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Bagby Cemetery
Randolph County, Missouri

Lat: 39° 20' 51"N, Lon: 92° 33' 40"W
Salt Spring Twp, Sec 35

Submitted by Sean Bagby, Apr 19, 2002 [seanbagby@earthlink.net].  Total records = 22.

This cemetery is located about 4 miles south of Huntsville, Missouri.

The Bagby Cemetery is still accepting new burials.

This is a listing of all known burials, which I walked and read. These records are all burials as of June 2000.

- Sean Bagby

Bagby, Andrew J., b. 7/4/1915, d. no date, Sgt US Army
Bagby, Beatrice Malone, b. 2/9/1902, d. 11/8/1935, age: 33yr
Bagby, Benjamin Franklin, b. 10/18/1859 Randolph Co. MO, d. 4/13/1924, age: 64yr, s/w Lula Carter Bagby
Bagby, Carl G., b. ??, d. 6/21/1905
Bagby, Clarence Everett, b. 7/13/1905, d. 9/7/1910, age: 5yr
Bagby, Emma Foote Hale, b. 6/11/1845, d. 2/15/1923
Bagby, James B., no dates
Bagby, Joe William, b. 11/20/1910, d. 8/30/1912, age: 1yr
Bagby, Johnston, b. 3/5/1905, d. 3/21/1905
Bagby, Lula Carter, b. 7/2/1863 Randolph Co. MO, d. 4/20/1900, age: 36yr, s/w Benjamin F. Bagby
Bagby, Mariah J. Yager, b. 11/26/1821 Madison Co. VA, d. 5/13/1906, age: 84yr, s/w Owen H. Bagby
Bagby, Nancy J. Dennis, b. 12/11/1868, d. 9/17/1945, age: 76yr, s/w Benjamin F. Bagby
Bagby, Owen Henry, b. 6/17/1820 Owensburg, KY, d. 11/13/1901, age: 80yr, s/w Mariah Y. Bagby
Bagby, Thomas Ford, b. 12/26/1916, d. 2/15/1981, s/w A. Hope Bagby
Bagby, Thomas J., b. 6/16/1843, d. 11/20/1931, S/w Emma F. Hale Bagby
Bagby, Thomas R., b. 12/28/1884, d. 6/27/1908, age: 23yr
Bagby, Viola, b. 4/9/1905, d. 6/2/1905
Bagby, William B., b. 7/8/1845, d. 7/25/1890, CO B Perkins MO INF CSA
Bagby, Zebulon Pike, b. 1/21/1905, d. 4/11/1905
Chloupek, James Emanuel, b. 9/29/1911, d. 11/11/1979, age: 68yr, s/w Mary Jo Bagby Chloupek
Hale, Elizabeth Veronica Keepers, b. 8/25/1809, d. 8/18/1896
Shipp, Clarinda Bagby, b. 8/26/1850, d. 4/19/1889

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