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Amity Cemetery
Ripley County, Missouri

Contributed by Kenneth G. Jarrett [jarrett@caltel.com]. Total records = 298.

Amity Church began as the Sunshine or Friendship Baptist Church near the present location of Bethany Church on the G. W. Young farm, but bickering between the members gave it a rocky start. It was briefly changed to a, Presbyterian Church then back to Baptist, at that time becoming Amity Baptist Church. The congregation soon broke up and the building was sold to the Methodists and became Bethany Church. The cemetery there, too, was changed from Amity Cemetery to Bethany Cemetery. The Amity Church was rebuilt at the present location in 1893. A cemetery had been started there as early as 1880, called Bellview Cemetery, but the name was changed to Amity Cemetery even before the church was built although the cemetery has continued as a separate activity than the church. The cemetery was deeded to William Clinton Jarrett and Albert Ponder as trustees in 1901. Maintenance is presently very good (as of 01/01/2000).

To reach the cemetery take old Highway 142 east from Doniphan until the junction with Brooks Lane and County Road 142E-24A. Proceed on the gravel County Road 143E-24A about 1/4 mile to the church and cemetery on the left side of the road.

The following list has been compiled from church, family and cemetery records and newspaper files. Not all of the unmarked have been identified. (Author unknown but I believe it to be Jerry Ponder)
Abbreviations appearing after the date of death of those listed indicate:, P=, Permanent Marker; F = Funeral Marker; U = Unmarked., P-N = Prospect News.

ADAMS, Howard, Paul, Sr, b. 10/10/1891, d. 08/31/1983, P
ADAMS, Howard, Paul, Jr, b. 04/28/1925, d. 08/28/1987, P, (Husband of Elwanda Barton)
ALDRICH, Carolyn, b. 05/31/1962, d. 09/01/1996 F, (Tettleton)
ALLEN, Charles H., b. 03/13/1906, d. 01/20/1978, P
ALLEN, Helen, b. 11/03/1907, d. 06/08/1992, PALLEN, Myra (Jarrett), b.1882, d. 06/00/1912, U,
ALLEN, Mrs. Tom, Wife of Tom Allen, daughter of W. C. Jarrett. She may be in unmarked grave, probably with the Jarrett family.
ANDERSON, Andrew J., b. 08/13/1895, d. 10/25/1983, P
ANDERSON, Bessie D., b. 01/07/1899, d. 12/26/1980, P
ANDES, Sara M., b. 02/26/1933, d. 09/25/1990, P, (a memorial stone)
BARKER, Lola Estelle, b. 08/30/1897, d. 11/12/1963, P, (Castleman)
BARKER, Wilford, b. 02/01/1902, d. 03/37/1992, P
BARNETT, Charles V., b. 12/23/1924, d. 07/25/1985, P, (Veteran of World War II)
BARTON, Ressie Jane, b. 08/24/1891, d. 01/04/1974, P, (Ponder)
BARTON, Norbourne Gholson, b. 11/04/1889, d. 02/19/1981, P, (They were married 23 Feb 1912)
BARTON, Bertram, b. 02/14/1915, d. 02/14/1915), P, (Son of Norb and Ressie)
BARTON, Bluford Gholson, b. 11/27/1854, d. 05/16/1943, P, (Grandson)
BARTON, Barbara Elizabeth, b. 1856, d. 1937, P, (Parents of Norb. On one stone. They were married Jan 1879), (Hodges)
BELL, Ethel M., b. 1884, d. 1912, P, (Hume)(2nd wife of R. Winford Bell
BELL, Hume, b. 1907, d. 1907, P, (Infant child of R. Winford Bell
BERRY, Ralph Lee, b. 03/01/1909, d. 05/23/1993, P
BICKFORD, Mary J., b. 09/29/1910, d. 09/02/1986, P, (Hurst)
BIGLER, Marietta, b. 06/09/1934, d. 07/10/1991, P, (Varner/Featherston)
BLEITNER, Edward Henry, b. 03/03/1909, d. 04/18/1978, P, (Veteran of World War II)
BLEITNER, Emily E., b. 03/23/1913, d. 06/16/19914, P
BOSHEARS, Katie, b. 1887, d. 1915, (Stack), P
BOSHEARS, Mary J., b. 1860, d. 1940, P, (Eldest daughter of W. C. Jarrett)
BRITTON, Malinda J., b. 04/15/1863, d. 09/03/1939, P
BRITTON, Nathan L., b. 18631926, P
BROOKS, Gertrude E., b. 12/12/1896, d. 02/06/1978, P, (Switzer)(See Thompson, Jordan)
BROOKS, Andrew, b. 12/14/1888, d. 06/04/1971, P, (His parents were Zenas Brooks and Elizabeth (Hall)
BROOKS, P. Elizabeth, b. 10/04/1857, d. 05/10/1929, P, (Hall)
BROOKS, Zenas, b. 12/30/1849, d. 01/29/1930, P, (His, Parents were Richard Brooks and Frances (Anderson)
BROOKS, Mary E., b. 04/19/1878, d. 03/23/1923, P
BROWN, Dennis Kevin, b. 02/23/1955, d. 10/20/1990, P, (Son of Romona (Ponder) (Brown), Great Grandson of Edward and Minnie, Ponder)
BURGAR, Jacob H. L. "Jack", b. 07/22/1929, d. 01/17/1976, P
BYRN, Cratie M., b. 02/14/1901, d. 10/09/1993, P
BYRN, Ora S., b. 10/17/1909, d. 12/17/1977), P
CABLE, Joseph David, b. 03/04/1959, d. 10/19/1992, P
CABLE, Raymond Lee, b. 05/10/1929, d. 07/19/1992 F
Marguerite E., b. 09/20/1930, d. 07/20/1993F
CARTER, Debbie, b. 1861, d. 1947, P, (See Gregorgy)
CARTER, Clyde J., b. 09/02/1890, d. 12/27/1917, P
CARTER, Ethel Scott, d.11/03/1973, P(Age 77years, 3months, 21 days, funeral marker)
CHODRICK, Sherry Ann, b. 09/18/1978, d. 12/05/1987, P, (infant)
CLEVELAND, Lulu B., b. 12/25/1875, d. 02/28/1901, P, (Ponder)(Louisa Bell "Lula", grave marker incorrect), (Wife of John B. Cleveland Eldest daughter of Holly and Molly, Ponder)
CLOW, Anna Bond, b. 10/16/1855, d. 03/23/1928, P, (Baker)(See Moore)
COLLINS, Ted W., b. 08/11/1917, d. 08/07/1984, P, (Veteran of World War II), (See Wilson)
COLLINS, Birda Mary, b. 10/18/1894, d. 06/27/1979, P
COLLINS, Ethram E., b. 06/23/1886, d. 10/05/1981, P
CONDRAY, Cecil Raymond, b. 01/12/1935, d. 01/19/1974, P, (Korean War Veteran)
COUCH, Opal, 1910, P
CREUTZ, Earnest A., b. 09/14/1975, d. 09/10/199
CRIDER, Michael, (Unmarked grave) d.1948, U, (Family of Cleotus Crider)
CROCKET, Liza Jane, b. 06/02/1878, d. 12/17/1958, P, (Rideout)(Marker says born 06/03/1877. Sister of George W. Rideout)
CROCKET, William F., b. 03/12/1875, d. 11/01/1935, P, (Husband of Liza, both on same marker)
CROWELL, Thomas Clayton, b. 10/23/1887, d. 01/10/1966, P
CROWELL, Mary C., b. 01/20/1894, d. 01/25/1986, P
CROWELL, Rosemary B., b. 12/09/1894, d. 12/28/1941, P
CRUMLEY, Clara Belle, b. 10/18/1909, d. 11/04/1919, P
CRUMLEY, Jimmie H., b. 09/21/1917, d. 09/07/1919, P, (Hand carved on slab of stone, very hard to read)
CUMMINS, Mary Ellen, b. 08/16/1924, d. 06/08/1996 F
DAILY, Dove Louise, b. 06/12/1904, d. 01/19/1991 F
DAILY, Charles Vernon, b. 09/20/1948, d. 10/21/1986, P
DAILY, Darcy K., b. 01/16/1975, d. 12/1/1989, P, (14y,11m,2d)
Sonny D. Wayne, Jr, b. 03/12/1991, d. 12/29/1991, P
DALTON, Louis A., b. 03/07/1922, d. 03/10/1968, P, (Veteran of Korean War, U.S. Navy)
DAY, (?) M_____, (A baby's grave), U, (Hand carved broken fieldstone, very difficult to read)
DEMSEY, Dorothy May, b. 01/05/1898, d. 09/05/1972, P, (HOYE)
DERRINGTON, Melzena, b. 07/19/1945, d. 10/15/1992, P, (LEONARD)
DERRINGTON, Charles, b. 12/19/1939, d. 07/22/1994, P, (Charles and Melzena on same stone)
FEATHERSTON, Jess A., b. 01/15/1891, d. 12/29/1968, P, (Jess Arnet)(See RIDEOUT, PONDER, GARRISON, HECTOR)
FEATHERSTON, Rozetta "Zetta", b. 08/24/1890, d. 06/06/4977, P, (PONDER)
FEATHERSTON, Carl Lindell, b. 07/04/1921, d. 06/19/1967, P, (World War II Veteran) (Son of Jess A. and Zetta)
FEATHERSTON, Billie Ray, b. 1941, d. 1941, P, (Infant son of Marvin and Beatrice Featherston)
FEATHERSTON, William Carol"Uncle Dick", b. 1831 1917, P, (Civil War Veteran, Co. "H" 7th KY Cav, CSA)
FEATHERSTON, Infant, b. 08/02/1930, d. 08/02/1930, P, twin sons
FEATHERSTON, Martha Adaline, b. 06/01/1856, d. 10/20/1921, P, (GARRISON)(Mother of Henry, Jess, Minnie (PONDER) and Ora (RIDEOUT.), Sister of William Jerome, Robert Sidney GARRISON.)
FLOCK, Glenn Clinton, b. 11/10/1907, d. 12/23/1965, P
FLOCK, Ida Julia, b. 07/30/1920, d. 02/14/1970, P, (Grave marker by Glenn Flock)(CRUGGS, WATKINS)
FORTNER, William Robert, b. 1881, d. 1940, P
FOULK, Henry Clay, b. 01/14/1846, d. 06/13/1914, P
FOULK, Amanda C., b. 01/16/1855, d. 05/08/1939, P, (Both on one stone)
FRANCIS, James E., b. 10/18/1869, d. 10/22/1953 U, (age 84y, 4d.)
FYFFE, E. H., b. 02/20/1881, d. 01/16/1949, P
GARRISON, William Jerome, b. 11/04/1860, d. 10/20/1940, P, (See HECTOR, FEATHERSTON)
GARRISON, Charlotte Lee, b. 1867, d. 08/16/1936, P, (FEATHERSTON)(Will and Lee were married 02/02/1886)
GARRISON, Elme, b. 02/16/1888, d. 08/11/1907, P, (Son of Will and Lee Garrison)
GARRISON, Huie Boyd, b. 05/18/1888, d. 09/1903, P, (Son of Robert Sidney and Molly GARRISON)
GREGORY, Arida, b. 1852, d. 1941, P, (Sister of Debbie Carter)
GRIFFIN, Sallie B., b. 03/21/1907, d. 04/11/1970, P, (TRIPLETT)
GRIFFIN, Roy,1907U, (Son of Will GRIFFIN, unmarked)
GRISSOM, Charles Donovan, b. 03/09/1949, d. 03/09/1949, P, (Infant son of C. E. &, Pauline Vandiver GRISSOM)
HALL, Mary Ann, b. 10/19/189?, d. 02/07/1935/6 U, (See BROOKS)
HALL, Thomas Jefferson, 1940, U
HALL, Harlan, 1917, U
HALL, Thomas W. "Curley", b. 1890, d. 10/20/1954U, (Son of Thomas Jefferson and Mary Ann HALL), (Obituary, P, d. N, 21 Oct 1954)
HAYES, James Henry, b. 02/20/1873, d. 05/26/1952, P
HAYES, Nellie, b. 11/13/18/1, d. 11/26/1963, P, (STROUD)(James and Nellie on the same stone.)
HAYES, Alford, b. 1911, d. 1922, P
HAYES, Fred, b. 01/26/1906, d. 04/14/1989, P
HAYES, Bessie J., b. 11/03/1906, d. 05/31/1991, P, (JACKSON, SHOEMATE)(Married Charlie SHOEMATE 09/30/1930, married Fred HAYS 1958)
HECTOR, Noah, b. 1881, d. 1938, P
HECTOR, Nettie, b. 1873, d. 1940, (GARRISON), P, (Noah and Nettie on same stone), (Nettie was a sister of Charlotte Lee GARRISON, FEATHERSTON)
HENDRIX, Mable Ruth, b. 06/08/1919, d. 09/16/1999 F
HENSON, Ruby, d.07/1991, P
HENSON, Bill Clifford, b. 12/22/1914, d. 07/17/1998, P
HICKMAN, Claudie, b. 01/25/1905, d. 10/ /1905, P
HICKMAN, Belle E., b. 1864, d. 01/25/1905, P, (41 years old, Obit, P, d. N, 02/02/1905)
HOEFER, Gertrude "Gertie", b. 06/26/1910, d. 05/07/1992, P, (MILLER)
HOYE, Nellie May, b. 07/17/1874, d. 07/18/1972, P, (See DEMPSEY), (Her parents: William M., PERRY, m. Elizabeth G.WALLEN, She is buried nest to her first husband, Hoye KETTEL)
HOYE, Zara O., b. 02/29/1862, d. 02/16/1921, P
HOYE, Effie M., b. 01/21/1902, d. 09/ /1905, P, (Obit, P, d. N, 09/15/1904, age 2y, 8m, 17da.)
HOYE, Otis R., b. 09/27/1906, d. 11/17/1981, P
HUDSON, Stanley R., b. 1944, d. 09/13/1950, P, (Obit, P, d. N, age 6y, 6m, 7da.)
HULLING, Lucy Verneal, b. 07/05/1923, d. 04/23/1995, P, (URICH, STANLEY)Married Harry B. STANLEY 01/23/1974, married Leroy HULLING, 01/01/1993, buried beside Harry STANLEY.)
HURST, Peter, b. 1879, d. 1933, P, (See BICKFORD)
HURST, Nellie, b. 1889, d. 1984, P
HURST, Walter, U, (Unreadable funeral marker)
Jackson, Walter D., b. 02/21/1892, d. 06/19/1969, P, (See, PONDER, HAYS)
Jackson, Minerva Z., b. 04/27/1876, d. 12/10/1944, P
Jackson, Thomas W., b. 09/05/1870, d. 08/02/1938, P
Jackson, Roy Sheridan, b. 1896, d. 1986, P
Jackson, Marvin W., b. 02/24/1913, d. 12/01/1994 F
JARRETT, Lionel B., b. 05/19/1922, d. 07/00/1922, P, (infant)(Homemade cement headstone with children's toys embedded in stone)(See ALLEN, BOSHEARS, STACK)
JARRETT, Flora Dale, b. 09/28/1869, d. 09/01/1958, P, (REIGLE)
JARRETT, James Franklin, b. 02/02/1869, d. 01/29/1923, P(James and Flora are on same stone)
JARRETT, William Clinton"W. C.", b. 12/001830, d. 05/00/1908U
JARRETT, Mary Jane, b. 02/00/1860, d. 04/00/1940,(FELTS, STACK), P, (Headstone reads Mary J. STACK) (m. William FELTS 1882, m. Maurice STACK 1886)(Eldest dau. of W. C.JARRETT)
JARRETT, Robert J., b. 1878, d. 1897U, (Son of W. C.)
JARRETT, Thomas L., b. 04/001880, d. 10/00/1918, (See note)
JARRETT, Twins of W. C., d.1886, (See Note)
JARRETT, May, b. 00/00/1879, d. 00/00/1882, (Dau. of W.C.)(See note)(W. C., Robert are probably buried with the Jarrett Family in unmarked graves)( Thomas L., May and the Twins may Have been buried in Bethany Cemetery)
JORDAN, Zea, b. 02/25/1883, d. 05/09/1963, P,(BROOKS)
KANE, Sara, b. 02/12/1870, d. 05/08/1974, P, (Oral and Sara on same stone)
KELLER, Helen, b. 04/05/1908, d. 12/10/1919, P, (Dau. of Chester L. and Kate V. KELLER)
KETTEL, Hoye, U, (See HOYE)
KIRBY, Amanda, b. 1874, d. 1902, P
KIRKPATRICK, Fred, b. 10/30/1885, d. 08/19/1971, P
KNICKERBOCKER, E.R., b. 05/00/1866, d. 08/001935, P, (Edwin Russell, Sr.)
LANKFORD, Arlene Robin, b. 09/17/1921, d. 12/21/1992, P
LEDBETTER, Paul William, b. 05/10/1949, d. 05/10/1949, P, (Son of Melvin and Verna(Vandiver) Ledbetter)
LEONARD, Rosie Lee, b. 00/00/1913, d. 05/09/1962, P, (age 48y, 11m, 15da)
LEONARD, Floyd Lee, b. 1900, d. 1961, P
LEONARD, Marie Lee, b. 1941, P, (home crafted stone, made of concrete)
LEONARD, Children, (two infant children of Floyd and Marie are buried between them)U
LIMES, Fred, b. 00/00/1892, d. 00/00/1945, P
LIMES, Velma, b. 01/25/1894, d. 09/12/1969, P(ORMSBY)
LIMES, George Samuel, b. 1864, d. 1920, P
LIMES, Mary Ellen, b. 1866, d. 1944, P, (George and Mary on same stone)
LIMES, Florous Jane, b. 04/26/1989, d. 1890, P
LOGAN, Emily E., b. 03/23/1913, d. 06/16/1991, P
LOWE, Aden, b. 1861, d. 1910, P, (son of Col. Aden LOWE Sr., (CSA), and Margaret CHRISTIAN LOWE)(Husband of Victoria BELL, MATTHEW) "Tora"
LIMES, Wilbourne, b. 1896, d. 11/02/1900, P, (Son of Aden and Victoria LOWE)(Clothing caught fire and burned to death at 4 years old)
LUCAS, Fred, b. 1886, d. 09/16/1974 (Age 88y, 8m, 14da)
MANSKER, DeLois L., Sr, b. 03/04/1912, d. 04/20/1974 F
McCORMICK, Edna, b. 09/13/1880, d. 01/04/1914, P, (Age 33y, 3m, 2da)
McGHEE, Arminta H., b. 07/25/1867, d. 10/20/1965, P
McGHEE, Robert H. (Rev), b. 1864, d. 03/06/1929, P, (Arminta and Robert are on same stone)
McGHEE, Hannah Arminta, b. 11/14/1924, d. 10/24/1925, P
McGHEE, Mattie V., b. 03/11/1915, d. 03/01/1995, P, (Wife if Earl McGHEE)(JACKSON)
McKINNEY, Dovie, b. 07/11/1916, d. 04/10/1977 F
McQUAY, Aldris Desmond, b. 03/27/1898, d. 03/28/1967, P
McQUAY, Louise Stella "Melisa", b. 01/14/1903, d. 08/11/1949, P, (Aldris and Louise on same stone)
MANNING, Kenneth Ray, b. 11/19/1955, d. 04/07/1973, P, (Age 17y, 4m, 18da)
MILES, John T., b. 10/22/1850, d. 12/31/1902, P, (Obit, P, d. N, 01/29/1903)
MILES, Emily, b. 1853, d. 1945, P
MILES, Nina L., b. 08/18/1915, d. 10/15/1992, P, (TAYLOR)
MILES, Clyde E., b. 1911, d. 09/05/1973, P
MILES, Lillie, Pearl, b. 03/22/1900, d. 03/11/1962, P, (RIDEOUT)
MILES, Elmer E., b. 04/05/1896, d. 09/22/1948, P, (Lillie and Elmer on same stone), (Note: Elmer MILES was not related to John, Emily, Or Clyde)
MILLER, James Thomas, b. 01/30/1885, d. 01/10/1954, P
MILES, Clara, 12/04/1940, P
MOELLER, Henrietta, 1908, U
MOLTER, Minette M., b. 03/05/1916, d. 05/15/1995, P
MOLTER, James M., b. 08/14/1911, d. 02/05/1997, P
MORRE, Mattie, Pearl, b. 03/23/1908, d. 02/25/1995, P, (Daughter of W. S., PONDER) (PONDER, CLOW, WEEKS)
MYERS, Trave W., b. 06/0681874, d. 11/27/1954, P, (Co "B", 2nd Reg, Ky Inf, Spanish, d. American War)
NEILL, Jim W., b. 12/18/1855, d. 08/26/1904, P
NEILL, Susan F., b. 01/07/1860, d. 06/001929, P, (Mother)
NEILL, Jerry D., b. 03/02/1887, d. 02/22/1907, P, (Brother)
NETTLES, Chester R., b. 07/25/1912, d. 05/16/1943, P, (Age 30y, 10m, 22d)
NILGES, Augusta Peter, b. 06/21/1884, d. 08/02/1965, P
NILGES, Nellie Mae, b. 12/01/1888, d. 08/09/1966, P, (PONDER)(m. 1st ROBINSON, 2nd KNICKERBACHER, 3rd Gus NILGES)
PAGE, Dorothy, b. 11/14/1920, d. 05/10/1991, P
PARRISH, Troy James, b. 05/18/1907, d. 10/02/1973, P, (Veteran of World War II)
PARRISH, Ruth E., b. 03/23/1915, d. 12/09/1978, P, (PONDER)(wife of Chester L., PARRISH)
PENROD, Jasper N., b. 07/02/1908, d. 10/27/1958, P
PENROSE, Infant child, d.03/13/1904U, (of Mr. & Mrs., PENROSE)(Obit in, P, d. N, 03/24/1904)
PERRY, Margaret C., b. 04/04/1872, d. 06/13/1905, P, (SHAW), (See HOY), (from obit in, P, d. N, 06/22/1905)
PERRY, Jesse E., b. 08/25/1875, d. 06/25/1966, P, (Jesse E. and Margaret C. on same stone)
PERRY, Jesse Harvey, b. 1813, d. 04/06/1902 U, (age 89y, 8m,10d, obit, P, d. N, 04/10/1902
PERRY, Lewis Raymond, d.04/07/1902, (age 2 month) U
PERRY, Elizabeth J., b. 1854, d. 1949, P, (husband of Elizabeth)
PERRY, Oliver J., b. 04/21/1905, d. 05/05/1984, P
PERRY, Ethel N., b. 12/21/1902, d. 03/05/1991, P
PERRY, Albert L., b. 1902, d. 1977, P
PERRY, Opal, b. 03/13/1903, d. 01/25/1995 F,(OWENS)(m. Albert, PERRY 01/18/1923)
PONDER, Victor Wayne, b. 01/13/1908, d. 11/10/1952, P
PONDER, William Sanford, b. 12/23/1876, d. 08/09/1960, P
PONDER, Florence, b. 12/03/1876, d. 06/29/1950, P, (her parents: "Boss" Mat ROBB, m. Elizabeth HANCOCK)
PONDER, Arthur Russell, b. 12/18/1889, d. 03/10/1962, P
PONDER, John, b. 1896, d. 1900, P, (son of William Sanford rests next to W. S., Ponder's grave), P
PONDER, John Albert, b. 11/23/1868, d. 04/25/1962, P
PONDER, Emily Alice, b. 09/10/1880, d. 09/13/1957, P, (McPHEETERS)(second wife of John Albert, PONDER)
PONDER, Mary Alice, 1901, (RONGEY), P, (first wife of John Albert, PONDER)
PONDER, Milburn Elonzo, b. 10/13/1881, d. 07/15/1963 U
PONDER, William Roy, b. 03/05/1893, d. 10/20/1963, P
PONDER, Bertha, b. 09/02/1904, d. 05/31/1982, P,(JACKSON, MITCHNER)(rests next to William R., PONDER, her first husband)
PONDER, Jesse Aden, b. 04/08/1882, d. 04/09/1967, P
PONDER, Lena, b. 04/26/1881, d. 08/04/1974, P, (BARTON)
PONDER, Virgil Davis, b. 06/11/1904, d. 05/21/1970, P
PONDER, Opal Lee, b. 10/10/1906, d. 06/16/1981, P, (DECKER)
PONDER, Edward Warren "Ed", b. 11/25/1878, d. 03/05/1930, P
PONDER, Minnie, Pearl, b. 04/13/1883, d. 11/10/1967, P, (FEATHERSTON)(daughter of Christopher Columbus and Martha (GARRISON) FEATHERSTON)(Ed and Minnie were m. 12/13/1902)
PONDER, Harry Lee "Hap", b. 10/07/1899, d. 06/20/1971, P, (his parents were John A. m. Mary A. RONGEY)
PONDER, Albert, b. 04/18/1840, d. 06/16/1909, P
PONDER, Manery, b. 11/07/1842, d. 06/16/1909, P, (BRANNUM)(wife of Albert, PONDER)
PONDER, Marion J., b. 1865 1936, P
PONDER, Thula, b. 11/03/1870, d. 06/16/1953, P, (POWERS)(Marion and Thula on same stone)
PONDER, Joseph Cecil, b. 18861943, P
PONDER, Holly W., b. 1853, d. 1905, P, (HOLOWAY, WARREN)
PONDER, Mollie E., b. 1858, d. 1930, (LOWE), P, (Mary Elizabeth, dau. of Col. Aden Lowe and Margaret Christian)
PONDER, Marion Alva, b. 03/22/1880, d. 09/28/1946, P
PONDER, Laura Leora, or Ora L., b. 11/06/1879, d. 03/27/1917, P, (BARTON)(Marion Alva's first wife, m. 12/22/1904)(Woodmen Circle monument)
PONDER, Mabel Naomi, b. 08/05/1891, d. 10/09/1983, P, (MANN), (Marion Alva 's second wife)
PONDER, Claude Lee, b. 03/17/1901, d. 12/25/1964, P
PONDER, Maude Lee, b. 12/02/1901, d. 06/17/1991, P, (RIDEOUT)
PONDER, Chester Lowell "Bud", b. 11/17/1924, d. 11/05/1998, P
RADDLE, Vincent Herbert, b. 04/06/1900, d. 09/10/1975, P
RADDLE, Sylvia J., b. 02/03/1910, d. 09/27/1985, P,(HAMMOND) (Vincent and Sylvia were married 07/21/1927)
RAY, Barney Leo, b. 09/05/1892, d. 11/10/1969, P
RAY, Ida D., b. 10/10/1909, d. 09/23/1972, P, (SHELKER)
REPLOGLE, Grant Hill Adams, b. 1846, d. 1919 U(unmarked)
RIDEOUT, George Washington, b. 2/29/1872, d. 02/14/1952, P(See CROCKETT, PONDER)
RIDEOUT, Ora Glen, b. 4/01/1881, d. 04/19/1960, P, (FEATHERSTON)
RIDEOUT, Opal, b. 0/04/1908, d. 04/28/1923, P, (dau of George and Ora RIDEOUT)
ROBB, Mary C., b. 1913, d. 1915, P
ROBB, Harry Edward, b. 1902, d. 1904, P
ROBB, Clive, b. 10/26/1905, d. 02/28/1959, P
ROBB, Mattison G., b. 12/27/1876, (PONDER)
ROBB, Raymond R., b. 12/01/1903, d. 08/11/1967, P, (Veteran of World War II)
ROBB, Elizabeth Ann, b. 18601947, P, (HANCOCK)"Mother"(this grave is next to W. S., PONDER'S grave)
ROBB, Owen C."Hoss", b. 04/05/1909, d. 04/26/1975, P, (Veteran of World War II)
ROBB, Harry, b. 1902, d. 1904, P
ROBB, Mabyl, b. 1913, d. 1915, P, (son and daughter of Matt ROBB)
ROYER, James Melvin, b. 04/19/, d. 04/20, P, Infant
RUSSELL, Infant, child of Arthur, Prentis RUSSELL and Ida Jane(PONDER)U
RUSSELL, Infant, child of Arthur, Prentis RUSSELL and Ida Jane(PONDER)U
RUSSELL, Clarence E., b. 06/26/1926, d. 01/05/1997, P
SKELKER, Clara C., b. 01/03/1888, d. 04/10/1937, P
SKELKER, Henry D., b. 03/09/1876, d. 05/03/1935, P
SIPES, Bessie Mae, b. 01/30/1889, d. 12/18/1965, P
SIPES, Earnest E., b. 05/18/1885, d. 10/22/1958, P
SIPES, Livi, b. 1858, d. 1921, P
SIPES, Lyde, b. 1852, d. 1937, P, (Livi and Lyde were Earnest's parents)
SIPES, Mary Louise,U, (unmarked, probably near Bessie Mae
SMITH, Adaline, b. 12/20/1863, d. 06/06/1948 F
STACK, Mary J., b. 02/00/1860, d. 04/00/1940, P, (See BOSHEARS, JARRETT)
STACK, Elmyra, b. 1901, d. 1922, P
STANLEY, Harry B., b. 07/10/1904, d. 09/15/1991, P, (See HULLING)(87y, m, 5d)
STEIN, Laura Bell, b. 05/01/1873, d. 11/12/1953, P(See THOMPSON)
STEIN, Thomas Ludwig, b. 02/12/1867, d. 02/28/1948, P
STROUD, Viola Erma, b. 04/20/1893, d. 05/13/1972, P, (See HAYES)(HIGH)
STROUD, Everette Edgar, b. 05/20/1894, d. 05/13/1972, P
SUTHERLAND, Amanda, b. 1884, d. 11/06/1952, P
SUTHERLAND, G.B., b. 1889, d. 1983, P
SYBERT, William Lee, b. 11/14/1937, d. 12/10/1954, P
SYBERT, John Jr., b. 1888, d. 1978, P, (Veteran of World War I)
SYBERT, Flossie, b. 03/25/1904, d. 10/04/1987 F, (83y, 6m, 12d)(Funeral marker)
TANNER, Ronald Lee, b. 02/15/1948, d. 02/15/1948, P, (son of Leo Charles & Imogene VANDIVER TANNER)
TATE, Samuel, b. 1880, d. 1946, P
TATE, Lule (PONDER), b. 1883, d. 1947, P
TERRY, Mary Catherine, b. 1850, d. 01/16/1941, F, (90y, 7m, 8d)(d.1947)(funeral marker hard to read)(remains moved there in 1975)
TERRY, David C., 1924, U, (unmarked, husband of Mary)
TETTLETON, Jesse Raymond, b. 10/26/1907, d. 02/05/1974, P
TETTLETON, Johnie Allen, b. 07/18/1909, d. 04/25/1995
TETTLETON, Bertha May, b. 02/09/1933, d. 02/08/1999, (a daughter, Carolyn ALDRICH and a son, Kenneth Ray Manning, proceeded her in death)
THOMPSON, Louise, b. 12/07/1880, d. 04/02/1956, P, (BROOKS)
TETTLETON, Estel A."Bill", b. 04/27/1913, d. 06/22/1989, P, (husband of Goldie STEIN)
TILLMAN, Elwayne Charles, b. 10/14/1956, d. 12/23/1956, P
TRIPLETT, David L., b. 10/25/1897, d. 26/09/1969, P, (See GRIFFIN)
TRIPLETT, Emma Estel, b. 12/04/1893, d. 08/31/1971, P, (THOMPSON)
TRIPLETT, John W., 1936, U
URICH, Lillian Imogene "Jean", b. 07/02/1933, d. 07/05/1994 F, (See HULLING)(COLEMAN)
VANCE, Otis W."Wink", b. 12/08/1907, d. 08/25/1980, P, (U.S. Air Force Veteran)
VANCE, Clifford E., b. 09/03/1930, d. 03/05/1986, P, (U. S. Air Force Veteran)
VANDIVER, Loranzia D., b. 12/22/1889, d. 01/02/1953 p, (Loranzia Dow), (PFC, 20th Evac Hospital, World War I) (See GRISSOM, LEDBETTER, TANNER)
VANDIVER, Alma Addie, b. 02/03/1907, d. 09/10/1993, P, (PONDER)
VANDIVER, Lola Mae, b. 04/14/1928, d. 04/14/1928, P, (infant daughter of Loranzia D. &Alma VANDIVER)
VIEFHAUS, Louis V., U, (Hand carved stone and funeral marker unreadable)
WILSON, Ida Myrtle, b. 10/01/1881, d. 11/08/1947, P
WILSON, Grandville Gordon, b. 09/03/1919, d. 01/25/1980, P, (Veteran of World War II, m. Mae COLLINS, 1940)
WOLFE, Ruth G., b. 1901, d. 1981, P, (McMILLEN)
WOLFE, Elmer C., b. 1894, d. 1965, P, (Ruth and Elmer on same stone)
WOLFE, Sarah, b. 1864, d. 1945, P
WOLFE, Isham M., b. 1862, d. 1944, P, (Sarah and Isham on same stone)
WOLFE, Wilson, b. 11/28/1881, d. 03/03/1962, P

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