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Cedar Hill Cemetery
Edgar Springs, Phelps County, Missouri

Lat: 37° 41' 18"N, Lon: 91° 50' 17"W
Springcreek Twp, T34N R8W Sec 5

Contributed by Sharon Macormic, Jun 22, 2008, last edited Jul 08, 2008 [shamac@fidnet.com]. Total records = 44.

A beautiful little cemetery, pretty well kept. Cedar Hill Cemetery is located on Highway H in Phelps County just South of Edgar Springs approx. 1 1/2 miles from Edgar Springs. It is on the left hand side of the road and kind of hard to see.

The sign is there but you must be looking. Inside the fenced in graveyard is a beautiful old Log Cabin. The sign above the log cabin door says Cedar Hill Baptist Church.

In this cemetery the graves are not in straight lines like most but just kind of placed together in family sections.

I walked this cemetery on 2005, transcribing from all existing and legible stones and markers at that time. I do have photos of the all of the headstones.

- Sharon Macormic

Blackwell, Derick Ray, b. 9 Aug 1980, d. 9 Aug 1980, has stone and FHM
Brookshire, Alvin N., b. 25 May 1895, d. Jul 1985, s/w Mildred G. Brookshire
Brookshire, Charlie, d. 2 Oct 1908
Brookshire, Joan, b. 27 Feb 1913, d. 11 Oct 1997, s/w Rev. Coy Brookshire
Brookshire, Martha L., b. 1869, d. 1943, Mother, s/w Robert L. Brookshire
Brookshire, Mildred G., b. 18 May 1902, d. 5 May 1974, s/w Alvin N. Brookshire
Brookshire, Rev. Coy, b. 25 Feb 1904, d. 20 Aug 1984, s/w Joan Brookshire
Brookshire, Robert L., b. 1866, d. 1947, Father, s/w Martha L. Brookshire
Ellis, Tristan J., b. 2003, d. 2003 FHM
Ferrell, Charles F., b. 7 Feb 1925, d. 9 May 1995
Fore Laban, b. 22 Mar 1904, d. 16 Nov 1907
Fore Labon, b.& d. 22 Jul 19__, s/w Lula Fore children of D.F.W.M. Fore & Mary Fore
Fore, Catherine, b. 25 Mar 1916, d. 16 Jul 1916
Fore, Chris C., b. 30 Jun 1867, d. 9 Jul 1905
Fore, Christopher, b. 30 Jun 1867, d. 9 Jul 1905, s/w Sarah Fore
Fore, Lula, b. & d. 29 May 1915, s/w Labon Fore, children of C.F.W.M. Fore & Mary Fore
Fore, Mary, b. 1933, d. 17 Oct ____
Fore, Sarah J., b. 29 Oct 1874, d. 18 Jun 1915, s/w Christopher Fore
Fore, William, b. (unreadable) d. 1 Mar 1917
Hammers, Polly A. Harris, 7 May 1964, d. 11 Jul 1986, s/w Roy Eugene Hammers
Hammers, Roy Eugene, b. 8 Jun 1954, d. (no death date), s/w Polly a. Harris Hammers
Harris, Darlene, b. 1941, d. (no death date), s/w Irvin Cotton Harris
Harris, Delbert W., b. 30 Mar 1935, d. 24 Aug 2001, s/w Ruth A. Harris
Harris, Elba Ann, b. 19 Nov 1913, d. 1 Sep 1991
Harris, Elvis W., b. 27 May 1937, d. 27 May 1937
Harris, Frances Ruth, b. d. 27 Jul 1960, Inf. of Delbert & Ruth Harris
Harris, Frankie R., b. 19__, d. 1960, FHM
Harris, Irvin Cotton, b. 1938, d. 1985, s/w Darlene Harris, Married 8 Jul 1956
Harris, Lizzie K., b. 13 Oct 1895, d. 12 Jan 1989, s/w Robert W. Harris
Harris, Mary D., b. 1890, d. 1918, Mother, Resting in Peace
Harris, Melvin Lee, b. 30 Mar 1911, d. 23 Oct 1973, s/w Viola Harris
Harris, Mervin F., b. 12 Dec 1914, d. 12 Dec 1914
Harris, Robert W., b. 3 Jan 1888, d. 30 Dec 1973, s/w Lizzie K. Harris
Harris, Ruth A., b. 29 Nov 1939, d. no date, s/w Delbert W. Harris
Harris, Viola, b. 12 Feb 1909, d. 30 Dec 1994, s/w Melvin Lee Harris
Mathis, Rossilyn Nasya-Lawren, b. 20 Oct 2003, d. 21 Oct 2003
Rector, Bertha, no dates, hand made stone with name only and in line with Edna Rector and baby stone
Rector, Edna, no dates, hand made stone with name only next to this stone is a small stone with a carved baby on it.
Santas, Rylee M. E., b. 13 May 1999, d. 5 Oct 1999
Taylor, Omega G., b. 21 Mar 1907, d. no date, s/w Richarl L. Taylor
Taylor, Richard L., b. 4 Nov 1883, d. 3 Jun 1968, s/w Omega G. Taylor
Wood, Agnes M., b. 4 Mar 1919, d. 7 May 1920
Wood, James D., b. 20 Sep --, d. 27 Feb 1935
Wood, Walter N., b. 7 May 1910, d. 29 Apr 1926

An unreadable funeral home marker, could only make out b. 1913, d. 1991 last name seems to start with an Har, It could be Harris, it is next to a large group of Harris stones.

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