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Rocky Creek Cemetery
Lucedale, George County, Mississippi

Contributed by James Trussell, Aug 20, 2007 [carverofwood1260@wmconnect.com].

Fendley, Clara Mae, b. 01-28-1883, d. 01-07-1934, section D-9
Fendley, Coma, b. 07-09-1909, d. 08-14-1977, section D-9, Pfc US Army
Ferguson, Audrey L, b. 04-15-1921, d. 11-17-1953, section F-5
Ferguson, Howard B (Sr.), b. 06-18-1919, d. 12-05-1990, section D-10
Ferguson, John C, b. 1920, d. 1956, section E-5, US Army WW-2
Finch, Anna R. (Havard), b. 11-22-1877, d. 04-12-1966, section B-5
Finch, Hardy Ratliff, b. 07-07-1900, d. 12-14-1980, section B-5
Finch, Keaton Taylor, b. 05-28-2001, d. 07-19-2001, section A-1, "Our Little Angel"
Fore, Billy Sam, b. 08-02-1945, d. 06-29-2004, section D-10
Fortenberry, J.E, b. 11-08-1966, d. 11-09-1966, section F-3
Fuquay, Henry Ford, b. 03-25-1910, d. 01-05-1990, section G-11
Fuquay, Rosetta P, b. 01-06-1900, d. 12-10-1979, section G-11
Gaines, Herbert Calvin, b. 07-18-1887, d. 04-05-1926, section B-10
Gaines, Lucille, b. 09-28-1922, d. 05-02-1988, section B-10, "Vicky"
Gante, Howard Earl, b. 10-05-1907, d. 02-12-1997, section F-4
Gante, Steven W, b. 08-25-1964, d. 04-04-1993, section F-4
Gante, Willene Gladys, b. 03-23-1923, d. 04-04-1999, section F-4
Geiger, Melissia (Breland), b. 02-22-1899, d. 09-22-1949, section D-8
Geiger, Walter Harmon, b. 08-31-1927, d. 12-17-1935, section D-8
Geiger, Walter L, b. 12-22-1885, d. 02-25-1951, section D-8
Gibson, Chairty E, b. 02-18-1872, d. 06-13-1935, section D-6
Gibson, Samuel S, b. 08-28-1859, d. 10-27-1941, section D-6
Gillette, Richard, b. 04-25-1929, d. 03-26-1982, section F-6
Goff, Fred H, b. 03-17-1907, d. 12-20-1968, section E-3
Goff, infant, b. 12-16-1956, d. 12-16-1956, section F-6, son of Mr./Mrs. Henry Goff
Goff, Nathan Levi, b. 06-05-1980, d. 05-23-2001, section D-9
Goff, Steven DeWayne, b. 07-05-1966, d. 03-27-1987, section E-9
Gordon, Berry Thomas, b. 11-14-1928, d. 12-04-1986, section F-5, PFC US Army WW-2
Gordon, John Fewell, b. 01-21-1902, d. 10-10-1986, section E-5
Gordon, Mae Velma, b. 02-06-1906, d. 08-21-1993, section E-5
Gordon, Ralph Bernard, b. 08-06-1929, d. 03-30-1948, section E-5
Gordon, Richard T, b. 12-09-1888, d. 11-13-1949, section E-5, PFC 162nd Depot Brigade WW-1 (Mississippi)
Gordon, Sarah J, b. 04-15-1896, d. 01-31-1966, section F-5
Gough, Chester, b. 1899, d. 1964, section D-9
Gough, infant, b. 01-30-1930, d. 01-30-1930, section D-9, dau of Chester & Estelle
Gough, Jerry, b. 03-18-1940, d. 01-20-2006, section D-9
Gough, Jessie Adell, b. 04-11-1894, d. 12-15-1981, section D-9
Gough, Nettie C, b. 12-12-1891, d. 02-05-1970, section D-9
Green, Andrew Jackson, b. 03-02-1915, d. 07-05-1939, section C-8
Green, Cammie Ardell (Mallette), b. 04-22-1891, d. 03-06-1935, section C-8
Green, Sammie Gamble, b. 01-15-1912, d. 01-25-1973, section C-2
Green, Stella H, b. 02-14-1895, d. 12-03-1983, section D-8
Green, Willie Irvin, b. 09-10-1890, d. 03-16-1971, section D-8
Greene, Addie, b. 1896, d. 1972, section C-5
Greene, Bernard, b. 1924, d. 1979, section C-5
Greene, Don T, b. 09-27-1939, d. 04-17-1973, section G-1
Greene, Dumas, b. 1886, d. 1956, section C-5
Greene, J. D, b. 1917, d. 1920, section C-5
Greene, Winston Ray, b. 1941, d. 1942, section D-7
Greiber, Glenda Patrick, b. 1942, d. 1970, section C-8
Gutherie, Bonnie Fae, b. 07-28-1949, d. 07-28-1949, section E-8
Gutherie, Bonnie Faye, b. 11-14-1963, d. 04-05-1969, section F-8
Guthrie, James Howard, b. 08-10-1940, d. 01-21-1965, section F-8
Hall, Arnold Lee, b. 08-13-1927, d. 04-03-1997, section A-8, PFC US Army WW-2
Hamblin, Linda Nell (Mills), b. 01-22-1934, d. 06-20-1992, section E-3
Hamblin, William Mills, b. 06-18-1963, d. 01-02-1985, section E-3
Hancock, Olvin R. "Bob", b. 03-28-1919, d. 03-06-1999, section A-4, Tec4 US Army WW-2
Hanvey, Irene (Bentley), b. 08-11-1900, d. 01-17-1970, section B-3
Hanvey, Thomas Edward, b. 06-30-1891, d. 07-30-1962, section B-3, Pvt. Co. "C" 2nd Inf. (WW-1) Alabama N.G.
Harmon, Eugene R, b. 09-16-1919, d. 05-28-1975, section F-5 PFC US Army WW-2
Harmon, Inez E, b. 1919, d. 1983, section F-5
Harris, infant, no dates, section D-4, Mr. & Mrs. Abbott Harris
Harris, L. Abbott, b. 04-25-1911, d. 09-25-1972, section D-4
Harris, Pauline M, b. 09-07-1908, d. 10-04-1997, section D-4
Harrison, Flossie E, b. 01-01-1917, d. 12-04-1984, section E-7
Harrison, Lee R, b. 02-16-1919, d. 10-26-1990, section E-10
Harrison, Minnie, b. 10-21-1896, d. 02-23-1945, section E-7
Harrison, Ryan Andrew, b. 07-25-1992, d. 04-22-2006, section C-4
Harrison, Sim, b. 05-27-1893, d. 10-03-1968, section E-7
Hartley, Eula Lee W, b. 08-05-1913, d. 10-14-1996, section B-4, "A teacher who loved children"
Harvey, Barry H, b. 04-01-1938, d. 02-22-1995, section E-5, SSgt. US Army / US Air Force , Viet Nam
Harvey, John Frank, b. 06-27-1927, d. 04-25-1989, section D-5
Harvey, John Thomas, b. 04-13-1893, d. 01-20-1967, section E-5, PFC 8th Bn 162nd Depot Brig. WW-1
Harvey, Ruby (Daffin), b. 04-10-1896, d. 01-14-1989, section E-5
Harvey, T. Dimple, b. 09-08-1941, d. 11-17-1999, section A-3, wife of Jerry R. Harvey
Hatcher, Jessie (Smith), b. 05-01-1905, d. 09-02-1984, section B-1
Hatcher, Lovett Drayton, b. 12-23-1899, d. 07-12-1972, section B-1, "Father"
Hathcock, Barbara C, b. 11-21-1936, d. 09-21-2003, section E-4
Havard, Allan R, b.05-13-1918, d.02-10-1992, section E-7 Sgt. US Army WW-2 Purple Heart
Havard, Annie, b. 04-01-1898, d. 02-15-1899, section B-6
Havard, Belle, b. 1880, d. 1946, section C-7
Havard, Byron Marshall, b. 07-01-1938, d. 01-01-1942, section D-8
Havard, Carl T, b. 06-21-1907, d. 07-26-1981, section B-5, "Daddy"
Havard, Cathrine, b. 01-06-1852, d. 04-24-1920, section C-7,wife of John Havard Sr.
Havard, Charles H, b. 10-21-1871, d. 01-31-1956, section B-5
Havard, Charles W, b. 1871, d. unknown, section C-7
Havard, Clayton Anthony, b. 11-14-1963, d. 11-14-1963, section F-8, inf. son of Mr. & Mrs. W.J. Havard
Havard, Clinton D, b. 02-09-1899, d. unknown, section C-7
Havard, Colin C, b. 09-02-1920, d. 01-28-1966, section F-7
Havard, Corine Claxton, b. 12-08-1906, d. 02-19-1964, section D-8
Havard, David Eli, b. 10-04-1911, d. 06-15-1988, section D-8
Havard, Edward G, b. 03-15-1957, d. 07-16-2000, section G-4
Havard, Elizabeth, b. 08-30-1899, d. unknown, section C-8
Havard, Elizabeth, b. 10-15-1858, d. 10-11-1938, section B-6, "Bettie"
Havard, Emily (Welford), b. 1876, d. 1944, section A-8
Havard, Etta, b. 01-01-1900, d. 08-24-1955, section C-5
Havard, Eva L, b. 04-27-1898, d. 03-28-1981, section G-2
Havard, Flora (Mason), b. 10-03-1908, d. 07-12-1993, section F-1
Havard, George O, b. 05-28-1856, d. 01-24-1922, section C-4
Havard, Georgia (Havard), b. 11-07-1900, d. 09-13-1997, section E-1
Havard, Gregory, b. 10-03-1925, d. 01-03-1994, section E-2, Gm3 US Navy WW-2
Havard, H.P. (Jr.), b. 11-28-1915, d. 11-29-1915, section C-5
Havard, Henry Patrick, b. 02-23-1888, d. 12-04-1956, section C-5
Havard, Hiriam Matthew, b. 12-07-1898, d. 10-23-1967, section D-8
Havard, infant, b. 06-18-1941, d. 06-18-1941, section B-5, Harry/Katherine Havard
Havard, infant, b. 11-25-1919, d. 02-14-1920, section C-8, son of T.L. & E. Havard
Havard, infant, no dates, section B-6, Joe & Nancy Havard
Havard, infant, no dates, section C-5, Mr. & Mrs. H.P. Havard
Havard, infant, no dates, section C-6, Geo. & F.E. Havard (3 days old)
Havard, Isabella, b. 1871, d. 1926, section B-5
Havard, Janie S, b. 07-22-1908, d. 07-25-1956, section D-7
Havard, Joe, b. 1867, d. 1945, section D-4
Havard, John, b. 01-12-1848, d. 10-01-1930, section C-7, Pvt. Co. "E" 17th Batt. Miss. Cav. C.S.A. Civil War Veteran
Havard, Joseph D. (Sr.), b. 05-31-1910, d. 10-19-1969, section D-7, Pvt Co. "A" 415th Inf.
Havard, Joseph T, b. 06-18-1911, d. 04-08-1981, section C-4, "Bill"
Havard, Joseph William, b. 02-10-1922, d. 05-06-2003, section E-1, "Dub"
Havard, Julia Catherine (Eubanks), b. 06-22-1885, d. 05-31-1984, section B-5, "Kate"
Havard, Julia Thomas, b. 02-26-1912, d. 06-08-1998, section C-4
Havard, Karen Elizabeth, b. 10-13-1958, d. 02-16-2005, section E-1
Havard, Kate D, b. 12-10-1901, d. 08-10-1982, section E-1
Havard, Kenneth Patrick, b. 04-14-1918, d. 11-07-1966, section G-3
Havard, Lee M, b. 03-29-1903, d. 02-22-1994, section E-1
Havard, Lela M, b. 07-05-1885, d. 03-03-1961, section E-7
Havard, Lula Mae (Mallett), b. 12-10-1913, d. 12-05-1987, section G-3
Havard, Luther, b. 08-24-1905, d. 06-29-1973, section F-1
Havard, Lyman W, b. 05-05-1876, d. 07-05-1944, section E-7
Havard, Mae Bell, b. 01-31-1913, d. 06-18-1986, section B-5, "Mama"
Havard, Manerva M, b. 02-15-1879, d. 05-25-1929, section B-5
Havard, Marion M, b. 09-01-1882, d. 09-17-1928, section B-5, husband of Kate Havard
Havard, Martha A, b. 06-19-1868, d. 03-15-1869, section B-6
Havard, Mary Pauline (Tillman), b. 1820, d. 07-21-1894, section B-6
Havard, Mary, b. 01-23-1903, d. 01-25-1997, section F-6
Havard, Mary, b. 1820, d. 1894, section B-6
Havard, Nancy, b. 1874, d. 1937, section D-4
Havard, Nelda, b. 1945, d. 1946, section D-7
Havard, Nettie Geneva, b. 09-07-1895, d. 01-15-1942, section C-5
Havard, Percillare, b. 11-07-1865, d. 06-21-1889, section C-6
Havard, Peter "Pete", b. 1872, d. 1930, section A-8
Havard, Rachel, b. unknown, d. 01-14-1920, section C-7, 38 years old, wife of John Havard Sr.
Havard, Randall, b. 08-05-1894, d. 05-30-1943, section C-5 Pvt 152nd Inf 38th Div Miss.
Havard, Reverand Thomas, b. 08-27-1837, d. 05-23-1903, section C-6
Havard, Ruby M, b. 02-29-1899, d. 06-21-1962, section E-8
Havard, Stephen, b. 08-16-1818, d. 12-27-1877, section B-6
Havard, Steve, b. 1864, d. 1926, section B-5
Havard, Susan A, b. 06-22-1840, d. 09-15-1919, section C-6, wife of Thomas Havard
Havard, Susan, b. 08-16-1854, d. 11-29-1910, section C-5
Havard, Susie Mae, b. 12-05-1907, d. 12-09-1927, section D-4
Havard, Ted L, b. 08-11-1900, d. 11-18-1970, section C-8
Havard, Thomas Ivan, b. 09-09-1932, d. 11-16-1974, section F-6
Havard, Thomas, b. 03-25-1903, d. 04-02-1953, section E-6
Havard, Vera (Dungan), b. 04-26-1927, d. 01-30-1994, section D-5
Havard, Vera Mae, b. 12-12-1927, d. 03-29-1996, section E-2
Havard, W.M, b. unknown, d. 02-03-1919, section C-5, 71 yrs. old at death
Havard, Walter W, b. 02-28-1896, d. 03-31-1962, section F-6, Pvt. Co. "K" Army Comp. Regt. WW-1 (Mississippi)
Havard, William H (Sr.), b. 12-18-1895, d. 01-03-1956, section E-8
Havard, William H, b. 07-24-1938, d. 12-02-1938, section F-2
Havard, William W, b. 01-27-1875, d. 12-09-1891, section B-6
Havard, Willie, b. unknown, d. 02-02-1915, section C-5, 38 yrs. old
Havard, Willis, b. 08-09-1910, d. 10-01-1981, section B-2, 71 yrs. old
Hayse, Lawson P, b. 1886, d. 1963, section E-9
Hempstead, Aubin D, b. 08-23-1905, d. 01-10-1931, section B-6
Hempstead, Ellen L, b. 04-18-1873, d. 05-27-1951, section B-6
Hempstead, Hazel Ann, b. 05-21-1943, d. 08-06-2007, section A-6
Hempstead, Horace M, b. 05-28-1894, d. 04-23-1975, section B-6
Hempstead, infant, b. 01-19-1924, d. 01-19-1924, section B-6,inf.dau Mr./Mrs. John Hempstead
Hempstead, John W, b. 01-18-1927, d. 04-02-1980, section B-6, US Navy WW-2
Hempstead, John, b. 02-06-1904, d. 09-11-1988, section B-6, "Beloved Dad"
Hempstead, Lucille E, b. 02-28-1905, d. 03-27-2001, section B-6, "Precious Mother"
Hempstead, Mable Christine, b. 05-03-1930, d. 09-14-2003, section B-6, "Mother"
Hempstead, Mary (Hinton), b. 11-04-1909, d. 03-07-1991, section B-6
Hempstead, Mary E, b. 11-04-1939, d. 11-06-1939, section B-6
Hempstead, Rebecca, B. 01-23-1843, D. 09-30-1926, section B-6
Hempstead, Richard Donald, b. 04-02-1982, d. 05-19-1987, section A-6
Hempstead, S.D, b. 03-10-1869, d. 10-16-1922, section B-6
Henderson, Mary Ruth, b. 12-03-1938, d. 08-26-1975, section C-2
Henderson, Steven Lance, b. 02-18-1973, d. 07-12-2007, section B-2
Henderson, Susanne, b. 03-31-1970, d. 03-31-1970, section B-2
Herrington, Rhoda P, b. 02-02-1886, d. 01-01-1948, section E-4
Herrington, William L, b. 11-23-1872, d.12-21-1952, section E-4
Hewlett, Elizabeth (Taylor), b.11-12-1940, d.06-10-1998, section D-10, A2C US Air Force
Hickman, John Olna, b. 01-30-1919, d. 01-01-1996, section D-4, SM1 US Navy
Hill, Nellie G, b. 08-18-1889, d. 02-26-1973, section C-8
Hill, Ralston, b. 05-11-1902, d. 02-28-1986, section C-8, "Doy"
Hogan, Lillie Mae Jewel, b. 07-18-1917, d. 04-13-1976, section E-7
Holland, Albert Virgie, b. 07-24-1892, d. 08-09-1974, section D-8
Holland, Chester, no dates, section D-5
Holland, Ema, no dates, , section D-5
Holland, Everett L, b. 02-20-1932, d. 03-09-1997, section F-6, "Red"
Holland, John, no dates, section D-5
Holland, Monroe, no dates, section D-5
Holland, Sadie M. (Havard), b. 11-13-1906, d. 08-04-2000, section D-8
Holland, Troy, no dates, section D-5
Holliday, Dolly Fay, b. 02-01-1931,d. 02-02-1931, section D-7
Holliman, Elec, b. 03-04-1929, d. 10-25-1999, section D-10
Holliman, Helen, b. 01-26-1927, d. 08-31-1985, section D-10
Hollman, Ira H, b. 06-05-1911, d. 10-25-1993, section D-5
Holmes, Carl G, b. 06-10-1923, d. 06-01-1994, section E-10
Holtsclaw, Herschell Earl, b. 10-29-1915, d. 05-09-1993, section D-8
Holtsclaw, Myrtis (Welford), b. 06-19-1920, d. 09-07-2005, section E-8
Holyfield, Waymon Blackwell, b. 03-10-1924, d. 08-09-1996, section E-4 PFC US Army WW-2
Hooks, Alvin Eugene, b. 02-21-1901, d. 04-09-1982, section D-6
Horn, John W, b. 1880, d. 1956, section E-5
Horn, Zula T, b. 1889, d. 1973, section E-5
Horne, Lillie Mae (Eubanks), b. 09-21-1901, d. 12-27-1984, section E-3
Howell, Ada (McDaniel), b. 09-24-1989, d. 03-18-1979, section F-7
Howell, Bruno Carlton, b. 02-08-1906, d. 05-22-1925, section C-6
Howell, Carmen, b. 04-10-1938, d. 04-05-2004, section A-9
Howell, Deloris, b. 10-20-1926, d. 09-29-2001, section F-6
Howell, infant, b. unknown, d. 08-10-1910, section C-6, M.F. & S.L. Howell
Howell, Judith H, b. 11-17-1938, d. 11-08-1999, section A-3
Howell, Lee Cody, b. 07-25-1958, d. 10-28-2000, section A-9
Howell, Martha F, b. 09-23-1869, d. 08-18-1950, section C-6
Howell, Martha F, b. 09-23-1869, d. 08-18-1950, section D-6
Howell, Maxwell D, b. 11-26-1954, d. 11-24-1982, section E-6
Howell, Mount Angelo, b. 04-02-1899, d. 05-16-1916, section C-6
Howell, Owen, b. 02-09-1935, d. 01-22-1990, section A-9
Howell, Samuel L, b. 07-19-1869, d. 03-16-1959, section C-6
Howell, Vernon, b. 11-08-1918, d. 04-17-1990, section F-6, Tec5 US Army WW-2
Hudgins, David T, b. 1876, d. 1952, section B-8, Hudgins on headstone, Hugen on the slab
Hugen, David T, b. 1876, d. 1952, section B-8, Hudgins on headstone, Hugen on the slab
Hughes, Nell R, b. 10-10-1908, d. 01-19-1971, section B-1
Hughes, Walter B, b. 01-13-1908, d. 11-19-1987, section B-1
Hutchinson, Alice S, b. 07-13-1876, d. 01-07-1926, section D-5
Hutchinson, Alvin Lee, b. 1937, d. 1951, section E-8
Hutchinson, Ola (Gray), b. 1908, d. 1990, section E-8
Hutchinson, William F, b. 02-12-1876, d. 10-29-1957, section D-5
Hutchinson, Wm. J, b. 1900, d. 1942, section E-8, "Bud"
Issac, Charlie, b. 07-23-1880, d. 08-10-1963, section F-4
Jackson, Lillie Mae, b. 05-14-1895, d. 01-23-1972, section D-3
Johnson, Gladys E, b. 09-19-1913, d. 08-03-1951, section B-5
Johnson, Jimmie Lester, b. 02-16-1943, d. 11-25-1965, section C-3
Johnson, Lawrence Clayton, b. 11-04-1911, d. 03-28-1987, section A-5, US Army WW-2
Johnson, Mildred I, b. 07-16-1915, d. 06-03-2000, section C-3
Johnson, Nobel H, b. 10-27-1912, d. 07-08-1981, section C-3
Johnson, Sallie Miller, b. 11-10-1838, d. 07-27-1916, section B-7 (believed to be the mother of Susanna Johnston) however, last name spelled different on the two headstones
Johnson, William B, b. 05-01-1907, d. 03-15-1981, section C-3
Johnston, Susanna, b. 09-26-1869, d. 03-21-1901, section B-7 dau.of Sallie (Miller) Johnston
Jones, Joan, b. 01-17-1938, d. 02-07-1938, section E-6
Jones, Margaret, b. 11-01-1939, d. 12-08-1939, section E-6
Jones, Robert Kent, b. 12-22-1961, d. 01-12-1962, section F-6, son of Mr/Mrs C.W. Jones
Jones, William W, b. 09-06-1937, d. 08-09-1978, section G-4
Kain, Shirley Maxine (Holland), b. 09-18-1935, d. 07-15-1998, section D-8
Knight, Emma F, b. 07-20-1870, d. 04-19-1898, section B-6, "Mother"
Knight, infant, b. 04-12-1898, d. 04-12-1898, section B-6, F.G. & E.B. Knight
Kroker, Ethel (Whatley), b. 10-12-1904, d. 06-01-1979, section G-2
Landon, Donald Lewis, b. 02-27-1938, d. 02-18-1986, section A-4
Landon, Floyd J, b. 10-11-1901, d. 12-23-1985, section A-4, Pvt. US Army
Landon, Vada Leon, b. 03-20-1913, d. 12-03-1986, section A-4
Langham, Claude C, b. 10-10-1913, d. 06-30-1980, section B-5
Langham, Estelle W, b. 12-04-1913, d. 12-12-1986, section B-5
Laurin, Emily, b. 10-08-1997, d. 02-02-1998, section A-10, inf. dau. Of Brandon/Randa
Lawrence, William, b. 12-12-1916, d. 04-17-1994, section C-1
Lee, Barbara C, b. 01-15-1936, d. 05-07-1984, section F-7
Lee, David Monroe, b. 1863, d. 1940, section D-7
Lee, Edward Allen, b. 11-15-1959, d. 02-27-1960, section F-7
Lee, Edward E, b. 03-25-1933, d. 07-25-2003, section F-7
Lee, Sarah (Smith), b. 1874, d. 1933, section D-7
Leggett, Alice E, b. 02-02-1910, d. 05-23-1989, section C-1
Leggett, Audrey M, b. 04-04-1908, d. 10-04-1984, section C-1
Leggett, Dessie V, b. 06-08-1948, d. 06-07-2001, section F-6
Leggett, Flossie M, b. 04-15-1910, d. 04-01-2002, section C-1
Leggett, John C, b. 09-01-1914, d.07-11-1975, section F-6, Sgt. US Army Air Force WW-2
Leggett, Joyce Reanee, b. 09-06-1951, d. 12-12-1953, section F-6
Leggett, Paula Nell, b. 05-16-1958, d. 05-17-1958, section F-6
Lewis, Raymond T, b. 09-07-1911, d. 04-02-1991, section E-3
Lindley, A.F, b. 01-22-1911, d. 10-16-1977, section B-5
Lindley, Bessie D, b. 01-29-1915, d. 12-06-1972, section B-5
Long, Coleman C, b. 05-03-1921, d. 05-28-1942, section E-8
Lott, Rhoda L, b. 04-12-1914, d. 05-19-1925, section D-5
Lucas, Sarah S, b. 10-02-1914, d. 09-24-1998, section D-1
Lyles, Johnny Ray (Jr.), b. 07-14-1971, d. 08-23-1973, section F-2
Lyles, William R, b. 03-11-1920, d. 07-29-1972, section F-2
Lynch, John V, b. 10-05-1930, d. 08-08-1990, section B-2
Lynch, Nancy M, b. 07-27-1933, d. 02-01-2000, section B-2
Mallet, Clem, b. 07-23-1836, d. 01-21-1913, section B-7 Co. "K" 15th Ala. Calvary, C.S.A. Civil War Veteran
Mallett, Carrie (Miller), b. 03-11-1883, d. 01-17-1957, section D-8
Mallett, Clarence H, b. 09-23-1901, d. 12-27-1907, section B-8, J.M. & E.S. Mallett
Mallett, David, b. 10-23-1855, d. 06-24-1930, section D-6
Mallett, Epsey, b. 10-31-1866, d. 04-01-1936, section D-6
Mallett, Fritz A, b.04-18-1896, d.12-28-1963, section C-7, Pvt Co."M"2nd GP Repl. Tng.Ctr
Mallett, George E, b. 07-03-1914, d. 02-16-2002, section E-1
Mallett, H. M, b. unknown, d. 06-01-1939, section B-8, 85 years old
Mallett, Hariet, b. 10-06-1850, d. 11-19-1910, section B-8, wife of C. Mallett
Mallett, Ida Coe, b. 11-19-1900, d. 10-04-1975, section C-5
Mallett, infant, b. 03-27-1929, d. 03-27-1929, section C-5, son of W.L. & K. T. Mallett
Mallett, John Oliver, b. 05-22-1873, d. 05-04-1936, section C-8
Mallett, Katie T, b. 04-10-1889, d. 04-18-1943, section C-5
Mallett, Martha, b. 07-23-1885, d. 04-01-1971, section B-8
Mallett, Mary, b. unknown, d. 05-13-1917, section B-8, 65 years old
Mallett, Melbourne, b. 10-12-1925, d. 08-30-1928, section C-5
Mallett, Sama Curtis, b. 09-03-1890, d. 11-09-1967, section C-7
Mallett, Tony Elwin, b. 03-31-1947, d. 10-16-1993, section F-1
Mallett, Valoree S, b. 02-22-1929, d. 05-30-2005, section C-5
Mallett, Velma C, b. 10-31-1913, d. 08-24-2003, section E-1
Mallett, William L, b. 02-13-1885, d. 06-18-1972, section C-5
Mallette, Adaline, b. 06-30-1834, d. 05-07-1898, section B-7
Mallette, Arnette, b. 01-08-1902, d. 12-20-1985, section E-8, "Jake"
Mallette, Bertha M, b. 10-19-1910, d. 04-01-1991, section C-1
Mallette, Bessie Lee, b. 03-18-1905, d. 04-01-1994, section E-8
Mallette, Bonnie (Breland), b. 10-14-1918, d. 11-16-1986, section C-1
Mallette, Byford C, b. 11-11-1909, d. 04-17-1991, section C-1
Mallette, Della E, b. 1882, d. 1897, section B-7
Mallette, Ellen S, b. 06-13-1873, d. 01-17-1957, section D-8
Mallette, Elma (Cowart), b. 09-11-1869, d. 10-13-1999, section B-8
Mallette, Elma E, b. 1893, d. 1897, section C-7
Mallette, Florence (Miller), b. 1-02-1886, d. 05-26-1967, section B-7, "Wife"
Mallette, George Raymo, b. 1857, d. 1933, section C-7
Mallette, Infant, b. 07-15-1938, d. 07-15-1938, section C-1, inf dau Byford & Bertha
Mallette, James W, b. 04-06-1865, d. 09-02-1947, section D-8
Mallette, Jerry L, b. 11-11-1932, d. 01-25-1953, section E-8
Mallette, John Delmas, b. 11-10-1867, d. 04-21-1941, section B-8
Mallette, Loney, no dates, section B-7, infant grave
Mallette, Louie Edwin, b. 01-05-1873, d. 02-05-1942, section B-7, "Husband"
Mallette, Lyddie Safronia, b.07-06-1879, d.02-23-1904, sectionB-7, wife of L.E. Mallette
Mallette, Mary D, b. 06-07-1860, d. 05-03-1903, section C-8, wife of David Mallette
Mallette, Rebecca, b. 1853, d. 1933, section C-7
Mallette, Samuel Alton, b. 02-09-1907, d. 06-25-1926, section B-8
Malone, Atlas Pool, b.08-19-1905, d.09-12-1968, section D-3, S.Sgt Base Air Depot 4AAF
Malone, Carlie L, b. 10-21-1903, d. 05-27-1923, section D-4
Malone, Dan, b. 04-04-1874, d. 01-15-1962, section D-4
Malone, Edward L, b. 05-27-1898, d. 01-16-1989, section C-4
Malone, Edward Leroy, b. 11-??-1928, d. 11-??-1928, section D-4, infant
Malone, Ethel P, b. 01-06-1901, d. 03-13-1976, section C-4
Malone, Gladys (Eubanks), b. 03-23-1913, d. 05-01-1988, section C-3
Malone, Isabelle, b. 03-30-1887, d. 01-12-1938, section D-4
Malone, Ollin, b. 08-25-1914, d. 09-19-2002, section D-4
Malone, Tammy Darlene, b. 11-13-1958, d. 11-14-1958, section A-8
Malone, Virginia (Dye), b. 12-27-1907, d. 05-18-1935, section D-4
Mann, Euna Mae (Moody), b. 10-26-1938, d. 07-31-2007, section B-2
Mann, Lillie Rhea (Dungan), b. 06-09-1918, d. 12-12-1946, section E-8
Manseill, Donie D, b. 06-20-1906, d. 11-27-1981, section E-9
Manseill, Roxie Ann, b. 07-20-1943, d. 09-02-1945, section E-9
Manseill, Willie H (Sr.), b. 09-17-1907, d. 01-04-2005, section E-9
Martin, Jewel (Odom), b. 06-15-1928, d. 11-26-1975, section F-3, Cpl. US Army, Korea
Mason, Bryant, b. 06-17-1861, d. 08-04-1933, section B-6
Mason, Emly J, b. 09-18-1857, d. 02-03-1906, section C-6
Mason, Franklin P, b. 03-02-1875, d. 11-24-1929, section C-8
Mason, Harriet P, b. 03-13-1857, d. 11-23-1930, section C-8
Mason, Laura E, b. 01-24-1888, d. 05-06-1890, section C-6, inf dau B & M.J. Mason
Mason, Lella Mae, b. 11-11-1914, d. 09-18-1999, section C-8
Mason, Lillian, b. 1900, d. 1940, section E-7
Mason, Lizzie E, b. 01-01-1881, d. 10-03-1937, section C-8
Mason, Mamie Ethel (Eubanks), b. 02-10-1897, d. 03-08-1968, section D-7
Mason, Scott, b.01-26-1892, d.06-18-1940, section E-7, Pvt.5th GP Mtd. Mg Tng GenWW1
Mason, Shelton, b. 07-31-1907, d. 05-30-1975, section C-8
Mason, Thomas Burl ( Jr), b. 04-28-1931, d. 04-29-1931, section D-7
Mason, Thomas Burl (Sr.), b. 03-14-1895, d. 11-16-1954, section D-7
Mason, unknown, no dates, section B-6, "slab is deteriorated"
Mason, William, b. 03-25-1854, d. 07-13-1933, section C-8
Massey, Dennis Lamar, b. 01-31-1904, d. 02-08-1977, section B-4
Massey, Ethel (Walters), b. 02-05-1906, d. 07-06-1988, section B-4
Massey, Karen D, b.03-27-1963, d.10-17-1986, section A-3,wife of Franklin D Massey Jr.
Mathis, Donald M, b. 10-14-1966, d. 07-08-2007, section A-9
Mathis, John L, b. 1922, d. 1987, section A-9, US Army
Mathis, Nettie Mae, b. 12-03-1931, d. 01-23-2004, section A-9, 72 yrs. old
May, Lula H, b. 08-08-1894, d. 09-29-1974, section C-1
May, M. T, b. 05-28-1888, d. 04-17-1952, section E-6
Mayo, William H, b. 12-06-1910, d. 12-15-1995, section C-10
McCaa, Billy Ray, b. 02-27-1939, d. 03-01-2005, section B-2
McCaa, Phillip Ray, b. 09-28-1962, d. 02-26-1974, section B-2
McCelland, Joseph A, b. 08-17-1925, d. 08-10-2000, section F-10, PFC US Army
McDaniel, Eula R, b. 12-01-1878, d. 03-03-1972, section F-7
McDaniel, John C, b. 10-29-1874, d. 04-08-1959, section F-7
McDaniel, Luther "Punch", b. 07-23-1906, d. 10-05-1985, section F-7
McDaniel, Mary Ruth, b. 11-12-1911, d. 02-22-1992, section F-7
McDaniels, Rosco, b. 01-11-1911, d. 06-20-1912, section C-5
McIlwain, C.L, b. 02-20-1852, d. 03-11-1904, section C-8, wife of W.H. McIlwain
McIlwain, George, b. 07-08-1910, d. 05-14-1913, section C-5
McIlwain, Hazel, b. 05-19-1907, d. 09-12-1908, section C-5
McIlwain, James E, b. 1879, d. 1969, section B-5, "A loving father"
McIlwain, Mary, b. 04-10-1870, d. 08-12-1953, section C-6
McIlwain, Mittie A, b. 1879, d. 1951, section B-5, "A loving wife"
McIlwain, Rubie, b. 09-14-1905, d. 04-29-1918, section C-5
McIlwain, W.H, b. 05-22-1853, d. 07-26-1946, section C-8
McKissick, Annie L, b. 01-27-1916, d. 12-09-2002, section G-11
McKissick, James LL, b. 09-01-1906, d. 11-28-1979, section G-11
McKissick, Marjorie Ann, b. 07-19-1939, d. 11-26-2004, section G-11
McKnight, Civil Laverne, b. 09-20-1920, d. 01-03-1986, section E-8
McKnight, Edwin Noble, b. 08-06-1920, d. 04-03-2002, section E-8
McLellan, John Patrick (Sr.), b. 01-11-1923, d. 09-10-1997, section A-10, PFC US Army WW-2
McLeod, Alex, b. 10-02-1871, d. 07-22-1938, section B-8
McLeod, Allie E, b. 1875, d. 1930, section C-8
McLeod, Anna Belle (Mallett), b. 06-08-1878, d. 04-07-1911, section B-8
McLeod, Bruce E, b. 04-04-1941, d. 04-01-1942, section E-9
McLeod, Cecil, b. 06-20-1904, d. 10-22-1991, section B-9
McLeod, Clyde, b. 03-05-1897, d. 04-06-1963, section E-6
McLeod, Fronie (Davis), b. 11-06-1893, d. 08-22-1972, section E-6
McLeod, Gussie K, b. 07-16-1916, d. 01-07-1997, section F-6
McLeod, infant, no dates, section C-8
McLeod, Irenus, b. 11-28-1911, d. 09-15-1967, section F-6, "Sack"
McLeod, James B, b. 05-23-1936, d. 11-20-1956, section F-6, Sgt. Btry. "C" 63rd Fa. Bn.
McLeod, Jane H, b. 1861, d. 1917, section C-8
McLeod, Jessie M, b. 07-28-1909, d. 06-18-1978, section E-9
McLeod, John Earl (Sr.), b. 04-12-1927, d. 05-26-1977, section F-6
McLeod, Mary Demaris, b. 02-07-1883, d. 06-08-1937, section B-8
McLeod, Nancy Birdie Lee, b. 08-26-1913, d. 06-20-2003, section B-9
McLeod, Peggy L, b. 09-07-1939, d. 10-10-2002, section F-6
McLeod, R. Eugene, b. 07-12-1904, d. 08-16-1977, section E-9
McLeod, Ruby N, b. 09-19-1906, d. 06-29-1907, section C-8, A. & A. McLeod
McLeod, Rufus, b. 10-12-1915, d. 03-06-1977, section F-6
McLeod, Sheryl Jean, b. 09-06-1947, d. 09-13-1947, section B-4
McRae, Annie M, b. 03-21-1900, d. 08-21-1969, section F-9
McRae, William A (Jr.), b. 10-07-1939, d. 01-07-1941, section F-9
McRee, Jettie Lucille, b. 03-30-1908, d. 03-28-1929, section C-8
Mew, Roy A, b. 07-19-1904, d. 11-14-1967, section E-6
Mhyre, Nellie W, b. 1910, d. 1933, section C-6
Miller, Eliza, b. 01-15-1836, d. 02-08-1864, section B-7
Miller, Elizabeth, b. 08-16-1845, d. 10-09-1858, section B-7
Miller, John E. (Sr.), b. 10-29-1802, d. 04-14-1889, section B-7
Miller, Johnny Ford, b. 12-31-1921, d. 09-08-1996, section G-2, TEC4 US Army
Miller, Maher T, b. 01-02-1842, d. 02-12-1863, section B-7, Co. "E" 36th Ala. Regt. C.S.A. Civil War Veteran
Miller, Myrtle (Williams), b. 04-04-1923, d. 08-21-2003, section G-2
Miller, Sarah, b. 02-28-1806, d. 03-27-1883, section B-7
Mills, Bertha E, b. 03-15-1896, d. 12-28-1963, section E-3
Mills, James Albert, b. 02-26-1849, d. 02-09-1922, section B-8
Mills, Little Sarah, b. unknown, d. 1918, section C-8
Mills, Mary J, b. 01-21-1859, d. 01-28-1911, section C-8, wife of J.A. Mills
Mills, Voncile (Stewart), b. 02-22-1929, d. 03-10-1998, section F-11
Mills, William W, b. 04-02-1891, d. 09-05-1974, section E-3
Minor, Laura (Davis), b. 12-06-1904, d. 10-03-1967, section F-7
Minor, Sloam, b. 05-17-1901, d. 01-09-1956, section F-7
Mizell, A. Hilton, b. 10-08-1920, d. 06-18-1964, section E-6
Mizell, Alton W, b. 01-25-1945, d. 01-26-1945, section E-6
Mizell, Dorthy Ann, b. 02-21-1952, d. 02-22-1952, section E-6
Mizell, Eugene, b. 1886, d. 1950, section E-6
Mizell, John C, b. 1915, d. 06-08-1985, section E-5
Mizell, Margaret, b. 08-08-1948, d. 08-09-1948, section E-6
Mizell, Ruth E, b. 1880, d. 1954, section E-6
Mizell, Thomas J, b. 08-22-1892, d. 09-13-1986, section G-6
Mizell, Verna (Eubnaks), b. 08-24-1909, d. 03-25-1971, section G-6
Mizell, Wayne, b. 03-03-1946, d. 03-03-1946, section E-6
Mizelle, Clifton W, b. 12-01-1910, d. 10-16-1984, section E-6, Pvt. US Army WW-2
Mizelle, Sallie M, b. 11-20-1920, d. 10-01-2002, section E-6
Moffett, Andrew J, b. 03-03-1859, d. 03-21-1927, section C-7
Moffett, Carrie (Stringfellow), b. 09-07-1908, d. 01-10-1998, section D-7
Moffett, Eli T, b. 10-06-1854, d. 08-21-1910, section B-7
Moffett, Guy D, b. 04-01-1909, d. 12-30-1990, section E-4
Moffett, Ida H, b.01-01-1880, d. 05-17-1963, section D-5
Moffett, infant, b. 09-16-1967, d. 09-16-1967, section G-2, dau. of Mr/Mrs Wilbur Moffett
Moffett, Julian E, b. 12-23-1893, d. 04-04-1971, section G-2
Moffett, Lillie, b. 11-22-1901, d. 04-18-1980, section G-2
Moffett, Mabel, b. 11-09-1915, d. 01-09-1936, section E-4
Moffett, Mary P, b. 03-23-1859, d. 06-25-1898, section B-7
Moffett, Ollie Ward, b. 02-12-1885, d. 12-06-1977, section E-4
Moffett, Oscar Burton, b. 09-09-1907, d. 12-30-1970, section D-7
Moffett, Wiley Leroy, b. 02-19-1880, d. 03-03-1968, section E-4
Moffett, Winfred L, b. 08-05-1924, d. 12-10-1992, section D-4
Moody, Brunner, b. 08-18-1900, d. 04-03-1976, section B-8
Moody, Curtis A, b. 08-17-1900, d. 12-2-1979, section A-8
Moody, Frank Brannon, b. 06-08-1964, d. 05-13-1993, section D-2
Moody, Harison E, b. 1858, d. 1928, section B-8
Moody, J. T, b. 07-12-1861, d. 10-15-1919, section B-8
Moody, James Woodrow (Jr.), b. 04-25-1937, d. 12-25-1982, section B-3
Moody, James Woodrow III, b. 09-29-1959, d. 04-14-1995, section B-3
Moody, James Woodrow, b. 12-14-1915, d. 09-17-2002, section C-2
Moody, Lottie V, b. 12-16-1907, d. unknown, section A-8
Moody, Margret C, b. 1866, d. 1936, section B-8
Moody, Mary Olie, b. 03-11-1873, d. 11-02-1940, section B-8
Moody, Mary Uvon, b. 11-14-1941, d. 11-20-1941, section A-8
Moody, Thomas Ford, b. 04-29-1919, d. 05-27-1994, section G-9
Moody, Tommy Gerald, b. 12-30-1942, d. 11-21-1995, section C-2
Moody, Wiley E, b. 09-18-1906, d. 01-24-1971, section B-8, PFC US Army, WW-2 (Miss)
Moons, Denise, b. 08-13-1969, d. 08-14-1969, section B-2, "Jennifer"
Moons, James P, b. 10-07-1918, d. 07-01-2001, section A-2, "God's Carpenter"
Moons, Myrtis D, b. 05-10-1916, d. 02-02-2004, section A-2
Moore, Aladora Thesalonia, b. 10-07-1859, d. 12-11-1928, section D-5
Moore, James Randolph, b. 12-28-1862, d. 01-03-1940, section D-5
Morris, Julia V. (McLeod), b. 06-15-1897, d. 06-06-1971, section C-8
Moses, Joshua B, b. 1869, d. 1961, section F-4
Moses, Julia E, b. 1877, d. 1948, section F-4
Musgrove, John Don, b. 01-24-1940, d. 10-29-2006, section G-10
Musgrove, Willis S, b. 1855, d. 1932, section D-9

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