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Falkenrath Cemetery
Phelps County, Missouri

Contributed by Sharon Macormic, Sep 06, 2004 [shamac@fidnet.com]. Total records = 15.

To find this cemetery you must take Martin Springs Drive (east bound outer road) from Rolla, Mo to County Road 7040 (to Dickmans Aviation Airport) There is a very small and almost unseen path leading from the right side of the airport runway and in front of the Hangers This path requires a 4 wheel drive or very high off the ground vehicle.

The cemetery has been fenced off and was newly mowed when I was there on Sept 5, 2004. Flowers were on the graves and I considered this a very peaceful quiet cemetery.

There were 3 graves with no visible writing and were just large flat concrete shaped like a casket flat on the ground. There was also one large flat granite slab lying on the ground with Ruth Falkenrath engraved at ground level and almost unreadable on front side.

I walked this entire cemetery on Sep 05, 2004. I have pictures of these graves if anyone would like to see them.

- Sharon Macormic

Falkenrath, _____l, b. Sep 3, 1949, d. 15, 1991 (this is a metal plate on the ground and has rusted quite a bit, mostly unreadable.
Falkenrath, Charles R., b. Feb 3, 1940, d. Jun 7, 1993, SP5, US Army, Vietnam
Falkenrath, Charles, b. 1876, d. 1956, s/w Sarah E Falkenrath
Falkenrath, R. Lillian (Kamler), b. Mar 8, 1938, d. Aug 13, 1995, s/w Raymond C Falkenrath & Roy C Falkenrath
Falkenrath, Raymond C., b. Feb 3, 1940, d. Jun 7, 1993, s/w R Lillian Falkenrath & Roy C Falkenrath
Falkenrath, Raymond T., b. 1910, d. 1927
Falkenrath, Ronald L., b. Apr 1, 1936, d. Mar 12, 1998
Falkenrath, Roy C., b. Sep 3, 1948, d. Dec 15, 1991, s/w R Lillian Falkenrath & Roy C Falkenrath
Falkenrath, Ruby, b. 1914, d. 1914
Falkenrath, Sarah E., b. 1885, d. 1970, s/w Charles Falkenrath
Gollahon, George, b. 1813, d. 1898
Gollahon, Nancy, b. Apr 12, 1846, d. no date given, s/w Thomas Gollahon
Gollahon, Thomas, b. Dec 25, 1845, d. Sep 3, 1909, s/w Nancy Gollahon
Jones, Eugene Ralph, b. Jan 29, 1931, d. Mar 3, 2002, US Air Force
Jones, Rosalie Ann, b. Aug 22, 1932, d. Mar 7, 2003

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