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I.O.O.F. Cemetery
Neosho, Newton County, Missouri

Contributed and recorded by Doris Snyder, March 31, 2000 [dsnyder@ipa.net]. Total records = 6,728.

Nabor, Roger, d.5/26/1945, Age 7 mos
Nalley, Eva, d.3/16/1953, Age 71 yrs, Clark Bigham Service
Nalley, John A., d.1951, Age 73 yrs
Naramore, Carl Lewis, d.8/15/1974, Clark Funeral Home
Naramore, Joe H., d.9/22/1959, Age 90 yrs, Thompson Service
Naramore, Nellie, d.4/21/1945, Age 75 yrs, Thompson Service
Naramore, Virgil F., d.7/30/1972, Ozark Funeral Home, Anderson, Mo
Naremore, d.6/1993, Clark Funeral Home
Nash, Leo, d.8/5/1958, Age 42 yrs
Nay, E. M., d.1929
Nay, Mrs. E. M., d.8/14/1939
Neal, Hazel, d.10/1958, Age 66 yrs, Thompson Service
Neblett, Ina Marie, d.6/14/1908, Born 6/14/1908, died at Round Rock, TX, Clark Funeral Home
Neblett, Robert Lee, d.6/4/1980, Age 84 yrs, died at Joplin, Missouri, Clark
Neidert, Al, d.11/3/1998, Born 3/20/1924, Clark Funeral Home
Neill, Elisa, d.1927, Age 56 yrs
Neill, George A., d.5/13/1941, Age 76 yrs 1 mo 18 days
Neill, Mrs. Annie, d.1/23/1945, Age 69 yrs 11 mos
Nelles, Delleta, d.1921, Age 6 yrs
Nelles, William R., d.1928, Age 36 yrs
Nellis, Mr., d.1926, Purchased by Mrs. Sarah Nellis
Nelson, Matilda, d.6/26/1901, Age 30 yrs 10 mo 24 days, Consumption of Bladder
Nelson, Minnie Edith, d.11/4/1967, Age 82 yrs 1 mo 11 days, Old Age, Thompson Service, Mrs. Floyd Wolfe, daughter
Nelson, Oscar William, d.11/12/1964, Age 84 yrs, Mrs. O. W. Nelson, wife, Mrs. Floyd Wolfe, daughter
Nesbit, Ella, d.7/12/1949, Age 61 yrs
Nesbit, Nancy, d.4/9/1900, Age 42 yrs 7 mo 7 days, Pneumonia, On Eliza Stone Lot
Nesbit, Wm., d.11/23/1901, Blind & Heart Trouble
Nesbitt, (Infant), d.11/24/1913
Neuenswander, Patricia Evelyn, d.4/15/1991, Born 9/23/1930, Clark Funeral Home
Newland, Bruce W., d.6/8/1986, Age 39 yrs, Family Only
Newman, (Infant), d.1/3/1897, Stillborn girl of W. A. Newman, Dr. Yates
Newman, (Infant), d.7/20/1898, Infant of S. A. Newman
Newman, Hannah, d.1/31/1916
Newman, W. A., d.3/20/1937, Age 73 yrs
Newman, William, d.4/1/1912, Age 25 yrs 16 days
Newman, Wm., d.8/23/1897, Age 65 yrs 11 mos 18 days, Blood Poison, Dr. Yates
Newton, E. E., d.1/5/1971, Age 96 yrs, Clark Funeral Home, living children
Newton, Mary Jane, d.9/26/1959, Age 79 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Niceley, Jake, d.10/27/1908, Age 23 yrs, Gun Shot, Shipped from Joplin, Bighams
Niceley, Thomas, d.4/25/1900, Age 42 yrs 2 mos, Pneumonia, Dr. Wills
Nicholas, Ruth Anna, d.5/11/1909, Age 3 yrs 8 mos, Typhoid Fever, died at Granby, Missouri
Nichols, Charles G., d.9/22/1974, Age 75 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Nichols, Cora Fay, d.8/20/1980, Age 75 yrs, Clark
Nichols, Dr. G. C., d.1915, Age 67 yrs
Nichols, Geo. A., d.1916
Nichols, Minnie, d.1924, Age 60 yrs
Nichols, Robert A., d.2/15/1950, Age 60 yrs, Mrs. John Kirsch, sister, Thompson Service
Nickey, Lola, d.8/19/1955, Age 89 yrs, Clark Bigham Service
Nickey, Oscar, d.12/30/1955, Age 93 yrs, Clark Bigham Service
Nickle, David, d.1930, Age 60 yrs
Nickles, (Baby), d.8/7/1943
Noble, Ruth Green, d.8/1/1996, Born 7/6/1911, next to Doyle E. Green, Clark Funeral Home
Noe, Hobart, d.8/18/1946, Age 49 yrs, Bigham Service
Noll, Earl Anthong, d.2/13/1993, Born 10/29/1911, died at Sale Mem. Hosp, Neosho, Ozark Funeral Home, Anderson, MO
Noll, Margaret, d.5/22/1994, Born 11/5/1912, died at Mt. Vernon, MO, Ozark Funeral Home, Anderson, MO
Norman, Mary Geer, d.12/7/1934, Age 80 yrs, Thompson Service
Norman, Virginia, d.4/11/1930, Age 53 yrs, Bigham Service
Norris, Ann, d.2/14/1976, Clark Funeral Home
Norris, Hardy, d.6/28/1968, Age 58 yrs
North, (Infant), d.12/31/1910, Infant of John North
North, Albert, d., Age 3 yrs
North, Ava, d.12/11/1994, Born 5/17/1898, dbl stone, Charles North, Clark Funeral Home
North, C. W., Age 48 yr 6 mos 15 days, Pneumonia, Dr. Lamson
North, Callie, d.1/16/1911, Age 23 yrs
North, Charles A., d.7/12/1975, Age 77 yrs 9 mo 11 days, Clark Funeral Home
North, Clara, d.1/21/1898, Age 7 yrs 2 mos 22 days, Grip & Lung, Dr. Yates & Lamson
North, David, d.10/29/1947, Age 48 yrs, Thompson Service
North, Dick, d.11/25/1978, Clark Funeral Home
North, Ethel S., d.9/7/1990, Born 10/9/1898, died at Claremore, OK, Clark Funeral Home
North, Fred, d.12/16/1941, State box
North, Grace L., d.3/20/1986, Age 87 yrs, Clark
North, Harold Willard, d.9/29/1977, Age 73 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
North, Harry, d.12/3/1940, Age 57 yrs, State box
North, John Conger, d.5/26/1971, Age 84 yrs, Thompson Funeral Home
North, Lila, B., d.3/13/1969, Age 75 yrs, Carcinoma, Clark Service, Mrs. Eleanor Lampo, daughter
North, Margaret, d.4/30/1884, Age 23 yrs
North, Mary Maud, d., Age 8 yrs
North, Mrs. Addie, d.7/1/1937, Age 74 yrs
North, Mrs. Martha, d.4/17/1930, Age 89 yrs
North, Nora Jane, d.1897, Age 31 yrs 5 mos 17 days, Catahral Fever & Grip
North, Pearl, d.5/28/1959, Age 75 yrs
North, Richard, d.7/5/1930, Age 16 yrs, Bigham Service
North, Robert, No date
North, Robert H., d.10/12/83, Age 87 yrs, Clark
North, Sarah Brown, d.3/18/1940, Age 76 yrs
North, William H., d.4/16/1943, Age 78 yrs, died at Billingham, Washington
Northrup, DeVer W., d.11/15/1965, Age 89 yrs 9 mo 23 days, Thompson Service, Mrs. Doris N. Haight, daughter
Northrup, Maude Susan, d.11/29/1963, Age 83 yrs, born in N.Y. State, Late of Good Shepherd Rest Home, Lockwood, Missouri, Thompson Service, Mrs. Doris N. Haight, daughter
Nortman, Joseph, d.2/24/1958, Age 59 yrs, Clark Service
Norton, Addie L., d.11/17/1936, Age 74 yrs, Bigham Service
Norton, Charles B., d.1/2/1942, Age 80 yrs
Norvell, John, d.12/17/1952, Age 81 yrs, Clark Bigham Service
Norvell, Virginia, d.4/12/1927, Age 91 yrs
Norvell, W. B., d.5/21/1895, Age 75 yrs 5 mo 23 days, Bronchial Pneumonia, Dr. Wells
Nutt, (Infant), d.7/27/1898, Age 2 days, Heart, Infant of D. J. Nutt
Nutt, (Stillborn), d.9/12/1895, Stillborn child of T. F. Nutt
Nutt, D. J., d.11/2/1936, Age 79 yrs
Nutt, Ella L., d.2/12/1900, Age 35 yrs 3 mo 12 days, Bronchial, Dr. Yates
Nutt, Henry, d.10/4/1899, Age 74 yrs 10 mo 7 days, Heart & Kidneys, Shipped from Carterville, Missouri
Nutt, Mrs. Celana, d.4/12/1894, Age 60 yr 1 mo 12 days, Eruption Blood Vessels
Nutto, Albert, d.11/1/1872, Age 1 yr
Nutto, Anna, d.7/8/1887, Age 44 yrs
Oakes, Arther, d.11/3/1905, Age 38 yrs 5 mos 16 days, Bright's Disease, Dr. Lamson
Oakes, Dr. John, d.6/6/1895, Age 62 yrs 5 mo 19 days, Paralysis, Dr. Yates, next of kin, Walter Hugh Ramsay
Oakes, Isabelle, d.3/14/1937, Age 93 yrs, Senility, next of kin, Walter Hugh Ramsay, Sr.
O'Bert, Robert K., d.1/16/1943, Age 22 yrs, Bigham Service
O'Day, James W., No date
Oden, John, d.1/26/1946, Age 74 yrs, Thompson Service
Oder, Elizabeth, d.12/30/1983, Age 58 yrs, died at Jefferson City, Missouri, Clark
Oder, Mary E., d.4/29/1947, Age 57 yrs, Bigham Service
O'Donnell, Kelly Matthew, d.4/1/1978, Age 24 yrs, Freund Thompson
Oehring, Mabel Leona, d.1/29/1981, Age 71 yrs, Freund-Thompson
Oehring, Mable, d.5/14/1941, Age 34 yrs, Thompson Service
Oehring, Troy, d.4/17/1987, Freund-Thompson
Offenbacker, Doris, d.4/11/1999, Born 10/9/1920, Clark Funeral Home
Offenbacker, Pamela Lynn, d.3/16/1972, Age 4 mos, Clark Funeral Home
Ohara, James B., d.1/19/1967, Age 59 yrs, Emposseal Hemorrhage, Clark Service
O'Hara, Marie, d.7/26/1999, Born 6/11/1910, dbl stone, Jim & Marie, Clark Funeral Home
Oldham, Lewis N., d.5/5/1984, Age 87 yrs, died at Joplin, Missouri, Clark
Oldham, Margaret L., d.5/1/1972, Age 76 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Olive, Drucilla J., d.10/16/1971, Age 76 yrs, Mason Funeral Home
Olive, Lewis E., d.6/1/1978, Age 93 yrs, Mason-Woodard, Joplin, Missouri
Oliver, Anzilla E., d.1/26/1946, Age 83 yrs
Oliver, Edith, d.1/29/1954, Age 59 yrs, Thompson Service
Oliver, Edward, d.3/7/1999, Born 5/20/1924, Clark Funeral Home
Oliver, Georgia, d.4/11/1964, Old Age, Thompson Service, John Oliver, Jr., son
Oliver, J. T., d.1918
Oliver, Joe A., d.10/4/1941, Age 56 yrs, Bigham Service
Oliver, John , d.1871, Age 55 yrs
Oliver, John D., Sr., d.8/18/1967, Age 79 yrs, Pneumonia, John Oliver, Jr., son, Thompson Service
Oliver, Laura M., d.7/19/1983, Age 96 yrs, Clark
Oliver, Mary, d.10/9/1910, Age 90 yrs 9 mo 27 days, Old Age
Oliver, Mary J., d.5/1/1941, Shipped from St. Louis, Missouri
Oliver, Neal, d.1919, Age 2 yrs
Oliver, R. N., d.1919, Age 28 yrs
Oliver, Rachel, d.1908, Age 4 yrs
Oliver, T. J., d.1927, Age 74 yrs
Oliver, Tilitiha, d.4/26/1862, Age 37 yrs
Oliver, William, d.8/8/1917, Age 59 yrs
Olney, Hazel Marie, d.11/29/1994, Born 10/3/1910, Clark Funeral Home
Olney, Richard DVM, d.7/13/83, Age 73 yrs, Clark
Olsen, Theodore, d.2/3/1933, Age 58 yrs
Olshansky, LeAnn, d.10/10/1997, Born 9/7/1963, Clark Funeral Home
Olson, G., d.10/15/1895, Age 60 yrs, Malaria, Dr. Benton, formerly from Oxtell, Nebraska
O'Neal, Mr. W. A., d.1926, Mrs. Emma J. O'Neal's lot
O'Neal, Ross, d.1/27/1934, Age 39 yrs, Bigham Service
O'Neil, Clemit, d.11/28/1900, Age 1 mo 2 days, Pneumonia, shipped from Pittsburg, Dr. Ford
O'Neil, Samuel H., d.9/27/1944, Age 53 yrs, Bigham Service
O'Neill, Mrs. Clemment V., d.11/30/1905, Age 39 yrs, Brain Fever, shipped from Tulsa, Oklahoma
Onwiler, Beth, d.9/2/1977, Clark Funeral Home
Onwiler, Clayton, d.11/2/1956, Age 77 yrs, Clark Service
O'Reilly, Austin H., d.7/6/1981, Age 76 yrs, Clark
Orem, Dean H., d.12/6/1981, Clark Funeral Home
Orem, Lillian, d.3/15/1997, Cremains, dbl marker, Dean & Lillian
Orlosky, Rose, d.12/15/1998, Born 11/2/1916, Cremation, Clark Funeral Home
Orr, Lester Clay, d.11/27/1981, Age 80 yrs, Clark
Osborn, Elizabeth, d.9/12/1906, Age 70 yrs 3 mo, Dropsy
Osborn, John, d.11/28/1917
Osborn, John, d.11/28/1918
Osborn, Lucy A., No date
Osbourn, d.6/29/1936, Age 80 yrs, died at Joplin, Missouri
Osbourn, Fernanideze Brown, d.1/16/1897, Age 3 mos 18 days, Abscess on Brain, Dr. Benton
Osbourn, Harrison, d.7/4/1920, Age 59 yrs
Osbourn, James E., d.5/1/1936, Age 72 yrs, Thompson Service
Osbourn, Jennie, d.5/12/1944, Age 80 yrs
Osbourn, Mona May, d.7/4/1960, Age 72 yrs, Clark Service
Osbourn, S. T., d.10/30/1941, Age 72 yrs, brought from Springfield, Missouri
Osler, John Joseph, d.7/11/1899, Age 56 yrs 5 mo 10 days, Typhoid & Pneumonia
Osler, John, Jr., d.1/23/1933, Age 60 yrs
Osler, Lewis, d.11/30/1943, Age 68 yrs
Osler, Mary, d.12/14/1938, Age 58 yrs, Bigham Service, Cerebral Hemorrhage
Osler, Peter, d.12/29/1941, Age 70 yrs, Bigham Service, died at Joplin
O'Sullivan, Mary, d.9/18/1877
O'Sullivan, Patrick, No date
Overstreet, Claude, d.4/20/1986, Age 79 yrs, Clark
Overstreet, Helen, d.6/22/1986, Age 77 yrs, Clark
Overton, Baby Barbara Jean, d., Sgt. Overton
Overton, Clifford E., d.1/6/1968, Age 47 yrs, Pneumonia, Geo. Overton, son, Clark Service
Overton, Sarah L., d.6/3/1964, Age 44 yrs, Carcinoma of breast, multiple metastasis, Clark Service, Clifford Overton, husband
Owen, (Infant), d.1/17/1868, Infant of Emily Owen
Owen, Charles W., d.1892, Age 29 yrs
Owen, Emily J., d.2/25/1868, Age 24 yrs
Owen, W. C. (Bill), d.11/4/1996, Moores Funeral Home, Tulsa, OK
Owens, Doug, d.3/3/1980, Age 16 yrs, died at Kansas City, Missouri
Owens, Mrs. H. H., d.6/2/1909, Age 38 yrs, Consumption, shipped from Aurora, Missouri
Owsley, Artie E., d.12/30/1950, Age 60 yrs, Thompson Service
Owsley, C. R., d.4/3/1954, Age 86 yrs, Thompson Service
Owsley, Ernest, d.12/30/1955, Age 63 yrs, Thompson Service
Owsley, Frank, d.1/13/1963, Age 52 yrs, Thompson Service
Owsley, Lea Anna, d.12/7/1945, Age 3 yrs
Owsley, Martha E., d.6/22/1942, Age 72 yrs, Bigham Service
Owsley, Nina, d.4/15/1999, Born 12/7/1912, dbl stone, Frank & Nina, Woodard Freund Thompson Mortuary
P?, Dorothy Francis, d.10/14/1900, Age 1 yr 3 mo, Whopping Cough, Dr. Van Cleve
Pace, Clara Mae, d., Age 3
Pace, Zachari Taylor, d., Age 3 yrs
Pacey, Sarah F., d.6/20/1903, Age 55 yrs 1 mo 10 days, Consumption, Dr. Lamson
Pacy, Wm. W., d.5/25/1907, Age 64 yrs 3 mos days, Euremia, Dr. Lamson
Page, Jesse J., d.1/31/1946, Age 81 yrs, Thompson Service
Page, N. L., d.1/13/1888, Age 39 yrs
Page, Sarah, d.2/8/1937, Age 73 yrs, Bigham Service
Painter, Charles F. (Red), d.4/8/1979, Age 62 yrs, Mason-Woodard, Joplin, Missouri
Painter, Willa Jane, d.5/29/1963, Age 38 yrs 9 mo 27 days, Childbirth, born & died Neosho, 9 children surviving
Palone, Mrs. Anna Laura, d.4/3/1966, Age 67 yrs, Acute Circulatory Collapse, Late of Webb City, Hedge Lewis Funeral Home, Webb City, Missouri
Paris, Roy E., d.3/12/1968, Age 65 yrs, Heart Attack shoveling snow, Clark Service, Peggie Paris, wife
Parker, David L., d.1919, Age 70 yrs
Parker, Edward Leon, d.11/23/1993, Born 10/17/1925, Clark Funeral Home
Parker, Hiram, d.12/22/1996, Born 7/28/1908, Clark Funeral Home
Parker, Katherine, d.2/6/1974, Clark Funeral Home
Parker, Mrs. Rowena, d.4/10/1931
Parker, Noble D., d.12/22/1949, Age 61 yrs, Thompson Service
Parker, Victoria, d.1947, Age 84 yrs
Parker, W. B., d.1925
Parks, Elizabeth, d.8/24/1952, Age 77 yrs, Thompson Service
Parks, R. C., d.4/1919
Parks, W. H., d.1/9/1940, Age 72 yrs, Thompson Service
Parks, Walter John, d.8/27/1958, Age 79 yrs, Thompson Service
Parr, Bert P., d.7/2/1942, Age 62 yrs, Bigham Service
Parr, David, d.7/27/1936, Age 80 yrs
Parr, Mrs. David, d.5/15/1920
Parr, Stella I., d.9/22/1981, Age 90 yrs, died at Joplin, Missouri, Clark
Parr, Will, d., Age 81 yrs
Paschall, Earnest, d.10/31/1948, Age 58 yrs
Paschall, Eligie, d.5/28/83, Age 85 yrs, Clark
Paschall, Jessie, d.1/7/1982, Age 81 yrs, died at Joplin, Missouri, Clark
Paschall, Nola, d.11/26/1972, Age 84 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Pase, F. H., d.2/22/1899, Age 2 yrs
Passmore, Cora, d.8/16/1979, Age 87 yrs, Freund Thompson Funeral Home
Passmore, Martha Ruth, d.10/31/1929, Age 17 yrs
Passmore, Thomas a., d.1/8/1957, Age 40 yrs, Thompson Service
Passmore, Thomas E., d.4/18/1957, Age 68 yrs, Thompson Service
Pate, Louis W., d.11/6/1933, Age 76 yrs, born in Missouri
Pate, Mavo, d.5/28/1992, Born 6/16/1901, Clark Funeral Home
Pate, Mrs. E. R., d.4/13/1951, Age 57 yrs, Clark Bigham Service
Pate, R. S., d.1921
Pate, Robert C., d.6/14/56
Pate, Sarah, d.8/19/1944
Patterson, Clara, d.3/22/1898, Age 23 yrs 6 mo 22 days, abortion, Dr. R. B. Tyler, died at Joplin, Missouri at rooms of Mrs. Jennie McCurdy
Patterson, Harriett E., d.8/28/1900, Age 65 yrs, Heart Failure, Dr. Benton
Patterson, Helen H., d.9/26/1997, Born 8/16/1900, dbl stone, Ralph & Helen, Donald R. Patterson of Joplin, son, Clark Funeral Home
Patterson, J. M., d.2/6/1930, Age 64 yrs, Thompson Service
Patterson, J. R., d.8/5/1914, Age 48 yrs
Patterson, J. W., d.8/18/??, Age 76 yrs, heart attack, Thompson Service
Patterson, J. W., d.8/18/??, Age 76 yrs, heart attack, Thompson Service
Patterson, John, d.8/16/1919, Age 70 yrs
Patterson, Lewis, d.2/3/1888, Age 10 yrs
Patterson, Lola Belle, d.4/11/1939, Age 60 yrs 8 mo 16 days, Cancer, Thompson Funeral Home
Patterson, Lola Belle, d.4/11/1939, Age 60 yrs 8 mo 16 days, Cancer, Thompson Funeral Home
Patterson, Lucy, d.12/28/1895, Age 2 yrs 9 mo, Croup, Dr. Langley
Patterson, Mary, d.5/3/1888, age 34 yrs
Patterson, Mrs. Dora, d.4/12/1941, Age 79 yrs 3 mo 19 days
Patterson, Ralph, d.1960, Age 60 yrs
Patterson, Roina, d.12/26/1909, Age 58 yrs, Heart Trouble, Dr. Lamson
Patterson, Sam Rutlr, d.3/6/1900, age 66 yrs 8 mo 27 days, Paralysis, Lamson & Wills
Patton, Alice E., d.11/17/1967, Age 90 yrs, Clark Service, Rev. Paul Patton, son
Patton, Anna A., d.5/19/83, Age 84 yrs, Clark
Patton, Columbus, d.1962, Age 86 yrs
Patton, Francis Eureka, d.2/7/1901, Age 47 yrs 10 mo 13 days, Consumption
Patton, J. R., d.7/27/1918
Patton, James Otis, d.2/19/1912, Age 12 yrs 7 days, Meningitis
Patton, Mary, d.1925, Age 71 yrs
Patton, Wendall, d.3/23/1999, Born 11/7/1921, Clark Funeral Home
Pauillard, Frances Mary, d.10/21/1991, Born 7/21/1906, Clark Funeral Home
Paul, Albert Miller, d.1/26/1898, Age 4 days, Kidney
Paul, Bob, d.4/17/1973, Age 70 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Paul, Jeffery Dale, d.4/9/1995, Born 7/30/1970, killed in auto accident, Clark Funeral Home
Paul, Joseph, d.3/14/1914
Paul, Lola, d.3/2/1907, Age 1 yr 1 day, Pneumonia
Paul, Mary Josephine, d.12/6/1982, Age 82 yrs, Clark
Paul, Rhoda, d.8/11/1890, Age 48 yrs
Pauley, Charles, d.2/25/1982, Age 75 yrs, died at Fayetteville, Arkansas, Freund-Thompson
Pauley, Margie Dorsey, d.12/13/83, Age 80 yrs, Freund-Thompson
Payne, Anna R., d.6/10/1958, Age 89 yrs
Payne, Bessie, d.1/29/1948, Age 57 yrs, Thompson Service
Payne, Charles, d.10/31/1948, age 54 yrs
Payne, Charles E., d.9/25/1995, Clark Funeral Home
Payne, Clyde, d.7/24/1926
Payne, D. B., No date
Payne, George, d.11/2/1933, Age 70 yrs
Payne, Iona V., d.12/5/1982, Age 86 yrs, Clark
Payne, James Emmit, d.4/28/1972, Age 84 yrs, McQueen Funeral Home, Wheaton, Missouri
Payne, James T., d.4/14/1978, Age 48 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Payne, John T., d.1920, Born 1877
Payne, Martha, d.6/10/1913, Born 6/5/1848
Payne, Mrs. Clyde, d.1926
Payne, Nova S., d.9/3/1968, Age 69 yrs, Heart Trouble, Thompson Service, Mrs. Raymond Hammer & Charles E. Payne, children
Payne, Purnelopy, d.10/16/83, Age 92 yrs, died at Lindstrom, Minnesota, McQueen Funeral Home
Payne, Rachel Ellen, d.9/5/1945, Age 74 yrs, Bigham Service
Payne, Walter Harrison, d.1/8/1969, Age 84 yrs, Clark Service, Mrs. Ken Barlow & Mrs. Ed Matthews, daughters
Payne, William Francis, d.1/23/1964, Age 63 yrs, Heart Disease, late of V. A. Wadsworth Hospital, Leavenworth, Kansas, Fulton Funeral Home, Kansas City, Missouri, Dan Payne, Jr., brother (Tulsa)
Payner, Brandi Renee (Infant), d.3/6/1981, Died at Joplin, Missouri, Stillborn, Clark
Payton, William R., d.2/9/1948, Age 86 yrs, Thompson Service
Pearce, (Infant), d.6/18/1955
Pearce, Leonidas Washington, d.1/1/1905, Age 65 yrs 5 mo 2 days, Pneumonia, Dr. Wells
Pearce, Martha, d.4/7/1870, Age 58 yrs
Pearce, Mrs. M. G., d.3/29/1938, Age 84 yrs 10 mo
Pearce, Nellie, d.12/25/1954, Age 80 yrs, Clark Bigham Service
Pearce, Walter, d.1923, Age 47 yrs
Pearcy, Bryan Lee (Infant), d.8/27/1976, Infant, Clark Funeral Home
Pearcy, Ermma, d.10/3/1899, Abt 37 yrs, Consumption, Dr. Yates
Pearl, Charles Ray, d.12/10/1969, Age 50 yrs, Clark Funeral Home, 4 sons, 1 daughter
Pearl, Christine, d.7/14/1998, Died at nursing home in Springfield, MO, Clark Funeral Home
Pearman, (Infant), d.10/23/1897, Stillborn Infant of B. J. Pearman
Pearman, Ben J., d.9/20/1948, Age 98 yrs
Pearman, Bettie, d.1/5/1952, Age 77 yrs, Clark-Bigham Service
Pearman, Beulah Marie, d.12/28/1981, Age 74 yrs, Clark
Pearman, Dent, d.7/26/1907, Age 31 yrs, shot to death, shipped from Dunewig
Pearman, James E., d.1903, Age 10 yrs
Pearman, Laura May, d.10/22/1907, Age 50 yrs, cancer of stomach
Pearman, W. R., d.1/18/1934, Age 58 yrs, Accidental gun shot
Pearsey, M. L., d.5/11/1934, Age 79 yrs, born in Missouri
Pearson, Lena Jennina, d.2/12/1937, Age 3 yrs, Pneumonia, Pogue Service
Pearson, Myrtle, d.1962
Pearson, Rosa L., d.5/10/1968, Age 93 yrs, Clark Service, Roy Pearson, son
Pearson, Roy, d.7/28/1985, Age 80 yrs, Clark
Peck (Infant), d.5/1/1918, Stillborn infant of W. J. Peck
Peck, Cora D., d.1925, Age 76 yrs
Peck, Miss Daisy, d.4/1/1944, Age 68 yrs
Peck, Ollie L., d.8/31/1959, Age 72 yrs, Clark Service
Peck, Robert K., d.1944, Age 22 yrs
Peck, W. I., d.8/25/1974, Age 83 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Peek, Alice L., d.6/1/1952, Age 78 yrs, Clark Bigham Service
Peek, Chris W., d.1922, Age 57 yrs
Pence, Ellen, d.1919, Age 75 yrs
Pence, William, d.1922, Age 84 yrs
Pendel, Rose Alta Coffman, d.3/11/1965, Age 77 yrs, born in Arkansas 2/22/1888, died at Hawthorne, California, no liver, Mrs. Pauline Nolan, Hawthorne, CA, nearest relative, Russell Coffman, stepson, Thompson Service
Pendell, Benjamin F., d.6/20/1967, Age 56 yrs, died as result of car-truck wreck at Goodman, Missouri, Thomas J. Pendell, brother, Thompson Service
Pendell, John O., d.12/20/1964, Age 71 yrs, Stroke Acute Med failure, Hurlburt Mix & Boo Service, Mrs. Alta Coffman Pendell, wife
Pendella, Myrtle, d.7/4/1980, Died at Joplin, Missouri, Mason-Woodard Chapel, Joplin
Pendergraft, Emma, d.9/16/1959, Age 18 yrs, Clark Service
Pendergraft, Floyd, d.7/16/1963, Age 77 yrs 4 mo 26 days, Clark Funeral Home, Mrs. Harry Hatcher & Mrs. D. Harpool, daughters, Aortia Aneurysm
Pendergraft, Loura, d.2/19/1977, Clark Funeral Home
Penn, Roland R., d.8/29/1985, Age 58 yrs, died at Fayetteville, Arkansas, Clark
Penn, Roland R., d.5/18/1981, Age 89 yrs, Clark
Pennel, Mrs. J. W., d.3/21/1943
Pennel, W. J., d.3/2/1936, Age 83 yrs
Penney, Lilly W., d.6/2/1895, Age 2 yrs 4 mo 4 days, Colic, Dr. Yates
Penney, Mary V., d.7/23/1941, Age 84 yrs, brought from Joplin, Missouri, Hurlburt Funeral Home
Penny, Martin, d.12/21/1933, Age 89 yrs 11 mo, brought from Joplin
Penny, mary Angeline, d.3/24/1899, Heart
Pepperdine, M. G. & B. M., d.1920, Mr. Pepperdine, father of these girls
Pepperdine, Mr., d.6/1920, Father of M. G. & B. M.
Perkins, Edward E., d.1937, Age 75 yrs
Perkins, Mae M., d.1946, Age 81 yrs
Perky, Martha L., d.1946, Age 19 yrs
Perry, Amos W., d.1921, Age 64 yrs
Perry, Angie, d.5/22/1899, Age 35 yrs
Perrypool, Preston B. (Preshton), d.12/28/1972, Age 89 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Peters, (Infant), d.7/1/1971, Age 2 days, Clark Funeral Home, Baby o James Peters
Peters, C. W., d.2/26/1868, Age 30 yrs
Peters, Charlie, d.1875, Age 2 yrs
Peters, Elizabeth Ann, d.2/19/1930, Age 87 yrs
Peters, Geo. Jacob, d.1/23/1906, Age 1 yr 2 mo 29 days, Bowel Complaint
Peters, George Washington, d.3/1/1948, Age 79 yrs, Bigham Service
Peters, Horace B., d.2/19/1965, Age 67 yrs, Heart Attack, Miss Better Peters & other brothers and sisters, Thompson Service
Peters, Horace, Jr., d.8/28/1998, Born 9/1/1923, just North of mother, Ruth Peters, Clark Funeral Home
Peters, Louella, d.3/4/1932
Peters, Minnie S., d.1877
Peters, Ruth E., d.5/15/1957, Age 59 yrs, Thompson Service
Peterson, B. F., d.12/27/1932
Peterson, C. C., d.1948, Stroke
Peterson, Emma M., d.1920, Age 44 yrs
Peterson, James H., Jr., d.3/9/1931, Shipped from Stockson, Colorado, cousin of C. C. Peterson of Neosho, Mrs. J. H. Peterson, stepmother of J. H. Jr., body cremated
Peterson, Jas. H., d.6/27/1910, Age 39 yrs 8 mos 20 days, drowned
Peterson, Leonard Denver, d.11/27/1973, Age 64 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Peterson, Mable, d.1948, Age 45 yrs
Peterson, Mary, d.11/1/1922, Age 72 yrs
Peterson, Mrs. B. F., d.1922
Pettit, Wylie, d.8/19/1975, Age 57 yrs 3 mo 28 days, Clark Service
Pettypool, Beulah, d.6/8/1981, Age 66 yrs, Clark
Pettypool, Edith Ann, d.10/1/1964, Age 82 yrs, Clark Service, Preston Pettypool, husband, Miss Buelah Pettypool, daughter
Phelan, Willie Richard, d.7/8/1981, Re-interred, Clark, Card Unreadable could be 1881
Phelps, (Infant), d.2/5/1900, Age 11 days, Infant son of M. Phelps
Phelps, ?, d., Son of Mannie Phelps
Phelps, Albert, d.8/20/1934, Age 60 yrs, Bigham Service
Phelps, Albert, d.8/20/1934, Age 60 yrs, Bigham Service
Phelps, Albert, d.8/19/1934, Age 59 yrs
Phelps, Charley, d.1917, Age 52 yrs
Phelps, Elizabeth, d.1917, Age 49 yrs
Phelps, Lydia Ann, d.2/13/1955, Age 86 yrs, Thompson Service
Phelps, Mannie, d.6/25/1927, Son of Mr. Phelps
Phelps, Mrs. Helen, d.11/21/1940, Age 54 yrs
Phelps, Nannie, d.6/27/1937, Age 70 yrs
Philliber, Anna Mae, d.3/21/1930
Philliber, Bertha, d.1/29/1948, Age 68 yrs, Bigham Service
Philliber, Charles, d.1917, Age 52 yrs
Philliber, J. W., d.1921
Philliber, John Wesley, d.2/3/65, Age 84 yrs, Clark Service, Mrs. Wilma Vassar, niece
Philliber, Maggie Jessie, d.5/13/1949, Clark Bigham
Philliber, O. F., d.1/1922
Philliber, Troy D., d.1950, Age 45 yrs
Phillips, Allison G., d.6/25/1955, Age 68 yrs, Clark Bigham Service
Phillips, Amanda, d.10/19/1932
Phillips, Amie G., d.1945, Age 54 yrs
Phillips, E. J., d.7/28/1933, Age 57 yrs, beside Mrs. Amanda Phillips
Phillips, Lilis Marietta, d.3/18/1979, Age 93 yrs, Freund Thompson Funeral Home
Phillips, Mr. L. D., No date
Phillips, Mrs. A. Elsie, d.1927
Phillips, Mrs. Elsie, d.7/17/1947
Phillips, Neomia, d.10/5/1907, Age 27 yrs, Operation, Hospital in Kansas City
Phipps, Alice, d.11/7/1945, Age 83 yrs, Thompson Service
Phipps, Walter A., d.12/16/1944, Age 88 yrs, Thompson Service
Phye, (Infant), d.5/19/1953, Clark Bigham Service
Pickens, Albert, d.2/3/1936, Age 49 yrs
Pickens, Fleta Pauline, d.12/15/1966, Age 68 yrs, died at Odessa, Texas, John J. Pickens, Odessa, son
Pickens, Ilogene, d.1/28/1965, Age 69 yrs, Coronary Occlusion, O. V. Pickens, husband, Mrs. Fleta Pickens, sister, Mrs. A. H. O'Reilly, niece, Clark Service
Pickens, Jake, No date
Pickens, James, d.9/13/1944, Age 42 yrs 10 mos
Pickens, John, No date
Pickens, Miss Kate, No date
Pickens, Mrs. Mary E., d.11/3/1932, Age 76 yrs
Pickens, Oscar V., d.8/27/1972, Age 76 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Pie, Minnie, d.1948, Age 68 yrs
Pierce, Arlie, d.10/7/1930, shipped from Joplin, Missouri
Pierce, Cornell, d.5/13/1996, Born 2/15/1917, Clark Funeral Home
Pierce, Fred Daniel, d.1/3/1967, Age 88 yrs, late of Kansas City, Kansas, Broncho Pneumonia, Werner Funeral Home, K.C., KS
Pierce, Mina C., d.2/7/1973, Age 91 yrs, Cheney Chapel, Pittsburg, Kansas
Pierce, Nathan D., d.11/23/1909, Age 72 yrs
Pierce, Ora V., d.1/6/1922, Age 77 yrs
Piercy, Elmer, No date
Piercy, Elmer, d.6/10/1996, Born 8/30/1904, wife Sybil buried in 1968, Clark Funeral Home
Piercy, Emma J., d.10/3/1899, Age 36 yrs
Piercy, Ida Edna, d.9/24/1967, Age 87 yrs, Clark Service
Piercy, M. L., d.5/11/1934, Age 77 yrs
Piercy, Oscar, d.1924, Age 36 yrs
Piercy, Rhoda, d.1958, Age 80 yrs
Piercy, Sibyl, d.12/3/1968, Age 64 yrs, Heart Attack, Clark Service, Elmer Piercy, husband
Piercy, Thelma, d.1927, Age 18 yrs
Pierman, (Infant), d.1897, Age 2 mo 26 days, Dr. Yates, Infant of B. J. Pierman
Pike, Jennie, d.1950, Age 94 yrs
Pinkham, Gladys Bridges, d.9/27/1981, Age 74 yrs, died at Huntsville, Alabama, Freund-Thompson
Pinney, Martin V., d.112/21/1933, Age 89 yrs
Pinney, Mary E., d.7/24/1941, Age 84 yrs
Pinney, Mrs. Mary, d.7/24/1941
Pippin, C. Olin, d.11/5/1986, Age 76 yrs, Clark
Pippin, Violet, d.3/14/1987, Clark Funeral Home
Pitman, (Infant), d.1/23/1910, Age 8 weeks, Infant of C. E. Pitman
Pittman, Annie P., d.1/15/1970, Age 86 yrs, Clark Funeral Home, Jess Pittman, son
Pittman, Frank F., d.11/7/1963, Age 91 yrs, Peritonitis, Thompson Service, Mrs. Vic Morgan & Mrs. John Lillard, daughters, W. H. Pittman, son
Pittman, Lulu Bell, d.11/13/1963, Age 75 yrs 5 mo 1 day, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Thompson Service, Mrs. Vic Morgan 7 Mrs. John Lillard, daughters, W. H. Pittman, son
Pittman, Mrs. Mina, d.8/4/1975, Age 93 yrs, Mason Chapel, Joplin, Missouri
Pittman, William B., d.4/9/1960, Age 85 yrs, Clark Service
Plaster, Robert, d.7/20/1945, Age 42 yrs, Thompson Service
Platt, George L., d.8/1977, Buried 8/21/1977
Platt, George Leland, d.8/17/1977, Age 78 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Platt, Gladys, d.3/22/1997, Born 3/31/1912, husband George Platt buried 8/1977, Clark Funeral Home
Pleasant, Roy J., d.3/29/1952, Age 34 yrs, Thompson Service
Pogue, Jackie Lee, d.4/8/1944, Age 1 year
Pogue, Mrs. G. M., d.11/23/1920
Pollick, Addie Mae, d.11/5/1995, Born 7/6/1900, Clark Funeral Home
Pollick, Willard L., d.5/17/1982, Age 57 yrs, Clark
Pollock, Omer J., d.7/29/1970, Age 74 yrs, Clark Funeral Home, Addie Pollock, wife
Pollock, Tom, d.8/9/1974, Age 21 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Pool, Charles A., d.1/22/1906, Age 22 yrs 3 mo 17 days, Pneumonia
Pool, G. W., d.1923
Pool, Harold A., d.1929, Age 21 yrs
Pool, John T., d.10/9/1892, Age 18 yrs
Pool, Mary A., d.8/23/1910, Age 56 yrs, Dr. Roseberry
Pool, Mrs. Olive McCormick, d.1/21/1923, Age 57 yrs, On G. W. Pool Lot
Pool, Talbert, d.11/27/1898, Age 7 yrs
Pool, Vira Fern, d.7/22/1969, Age 80 yrs, Clark Service, niece survives
Pool, William E., d.3/11/1962, Age 82 yrs, Clark Service
Pool, Wm. A., d.10/13/1905, Age 54 yrs 8 mo 11 days, Stomach Trouble, Dr. Bowers
Porter, Albert E., d.12/28/1843, Age 6 yrs, Thompson Service
Porter, Florence, d.2/8/1944, Age 62 yrs
Porter, Nina Opal, d.6/18/1972, Clark Funeral Home
Porter, Robert A., d.12/17/1981, Age 69 yrs, Clark
Porter, Rue Day, d.9/28/1939, Age 24 yrs, Thompson Service
Porter, Sam, d.11/8/1896, Age 70 yrs
Powell, Charles W., d.1957, Age 87 yrs
Powell, Ed, d.3/7/1987, Clark Funeral Home
Powell, June L., d.6/6/1958, Age 38 yrs, Clark Service
Powell, Kathleen, d.7/23/1955, Age 82 yrs, Clark Bigham Service
Powers, Andrew B., d.1913, age 58 yrs
Powers, Eli, d.3/27/1875, Age 57 yrs
Powers, Henly, d.1880, Age 22 yrs
Powers, Jean Gore (Burch), d.11/12/1994, Born 1/21/1913, Woodard-Freund-Thompson Mortuary
Powers, Joseph, d.7/1/1883, Age 67 yrs, Heart Attack, Miss Better Peters & other brothers and sisters, Thompson Service
Powers, Mrs. A. B., d.11/22/1931
Powers, Rita, d.6/13/1997, Born 12/25/1921, dbl marker, Paul & Rita, Clark Funeral Home, service at First Christian Church
Powers, Roy A., d.10/7/1895, Age 14 yrs 9 mo 19 days, Typhoid, Dr. Benton
Powers, Salmon, d.3/10/??, Age 69 yrs 7 mo 10 days, Cancer of Stomach, Dr. Johnson
Powers, Shadie, d.8/22/1881, Age 10 mos
Powers, Susan D., d.3/9/1904, Age 82 yrs 3 mo 23 days, effect of broken hip, Dr. Lamson
Prater, Angela C., d.12/12/1991, Born 7/12/1977, Clark Funeral Home
Prater, Basil, d.2/15/1998, Born 1/2/1924, Parker Mortuary, Joplin, MO
Prater, Christine, d.1/19/1999, Born 8/11/1950
Prater, Edna Gladys, d.11/23/1977, Age 82 yrs, Parker Mortuary, Joplin, Missouri
Prater, Margarette J., d.9/18/1976, Age 86 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Prater, Mary A., d.8/16/1956, Age 99 yrs
Prater, Oric M., d.7/25/1959, Age 73 yrs, Clark Service
Prater, Samuel, d.3/29/1941, Age 87 yrs, Bigham Service
Pratt, d.8/19/??, Abt. 55 yrs, dropped dead
Pratt, Fannie, d.1/11/1982, Age 85 yrs, died at Mt. Vernon, Missouri, Clark
Pratt, Harvey Earl, d.10/21/1968, Age 69 yrs, Apparent heart attach, Clark Service
Pratt, Howard Amos, d.6/12/1992, Born 3/28/1908, Clark Funeral Home
Pratt, Mary Elizabeth, d.6/16/1905, Age 47 yrs 4 mo 4 dys, Cancer of Womb, Dr. Bowers
Presson, Elizabeth, d.1926, Age 76 yrs
Presson, Elsie, d.9/17/1970, Thompson Funeral Home
Presson, Helen, d.1/7/1912, Age 3 yrs
Presson, Irma F., d.1/31/1961, Age 78 yrs, Thompson Service
Presson, John, d.6/30/1889, Age 46 yrs
Presson, Leah, d.12/27/1981, Age 2 days, died at Kansas City, Missouri, Clark
Presson, Mamie (Mayme), d.1/27/1940, Age 65 yrs, died at Stroud, Oklahoma
Presson, Mary, No date
Presson, Mayme, d.1/27/1940, Age 65 yrs, died at Stroud, Oklahoma
Presson, Oscar, d.1/22/1948, Age 73 yrs, died at Stroud, Oklahoma
Presson, Roxie, d.1/16/1939, Age 53 yrs, died at Nevada, Missouri
Prettyman, Charles E., III, d.11/19/1964, Age 55 yrs, born & died Neosho, Missouri, Myocardial Infarction, Clark Service
Prettyman, Charles E., Jr., d.3/27/1957, Age 78 yrs, Clark Service
Prettyman, Charles E., Sr., d.1928, Age 76 yrs, Bigham Service
Prettyman, Emma, d.8/14/1942, Age 88 yrs, Bigham Service
Prettyman, Lenore, d.4/6/1976, Age 78 yrs, Fred Clark Service
Prettyman, Louise, d.10/5/1993, Clark Funeral Home
Price, (Infant), d.9/22/1930, Infant of Joe Price, error made recording, this recording is correct
Price, (Infant), d.11/30/1898, Age 2 days, premature birth, boy of Earl Price, Dr. Benton
Price, A. C., d.1920, Age 61 yrs, 1859-1920
Price, Davidson A., d.2/24/1898, Age 51 yrs 3 mo 9 days, Kidney & Paralysis, Dr. Wills
Price, Earl J., d.4/4/1944, Age 71 yrs, 1837-1915
Price, Effie A., d.1/13/1875, Age 16 mos
Price, Eliza J., d.5/21/1924, Age 75 yrs
Price, Elizabeth, d.11/10/1905, Age 75 yrs, Pneumonia, shipped from Rockey Ford, Colorado
Price, Elizabeth M., d.11/1882, Age 45 yrs, Heart & Infl. Rheu.
Price, Ella, d.6/19/1953, Age 87 yrs
Price, Emily L., d.4/8/71, Age 75 yrs 2 mo 2 days, Thompson Funeral Home
Price, Emma York, No date
Price, Ernest, d.12/4/1952, Clark Bigham Service
Price, Gary B. or Carrier B., d.11/16/1871, Age 2 yrs
Price, Grace, d.9/28/1895, Age 5 yrs 7 mo 1 day
Price, Grady E., d.1962, Age 43 yrs
Price, Horace, d.3/29/1889, Age 9 mos
Price, Houston G., d.4/3/1942, Age 77 yrs, Bigham Service
Price, Hugh, d.8/4/1945, Age 54 yrs, died at Fayetteville, Arkansas, Bigham Service
Price, Hugh Garland, d.11/23/1952, Age 73 yrs, Clark Bigham
Price, Ina Flo, d.5/31/1984, Age 93 yrs, Clark
Price, J. H., Jr., d.6/29/1915, 1837-1915
Price, James B., d.12/6/1896, Age 68 yrs 14 days, Paralysis, Dr. Benton
Price, James Elmer, d.12/30/1972, Age 90 yrs, Freund Thompson Funeral Home
Price, Jessie Davidson, d.10/21/1963, Age 86 yrs 11 mo 27 days, born in Illinois on 11/18/1876, late of Los Angelos (Northridge), Clark Funeral Home, Mrs. Lura P. Adair, wife of Canoga Park, California
Price, John Earnest, d., Age 1 yr 6 mo
Price, John H., Sr., d.10/29/1891, Age 88 yrs
Price, Joseph, d.3/29/1997, Born 9/18/1921, Clark Funeral Home
Price, Lawrence H., d.12/15/1917, Age 25 yrs
Price, Loula Jane, d.12/28/1951, Age 82 yrs, Thompson Service
Price, Lura, d.9/5/1895, Age 27 yrs
Price, Malcom D., d.4/23/1956, Age 53 yrs, Clark Bigham Service
Price, Malcom V., d.4/1927, Age 51 yrs, Bigham Service
Price, Margaret Veercamp, d.1/13/1979, Age 96 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Price, Margueritte S., d.9/20/1969, Age 92 yrs, born 1/8/1877, Heart Failure, Fred Bushner's daughter, Clark Funeral Home
Price, Marjorie Roberts, d.5/1/1905, Age 5 yrs 5 mos 20 days, Peritonitis, Dr. Lamson
Price, Martha Ann, d.5/1/1915, Age 83 yrs
Price, Mary Alice, d.11/12/1861, Age 32 yrs, born 7/6/1829
Price, Mary Alice, d.3/2/1872, Age 10 mos
Price, Mary Alice, d.8/1/1880, Age 3 yrs
Price, Mrs. Alice, d.12/31/1948, Age 81 yrs, Thompson Service
Price, N. D., d.11/23/1909, Age 71 yrs, Heart Failure, Dr. McCall
Price, Narrsie Pauline, d.11/20/1901, Age 57 yrs 7 mo 5 days, Chronic Rheumatism, Dr. Yates
Price, Newt, d.11/2/1887, Age 48 yrs, born 9/18/1839
Price, Nina, d.1945, Age 70 yrs
Price, Nona R., d.8/25/1949, Age 75 yrs, 1874-1949
Price, Paul E., d.1914, Age 14 yrs, 1900-1914
Price, Robert Wm., d.9/19/1909, Age 32 yrs 4 mo 19 days, Dr. Wills
Price, Sarah, d.1/25/1875, Age 71 yrs
Price, Susie, d.1/11/1881, Age 2 yrs
Price, Thomas Potts, d.1903, Age 72 yrs 1 mo 2 days, Heart & Dropsy
Price, W. C., d.8/19/1922, Age 55 yrs
Price, Winford T., d.2/1/1966, Age 77 yrs, Heart Failure, Ina Price, wife, Mrs. Mancy Preston, daughter, Clark Service
Price, Wm. I., d.10/4/1900, age 73 yrs 2 mo 4 days, Kidney, Dr. Wills
Prichard, (Infant), d.9/22/1896, Infant of James Prichard, Premature
Prichard, A. B., d.4/1929
Prichard, Joseph, d.2/2/1952, Age 70 yrs, Clark Bigham Service
Prichard, Stella, d.1/29/1957, Age 79 yrs, Clark Service
Prickett, Mariellen, d.8/15/1963, Age 44 yrs, born at Goodman, late of Neosho, Congestive Heart Failure, Clark Funeral Home, Gregg Prickett, son
Prinslaw, Emily W., d.12/10/1965, Age 88 yrs, Senility, Mrs. Benj. Crusan, daughter, Clark Service
Pritchard, Alice Malissia, d.4/16/1902, Age 49 yrs 5 mos 16 days, Hearts & Brights Disease, Dr. Benton
Pritchard, Chauncy R., d.2/21/1899, Age 54 yrs 1 mo 17 days, Kidney & Stomach, Dr. Benton
Pritchard, Harry Forrest, d.7/11/1964, Age 60 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Proctor, Ed, No date
Proctor, Ed, No date
Proctor, J. B., d.8/8/1910
Proctor, James H., d.2/24/1906, Age 75 yrs
Proctor, Mrs. J. H., No date
Profit, Hiram, d.9/7/1812
Propst (Infant), d.9/15/1883
Propst, Carcline, d.1894, Age 74 yrs 7 mo 11 days, Kidney, Dr. Lamson, father of John Propst
Propst, H., d.1894, Age 74 yrs 2 mo 10 days, Old Age, Dr. Lamson, mother of John M. Propst
Propst, John M., d.6/16/1929, Abt 75 yrs, born in Virginia
Propst, Mildred R., d.11/25/1976, Age 86 yrs, Gibson Koch Funeral Home, Chanute, Kansas
Propst, Mrs. Abbie H., d.3/20/1937, Age 83 yrs 11 mo 5 days, born in Paris, Kentucky
Propst, Parten Kathrine, d.1/2/1975, Age 86 yrs, Shelton Propst, brother, Chanute, Kansas, Gibson-Koch Chapel
Propst, Shelton, d.10/13/1977, Age 84 yrs, Gibson Koch Funeral Home, Chanute, Kansas
Propst, William L., d.10/7/1950, Age 64 yrs, Thompson Service
Pruitt, Earl Kenneth, d.2/4/1930, Age 23 mos, Bigham Service
Pruitt, Helen Juanita, d.12/2/1977, Age 72 yrs, Freund Thompson Funeral Home
Pruitt, Mary, d.4/24/1954, Age 84 yrs, Clark Bigham Service
Pruitt, Ruth Kathleen, d.3/15/1967, Age 66 yrs, Mrs. Mary McDaniel, daughter
Pruitt, Thomas Emmet, d.12/9/1939, Age 49 yrs, Bigham Service
Pruitt, Thomas Jack, d.6/1/1937, Age 84 yrs, Bigham Service
Pruitt, W. J., d.1937, Age 45 yrs
Pryor, Emmitt, d.5/22/1958, Age 64 yrs, Clark Service
Pryor, Helen Isabel, d.9/10/1973, Age 75 yrs 7 mo 13 days, Clark Funeral Home
Puckett, Cora, d.5/16/1969, Age 81 yrs, Clark Service
Purcell, Adam, d.9/1/1954, Age 89 yrs, Clark Bigham Service
Purcell, Grace, d.1/29/1952, Age 69 yrs, Clark Bigham Service
Purdy, J. M., d.6/1919
Purdy, James M., d.1/14/1910, Age 47 yrs, Heart, Dr. Foster
Putman, Edna, d.4/14/1958, Stillborn, Thompson Service


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