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I.O.O.F. Cemetery
Neosho, Newton County, Missouri

Contributed and recorded by Doris Snyder, March 31, 2000 [dsnyder@ipa.net]. Total records = 6,728.

Queener, C. C., d.11/21/1978, Age 66 yrs, Freund Thompson Funeral Home
Queener, Charles A., d.12/15/1957, Age 92 yrs
Queener, David, d.1/4/1977, Clark Funeral Home
Queener, Jane, d.2/21/1956, Age 93 yrs, Clark Bigham Service
Queener, Mary Brotton, d.1/29/1976, Age 93 or 73 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Quesenbury, Adiline, d.3/4/1894, Age 64 yrs, Heart, Dr. Benton
Quesenbury, William, d.1888, Age 67 yrs
Quigley, Charles E., d.1/17/1952, Age 64 yrs
Quigley, George, d.2/12/1908, Age 67 yrs
Quinby, John T., d.1924, Age 77 yrs
Quinby, Mr., d.1924, On card with Amanda Quinby
Quinby, Mrs. Amanda, d.2/27/1935, Age 76 yrs
Raby, George, d.12/31/1920
Raby, Grandmother, d.1/18/1886, Age 87 yrs
Raby, Mattie, d.6/26/1941, Age 83 yrs
Raby, Sarah, d.4/20/1884, Age 50 yrs
Raeder, Mary Hearne, d.8/31/1984, Age 82 yrs, Clark
Ragain, Nettie, d.3/15/1956, Age 78 yrs, Thompson Service
Ragsdale, Richard D., d.4/28/1873, Age 19 yrs
Railsback, Harry, d.4/25/1970, Age 82 yrs, wife living, Clark Funeral Home
Railsback, Inez Christine, d.1/13/1975, Age 83 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Raines, d.10/29/1992, Clark Funeral Home
Ralston, Edna H., d.9/27/1966, Age 76 yrs 8 mo 4 days, Carcinoma, Judge E. J. Ralston, husband, Thompson Service
Ralston, Eugene Jackson, d.1/9/1992, Born 1/8/1894, Woodard Freund Thompson Mortuary
Ramey, Alvie, d.1949, Age 33 yrs
Ramey, H. R., d.9/22/1906, Paralysis, Dr. Benton
Ramsay, Walter, d.11/13/1998, Age 90 yrs, born 9/23/1908 at Webb City, wife Christine (Peek) Ramsay, Son, Walter Hugh, Jr.. Clark, Cremains not buried.
Ramsay, Walter, d.11/13/1998, Born 9/23/1908 at Webb City, MO, married Christine Peek on 8/4/1933 at Columbus, KS, Walter Hugh Ramsay, Jr., son, see obituary in file
Ramsours, Roy, d.6/7/1908, Age 24 yrs, gun shot
Randle, Louie, d.1/25/1881, Age 1 mo
Randle, W. B., d.8/6/1880, Age 12 yrs
Randolph, Richard Melton, d.4/16/1969, Age 38 yrs, apparent heart attack while in jail, Clark Service, Philomena Randolph, wife, Bob Randolph, father
Ransbottom, Bernice, d.7/10/1993, Born 9/13/1902, dbl stone, Clark Funeral Home
Ransbottom, Chester, d.2/11/1987, Clark Funeral Home
Rath, B. B., d.1918
Rathbone, Winfield Scott, d.9/25/1903, Age 52 yrs 2 mo 14 days, Suicide by Hanging near Shoal Creek
Ratliff, Albert G., d.1/15/1930, Age 55 yrs, Bigham Service
Ratliff, Arrena, d.10/10/1883, Age 58 yrs
Ratliff, Elizabeth, d.7/4/1939, Age 72 yrs
Ratliff, F. M., d.5/24/1883, Age 31 yrs
Ratliff, Florine (Smith), d.4/11/1997, Born 3/2/1899, on Smith Lots, Clark Funeral Home
Ratliff, Harry, d.1922, Age 30 yrs
Ratliff, Job, d.9/18/1898, Age 88 yrs 1 day, Heart, Dr. Wills
Ratliff, May Murrell, d.1941, Age 81 yrs
Ratliff, May Murrell, d.3/26/1941, Age 86 yrs, Bigham Service
Ratliff, Mrs. Lucille, d.1/24/1931
Ratliff, Mrs. V. C., d.2/5/1944, Age 75 yrs, Hedge Nelson, Undertaker
Ratliff, Olivia L., d.3/17/1941, Age 51 yrs, Bigham Service
Ratliff, Phillip A., d.7/27/1963, Age 75 yrs, Myocardial Infarction, Clark Funeral Home, Florine Ratliff, wife, born in Kansas, late of Neosho
Ratliff, Roy, d.11/10/1891, Age 87 yrs
Ratliff, Trustin P., d.9/12/1932, Age 74 yrs
Ratliff, Verne, d.9/17/1889, Age 18 mos
Ratliff, Vinson C., d.1928, Age 64 yrs
Ratliff, W. G., d.7/11/1934, Age 87 yrs
Ratoyczak, Robert P., d.5/18/1966, Age 48 yrs 1 mo, Heart Attack, Retire Army Major, Clark Service, Margaret Ratoyczak, wife
Ray, Everett Randall, d.8/10/1968, Age 61 yrs, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Clark Service
Ray, Freeman Roy, d.2/8/1945, Age 1 day
Ray, George T., d.3/14/1862, Age 29 yrs
Ray, Joel T., d.10/24/1957, Age 83 yrs
Ray, Rhoda E., d.12/11/1931, Born in Missouri, died at Neosho, Missouri (12/12/1931
Ray, Ruby, d.11/7/1962, Age 54 yrs
Ray, Tom, d.8/6/1970, Son of Mr. & Mrs. George S. Ray, killed in accident
Readshaw, Jack, d.10/31/1968, Age 65 yrs, Carcinoma, Thompson Service, Pansy Readshaw, wife
Readshaw, Pansy, d.3/23/1998, Born 12/1/1904, dbl marker, Jack & Pansy, Woodard-Freund-Thompson Mortuary
Reaves, Jewell, d.5/28/1992, Born 2/24/1919, died at Farmington, MO, Clark Funeral Home
Rector, Charles, d.9/15/1901, Age 5 days
Rector, Henry, d.1918, Age 68 yrs
Rector, Marguerite, d.1/27/1914, Age 6 yrs
Redd, Tara Kuniko, d.4/7/1992, Born 4/7/1992, 15 hours old, Mrs. Bahe's Lot, Woodard Freund Thompson Mortuary
Reding, Sarah, d.2/23/1878, Age 67 yrs
Reed, Charles, d.12/14/1985
Reed, Clyde A., d.1942, Age 42 yrs
Reed, Edna, d.7/17/1970, Age 77 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Reed, Edna B., d.2/20/1959, Age 41 yrs, Clark Service
Reed, George, d.4/16/1936, Age 70 yrs, Born in Illinois
Reed, Jane, d.3/29/1918
Reed, John H., d.2/11/1975, Age 86 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Reed, Joyce, d.1/25/1999, Born 7/7/1926, Clark Funeral Home
Reed, Leona Ruth, d.1934, Age 19 yrs
Reed, Lucy, d.2/13/1899, Age 70 yrs 6 mo, found dean in bed, pauper
Reed, Phyllis A., d.8/17/1978, Age 61 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Reed, Robert Lee, d.9/17/1974, Clark Funeral Home
Reed, Vernon F., d.3/8/1967, Age 56 yrs, Heart attack, Clark Service, Emma L. Reed, wife
Reeding, Willie, d.7/13/1886, Age 1 mo
Reekie, William G., d.2/24/1879, Age 19 yrs
Reese, Emma E., d.6/14/1940, Age 69 yrs
Reese, Willis, d.10/9/1944, Age 71yrs
Reeves, C. B., d.4/1923, Possibly just the purchase of lot
Reeves, Elizabeth, d.7/22/1939, Bigham Service
Reiboldt, Evelyn V., d.8/18/1962, Age 56 yrs
Reiboldt, George, d.11/7/1990, Born 8/4/1899, Clark Funeral Home
Reiboldt, Irvin, d.12/13/1998, Born 6/10/1914, Clark Funeral Home
Reiboldt, Mr., d.1928
Reiboldt, Mrs., d.5/26/1936
Reisen, Earl E., d.12/22/1906, Age 19 yrs 7 mo 20 days, Typhoid, Dr. Lamson
Remington, L. M., d.2/17/1912, Dr. Lamson
Renfro, Charley, d.11/30/1977, Age 71 yrs, Freund Thompson
Renick, Gordon, d.12/1915
Renick, J. M., d.3/15/1948, Age 81 yrs, Heart Attack, Bighams
Renick, J. T., d.12/21/1915
Renick, Jewel, d.9/23/1962, Age 68 yrs, Thompson Service
Renick, Margaret E., d.12/23/1905, Age 1 yr 6 mo 6 days, Brain, Dr. Lamson
Renick, Mary, d.4/7/1901, Age 59 yrs 10 mo 7 days, Consumption, Dr. Lamson
Renick, Roy, d.8/22/1958, Age 68 yrs, Thompson Service
Renick, Ruby, d.1/11/1998, Born 9/10/1910, dbl marker John & Ruby, Clark Funeral Home
Renick, Sarah, d.8/21/1896, Age 25 yrs, Consumption, Dr. Lamson
Rennick, Ora Kenyon, d.5/10/67, Age 81 yrs, Mrs. T. R. Brandberg, daughter, Clark Service
Rentfro, Clarence L., d.3/22/1982, Age 65 yrs, died at Carthage, Missouri, Freund-Thompson
Rentfro, Columbus G., d.1947, Age 71 yrs
Rentfro, Elizabeth, d.8/8/1946, Age 79 yrs
Rentfro, Georgia, d.4/21/1967, Age 59 yrs, Thompson Service, Heart Attack
Rentfro, Ida Maye, d.1961, Age 83 yrs
Rentfro, Ora M., d.6/23/1994, Born 8/19/1906, Clark Funeral Home
Rentfro, W. L., No date
Rentfro, Wm., d.1/28/1933
Rentfrom, Martha, d.10/20/1884, Age 31 yrs
Rentfrom, Mary B., d.1/5/1900, Age 14 mo 24 days, Teething, Dr. Mixer
Rentsch, Jacob, d.2/11/1923, Age 74 yrs
Rentsch, Mary Jane, d.9/27/1920, Age 63 yrs
Requa, Susan P., d.1938, Age 83 yrs
Reser, Elizabeth, d.12/22/1925, Age 87 yrs
Reser, J. W., No date
Resterer, Afred, d.7/29/1931
Resterer, Mrs. A., d.1924
Rethell, Anna Horbison, d.5/23/1910, Age 41 yrs 7 mo 28 days, Hemorrhage, Dr. Lamson
Reul, Robert McCully, d.8/6/1991, Born 8/6/1991, Clark Funeral Home
Reynolds, Alice, d.4/21/1962, Age 74 yrs
Reynolds, Caroline, d.8/23/1898, Age 70 yrs, Heart
Reynolds, Edna Lilly, Age 68 yrs 7 mos 12 days, Clark Service, Frank Reynolds, husband, late of Ft. Meyers, Florida
Reynolds, Emma I., d.7/9/1982, Age 71 yrs, died at Joplin, Missouri
Reynolds, Frank, Sr., d.1/1/1985, Age 92 yrs, died at Louisville, KY, Clark
Reynolds, J. Frank, d.8/6/1953, Age 74 yrs, Thompson Service
Reynolds, James Robert, d.7/1/1970, Age 84 yrs, Thompson Funeral Home, sister living
Reynolds, Jamye M., d.11/27/73, Age 2 days, Clark Funeral Home
Reynolds, Marion W., d.6/17/1961, Age 84 yrs, Clark Service
Reynolds, Martha, d.2/13/1918, Age 69 yrs
Reynolds, Marvin Waldo, d.7/18/1965, Age 62 yrs, died in sleep, Clark Service
Reynolds, Maude, d.7/18/1951, Age 67 yrs, Clark Bigham Service
Reynolds, Ora M., d.11/19/1949, Age 61 yrs, Thompson Service
Reynolds, Orville B., d.8/8/1992, Born 7/25/1903, died at Granby, MO, Clark Funeral Home
Reynolds, S. Roger, d.11/6/1976, Clark Funeral Home
Reynolds, Samuel, d.3/2/1935, Age 91 yrs
Reynolds, Stella A., d.8/1/1965, Age 77 yrs, Carcinoma, Mr. Reynolds of Miami, OK, son, Thompson Service
Reynolds, Tammie, d.7/5/1998, Born 12/2/1908, dbl marker, Orville & Tommie, Clark Funeral Home
Reynolds, Viola G., d.2/1/1962, Age 86 yrs, Clark Service
Reynolds, William W., d.7/7/1930, Age 55 yrs, Thompson Service
Rhames, Frances, d.10/15/1996, Born 1/17/1921, Clark Funeral Home
Rhames, Virgil, d.8/14/1981, Age 63, died at Kansas City, Kansas, Clark
Rhine, Vernon M., d.5/8/1976, Clark Funeral Home, Blance Rhine, wife
Rhinehart, Amarah Adelle, d.8/5/1991, Born 1/6/1904, Clark Funeral Home
Rhinehart, Mildred, d.2/13/1939, Age 66 yrs
Rhinehart, Samuel M., d.11/16/1946, Age 69 yrs, Bigham Service
Rhoades, Randall Eric, d.11/24/1976, Age 9 weeks, son of James Wesley Rhoades, Freund Thompson Funeral Home
Rhodes, Ada J., d.8/27/1974, Age 77 yrs, Hinton Funeral Home, Raytown, Missouri
Rhodes, James I., d.7/11/1934, Age 78 yrs
Rhodes, Mrs. Alice, d.2/2/1937, Age 73 yrs
Rhodes, Ralph, d.11/10/1958, Age 68 yrs, Thompson Service
Rice, (Infant), d.10/6/1915
Rice, Alice Stutton, d.10/4/1969, Age 98 yrs, wife of Montie Rice, Thompson Service, Mrs. Davis, daughter, John Rice, nephew
Rice, Allie, d.5/14/1961, Age 81 yrs
Rice, Anna M., d.4/10/1974, Age 90 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Rice, C. W., d.11/13/1913
Rice, Dr. Ollie, d.2/3/1959, Age 87 yrs
Rice, Edna Ellis, d.11/6/1968, Age 87 yrs 11 mo 10 days, died at Whittier, California, Jon M. Rice, son, Tarzana, California, Clark Service
Rice, Fannie Mary (Mrs. Fausett), d.2/28/64, Arteriosclerotic Heart Disease, Walter Fausett Sr., husband, Walter Fausett, Jr. son, Eddie Rice, brother, Clark Service
Rice, Fannie Mary (Mrs. Fausett), d.2/28/64, Arteriosclerotic Heart Disease, Walter Fausett Sr., husband, Walter Fausett, Jr. son, Eddie Rice, brother, Clark Service
Rice, H. M., d.3/4/1911
Rice, Harry B., d.10/14/1991, Born 8/10/1896, died at Mt. Vernon, MO V.A. Home, Cremains, Clark Funeral Home
Rice, Henry Edwin, d.12/9/83, Age 82 yrs, Clark
Rice, Hugh C., d.10/16/1968, Age 90 yrs, late of Norman, Oklahoma, Primrose Funeral Home
Rice, John Morrow, d.11/28/1993, Born 10/24/1917, Clark Funeral Home
Rice, Kay, d.3/23/1999, Born 12/16/1916, dbl marker, John & Kay, Clark Funeral Home
Rice, Leander, d.11/9/1954, Age 78 yrs, Thompson Service
Rice, Leslie, d.4/16/1955, Age 80 yrs, Clark Bigham Service
Rice, M. T., d.6/14/1941, Age 71 yrs 11 mo 24 days
Rice, Margaret, d.1/26/1974, Chaney Funeral Home, McAllister, Oklahoma
Rice, Mary J., d.7/22/1872, Age 46 yrs
Rice, Mrs. Evadna, d.1/7/1932, Age 75 yrs
Rice, Nannie, d.8/8/1927, Age 81 yrs
Rice, Rebia, d.4/7/1999, Born 4/14/1902, dbl marker, Henry Edwin & Rebia Evans, Clark Funeral Home
Rice, Samuel O., d.12/1/1957, Age 76 yrs
Rice, William T., d.1894, Age 39 yrs, Dr. Yates
Rich, Frank, d.4/24/1950, Age 52 yrs, Thompson Service
Rich, Mollie, d.6/8/1971, Age 93 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Rich, Will, d.1963, Age 88 yrs
Richardson, ?, d.2/3/1913
Richardson, Andrew W., d.2/28/1953, Age 60 yrs, Thompson Service
Richardson, Chas., d.12/14/1912
Richardson, Daisy, d.2/4/1962, Age 79 yrs
Richardson, Edwin L., d.2/5/1944, Age 37 yrs, Thompson Service
Richardson, Everett, d.10/4/1980, Age 93 yrs, died in Springfield, Missouri, Freund-Thompson
Richardson, Lucinda, d.11/11/1876, Age 73 yrs
Richardson, Margaret Elizabeth, d.1/23/1978, Age 85 yrs, Jim Thomas Funeral Home, Miami, Oklahoma
Richardson, Mary W., d.4/6/1980, Age 91 yrs, died at Springfield, Missouri, Freund-Thompson
Richardson, Robert, d.9/6/1943, Age 68 yrs, Thompson Service
Richardson, Robert J., d.10/19/1954, Age 22 yrs
Richardson, Ruth, d.2/6/1944, Age 36 yrs, Bigham Service
Richardson, Yancy, d.12/24/1862, Age 32 yrs
Richman, Bertie, d.1/15/1955, Age 80 yrs, born 1874, Thompson Service
Richman, Calvin D., d.5/30/1980, Age 78 yrs, died at Clinton, Missouri, Consalus Funeral Home, Clinton
Richman, Dimmick E., d.4/8/1936, Born 1868
Riggle, Darrell, d.6/15/1997, Born 1/24/1915, Cremation, Clark Funeral Home, East end to be for Clurcy
Riggle, Elmer, d.12/16/1952, Age 76 yrs, Thompson Service, Maria C. Riggle, wife
Riggle, H. E., d.1925, Mary N. Riggle, wife
Riggle, Maria C., d.10/15/1975, Wife of Elmer Riggle
Riggle, Maria C., d.10/15/1975, Age 95 yrs, born 7/22/1880
Riggle, Mary N., d.8/23/1932, Age 82 yrs, wife of H. E. Riggle
Rigsby, J. W., d.2/11/1906, Age 77 yrs, Dr. Bowers
Rimbey, Sarah, d.1928, Age 94 yrs
Rion, Della Mae, d.12/24/1981, Clark Funeral Home
Rion, Howard Leon, d.4/6/1950, Age 26 yrs, Bigham Service
Rion, Jerry W., d.11/3/1946, Age 56 yrs, Bigham Service
Risley, Charles C., d.5/9/1953, Age 54 yrs, Thomson Service
Ritcheson, Ed J., d.5/29/1984, Age 80 yrs, Clark
Ritchey, Ella S., d.4/3/1872, Age 75 yrs
Ritchey, Floyd, d.1/25/196, Born at Ritchey, Missouri, died at Grove, Oklahoma, Respiratory Arrest, Worley Funeral Home, Grove, OK
Ritchey, Henry M., d.6/12/1949, Age 94 yrs
Ritchey, Henry M.- Ellas S, No date
Ritchey, J. M., d.3/29/1913, Age 76 yrs
Ritchey, M. L., No date
Ritchey, Mamie, No date
Ritchey, Milton Horace, d.12/19/1906, Age 47 yrs 6 mo 3 days, Hemorrhage of Lungs, Dr. Lamson
Ritchey, Rose, d.8/30/1979, Age 91 yrs, Moore Funeral Home, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Rittenhouse, (Infant), Stillborn son of G. E. Rittenhouse, Bigham
Ritter, H. A., d.12/22/1919
Ritter, Jennie, d.12/11/1919, Age 12 yrs, born 5/4/1907
Ritter, Lorina E., d.3/14/1968, Age 89 yrs, Mrs. David, daughter of Joplin, Thornhill Dillon Service
Roark, Bertha Leighty, d.5/30/1991, Born 5/2/1893, Clark Funeral Home
Roark, Henry C., d.2/6/67, Age 92 yrs, Senility, Thompson Service, Mrs. P.P. Bliss, daughter
Roark, Joseph C., d.1/18/1939, Age 81 yrs, Thompson Service
Roark, Lillie, d.6/5/1943, Age 67 yrs
Roark, Lillie, d.1943, Age 67 yrs
Roark, Queen Elizabeth, d.5/17/1936, Age 74 yrs, Thompson Service
Robards, Nancy Jane, d.8/11/1942, Brought from Joplin
Robards, Norine, d.1973, 1896-1973, Cremation, ashes buried, 5/15/1979
Robards, Ulysses, d.1944, Age 78 yrs
Robbins, Dennis M., d.5/22/1959, Age 46 yrs, Thompson Service
Robbins, Elma Mae, d.5/24/1984, Age 68 yrs, Clark
Robbins, Ester, d.10/29/1993, Born 11/15/1911, Woodard Freund Thompson Mortuary
Robbins, Floyd Wallace, d.10/3/1972, Age 87 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Robbins, Gerold, d.7/22/1996, Born 3/6/1909 at Sarcoxie, MO, died at V.A. Hospital in Kansas City, MO
Robbins, Ira, d.5/13/1997, Born 10/23/1911, Clark Funeral Home
Robbins, Juanita, d.12/08/1993, Born 7/21/1918, Clark Funeral Home
Robbins, Nellie Louisa, d.9/29/1971, Age 81 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Robbins, Ralph, d.5/20/1986, Age 79 yrs, Freund-Thompson
Robbs, Amanda C., d.4/5/1894, Age 36 yrs
Robbs, Martha J., d.12/12/1910, Age 82 yrs
Roberson, Jauneta, d.3/18/1946, Age 17 yrs, Thompson Service
Roberson, Jim, d.1/13/1955, Age 78 yrs, Thompson Service
Roberson, Leora Virginia, d.10/7/1964, Age 54 yrs, Heart Trouble, Shewmake Funeral Home, Granby, Missouri, Wm. Roberson, husband
Roberson, Robert Lee, d.10/4/1955, Age 49 yrs
Roberson, Russell, d.3/1/1941, Age 36 yrs, Thompson Service
Roberts, Corilla, d.5/18/1910, Age 71 yrs 3 mo 6 days, Senility, Dr. Weems
Roberts, Elizabeth, d.12/2/1938, Age 31 yrs, Bigham Service
Roberts, Eurma H., d.10/30/1996, Schawengerdt Funeral Home, services at Methodist Church in Adrian, MO
Roberts, F., d.6/1922
Roberts, George E., d.11/4/1957, Age 37 yrs, Clark Service
Roberts, George W., d.1958, Age 80 yrs
Roberts, Howard, d.9/2/1981, Age 70 yrs, Freund-Thompson
Roberts, Joshua, d.8/13/1901, Age 72 yrs 7 mo 3 days
Roberts, Lenora, d.11/24/1958, Age 84 yrs, Thompson Service
Roberts, Lillie, d.7/17/1977, Age 95 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Roberts, Margery S., d.1951, Age 89 yrs
Roberts, Maud, d.10/6/1868, Age 2 yrs
Roberts, Mr. F., d.6/1922
Roberts, Newton Homer, d.5/9/1963, Age 92 yrs, Generalized Arteriosclerosis, Howard Roberts, son, Thompson Funeral Home
Roberts, R. O., d.9/23/1947, Age 80 yrs, Bigham Service
Roberts, Sallie, d.3/3/1860, Age 11 mos
Roberts, Sophia J., d.1/11/1938, Age 64 yrs 11 mo 12 days
Roberts, Sydney E., d.11/16/1945, Age 87 yrs
Roberts, Virgil, d.10/3/1985, Clark Funeral Home
Robertson, Elma Naomi, d.11/11/1980, Age 67 yrs, Clark
Robertson, Rosa Lee, d.9/25/1968, Age 82 yrs, Bill Roberson, Son, Shewmake, Granby, Missouri
Robinson, Ada Maurine, d.2/7/1898, Age 3 yrs 10 mo 2 days, Convulsions
Robinson, Alice, d.11/20/1944, Age 75 yrs, born in Missouri
Robinson, C. J., d.12/10/1936, Age 62 yrs, South side
Robinson, C. M., d.3/14/1938, Age 87 yrs 11 mo 23 days
Robinson, Crissie, d.11/8/1913, (R. H. Robinson)
Robinson, Frank B., d.1/24/1967, Age 66 yrs, Clark Service, Richard Robinson, son
Robinson, Fredonia T., d.3/31/1969, Age 97 yrs, Old Age, Thompson Service, Mrs. Mabel Robinson & Mrs. Faye Bishop, daughters
Robinson, Idella Mary Kirk, d.3/6/1902, Age 25 yrs 4 mo 15 days, surgery/pneumonia, Dr. Mudd at St. Louis, shipped from St. Louis
Robinson, Isaah, d.4/12/1925
Robinson, James, d.12/20/1952, Age 80 yrs, Clark Bigham Service
Robinson, Lillian, d.2/3/1950, Age 78 yrs
Robinson, Lula (Agnes), d.7/13/1977, Age 68 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Robinson, Mable M., d.6/29/1984, Age 94 yrs, Clark
Robinson, Mrs. Bessie, d.5/16/1950, Age 65 yrs
Robinson, Mrs. Ivie, d.2/6/1950, Age 74 yrs, died at Little Rock, Arkansas, Clark Bigham
Robinson, Mrs. Marno, d.8/28/1933, Age 32 yrs, died at Kansas City, Missouri
Robinson, Mrs. Sarah, d.11/12/1931, Died at St. Louis, Missouri, shipped from St. Louis, Bigham Service
Robinson, Pearle J., Cremains, Clark Funeral Home
Robinson, R. H., d.5/19/1935, Age 72 yrs
Robinson, Richard E., d.5/2/1969, Age 46 yrs, Heart Attack, Clark Service, Pearle Robinson, wife
Robinson, Spurgeon, d.5/17/1943, Age 51 yrs 3 mo 15 days
Robison, (Baby), d.9/13/1863, Age 7 days
Robison, Clyde Powers (female), d.8/3/1972, Age 92 yrs, Petering Funeral Home, Okmulgee, Oklahoma
Robison, Hazel D., d.8/6/1975, Born 12/13/1884, Freund Thompson Service
Robison, Henry Isiah, d.7/23/1966, Age 86 yrs, Coronary Thrombosis, Clark Service, Mrs. Tom Rogers, sister
Robison, Howard, d.1921, Age 64 yrs
Robison, John William, d.10/17/1974, Age 88 yrs, Freund Thompson Funeral Home
Robison, Lillian, d.1917, Age 63 yrs
Robison, Margaret A., d.1892, Age 69 yrs
Robison, Maurine, d.1/14/1944, Born 6/9/1905, died at Muskogee, OK, Petoring Funeral Home in Muskogee
Robison, Minnie, d.1876, Age 16 yrs
Rockelman, Eleanor Vesta, d.10/28/1979, Buried 1/14/1980, See permit attached to original card, shows this individual as a male, Eldred Louise Hoffman, daughter, Smartville, California, more info on permit
Rockey, David Clark, d.1939, By Edge Sumner Rockey
Rockey, Edgar, d.1947, Age 54 yrs
Rockey, Mary Ann, d.4/28/1971, Thompson Funeral Home
Rockhold, Henreieta, d.1/11/1975, Age 86 yrs, Speaks Chapel, Independence, Missouri
Rockhold, Henry, d.1/25/1933, Age 49 yrs, Bigham Service
Rodden, Howard (Bus), d.6/23/1978, Age 67 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Rodden, Mary Leona, d.12/20/83, Age 72 yrs, Clark
Rodgers, Claude L., d.8/15/1969, Age 77 yrs 5 mo 13 days, died at Fayetteville, Arkansas, Veterans Hospital, Clark Funeral Home
Rodgers, Edith Bottenberg, d.1960, 1889-1960
Rodgers, Helen B., d.4/8/1970, Age 82 yrs, Thompson Funeral Home, husband & son living
Rodgers, Pearl L., d.8/15/1975, Clark Funeral Home
Rodgers, Thelma, d.5/21/1996, Born 2/5/1914
Roff, Alla Mae, d.10/2/1997, Born 10/30/1924, Clark Funeral Home
Rogers, (Baby), d.9/23/66, Age 5 mo fetus, Thompson Service, Mr. & Mrs. Larry Rogers, parents
Rogers, Agnes E., d.2/6/1901, Age 41 yrs 2 mo 23 days, Heart Trouble, Dr. Johnson
Rogers, Dorothy A., d.6/7/1996, Kriegshauser Bros. Funeral Service, buried between John A. Rogers & John a. Rogers II
Rogers, Frank, d.1/12/1939, Suicide
Rogers, Helen, d.7/1/1973, Age 80 yrs, Thornhill-Dillon Mortuary, Joplin, Missouri
Rogers, John A., d.10/7/1972, Age 68 yrs, Herman Lohmeyer Funeral Home, Springfield, Missouri
Rogers, John a., d.1927, Age 73 yrs
Rogers, John Arthur, d.8/11/1902, Age 23 yrs 7 mo 11 days, Appendicitis, Dr. Johnson
Rogers, John Edward, d.3/28/1981, Age 89 yrs, died at Springfield, Missouri, Cantrell Funeral Home, Springfield
Rogers, John N., d.3/6/1973, Age 63 yrs, Freund Thompson Funeral Home
Rogers, Laura, d.11/30/1978, Age 87yrs, Jewell Wendell Funeral Home, Springfield, Missouri
Rogers, Leo, d.1885
Rogers, Mrs. Hannah, d.6/10/1935, Age 79 yrs
Rogers, Richard D., d.4/17/1977, Moore's Chapel, Fayetteville, Arkansas
Rogers, Thomas G., d.2/8/1934, Age 57 yrs, Bigham Service
Rogers, Walter E., Jr., d.11/26/1943, Age 32 yrs, Bigham Service
Rogers, Walter Earl, d.8/11/1974, Age 86 yrs, Freund Thompson Funeral Home
Rogers, Zada, d.1/23/1973, Age 88 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Rohrback, Gladys, d.1947, Age 48 yrs, Thompson Service
Roigert, (Infant), d.1/14/1944, Page Funeral Home, Infant of Al Roigert
Rolfson, A. N., d.9/22/1934, Age 88 yrs, shipped from Lakeland, Florida
Rolfson, Mrs. A. N., d.1922
Rona, Mary Q., d.6/30/1914
Roschi, John, d.1928
Roschi, Mrs. Catherine, d.2/17/1934, Age 69 yrs 10 mo 15 days, wife of John Roschi
Rose, Mrs. Mattie, d.6/14/1930, On Mitts Lot
Roseberry, Barbara, d.4/8/1940, Stillborn, Thompson Service
Roseberry, Dr. E. M., d.3/21/1935, Age 68 yrs, Thompson Service
Roseberry, E. M., III, d.10/13/1938, Thompson Funeral Home
Roseberry, James, d.8/31/1958, Age 59 yrs, Thompson Service
Rosenwelder, George, d.2/11/1941, Age 77 yrs, Thompson Service
Roth, Clark A., d.1918, Age 37 yrs
Rouch, Georgie Wilbert, d.12/31/1899, Age 4 yrs 5 mo 29 days, Spinal Meningitis, Dr. Hanson
Rouch, James W., d.4/13/1900, Age 39 yrs 6 mo 14 days, Pneumonia, Dr. Johnson
Rowe, d.11/19/1992, Clark Funeral Home
Rowe, Annie C., d.9/17/1944, Age 69 yrs
Rowe, Charles G., Jr., d.1929, Age 14 yrs
Rowe, Charles G., Sr., d.1917, Age 35 yrs
Rowe, Edith E., d.4/16/1910, Age 5 yrs, Scarlet Fever
Rowe, Ethel, d.6/20/1909, Age 17 yrs 4 mo 2 days, Cancer of Stomach, daughter of U. S. Rowe, Dr. Bower
Rowe, George, d.10/1948, Age 58 yrs, Bigham Service
Rowe, Gerald Wayne, d.5/30/1966, Age 45 yrs, Coronary Arrest, died at M.U. Medical Center, Oddfellow graveside services, Viola Rowe, wife, Clark Service
Rowe, Harriot E., d.1949, Age 73 yrs
Rowe, Jeffery Todd, d.8/27/1990, Born 1/29/1967, Ozark Funeral Home, Goodman, MO
Rowe, Jewell, d."7/30, 1909", Age 8 yrs, Dr. Bowers, Daughter of C. G. Rowe
Rowe, Joseph, d.1928, Age 63 yrs, Bigham Service
Rowe, Mary Anne, d.12/31/1950, Age 79 yrs, Clark Bigham Service
Rowe, Mary Q., d.6/30/1914
Rowe, U. S., d.5/19/1930
Rowe, W. H., d.9/7/1940, Age 65 yrs
Rowland, Elizabeth, d.1945, Age 72 yrs
Rowland, Samuel D., d.12/4/1905, Age 85 yrs 5 mo 7 days, Old Age, Dr. Benton
Rowland, William, d.1937, Age 31 yrs
Roy, Everett, d.1968, Age 62 yrs
Royston, Lizzie R., d.1916
Ruack, Esther Lanyon, d.7/10/1992, Born 8/25/1899, Cremains, Mason-Woodard, Joplin, MO
Ruark, David J., d.4/14/1956, Age 50 yrs, Clark Bigham Service
Ruark, David J., d.1956, Age 51 yrs
Ruark, Frances, d.4/20/1998, Born 13/1912, Clark Funeral Home
Ruark, Gene, Age 57 yrs 6 mo 20 days, born at Neosho, died at Joplin
Ruark, Hallam O., d.7/27/1970, Mason Funeral Home, Joplin, Missouri
Ruark, Horace, d.8/15/1947, Born 1869 at Neosho
Ruark, Horace Trevor, d.1/14/1965, Late of Clare, Michigan, Congestive Heart Failure, Thompson Service, Frances Ruark, wife
Ruark, Jennie, d.11/13/1974, Age 73 yrs, Freund Thompson Funeral Home
Ruark, Justin (Cap), d.5/29/1966, Age 64 yrs, Abdominal Aneurysm, died at Sand Springs, Oklahoma, Thompson Service
Ruark, Laura, d.1903, Age 55 yrs 3 mo 27 days, Heart Trouble, Dr. Wills
Ruark, Lynne Cossitte, d.7/9/1964, Age 92 yrs, Justin 'Cap' Ruark, son
Ruark, Madge, d.3/20/1999, Born 2/11/1910, Cremains, Clark Funeral Home
Ruark, Ozias, d.1917, Age 82 yrs
Rubb, Martha J., d.12/13/1910, Age 82 yrs, Senility, Dr. Wells
Rudd, Blanche, d.4/13/1975, Age 78 yrs, Freund Thompson
Rudd, Carrie J., d.4/11/1961, Age 92 yrs, Thompson Service
Rudd, Edward, d.5/10/1945, Age 76 yrs, Thompson Service
Rudd, Harry, d.7/20/1948, Age 47 yrs, Thompson Service
Rudd, Mildred May, d.7/5/1966, Age 86 yrs, 'her first marriage was Franklin Willis who died in 1921, no record of his interment, Parker Mortuary, son & daughter survive
Rudd, Ward, d.11/14/1986, Freund-Thompson
Rudy, Ada, d.10/26/1955, Age 93 yrs, Clark Bigham Service
Rudy, Alice, d.9/8/1969, Age 81 yrs, Clark Funeral Home, Frank Rudy, husband
Rudy, Clifford, d.12/31/1973, Age 89 yrs, Luginbuel Funeral Home, Vinita, Oklahoma
Rudy, Earl, d.11/8/1952, Age 67 yrs, Clark Bigham Service
Rudy, Etta V., d.1949, Age 86 yrs
Rudy, Frank O., d.11/9/1973, Age 87 yrs, Roesch Funeral Chapel, Shawnee, Oklahoma
Rudy, Lola L., d.5/21/1976, Age 86 yrs 8 mos 18 days, Clark Funeral Home
Rudy, Mrs. P. C., d.1891, 1835-1891
Rudy, P. C., d.1906, 1834-1906
Rudy, P. C., d.3/1/1907, Age 69 yrs 8 mo 29 days, Kidney, Dr. Foster
Rudy, Ruth (Earl Rudy), d.11/5/1918, Age 6 yrs
Rudy, Ruth R., d.11/21/1977, Age 69 yrs, Downing Funeral Home, Wichita, Kansas
Rudy, Rylen, d.1916, Age 55 yrs
Rudy, Rylen M., d.1/24/1997, Born 6/15/1908, Ruth in Spc 6, Clark Funeral Home
Rudy, Van R., d.11/1967, Age 81 yrs, Interred 11/17/1967, Acute Lymphatic Leukemia, Mrs. Ina Badger, sister, Clark Service
Rudy, William Steel, d.7/9/1980, Clark Funeral Home
Rundle, Alice, d.11/19/1945, Age 79 yrs, Thompson Service
Rundle, Randolph, d.11/6/1945, Age 85 yrs, Thompson Service
Rundle, William T., d.9/18/1939, Age 53 yrs, Thompson Service
Rupe, Petrick Wayne, d.1/22/1972, Age 2 mos, Thompson Service
Rupert, Julia, d.1/27/1876, Age 43 yrs
Rush, A., Age 36 yrs 6 mo 13 days, Pneumonia, Shipped from Clebourne, Texas
Rush, Catharine Helen, d.1/18/1984, Age 64 yrs, Freund-Thompson
Rush, Charles, d.9/27/1996, Born 4/23/1918, Woodard Freund Thompson Mortuary
Rush, Evelina, d.1928, Age 81 yrs
Rush, James, d.1925, Age 88 yrs
Rushmore, Alice, d.8/31/1955, Age 64 yrs, Thompson Service
Rushmore, Forest Paul 'Jack', d.10/6/1966, Age 76 yrs, found dead at home 24 hrs, Thompson Service, F. P. Rushmore, Jr., son
Rushmore, Jerry, d.11/19/1958, Age 29 yrs, Thompson Service
Russell, Angela Annette, d.3/18/1971, Clark Funeral Home
Rustin, Glen, d., Clark Funeral Home
Ruth, Kathryn Lyn, d.2/19/1996, Born 5/31/1959, Clark Funeral Home
Rutledge, Thomas, d.4/2/1890, Age 84 yrs
Ruyle, Charles, Sr., d.9/23/1980, Age 97 yrs, died at Tulsa, Oklahoma, Ninde Funeral Home, Tulsa
Ruyle, Charlotte Ann, d.1/17/1964, Age 78 yrs, born in England, died at Lowell, Kansas, C. E. Ruyle, Sr., Husband, C. E. Ruyle, Jr., son, Thompson Service
Ruyle, Helen, d.2/16/1999, Born 11/20/1919, Clark Funeral Home
Ruyle, Janet, d.9/13/1982


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