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I.O.O.F. Cemetery
Neosho, Newton County, Missouri

Contributed and recorded by Doris Snyder, March 31, 2000 [dsnyder@ipa.net]. Total records = 6,728.

Maberry, Samuel William, d.1/21/1977, Age 55 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Mabes, Pearl E., d.3/4/1937, Age 38 yrs, body shipped from the West, Tuberculosis, Thompson Service
Mabrey, Avanelle (Abby), d.3/28/1999, Born 3/8/1926, dbl stone, Col. Thomas & Avanelle, Clark Funeral Home
Mabrey, Bobbe, d.10/14/1998, Born 11/25/1920, Clark Funeral Home
Mabrey, Charles, d.12/24/1945, Age 64 yrs, Bigham Service
Mabrey, Charles, d.10/7/1998, Born 6/12/1915, Clark Funeral Home
Mabrey, Maggie C., d.5/8/1970, Clark Funeral Home
Mabrey, Thomas, d.10/21/1998, Born 1/31/1921, Clark Funeral Home, dbl marker, Thomas & Avanelle
Mace, Beatrice B., d.2/18/1984, Age 86 yrs, Clark
Mace, C. C., d.1924, Grave of Mr. Mace, Sr.
Mace, Carrie, d.1941, Age 49 yrs
Mace, Claude C., d.2/9/1963, Age 81 yrs, Clark Service
Mace, Don C., d.1951, Age 55 yrs
Mace, Mamie, d.7/13/1955, Age 71 yrs, Clark-Bigham Service
Mace, Mary E., d.1/2/1924, Age 63 yrs
Mace, Mrs. Don, d.2/24/1941, Age 40 yrs, Bigham Service
Mace, Rector T. (Col. R.), d.5/8/1968, Age 73 yrs, Heart Attack, Full Military, Beatrice Mace, wife, Clark Service
Mace, W. E., d.9/1/1925, Age 71 yrs
Mackay, Elezabeth, d.11/25/1976, Age 56 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
MacKay, Elizabeth, d.11/25/1976, Age 57 yrs, Freund Thompson Funeral Home
Macklin, Marlin L., d.4/26/1980, Age 50 yrs, died at Joplin, Missouri, Clark
Macy, Ernest, d.1/7/1957, Age 46 yrs, Thompson Service
Maddox, Charles Wilmer, d.5/5/83, Age 87 yrs, Clark
Maddox, Edward, d.5/1/1948, Age 81 yrs
Maddox, Estella, d.9/6/1956, Age 83 yrs, Thompson Service
Maggio, Anna Ruth, d.8/31/1994, Born 5/6/1926, died at Hazel Park, MI, Clark Funeral Home
Mahan, A. A., d.9/14/1895, Age 54 yrs 8 mos 29 days, Chloroform, died on operating table, Kansas City, Missouri, Dr. Benton
Mahan, E. L., d.12/2/1943, Age 52 yrs 7 mo 26 days
Mahan, Francis J., d.6/11/1918, Age 30 yrs
Mahan, M. L., d.1929, Age 35 yrs, Bigham Service
Mahan, Mrs. M. E., d.3/14/1932, Age 85 yrs, born in Missouri, on A. A. Mahan Lot
Mahin, Daisy, d.8/21/1997, Born 3/28/1902, Woodard Freund Funeral Home
Mahin, Dorsey, d.9/12/1970, Age 77 yrs 8 mos 27 days, Thompson Service, Wife living
Mahin, Grace, d.3/22/1975, Age 92 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Mahin, M. F., d.4/9/1934, Age 84 yrs
Mahin, M. F., d.11/9/1928
Mahin, Mrs. M. F., d.3/21/1921
Mahon, Erna, d.2/17/1998, Born 9/30/1922, dbl stone, Ollie & Erna, Clark Funeral Home
Makes, Dorothy, d.1941, Age 24 yrs
Malaby, Howard, d.7/18/1973, Age 83 yrs, Parker Mortuary, Joplin, Missouri
Malaby, Leta M., d.12/19/1994, Born 2/5/1895, Parker Mortuary, Joplin, MO
Malaby, Oma, d.7/26/1931, Age 45, Thompson Service
Malhot, ?, d.8/25/1888, Age 43 yrs
Mallory, Frank E., d.9/1/1933, Age 68 yrs, Bigham Service
Mallory, Mary E., d.11/12/1956, Age 90 yrs, Clark Service
Maness, Alice, d.3/28/1966, Age 87 yrs, Acute Myocardial Decompensation, Mrs. Stella Parr, sister, Clark Service
Maness, Dr. C. E., d.5/3/1957, Age 66 yrs, Thompson Service
Maness, Ida Violet, d.11/26/1971, Age 73 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Maness, Laura A., d.6/5/1982, Age 87 yrs
Maness, Ozro, d.1/3/1970, Age 76 yrs 1 mo 8 days, male, Clark Funeral Home, wife survives
Mann, Minty M., d.8/1/1879, Age 2 mos
Mann, Nannie B., d.10/1/1874
Mann, Sarah E., d.4/1/1871, Age 22 mos
Mantz, Ruth, d.6/29/1944, Age 32 yrs, Bigham Service
Manz, Anna O., d.6/15/1964, Age 96 yrs, Old Age, Lewis, Charles & Allen Manz, sons, Clark Service
Manz, Clement, d.2/21/1940, Age 86 yrs, Bigham Service
Manz, Clement Lewis, d.10/5/1986, Age 84 yrs, Clark
Manz, Crissie, d.10/4/1950, Age 58 yrs, Clark-Bigham Service
Manz, Eula, d.2/6/1991, Born 1/14/1897, Clark Funeral Home
Manz, Gladys Irene, d.9/10/1980, Age 69 yrs, Clark
Manz, Glenn, d.11/22/1957, Age 23 yrs, Clark Service
Manz, Pearl, d.6/3/1980, Age 73 yrs, died at Monett, Missouri, Clark
Manz, Sherman Lee, d.10/24/83, Age 61 yrs, died at St. Louis, Missouri, Schrader Funeral Home, St. Louis
Manz, Walter, d.10/16/1980, Age 74 yrs, Clark
Manz, William, d.9/16/1983, Died at Mt. Vernon, Missouri, Clark
Mapes, Robert Parker, d.2/28/1974, Age 63 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Maples, Gertie, d.7/3/1977, Age 85 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Maples, Goldie, d.10/14/1959, Age 65 yrs, Clark Service
Maples, John J., d.5/9/1964, Mrs. Teresa Day, daughter, Clark Service
Maples, Joyce, d.7/19/1984, Age 60 yrs, died at Joplin, Missouri, Hedge-Lewis, Webb City, Missouri
Maples, Nick, d.4/2/1962, Age 75 yrs, Clark Service
Maples, Samuel Claude, d.8/21/1972, Age 52 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Marble, Cecil Leon, d.5/31/1967, Age 53 yrs, Heart Attack, Clark Service, Wanda Marble, wife, Paul Hays, father-in-law
Marcurse, George, d.9/26/1877, Age 33 yrs
Markey, David, d.3/19/1931, Died at Nevada State Hospital
Markey, Delain, d.12/22/1906, Age 53 yrs 10 mo 22 days, Insane, shipped from Nevada, Missouri Asylum
Marks, Elmer, d.3/30/1946, Age 63 yrs, Thompson Service
Marks, Iva, d.11/29/1947, Age 65 yrs, Thompson Service
Marks, Mary E., d.1/16/1942, Age 54 yrs, Thompson Service
Marlow, Frank P., d.11/25/1944, Age 70 yrs 6 mos 10 days, Ida Marlow, wife, last residence Turkey Ford, Oklahoma
Marlow, Fred, d.8/1931, Age 51 yrs
Marlow, Fred, d.8/31/??, Age 52 yrs.
Marlow, Ida, d.1961, Age 73 yrs
Marlow, Mr., d.7/1919, By Mrs. Mary A. Marlow
Marno, Lenore, d.8/28/1933, Age 33 yrs
Marsh, Sarah L., d.4/5/1944, Age 85 yrs, Thompson Service
Marshall, Doris, d.7/19/99, Born 7/27/1910, dbl stone, Raymond & Doris, Clark Funeral Home
Marshall, Leasa, d.5/4/1986, Age 17 yrs, Luginbuel, Vinita, Oklahoma
Marshall, Raymond M., d.3/12/83, Age 79 yrs, Clark
Martin, d.12/24/1993, Clark Funeral Home
Martin, Bobbie, d.12/31/1950, Thompson Service
Martin, Dorothy, d.1913
Martin, Ella, d.7/31/1933, Abt 55 yrs, shipped from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Martin, Floyd, d.12/31/1950, Age 9 yrs, Thompson Service
Martin, Harry, d.12/31/1950, Age 3 yrs, Thompson Service
Martin, Helen, d.7/5/1892, Age 11 yrs 9 mos 27 days, Maleria Fever, Shipped from Clarks, Mississippi, June 3rd
Martin, Isaac L., d.4/7/1968, Age 88 yrs, circulatory collapse, Ozark Funeral Home, daughter survives
Martin, Jimmie D., d.12/31/1950, Thompson Service
Martin, Mary, d.12/31/1950, Age 4 yrs, Thompson Service
Martin, Mrs. D. W., d.6/16/1907, Age 53 yrs, Asthma, Shipped from Oakinlger
Martin, Nadine, d.12/31/1950, Age 12 yrs, Thompson Service
Martin, Ora E., d.7/8/1961, Age 73 yrs, Thompson Service
Martin, Parlee, d.7/6/1952, Age 80 yrs, Clark Bigham Service
Martin, Ruth Ann, d.12/31/1950, Age 12 yrs, Thompson Service
Martin, Troy, d.11/12/1949, Age 32 yrs, Thompson Service
Martin, W. C., d.2/9/1933, Abt. 75 yrs, shipped from Clarksdale, Mississippi
Martin, Wayne, d.12/21/1950, Age 7 yrs, Thompson Service
Martin, Wm. C., d.9/11/1895, Age 46 yrs 6 mos 6 days, Sunstroke & Apoplexy, Dr. Lamson
Marvin, Cory Dean, d.11/14/77, Derfelts Baxter Chapel, Baxter Springs, Kansas, baby
Marvin, Fred, d.11/26/77, Age 59 yrs, Parker Mortuary, Joplin, Missouri
Mason, Ella B., d.12/1/1952, Age 84 yrs, Thompson Service
Mason, Miranda, d.1926, Age 84 yrs
Mason, Ollie, d.3/4/1882, Age 22 mos
Masters, Mrs. Aggie M., d.8/18/1897, Age 41 yrs 11 mos
Masters, Orin, d.3/27/1926, Age 73 yrs
Mathis, Calvin, d.10/18/1958, Age 66 yrs, Thompson Service, (See Bradford, Nellie E. 8/15/1985)
Matter, Richard Edward, d.10/18/1913
Matters, (Infant), d.2/4/1908, Stillborn daughter of Ed Matters, Dr. Benton & Herms
Matters, (Son), d.12/23/1919, Grave of Son of Mr. & Mrs. E. R. Matters, Notes: Edward Richard Matters, Jr., Marjorie Roberts baby moved from A. C. Price Lot
Matters, Carrie P., d.5/30/1960, Age 83 yrs, Thompson Service
Matters, Geneva, d.1/1/1969, Age 49 yrs, Carcinoma, Clark Service, Kenneth Matters, husband
Matters, John, d.1890, Age 71 yrs
Matters, Mrs. Cyvan, d.3/23/1931
Matters, Naomi P., d.9/27/1969, Age 85 yrs, Thompson Service, Kenneth Matters, son
Matters, W. T., d.10/4/1944, Age 80 yrs
Matthews, Francis W., d.3/16/1984, Age 83 yrs, died at Kansas City, Missouri, Clark
Matthews, Newman, d.4/23/1954, Age 82 yrs, Thompson Service
Maxey, George W., d.10/26/1885, Age 53 yrs
Maxey, Margaret, d.8/3/1883, Age 50 yrs
Maxwell, (Infant), d.6/7/1907, Stillborn daughter of J. L. Maxwell
May, Alfred W., d.3/28/1939, Age 65 yrs, Thompson Service
May, Harriett E., d.9/10/1991, Born 6/21/1921, Woodard-Freund-Thompson Mortuary
May, Robert E., d.2/23/1995, Born 7/4/1916, Woodard-Freund-Thompson Mortuary
Mayfield, Fannie May, d.10/9/1939, Age 68 yrs
Mayfield, Goldie, d.12/24/1972, Clark Funeral Home
Mayfield, Jack, d.11/22/1946, Age 75 yrs, Complications, died at Nevada, Missouri, born in McDonald County, Missouri
McAllister, Frank, d.4/11/1938, Age 65 yrs
McAllister, Robert, d.1938, Age 66 yrs
McAnulty, Chas. W., d.4/21/1932
McAnulty, Laura, d.1/27/1928, Age 56 yrs
McAnulty, Mrs. Charles W., d.1926
McBee, Margaret May, d.5/25/1974, Age 75 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
McBee, Sam, d.7/2/1980, Age 81 yrs, Clark
McBride, Dora Bell, d.1/30/1894, Age 1 mo, Dr. Yates
McBride, Johnnie, d.1/26/1889, Age 29 yrs
McBride, Mildred, d.8/5/1904, Age 15 days, Whooping Cough, Shipped from Fort Scott
McCallister, Maud Frances, d.2/21/1937, Age 66 yrs 8 mo 1 day
McCandless, Kate, d.10/13/1906, Age 65 yrs 9 mo 9 days, Dropsy
McCann, Amos, d.5/26/1974, Age 88 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
McCann, Mrs. India, d.7/27/1968, Amos McCann, husband, Clark Service
McCartney, E. Wolcot, d.7/16/1954, Age 77 yrs
McCartney, Edward, d.7/6/1959, Age 54 yrs, Shewmake Service
McCartney, H. A., d.4/8/1911
McCartney, Margaret, d.4/25/1944, Age 62yrs
McCartney, Mildred, d.2/11/1979, Age 71 yrs, Manlove Stumpff Funeral Home, Galena, Missouri
McClain, Mrs. J. W., d.12/19/1914
McClendon, Clara, d.7/21/1959, Age 61 yrs, Clark Service
McClendon, Francis Loren, d.6/21/1969, Age 72 yrs, Clark Service, Leonard McClendon, brother
McClintock, Austin Roosevelt, d.7/9/1976, Herbert Hennick, brother-in-law, Freund Thompson Funeral Home
McClintock, Francis Benton, d.12/15/1901, Cancer of Kidneys
McClure, Eleanor, d.12/29/1869, Age 76 yrs
McConnell, Charles L., d.12/23/1983, Age 75 yrs, Clark
McCowan, Donald, d.11/18/1971, Age 56 yrs, Mason Funeral Home
McCowan, Kathyrn O., d.8/27/1977, Age 68 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
McCoy, Robert William, d.5/23/1985, Age 58 yrs, died at Kansas City, Missouri, Clark
McCoy, Sarah Elva, d.3/27/1984, Age 63 yrs, Clark
McCreary, John, d.2/2/1987, Clark Funeral Home
McCree, Lotus R., d.1/4/1985, Age 88 yrs, Clark
McCreery, Alonzo W., d.12/19/1955, Age 71 yrs, Clark Bigham Service
McCreery, Anna, d.4/4/1945, Age 90 yrs, Bigham Service
McCreery, Dora Carol, d.7/7/1969, Age 66 yrs, Mason Chapel, Mrs. Laura Smith, aunt
McCreery, Hubert W., d.1/26/1976, Clark Funeral Home
McCreery, Jess O., d.6/2/1966, Age 86 yrs, Senility, died at Portland, Oregon, Hubert McCreery, brother
McCreery, Leroy Bea, d.12/17/1973, Age 60 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
McCreery, Robert C., d.5/16/1931, Age 77 yrs, Bigham Service
McCreery, William Guy, d.3/27/63, Age 87 yrs, born Twoshot, Pennsylvania, died at rest home in Joplin, Missouri, Hubert McCreery, brother, Mason Chapel, Joplin
McCreey, Lotus R., d.1/4/1985, Age 88 yrs, Clark
McCrite, Ira E., d.7/18/1947, Age 43 yrs, Bigham Service
McCullough, Dr. Melvin, D.O., d.10/19/1975, Age 65 yrs 11 mo 24 days, Wife survives, Freund Thompson Funeral Home
McCully, Blanch, d.7/8/1911
McDaniel, Jess V., d.12/25/1962, Age 64 yrs, Clark Service
McDaniel, Martha A., d.6/17/1933, Age 98 yrs
McDaniel, Mr., d.1927
McDonald, (Infant), d.2/13/1905, Age 5 mos, Infant girl of Wm. McDonald
McDonald, Gerald, d.11/8/1985, Died at Fayetteville, Arkansas
McDonald, James, d.1924, Age 83 yrs
McDonald, Matha, d.1/6/1987, Ozark Funeral Home
McDonald, W. R., d.1924, Odd Fellow
McDonald, Wilda Z., d.12/22/1965, Age 39yrs, Cirrhosis of Liver, Gerald W. McDonald, husband, Mr. & Mrs. L. E. Duebler, parents, Clark Service
McDowill, (Infant), d.2/28/1908, Age 5 days, Stillborn, Infant girl of H. M. McDowill, Dr. Lamson & Herms
McElhaney, Frank W., d.3/24/1895, Age 15 yrs 6 mos, Appendicitis, Dr. Wills & Lamson
McElhaney, H. C., d.8/13/1934, Age 75 yrs
McElhaney, James, d.5/1/1921, Age 75 yrs
McElhaney, Marie, d.7/10/1925, Age 63 yrs
McElhaney, Mary Emily, d.6/26/1903, Age 54 yrs 3 mo 21 days, Cancer of Womb
McElhaney, Maud, d.11/7/1874, Age 19 yrs 4 mo 11 days, re-interred Blk 3 from Tier 5, ordered 11/17/1896
McElhaney, Wm. T., d.11/17/1875, Age 24 yrs 2 mo 11 days, Re-interred from Tier 5 Blk 3, order given 11/17/1896
McElhany, (Infant), Age 9 days, shipped from Sulpher Springs
McElhany, Ernestine, d.7/1/1908, Age 23 yrs, Tuberculosis, shipped from Plattsburg, Missouri, Bighams
McElhany, Mary, d.2/24/1918, Wife of J. T. McElhany
McElhany, Mrs. H. E., d.8/14/1895, Dr. Dalton
McElhany, W. W., d.6/2/1916
McFadyen, Allen, d.1960, Age 78 yrs
McFadyen, Elsie Virginia, d.5/11/1951, Age 14 yrs, Clark Bigham Service
McFadyen, Mickey Wayne (Baby), d.3/19/1981, Age 3 weeks, Male, Clark
McFall, Billie Bert, d.12/30/1953, Age 23 yrs, Clark Bigham Service
McFall, Hattie Ruth, d.10/2/1979, Age 72 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
McFarland, Herschel, d.3/12/1970, Age 86 yrs, Clark Funeral Home, Marion Raney, relative, Mary Sue Case, relative (left note 1995, 68981 E 40th Rd., Quapaw, Oklahoma 74363)
McFarland, Mrs., d.4/14/1914
McFarland, Wyatt M., d.12/13/1930, From Joplin, Missouri
McGahan, Bert, d.3/11/1946, Age 43 yrs
McGahan, Ruth, d.9/2/1931, Age 24 yrs, Bigham Service
McGary, (Infant), d.10/16/1905, Stillborn son of Walter McGary
McGee, Cecile, d.7/8/1985, Age 83 yrs, died at Lodi, California, Clark
McGee, Ernest (Mac), d.7/16/1978, Age 77 yrs, Freund Thompson Funeral Home
McGehee, Jesse Carl, d.2/1/1970, Clark Funeral Home, Geralt Teagarden, son-in-law
McGhee, Dora Marie, d.11/30/1969, Age 74 yrs, Mason Chapel, Joplin, Missouri, J. C. McGhee, husband
McGinnis, Raymond, d.12/29/1894, Age 2 mos 20 days, Pneumonia, Dr. Benton
McGinty, Abner C., d.1/13/1962, Age 89 yrs, Clark Service
McGinty, David, d.3/31/1947
McGinty, Helen Clark, d.10/29/1970, Clark Funeral Home
McGinty, J. Clark, d.4/14/1972, Age 57 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
McGinty, James, d.2/17/1936, Age 61 yrs, Bigham Service
McGinty, Mrs. Blanche, d.11/5/1965, Age 87 yrs, Hale & Wm. McGinty, sons, Thompson Service
McGuire, John B., d.6/27/1939, Age 48 yrs
McGuire, Mable L., d.6/1/1970, Age 81 yrs, Thompson Funeral Home, Mrs. Hail McGinty, daughter
McHon, Oliver Eugene, d.7/27/1983, Age 65 yrs, Clark
McIlvain, Nellie, d.1958, Age 78 yrs
McIlvain, Raughly, d.1/24/1945, Age 66 yrs
McIntosh, Joseph, d.11/2/1965, Age 93 yrs, Old Age, Mrs. Geo. Reiboldt, daughter
McInturff, Edna, d.7/17/1960, Age 66 yrs, Clark Service
McInturff, Jesse, d.5/21/1944, Age 49 yrs, Bigham Service
McKean, Fay, d.7/24/1982, Age 69 yrs, died at Springfield, Missouri, Clark
McKean, Leo G., d.7/16/1979, Clark Funeral Home
McKee, Ambrose, d.10/7/1902, Age 88 yrs 4 mo 16 days, heart & asthma, Dr. Lamson
McKee, J. H., d.2/23/1938, Age 75 yrs 2 mo 1 day
McKee, Joe, d.1920
McKee, Katie Catherine, d.8/20/1902, Age 81 yrs 2 mo 23 days, Heart
McKee, Phyllis, d.3/30/1958, Age 37 yrs, Clark Service
McKnight, (Stillborn), d.3/1906, Stillborn of Jean McKnight
McKnight, Bridget, d.1/4/1889, age 74 yrs
McKnight, Evadna, d.5/3/1927, Age 64 yrs
McKnight, John, d.2/13/1912, Age 68 yrs, Pneumonia
McKnight, John Robert, d.11/18/1976, Age 83 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
McKnight, Mary, d.6/10/1967, Age 80 yrs, John McKnight, brother
McKnight, Wm., d.12/9/1896, Age 7 yrs, Membranous Croup, Dr. Yates
McLaughin, Clyde, d.6/28/1986, Age 65 yrs, Clark
McLaughlin, Patrick Warren, d.7/2/1983, Died at Muskogee, Oklahoma, Bradley Funeral Service, Muskogee
McLeod, Leonard, d.3/13/1890, Age 61 yrs
McLeon, Susan, d.12/5/1913, Age 76 yrs
McMahan, Charles, d.9/3/1958, Age 74 yrs, Clark Service
McMahan, Charlotte, d.4/17/1932, Age 22 yrs, Bigham Service
McMahan, Cora B., d.1/1/1980, Age 87 yrs, died in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Moore Funeral Home, Bartlesville, Oklahoma
McMahan, Cora B., d.1/1/1980, Died at Albuquerque, New Mexico, Moore Funeral Home, Bartlesville, Oklahoma
McMahan, Floyd, d.8/4/66, Age 73 yrs, Coronary Occlusion, Worley Funeral Home, Grove, Oklahoma, Cora McMahan, wife
McMahan, J. M., d., Deeded to J. M. McMahan by Mrs. Taylor
McMahan, James, d.1/6/1987, Clark Funeral Home
McMahan, Nancy, d.1925, Age 66 yrs
McMahan, Nellie, d.3/19/1971, Clark Funeral Home
McMahan, Sarah Ann, d.10/27/1934, Age 45 yrs, Bigham Service
McMurtrey, Iva, d.3/26/1978, Clark Funeral Home
McNabb, (Infant), d.9/4/1953, Age 2 days, Thompson Service
McNabb, Albon Rance, d.11/18/1971, Age 87 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
McNabb, Alda L., d.4/19/1933, Age 47 yrs, Bigham Service
McNabb, Edna M., d.10/27/1981, Age 84 yrs, Clark
McNabb, Isaac T., d.7/21/1942, Age 93 yrs, Bigham Service
McNabb, Louise, d.12/12/1952, Age 70 yrs, Thornhill Dillon Service
McNabb, Rosaline, d.1/29/1937, Age 90 yrs, Bigham Service
McNabb, W. T., d.7/31/1934, Age 52 yrs, Bigham Service
McNatt, Elizabeth H., d.2/16/1974, Age 78 yrs, died at Joplin, Missouri, Parker Mortuary, Joplin
McNatt, J. J., d.5/2/1918
McNatt, Mary Z., d.2/15/1968, Age 90 yrs, late of Baptist Home, Ironton, Missouri, Senility, Clark Service, Gayle Couch, Son
McNatt, Mrs. J. J., d.5/3/1918
McNatt, Oscar R., d.11/14/1946, Died at Joplin, Missouri
McNaulty, Chas, No date
McPhethridge, Ella, d.11/27/1984, Freund-Thompson
McPhetridge, H., d.10/15/1949, Age 61 yrs, Thompson Service
McQuarie, Omega, d.11/15/1958, Age 70 yrs, Clark Service
McQuary, Alice, d.1919, Age 68 yrs
McQuary, Allen L., d.1927, Age 77 yrs
McQuary, Lou Lee, d.12/7/1903, Age 23 yrs 9 mo 4 days, appendicitis, operation day before, Dr. Benton
McQuary, Mrs. A. L., d.10/16/1945, Bighams Service
McQuitty, Clyde J., d.10/11/1972, Age 75 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
McQuitty, Mary Ellen, d.8/30/1975, Born 1904, Clark Service
McRae, (Infant), d.1927
McRae, Benton, d.1929, Age 68 yrs
McRae, Mrs. Maude, d.5/11/1934, Shipped from Tulsa, Oklahoma
McReynolds, Hubert P., d.4/14/1974, Age 73 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
McReynolds, Marie Craig, d.2/12/1985, Age 32 yrs, died at Joplin, Missouri, Clark
McRoberts, Effie, d.4/14/1966, Age 75 yrs, Female, Coronary Vessel Disease, died at State Hospital #3 Nevada, Missouri, Mr. Claude McRoberts, son, Mrs. Roger Klein, daughter, Clark Service
McRoberts, Helen Margaret, d.2/1/1981, Age 56 yrs, Clark
McRoberts, Ruth, d.8/15/1958, Age 48 yrs
McRoberts, William, d.11/14/1954, Age 31 yrs, Thompson Service
Mead, Cynthia, d.7/4/1963, Age 80 yrs, Clark Funeral Home, Mrs. Wes Slaughter, daughter
Mead, Emily, d.8/13/1904, Age 29 yrs 7 mo 26 days, Consumption
Mead, Myrtle, d.1909, Age 29 yrs
Meadley, Iona, No date
Meadley, Ivde, No date
Meadley, John A., d.1921
Meadows, Caroline, d.1885, Age 58 yrs
Meadows, Mitchell, d.1882, Age 61 yrs
Medley, Henry, d.3/28/1934, Age 25 yrs
Medlin, Ronald, d.10/4/1909, Age 6 mos 5 days, Pneumonia, Dr. Bowers
Meech, Floyd Logan, d.1/17/1968, Age 79 yrs, Dropsy, Odessa Meech, wife, Clark Service
Meech, Odessa, d.6/1/1973, Clark Funeral Home, Floyd Logan Meech, husband
Melden, Ronald, d.10/4/1909, Age 4 days
Melton, Anna Jean, d.5/18/1963, Age 38 yrs, Carcinoma, late of Duneweg, Missouri, died at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Hedge Lewis Funeral Home, Webb City, Francis Melton, husband
Melton, Fannie, d.1917, Age 30 yrs
Melton, Frank, d.7/27/1899, Age 10 mos 10 days, Cholera Information, shipped from Cassville, Missouri
Melton, Gladys, d.5/6/1898, Age 3 yrs 5 mo 24 days, Catahral Fever
Melton, John A., d.4/15/1908, Age 76 yrs 3 days, Bright's Disease, Dr. Benton, Bighams
Melton, Mrs. Elsie A., d.5/30/1932, Age 91 yrs
Meoli, (Stillborn), d.12/5/1972, Stillborn, Thompson Funeral Home
Mergher, Wanda Marie, d.11/24/1990, Born 5/20/1907, Woodard-Freund-Thompson Mortuary
Merrell, A. P., d.6/1/1911, Age 81 yrs, Heart Trouble
Merrell, Mary J., d.5/4/1891, Age 57 yrs
Merrick, (Infant), d.1/21/1902, Stillborn boy of Wm. Merrick
Mertins, Carl, d.3/20/1891, Age 74 yrs
Mertins, Engle, d.10/29/1888, Age 71 yrs
Meseing, (Infant), d.3/22/1912, Infant of E. C. Meseing
Meseing, Ida May, d.3/28/1912
Messens, Michael James, d.11/22/1993, Born 11/22/1993 at Joplin, MO, Stillborn, Clark Funeral Home
Messer, Jannie, d.4/27/1973, Parker Mortuary, Joplin, Missouri
Messer, Jasen, d.1/24/1909, age 61 yrs, Pneumonia, Dr. Bower
Messer, Mary Ellen, d.7/24/1947, Age 75 yrs, Thompson Funeral Home
Messer, Mont, d.8/30/??, Age 57 yrs, Circulatory Collapse, Bill Messer, father
Messer, Mrs. Nancy, d.12/10/1947, Age 81 yrs, Frank Messer, son, Madison, Wisconsin, Thompson Service
Messer, Thomas L., d.5/9/1953, Age 79 yrs, Thompson Service
Messer, William C., d.9/18/1968, Age 95 yrs, Thompson Service, William Messer, son, Mrs. Vera Bateman, daughter
Metcalf, Barbara Jeanne, d.1/16/1982, Age 63 yrs, Clark
Metcalf, Edith, d.12/30/1901, Age 3 yrs, Catarral Fever, Dr. Benton
Metcalf, Elisha S., d.9/8/1975, Born 1896, Clark Funeral Home
Metcalf, Henery, d.1/9/1920, Child Grave
Metcalf, Henry, d.6/13/1969, Age 80 yrs, Doyle Williamson Funeral Home
Metcalf, Larry, d.12/2/1943, Stillborn, Mr. & Mrs. Les Metcalf, parents
Metcalf, Leslie, d.4/16/1993, Clark Funeral Home
Metcalf, Nellie A. (Meda), d.10/16/1970, Age 73 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Metcalf, Nod S., d.1/29/1897, Age 3 mos 9 days, Fever
Metheney, Bradie A., d.9/17/1969, Age 81 yrs, male, Mason Chapel, Joplin, Missouri, wife survives
Metheny, Venda, d.10/5/1979, Age 77 yrs, Ralph Thieme Funeral Home, Springfield, Missouri, died in Springfield.
Meyers, Agnes, d.9/6/1953, Age 45 yrs, Thompson Service
Meyers, Gerald, d.1/26/1973, Clark Funeral Home
Mickel, Joseph, d.2/14/1915, Age 77 yrs
Mickel, Sarah A., d.2/28/1917, Age 78 yrs
Mikoliza, Margaret L., d.1/6/1986, Clark Funeral Home
Miller, Agnes F., d.2/10/1926, Age 67 yrs
Miller, Alvin, d.1925, Age 33 yrs
Miller, Amos Earl, d.10/4/1895, Age 5 yrs 7 mos 22 days, Typhoid, Dr. Benton
Miller, Andy, d.1924, Age 70 yrs
Miller, Chester, Weston, d.3/12/1917, Age 52 yrs 28 days, born 2/14/1865
Miller, Clare H., d.6/20/1962, Age 87 yrs
Miller, Dolly B., d.5/3/1895, Age 33 yrs 5 mos 13 days, Convulsions
Miller, Doyle Paige, d.5/16/1926, Age 2 yrs, born 4/10/1924, Mr. & Mrs. C. S. Miller, parents
Miller, Earnest S., d.3/28/1942, Age 54 yrs, died in Joplin, Missouri
Miller, Edd N., d.12/1/1981, Age 67 yrs, died at Berryville, Arkansas, Clark
Miller, Effie, d.2/19/1918, Wife of A. W. Miller
Miller, Ettie, d.1892, Age 16 yrs
Miller, Fred C., No date
Miller, Fred C., d.6/14/1904, Age 21 yrs, struck by lightening & killed
Miller, Hazel, d.10/10/1895, Age 1 yr 3 mos 2 days, Malaria, Dr. Homer, from Pineville, Missouri
Miller, Horace, d.2/22/1949
Miller, J. Eddie, d.4/14/1868, Age 10 yrs
Miller, James, d.2/23/1916
Miller, James E., d.2/1/1901, Age 46 yrs, Pneumonia, Dr. Johnson
Miller, John H., d.5/4/1918, Age 11 yrs
Miller, John H., d.3/15/1918
Miller, John W., d.8/28/1990, Born 4/22/1912, Clark Funeral Home
Miller, Matilda, d.1892, Age 23 yrs, Consumption
Miller, Ollie Fay, d.7/10/1927, Age 3 days
Miller, Rosa A., d.1/26/1902, Age 45 yrs 4 mo 1 day, Pneumonia, Dr. Johnson
Miller, Ruth, d.1893, Age 70 yrs
Miller, Virginia, d.1903
Miller, Virginia, d.12/5/1938, Age 21 yrs 10 mo 15 days
Miller, Walter L., d.9/4/1905, Age 4 yrs 6 mos, Dyptheria
Mills, Alma, d.4/24/1946, Age 50 yrs, Thompson Service
Mills, Bessie, Grave of Mr. Mills, husband of Mrs. Mills. 12-27 Body of Nannie Boatright
Mills, Bessie, Grave of Mr. Mills, husband of Mrs. Mills. 12-27 Body of Nannie Boatright
Mills, Beulah L., d.4/18/1964, Age 59 yrs, born at Diamond, Missouri, Adenoma Carcinoma Descending Colon, Clark Funeral Home, Martin Mills, husband
Mills, Cleveland, d.8/9/1919, Child of Mr. Mills
Mills, Cleveland, d.8/9/1919, Child of Mr. Mills
Mills, Dorah Logan, d.4/24/1981, Clark Funeral Home
Mills, Francis Marian, d.3/10/1900, Age 89 yrs 7 mos 5 days, Old age, Dr. Wills
Mills, George W., d.1924, Age 76 yrs
Mills, George W., Jr., d.1928, Age 43 yrs
Mills, Grover Cleveland, d.3/1/66, Age 76 yrs, Clark Service
Mills, Grover Cleveland, d.3/1/66, Age 76 yrs, Clark Service
Mills, Kate, d.1951, Age 93 yrs
Mills, Kay Agneta, d.11/10/1992, Born 3/17/1917, Clark Funeral Home
Mills, Martin E., d.1/12/1982, Age 69 yrs, Clark
Mills, Mary, d.2/12/1917, Age 78 yrs
Mills, Mary H., d.9/14/1889, Age 77 yrs
Mills, Mrs. Bessie, d.1929, Grave of Mr. Mills
Mills, Philip George, d.2/2/1943, Stillborn, Thompson Service
Mills, Raymond Conner, d.8/10/1977, Freund Thompson Chapel
Mills, Raymond Hurt, d.12/1/1971, Age 75 yrs, Thompson Funeral Home
Mills, Sarah, d.4/17/1951, Age 94 yrs, Clark-Bigham Service
Mills, W. Harlan, d.7/4/1992, Born 7/5/1918, Clark Funeral Home, deeded to Lawrence Mills
Milstead, Annie, d.1929, Age 77 yrs
Milstead, B. F., d.4/9/1902, Age 55 yrs 2 mos 17 days, Paralysis, Dr. Benton
Mine, Ruth, d.6/29/1944, Age 31 yrs
Minor, Bell, d.7/1892, Age 47 yrs
Minor, William, d.1/9/1892, Age 68 yrs
Mitchell, Clarence Robert, d.1/13/1973, Age 86 yrs, Freund Thompson Funeral Home
Mitchell, David L., d.11/23/1947, Age 66 yrs, Clark-Bigham Service
Mitchell, Delmer Ivan, d.1/15/1981, Age 75 yrs, Freund-Thompson
Mitchell, Ella Alene, d.4/3/1963, Age 52 yrs, late resident of Neosho, Carcinamatosis of Liver, D. I. Mitchell, husband
Mitchell, Florence, d.5/13/1985, Age 89 yrs, Freund-Thompson
Mitchell, Hervey, d.12/13/1981, Age 97 yrs, Freund-Thompson
Mitchell, Lena, d.3/5/1962, Age 79 yrs, Clark Service
Mitchell, Mable, d.9/9/1977, Age 89 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Mitchell, Terry Ray, d.5/1/1973, Age 18 yrs 9 mos 3 days, Freund Thompson Funeral Home
Mitts, Elizabeth, d.10/16/1931, Age 58 yrs
Mitts, Gilbert, d.6/19/1955, Age 82 yrs, Thompson Service
Mitts, Oscar, d.11/29/1904, Age 2 yrs 11 mo 17 days, Typhoid
Mitzner, Fred W., d.12/28/1951, Age 79 yrs, Thompson Service
Mitzner, Samantha, d.5/10/1968, Age 93 yrs, Cerebral Vascular Accident, Mrs. Mitzi Coy Whitener, granddaughter
Mixer, Henry, d.11/24/1909, Age 81 yrs 6 mo 28 days, Inflammation of Bowels, Dr. Bowers
Mixer, Mary P., No date
Mobley, Zehulia, d.1/5/1909, Age 70 yrs, Heart Failure, Dr. Benton
Monlux, W. H., d.9/20/1871, Age 55 yrs
Monroe, Bertha May, d.11/25/1973, Clark Funeral Home
Monroe, Daniel, d.7/3/1900, Age 71 yrs 6 mo 26 days, Consumption, Dr. Lamson
Monroe, David, d.12/27/1945, Age 31 yrs, Thompson Service
Montgomery, Clyde, d.5/16/1884, Age 1 day
Montgomery, Grace, d.12/12/1979, Age 85 yrs, Freund-Thompson Chapel
Moody, H., d.1/29/1905, Age 59 yrs, Heart Failure, Dr. Lamson, dropped dead on Spring Street, Transit
Moore, (Infant), Infant of H. A. Moore, Bowels, Dr. Lamson
Moore, A. J., d.5/18/1915
Moore, Albert Caster, d.7/29/1896, Age 12 yrs 10 mo 24 days, Typhoid, disinterred & re-interred by order of City Marshall, Dr. Lamson & Wills
Moore, Andrew J., d.1929, Age 45 yrs
Moore, Anna, d.12/6/1955, Age 79 yrs
Moore, Anna E., d.3/12/1933, Age 55 yrs, Bigham Service
Moore, Annie M., d.4/19/1944, Age 74 yrs, Bigham Service
Moore, Cecil, d.3/19/1961, Age 85 yrs, Clark Service
Moore, Elizabeth, d.8/20/1998, Born 9/21/1914, Clark Funeral Home
Moore, F. G., d.8/24/1951, Age 66 yrs, Thompson Service
Moore, Gertruce, d.4/22/1933, Age 57 yrs, shipped from Dallas, Texas
Moore, Harold G., d.2/10/1954, Age 74 yrs
Moore, Houston, d.3/15/1938, Age 78 yrs, Bigham Service
Moore, Isaac E., d.11/10/1902, Age 59 yrs 5 mo 13 days, Locked Bowels, Dr. Maas
Moore, John W., d.5/24/1958, Age 87 yrs
Moore, Julia, d.3/13/1934, Age 83 yrs, on A. J. Moore Lot
Moore, Leroy, d.5/31/1920, Age 78 yrs
Moore, Lydia, d.12/1/1893, Age 70 yrs
Moore, Mable, d.10/13/1932, Age 35 yrs, Bigham Service
Moore, Nancy Elen, d.1/1907, Age 34 yr 7 mo 29 days, pneumonia, Dr. Lamson
Moore, Rebecca, d.1/25/1910, Age 69 yrs, Heart Trouble, Dr. Lamson
Moore, Rebecca E., d.12/3/1892, Age 43 yrs
Moore, Sgt. L. E., No date
Moore, T. A., d.1885, Age 9 yrs
Moore, Thomas J., d.9/1/1903, Age 64 yrs 8 mo 7 days, Bronchitis, Dr. Lamson
Moore, Walter Leroy, d.5/23/1972, Clark Funeral Home
Moore, William, d.1927, Age 69 yrs
Moore, William A., d.2/22/1889, Age 2 yrs
Moore, William D., d.11/22/1945, Age 6 days
Moore, Wood, d.2/8/1918, Grave of Mr. Wood More
Mooter, Lewis, d.2/5/1898, Age 64 yrs 3 mo 4 days, LaGrippe & Lung
Mooter, Mrs. Louise, d.8/3/1907, Age 73 yrs, Congestion, Dr. Findley
More, Wood (Moore), d., 5/3/1918 (believed to be purchased date)
Morelock, Sarah M., d.3/10/1957, Age 82 yrs, Clark Service
Morford, Flora, d.1890, Age 37 yrs
Morford, Nellie Fay, d.1890, Age 1 yr
Morford, Nelson, d.10/14/1920, Age 69 yrs
Morgan, (Infant), d.5/7/1908, Age 6 mos, Whooping Cough, Dr. Boster, Bigham Funeral Home, Infant of Walter Morgan
Morgan, Dr. D. B., d.9/29/1930
Morgan, Evelyn, d.12/25/1998, Born 11/22/1913, Cremains, J. E. Morgan at West end, Evelyn at East, Clark Funeral Home
Morgan, Guy, d.5/14/1965, Age 64 yrs, Daisy Morgan, wife, Thompson Service
Morgan, Hannah, d.1926, Age 65 yrs
Morgan, Henery H., d.4/21/1912
Morgan, Jennie, d.3/25/1929, Age 64 yrs
Morgan, Jewell, d.6/14/1970, Age 55 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Morgan, John A., d.11/29/1905, Age 22 yrs, Dr. Lamson
Morgan, John Alfred, d.11/29/1905, Age 22 yrs 10 mos 16 days, Brain Trouble, Dr. Lamson
Morgan, John T., d.7/6/1951, Age 77 yrs, Thompson Service
Morgan, John W., d.12/7/1945, Tatum Funeral Home, Anderson, Missouri
Morgan, Laura S., d.11/27/1899, Age 34 yrs 3 mos 3 days, Inflammation of Bowels
Morgan, Lela, d.4/8/1951, Age 51 yrs, Clark-Bigham Service
Morgan, Mayme Berradine, d.12/28/1977, Age 91 yrs, Freund Thompson Funeral Home
Morgan, Mrs. Daisy, d.6/22/1975, Born 6/22/1898, Wife of Guy Morgan, Clark Funeral
Morgan, Mrs. Jennie, d.3/25/1929, Wife of John Morgan
Morgan, Mrs. Maggie, d.10/10/1930
Morgan, Olivar, d.2/14/1918
Morgan, Ruth, d.6/29/1907, Age 1 yr 3 mos, Chalua Information, Child of Walter Morgan, Dr. Lamson
Morgan, William Victor, d.7/23/1966, Age 64 yrs, from a fall, Mrs. Jessie Morgan, wife, Thompson Service
Morgans, Katie M. D., No date
Morris, Amy, d.7/20/1983, Age 87 yrs, died at Joplin, Missouri, Clark
Morris, Ed, d.6/13/1896, Abt 50 yrs, Typhoid, died at hospital
Morris, Hazelle Gregg, d.8/14/1963, Age 71 yrs, killed in auto wreck, late of Russell, Kansas, J. K. Morris, husband, Miss Elizabeth Morris, daughter, Thompson Funeral Home
Morris, Joseph K., d.7/23/1968, Acute Pulmonary Edema Myocardial Infarction, Miss Elizabeth Morris and J. K., Jr, children, Thompson Service
Morris, Mary, d.6/5/1907, Age 87 yrs
Morris, Robert, d.6/29/1955, Age 73 yrs, Thompson Service
Morris, Robert L., d.9/15/1976, Clark Funeral Home
Morrison, Bertha May, d.4/14/1973?, Freund Funeral
Morrison, E. Henbest, d.4/14/1973?, Freund Funeral
Morrison, Golda Florene, d.1/17/1994, Born 5/19/1908 at Iola, KS, died at Neosho, Clark Funeral Home
Morrison, H. B., d.11/20/1897
Morrison, Joseph W., d.3/27/1950, Age 75 yrs, Thompson Funeral Home
Morrow, Barton J., d.1927, Age 85 yrs
Morrow, David C., d.8/15/1900, Age 18 yrs 11 mo 26 days, Apoplexy, Dr. Yates
Morrow, Judith, d.2/17/1880, Age 31 yrs
Morrow, Lavinda Lea, d.3/24/1886, Age 78 yrs
Morrow, Mrs. Olive, d.3/20/1931, Also listed as Scott Lot
Morrow, W. J., d.3/4/1875, Age 72 yrs
Morse, Beatrice Marguerite, d.7/7/1971, Age 67 yrs 3 mos 17 days, Clark Funeral Home
Morse, Gene, d.2/3/1944, Age 16 yrs, Bigham Service
Morse, Lee Glen, d.2/15/1984, Age 90 yrs, Clark
Morse, Nora E., d.11/24/1981, Age 86 yrs, Clark
Morton, Frank, d.5/29/1967, Age 61 yrs, Heart Attack, Clark Service
Moss (Infant), d., Oliver Moss Infant
Moss, Anna Scott (Dodson), d.1920
Moss, Blanch, d.5/25/73, Age 72 yrs, Downing Mortuaries, Wichita, Kansas
Moss, J. Scott, d.1972
Moss, Julia D., d.8/21/70, Age 80 yrs, brother living, Clark Funeral Home
Moss, Mrs. Guinn (Scott), d.3/1/1939, Age 84 yrs
Moss, O. A., d.9/29/1932, Age 89 yrs, born in Missouri
Moulton, Clay, d.1930, Age 37 yrs
Mouton, H. C., Body brought from Eldorado, Kansas
Mullane, Lucy, d.5/16/1895, Age 61 yrs 1 day, Cancer
Mullane, Miss, d.9/20/1915
Mullins, Goldie, d.11/19/1915
Mullins, Mary E., d.12/25/1921, Age 67 yrs
Mullins, Rena Ellen, d.1/10/1971, Age 82 yrs, Thompson Service
Mullins, Robert, d.2/17/1948, Age 82 yrs, Thompson Service
Murkson, K. A., d.3/12/1886
Murkson, Mrs. Loretta, d.3/22/1886
Murphy, Dial, d.2/3/1986, Clark Funeral Home
Murphy, Louise Brock, d.6/26/1959, Age 45 yrs, Clark Service
Murphy, Mildred M., d.2/12/1994, Born 1/15/1913, Clark Funeral Home
Murphy, Ralph, d.12/24/1986, Age 81 yrs, Clark
Murray, Kate S., d.8/12/1939, Age 83 yrs
Mussman, Thelma P., d.5/1/1985, Age 73 yrs, Clark
Myers, Charlotta, d.6/30/1899, Age 56 yrs 1 mo 7 days, Appendicitis
Myers, Homer, d.1922
Myers, John, d.10/11/1895, Age 76 yrs 10 mos 23 days, Nervoux Exhaustion, slow fever, Dr. Van Clive
Myers, Lida Alford, d.12/10/1996, Clark Funeral Home
Myers, Mrs. F. E. Moor, d.2/24/1922, Mother of Homer Myers
Myers, Victor, d.7/1948, Age 34 yrs
Myers, Walter, d.7/3/1994, Born 4/23/1923, Ozark Funeral Home, Anderson, MO
Myrick, Roy, d.2/20/1998, Born 4/19/1911, Clark Funeral Home
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