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Welch Cemetery
Ozark County, Missouri

Lat: 36° 40' 27"N, Lon: 92° 42' 27"W
T22N R16W Sec 15

Submitted by Louise Hill, 1999, last edited Sep 21, 2005 [Wezey@webtv.net].  Total records = 56.

Welch Cemetery is located (from Theodosia, MO) Highway 95 to County Rd. 910, west one mile.

I must be kin to almost everyone in the Ozark Co. area because a lot of my MOM's relatives are buried here. Hart Cemetery has most of Dad's relatives.

It holds the remains of Civil Wat veterans and others on land that once belonged to William A. and Rebecca Welch who homesteaded the land.

Earliest grave is 1868.

- Louise Hill

Adams, Bertha, b. 6-1-1961, d. 5-24-1944
Adams, Charley, b. 3-9-1904, d. 11-30-1933 (son of John/Liza Adams)
Adams, Ed, 3-7-1896
Adams, Harvey, b. 10-13-1899, d. 12-3-1899
Adams, Issac, b. 11-5-1855, d. 4-14-1926
Adams, John, b. 5-15-1871, d. 4-5-1947 (husband of Liza)
Adams, Mary E., b. 6-9-1871, d. 7-12-1920
Adans, Liza J., b. 2-20-1875, d. 6-14-1956
Barnett, Dorthy Ellen, b. 9-6-1930, d. 9-23-1930
Brown, Kinley, b. 3-1-1896, d. 1-16-1898 (son of L.E. and Nnnie)
Copelin, Jane, b. 4-2-1857, d. 1-31-1892
Copelin, Samuel A., no dates (son of Stephen and Jane)
Graves, Walter, b. 9-15-1907, d. 1-26-1911
Gray, Isaac F., no dates, Co. F, Phelps MO Inf.
Herd, Mahaley, b. 3-20-1865, d. 12-24-1887, wife of D.D.
Humbyrd, Ella Mar, b. 5-3-1909, d. 3-28-1933, daughter of S.P. Marsh
Ledford, Stella, d. 4-9-1976, age 68 years, 10 mo. 28 days
Mahan, King D., no dates, Co. A, Ozark County USRC MO HQ
Maritt, James P., no dates, Co B, 6 prov En MO Mil
Maritt, S. E., b. 12-17-1867, d. 6-4- 1894, husband of Emma
Maritt, Samuel, b. 11-1-1842, d. 5-20-1872
Maritt, Z. T., b. 4-25-1847, d. 12-15-1893, husband of Ethilia
Marsh, Cinthy, b. 11-7-1849, d. 4-26-1927
Marsh, D. E., b. 3-27-1845, d. 4-14-1874
Marsh, David C., Co I, 46 MO Inf, no dates
Marsh, Josephine I., b. 1-2-1823, d. 12-20-1893, wife of W.S.
Marsh, Marie S, b. 1-14-1919, d. 3-7- 1935, daughter of S.P.
Marsh, Myrtle, b. 3-4-1903, d. 10-1903, daughter of Sam P and Nola
Marsh, Nola A., b. 10-13-1884, d. 7-10-1925, wife of Sam, wed 12-21-1902
Marsh, Samuel P., b. 4-2-1882, d. 2-5-1958
Marsh, Summers N. B., b. 4-12-1854, d. 5-5-1890
Marsh, Barval E., b. 6-26-1925, d. 1-30-1930, son of Sam Welch
Melton, Bery Oatis, b. 10-29-1905, d. 9-13-1906, son of T.C. and Delphia
Merritt, Josie, b. 1863-1924
Merritt, Mary Francis, b. 1849, d. 1917
Peacock, Sarah L., b. 8-6-1856, d. 3-4-1868
Robertson, infant daughter, 12-20-1922, dau/o WS & AC Robertson
Robertson, infant son, 3-17-1899, s/o WS & AC Robertson
Robertson, infant son, b. 11-17-1897, d. 11-17-1897, s/o WS & AC Robertson
Shocky, Alva, b. 1-4-1881, d. 11-7-1956
Shocky, Delsie May, b. 1-18-1912, d. ___ 1921
Shocky, infant, 1911
Shocky, John Thomas, b. 3-4-1909, d. 5-22-1981
Shocky, Liza Jane, b. 1886-1951
Shocky, Perry M., b. 1910, d. 1917
Walker, Betsey A., b. 2-28-1845, d. 1-21-1892, wife of P. Walker
Welch, C. Clinton, b. 3-14-1910, d. 7-12-1917, son of W.P. Welch
Welch, Capt. William E., b. 1-11-1843, d. 8-31-1922, Co I, 46 MO Inf
Welch, F. R., b. 1-2-1839, d. 7-2-1920
Welch, Lexie Waldo, b. 11-15-1913, d. 6-27-1917, son of W.N. Welch
Welch, Lowell, b. 1-6-1924, d. 3-20-1924
Welch, Millie, b. 2-2-1886, d. 5-17-1959, wife of Newton
Welch, Newton, b. 12-4-1877, d. 8-31-1966
Welch, Rebecca N., b. 3-25-1851, d. 5-10-1926, wife of W.E.
Welch, Sgt. Benjamin F., Co D, 10 MO Cav, no dates
Welch, W. Amos, b. 5-24-1912, d. 7-11-1917, son of W.P. Welch

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