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I.O.O.F. Cemetery
Neosho, Newton County, Missouri

Contributed and recorded by Doris Snyder, March 31, 2000 [dsnyder@ipa.net]. Total records = 6,728.

Lacey, Edna, d.1912, Age 37 yrs
Lacey, Guy, d.6/22/1874, Age 11 mos
Lacey, Mabel, d.3/5/1872, Age 11 mos
Lacey, Maggie, d.1923, Age 83 yrs
Lacey, Mrs. Helen Sherman, d.1/13/1965, Age 78 yrs, Late of Pittsburg, Kansas, daughter survives
Lacy, (Infant), d.8/7/1900, Premature birth, infant girl of Ford Lacy, Dr. Yates
Lacy, Ford Earl, d.6/17/1904, Age 1 yr 10 mo 1 day, Cholera Inflammation, Shipped from Wagner
Lacy, J. M., d.1/1907, Age 65 yrs 2 mos 18 days, Brights Disease, Shipped from Wagoner
Laderach, Mary Anna Catherine, d.12/2/1902, Age 91 yrs 10 mos 10 days, general debility
Laderack, Mary Anna Catherine, d.12/2/1902, Age 91 yrs 10 mos 10 days, general debility
Lafoon, James E., d.9/7/1994, Born 8/18/1947, died at Joplin, MO, Mason-Woodard Mortuary, Joplin
LaGoff, Mrs. Bessie, d.5/13/1937, Age78 yrs, died at Joplin, Missouri
Laird, Ruby M., d.2/11/1994, Born 5/13/1909, Clark Funeral Home
Lakey, Sara Wainwright, d.3/16/83, Age 79 yrs, died at Tulsa, Oklahoma, Fitzgerald Funeral Home
Lamphier, Mrs. W. M., d.5/7/1926
Lampo, Stephen F., d.4/7/1991, Born 12/18/1941, died at Fredricksburg, VA, Clark Funeral Home
Lamson, A. L., d.1/11/1939, Age 73 yrs, Thompson Service
Lamson, Corrine, d.4/17/1971, Clark Funeral Home
Lamson, Dr. J. W., d.1/17/1911, Age 67 yrs
Lamson, Dr. Roy C., d.5/30/1961, Age 89 yrs, Clark Service
Lamson, Emma, d.4/9/1934, On R. C. Lamson Lot
Lamson, Marques, d.1/24/1936, Age 62 yrs, Thompson Service
Lamson, Miss Eunice, d.3/18/1930
Lamson, Sarah R., d.1922, Age 72 yrs
Lanckton, H. F., d.4/21/1896, Age 58 yrs, Bright's Disease
Land, A. J., d.6/3/1962, Age 94 yrs, Thompson Service
Land, Andrew, d.2/9/1974, Age 56 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Land, Andrew J., d.1/19/1971, Age 67 yrs 6 mo 18 days, Clark Funeral Home
Land, Ben H., d.1/14/1985, Age 95 yrs, Clark
Land, Donald, d.3/12/1995, Born 8/28/1923, Cremains, Mona Tourlentes, sister
Land, Elvin S., d.1/8/1972, Age 69 yrs, Thompson Funeral Home
Land, Eugenia, d.1923, Age 53 yrs
Land, Florence, d.8/19/1946, Age 37 yrs, Bigham Service
Land, Irene, d.1/13/1934, Age 30 yrs, Thompson Service
Land, James H., d.11/20/1964, Age 74 yrs, Clark Service, Shotgun discharge through the head
Land, Jane, d.6/8/1948, Age 66 yrs, Heart Trouble, Thompsons
Land, Jane L., d.1948, Age 67 yrs
Land, Jemina V., d.4/29/1959, Thompson Funeral Home
Land, John W., d.3/10/1945, Age 77 yrs, Stroke
Land, Martha, d.9/16/1951, Age 83 yrs, Thompson Service
Land, Mary Gersna, d.9/12/1971, Age 53 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Land, Mildred, d.9/23/1996, Born 12/25/1905, Clark Funeral Home
Land, Mrs. John W., d.1923
Land, Nettie Eula, d.12/5/1968, Age 74 yrs, Heart Trouble, Clark Service, Forrest Land and Julius Land, sons
Land, Patrica S., d.4/17/1971, Age 27 yrs 7 mo 29 days, Thompson Funeral Home
Land, Ruth A., d.6/30/1973, Age 73 yrs, Ben Land, husband, Clark Funeral Home, Gilbert Monnacella
Land, William Vernal, d.3/8/1971, Clark Funeral Home
Land, Winnifred, d.1/29/1987, Freund-Thompson
Lander, Anna, d.12/8/1878, Age 6 mos
Landis, Bob, d.4/25/1973, Clark Funeral Home
Landis, D. S., d.1916
Landis, D. S., d.12/6/1944, Age 88 yrs
Landis, Faustina L., d.5/20/70, Age 86 yrs, Clark Funeral Home, Vince Landis, relative
Landis, James Price, d.12/29/1995, Born 7/11/1927, Clark Funeral Home
Landis, Jess, d.1/4/1973, Clark Funeral Home
Landis, John, d.2/25/1910, Age 25 yrs, Pneumonia, Dr. Lamson
Landis, Maurice H., d.4/15/1897, Dr. Yates
Landis, Mrs. Mary, d.9/26/1937
Landis, Nina Edith, d.4/9/1985, Age 94 yrs, Clark
Landis, Ruth, d.1/12/1997, Born 8/20/1899, Landis Lot, Clark Funeral Home
Landreth, Bertha E., d.1/10/1895, Age 18 yrs, Tuberculosis, Synovetis, disinterred at Galena, Kansas, re-interred on Landreth Lot
Landreth, Joseph William, d.8/5/1990, Born 1/2/1910, died at Goodman, MO, Clark Funeral Home
Landreth, Marie (Naramore), d.4/2/1996, Born 7/24/1907, dbl marker, Virgil Naramore buried there in 1976, Clark Funeral Home
Landreth, Mary, d.2/2/1966, Age 53 yrs, Myocardial Infarction, Joe Landreth, husband, Bennett Wormington Home, Monett
Landrith, George Luke, d.1/20/1901, Age 3 yrs 6 mos 7 days, accident, wagon ran over him, Dr. Johnson
Lane, Clive, d.4/26/1978, Age 79 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Lane, Fred, d.7/16/1979, Clark Funeral Home
Lane, Ivan Q., d.6/9/1970, Age 76 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Lane, Jack, d.3/26/1923, One-half lot returned to Lodge by Mrs. Lane, body removed to 1926 addn per record book
Lane, Michael, d.12/1/1985, Died at Columbia, Missouri
Lane, Wrethal Dora, d.1/14/1995, Born 9/25/1910, Clark Funeral Home
Lanes, Mrs. A. E., d.5/6/1912, Bronchitis
Lang, O., d.11/4/1913
Langston, Helene, d.9/24/1967, Age 71 yrs, died at Washington, D.C., Clark
Langston, Lulu, d.8/21/1984, Age 93 yrs, died at Joplin, Missouri, Clark
Lanier, (Infant), d.8/11/1910, On Johnson Lot, Infant of Wm. Lanier
Lanier, Amos, d.1893, Born 1835, died 1893, 20 ft of W side N of Angle Rd
Lanier, Elizabeth, d.1893, 1838
Lanier, J. A. (Infant), d.4/9/1924, Born 7/14/1923, R. E. Cooley, next of kin.
Lanier, Rosa Lee, d.1912, Born 1872, Ask Dr. Thorne or Dr. Roy Johnson
Lasater, Eva Mary, d.5/25/??, Age 76 yrs, Thompson Service
Lasater, Thomas, d.9/1/1921
Latimer, Ellis J., d.5/19/1968, Age 54 yrs, heart trouble, Clark Service, Mrs. Virginia Latimer, wife
Laub, Cathy, d.11/29/1990, Born 8/3/1953 at Ava, MO, died at Gainesville, MO, Woodard-Freund-Thompson Mortuary
Laub, Elgie H., d.4/26/1980, Age 76 yrs, died at Gravette, Arkansas, Freund-Thompson
Laub, Fred, d.10/20/1997, Born 1/14/1900, Woodard-Freund-Thompson Mortuary
Laub, Herbert R., d.5/31/1995, Born 7/25/1925, died in Springfield, MO, Woodard-Freund-Thompson Mortuary
Lauderdale, Christina D., d.12/8/1973, Stillborn, Freund Thompson Funeral Home
Lawen, Anna, d., Dr. A. W. Benton
Laws, Mannie, d.7/28/1913
Lawson, John W., d.3/2/1979, Harvey & Wodley, Grove, Oklahoma, Clark Funeral Home
Lawson, Marie, d.12/2/1992, Born 9/13/1900, died at Grove, OK, Sherman, Schrag Funeral Home, Grove
Lawson, Rachel Ann, d.9/13/1955, Mother, Mrs. Jareva Hoover-Mcann, Springfield, Missouri
Lawson, Shirley, d.7/24/1999, Born 4/4/1937, Cancer, just South of daughter, Valerie Edwards Clark Funeral Home
Lay, Alforata, d.1914, Age 28
Lay, Amos H., d.12/12/1938, Age 79, Thompson Service
Lay, Bess, d.5/19/1946, Age 38 yrs
Lay, David, d.11/12/1946, Age 35 yrs, Bigham Service
Lay, Davie Clinton, d.9/5/1952, Infant, Thompson Service
Lay, Emily, No date
Lay, Gladys, No date
Lay, Homer, d.1/7/1997, Born 5/11/1915, Clark Funeral Home
Lay, Ina V., d.3/30/1994, Born 9/5/1925, Clark Funeral Home
Lay, James M., d.9/13/1933, Hemorrhage
Lay, Mrs. Jess, d.12/5/1920, Wife of Jess Lay
Lay, Richard, d.5/16/1957, Age 14 days, Thompson Service
Layton, Leslie Paul, d.11/19/1973, Age 71 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Layton, Raymond J., d.8/19/1953, Age 47 yrs, Clark-Bigham Service
Layton, Roy C., d.7/10/1954, Age 63 yrs, Clark-Bigham Service
Lazure, James J., d.12/30/1985, Age 52, Clark
Lea, Patricia Jean, d.12/22/1971, Age 35 yrs, Thompson Funeral Home
Leach, Arlene A., d.11/11/1975, Born 1922
Leach, George, d.5/10/1879, Age 2 days
Leadford, Hettie E., d.11/25/1990, Born 1/21/1912, Clark Funeral Home
Leadford, Isaiah, d.7/9/1993, Born 3/28/1906, Clark Funeral Home
Lear, Maria L., d.7/22/1995, Born 12/23/1895, Woodard-Freund-Thompson Mortuary
Ledford, Flossie Pearl, d.3/28/1985, Age 83 yrs, Clark
Lee, Charles C., d.7/15/1901, Age 50 yrs 13 days, Dropsy of Heart, Disinterred 7/15/1901, body shipped to Thomaston, Indiana
Lee, Claude Elmer, d.6/18/1984, Age 81 yrs, Clark
Lee, Elsie, d.1/5/1991, Born 9/17/1899, Clark Funeral Home
Lee, Henry, d.3/15/1923, Age 80 yrs, Virginia wife & baby
Lee, Mrs. Virginia, d.3/4/1935, Age 87 yrs
Lee, Rita May, d.12/21/1908, Age 1 mo, Croup, Dr. Rosberry
Lee, Walter, No date
Legg, Chester A., d.6/9/1898, Age 15 yrs 9 mo 26 days, accident, killed by train in Kansas City, Missouri
Legg, Herman, d.1/3/1892, Age 18 yrs
LeGraves, Pearl, d.4/26/1930, Age 45 yrs, Thompson Service
Lehman, Elizabeth, d.3/18/1928, Age 86 yrs
Lehman, Oley, d.3/9/1910, Age 70 yrs, Paralysis, Dr. Bowers
Leightey, alice, d.1945, Age 72 yrs
Leighton, Clara, d.8/6/1942, Age 40 yrs, Bigham Service
Leighton, Isaac, d.2/15/1928, Age 62 yrs
Leighton, Mary, d.12/18/1949, Age 74 yrs, Bigham Service
Leighton, Noble, d.7/31/1972, Freund Thompson Funeral Home
Leighty, Jess, d.7/9/1941, Age 48 yrs
Leighty, Miss Gertrude, d.7/9/1925, Age 29 yrs
Leighty, Wm., d.11/16/1959, Age 93 yrs
Leingang, Mary Anna, d.3/4/1942, Age 69 yrs, born 7/28/1873, died at Columbus, Kansas
Leingang, May Annie, d.3/4/1942, Age 69 yrs, died at Columbus, Kansas
LeMaire, Norbert B., d.6/15/1989, Born 3/15/1930, died at San Marcos, CA, Cremains
LeMaire, Philomena, d.12/3/1994, Born 7/7/1911, Biggs Lot, Clark Funeral Home
Lemons, William T., d.3/4/1902, Age 66 yrs, Dr. Johnson
Lenger, Mary Elizabeth, d.12/18/1995, Born 6/17/1920, Mason Woodard Mortuary
Lentz, Charles A., d.5/24/1976, Dr. Lentz, father, Clark Funeral Home
Lentz, Dr. Harold, d.6/15/1998, Clark Funeral Home
Lentz, Ruth Ann, d.3/27/1979, Clark Funeral Home
Lentz, Wanda, d.6/29/1986, Age 61 yrs, Clark
Lentz, William C., d.9/25/1971, Age 50 yrs 3 mo 12 days, Clark Funeral Home
Lentz, William C., Sr., d.4/20/1958, Age 68 yrs, Clark Service
Leonard, J. Larry, d.1/17/1986, Age 81 yrs, Freund-Thompson
Leonard, Lola Blanche, d.6/14/1994, Born 5/26/1908, Cremains
Lesley, J. L., d.12/8/1944, Age 89 yrs
Lesley, J. L.'s son, d.6/1919, Son of J. L. Lesley
Lesley, Mrs. J. L., d.1926, Wife of J. L. Lesley
Lesley, Sarah, d.2/7/1956, Age 5 yrs
Lession, Wm. T., d.3/4/1902, Heart, Dr. Johnson
Lett, Bonnie Ferne, d.9/30/1996, Born 10/8/1916, next to Wolf, Clark Funeral Home
Lett, Laurence, d.12/3/1980, Age 53, died at Mesa, Arizona, Clark
Lewis, Charles, d.1919, Age 74 yrs
Lewis, Charles Wathen, d.1/5/1939, Brought from Kansas City
Lewis, Elizabeth, d.12/10/1894, Age 5 yrs 23 days, Membrane Croup, Dr. Yates
Lewis, Hud, d.3/14/??, Age 74 yrs 4 mo 7 days, Cancer of Liver
Lewis, Inattie O., d.7/17/1882, Age 18 mos
Lewis, J. Gordon, d.11/24/1880, Age 10 mos
Lewis, John Dean, d.3/15/1966, Age 65 yrs, Coronary Thrombosis, Alice Lewis, wife, Shewmake Service
Lewis, Lillian Louise, d.1/14/1964, Age 51 yrs, Myocardial Failure, born at Neosho, last residence Joplin, Missouri, Delbert Lewis, husband, Russell Coffman, brother, Thornhill-Dillon Service
Lewis, Margaret, d.12/27/1962, Age 88 yrs, Thompson Service
Lewis, Mary, d.1927, Age 79 yrs
Lewis, Maude, d.8/10/1937, Killed in auto wreck
Lewis, Miss Mazie, d.8/10/1937, Killed in auto wreck
Lewis, Rossa D., d.5/22/1898, Age 17 7 mos 19 days, Typhoid, Dr. Van Cleve
Liebhart, Amelia ann, d.6/28/1896, Age 57 yrs, Liver & Dropsy, buried at King Cemetery, disinterred 6/5/1904
Liebhart, Charles H., d.4/12/1951, Age 85 yrs, Thompson Service
Liebhart, Henry, d.5/29/1904, Age 64 yrs 2 mo 12 days, Pneumonia, Dr. Bowers
Liebhart, Mrs. Emma, d.4/20/1938, Age 65 yrs
Liedtke, Grace Kathrine, d.11/20/1977, Age 92 yrs, Freund Thompson Service
Liedtke, Paul, d.6/29/1957, Age 85 yrs, Thompson Service
Likins, Freddie, d.8/27/1875, Age 17 mos
Likins, Millard F., d.8/6/1887, Age 27 yrs
Lile, Roy, d.4/23/1909, Stillborn
Liles, Charles, d.5/23/1938, Age 56 yrs
Liles, Charlotte, d.7/14/1882, Age 63 yrs, Clark-Bigham Service
Liles, Clarency, d.11/8/1863, Age 15 yrs
Liles, Elma Belle, d.10/2/1952, Age 91 yrs
Liles, Eva, d.7/12/1997, Born 9/16/1907, Clark Funeral Home
Liles, Henry, d.6/3/1884, Age 65 yrs
Liles, Henry A., d.8/1/1874, Age 18 mos
Liles, Lee, d.9/22/1934, Age 43 yrs
Liles, Paul Edwin, d.6/25/1963, Age 67 yrs 2 mo 24 days, born at Stella, MO, died at Fayetteville, Washington Co., Arkansas, Clark Funeral Home, Mrs. Eva Liles, wife, Coronary
Liles, Robert, d.1/14/1933, Age 78 yrs
Lillard, Edmond W., d.1928, Age 64 yrs, Bigham Service
Lillard, Frankie Mae, d.2/17/1965, Age 52 yrs, Murdered, skeleton found NW of Neosho, buried between Frank & Lula Pittman, John Lillard, husband
Lillard, Hattie, d.2/19/1944, Age 37 yrs, Bigham Service
Lillard, Jessie J., d.1914, Age 18 yrs
Lillard, John, d.12/16/1972, Clark Funeral Home
Lillard, Mrs. M. W., d.4/8/1911
Lillard, Ollie, d.5/31/1952, Age 82 yrs, Clark Bigham Service
Lindley, Alice, No date
Lindley, James, d.4/19/1887, Age 51 yrs
Lindley, Patricia, d.2/18/1873, Age 59 yrs
Lindsey, (Infant), d.10/17/1881, Age 7 mos
Lindsey, Alice, d.10/5/1914, Age 16 yrs
Lindsey, Chas., d.9/18/1906, Age 28 yrs 9 mo 26 days, overdose of Morphine
Lindsey, Fred, d.4/9/1999, Born 7/26/1943, Suicide, Cremation, Clark Funeral Home
Lindsey, Horace, d.8/5/1914, Age 16 yrs
Lindsey, Horace Marian, d.6/2/1903, Age 60 yr 1 mo 28 days, Paralysis
Lindsey, Maggie M., d.9/23/1869, Age 18 yrs
Lindsey, Prudy A., d.1887, Age 33 yrs
Link, Jack Morris, d.3/25/1977, Age 63 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Link, Winifred E., d.2/8/1974, Age 48 yrs, Muelbach Funeral Home, Kansas City, Missouri
Linney, (daughter), d.5/1/1919, Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J. W. Linney
Linney, Irene, d.10/5/1990, Ayre, Goodwin-Lee Funeral Home
Linney, J. W., d.3/18/1937
Linney, Jay Wallace, d.2/6/1954, Age 48 yrs, Thompson Service
Linney, Jessie A., d.8/16/1958, Age 88 yrs, Thompson Service
Linney, Martha L., d.5/20/1917, Age 8 yrs
Linney, Nellie W., d.1/26/1963, Age 88 yrs, Thompson Service
Linney, R. E., No date
Lipe, Ernest, d.6/4/1964, Born at Tiff City, Missouri, late of Neosho, Lot shifted N 5 ft across walk because of dump, Clark Service, Gypsy Lipe, wife
Lipe, Gypsy, d.2/23/1987, Ozark Funeral Home
Lister, Carrie A., d.4/20/1965, Age 98 yrs, acute myocardial infarction, Waugh Funeral Home, Iola, Kansas, Mrs. Jeff Elliott, daughter
Lister, Earl Vincel, d.10/14/1966, Age 64 yrs, Carcinoma of the Lung, died at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Callison McKinney Funeral Home, Bentonville, Arkansas, Mrs. E. V. Lister, wife, Mrs. Jake Elliott, sister
Lister, Leonard A., d.1926
Listerburg, E. P., d.1/19/1907, Age 65 yrs, diabetes, Dr. Lamson
Liter, Kenneth F., d.7/5/1965, Age 53 yrs, Suicide, 12 gauge shotgun in neck, Clark Service, Dorothy Liter, wife
Littlefield, Leona, d.9/24/1957, Age 64 yrs, Clark Service
Livingston, (Infant), No date
Livingston, Mrs. K. B. (Bertha), d.12/21/1971, Clark Funeral Home
Lloyd, Eugene, d.4/14/1873, Age 44 days
Locke, Dora M., d.1941, Age 79 yrs
Locke, Mrs. S. M., d.1914
Loehr, Charles, d.1/3/1960, Age 84 yrs, Thompson Service
Loehr, Erie H., d.6/6/1961, Age 81 yrs, Thompson Service
Loehr, J. B., d.12/15/32, Age 83 yrs, born in Indiana
Loehr, Mrs. Belle, d.11/30/1941, Age 71 yrs, Probably Mrs. Flora Belle
Loehr, Mrs. J. B., d.4/1/1907, Age 56 yrs, heart disease, Bighams
Loehs, Flora B., d.1941, Age 71 yrs
Loehs, Jake, d.1932, Age 83 yrs
Logan, Charles B., d.5/9/1883, Age 73 yrs
Logan, Fannie B., d.3/29/1941, Age 71 yrs
Logan, James Cleo, d.1/2/1982, Age 86 yrs, Clark
Logan, Leroy Melville, d.3/18/1985, Age 67 yrs, died at Springfield, Missouri, Clark
Logan, Lucy Helen, d.12/16/1969, Age 73 yrs 9 days, Clark Funeral Home, husband & son survive
Logan, Sallie M., d.5/18/1898, Age 66 yrs 7 mo 18 days, Chronic Heart & Dropsy, Dr. Clegg, died at Siloam Springs, Arkansas
Lohmann, Ellen, d.9/3/1977, Clark Funeral Home
Lohmann, Frances, d.3/15/1999, Born 11/5/1926, Clark Funeral Home
Lohmann, Irving F., d.9/11/1969, Age 69 yrs 7 mo 7 days, Clark Funeral Home
Loncarich, Jacob, d.7/30/1966, Age 83 yrs, apparent heart attack, Clark Service, sons & dau survive
Loncarich, Louisa, d.10/15/1954, Age 69 yrs, Clark Bigham Service
Long, Cecil, d.3/10/1996, Born 9/24/1911, dbl marker, Clark Funeral Home
Long, Edgar E., d.7/29/1918
Long, Frances, d.12/3/1998, Born 12/20/1914, dbl marker, Cecil & Frances, Clark Funeral Home
Long, Garry DeWitt, d.6/8/1973, Age 73 yrs, Moore's Chapel, Fayetteville, Arkansas
Long, Grady Hiram, d.11/4/1981, Age 76 yrs, Freund-Thompson
Long, Issac, d.2/1918
Long, Lillian, d.7/4/1980, Freund-Thompson
Long, Margie Alexander, d.5/21/1973, Age 91 yrs, Moore's Chapel, Fayetteville, Arkansas
Long, Mildred May, d.10/8/1977, Age 80 yrs 6 mo 13 days, Clark Funeral Home
Long, W. E., d., Son of Long
Long, Wade, d.1/12/1981, Age 75 yrs, died at McGeHee, Arkansas, Dupwe & Sons Funeral Home, McGeHee
Longwell, Nellie, d.2/6/1937, Age 41 yrs
Lord, Alford, Sr., d.4/23/1995, Born 11/28/1922, Clark Funeral Home
Love, Elizebeth Prudent, d.8/16/1904, Age 72 yrs 7 mo 7 days, Inf. Bowels
Love, Jessie C., d.2/18/1906, Age 45 yrs, Pneumonia, Shipped from Webb City, Missouri, Dr. Chenoworth
Love, Lula, d.2/1/??, Age 26 yrs 4 mo 1 day, Consumption, Dr. Johnson
Love, Virgie (baby), d.8/13/1918
Lowder, Jean Elezabeth, d.6/10/73, Age 83 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Lowder, Knox Gibson, d.8/24/1985, Age 92 yrs, Clark
Lowe, (Infant), d.8/20/1897, Age 30 days, Infant girl of J. H. Lowe
Lowe, Eliza Jane, d.5/27/1939, Age 77 yrs 5 mos 18 days
Lowe, Harriet, d.6/11/1887, Age 72 yrs
Lowe, J. H., d.4/27/1900, Age 56 yrs, Malarial Fever, Dr. Yates
Lowe, John, d.1928
Lowe, Lem, d.3/14/1963, Age 87 yrs, Cancer of Esophagus, born at Stella, Missouri, late of Neosho, Thompson Funeral Home, Mrs. Eva Welcher, daughter
Lowe, Lula, d.1939, Age 60 yrs, Thompson Service
Lowe, Sarah, d.10/29/1891, Age 22 yrs
Lowery, A. Wayne, d.1941, Age 79 yrs
Lowery, Phena, d.4/14/1955, Age 87 yrs, Clark-Bigham Service
Ludlow, John E., d.3/16/1939, Age 45 yrs, Bigham Service
Luigty, Geo., d.2/13/1908, Age 63 yrs, Tuberculosis, Dr. Lamson, Bigham Service
Lundblod, Cindy Ann, d.4/16/63, Infant, 1 day old, Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Lundblod, parents, Clark Funeral Home
Lundstrom, Arthur W., d.2/28/1992, Born 5/6/1898, Clark Funeral Home
Lundstrom, Susie E., d.9/21/1994, Born 11/10/1904, Woodard-Freund-Thompson Mortuary
Lundstrum, Charles Leroy, d.12/16/1933, Age 11 mos, Bigham Service
Lundstrum, Gertrude, d.2/7/1931, Age 34 yrs, Thompson Service
Lungstrum, Julie Kay, d.5/21/1995, Born 8/4/1966, died at St. Petersburg, FL, Lupus, Knell Mortuary, Carthage, MO
Luscombe, Thomas O., d.8/5/1914, Age 33 yrs
Luttrell, Warren, d.4/4/1905, Age 18 mos
Luz, Adolph F., d.9/2/1931, Age 70 yrs, Bigham Service
Luz, Elizabeth M., d.7/10/1970, Age 79 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Luz, Wilhelmine (May), d.10/6/1944, Age 79 yrs, Bigham Service
Lyons, Pearl, d.6/12/1969, Age 61 yrs, Clark Service
Lytle, George A., d.8/1/1948, Age 67 yrs, Bigham Service
Lytle, Ollie, d.6/2/1930, Age 45 yrs, Bigham Service
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