12/8/1976, h/o Lois Craver
Disher, Fred Keller, b. 12/19/1915, d. 7/8/2003, h/o H. Lucille Darr
Disher, H. Lucille Darr, b. 3/26/1919, d. 11/25/2003, w/o Fred Keller
Disher, Lois Craver, b. 10/15/1923, d. 10/22/1976, w/o Archie Lee
Disher, Martha A. Snider, b. 1/28/1878, d. 1/4/1953, w/o W. S.
Disher, William S., b. 7/12/1872, d. 6/7/1959, h/o Martha A. Snider
Dorsett, Patricia Williams, b. 10/6/1943, d. 3/16/1976, w/o Royce, M: 9/16/1967
Dorsett, Royce Monroe, b. 9/21/1937, d. 5/6/1986, h/o Patricia Williams, M: 9/16/1967
Essick, Amanda, b. 1834, d. 3/31/1910, w/o William
Essick, Bobby Ellis Sr., b. 10/17/1933, d. 1/30/1991, h/o Carolyn Leonard, SP4 US Army
Essick, Cecilia Sue", b. 10/7/1957, d. 10/19/1957, Dau of Bob& Carolyn, "Our Darling"
Essick, Charlie Gilmer, b. 1/25/1925, d. 2/9/2005, h/o Edna Pickett, "Not my will but thine be done"
Essick, Clyde Columbus, b. 3/30/1908, d. 8/14/1992, h/o Nettie York, "In God's Care"
Essick, David W., b. 1874, d. 1903
Essick, Ellis Leo, b. 9/13/1904, d. 11/29/1947
Essick, Grady M., b. 9/6/1912, d. 5/22/1939, h/o Nona Hyatte, "Some day we will understand"
Essick, Howard L., b. 8/23/1874, d. 6/18/1946, "Father" h/o Lola Craver
Essick, Lola Craver, b. 11/19/1879, d. 4/13/1931, "His Wife", w/o Howard L., "Mother"
Essick, Nettie York, b. 5/28/1908, d. 10/20/1995, w/o Clyde C., "In God's Care"
Essick, Ulas Shaw, b. 8/23/1914, d. 3/13/1993, h/o Nomie Essick
Essick, William, b. 10/9/1833, d. 2/1/1911, h/o Amanda
Evans, Carrie I., b. 1869, d. 1962, w/o Peter A.
Evans, David D., b. 1/27/1847, d. 3/14/1912
Evans, Jack Craver, M.D., b. 1/16/1932, d. 9/5/1982
Evans, Mamie Craver, b. 7/11/1898, d. 2/7/1978, w/o Olin LeRoy
Evans, Olin LeRoy, b. 5/31/1896, d. 10/17/1952
Evans, Peter A., b. 1871, d. 1946, h/o Carrie I.
Everhart, Bobby Ray, b. 3/19/1932, d. 7/27/1989, h/o Teresa Hinkle, M: 9/21/1975, PFC US Army Korea
Everhart, Charles Loyd, b. 12/15/1903, d. 6/15/1965, h/o Gladys Leonard
Everhart, Cletus, b. 1886, d. 1943
Everhart, Drusilla, b. 1856, d. 1933
Everhart, George W., b. 9/9/1906, d. 12/22/1973
Everhart, Gladys Leonard, b. 6/7/1908, d. 12/24/1980, w/o Charles Loyd
Everhart, H. L., b. 1848, d. 1923
Everhart, Jacob Bruce, b. 1/6/1927, d. 7/13/2000, US Navy WW II, h/o Peggy Bates
Everhart, Mary E. Thomas, b. 11/5/1908, d. 2/17/1957, (buried with her Thomas family)
Everhart, Peggy Bates, b. 6/21/1928, d. 5/16/1972, w/o Jacob Bruce
Everhart, Ruby Foltz, b. 7/31/1935, d. 11/22/1999, w/o Ray Von Everhart, M: 5/18/1955, "Together Forever"
Everhart, Terry Woodrow, b. 8/17/1959, d. 8/17/1959, Son of Jerry & Nancy
Everhart, Tony Dale, b. 5/14/1960, d. 5/14/1960, Son of Jerry & Nancy
Faircloth, Mildred Thompson, b. 10/10/1910, d. 10/29/1997, w/o Wm. Clarence
Faircloth, William Clarence, b. 2/18/1912, d. 5/17/2005, h/o Mildred Thompson
Fink, Esther C. Penninger, b. 11/4/1849, d. 7/30/1903, "His Wife", w/o J. Alpheus
Fink, J. Alpheus, b. 11/9/1850, d. 8/14/1937, h/o Esther C. Penninger
Flowers, Melvin Junior, b. 11/8/1917, d. 12/24/1991, PVT US Army WW II, h/o Beatrice Gates
Fox, Derek Lee, b. 5/30/1959, d. 3/5/1981, "In Loving Memory"
Freedle, Billy Franklin "Bill", b. 10/6/1938, d. 6/20/1997, h/o Margaret Mendenhall
Freedle, Jesse J., b. 7/23/1889, d. 4/19/1966, Gone but not forgotten
Freedle, Mattie Leonard Craver, b. 6/26/1881, d. 12/31/1947, w/o J.D.
Freedle, Sallie E. Craver, b. 8/8/1894, d. 11/21/1940, w/o Jesse, Gone but not forgotten
Fulk, Keith Dwight, b. 6/19/1953, d. 1/26/1991, h/o Martha Chitty
Garner, Infant, b. 6/30/1930, d. 6/30/1930, Infant of H.L.& S.M.
Garner, Sallie M. Essick, b. 1/29/1906, d. 8/25/1930, w/o Hubert L., "We trust our loss will be her gain and that with Christ she's gone to Reign"
Garrison, Harvey Ellis, b. 4/15/1908, d. 6/22/1999, "Father", h/o Viola Hinkle, "I have fought a good fight, I have kept the faith"
Garrison, Viola Hinkle, b. 2/11/1912, d. 3/17/1993, "Mother", w/o Harvey Ellis
Garrison, Voyd Ellis, b. 8/16/1930, d. 3/25/1960, h/o Lois Leonard
Greene, Mary Jane Hackney, b. 3/11/1919, d. 10/17/2002, 2nd w/o Monte Letcher
Greene, Mary Michael, b. 8/25/1918, d. 10/9/1969, 1st w/o Monte Letcher
Greene, Monte Letcher, b. 9/21/1917, d. 9/27/1995, h/o Mary Michael & Mary Hackney
Gregory, Donna V. Leonard, b. 12/25/1949, d. 8/31/2000
Grimes, Infant Dau., b. 6/11/1972, d. 6/11/1972, Inf. Dau of Tommy & Gwynn, "Suffer the Little Children, come unto Me"
Grubb, Darrell Lee, b. 12/20/1942, d. 7/15/1946, "Son", son of Buss & Rachel
Grubb, Rachel Vanhoy, b. 7/21/1911, d. 11/8/1986, "Mother", w/o Buss
Grubb, "Buss" Ney Edwin, b. 11/23/1913, d. 9/20/1985, "Father", h/o Rachel Vanhoy
Gulledge, Bennie Lee, b. 9/9/1901, d. 1/20/1973
Gulledge, Edna Ruth, b. 10/1/1936, d. 10/4/1938, "In Heaven"
Gulledge, Grace E. Craver, b. 7/12/1909, d. 1/29/2000, w/o Bennie L.
Harmon, Christopher Scott, b. 5/30/1987, d. 2/13/2003, Son of Barry & Daphne, "Follower of Christ" "Beloved brother of Teenia"
Hart, Norman Everette, b. 5/24/1927, d. 10/6/1983, "The influence of his faithful Christian life will live on"
Hartley, Robert Dalton, b. 1/31/1924, d. 2/28/1993, h/o Virginia Barber
Hartley, Virginia Barber, b. 10/9/1924, d. 1/17/1999, w/o Robert Dalton
Hartman, Grady Eli, b. 1/26/1933, d. 6/1/2006, h/o Rebecca Koontz
Hartman, Rebecca "Becky" Koontz, b. 2/9/1938, d. 7/28/1990, w/op Grady Eli
Hayes, Charles Groce, b. 2/18/1910, d. 12/4/1970, h/o Edith Reich
Hayes, Edith Reich, b. 9/5/1911, d. 8/24/2002, w/o Charles Groce
Hayes, Marcine Mecimore Wicks, b. 2/28/1930, d. 9/18/1971, "Mother"
Haynes, Carrie Nancy, b. 8/24/1909, d. 3/25/1993, Twin sister of Clara E.
Haynes, Clara Elizabeth, b. 8/24/1909, d. 2/22/1989, Twin sister of Carrie N.
Haynes, Delma Yokley, b. 6/1/1902, d. 2/21/1990, w/o Muncy Otis
Haynes, Geraldine Ratledge, b. 3/5/1930, d. 9/30/1996, "Mother", w/o Richard Charles
Haynes, Jerry Jason, b. 9/18/1929, d. 2/28/1989, h/o Annie Blackwell
Haynes, Mary A. Sebastian, b. 12/22/1874, d. 2/24/1973, w/o Charles S.
Haynes, Muncy Otis, b. 5/5/1901, d. 9/13/1974, h/o Delma Yokley
Haynes, Paul DeWitt, b. 5/20/1907, d. 4/10/1969, "Father", h/o Pauline James
Haynes, Pauline James, b. 8/14/1914, d. 11/25/1988, "Mother", w/o Paul DeWitt
Haynes, Richard Charles, b. 11/16/1935, d. 1/28/1981, "Father", h/o Geraldine Ratledge
Hemphill, Philip Brandon, b. 6/18/1979, d. 6/2/1981, Son of Philip & Janet Haynes
Hiatt, Lester Gray, Jr. "Bill", b. 3/11/1943, d. 6/24/1999, h/o Louise Lanier, SP5 US Army VIETNAM (spelled HYATT on his military memorial)
Hiatt, Louise Lanier, b. 4/26/1920, d. 12/17/1943, w/o Lester Gray, Jr.
Hill, Benjamin F., b. 8/26/1882, d. 10/15/1946, h/o Luzenie C. Everhar
Hill, Bessie J. Craver, b. 5/9/1896, d. 9/7/1979, "Wife", w/o Henry L. Sr.
Hill, Claude R., Sr., b. 6/29/1906, d. 6/18/1977, h/o Nola Salyer, "Precious Lord take my hand"
Hill, Clifford Early, b. 10/16/1910, d. 6/26/1979, h/o Mary Ellen Anderson
Hill, Henry L., Jr., b. 10/24/1922, d. 12/10/1928, "Son", s/o Henry L & Bessie J.
Hill, Henry Lee, Sr., b. 8/5/1895, d. 9/5/1982, "Husband", h/o Bessie J. Craver, PVT US Army WW I
Hill, Infant Son, b. 1915, d. 1915, Infant Son of Mr. & Mrs. B.F.
Hill, Infant Son, b. 1917, d. 1917, Infant Son of Mr. & Mrs. B. F.
Hill, Infant Son, b. 6/1/1943, d. 6/1/1943, Infant Son of Clifford & Mary Ellen
Hill, Katie Lee Pickett, b. 9/28/1892, d. 7/17/1927, "Wife", w/o Thomas E.
Hill, Luzenie C. Everhart, b. 11/9/1881, d. 7/24/1965, "His Wife", w/o Benjamin F.
Hill, Mary Ellen Anderson, b. 8/25/1908, d. 9/3/1988, w/o Clifford Early
Hill, Nola Salyer, b. 8/9/1909, d. 7/26/1997, w/o Claude R. Sr., "Precious Lord take my hand"
Hill, Ollie Jane, b. 2/10/1884, d. 5/17/1965
Hill, Ruby Craver, b. 5/31/1927, d. 2/6/1928, "Daughter", d/o Henry L. & Bessie
Hill, T. M., b. 6/9/1884, d. 5/29/1947
Hill, Thomas E., b. 12/24/1887, d. 6/28/1957, "Husband", h/o Katie Lee Pickett
Hinkle, Alleen Robbins, b. 6/21/1916, d. 10/13/1992, w/o Bud
Hinkle, Arnold Voyd, b. 8/13/1908, d. 8/26/1969, h/o Gladys
Hinkle, Aubrey Lee, b. 11/28/1907, d. 5/14/1909, Son of P.D.& Myrtle
Hinkle, Charlie Emanuel, b. 9/17/1893, d. 1/13/1983, h/o Maude Craver & Grace Gobble
Hinkle, Clarence Cicero, b. 10/12/1903, d. 4/9/1982, h/o Nora Byerly
Hinkle, Elmer Devid (David?), b. 12/5/1895, d. 4/5/1966
Hinkle, Evelyn Marie, b. 5/3/1929, d. 3/19/1935, Dau of Mr. & Mrs. C.C., "Our Darling"
Hinkle, Franklin Cicero, b. 10/11/1873, d. 5/31/1961, "Husband", h/o Winnie Berrier
Hinkle, Gladys, b. 11/28/1912, d. 7/17/1994, w/o Arnold V.
Hinkle, Grace Gobble, b. 1/19/1895, d. 6/26/1975, 2nd w/o Charlie Emanuel
Hinkle, Gurvis Cleveland, b. 3/17/1885, d. 3/22/1950, "Husband", h/o Mamie Conrad
Hinkle, Harold Wayne, b. 1/28/1947, d. 1/30/1947, Son of Elmer& Mabel
Hinkle, Helen Frances, b. 12/12/1918, d. 6/30/1994, Dau of G.C.& Mamie, "The Lord is my Shepherd"
Hinkle, Infant Son, b. 3/8/1904, d. 3/8/1904, Inf. Son of F.C.& Winnie
Hinkle, Ira Branson, b. 8/13/1923, d. 1/15/1925, Son of P.D.& Myrtle
Hinkle, Irene Young, b. 6/21/1926, d. 10/13/2002, w/o Paul Douglas, "Until we meet again my Love"
Hinkle, Jackie Darrell, b. 7/5/1939, d. 11/23/1939, Son of Mr. & Mrs. Arnold
Hinkle, Judy Darlene, b. 1/1/1949, d. 5/4/1949, Dau of Mr. & Mrs. E.R., "Our Darling"
Hinkle, Kimberly Lynette, b. 5/5/1977, d. 5/5/1977, Dau of Ray & Chandra
Hinkle, Lester, b. 8/17/1906, d. 5/17/1968
Hinkle, Lonnie Franklin, b. 8/13/1910, d. 12/7/1910, Son of F.C.& Winnie
Hinkle, Luther Howard "Pete", b. 1/5/1915, d. 11/4/1981, h/o Flossie Abernathy
Hinkle, Mamie Conrad, b. 3/25/1889, d. 12/30/1985, "Wife", w/o Gurvis Cleveland
Hinkle, Margaret Evelyn, b. 12/1/1951, d. 12/1/1951, Dau of Lester & Rachel
Hinkle, Margaret Fulk, b. 4/20/1922, d. 11/8/1987, w/o Pleas David, Jr., "I came to serve & not be served"
Hinkle, Mary E., b. 11/2/1915, d. 11/22/1915, Dau of B.F.? & Marl?? Hinkle
Hinkle, Maude Craver, b. 5/8/1896, d. 4/29/1934, 1st w/o Charlie Emanuel
Hinkle, Myrtle Ira Hayworth, b. 7/26/1883, d. 8/28/1980, w/o Pleas David, Sr.
Hinkle, Nora Byerly, b. 1/15/1910, d. 11/23/1988, w/o Clarence Cicero
Hinkle, Paul Douglas, b. 2/4/1918, d. 6/9/1988, h/o Irene Young, "Until we meet again my Love"
Hinkle, Pleas David Jr., b. 11/9/1920, d. 10/10/2005, h/o Margaret Fulk, T SGT US Army WW II, **PURPLE HEART** & OLC
Hinkle, Pleas David Sr., b. 9/30/1880, d. 5/4/1971, h/o Myrtle Ira Hayworth, "There is no place like home"
Hinkle, Shannon Jae, b. 8/21/1976, d. 6/9/1977, Dau of Ronald & Devony Hinkle
Hinkle, Thomas Casper, b. 10/1/1917, d. 6/22/1932, Son of P.D.& Myrtle
Hinkle, William "Bud" Voyd, Sr., b. 1/9/1914, d. 7/25/1998, h/o Alleen Robbins, SGT US Army Air Force WW II
Hinkle, Winnie Berrier, b. 7/10/1874, d. 12/19/1966, "Wife", w/o Franklin Cicero
Hinkle, Winnie Lucille, b. 7/16/1931, d. 6/6/1932, Dau of Mr. & Mrs. Arnold V.
Hinkle, Woodrow Wilson, b. 7/1/1915, d. 5/19/1979, Son of P.D.& Myrtle
Holder, Emanuel, b. 6/8/1851, d. 8/27/1937, "Husband", h/o Sarah E. Lanning
Holder, Marvin Eugene, b. 4/18/1927, d. 1/14/1983, h/o Paige Leonard, M: 9/22/1952
Holder, Paige Leonard, b. 4/6/1925, d. 8/10/2004, w/o Marvin Eugene, M: 9/22/1952
Holder, Sarah E. Lanning, b. 5/9/1850, d. 11/10/1918, "Wife", w/o Emanuel
Holt, Scott Edwin, b. 6/24/1958, d. 7/6/1981, "Our Beloved Son"
Hoover, Charles W., b. 3/8/1893, d. 4/23/1963, NC PFC Co K 113 Inf WW I
Hoover, Clarence Lindsay, b. 6/20/1909, d. 1/24/1995, h/o Helen
Hoover, Emma Sue Wilson, b. 7/20/1898, d. 11/7/1975
Hoover, Helen Alexander, b. 11/26/1912, d. 3/11/2004, w/o Clarence
Hoover, Henry F., b. 9/13/1894, d. 9/29/1950, Maryland PFC ILL Inf 28 Div WW I
Hoover, Mary Fritts, b. 8/12/1904, d. 7/14/1958, w/o Wm. Glenn
Hoover, William Glenn, b. 9/21/1902, d. 8/2/1977, h/o Mary Fritts
Hutchins, Teressa Ann, b. 9/2/1950, d. 12/25/1999, "A Free Spirit"
James, Edith M., b. 1887, d. 1966
James, Ethel H., b. 1920, d. 1992
James, Garmon R., b. 1916, d. 1993
James, Ruth Dare, b. 12/24/1928, d. 11/21/1963, Dau of Orville & Dora, "Gone but not forgotten"
Jarvis, Brenda Kay Michael, b. 7/20/1951, d. 10/6/1993, "Loved By All"
Johnson, Donald Edward, b. 1/10/1937, d. 2/17/2001, h/o Nancy Freeman
Johnson, Nancy Freeman, b. 8/11/1939, d. 10/30/1978, w/o Donald Edward
Kearns, Artie Leonard, b. 9/17/1895, d. 4/7/1970, "Wife", w/o Clyde Wm.
Kearns, Clyde William, b. 9/7/1905, d. 3/28/1998, "Husband", h/o Artie Leonard
Kearns, Estelle Smith, b. 6/25/1910, d. 7/19/1975, "Wife", w/o Wm. Henry, "Great Loves Live on"
Kearns, William Henry, b. 8/22/1908, d. 4/18/1958, "Husband", h/o Estelle Smith, "Great Loves Live On"
Kepley, Ada Craver, b. 10/28/1888, d. 4/6/1965, w/o Robert Baxter
Kepley, Clyde W., b. 1/28/1935, d. 2/11/2003
Kepley, Harvey Matthew, b. 8/23/1901, d. 11/19/1951, "The one we love is gone but not forgotten"
Kepley, Hubert Austin, b. 9/23/1913, d. 10/24/2001, h/o Subie Clodfelter, "Precious Lord Take My Hand"
Kepley, Infant Son, b. 8/30/1947, d. 8/30/1947, Inf. Son of Lloyd & Gertha
Kepley, Jacob Charles, b. 7/18/2000, d. 8/17/2000, Son of Timothy & Tiffany
Kepley, Mabel, b. 1916, d. 2006, Davidson FHM, in front of Hinkle monument
Kepley, Ora Mae Sowers, b. 7/27/1896, d. 8/1/1969, w/o Roy Franklin
Kepley, Ralph Ray, b. 5/16/1932, d. 9/24/1979
Kepley, Robert Baxter, b. 7/28/1892, d. 10/9/1965, h/o Ada Craver
Kepley, Robert Eugene, b. 2/2/1925, d. 1/5/1931, Son of R.B.& Ada L., age 5yrs 11mos 3dys "A precious one from us has gone, a voice we loved is stilled. A place is vacant in our home, which never can be filled"
Kepley, Roy Franklin, b. 4/23/1895, d. 9/5/1978, h/o Ora Mae Sowers, PVT US Army WW I
Kepley, Sarah Rachel, b. 6/22/2001, d. 6/22/2001, Dau of Chad & Kecia
Kepley, Subie Clodfelter, b. 2/24/1918, d. 12/21/1972, w/o Hubert Austin, "Precious Lord Take My Hand"
Kesler, David Wilson, III, b. 1/29//1980, d. 9/29/2004
Kiger, James Henry, b. 6/21/1918, d. 3/23/2002, h/o Dixie Holyfield, M: 12/24/1938, "Gone to be with the Lord"
King, Sadie L., b. 10/9/1903, d. 4/12/1979
Koontz, Alma Lee Mills, b. 10/12/1928, d. 3/5/1976, w/o John Edwin, Sr.
Koontz, Almetta Laura, b. 4/14/1923, d. 1/1/1928, Dau of F.D.K., "Weep not for me loved ones for I am in Glory waiting for thee"
Koontz, Beulah Evans, b. 9/24/1912, d. 6/1/2004, w/o Raymond Paul, "The Lord is my Shepherd"
Koontz, Conda C., b. 4/16/1920, d. 9/14/1920, Son of Mr. & Mrs. F.D. Koontz, "Budded on earth to Bloom in Heaven"
Koontz, David H., b. 10/26/1859, d. 3/17/1937, "Father", h/o Eliza
Koontz, Edward Odell, b. 4/28/1908, d. 6/4/2002, h/o Hattie Davis, "In Loving Memory", M: 11/26/1928
Koontz, Eliza, b. 12/30/1868, d. 12/27/1945, "Mother", w/o David H.
Koontz, Fred Douglas, b. 8/19/1870, d. 5/17/1963, h/o Maude Leonard
Koontz, G. Wesley, b. 6/10/1856, d. 10/27/1935, "Father", h/o Lillie Mae Beisicker
Koontz, Hattie Davis, b. 10/23/1910, d. 6/4/2005, w/o Edward Odell, "In Loving Memory", M: 11/26/1928
Koontz, Hobart Fishel, b. 5/7/1922, d. 9/23/1992, h/o Mildred B., PVT US Army Air Corps WW II
Koontz, James Stowe, b. 8/16/1928, d. 4/16/2004, h/o Mozelle Walser, SGT US Army Korea
Koontz, John Harrison, b. 10/29/1889, d. 9/9/1969, h/o Mamie Everhar
Koontz, Judy C. Hatch, b. 8/13/1943, d. 10/4/1993, "Mother", w/o Walter Alvin, M: May 8, 1964
Koontz, Lillie Mae Beisicker, b. 5/7/1866, d. 11/15/1950, "Mother", w/o G. Wesley
Koontz, Mamie Everhart, b. 11/3/1892, d. 10/27/1962, w/o John Harrison
Koontz, Marg Lorraine, b. 1/13/1947, d. 1/15/1947, Dau of Mr. & Mrs. D. Koontz
Koontz, Maude Leonard, b. 5/8/1897, d. 7/11/1969, w/o Fred Douglas
Koontz, Raymond Paul, b. 11/3/1904, d. 12/20/1986, SGT US Army WW II "The Lord is my Shepherd", h/o Beulah Evans
Lanier, B. (Beeny) Hoyle, b. 2/18/1906, d. 8/21/1926, "Son"
Lanier, Bobby Reid, b. 11/27/1933, d. 3/13/1983, h/o Nancy Clark, "In Loving Memory"
Lanier, Carrie Aaron, b. 5/2/1872, d. 12/22/1958, "Mother"
Lanier, Harold H., b. 12/25/1898, d. 6/13/1947
Lanier, Husie Hinkle, b. 5/21/1901, d. 9/19/1966, w/o John Claude
Lanier, Ida Mitchum, b. 8/28/1898, d. 1/28/1982
Lanier, J. Frontis, b. 2/13/1871, d. 1/12/1946, "Father"
Lanier, Joe Herman, b. 6/20/1931, d. 11/2/1975, "In Loving Memory"
Lanier, John Claude, b. 4/3/1900, d. 3/1/1973, h/o Husie Hinkle
Lanier, Johnny Reid, Jr., b. 3/11/1976, d. 3/11/1976, Son of Johnny & Saundra
Lanier, Mary Everhart, b. 1/26/1901, d. 7/24/1960, w/o William Kenrick
Lanier, Pauline Koonts, b. 10/14/1913, d. 10/16/1995
Lanier, Raymond Odell, b. 2/11/1914, d. 7/24/1978
Lanier, Richard Gerald, b. 11/3/1949, d. 3/9/1973, (Ricky)
Lanier, William Kenrick, b. 10/23/1897, d. 10/17/1949, h/o Mary Everhar
Leonard, A. H. (Dock), b. 3/6/1877, d. 9/20/1952, "Husband", h/o Maggie Etta Sowers
Leonard, Addie May Everhart, b. 1/22/1899, d. 6/18/1988, w/o Willie James
Leonard, Alice, b. 1887?, d. 1984, w/o Dosse
Leonard, Allen Herman, b. 10/19/1912, d. 2/18/2003, h/o Mary Leonard
Leonard, Alma Rose, b. 7/18/1929, d. 11/11/1986
Leonard, Arthur, b. 9/17/1895, d. 3/24/1954
Leonard, Benny Keith, b. 8/17/1939, d. 11/15/1994, "Father" "Heart of Gold"
Leonard, Bobby Joe, b. 3/10/1951, d. 1/17/1986, Beloved Husband and son, a friend to all
Leonard, Callie C. Latham, b. 5/12/1879, d. 10/19/1961, "His Wife" "Mother" w/o R. W.
Leonard, Catherine Link, b. 8/12/1846, d. 6/12/1928, "Mother"
Leonard, Charlie Lee, b. 12/21/1904, d. 5/26/1974, h/o Omie Byerly
Leonard, Clarence R., b. 5/7/1914, d. 6/15/1914, Son of J.H.& N.F.
Leonard, Clarence, b. 11/1/1915, d. 3/25/1970, h/o Gladys Walser
Leonard, Cleatus R., b. 2/28/1888, d. 11/20/1931
Leonard, Cora M. Sower, b. 1878, d. 1963, "His Wife", w/o Robert F.
Leonard, Daisy Craver, b. 11/3/1886, d. 8/14/1977, w/o Fred O. Sr.
Leonard, Dosset, b. 1883, d. 1935, h/o Alice
Leonard, Fred O., Jr., b. 6/21/1919, d. 4/26/2002, TEC 5 US Army WW II
Leonard, Fred O., Sr., b. 6/15/1886, d. 9/19/1943, h/o Daisy Craver
Leonard, Harvey Oscar, b. 11/27/1900, d. 9/14/1956, h/o Ida Ree
Leonard, Hobart J., Sr., b. 5/18/1927, d. 11/3/1978, h/o Myrtle, "Precious Lord Take My Hand"
Leonard, Homer Ray, b. 5/2/1921, d. 5/14/2001, "A devoted Father", h/o Mable Annie, PFC US Army WW II
Leonard, Howard James, b. 1/27/1929, d. 8/20/2002, h/o Jean Essick
Leonard, Ida Ree, b. 4/15/1905, d. 7/18/1989, w/o Harvey Oscar
Leonard, Jean Essick, b. 11/14/1929, d. 1/6/2004, w/o Howard James, M: 9/17/1950
Leonard, Jessie Homer, b. 12/24/1881, d. 9/5/1959, h/o Nealie Bates, M: 3/30/1904
Leonard, John A., b. 2/9/1853, d. 3/5/1935, "Father", h/o Sarah A. Evans
Leonard, John William, b. 11/14/1889, d. 7/5/1951
Leonard, Laura Corl, b. 12/21/1865, d. 8/9/1951, w/o Preston J., "His Wife"
Leonard, Lawrence Bradison, b. 2/28/1905, d. 5/8/1964
Leonard, Maggie Etta Sowers, b. 4/1/1880, d. 9/4/1954, "Wife", w/o A.H.
Leonard, Magie Bowles, b. 9/16/1912, d. 8/11/2004, w/o Samuel Blake, M: 9/16/1939
Leonard, Mark Anthony, b. 11/17/1954, d. 11/4/2005, Loving Husband, Father & Son
Leonard, Mary B., b. 7/8/1903, d. 8/11/1903, "Sister"
Leonard, Maynard Lowe, b. 1/11/1898, d. 5/25/1927
Leonard, Nealie Bates, b. 7/18/1888, d. 9/12/1984, w/o Jessie Homer, M: 3/30/1904
Leonard, Nobe Clifton, b. 11/7/1903, d. 4/28/1965, h/o Veigh Craver
Leonard, Ollie Mae, b. 2/8/1908, d. 1/11/1980
Leonard, Omie Byerly, b. 12/16/1905, d. 9/24/1997, w/o Charlie Lee
Leonard, Pearl Craver, b. 12/15/1902, d. 10/3/1990, w/o Robert Lee, "Gone but not forgotten"
Leonard, Penny Daye, b. 5/2/1959, d. 5/2/1959, Dau of Max & Donese
Leonard, Preston J., b. 5/9/1850, d. 3/8/1925, h/o Laura Corl, aged 74yrs 9mos 29dys
Leonard, R. W., b. 6/16/1878, d. 7/13/1931, "Father", h/o Callie C. Latham
Leonard, Ralph, b. 2/27/1921, d. 5/13/1974, "Brother"
Leonard, Robert Curtis, b. 1/9/1884, d. 1/26/1955
Leonard, Robert F., b. 1872, d. 1934, h/o Cora M. Sowers
Leonard, Robert Lee, b. 5/28/1900, d. 9/8/1973, h/o Pearl Craver, "Gone but not forgotten"
Leonard, Robert Ned, b. 7/21/1930, d. 11/15/1931, Son of J.H.& N.F.
Leonard, Ronald Fred, b. 11/2/1947, d. 3/20/1970, NC SP4 506 Inf 101 ABN DIV VIETNAM BSM-PH
Leonard, Sadie Pearl, b. 7/23/1908, d. 10/28/1976
Leonard, Samuel Blake, b. 8/26/1913, d. 2/16/2004, h/o Magie Bowles, M: 9/16/1939
Leonard, Sarah A. Evans, b. 10/17/1861, d. 12/22/1926, "Mother" "His Wife", w/o John A.
Leonard, Veigh Craver, b. 9/23/1906, d. 12/12/1982
Leonard, Willie James, b. 11/1/1898, d. 12/9/1967, h/o Addie Mae Everhar
Leonard-Shaw, Addie Leonard, b. 6/6/1908, d. 2/15/1980, "Sister", buried with her Leonard family
Link, Nancy Elizabeth, b. 8/28/1867, d. 1/7/1947
Link, Richmond Davidson, b. 3/6/1853, d. 2/7/1917, Father? Of Madgie Link Miller, could be his wife
Linville, Alma Elaine Weaver, b. 12/23/1925, d. 2/15/2006, (buried with her Weaver family)
Livengood, David Russell, b. 4/21/1913, d. 1/10/1987, "The Lord is My Shepherd"
Lockamy, Richard C., Jr., b. 10/23/1938, d. 2/24/1999, h/o Janice Leonard, "Devoted Father", "Forever in our Hearts"
Loflin, Hilda Leonard, b. 6/17/1923, d. 6/28/1991, w/o James Hoyt, M: 12/25/1941
Loflin, James Hoyt, b. 7/30/1922, d. 9/18/1989, h/o Hilda Leonard, M: 12/25/1941, PHM1 US Navy WW II
Lord, Fannie L., b. 4/2/1909, d. 5/11/1962, w/o Lillious G.
Lord, J. M. B., b. 7/3/1882, d. 6/1/1952, h/o Lilla Barnet
Lord, Lilla Barnett, b. 8/29/1881, d. 2/21/1960, "His Wife", w/o J. M. B.
Lord, Lillious G., b. 6/1/1909, d. 11/30/1993, h/o Fannie L.
Love, Carrie M. Holsshouser, b. 7/13/1902, d. 9/8/1945, "Wife", w/o Lester Green
Love, Edward Wayne, b. 12/17/1933, d. 12/31/1995, "Father", h/o Mildred Berrier, Their children: Stephen W., Phill J., Timothy S.
Love, Lester G., Jr., b. 2/25/1927, d. 3/15/1941
Love, Lester Green, b. 6/24/1901, d. 1/19/1967, "Husband" h/o Carrie M. Holsshouser
Love, Robert Frank, b. 12/14/1923, d. 4/4/1974, "At Rest" "We Will Meet Again"
Love, Tony Gene, b. 10/16/1962, d. 10/16/1962, Son of Druid & Mildred
Lyon, Joshua Marvin, b. 6/28/1891, d. 12/6/1974, h/o Nealia Hayes
Lyon, Nealia Hayes, b. 11/9/1890, d. 8/18/1966, w/o Joshua Marvin
McCrary, Norman, Jr., b. 1/20/1923, d. 12/7/1992, h/o Edna Ruth Phillips
Mecimore, Beulah Tarlton, b. 1/23/1904, d. 1/9/1969, w/o Geo. Washington
Mecimore, George Washington, b. 4/15/1901, d. 2/23/1974, h/o Beulah Tarlton
Mecimore, Lula Starnes, b. 4/7/1897, d. 6/26/1978, "Wife", w/o Wm. Tate
Mecimore, Samuel R., b. 7/22/1917, d. 9/28/1978, TEC 3 US Army WW II
Mecimore, William Tate, b. 7/26/1896, d. 7/25/1958, "Husband", h/o Lula Starnes
Merritt, Alta Leonard, b. 5/18/1915, d. ----
Miller, Madgie Link, b. 10/26/1873, d. 4/17/1967, Dau? or Wife? of Richmond Davidson Link
Mills, Kate Lois Dean, b. 8/8/1904, d. 8/2/1960, "Wife", w/o Thomas Harvey
Mills, Thomas Harvey, b. 12/25/1901, d. 8/2/1960, "Husband", h/o Kate Lois Dean
Minter, Charlie Cabel, b. 2/3/1913, d. 11/11/1998, h/o Mary Willard
Minter, Mary Willard, b. 7/17/1911, d. 11/28/1977, w/o Charlie Cabel
Moody, Hugh Alvero, b. 10/8/1911, d. 10/1/1984, "Have Faith in God"
Mosley, Cordelia Glendora, b. 6/27/1870, d. 6/7/1962
Moss, Abraham F., b. 1/21/1873, d. 12/30/1958, h/o Laura E. Culler, "Not Dead but Sleepeth"
Moss, Laura E. Culler, b. 3/20/1877, d. 1/20/1948, w/o Abraham F., "Not Dead but Sleepeth"
Myers, Infant Son, b. 4/23/1968, d. 4/23/1968, Inf. Son of Glenn & Betty
Myers, Mabel Hill, b. 7/14/1924, d. 6/22/1999, w/o Gilmer Harold
Myers, Malcolm Lewis, b. 3/28/1918, d. 3/20/1981, h/o Edna Grubb
Nolan, Charlie Claybrook, Sr., b. 10/2/1912, d. 11/15/2001, h/o Eliza McLaurin, PHM2 US Navy WW II
Nolan, Eliza McLaurin, b. 2/14/1913, d. 5/23/1987, w/o Charlie C. Sr.
Osborne, R. Wayne, b. 1/1/1932, d. 5/14/2005, h/o Evelyn G., US Army
Parker, Clyde Ernest, b. 3/6/1921, d. 4/22/2006, h/o Faye Collins, M: 8/30/1941
Parker, Faye Collins, b. 8/13/1922, d. 6/17/2003, w/o Clyde Ernest, M: 8/30/1941
Parker, Randall, b. 1957, d. 2006, Davidson FHM
Peacock, Brittany Irene, b. 2/26/1993, d. 10/28/1993, Dau of David & Christy, "Our Little Angel"
Penland, William Franklin, b. 2/27/1907, d. 9/18/1941
Perryman, John Julius Plato, b. 8/6/1911, d. 6/10/2003
Perryman, Jonathan Keats, b. 2/8/1944, d. 10/25/1991
Perryman, Margaret Broadway, b. 6/4/1921, d. 11/7/2005
Perryman, Raymond Leonard, b. 1/23/1910, d. 3/29/1997, "Father", h/o Emma Robertson
Perryman, Robert Ulysses, b. 5/31/1933, d. 1/5/1971
Phelps, Jakie Caroll, b. 12/15/1937, d. 3/31/1938, Dau of Jake & Vada Phelps
Phelps, John Franklin, b. 9/24/1891, d. 10/4/1965, h/o Rosa Hinkle, "Rest in Peace"
Phelps, Rosa Hinkle, b. 9/4/1896, d. 12/31/1983, w/o John Franklin, "Rest in Peace"
Phillips, Gilbert, b. 7/29/1925, d. 7/12/1933, Son of Mr. & Mrs. O. L., age 7yrs 11mos 13das
Phillips, Gilmer Wayne, b. 2/14/1943, d. 5/1/1953, Son of Holland & Frances
Phillips, Infant Son, b. 2/18/1946, d. 2/18/1946, Inf. Son of Holland & Frances
Phillips, Jane Craver, b. 8/7/1885, d. 8/16/1963, w/o Orville Lee
Phillips, Noah Odell, b. 11/5/1918, d. 8/25/1958, Son of O.L. & Jane
Phillips, Orville Lee, b. 7/2/1898, d. 4/1/1986, h/o Jane Craver
Phillips, Paul Holland, b. 12/17/1920, d. 11/17/1995, h/o Frances McCrary, "Not by will but thine be done" Their children: Gilmer, Ruby, Barbara, Shirley, Christine
Phillips, Samuel Lee, b. 1877, d. 1950
Pickett, Bernice Ruth, b. 3/21/1921, d. 5/27/1998, "In God's Care"
Pickett, Carr O., b. 6/3/1901, d. 5/15/1965
Pickett, Cranford C., b. 7/12/1847, d. 10/5/1930, "At Rest"
Pickett, Cyrus Curn, b. 3/29/1879, d. 1/7/1953, h/o Eliza Livengood
Pickett, David Franklin, b. 11/14/1849, d. 9/28/1940
Pickett, Douglas Olin, b. 5/20/1946, d. 9/21/1946, Son of Mr. & Mrs. Olin A., "Budded on earth to Bloom in Heaven"
Pickett, Eugenius Orrell, b. 1/26/1876, d. 12/21/1930, h/o Mamie Ellis
Pickett, Excell, b. 1910, d. 1922
Pickett, Harvey O. Bob, b. 11/10/1913, d. 4/15/1971
Pickett, James Franklin, b. 10/16/1909, d. 9/21/1972, NC PVT Co C 25 Armd Engr BN WW II
Pickett, James Harvey, b. 7/20/1940, d. 12/23/2004, h/o Elizabeth Stevens, M: 8//1/1964
Pickett, James Norman, b. 3/8/1909, d. 7/22/1984, "Have Faith in God"
Pickett, Julie, b. 1906, d. 1906
Pickett, Margaret J. Leonard, b. 4/14/1851, d. 4/14/1926, w/o G.G., age 75yrs "At Rest"
Pickett, Mary (Mamie) Ellis, b. 9/1/1879, d. 9/9/1951, w/o Eugenius Orrell
Pickett, Mary Bell Craver, b. 8/20/1873, d. 12/9/1931, w/o C.C., age 56yrs 3mo 19da, At Rest
Pickett, Polly Johnson, b. 1/17/1927, d. 9/17/1970, w/o Olin Alfred
Pickett, Ruby Hill, b. 12/10/1928, d. 12/20/1928, Dau of Mr. & Mrs. A. S. Picket
Pickett, William Douglas, b. 1/5/1944, d. 11/15/1944, Son of H.O.& Kathleen
Potts, Andrew Picken, b. 5/29/1919, d. 12/7/2000, h/o Catherine Smith
Potts, Catherine Smith, b. 2/16/1921, d. 5/24/1999, w/o Andrew P.
Potts, Edward Arnold, b. 10/3/1934, d. 9/13/2002, h/o Wilma Dunning
Prentis, Rev. Robert Brown, b. 12/24/1907, d. 11/5/1992, h/o Edna Zimmerman, "He was an inspiration to many"
Pressley, Denny Todd, b. 4/14/1962, d. 4/14/1962, Son of Roy & Pamela
Pressley, Tracy Dean, b. 4/19/1961, d. 4/19/1961, Son of Roy & Pamela
Raker, Nona Hyatte Essick, b. 10/8/1907, d. 6/26/1995, Wife 1st of Grady M. Essick/2nd of Samuel Ray Raker
Raker, Samuel Ray, b. 3/17/1917, d. 10/20/1992, SSGT US Army WW II Air Corps, h/o Nona Hyatte Essick
Reich, David Lynn, b. 11/8/1960, d. 3/27/2000, h/o Kay Lanier, "In His arms I am not afraid"
Reid, Walter Russell Jr., b. 11/17/1932, d. 11/3/2004, h/o Sylvia Miller, RD3 US Navy Korea
Robbins, Thomas H., b. 9/5/1931, d. 9/7/1996, h/o Dorothy Fowler, US Army Korea
Robicheau, Betty Jean, b. 7/19/1953, d. 4/6/1986, w/o Eddie Gene
Rogers, Steven Todd, b. 3/11/1972, d. 6/6/1972, Son of Teresa Hinkle Rogers
Shoaf, Irene Craver, b. 12/16/1927, d. 10/18/1947, w/o Sammy W. Shoaf ´┐Żburied with her Craver family
Simmons, Wallace "Gene", b. 4/1/1950, d. 3/19/2003, "Beloved Husband", h/o Patricia Myers, M: 9/13/1997, SGT US Air Force VIETNAM
Smith, Alex Edward, b. 10/5/1917, d. 12/4/1987, PFC US Army Air Corps WW II
Smith, Debra Jene, b. 7/6/1954, d. 10/4/1957, Dau of A.E.& Ruby, "A little bud of love to bloom with God above"
Smith, James Edward, b. 8/31/1926, d. 3/17/2005, h/o June Kilby, MOMM3 US Navy WW II
Snider, John William, b. 10/1/1918, d. 12/29/2000, h/o Louise Rothroch, "Father", CPL US Army WW II, M: 10/7/1939
Snider, Mary Sharpe, b. 11/21/1912, d. 4/6/1984, w/o Ira Lee
Snider, Olivia Koontz, b. 5/10/1886, d. 10/3/1966, w/o Wm. Henry
Snider, Thomas William, b. 8/24/1940, d. 11/12/1987, h/o Judy G., "Uncle Tom", M: 2/14/1976
Snider, Wm. Henry, b. 1/8/1882, d. 6/28/1968, h/o Olivia Koontz
Snow, Clarence Irving, b. 8/14/1925, d. 11/30/1976, "Father", S1 US Navy WW II
Snow, Irving Blaine, b. 8/6/1948, d. 6/18/1967, "In God's Care"
Snyder, Annie Hobbs, b. 12/21/1897, d. 5/7/1986, w/o Roy Ruffin
Snyder, Nell Essick, b. 10/6/1924, d. 11/12/2000, w/o Robert Roy
Snyder, Robert Roy, b. 7/17/1921, d. 8/25/1981, h/o Nell Essick, SSGT US Army WW II
Snyder, Robert "Bobbie" Roy, Jr., b. 2/27/1951, d. 1/23/1971
Snyder, Roy Ruffin, b. 5/26/1894, d. 11/1/1975, h/o Annie Hobbs, "Father I stretch my hands to thee"
Sofer, Martin "Marty", b. 5/11/1909, d. 4/15/1973, h/o Elizabeth Stonestreet, NY PVT US Army WW II
Surratt, Archie Winston, b. 7/11/1908, d. 3/24/1986, h/o Bessie Briggs
Surratt, Bessie Briggs, b. 12/21/1910, d. 11/17/1986, w/o Archie Winston
Swicegood, Arlie Clifton, b. 4/10/1909, d. 3/17/1964, h/o Margaret Leona
Swicegood, Margaret Leona, b. 7/7/1910, d. 10/1/1976, w/o Arlie Clifton
Swicegood, Ronald Vernon, Jr., b. 10/18/1970, d. 10/20/1970, Son of R.V.& Ann Swicegood
Tarlton, J. E., b. 1869, d. 1944
Tesh, George Augustus, b. 7/24/1919, d. 2/22/1945, h/o Virginia Hinkle Tesh Martin, PVT US Army WW II, **PURPLE HEART**
Thomas, Brice Hill, b. 12/30/1927, d. 5/17/1982
Thomas, George H., b. 7/23/1887, d. 2/6/1970, OHIO SFC 478 Engineer Depot Co WW I
Thomas, George Wesley, b. 7/15/1926, d. 5/27/2001
Thomas, John Wade, b. 4/22/1924, d. 2/17/1938
Thomas, Victoria M.K., b. 1/5/1886, d. 10/10/1970, NC Y3 USNRF WW I
Thomason, Annie Bell Canady, b. 7/12/1925, d. 10/8/1998, w/o Paul, "In Loving Memory"
Thomason, John Webster, b. 11/24/1908, d. 2/27/1967, h/o Lula Leonard
Thomason, Lewis, b. 7/4/1869, d. 2/6/1949, h/o Lillie Emma Mae Leonard, "A Faithful Father"
Thomason, Lillie Emma Mae Leonard, b. 6/29/1878, d. 5/29/1955, w/o Lewis, "A tender Mother"
Thomason, Orabelle Vanhoy, b. 12/29/1909, d. 12/27/2001, "Mother", w/o Raymond Ray
Thomason, Paul, b. 1/3/1928, d. 4/26/1958, h/o Annie Bell Canady, "In Loving Memory"
Thomason, Raymond Ray, b. 9/22/1903, d. 12/7/1981, "Father", h/o Orabelle Vanhoy
Thomason, Susannah Wagner Leonard, b. 3/31/1830, d. 4/26/190, "In Memory Of" "Blessed is the cheerful giver, she gave the land for this cemetery"
Thompson, James Pinkney, b. 3/30/1916, d. 2/1/1978, h/o Lila Wells
Tilley, Gertrude Leonard, b. 12/3/1914, d. 12/4/1996, w/o Jesse Taylor JR.
Walser, Nettie Shoaf, b. 10/4/1907, d. 5/2/1999, w/o Nobe William
Walser, Nobe William, b. 10/19/1904, d. 7/31/1994, h/o Nettie Shoaf
Warner, Lizzie A. Canady "Tenny", b. 6/16/1933, d. 11/18/2001, w/o Riteful, "Our Father which art in Heaven"
Warner, Riteful Lewis, b. 10/19/1931, d. 7/3/2004, h/o Lizzie, PFC US Army Korea, "our Father which art in heaven"
Watts, Jack Dudley, b. 11/20/1931, d. 7/6/1981, h/o Molly Evans, "Life on Earth so soon is past, what is done for Christ will last"
Weaver, Cordia Essick, b. 3/30/1898, d. 3/14/1970, w/o Olin Thomas
Weaver, Eula Swicegood, b. 9/3/1907, d. 2/1/1982, w/o Jesse Lee
Weaver, Fred Edward, b. 3/4/1916, d. 10/21/1999, h/o Rachel Charles, PVT US Army WW II
Weaver, Jack Edward, b. 1/11/1930, d. 7/17/1984
Weaver, Jesse Lee, b. 3/27/1894, d. 11/26/1990, h/o Eula Swicegood, PVT US Army WW I
Weaver, John Henry, b. 1/5/1934, d. 1/14/2003, h/o Pauline Leonard, M: 10/5/1952
Weaver, Lettie L., b. 6/20/1898, d. 12/22/1990, w/o Rome Lee
Weaver, Olin Thomas, b. 1/30/1897, d. 2/11/1990, h/o Cordia Essick
Weaver, Rachel Charles, b. 2/9/1916, d. 2/24/2006, w/o Fred Edward
Weaver, Rome Lee, b. 3/27/1894, d. 1/12/1990, h/o Lettie L., US Army WW I, "Entered into Rest"
White, Belva Lea Davis, b. 7/25/1922, d. 3/23/2005
Wicker, Mitchell "Mickey" Damont, b. 1/19/1948, d. 7/23/1999, h/o Glenda Cecil, M: 8/9/1969
Wilson, Magdalene H., b. 1/31/1915, d. 1/21/2005, "Mother", mother of Andrew Vernon
Wimmer, Jody Len, b. 6/1/1959, d. 8/4/1995, "Son"
Wishon, Larry Scott, b. 3/9/1971, d. 6/20/1991, "Beloved Son & Brother"
Young, Robert Lemuel (R. L.), b. 10/21/1920, d. 12/19/2001, "Father", h/o Helen Everhart, M: 6/22/1940
Zimmerman, Baxter Raymond, b. 9/17/1902, d. 4/6/1995, h/o Gladys Byrd
Zimmerman, Beatrice Craver, b. 3/16/1879, d. 11/7/1969, w/o Emanuel Jackson
Zimmerman, Emanuel Jackson, b. 3/13/1875, d. 3/10/1963, h/o Beatrice Craver
Zimmerman, Gladys Byrd, b. 2/16/1906, d. 8/22/1998, w/o Baxter Raymond

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