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I.O.O.F. Cemetery
Neosho, Newton County, Missouri

Contributed and recorded by Doris Snyder, March 31, 2000 [dsnyder@ipa.net]. Total records = 6,728.

Fackler, Mildred, d.11/25/1985
Fahrney, John, d.2/7/1881
Fahrney, Susan, d.11/4/1885, Age 63 yrs, Dr. Lamson
Fain, Artie, d.5/31/83, Age 84 yrs, died at Joplin, Missouri, Clark
Fain, Barry, d.8/18/1959, Age 4 mos, Clark Service
Fain, Claude L., d.7/13/1952, Age 68 yrs, Clark-Bigham Service
Fain, Henry E., d.7/11/1962, Age 81 yrs, Clark Service
Fain, Kim E., d.4/1/1962, Age 6 yrs, Clark Service
Fain, Nancy, d.6/25/1945, Age 66 yrs, Thompson Service
Fain, Tonya Kay, d.3/31/1963, Age 2 mos, born Naval Hospital, Camp Lejeune, NC, Mr. & Mrs. Carroll Fain, parents, Clark Funeral Home
Fain, Willard O., d.9/26/1949, Age 56 yrs, Bigham Service
Fair, Bessie, d.8/23/1958, Age 72 yrs, Clark Service
Fair, Helen S., d.3/26/1934, Age 24 yrs, Thompson Service
Fair, Ray A., d.4/15/83, Age 78 yrs, died at Parsons, Kansas, Burris-Carson-Wall Funeral Home, Parsons, Kansas
Fannes, Saphronia, d.6/20/1901, Age 82 yrs 4 mos 6 days, softening of brain
Farber, Blaine, d.3/15/1997, Born 8/22/1917
Farber, Irene, d.10/30/1982, Age 74 yrs, Freund-Thompson
Farley, Alice, d.8/7/66, Age 86 yrs, found dead at home, late resident of Pierce City, McQueen Funeral Home, Wheaton, Missouri
Farley, Bertha Fae, d.1/4/1992, Born 4/17/1942, Clark Funeral Home
Farley, Sidney M., d.4/21/1947, Age 78 yrs, Thompson Service
Farmer, J. M., d.1926, Age 84 yrs
Farmer, John W., d.8/11/1986, Musgrove-Merriott, Claremore, Oklahoma
Farmer, John William, d.8/11/1986, Age 93 yrs, died at Clairmore, Oklahoma, Smith Funeral Home
Farmer, Lynva Wayne, d.12/8/1957, Age 41 yrs, Thompson Service
Farney, Charlotte, d.8/2/1952, Age 73 yrs, Thompson Service
Farney, Hazel, d.6/11/83, Age 84 yrs, Freund-Thompson
Farney, James E., d.9/2/1955, Age 55 yrs, Thompson
Farney, John L., d.4/26/1957, Age 83 yrs, Thompson Service
Fauhl, Dorothea V., d.4/24/1975, Killed in Tornado, Clark
Fauhl, Richard M., d.12/5/1979, Age 76 yrs, died at Tulsa, Oklahoma, Moore's Eastlawn, Tulsa
Faulkner, O., d.10/8/1915
Fausett, Fannie Mary, d.2/28/64, Arteriosclerotic Heart Disease, Walter Fausett Sr., husband, Walter Fausett, Jr. son, Eddie Rice, brother, Clark Service, Henry Rice Lot
Fausett, Kelly Arvin, d.7/21/1965, Age 15 days, bronchial pneumonia, Mr. & Mrs. Walter Fausett, parents, Clark Service, N of Fannie, Henry Rice Lot
Fausett, Maude Lois, d.9/5/1975, Born 9/12/1882, Clark
Fausett, Robert, Sr., d.12/13/1997, Born 7/13/1917, Clark Funeral Home
Fausett, W. E. (Ed), d.3/24/1967, Age 87 yrs, Clark
Fausett, Walter, Sr., d.3/3/64, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Clark Service, born in Missouri, Walter & Lloyd Fausett, sons
Faust, David, d.11/3/1973, Age 29 yrs, killed in shooting, Clark
Fay, Irene, d.6/11/1986, Age 79 yrs, Clark
Fay, Rolla G., d.8/25/1983, Age 77 yrs, died at Joplin, Missouri, Clark
Feegles, Hirriet, d.8/4/1870, Age 78 yrs
Feldes, Edna Ora, d.11/25/1993, Born 3/25/1911, Clark Funeral Home
Fellers, Myra Elizabeth, d.4/1/1992, Born 1/14/1922, died at Rogers, AR, Woodard-Freund-Thompson Mortuary, Bill Fellers of Joplin, MO, son
Fellers, Robert Lee, d.9/18/1991
Fellows, R., d.12/6/1917
Fellows, W. S., d.4/4/1909, Age 73 yrs, Cancer, Dr. Lamson
Fergerson, Walter, d.1926, Age 40 yrs
Fergerson, William a., d.12/17/1963, Age 82 yrs, late of Carthage, Missouri, Hedge Lewis Funeral Home, Webb City
Ferguson, George W., d.7/27/1948, Age 68 yrs
Ferguson, George Wm. Marion, d.9/10/1981, Age 59 yrs, died at Granby, Missouri, Clark
Ferguson, Hattie A., d.10/2/1951, Age 62 yrs, Clark Bigham Service
Ferguson, Infant, d.5/3/1903, Still born boy, infant of R. S. Furgeson
Ferguson, Mrs. C. M., d.2/21/1941, Brought from Tulsa, Oklahoma
Ferguson, Mrs. Josephine, d.3/2/1931
Ferguson, Mrs. R. A., d.4/28/1934, Died at Exeter, Missouri
Ferguson, R. C., d.10/14/1932, Age 80 yrs
Ferguson, Ruben A., d.2/28/1938, Age 79 yrs, died at Exeter, Missouri
Ferguson, Ruben Frederick, d.4/9/1904, Age 9 yrs 5 mo 5 days, Dr. Benton, Bright's Disease
Ferrell, H. S., d.1942, Age 63 yrs
Ferrell, Maggie, No date
Ferrell, Stillborn Infant, d.2/18/1941, Stillborn, brought from Ponca City, Oklahoma, Mr. & Mrs. Tom Ferrell, parents
Ferrin, Roxana, d.11/22/1915
Ferrin, Roxana, d.10/2/1915, Age 82 yrs
Fesperman, Jean, d.2/14/1952, Stillborn, Thompson Service, 4 babies edge of road, S of Ruark W of Bell, Overton Baby and 2 others
Fiant, Eula Janes, d.9/2/1995, Born 10/16/1912, Fohn Funeral Come, Cassville, MO
Fields, Fred, d.12/5/1946, Age 56 yrs, Bigham Service
Fields, Laura, d.10/2/1948, Age 80 yrs, Accident, struck by train, Thompsons
Fields, Olive Agnis, d.1/15/1900, Age 29 yrs 5 mos 9 days, Consumption, Dr. Yates
Fields, Pleasant G., d.3/4/1932, Age 64 yrs, cancer of liver, born in Missouri, Bigham Service
Fields, Sarah, d.5/21/1900, Age 74 yrs 3 mos 4 days, Dr. Yates, Appoplexia
Fields, Th. Dorothy, d.2/21/1900, Age 1 yr 4 mos 25 days, Dr. Benton, spasms
Fifield, Mrs. Emily, d.12/10/1912, Age 68 yrs
Fifield, Otis E., d.5/1/1962, Age 85 yrs, Hedge-Lewis Service, Webb City
Fifield, Sarah L., d.4/13/1972, Age 89 yrs, Hedge-Lewis Funeral Home
Fincannon, Garland, d.8/12/1931, Age 21 yrs, Bigham Service
Fincannon, Nannie Mae, d.9/13/1970, Age 86 yrs, Thompson Funeral Home, granddaughter living
Fincannon, Theodore, d.4/26/1961, Age 78 yrs, Thompson Service
Finney, Arvey D., d.2/1/1909, Age 6 yrs 10 mos 1 day, Pneumonia, Transit, Dr. Lamson
Fish, (Stillborn), d.11/6/1904, Stillborn baby girl of R. Fish
Fish, Ada E., d.3/11/1896, Age 18 yrs 2 mos, blood poison, Dr. Benton
Fish, Myrtle, d.12/30/1955, Age 77 yrs, Culver-Underwood Service, Rich Hill, MO
Fish, Raulston, d.1/24/1957, Age 81 yrs, Stine McClure Service, Kansas City, MO
Fithian, James Allen, d.9/11/1971, Age 71 yrs, Clark
Fithian, Lois D., d.9/8/1986, Age 84 yrs, Clark
Fitzgerald, Glen Ellis, d.9/13/1969, Age 52 yrs 10 mo 27 days, female, Donald Fitzgerald, husband, Suicide
Flanagan, James S., d.6/13/1954, Age 85 yrs, Butler Service, Kansas City, Missouri
Flanagan, Jewell, d.11/8/1943, Age 34 yrs, Thompson Service
Flanagan, Samantha, d.12/10/1943, Age 74 yrs, Thompson Service
Flannigan, George W., d.9/26/1955, Age 70 yrs, Thompson Service
Flaugh, Rebecca Ann, d.7/1/1971, Age 2 days, Clark Funeral Home
Fleetwood, Florence Catherine, d.1/10/1975, Age 79 yrs, Clark Funeral Home, notation Byron
Fleming, Caroline Lewis, d.8/23/1963, Age 91 yrs, late residence Dallas, Texas, Clark Funeral Home
Fleming, Hallie, d.9/11/1897, Age 22 yrs 3 mo 3 days, consumption, Dr. Benton
Fleming, Mrs., d.3/24/1930, Shipped from Tulsa, Oklahoma, Fleming Lot
Fleming, Ronald G., d.8/9/1986, Age 39 yrs, Clark
Fleming, Unknown, d.1895, Typhoid, Dr. Benton
Fleming, William R., d.1924, Age 79 yrs
Fletcher, Helen, d.6/17/1996, Clark Funeral Home
Fletcher, Johnny T., d.5/11/1968, Age 2, Thompson
Fletcher, Lillie Bell, d.10/27/1972, Age 82 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Flint, Grissie, d.1949, Age 78 yrs
Flint, H. B., d.11/1/1926, Age 67 yrs
Flint, Mr., d.11/1/1926
Flint, Mrs. Barbara, d.4/17/1926, Age 65 yrs
Floyd, Ida A., d.1/21/1951, Age 78 yrs, Cooper Service, Miami, Oklahoma
Floyd, Milton Ross, d.11/15/1964, Age 93 yrs, Hutchings Funeral Home, late residence, Miami, Oklahoma
Floyd, Orilla Maud, d.6/30/1899, Age 2 yrs 3 mo 14 days, Cholera, Dr. Yates
Flym, Harriett, d.4/23/1916, Shown as mother of Dudley Benjamin Flynn
Flynn, Dudley Benjamin, d.11/15/1963, Age 58 yrs, died at Columbus, Cherokee Co., Kansas, Mrs. Harry Flym, mother, Richland Murdock Funeral Home, Columbus, Kansas
Flynn, Harry, d.4/11/1916, Also shown as Flym
Follin, James, d.8/13/1855, Age 26 yrs
Fontaine, Gladys, d.4/6/1965, Age 62 yrs, Heart Attack, Clark Service, 711 N. College
Fontaine, Ventrice, d.6/13/1959, Age 62 yrs, Clark Service
Foote, Belle Z., d.4/6/1967, Age 100 yrs 4 mo 20 days, son in Vinita, OK, Clark Service
Foote, Ziba D., d.1/16/952, Age 85 yrs, Clark-Bigham Service
Ford, Addie J., d.8/18/1946, Age 69 yrs, Thompson Service
Ford, Cora, d.6/4/1966, Age 82 yrs, Senility, V. F. Ford of Cassville, nephew, Clark Service
Ford, Julie, d.3/27/1897, Age 2 mos 11 days, heart failure
Ford, Oren Paul, d.1/23/1965, Age 47 yrs, pulmonary embolism, Clark Service, Mrs. Catherine Ford, Wife
Ford, W. A., d.1960, Age 79 yrs
Foresman, Helen B., d.2/24/1965, Age 52 yrs, carcinoma of breast w/metais, Frank J. Foreman, husband, Brenner Funeral Home, Pittsburg, KS
Forrest, William, d.1950, Age 78 yrs
Forsyth, (Stillborn), d.7/17/1941, Mr. & Mrs. Homer Forsythe, parents
Forsythe, Alma, d.3/30/1965, Age 64 yrs, died at Norman, OK, Parker Mortuary, Joplin, Homer K. Forsythe, husband, Shock & Cardio Vascular
Forsythe, Elizabeth Jane, d.11/18/1904, Age 78 yrs 4 mo 23 days, Pneumonia
Forsythe, Homer, d.9/10/1972, Parker Mortuary, Joplin, Missouri
Forsythe, Miss Betty, d.12/29/1935, Age 80 yrs
Fort, Mary Louise, d.11/25/1990, Born 9/9/1904, Clark Funeral Home
Forte, Lee B., d.7/2/1981, Age 79 yrs, died at Tulsa, Oklahoma, Clark
Fosley, Martha, d.1902
Fosley, Buddy, d.1962, Age 12 yrs, Clark Service
Fosley, Eric, d.1923, Age 77 yrs
Fosley, Mable, d.8/19/1976, Clark Funeral Home
Fosley, Mable, d.10/18/1957
Fosley, Mattie A., d.5/14/1902, Age 53 yrs, Congestion of Bowels, Dr. Chapman
Fosley, Vick, d.12/28/1941, Age 81 yrs 11 mo 1 day, Mable Fosley, niece
Foster, Albino M., d.1/31/1901, Age 70 yrs 10 mo 28 days, pneumonia, neuralgia of stomach, Dr. Johnson
Foster, Allie, d.5/3/1876, Age 33 yrs
Foster, Beverly H., d.12/23/1877, Stillborn
Foster, Carrie B., d.10/23/1939, Age 69 yrs, Thompson Service
Foster, Charles E., d.9/17/1959, Age 87 yrs, Thompson Service
Foster, Doris A., d.1926, Age 13 yrs
Foster, Emma, d.4/5/1944, Age 77 yrs, Bigham Service
Foster, Fred J., d.8/15/1970, Grave of father of Mr. Foster
Foster, Freddie A., d.9/6/1880, Age 2 mos
Foster, H. F., Dr., d.10/1/1936, Age 74 yrs, Bigham Service
Foster, J. F., d.1873
Foster, Joel P., d.1892, Age 74 yrs
Foster, Kizziah, d.7/31/1873, Age 61 yrs
Foster, Mary E., d.1928, Age 82 yrs
Foster, Mrs. Menerva, d.4/27/1907, Age 71 yrs 8 mo 9 days, Dr. Lamson
Foster, Sallie F., d.1876, Wife of J. P. Foster
Foster, Wilber K., d.5/17/1932, Age 65 yrs, Thompson Service
Fowler, Harold, d.8/11/1977, Housh Funeral Home, Sarcoxie, Missouri
Fowler, Joseph, d.3/15/1986, Age 85 yrs, Freund-Thompson
Fowler, Thelma C., d.8/17/1944, Age 44 yrs, Bigham Service
Fowler, Wilford, d.7/10/1981, Age 65 yrs, Clark
Fox, John J., d.4/3/1933, Age 66 yrs, died at Ritchey, MO, This transient was a cook for a construction crew on St. Louis & San Francisco RR. Born in Canada.
Frances, Cleone, d.4/13/1902, Age 16 days
Francis, Naomi Gertruce, d.3/23/1963, Age 94 yrs, Chronic medical failure, last residence, Joplin, Missouri
Francis, Samuel E., d.7/14/1937, Age 60 yrs, brought from Joplin, Missouri
Franklin, Elmer, d.1919, Age 19 yrs
Franklin, Irene, d.12/12/1985
Franklin, Joretta, d.12/16/1997, Born 10/21/1937
Franklin, Mary, d.3/12/1935, Age 21 yrs, brought from Webb City, MO, Lankher, undertaker
Franklin, Mrs. Grace, d.8/25/1934, Age 42 yrs, died in childbirth
Franklin, R. S., d.1/19/1920, Baby grave of Mr. & Mrs. Franklin
Franklin, Richard, d.8/1/1936, Age 20 yrs, last residence Joplin, Missouri
Frazier, Thomas J., d.1925, Age 79 yrs, Hargrave Lot
Fredrick, Dora, d.9/20/1912, Killed, pauper
Fredrickson (Infant), d.9/9/1932, Stillborn infant of Mr. & Mrs. Claud Frederickson, interred on Charles Severs lot
Fredrickson, Claude H., d.4/15/1976, Clark Funeral Home, Seevers Lot
Freeman, Emma, d.1925, Age 47 yrs
Freeman, Flora Ann (Austin), d.10/12/64, Age 76 yrs 5 mos 15 days, Shewmake Funeral Home, Granby, Mr. Ed Freeman, husband
Freeman, Harriet Victor, d.4/25/1910
Freeman, Howard E., d.4/12/1976, Age 45 yrs, Clark
Freeman, Jean, d.1900, Age 1 yr
Freeman, John W., d.9/1/1936, Age 61 yrs, Bigham Service
Freeman, Olive E., d.12/28/1893, Age 55 yrs 5 mo 28 days, pneumonia, Dr. A. W. Benton
Freeman, Thomas R., d.2/28/1893, Age 65 yrs, pneumonia, shipped from Tiff City, Missouri
French, Cora, d.1/20/1948, Age 67 yrs, Thompson Service
French, Martha, d.11/17/1927, Age 59 yrs
French, Mrs. O. A., d.1928
French, O. A., d.2/25/1933
French, William, d.12/8/1945, Age 82 yrs, Ulmer Service, Carthage
Freuler, Albert F., d.2/13/1967, Died in auto wreck, Breese, Illinois, Clark
Freuler, Elva B., d.2/13/1967, Died in auto wreck, Breese, Illinois, Clark
Freund, Ella, d.1940, Age 77 yrs
Freund, Phillip, d.3/22/1994, Clark Funeral Home
Freund, Raymond, d.1/15/1997, Born 10/18/1917, Clark Funeral Home
Friend, Bertha, d.8/15/1900, Age 2 yrs, summer complaint, Dr. Lamson
Friend, Chas., d.11/27/1907, Age 28 yrs, Bright's Disease
Friend, Eliza, d.12/13/1905, Age 68 yrs, old age, Dr. Roseberry
Friend, Ernest Lester, d.10/1/1896, Age 2 yrs 1 mo 21 days, Dyptheria, pauper, Dr. Yates
Friend, George, d.8/16, Consumption, Dr. Lamson
Friend, James, d.1/29/1905, Age 38 yrs, pneumonia, Dr. Bowers
Fritz, Magdalena, d.12/12/1984, Age 81 yrs, died in W. Germany, Clark
Fritz, Wilhelm, d.1/6/1998, Born 12/1/1905, Cremains, Clark Funeral Home
Fuller, Claude S., d.12/1/1942, Age 46 yrs, Thompson Service
Fuller, Florence C., d.12/20/1948, Age 68 yrs, Thompson Service
Fuller, Nellie R., d.11/26/1944, Age 43 yrs, Thompson Service
Fuller, Velma Ruth, d.12/16/1961, Age 58 yrs, Thompson Service
Fuller, William E., d.7/30/1943, Age 70 yrs, Thompson Service
Fullerton, Arthur W., d.11/28/1958, Age 83 yrs, Clark Service
Fullerton, Nancy J., d.9/27/1950, Age 90 yrs
Fullerton, R. W., d.6/16/1921
Fullerton, Sally L., d.8/8/1958, Age 78 yrs, Clark Service
Fullerton, T. B., d.1928, Age 71 yrs
Funk, Ida A., d.7/25/1954, Age 85 yrs, Clark-Bigham Service
Funk, James W., d.11/5/1962, Age 93 yrs, Clark Service
Gagle, Donald, d.4/16/1982, Age 52 yrs, died at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Freund-Thompson
Gailey, Edgar L., d.6/18/1995, Born 12/16/1923 at Stella, MO, died at Neosho, Woodard-Freund-Thompson Funeral Home
Galbraith, Ersa Liston, d.12/14/1978, Age 89 yrs, Freund-Thompson
Galbraith, J. D., d.1916
Galbraith, Mrs. Florence, d.5/26/1936, Age 86 yrs
Galbraith, Sally, d.5/17/1965, Age 77 yrs, Thompson Funeral Home
Galey, Flora T., d.1900, Age 38 yrs
Galey, John, d.1932, Age 46 yrs
Galey, Joseph, d.1922, Age 68 yrs
Galloway, Florence, d.9/12/1956, Age 67 yrs, Steve-Parker Service, Joplin, MO
Ganstine, Fred, d.5/24/1895, Age 17 yrs 4 mo 6 days
Garber, Claud, d.8/8/1982, Age 75 yrs
Garber, Samuel B., d.4/25/1977, Clark Funeral Home
Gardner, Hugh, d.8/1/1953, Age 67 yrs, Clark Bigham Service
Gardner, Lucy, d.12/2/1949, Age 19 yrs, Bigham Service
Gardner, Mildred, d.10/22/1990, Born 1/11/1893, Clark Funeral Home
Gardner, Percy W., d.4/22/1948, Age 93 yrs, Thompson Service
Garner, Clarence Hubert, d.4/17/1974, Age 83 yrs, Clark
Garner, Claude M., d.10/15/1974, Clark Funeral Home
Garner, Emery L., d.8/29/66, Age 90 yrs, senility, (C. L. Garner, Mooney Garner, Pearl Mauz, children surviving, Clark Service
Garner, M. Columbus, d.5/19/1972, Clark Funeral Home
Garner, Mrs. Jessie, d.12/17/1941, Age 61 yrs 6 mo 18 days
Garner, Thelma, d.8/11/1960, Age 61 yrs, Ulmer Service
Garrett, Dennis W., d.1945, Age 1 year
Garrett, Francisco Lana, d.11/1/1984, Age 96 yrs, died at Joplin, Missouri, Clark
Garrett, Ruth C., d.11/7/1990, Born 12/21/1902, died at Dallas, TX, Clark Funeral Home
Garrison, Balzora, d.1927, Age 76 yrs
Garrison, Calvin, d.1930, Age 86 yrs
Garson, C. E., d.9/4/1930
Garvin, Edgar, d.1918, Age 16 yrs
Gatheman, Elmer Forrest, d.5/27/1984, Age 70 yrs, Clark
Gaymon, C. N., d.11/9/1936, Age 87 yrs
Gaymon, Ella M., d.2/5/1917, Age 67 yrs
Gaymon, Miss Martha, d.12/15/1931, Age 59 yrs, born in Iowa
Gayton, Juanita, d.6/11/1982, Age 69 yrs, Freund-Thompson
Geeding, Nellie, d.7/31/1886, Age 1 mo
Geeding, Richard, d.1/28/1953, Infant, Thompson Service, Bell Lot
Geller, Elmer George, d.8/28/1983, Age 87 yrs, Clark
Geller, Eula, d.6/20/1997, Born 4/24-1906, Clark Funeral Home
Geller, Jim, d.10/1/1979, Age 39 yrs, died in Joplin, MO, Clark Funeral Home, Neosho
Gentry, Mary, d.3/10/1873, Age 71 yrs
Gerrish, Ethel, d.11/14/1962, Age 74 yrs, Clark Service
Gerrish, Martin, d.9/14/1961, Age 89 yrs, Clark Service
Gesner, Bessie Lee, d.11/22/1968, Age 80 yrs, Thompson Service
Gesner, Walter A., d.5/19/1946, Age 62 yrs, Bigham Service
Gettings, Mrs. Francis M., d.5/19/1898, Age 62 yrs 4 mo 11 days, Cancer of the womb
Getz, Leona V., d.4/5/1955, Age 81 yrs, Thompson Service
Getz, P. E., d.5/29/1939, Age 74 yrs, Bigham Service
Geyer, Beulah, d.10/13/1979, Age 98 yrs, died in Lutherville, Maryland, Clark Funeral Home, Neosho, Missouri
Geyer, Harold, d.2/12/1954, Age 74 yrs, Clark-Bigham Service, Cecil Moore's Lot
Geyer, J. C., d.8/1/1908, Age 66 yrs 11 mo 3 days, Eurnine, Dr. Lamson & Hems
Geyer, John, d.10/20/1889, Age 2 yrs
Geyer, Mrs. Mathie, d.8/25/1908, Age 58 yrs, dislocation of heart, shipped from Springfield, Missouri
Geyer, Mrs. Nina D., d.11/25/1910, Age 30 yrs 2 mo 23 days, gas ulcer, Dr. Lamson
Giambalvo, Andrew, d.10/4/1974, Age 4 mos, Freund-Thompson
Gibson, Hallie, d.3/6/1950, Age 63 yrs, Clark-Bigham Service
Gibson, Ila B., d.6/17/1976, Freund Thompson Funeral Home
Gibson, J. D., d.8/17/1941, Age 43 yrs, Thompson Service
Gibson, John, d.1864, Daughter, Ema (Cindy Thomas ?)
Gibson, John, d.1864, Ema, daughter, House, Cindy Thomas, per notes on card
Gibson, Lora, d.3/24/1933
Gibson, Mrs. Nelly, d.8/22/1944, Age 80 yrs
Gibson, Nate, d.1922, Age 29 yrs
Gibson, Paul, d.6/23/1947, Age 27 yrs, Thompson Service
Gibson, Pocahontas, d.2/6/1944, Age 50 yrs, Bigham Service
Gibson, Zora, d.3/24/1933
Gile, Harry E., d.2/21/1952, Age 75 yrs, Thompson Service
Giles, Bessie M., d.12/18/1992, Born 11/12/1912, Clark Funeral Home
Gilland, Benjamin F., d.12/4/1959, Age 79 yrs
Gilland, Iva M., d.12/7/1954, Age 65 yrs, Ninde Service, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Gilland, June E., d.6/18/1972, Clark Funeral Home
Gillispie, Edith Mae, d.6/13/1972, Clark Funeral Home
Gillispie, John Chalmers, d.5/8/1966, Age 76 yrs, born in Aberdeen Scotland, Clark Service
Gillman, Herbert, d.2/23/1977, Age 62 yrs, Clark
Gilmore, A. W., d.8/5/1914, Age 43 yrs
Gilmore, Bobby Joe, d.7/12/1971, Age 38 yrs, Clark
Gilmore, Violet O., d.8/5/1914, Age 8 yrs
Gilstrap, Lilian, d.9/29/1983, Age 40 yrs, died at Joplin, Missouri, Clark
Giltner, John H., d.10/3/1936, Age 69 yrs, Thompson Service
Giltner, Nell V., d.5/24/1940, Age 65 yrs, Thompson Service
Gipson, George R., d.8/28/1985, Age 71 yrs, died at Midland, Texas, Clark Funeral Home
Gipson, Ruby Bernice, d.6/12/1984, Age 67 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Gish, Jacob Monroe, d.10/29/1980, Died at Los Angeles, California, Clark
Gish, Josephine, d.6/7/1954, Age 55 yrs, Clark-Bigham Service
Gisner, Bessie Lee, d.11/22/1968, Age 80 yrs, Thompson Service
Gittings, Edward, d.9/21/1931, Age 60 yrs, Thompson Service
Gittings, Lewis, d.11/29/1899, Age 75 yrs 10 mo 29 days, Dropsy & Bright's, Dr. Benton
Gittings, Miss Elizabeth, d.1/6/1933, Age 69 yrs
Givens, Edward Earl, d.4/12/1958, Age 17 yrs, Thompson
Givens, Mrs. J. W., d.1916
Glenister, Emily O., d.1/27/1951, Age 69 yrs, Thompson Service
Glenister, G. W., d.12/23/1913
Glenister, George, d.6/8/1941, Age 63 yrs
Glenister, Mrs. Anna, d.12/24/1943, Age 92 yrs 11 mo 30 days, Bigham Service
Glenister, Neill, d.1970, Age 66 yrs, born 1904, daughter living, cremated
Glenn, (Infant), d.8/24/1943, Infant son of Corporal & Mrs. Richard Glenn, Bigham Service
Goade, (Infant), d.8/4/74, Stillborn, Clarks, S. End of Hubbs Lot
Goddard, James Lee, d.10/3/1946, Age 2 yrs, Bigham Service
Goff, Mary Catherine, d.9/20/1897, Age 45 yrs 5 mo 20 days, Cancer of womb, died in hospital in Kansas City, Missouri
Golay, Cyrus, d.10/31/1975, Clark Funeral Home
Golay, Elezabeth, d.4/22/1947
Golay, Mark (baby), d.12/6/1953
Gold, B. E., d.11/14/1926, Age 19 yrs
Gold, Della, d.5/22/1968, Age 84 yrs, died at Grove, Oklahoma, Felix Boyd, nephew, Thompson Service
Golden, (Infant), d.1/12/1905, Age 1 mo, Indigestion
Golden, (Infant), d.7/27/1907, Age 1 mo 2 days, Stomach Trouble, Dr. Guthrie
Golden, Alexander Regna, d.2/20/1901, Age 1 yr 3 mo, Catarrhyl Fever, Dr. Johnson
Golden, Mary E., d.4/3/71, Age 90 yrs, Thompson Funeral Home
Gooch, Bernard S., d.2/7/1928, Age 49 yrs, Bigham Service
Gooch, Mrs. Myrtle, d.9/24/1964, Age 83 yrs, Clark Service, 2 sisters survive, found dead of natural causes
Goodall, Danny Lee, d.6/26/1955, Age 8 yrs, Clark-Bigham Service
Goodall, Ellen, d.4/12/1995, Born 9/5/1929, Clark Funeral Home
Goodall, Olen, d.3/8/1991, Born 6/19/1923, Clark Funeral Home
Goodrick, Alphon, d.7/7/1962, Age 85 yrs, Maude Goodrick, wife, Clark Service
Goodrick, Maude Marie, d.1/27/1971, Age 88 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Goodwin, Ruth Wesler, d. , Age 87 yrs, Paul J. Martin, Funeral Director, Abilene, Kansas, John Goodwin, husband, Gish Lot
Goodykoontz, Hamilton, Age 67 yrs 18 days, shipped from Veneta, Texas
Goodykoontz, J., d.3/21/1909, Age 44 yrs, died at Venita, Oklahoma, Tuberculosis
Goodykoontz, Jane E., d.7/12/1904, Age 71 yrs, shipped from Kansas City
Goodykoontz, John, d.1884, Age 39 yrs
Goodykoontz, Margaret, d.10/8/1863
Goodykoontz, Norval W., d. , Age 24 yrs
Goostree, Dennis A., d.2/12/1967, Age 75 yrs, Ulmer Funeral Home, Carthage, Missouri
Goostree, Floyd Carl, d.8/30/1977, Age 74 yrs, Clark
Goostree, John Ray, d.3/5/83, Age 55 yrs, died at Freeman Hospital, Joplin, Missouri, Thornhill-Dillon, Joplin
Goostree, Lena A., d.2/2/1960, Age 64 yrs, Clark
Goostree, Mary, d.6/3/1996, Born 3/10/1906, Clark Funeral Home
Gordon, John, d.6/4/1916
Gordon, Lewis J., d.11/24/1880, Age 10 mos
Gordon, Mrs. Geo. W., d.8/18/1927
Gordon, Rosetta A., d.9/5/1934, Age 72 yrs
Gore, David, d.12/21/1985
Gorman, Mary Honora, d.6/23/1917, Age 8 mos, lot originally sold to Luke Kelly
Goss, Henry Melvin, d.2/14/1968, Age 75 yrs 9 mo 18 days, Kathleen Goss of Needles, CA, wife, Clark Service
Gosvener, Cynthia, d.1947
Gothard, Florence, d.1936, Age 66 yrs
Gothard, Mrs. Florence, d.1/28/1936
Gothard, Samuel, d.4/22/1942, Age 76 yrs
Gothard, Samuel M., d.1942, Age 76 yrs
Gowen, Amrah, d.9/10/1957, Age 85 yrs, Clark Service
Gowen, Charlotte Adelle, d.12/5/1905, Age 2 days, Dr. Benton
Gracy, Freddie, d.8/30/1879, Age 1 yr
Gracy, Ida Dale, d.9/8/1888, Age 54 yrs
Gracy, Oscar E., d.2/17/1890, Age 3yrs
Gracy, Willie, d.7/18/1874, Age 1 yr
Graham, Ellis P., d.4/6/1968, Age 83 yrs, Thompson Funeral Home
Graham, Ida, d.2/6/1975, Fruend Thompson Funeral Home
Graham, Jessie, d.8/22/1953, Age 75 yrs, Thompson Service
Graham, Milton A., d.1950, Age 75 yrs
Graham, Minnie D., d.9/25/1984, Freund-Thompson
Grandon, Charles D., d.6/3/1969, Age 71 yrs, Pneumonia, Clark Service, Mrs. Thelma Grandon, wife
Grannis, Arvilla a., d.5/1/1898, Age 49 yrs 4 mo 8 days, Typhoid & Heart, Dr. Wills
Grannis, Troy, d.8/11/1895, Age 6 mos, Bowel, Dr. Yates
Gratton, James, d.12/29/1900, Age 1 yr 6 mos 1 day, Mem. Croup, Dr. Wills
Gratz, Charles, d.1918, Grave of Mr. & Mrs. Chas. Gratz
Gratz, E., d.7/20/1918, Wife of Charles Gratz
Graves, Alice, d.4/29/??, Age 92 yrs, Mrs. E. Campbell, daughter, Bigham Service
Graves, Catherine, d.3/8/1970, Jerry Graves, son, Clark Funeral Home
Graves, Dottie W., d.11/20/1933, H. W. Graves' Lot
Graves, Emerson, d.3/27/1907, Infant, son of Harry Graves, S. S. Hedges Lot
Graves, Geo., d.7/7/1918
Graves, Gertrude, d.1917, Age 31 yrs
Graves, Harvey C., d., McIntire Lot
Graves, Helen M., d.12/4/1969, Age 66 yrs 7 mo 15 days, nephew only relative, Clark Funeral Home
Graves, Henry W., d.1926, Age 72 yrs
Graves, Howard S., d.8/4/1924, Age 26 yrs
Graves, Jerry P., d.11/6/1970, Age 51 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Graves, John E., d.10/3/1872, Age 1 yr
Graves, Joshua, d.1917, Age 62 yrs
Graves, Joyce Christine, d.5/10/1980, Age 61 yrs, died at Childress, Texas, Clark
Graves, Mrs. Geo., d.7/26/1914
Graves, Mrs. J. B., d.1/25/1934, Age abt. 70 yrs, died 1/23/1934 at Springfield, Illinois
Graves, Philip H., d.10/11/1968, Age 74 yrs, Cathryn Graves, wife, Jerry Graves, son, Clark Service
Graves, Theodore W., d.11/29/1938, Age 88 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Gray, Clint, d.8/13/1894, About 50 yrs, Shot, killed by Titus Rodgers
Gray, Ida L., d.8/23/1975, age 79 yrs, Freund-Thompson
Gray, Joe Bob, d.2/21/83, Age 71 yrs, Clark
Gray, Thelma J., d.4/20/1920, Born 4/20/1920, Clark Funeral Home, Eldridge M. Gray ?
Green, Doyle, d.3/23/1962, Age 55 yrs, Clark
Green, E. Carl, d.2/13/1982, Age 75 yrs, Clark
Green, Ellen Fain, d.5/7/1982, Age 84 yrs, Clark
Green, Frank Thomas, d.10/27/1975, Clark Funeral Home
Green, Howard, d.2/11/1942, Age 41 yrs, Hurlburt Service
Green, Humphrey Bates, d.12/12/1963, Age 80 yrs, Mrs. Nannie Green, wife, Thompson Service
Green, James D., d.10/25/1957, Age 58 yrs, Thompson Service
Green, Jewell Beatrice, d.12/11/1978, Age 72 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Green, Maggie Bell (West), d.5/5/1951, Age 71 yrs, Clark-Bigham Service
Green, Marguerite L., d.1/22/1968, Age 87 yrs, old age, Ruth Green, dau-in-law, Clark Service
Green, Minerva, d.11/22/1915
Green, Minnie E., d.6/15/1895, Age 3 yrs, pneumonia, Dr. Van Clive
Green, Nancy, No date
Green, Nancy, d.10/27/1978, Age 94 yrs, Stumpff Funeral Home, Bartlesville, OK
Green, Paul, d.1/9/1987, Simpson Funeral Home, Webb City
Green, Rev. Winter, d.1940, Age 67 yrs
Green, Ruth, d.10/14/1923, Age 77 yrs, Clark
Green, Thad Franklin, d.12/13/1963, Last residence Stella, Missouri, Mrs. Eva Evans, daughter, Clark Funeral Home
Green, Virgil, d.1/19/1951, Age 71 yrs, Clark-Bigham Service
Greenage, W. M., d.6/4/1940, Age 66 yrs, shipped from Cedar Hale, Kansas
Greenswright, Roy Chester, d.1/3/1896, Age 7 yrs 9 mos, Brain
Greer, William, d., 25 Missouri Infantry
Gregg, Edna Pauline, d.3/18/1970, Age 77 yrs, has living sister, Worley Funeral Home, Grove, Oklahoma
Gregg, Eleanor, d.8/5/1873, Age 8 mos
Gregg, John, d.4/16/1874, Age 2 mos
Greghorn, Paul L., d.10/29/1965, Age 64 yrs, Clark
Greig, Mildred, d.2/26/1995, Born 12/19/1921, Clark Funeral Home
Greshauber, Stella Aneta, d.3/9/1968, Age 77 yrs, Cerebral Vascular accident, Thompson Service, Una Broadwell & Ila Gibson, sisters
Grey, William A., Sr., d.2/9/1998, Born 3/17/1942, Woodard-Freund-Thompson Mortuary
Gribble, F. M., d.7/19/1898, Age 56, heart, dropped dead, Confederate
Griffin, (Infant), d.4/25/1907, Stillborn infant of C. L. Griffin
Griffin, Gertrude, d.1/23/1972, Age 82 yrs, Thompson Funeral Home
Griffin, Jim, d.11/15/1993, Clark Funeral Home
Griffin, Susie, d.2/14/1943, Age 78 yrs, Bigham Service
Griffin, Ward K, ?, d.10/3/1967, Age 80 yrs, Thompson Service, Gertrude Griffin, wife, Severe & Chronic Debilitation
Griffith, Alice D., d.1/24/1982, Age 81 yrs, Clark
Griffith, Billie Lee, d.10/10/1991, Born 1/13/192?, Clark Funeral Home
Griffith, Bobby J., d.5/18/1923, Age 5 mos
Griffith, Charles Ernest, d.11/25/1934, Age 6 mos 24 days, born 4/25/1934
Griffith, Cora M., d.1/30/1933, Age 35 yrs, died at Butler, Missouri
Griffith, Corley Eugene, d.12/18/1964, Age 34 yrs, apparent heart failure & natural causes, Clark Service, Mr. & Mrs. Homer Griffith, parents
Griffith, Frank, d.11/20/1931, Age 67 yrs, Bigham Service
Griffith, Loren Ernest, d.2/24/1977, Clark Funeral Home
Griffith, Lorene, d.7/20/1949, Age 19 yrs, Bigham Service
Griffith, Mike R., d.12/21/83, Age 73 yrs, died at Kansas City, Missouri, Freund-Thompson
Griffith, Shirley, d.9/24/1975, 1937-1975, Alice & Lorene Griffith Lot
Griffith, Stella, d.3/20/1920, Age 28 yrs
Griffith, Thelma, d.8/7/1924, Age 9 mos
Grigsby, (Infant), d.4/8/1894, Stillborn child of J. B. Grigsby
Grigsby, Joe, d.1924
Grigsby, John T., d.1/14/1977, Clark Funeral Home
Grigsby, Mrs. Nora, d.4/21/1943
Grigsby, Nora Francis, d.4/21/1943, Age 62 yrs
Grimes, Dema, d.6/14/1997, Born 2/24/1921, Woodard-Freund-Thompson Mortuary
Grimsley, Fred, d.7/17/1990, Born 1/2/1903, died in Iowa, Clark Funeral Home
Grimsley, Lois Arlene, d.9/24/1977, Age 18 yrs, Freund Thompson Funeral Home
Gross, J. V., d.10/7/1910, Age 52 yrs
Guest, Annie Bell, d.2/4/1942, Age 86 yrs, mother of W. W. Stevens
Guild, Oliver, d.3/23/1873, Age 82 yrs
Gulick, Ora, d.12/26/1971, Clark Funeral Home
Gunderman, Marry L., d.10/21/1907, Age 45 yrs, heart failure
Gunderman, W. M., d.1/18/1941, Age 81 yrs, died at Webb City, Missouri
Gunn, Mrs. Bessie, d.1/21/1930, Age 29 yrs 6 mo 12 days, late resident of Kansas City, MO
Guppy, Dorothy, d.9/9/1997, Born 9/19/1913, Clark Funeral Home
Gurney, Laura, d.12/27/1941, Age 59 yrs, Thompson Service
Gurney, Walter, d.9/3/1955, Age 73 yrs, Thompson Service
Gurtice, Nelia, d.5/4/1890, Age 21 yrs
Guthrie, John A., d.5/28/1970, Age 90 yrs, Thompson
Guthrie, Mary Anne, d.10/22/1956, Age 76 yrs, Thompson
Guthrie, Myrtle, d.7/16/1955, Age 65 yrs, Thompson Service
Guthrie, William M., d.4/15/1961, Age 89 yrs, Thompson Service
Gutte, John, d.1/16/1940, Age 75 yrs, Thompson Service
Gutte, Mary C., d.2/8/1947, Age 79 yrs, Thompson Service
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