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Parsons Cemetery
Laquey, Pulaski County, Missouri

Lat: 37° 45' 57"N, Lon: 92° 18' 39"W
T35N R13W Sec 13

Contributed by Ken Carlson, May 15, 2004 [kennethcarlson@earthlink.net]. Total records = 29.

From Fort Leonard Wood MO turn right onto I-44 Spur S, then a U-Turn onto I-44 Spur N, turn left onto ramp. Merge onto I-44 W. Take the Mo-P/MO-7 exit, then exit Number 150 toward Richland/Laquey. Turn Left onto MO P/MO �7. Cemetery will be on your left just before getting to Laquey Schools, which is less than a half mile from the turn.

This cemetery is in great condition and is maintained by the Laquey School System. I'm not sure if it is still active or not, but know that the most recent burial was in 1999.

There are about 25 additional fieldstones, it is unknown who they are. There are a few other stones, but they appear to be footstones. If you know of someone buried in this cemetery that is possibly marked by one of these fieldstones please email me.

I walked and read this cemetery on May 15, 2004. I have pictures of the tombstones, and willing to email copies if requested.

- Ken Carlson

Dye, Margaret Louise, b. 29 Mar 1922, d. 12 Apr 1922, Dau. Of GB & Gladys Dye. "Our Baby"
Erven, Morris B., b. 26 Oct 1855, d. 07 Nov 1870, Son of A.J. & N.J. Erven
Hendrix, A. N., b. 1851, d. 1921
Hendrix, Caroline, b. 1853, d. 1914
Hendrix, Charles A., b. 16 Nov 1878, d. 17 Sep 1946, Father, s/w Nettie P. Hendrix
Hendrix, Leona, b. 30 Oct 1906, d. 10 Aug 1919, Dau. Of C.A. & N.P. Hendrix
Hendrix, Nettie P., b. 06 Mar 1885, d. 24 Apr 1947, Mother, s/w Charles A. Hendrix
McMillan, Caleb C., b. 12 Aug 1824 Tenn, d. 12 Jul 1884, "Married: Oct 28, 1845, Greene Co., Tenn. Parents of: Sarah Parsons", This is a new stone placed in front of their old stones, s/w Elizabeth McMillan.
McMillan, Elizabeth (Beals), b. 27 Jun 1826 Tenn, d. 30 Nov 1882, s/w Caleb C. McMillan
Miller, Aggie Stacy, b. 29 Dec 1875, d. 02 Feb 1954, s/w Levi Franklin Miller
Miller, Amy Lewis, b. 08 Aug 1896, d. 23 Jan 1999, Nee Sobolewski
Miller, Chalmer E., b. 16 Nov 1896, d. 19 Jun 1958, Missouri Pvt Co. D 116 Engrs 41 Div World War I
Miller, Levi Franklin, b. 18 Apr 1869, d. 27 Oct 1939, s/w Aggie Stacy Miller
Parsons, C. S., b. 20 Oct 1839, d. 28 Aug 1913, Father, Columbus S. Parsons. s/w Sarah Parson
Parsons, Cyrus C., b. 28 Jan 1866, d. Feb 28, 1904, 38y 1m 11d, Son of C.S and Sarah Parsons, He married Lorena Trower, daughter of John W. and Sarah Trower
Parsons, Homer, b. 1895, d. 1926
Parsons, Lizzie (Huft), b. 06 Sep 1869, d. 8 Dec 1957, "His Wife", s/w Wm. M Parsons
Parsons, Sarah (McMillan), b. 01 Jan 1848, d. 28 Aug 1892, "Mother", Their stone is a newer stone beside two old stones, "His Wife"
Parsons, Wm. M., b. 16 Oct 1871, d. 26 Apr 1915, s/w Lizzie Parsons. Son of C.S. and Sarah Parsons.
Trower, John Lemuel, b. 20 Feb 1877, d. 6 Feb 1935, Son of John and Sarah Trower*
Trower, John Wesley, b. 08 Feb 1847, d. 25 Nov 1928, Husband of Sarah Elizabeth Trower, Father in Law of Cyrus C. Parsons*
Trower, Leroy, b. 24 Mar 1874, d. no date, Son of JW Trower
Trower, Lottie Oma (Johnson), b. 31 Jul 1899, d. 6 Oct 1941, third wife of John Lemuel Trower, Dau. Of John Wesley and Mary (Brickey) Johnson*
Trower, Mary O., b. 09 Apr 1872, d. 08 Oct 1876, Dau. Of J.W. and S.E.
Trower, Nora Alice (Foote), b. Sep 1876, d. 22 Sep 1908, First wife of John Lemuel Trower, Dau. Of James Knox Polk and Laura (Briner) Foote*
Trower, Robert Lee, b. 8 Jul 1923, d. Nov 1930, Son of John and Lottie Trower, Died from drinking bad pond water*
Trower, Sarah Elizabeth (Ervin), b. 07 Mar 1851, d. 26 Jul 1934, Wife of John Wesley Trower*
Vaughan, Laura E., b. 18 Jun 1869, d. 5 Jul 1945, Mother
Vaughan, William Hood, b. Nov 07, 1868, d. 25 Apr 1922, Woodman of the World Memorial, s/w Laura E. Vaughan

* These graves are marked with fieldstones, and the information comes from family records.

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