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I.O.O.F. Cemetery
Neosho, Newton County, Missouri

Contributed and recorded by Doris Snyder, March 31, 2000 [dsnyder@ipa.net]. Total records = 6,728.

Infant, d.2/19/1912
Irons, Douglas, d.7/1/1933, Age 71 yrs, Thompson Service
Irons, Lucy, d.1947, Age 86 yrs
Irvin, Maude F., d.7/29/1960, Thompson Service
Irvin, Melvin, Col., d.2/4/1998, Born 11/3/1909, Clark Funeral Home
Jack, James J., d.1/1/1957, Age 75 yrs, Clark
Jack, Mary E., d.2/16/1962, Age 80 yrs, Clark
Jackson, Elizabeth, d.1921, Age 81 yrs
Jackson, Esther, d.4/4/1944, Age 70 yrs
Jackson, Floyd M., d.8/21/1957, Age 74 yrs, Thompson Service
Jackson, J. A., d.5/11/1946, Age 76 yrs, Thompson Service
Jackson, Joe W., d.1/23/1997, Born 12/20/1914, Clark Funeral Home
Jackson, Mary J., d.12/23/1918
Jackson, Mary S., d.8/4/1956, Age 69 yrs, Clark Service
Jackson, Mildred, d.8/14/1904
Jackson, Mr., d.2/24/1913
Jackson, Mrs. A. M., d.11/19/1908, Age 74 yrs, Heart Failure, Dr. Bowers & Benton, Bighams
Jackson, Mrs. Anna, d.12/22/1938, Age 76 yrs
Jackson, Page H., d.6/16/1951, Age 45 yrs, Clark Service
Jackson, Pearl, d.6/20/1959, Age 72 yrs
Jackson, R. E., d.1920, Only 1 grave used
Jackson, R. W., d.11/4/1912
Jackson, Reginald D., d.2/26/1967, Age 72 yrs, Thompson Service, Grace Jackson, wife
Jackson, Robert, d.1/18/1943, Age 87 yrs
Jackson, Samuel H., d.11/11/1901, Age 74 yrs 9 mo 11 days, La Grippe & Liver, Died at Cavena McDonald
Jackson, Willard Raymond, d.12/25/66, Carcinoma, Clark Service
Jacobs, Chris, d.12/8/1915
Jacobs, Mrs. Tina, d.8/9/1931, Wife of Chris Jacobs
Jacobs, Wm., d.5/24/1910, Age 64 yrs 1 mo 23 days, Cancer of Bowels, Dr. Wills
Jacobs, Wm. R., d.4/22/76, 1885-1976, 15 feet S of N end of Jacobs Lot
Jaeger, Ernest, d.7/6/1935, Age 65 yrs, Bigham Service
Jaeger, Hattie, d.10/8/1941, Age 69 yrs, Bigham Service
James, A. L., d.7/4/1920
James, Albert E., Jr., d.9/1/1984, Age 61 yrs, died at Springfield, Missouri, Clark
James, Albert E., Sr., d.4/6/1968, Age 71 yrs, Thompson Service, Coronary Occlusion
James, Floyd M., d.9/27/1979, Age 80 yrs, Clark
James, Geo. B., d.12/6/1918, Stout
James, Goldie Alice, d.11/26/1978, Age 76 yrs, Clark
James, Julin, d.3/25/1976, Male, Clark
James, Samuel L., d.1920, Age 78 yrs
James, T. M., d.8/17/1920
Janens, (Infant), d.9/20/1903, Age 7 days, baby boy, infant of Wilber Janens
January, Mary V., d.12/26/1958, Age 48 yrs, Peyette Funeral Home, Arkansas
January, Thomas B., d.12/26/1958, Age 55 yrs, Peyette Funeral Home, Arkansas
Jarnagin, (Infant), d.7/18/1882, Age 16 mos, Infant of Albert Jarnagin
Jarnagin, Albert, d.10/29/1882, Age 42 yrs
Jarnagin, Maudy T., d.6/14/1970, Age 61 yrs 6 mos 2 days, Clark Funeral Home
Jeans, Agnes, d.1919
Jeffers, Billy Wayne, d.8/9/1969, Age 46 yrs, Clark
Jeffers, C. F. (Child), d.1/18/??, Paid by Note, A. J. Thomas
Jeffers, Catherine, d.1916
Jeffers, Charles F., d.4/25/1963, Age 72 yrs, Coronary Occlusion, Clark Funeral Home
Jeffers, Harold Edward, d.7/19/1973, Age 64 yrs, Clark
Jeffers, Hazel M., d.11/19/1986, Age 92 yrs, Clark
Jeffers, J. S., No date
Jeffers, J. S. (Child), d.1/19/1918, Stillborn
Jeffers, James E., d., Cremains
Jeffers, James E., d.1/18/1986, Age 83 yrs, Clark
Jeffers, John (Jack) Edward, d.7/19/1971, Age 46 yrs, Clark
Jeffers, Laura May, d.1917, Age 23 yrs
Jeffers, Loyd E., d.4/3/1968, Age 73 yrs, Coronary Occlusion, Viola Jeffers, wife, Clark Service
Jeffers, Nettie, d.9/3/1960, Age 92 yrs
Jeffers, Sally P., d.3/31/1986, Age 85 yrs, Clark
Jeffers, Viola Ester, d.12/19/1993, Born 6/8/1899, Clark Funeral Home
Jeffers, W. Bruce, d.6/8/1969, Age 75 yrs, Clark
Jeffers, Wilma M., d.10/6/1981, Age 70 yrs, Freund-Thompson
Jeffries, Margaret Verla, d.11/20/1994, Born 2/7/1910, Clark Funeral Home
Jenanyan, Laura S., d.11/11/1986, Age 64 yrs, Clark
Jenkins, Charles J., d.3/7/1934, Age 2 yrs, Bigham Services
Jenkins, Elizabeth S., d.1924, Age 56 yrs
Jennings, Arthur, d.10/26/1985, Clark Funeral Home
Jensen, Rosa Lee, d.8/20/1951, Age 75, Thompson Service
Jensen, Valdemar, d.4/25/1944, Age 68 yrs, Bigham Service
Jent, Bernice Maxine (Lyons), d.11/26/1994, Born 1/1910, Lyons Lot, Clark Funeral Home
Jester, Paul M., d.8/26/1972, Age 68 yrs, Hedge Lewis, Webb City, Missouri
Jester, Twyla Opal, d.7/22/1996, Born 10/1909 in Notoma, KS, Kruger Family Lot, Cremains
Jewell, Sara Mae, d.1945
Jewett, Charles L., d.10/8/1973, Age 67 yrs, Freund Thompson Funeral Home
Joalin, B. F., d.8/28/1908, Age 70 yrs, Malaria Fever, Dr. Balsty, shipped from Joplin
Jobe, Mr. Jobe, d.1924, Oddfellow
Jobe, Mrs. Sarah, d.2/27/1935, Age 86 yrs
Johannes, Effie, d.8/5/1914, Age 39 yrs
Johns, Bertha, d.11/5/1998, Born 6/14/1905, dbl marker for William & Bertha, Clark Funeral Home
Johns, William Cobel, d.10/18/1974, Age 75 yrs, Clark
Johnson, (Baby), d.10/24/1974, Clark Funeral Home
Johnson, (Infant), d.9/24/1900, Stillborn, Infant of Howard Johnson
Johnson, (Infant), d.12/30/1979, Male, Stillborn, Joplin, Missouri, Oak Hill Hospital, Clark Funeral Home, Neosho, Missouri
Johnson, (Infant), d.12/30/1980, Infant, died at Joplin, Missouri, Clark
Johnson, Albie, d.5/29/1956, Age 86 yrs, Clark Service
Johnson, Burk, d.8/5/1914, Age 54 yrs
Johnson, Carry Bell, d.3/14/1884, Age 3 yrs
Johnson, Cathrine, d.1/7/1978, Age 75 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Johnson, Charley, d.10/7/1964, Age 67 yrs, Clark
Johnson, Dakotah J., d.5/14/1994, Born 12/14/1991, accident, Clark Funeral Home
Johnson, Dorcas, d.8/27/1937, Age 66 yrs
Johnson, Dorothea, d.8/12/1947, Age 21 yrs, Thompson Service
Johnson, Dorothy Burris, d.5/30/1994, Born in New Jersey, died at Neosho, MO, Clark Funeral Home
Johnson, Dr. Roy Russell, d.4/11/1983, Age 86 yrs, Clark
Johnson, Eleizabeth Ann, d.5/26/77, Clark Funeral Home
Johnson, Emma E., d.5/25/1960, Age 79 yrs, Parker Service
Johnson, Emma K., d.12/16/1973, Age 68 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Johnson, Floyd, d.2/13/1963, Age 79 yrs, Clark Service
Johnson, Fred, d.6/2/1953, Age 68 yrs
Johnson, Garland, d.6/25/1954, Age 72 yrs, Thompson Service
Johnson, Gladys L., d.5/13/1979, Age 86 yrs, Thornhill-Dillon, Joplin, Missouri
Johnson, Goldie May, d.3/30/1971, Age 59 yrs, Clark
Johnson, H. S., d.1915, Age 50 yrs
Johnson, Harold E., d.7/9/1956, Age 49 yrs, Thompson Service
Johnson, James, d.6/9/1980, Age 73 yrs, died at Chicago, Illinois, Clark
Johnson, James F., d.1952, Age 50 yrs
Johnson, Leo H., d.11/23/1956, Age 70 yrs, Clark Service
Johnson, Linda Kay (Matters), d.4/17/1993, Born 9/17/1944, Walnut Lawn Funeral Home, Springfield, MO
Johnson, Lula Clair (Foote), d.2/19/1992, Born 8/7/1933, died at Alvin, TX, Cremains
Johnson, Mabel, d.9/26/1964, Age 85 yrs, Miss Ella Stein, sister, Clark Service
Johnson, Mack, d.8/1/1935, Age 66 yrs, Bigham Service
Johnson, Martha Pearl, d.11/12/1964, Age 74 yrs, Heart Trouble, Ralph B. Johnson, husband, Nathalie Smith & Mrs. Alfred Stanley, daughters, Clark Service
Johnson, Mary E., d.1921, Age 72 yrs
Johnson, Media A., d.12/12/1939, Wife of A. N. Johnson, Thompson Service
Johnson, Mrs. Lucile Duff, d.11/20/1966 or 11/19/1966, Age 80 yrs 11 mo 19 days, born at Troy, Missouri, Clark Service, Thomas Johnson, son
Johnson, Nellie, d.8/31/1960, Age 76 yrs, Thompson Service
Johnson, Noah H., d.11/1/1944, age 29 yrs, Thompson Service
Johnson, Orville Nathan, d.7/15/63, Age 68 yrs 1 mo 2 days, born in Neosho, Missouri, last residence Oceanside, California, Clark Funeral Home, Dr. Roy R. Johnson, brother
Johnson, Pauline, d.9/14/1903, Age 3 yrs 7 mos 22 days, Dr. Yates
Johnson, Ralph B., d.10/12/1967, Age 77 yrs, found at home dead, Clark Service, Mrs. Nathalee Smith, stepdaughter, Mr. Walter Hopton, half brother
Johnson, Randolph, d.8/22/1953, Age 30 yrs, Clark-Bigham Service
Johnson, Ricky D., d.5/4/1971, Age 25 yrs, died at Joplin, Missouri, killed in tornado, Clark
Johnson, Robert N., d.5/3/1899, age 53 yrs 9 mo 9 days, Consumption, Dr. Van Cleve
Johnson, Roy Russell, d.4/11/1984, Age 86 yrs, Clark
Johnson, Rudy M., d.12/17/1986, Age 60 yrs, Clark
Johnson, Russell A., d.11/30/1968, Age 70 yrs, Clark Service
Johnson, Russell H., d.6/3/1984, Age 69 yrs, died at San Antonia, Texas, Clark
Johnson, Ruth C., Age 68 yrs 11 mo 20 days, Wife of Dr. Roy Johnson (dentist), Clark Service
Johnson, S. H., d.12/24/1916, Brother of A. N. Johnson
Johnson, Terry, d.2/8/1999, Born 3/3/1950, Clark Funeral Home
Johnson, Thresa, d.10/8/1973, Age 68 yrs, Clark
Johnson, Ulysses, d.3/14/1948, Age 79 yrs
Johnson, Virginia J., d.2/10/1972, Age 75 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Johnson, William F., d.12/8/1877, Age 23 mos
Johnson, William H., d.1/26/1980, Age 81 yrs, Thornhill-Dillon Mortuary, Joplin. Died at Joplin, Missouri
Johnson, William H., d.1/24/1980, Age 87 yrs, died at Joplin, Missouri, Thornhill-Dillon, Joplin
Joines, Ernest, d.7/6/1912, Age 2 yrs (See Ernest Joins, son of J. F. Joins)
Joines, James F., d.11/8/1952, Age 84 yrs, Shewmake Service, Granby
Joines, Mary, d.5/9/1946, Age 76 yrs, Paralytic Stroke, Thompson Service
Joines, Ted, d.5/27/78, Age 73 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Joins, Ernest, d.7/6/1912, Son of J. F. Joins
Joins, John S., d.6/9/1907, Age 64 yrs 11 mos 18 days, Euremia, Dr. Lamson
Joins, Margrett Sneed, d.10/30/1909, Age 14 yrs 16 days, Typhoid Fever, Dr. Bowers
Jolly, William, d.5/28/1888, Age 6 mos
Jone, Pauline, d.12/5/1979, Age 75 yrs, Clark
Jones, d.2/28/1994, Clark Funeral Home
Jones, (Infant), d.11/30/1876, Age 12 days, Infant of Hubbard Jones
Jones, Amelia, d.4/28/1872, Age 53 yrs
Jones, Barbara, d.7/9/1999, Born 11/5/1964, just North of Grandmother, Esther Brandberg, Clark Funeral Home
Jones, Benjamin, d.10/16/1866, Age 11 yrs
Jones, Bennie, d.10/18/1846, Age 1 mo
Jones, Carl E., d.11/9/83, Age 60 yrs, Clark
Jones, Charles L., d.11/1/1979, Age 68 yrs, Died in Springfield, Clark Funeral Home, Neosho, Missouri
Jones, Christine, d.6/24/1998, Born 9/23/1921, next to sister, Gladys Stewart, Clark Funeral Home
Jones, Clarence W., d.9/25/1976, Clark Funeral Home
Jones, Clifford S., d.4/23/1965, Age 60 yrs, Auto Wreck, Mrs. Eula Jones, wife, Shewmake Funeral Home, late of Granby, Missouri
Jones, Debra Lynn, d.1/15/1953, Age 1 day, Thompson Service
Jones, Edith, d.11/16/1975, Age 70 yrs 10 mo, Freund-Thompson Funeral Home
Jones, Elmer S., d.1/15/1970, Age 78 yrs, Clark Funeral Home, Elmer, Jr., son
Jones, Erma Lorene, d.10/29/83, Age 62 yrs, died at Joplin, Missouri, Mason-Woodard, Joplin
Jones, Ethel, d.12/20/1974, Age 77 yrs, Freund-Thompson
Jones, Eula V., No date
Jones, F. J., d.8/16/1912
Jones, Frank S., d.3/23/1884, Age 2 yrs
Jones, Fred, d.10/6/1961, Age 70 yrs, Thompson Service
Jones, Gertrude O., d.8/22/1977, Clark Funeral Home
Jones, Gladyce H., d.1/29/65, Age 66 yrs, Clark Service, Miss Shireey Jones, Mrs. Barbara Bailey, Mrs. Sunken, daughters
Jones, Hubbard F., d.8/16/1917, Age 69 yrs
Jones, Ira, d.11/24/1948, Age 49 yrs
Jones, Isaac B., d.1/6/1900, age 73 yrs 6 mo 22 days, La Grippe, Dr. Maas
Jones, Joan Forshay, d.9/30/1993, Born 7/8/1914, died at Kansas City, MO, H. M. Haughey-McGilley State Line Chapel, Kansas City, MO
Jones, John, d.11/3/1950, Age 67 yrs, Thompson Service
Jones, John William, d.10/6/1946, Age 81 yrs, Bigham Service, Russell Johnson Lot
Jones, Junetta C., d.4/13/1993, Born 6/13/1918, Cremains, Woodard-Freund-Thompson Mortuary
Jones, Katie, d.8/9/1859
Jones, Leon, d.11/28/1952, Age 75 yrs, Thompson Service
Jones, Leonard D., d.4/29/1986, Age 56 yrs, Clark
Jones, Lois J., d.12/25/69, Age 69 yrs, Paralysis Agitans, Elmer S. Jones, husband, Clark Funeral Home
Jones, Lucinda L., d.7/22/1873, Age 26 yrs, Bigham Service
Jones, Luther, d.1/22/1941, Age 84 yrs, Bigham Service
Jones, Martha, d.2/15/1996, Born 6/18/1925, Clark Funeral Home
Jones, Mary Ada, d.12/29/1919, Grave of Mr. B. Jones, Richard Jones
Jones, Mary E., d.11/6/1959, Age 92 yrs, Steve Parker Service, Joplin
Jones, Mary J., d.6/29/1959, Age 80 yrs, Thompson Service
Jones, Mary M. (Infant), d.7/10/1879, Infant
Jones, Mrs. Percy, d.10/16/1911, Born 6/6/1879, Tuberculoses, born in McDonald County, Missouri
Jones, Newton, d.6/16/1909, Age 39 yrs, Consumption, Bigham
Jones, Olie, d.7/31/1944, Age 80 yrs, Bigham Service
Jones, Rachel, d.1/8/1905, Age 67 yrs 6 mos, Consumption, Dr. Bowers
Jones, Ray Odis, d.4/28/1967, Age 61 yrs, Clark
Jones, Richard, d.6/22/1871, Age 70 yrs
Jones, Richard B., d.1915, Age 47 yrs
Jones, Richard M., d.4/24/1909, Age 63 yrs 3 mo 22 days, Diabetes, Lamson Herms
Jones, Richard Y., d.10/20/1963, Age 68 yrs 7 mo 3 days, Born at Neosho 3/20/1895, last residence, Lebanon, Missouri, Mrs. Paul Wheeler, sister, survives, Thompson Service
Jones, Robert M., d.8/13/1886, Age 40 yrs
Jones, Roy W., d.9/5/1958, Age 63 yrs, Thompson
Jones, Ruth Eloise, d.4/4/1991, Born 7/23/1916, died at Nevada, MO, Clark Funeral Home
Jones, Sadie M., d.5/23/1971, Age 84 yrs, Thompson
Jones, Sarah, d.4/22/1937, Age 63 yrs, Bigham Service
Jones, Seph J., d.9/3/1926, Age 85 yrs
Jones, Stanley M., d.2/25/1985, Age 43 yrs, died at Fort Polk, Louisiana, Clark
Jones, T. H., d.3/5/1943, Age 76 yrs, Thompson Service
Jones, Velma, d.7/8/1997, Born 11/4/1914, Clark Funeral Home
Jones, Warren M., d.7/30/1978, Age 67 yrs, Freund-Thompson
Jones, William E., d.11/30/1980, Age 68 yrs, died at Springfield, Missouri, Clark
Jones, Willie, d.4/19/1859, Age 2 yrs
Joslin, Benjamin F., d.1908, Age 70 yrs
Joslin, Mary, d.1908, Age 81 yrs
Justice, Alta Carlene, d.4/2/1980, Age 49 yrs, Clark
Justice, Nell Leona, d.3/9/1974, Clark Funeral Home
Justice, Wayman O., d.9/12/1958, Age 70 yrs, Freund-Thompson
Justice, Wayne W., d.8/11/1981, Age 70 yrs, Clark
Kaderly, Lee, d.12/3/1985
Kaminscky, Anna V., d.10/5/83, Age 93 yrs, died at Webb City, Missouri, Clark
Kaminscky, Paul J., d.4/18/1966, Age 83 yrs, born in Germany, late of Neosho, Missouri, Veteran Spanish American War, Anna Kaminscky, wife, Mrs. Emma Wunsch, sister, Mrs. Emma L. Reed, daughter, Clark Service
Karbe, A. F., d.7/24/1953, Age 84 yrs, Thompson Service
Karbe, Arthur, d.1882
Karbe, Barbara, d.1870
Karbe, Cora, d.1880
Karbe, Emma, d.11/7/1968, Age 96 yrs 10 mo 27 days, Thompson Service, Hal Karbe, son
Karbe, Esther, d.3/1/1957, Age 58 yrs, Clark Service
Karbe, Frank, d.1889
Karbe, Hal B., d.9/27/1970, Age 77 yrs, Thompson Funeral Home
Karbe, Hunter G., d.11/14/1933, Age 38 yrs, born at Neosho, Missouri, died at Jefferson Hospital, Dayton, Ohio
Karbe, John, d.1892
Karbe, Lucy Ann, d.1889
Karbe, Mrs. H. B., d.6/27/1924, Wife of H. B. Karbe
Karges, John P., d.10/12/1882, Age 32 yrs
Karnes, Harvey, d.1910, Age 76 yrs
Karnes, Hugh McCoy, d.8/31/1977, Age 88 yrs, Knell Mortuary, Carthage, Missouri
Karnes, Mrs. Mary H., d.1899, Age 67 yrs
Karnes, Sammie J., d.2/11/1952, Age 27 yrs, Thompson Service
Keef, Bessie, d.8/24/1944, Age 55 yrs, Thompson Service
Keeling, Eva Louise, d.11/5/1990, Born 9/14/1901, Clark Funeral Home
Keeling, Ross, d.10/20/1982, Age 81 yrs, Clark
Keim, Addie Louvada, d.7/7/1971, Age 56 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Keiser, Tenna Louise, d.11/25/1962, Age 9 yrs, Clark Service
Keith, Bryant Jackson, d.12/15/1896, Age 2 yrs 5 mo 1 day, Chicken Pox Congestion of Brain, Dr. Lamson
Keller, Lois E., d.1/2/1993, Born 12/20/1916, Woodard-Freund-Thompson Mortuary
Keller, Lucy, d.2/1/1896, Age 59 yrs 2 days, Consumption
Keller, Mrs. Jennie V., d.3/31/1956, Clark-Bigham Service
Keller, Robert Vance, d.4/8/1868, Age 64 yrs
Keller, Rosa, d.9/27/1877, Age 12 yrs
Keller, S. Harry, d.1927, Age 67 yrs, Bigham Service
Keller, W. B., d.1/13/1942, Age 81 yrs
Keller, Winifred M., d.5/27/1948
Kelley, John H., d.5/3/1956, Age 80 yrs, Biddlecome Service, Seneca, Missouri
Kelley, Josie E., d.3/25/1942, Age 59 yrs (See Kelly, Josephine)
Kelly, (Infant), d.9/16/1961, Age 2 yrs, Thompson Service
Kelly, Eva, d.3/30/1951, Age 64 yrs, Thompson Service
Kelly, Francis J., d.8/3/1953, Age 49 yrs, Clark-Bigham Service
Kelly, George T., d.6/7/1961, Age 51 yrs, Thompson Service
Kelly, John H., d.5/3/1956, Age 80 yrs, Biddlecome Service, Seneca, Missouri
Kelly, John W., d.3/31/1959, Age 71 yrs, Culver Shewmake Service, Granby, Missouri
Kelly, Josephine, d.3/25/1942, Age 59 yrs (See Kelley, Josie)
Kelly, Kinda, d.9/15/1961
Kelly, Mary A., d.12/6/1948, Age 73 yrs, Bigham Service
Kelly, Michael J., d.12/19/1941, Age 66 yrs, Bigham Service
Kelly, Paul J., d.6/5/1957, Age 41 yrs
Kelsey, George E., d.6/9/1964, Age 85 yrs, Heart Attack, Thompson Service
Kelsey, Ida Mae, d.9/10/1973, Age 78 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Kelsey, Maude E., d.1/12/1968, Age 88 yrs, Thompson Service, George Kelsey, son
Kemper, Sophia, d.7/18/1888, Age 44 yrs
Kennedy, Mary, d.6/4/1910
Kennedy, Thomas, d.11/14/1974, Age 72 yrs, Freund Thompson Funeral Home
Kenney, Ada, d.5/27/1968, Age 84 yrs, Thompson Service, Mr. Harry Kenney & Nell Maxwell, children
Kenney, Bernice, d.8/16/1998, Woodard-Freund-Thompson Mortuary
Kenney, Claude B., d.4/23/1967, Age 74 yrs, Myocardial Failure, Clark Service
Kenney, E. S., d.1928
Kenney, Emma, d.1917
Kenney, Harry, d.12/4/1977, Age 73 yrs, Freund Thompson Funeral Home
Kenney, Irvin, d.3/20/1932, Age 45 yrs
Kenney, J. R., d.3/21/1932, Age 40 yrs
Kenney, Jessie E., d.8/5/1914, Age 52 yrs
Kenney, Kate May, d.6/29/1974, Age 90 yrs, Freund Thompson Funeral Home
Kenney, Lee, d.7/5/1967, Thompson Service
Kenney, Lillie, d.1932, Age 63 yrs
Kenney, Mr. A., d.1927, W. E. Sims Administrator of Estate
Kenney, Mrs. Lillie E., d.1/25/1932, On E. S. Kenney Lot
Kenney, Roy Severe, d.12/22/1969, Age 79 yrs 1 mo 12 days, Clark Funeral Home, left wife, 2 sons 2 daughter living
Kenney, Thomas A., d.3/14/1947, Age 76 yrs, Thompson Service
Kenney, Vennetta, d.2/23/1936, Age 39 yrs
Kenney, Verna F., d.11/14/1935, Age 21 mos
Kennicut, J. H., d.5/24/1911, Age 65 yrs, Apoplexy
Kent, Elmer, d.1/9/1985, Age 88 yrs, died at Fayetteville, Arkansas, Freund-Thompson
Kent, Mary E., d.5/10/1952, Age 80 yrs, Thompson Service
Kent, Omer E., d.4/12/1976, Age 80 yrs 6 mos 18 days, Clark Service
Kent, Pearl Agnus, d.5/10/1977, Clark Funeral Home
Kent, Virginia L., d.4/18/1926, Age 2 yrs
Kent, Walter, d.10/131952, Age 84 yrs, Thompson Service
Kernohan, Henry, d.5/17/1954, Age 76 yrs, Thompson Service
Kernohan, Mary, d.8/21/1968, Age 87 yrs, Clark Service, Mrs. Miller, daughter
Kerr, Mary E., d.6/12/1877, Age 30 yrs
Kesler, Caroline, d.5/4/1992, Born 1/18/1903, died at Glendale, AZ, Clark Funeral Home
Kessinger, Aletha E., d.10/25/1960, Age 78 yrs, Thompson Service
Kessinger, Andrew Jackson, d.3/17/1966, Age 88 yrs, Senility, Dr. A. J. Kessinger, Jr., son, Clark Service
Kessinger, Dr. Andrew, d.2/26/1999, Born 10/17/1915, Woodard-Freund-Thompson Mortuary
Kessler, Laura E., d.11/18/1947, Age 22 yrs, Bigham Service
Keyton, Alnorma, d.1/28/1998, Born 4/18/1904, Cremains, Clark Funeral Home
Keyton, Henry Y., d.2/23/1986, Age 73 yrs, Clark
Keyton, Mrs. C., d.12/29/1919, Wife of Mr. C. Keyton
Keyton, Vera J., d.5/31/1979, Age 64 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Kiddoo, Jennie F., d.4/9/1902, Age 52 yrs 3 mo 19 days, Dr. Benton
Kiddoo, Robert E., d.8/28/??, Age 51 yrs 5 mos, Dr. Benton
Kigsby, Jessie Wm., d.2/11/1906, Age 77 yrs 2 mo 12 dys, Old age
Kilbury, Charles R., d.4/22/1946, Grandson, Charles Ray & Ruth Oliver
Kilbury, Ronald, d.1919
Kilbury, Ruth, d.8/28/1953, Age 57 yrs
Killebrew, Don J., d.8/14/1986, Age 70 yrs, Freund-Thompson
Killer, Mannah, d.7/30/1880
Killion, Eugene, d.9/28/1974, Age 76 yrs, Etta Lyon Lot, Freund Thompson Funeral Home
Killion, Fannie L., d.12/7/1941, Age 71 yrs, Bigham Service
Killion, J. A., d.10/5/1939, Age 73 yrs, Bigham Service
Kimberlin, Estaline June, d.6/18/1976, Clark Funeral Home
Kimbrough, O. H., d.1921, 1 baby grave on N end of lot
Kimbrough, Onal Hobart, d.12/4/1964, Age 68 yrs, Cerebral Thrombosis, Clark Service, Mrs. Cathryn Kimbrough, wife
Kinfony, (Infant girl), d.12/26/1906, Age 21 days
King, Bertha M., d.11/5/1973, Age 78 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
King, Claud W., d.4/6/1945, Clark Funeral Home
King, Geo. W., d.3/10/1945, Thompson Funeral Home
Kirby, d.1925
Kirby, J. W., d.10/15/1938, Age 47 yrs 5 mo 29 days, regular Thompson
Kirby, M. F., d.11/17/1951, Age 49 yrs, Clark-Bigham Service
Kirby, Mary Goodloe, d.5/20/1995, Born 6/1/1902 in Rosebud, AR, died in Rogers, AR, Clark Funeral Home
Kirby, Mrs. J. W., No date
Kirk, Charles, d.5/15/1939, Age 68 yrs
Kirk, Cora, d.8/30/1951, Age 84 yrs, Thompson Service
Kirk, Dave, d.1922, Age 78 yrs
Kirk, Fred, d.9/24/1945, Age 70 yrs, Bigham Service
Kirk, Hattie Hill, d.4/12/1900, Age 56 yrs, Cancer of the Womb, Wife of Wiley Kirk
Kirk, Mae L., d.4/19/1962, Age 79 yrs, Clark Service
Kirk, Mark Douglas, d.6/21/1964, Age 7 yrs, Cystic Fibrosis & Pneumonia, Clark Service, Mr. & Mrs. Wylie Kirk, Sr., parents
Kirk, Mrs. Elizabeth, d.7/18/1932, Age 88 yrs
Kirk, Mrs. Laura Pearman, d.2/8/1930
Kirk, Roy P., d.11/14/1957, Age 73 yrs, Clark Service
Kirk, Sarah J., d.4/10/1944, Age 83 yrs, Bigham Service
Kirk, Thomas, d.9/22/1935, Age 76 yrs, Bigham Service
Kirk, Thomas Oliver, d.8/21/1968, Age 70 yrs, Clark Service, Lolita Kirk, wife, Heart Trouble
Kirk, Wiley, Sr., d.3/27/1999, Born 4/28/1913, Clark Funeral Home
Kirkley, Eleanor, d.1924, Age 94 yrs, Ethel Kirkley, mother
Kirkley, L. E., d.1924, 1 child grave on Lot, balance of 1/2 lot sold to J. N. Erwin 7/18/1931
Kirkpatrice, Rosa Lee, d.2/15/1904, Age 31 yrs 7 mo 9 days, Bright's Disease
Kirsch, (Child), d.12/27/1924, Grave of Child of John R. Kirsch
Kirsch, (Infant), d.12/7/1929, Grave of Child of John R. Kirsch
Kirsch, John R., d.9/10/1973, Age 82 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Kirsch, Oza Ruth, d.4/9/1974, Age 86 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Kisler, William Herman, d.9/18/1979, Age 77 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Kittredge, Theodore, Jr., d.8/13/1991, Clark Funeral Home
Kleese, Charlie W., d.1/13/1932, Bigham Service
Kleese, Paul B., d.3/22/1933, Age 15 yrs, Bigham Service
Klein, Doris, d.12/19/1981, Age 91 yrs, Clark
Klein, Hughbelle, d.10/27/1998, Born 11/22/1914, dbl marker, Roger & Hughbelle, Clark Funeral Home
Klein, Rodger, d.4/8/1972, Age 59 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Kluge, Charles W., d.12/4/1961, Clark Service
Klyver, Charles H., d.2/7/1949, Age 81 yrs, Thompson Service
Klyver, Katherine, d.3/4/1947, Age 82 yrs, Thompson Service
Kneisley, Ruben, d.9/1/??, Age 66 yrs 6 mo 1 day, Accident, paralysis
Knerium, Joseph Rev., d.6/3/1963, Age 67 yrs, Clark Funeral Home, Heart Failure
Knierim, Alma, d.5/2/1975, Freund-Thompson Mortuary
Knights, (Child), d.12/21/1915
Kniseley, Mollie Ezill, d.11/22/1903, Age 23 yrs, Consumption, Dr. Benton
Knotts, Donald E., d.2/16/1970, Wife living, Farmer Funeral Home, Springdale, Arkansas, there are 12 grave spaces in this lot, Lot 57 Blk 18, 1903 addn
Knotts, E. W., d.3/3/1918, Age 74 yrs
Knotts, Elizabeth, d.1913, Age 67 yrs
Knotts, Gerald Eugene, d.6/23/67, Age 66 yrs, Acute Heart Failure, Tulsa Whisenhunt Funeral Home, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Mr. Don Knotts, brother
Knotts, H. H., d.7/15/1940, Age 66 yrs, Bigham Service
Knotts, Harlan R., d.1951, Age 71 yrs
Knotts, James, d.7/17/1960, Age 53 yrs, Thompson Service
Knotts, Mrs. Lilly, d.5/1/1939, Abt Age 60 yrs, Bigham Service
Knotts, Nina, d.10/9/1945, Age 76 yrs, Bigham Service
Knotts, Roland, d.11/2/1913, Age 9 mos
Knowles, Ella, d.10/16/1880, Age 9 yrs
Koenig, Leonard, d.10/22/1971, Age 81 yrs, Knell Funeral Home, Carthage, Missouri
Koenig, Mae, d.4/6/1952, Age 66 yrs, Thompson Service
Kopp, Kate, d.4/13/1956, Age 77 yrs
Kraft, Beatrice D., d.7/17/1973, Age 54 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Kraft, David, d.7/16/1928
Kraft, Frank P., d.8/20/1952, Age 59 yrs, Thompson Service
Kraft, Fred C., d.10/27/1961, Age 76 yrs, Thompson Service
Kraft, J. H., d.12/9/1932, Age 84 yrs
Kraft, Janet, d.12/23/1943, Age 61 yrs, State, Bigham Service
Kraft, Lizzie S., d.5/15/1955, Age 77 yrs, Clark-Bigham Funeral Home
Kraft, Melba, d.7/14/1970, Age 77 yrs, Thompson Funeral Home
Kraft, Mrs. David, d.7/11/1928, Age 88 yrs, born in Missouri
Kraft, Mrs. J. H., d.9/23/1911, Enlarged Liver
Kraft, S. Merle, d.6/23/1995, Born 7/14/1906, Woodard-Freund-Thompson Mortuary
Kramer, Dorothy Louise (Robison), d.5/20/1992, Born 9/28/1910 in Muskogee, OK, died at Lombard, IL, Cremains, Powers Lot
Krammers, (Infant daughter), d.10/14/1904, Age 4 days, Heart, Daughter of Krammers
Kress, Guy, d.3/7/1949, Age 74 yrs
Kress, Mrs. Guy, No date
Kritz, Esther, d.7/20/1938, Age 47 yrs, Bigham Service
Kritz, Floyd, No date
Kritz, John Ronald, d.9/29/1972, Age 63 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Krueger, Gertrude, d.4/20/1964, Age 82 yrs, Clark Service, born in Natoma, Kansas, late of Neosho, R. W. Krueger, husband, Mrs. Myrtle Hays, daughter, Arteriosclerosis w/generalized Debility
Krueger, Rudolph W., d.8/22/1970, Age 95 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Kruse, Anna, d.6/23/1997, Born 8/8/1933 in Germany, Clark Funeral Home
Kruse, August Harry, d.5/14/1977, Clark Funeral Home
Kruse, Clara Ethel, d.9/24/67, Age 74 yrs, Clark Service
Kruse, Dorothy, d.4/27/1998, Born 9/19/1920, Clark Funeral Home
Kruse, Ernest, d.1/27/1953, Age 63 yrs, Thompson Service
Kruse, Eugene, d.1942
Kruse, Homer, d.12/20/1981, Age 86 yrs, Clark
Kruse, J. D., d.11/12/1990, Born 10/19/1914, Clark Funeral Home
Kruse, Katie B., d.1928
Kruse, Lora, d.1969
Kruse, Minnie, d.1924
Kruse, Mrs. Wm., d., Bigham Service
Kruse, Robert W., d.1932
Kruse, William H., d.3/3/1963, Age 83 yrs, Thompson Service
Kruse, Wm., d.9/28/1920, Possibly grave of Mrs. Kruse (unreadable)
Kuelbs, Harriet, d.12/6/1997, Born 12/6/1922, Clark Funeral Home, next to mother, Olga Evers
Kulka, Gladys, d.11/1/1978, Age 71 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Kulka, Leo, d.8/30/1979, Age 73 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Kurtz, Deann, d.2/23/1993, Woodard-Freund-Thompson Mortuary
Kurtz, Ola, d.8/28/1990, Woodard-Freund-Thompson Mortuary
Kyle, James, d.11/13/1985, Clark Funeral Home
Kyle, Mildred, d.3/13/1999, Born 11/2/1910, dbl marker, James & Mildred, Clark Funeral Home
Kyser, Christina Marie, d.2/5/1971, Age 7 mos, Thompson Funeral Home
Kyser, Harold C., d.8/17/1982, Age 79 yrs, died at Springfield, Missouri, Clark
Kyser, Kenin Dale, d.12/7/1971, Age 5 mos, Thompson Funeral Home
Kyser, Maggie L., d.1944, Age 36 yrs
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