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I.O.O.F. Cemetery
Neosho, Newton County, Missouri

Contributed and recorded by Doris Snyder, March 31, 2000 [dsnyder@ipa.net]. Total records = 6,728.

Cady, Margaret, d.6/23/1941, Age 70 yrs, Thompson Service
Cain, d.3/16/1993, Clark Funeral Home
Cain, Clifford , d.11/3/1974, Clark Funeral Home
Cain, Clifford George, d.3/9/1968, Age 40 yrs, late resident of Springfield, MO, heart attack, Mrs. C. G. Cain, wife, Cliff Cain father, Gorman Scharpf, Springfield, MO
Cain, Edith, d.8/3/1997, Born 5/19/1905, Clark Funeral Home
Cain, Mabel, d.2/28/1991, Born 8/10/1896, Clark Funeral Home
Cain, Mary Ethel, d.7/31/1979, Age 81 yrs, Colonial Chapel, Lebanon, Missouri
Cain, Raymond, d.9/8/1939, Age 37 yrs, Bigham Service
Cain, William J., d.8/1/1943, Age 46 yrs, Thompson Service
Cain, William R., d.12/23/1947, Age 70 yrs
Calahan, Minnie, d.9/15/1909, Hemorrhage, Dr. Lamson
Caldwell, Albert H., d.11/3/1982, Age 75 yrs, died at Joplin, Missouri, Clark
Caldwell, Homer, d.10/26/1957, Age 64 yrs, Clark Service
Caldwell, Kenneth, d.9/6/1980, Age 39 yrs, died at Webb City, Missouri, Clark
Caldwell, Libbie L., d.8/14/1967, Age 78 yrs, Thompson Service, nieces survive
Caldwell, Lottie, d.4/24/1942, Age 71 yrs, Lane Service
Caldwell, Miss Agnes, d.3/24/1965, Age 79 yrs 1 mo, Thompson Service, Miss Libbie Caldwell, sister
Caldwell, Neva, d.6/22/1944, Age 30 yrs, Bigham Service
Caldwell, Nina, d.5/6/1980, Age 86 yrs, Clark
Caldwell, Robert K., d.5/26/1977, Clark Funeral Home
Caldwell, W. H., d.4/1/1939, Age 72 yrs, Thompson Service
Cale, Carroline, d.12/4/1906, Age 74 yrs 8 mo 4 days, Dr. Lamson
Caliqiuri, Joan (JoeAnn), d.10/9/1982, Age 64 yrs, died at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Calkins, H. S., d.4/1/1932, Age 81 yrs, Bigham Service
Calkins, Jane, d.1909, Age 34 yrs
Calkins, Mary E., d.12/9/1938, Age 73 yrs, Thompson Service
Calkins, Myron, d.7/31/1975, Freund Thompson
Call, Clara J., d.5/29/1991, Born 8/15/1922, died at Neodasha, KS, Potts Funeral Home, Independence, KS
Callahan (Child), d.6/4/1907, Age 2 yrs 6 mos, measles, Dr. Bowers, child of H. E. Calahan
Callahan, H. M., d.3/29/1910, Age 2 yrs 7 mo 16 days, pneumonia, Dr. Lamson
Callahan, Henry E., d.1/6/1948, Age 76 yrs, Biddlecome Funeral Home, Seneca, MO
Callahan, Infant, d.3/27/1910
Callahan, J. M., d.12/9/1910, Died at Chelsa, Oklahoma
Callahan, Mrs. Clara, d.4/23/1938, Age 68 yrs r mos 12 days
Callahan, Mrs. S. P., d.4/28/1937, Age 87 yrs, Krammes lot
Callahan, Orley, d.12/2/1934, Age 31 yrs 11 mo 2 days, accident at Kansas City, Kansas, H. E. Callahan lot
Callahan, S. P., d.1925, Krammers Lot
Calvirt, Sarah J., d.1924, Age 73 yrs
Calvirt, W. B., d.8/1/1919
Camfield, Azel R., d.3/27/1961, Age 66 yrs, Clark Service
Camfield, Don R., d.8/5/1949, Age 23 yrs
Camfield, Frankie, d.5/25/1995, Born 10/7/1893, wife of A. R. Camfield who died 3/1961, Clark Funeral Home
Camp, Armentie, d.9/4/1896, Age 38 yrs
Camp, W. W., d.1/5/1921, Age 74 yrs
Camp, W. W., d.9/4/1880
Camp, Willie W., d.11/1/1941, Age 61 yrs
Campbell, Alta, d.8/15/1886, Age 5 mos
Campbell, Carolyn Sue, d.2/22/1943, Age 3 weeks
Campbell, Eliza, d.12/1/1906, Age 78 yrs 7 mo 26 days, pneunomia, Drs. Benton & Weems
Campbell, Elliott M., d.7/29/1970, Age 85 yrs, Clark
Campbell, Gordon, d.10/20/1951, Age 42 yrs, Clark-Bigham Service
Campbell, John E., d.1886, Age 34 yrs
Campbell, John N., d.5/10/1910, Age 62 yrs
Campbell, Margaret, d.7/27/1995, Born 8/10/1926, Clark Funeral Home
Campbell, Mary Edith, d.10/3/1976, Clark Funeral Home
Campbell, Mildred, Moved 9/11/1998 from cemetery in Texas, mother of Ruth Cook and Earl Campbell
Campbell, Price, d.1961, Age 77 yrs
Campbell, W. H., d.8/16/1910, Age 81 yrs
Campbell, Walva, d.1924, Age 69 yrs
Camper, Nine, d.3/7/1901, Age 19 yrs, Typhoid, died at residence of O. Wagner & buried on his lot.
Canaday, Ellis N., d.2/11/1962, Age 89 yrs, Clark Service
Canaday, Estella Teresa, d.10/22/1966, Age 88 yrs 8 mo 23 days, Complete Stroke, Clark Service, Roy & Earl Canaday, sons, Frances Harshbarger, daughter
Canaday, Naomi F., d.7/10/1960, Age 59 yrs, Frank Service
Canaday, Roy Newton, d.10/31/83, Age 81 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Canaday, Willie, d.12/17/1995, Born 6/5/1905, Clark Funeral Home
Cannell, Wm., d.12/15/1899, Age 73 yrs, Brights, Dr. Mixer
Cannon, Bertha L., d.7/16/1957, Age 70 yrs, Clark Service
Cannon, C. A., d.12/26/1920, Age 62 yrs
Cannon, Cora B., d.2/18/1952, Age 94 yrs, Clark-Bigham Service
Cannon, Isabell, d.10/8/1876, Age 23 yrs
Cannon, Isabella, d.3/5/1875, Age 58 yrs
Cannon, Margie Lois, d.12/25/1972, Age 51 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Cannon, Mrs. Helen Emeretta, d.12/9/1932, Age 77 yrs 8 mo 5 days, died in California
Cannon, Thomas M., d.1/19/1879, Age 28 yrs
Cannon, William B., d.4/15/1954, Age 74 yrs, Clark-Bigham Service
Canter, Clara M., d.5/1/1986, Age 50 yrs, Clark
Cantrell, Benjamin, d.1879, Age 33 yrs
Cantrell, Lloyd (baby), d.12/4/1957, Stillborn, Thompson Service
Cantrell, Lloyd L., Jr., d.1/20/1967, Age 44 yrs, Clark
Cantrell, Lloyd L., Sr., d.8/26/1976, Clark Funeral Home
Cantrell, Lloyd Layton, d.8/26/1876, Clark Funeral Home
Cantrell, Ruby R., d.12/1/1973, Age 72 yrs, Clark
Card, Leslie O., d.6/19/1979, Clark Funeral Home
Card, Nellie, d.2/19/1996, Born 1/18/1895
Carey, Joseph, d.11/4/1936, Age 97 yrs
Carey, Mrs., d.3/29/1930, Age 90 yrs
Cargile, Crystal DeAnn, d.7/17/72, Clark Funeral Home, S end of Hobbs Lot
Carnes, Belle ., d.9/9/1904, Age 47 yrs 3 mo 4 days, Dr. Benton, Heart Failure
Carnes, Caroline, d.5/6/1902, Age 65 yrs 5 mo 19 days, Bronchial, Dr. Benton
Carnes, Clara Maude, d.7/16/1941, Age 47 yrs 3 mo 18 days
Carnes, Ella, d.4/7/1944, Age 74 yrs
Carnes, Ella May, d.2/14/1960, Age 62 yrs, Thompson Service
Carnes, Ellitt, d.1911, Age 76 yrs
Carnes, Infant (son), d.3/18/1947
Carnes, Iris, d.9/13/1940, Age 46 yrs 4 mo 3 days, Jim Carnes, father
Carnes, Irl, d.11/9/1994, Born 3/1/1897, Clark Funeral Home
Carnes, James, d.11/11/1998, Born 11/17/1911, Woodard-Freund-Thompson Mortuary
Carnes, James M., d.12/21/1951, Age 81 yrs, Clark-Bigham Service
Carnes, James W., d.9/7/1905, Age 71 yrs 9 mo 20 days, Consumption
Carnes, Jamie, d.2/18/1958, Age 72 yrs, Thrime Service
Carnes, Jane Ann, d.2/5/1902, Age 29 yrs 8 mo 26 days, Malaria
Carnes, Jennie, d.2/8/1930, Age 2 yrs, Bigham Service
Carnes, Joe, d.1892
Carnes, John, d.12/31/1932, Age 79 yrs, E. E. Carnes Lot
Carnes, Joseph E., d.9/1/1923, Age 68 yrs
Carnes, Lawrence, d.12/31/1950, Age 58 yrs
Carnes, Leonard, d.3/19/1949, Age 57 yrs, heart attack, Bigham Service
Carnes, Leonard Doug, III, d.7/19/1993, Born 9/12/1946, died at Blue Springs, MO, Clark Funeral Home
Carnes, Leonard, Jr., d.1/22/1994, Clark Funeral Home
Carnes, Loriee R., d.11/27/1990, Born 10/1/1917, Woodard-Freund-Thompson Mortuary
Carnes, Mary E., d.1944, Age 73 yrs
Carnes, Mary M., d.8/9/1899, Age 67 yrs 3 mos 18 days
Carnes, Mary R., d.1/18/1933, Age 74 yrs
Carnes, Maude I., d.3/2/1967, Age 87 yrs, Thompson's, James B. Carnes, son
Carnes, Mrs. Anna M., d.1/3/1932, Age 67 yrs 11 mo 23 days, brought from Joplin, Missouri
Carnes, Nancy S., d.1920, Age 85 yrs
Carnes, Nora Jane, d.10/31/1895, Age 8 yrs 3 mo 24 days, Typhoid, Dr. VanCleve
Carnes, Opal, d.8/6/1986, Clark Funeral Home
Carnes, Rhoda, d.6/17/1979, Parker Mortuary, Joplin, Missouri
Carnes, Robert, d.5/6/83, Died at Joplin, Missouri, Clark
Carnes, Roy, d.9/3/1880, Age 9 mos
Carnes, Roy K., d.9/14/1978, Age 78 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Carnes, Roy Stevens, d.8/26/1900, Age 1 yr 4 mo 3 days, Brain, Dr. Yates
Carnes, Thomas B., d.9/17/1940, Age 47 yrs 5 days
Carnes, W. H., d.3/19/1932, Age 77 yrs
Carnes, Walter Jones, d.10/21/1901, Age 28 yrs 3 mo 19 days, Consumption
Carpenter, Prudence Mary, d.11/18/1968, Age 80 yrs, lingering illness, Clark Service, nieces & nephews survive
Carpenter, T. B., d.11/26/1966, Age 76 yrs, Mrs. Prudence Wills Carpenter, wife, Clark Service
Carr, Anna B., d.4/9/1947, Age 66 yrs, Thompson Service
Carr, Charles E., d.4/2/1949, Age 83 yrs, Thompson Service
Carr, Charles J., d.8/26/1977, Age 80 yrs, Muehlebach Funeral Home, Kansas City, MO
Carr, Ednia Ellen, d.12/28/1984, Died at Kansas City, Missouri, Clark
Carr, Ednia Ellen, d.12/28/1984, Died at Kansas City, Missouri, Clark
Carr, Fay Clark, d.4/20/73, Age 85 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Carr, Fred, d.6/14/1900, Age 7 yrs 4 mos 25 days, pneumonia, Dr. Lamson
Carr, L. C., Dr., d.9/6/1952, Age 74 yrs
Carr, Lucy a., d.1/20/1904, Age 43 yrs 5 mo 20 days, Consumption, Dr. Wills
Carr, Luvina J., d.3/9/1953, Age 82 yrs, Thompson Service
Carr, Raymond W., d.2/17/1992, Born 5/25/1898, Woodard Freund Thompson Mortuary
Carr, Richard A., d.7/19/1904, Age 49 yrs 11 mo 7 days, Peritonitis
Carr, Roy, d.2/12/1904, Age 22 yrs 5 mo 25 days, Consumption, shipped from California
Carr, Vern, d.5/10/1907, Age 21 yrs 3 mos 17 days, Consumption, shipped from Denver, Colorado
Carr, Warren, d.5/25/1959, Age 70 yrs, Broadway Service
Carrier, Bob, d.1947, Thompson Funeral Home
Carrier, Robert, d.2/14/1947, Age 68 yrs, Thompson Service
Carrier, Stella, d.8/15/1973, Age 84 yrs, Pyeatte Funeral Home, Siloam Springs, Arkansas
Carroll, Ann, d.12/26/1895, Age 87 yrs 2 mo, Dr. Van Cleve
Carroll, Frank M., d.1963, 1887-1963
Carroll, Frank M., d.2/11/1963, Age 75 yrs, Clark Service
Carroll, Infant, d.8/11/1921, Infant of F. M. Carroll
Carroll, Maude S., d.4/28/1976, 1896-1976, House Fowler, Sarcoxie, Missouri
Carter, Asa, d.1920, Age 77 yrs
Carter, Elaine, d.3/8/1996, Born 6/12/1914, Clark Funeral Home
Carter, Elizabeth, d.1926, Age 78 yrs
Carter, Harley, d.12/29/1990, Woodard-Freund Mortuary
Carter, Hazel, d.7/19/1952, Age 50 yrs, Clark-Bigham Service
Carter, Infant, d.5/25/78, Premature
Carter, Irl K., d.11/24/1968, Age 76 yrs, Clark
Carter, Joe D., d.4/1/1956, Age 42 yrs, Thompson Service
Carter, Kirk W., d.1/11/1971, Age 83 yrs, Thompson
Carter, Mary Elizabeth, d.12/3/1972, Age 85 yrs, Freund-Thompson
Carter, Molly M., d.5/16/1890, Age 18 yrs
Carter, Tina Ann, d.1/5/1975, Age 62 yrs, Freund-Thompson
Carter, Wanda, d.5/22/1980, Age 92 yrs, Clark
Carter, Wanda, d.5/22/1980, Age 92 yrs, Clark
Carter, William F., d.1892, Age 19 yrs
Caruthers, Bennett H., d.7/28/1942, Age 71 yrs, Stanley McGuinn Service
Caruthers, Eunice Elizabeth, d.10/27/1968, Age 88 yrs, died at Tulsa, Oklahoma, Mrs. Ruth Johnson, daughter, Clark (Neosho) & Moore's (Tulsa)
Carver, Elizabeth, d.2/14/1956, Age 79 yrs, Thompson Service
Carver, John G., d.10/30/1964, Age 25 yrs, killed in auto wreck, cerebral trauma, last residence, Parsons, Iowa, married, Mr. & Mrs. Paul E. Carver, parents
Carver, Paul E. (Judge), d.10/7/1992, Born 12/10/1907, Woodard-Freund-Thompson Mortuary
Case, Loretta P., d.4/30/1984, Age 38 yes, died at Joplin, Missouri, Clark
Case, Loretta P., d.4/30/1984, Age 38 yrs, died at Joplin, Missouri, Clark
Case, Nancy R., d.4/30/1984, Age 10 yrs, died at Joplin, Missouri, Clark
Case, Nancy R., d.4/30/1984, Age 10 yrs, died at Joplin, Missouri, Clark
Casey, Daton, d.1962, Age 79 yrs
Casey, Donald Dean, d.8/26/1991, Born 8/15/1938 at Pryor, OK, died at Neosho, Clark Funeral Home
Casey, Emma A., d.9/24/1957, Age 75 yrs, Clark Service
Casey, Infant, d.4/29/1936, Stillborn, Mr. & Mrs. Percy Casey, parents
Casey, J. H., d.4/12/1914
Casey, Jennie Bell, d.6/11/1973, Clark Shewmake, Granby, Missouri
Casey, Lawrence, d.7/17/1931, Age 22 yrs, Bigham Service
Casey, Martin C., d.9/2/1958, Age 80 yrs, Newcomer Service
Casey, Percy, d.8/17/1997, Born 12/3/1910, Clark Funeral Home
Casey, Percy (Infant), d.1/5/1939, Stillborn, Mr. & Mrs. Percy Casey, parents
Casey, Sina J., d.1925, Age 68 yrs
Casey, Tom, d.8/16/1918, Hemorrhage
Casey, Warner Dell, d.8/16/1976, Age 57 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Cash, James D., d.6/29/1973, Age 40 yrs, Clark Funeral Home (Naramore Lot)
Cash, Russel L., d.9/3/1981, Age 73 yrs, died at Joplin, Missouri, Clark
Casteel, Bessie C., d.10/28/1965, Age 88 yrs, Chaney Funeral Home, McAllister, Oklahoma, Mrs. O. W. Tolleson, daughter, Senility
Casteel, Bessie Opal, d.3/2/1916, Age 7 yrs
Casteel, Edna T., d.10/5/1905, Age 3
Casteel, Ethel, d.8/18/1894, Age 9 days (Year of death as recorded on card)
Casteel, Frank, d.10/1/1949, Age 76 yrs
Casteel, William E., d.8/3/1903, Age 7 yrs
Castor, Catherine, d.3/30/1925, Age 81 yrs
Castor, Geraldine, d.12/15/1910, Age 3 yrs 7 mo 2 days, Croup
Castor, J., d.10/2/1915
Castor, T. G., d.8/31/1915, Age 78 yrs
Cathcare, Leta, d.1/1/1980, 93 yrs, died at Kansas City, Missouri, Clark Funeral Home
Cathcart, James, d.3/25/1966, Age 74 yrs, Clark Service
Cathcart, Leta, d.1/1/1980, Age 93 yrs, died at Kansas City, Missouri, Clark
Caughan, Lloyd, d.2/18/1991, Clark Funeral Home
Caywood, Shorty, d.9/11/1997, Born 4/28/1920, Clark Funeral Home
Centers, Flora M., d.2/22/1932, Age 70 yrs, Thompson Service
Centers, J. H., d.5/2/1936, Age 80 yrs, Thompson Service
Chamberlain, Elmer C., d.3/21/1973, Clark Funeral Home
Chamberlain, Leila M., d.12/3/1975, 1901-1975, Clark Funeral Home
Chambers, Bill, d.6/1/1985, Age 55 yrs, died at Kansas City, Missouri, Freund-Thompson
Chambers, Bill, d.6/1/1985, Age 55 yrs, died at Kansas City, Missouri, Freund-Thompson
Chambers, Flora B., d.5/8/1951
Chambers, S. G., d.8/5/1935, Age 71 yrs, Hurlbert Service
Chance, David D., d.4/24/1903, Age 62 yrs 1 mo, Paralysis
Chandler, Addie, d.9/28/1940, Age 76 yrs, Thompson Service
Chandler, Henry, d.4/14/1940, Age 75 yrs, Thompson Service
Chaney, H. F., d., (See original card at I.O.O.F. Cemetery)
Chapan, Sharon Jean, d.3/20/72, Infant, Freund-Thompson
Chaplin, Allie, d.1920, Age 27 yrs
Chaplin, Betty, d.12/1919
Chaplin, Isabell, d.2/8/1900, Age 28 yrs 7 mo 12 days, bronchal, Drs. Wills & Johnson
Chaplin, Lewis A., d.5/3/1959, Age 92 yrs, Cyprus View Service
Chaplin, Mary E., d.11/7/1944, Age 64 yrs
Chapman, Ann, d.1923, Age 34 yrs
Chapman, Ralph, d.5/26/1996, Born 11/14/1923, Clark Funeral Home
Chappius, Lon, d.9/9/1878, Age 6 mos
Chappuis, Ernest, d.9/21/1873, Age 25 yrs
Chase, Catherine, d.5/30/1902, Age 75 yrs 1 mo 8 days, Dr. Benton, Paralysis
Chase, Charley N., d.12/20/1872, Age 6 yrs
Chase, Elmer, d.6/1919
Chase, Frank, d.5/31/1908, Age 48 yrs 27 days, Locomotor Ataxid, Dr. Benton
Chase, Gladys, d.6/28/1919, Age 7 yrs
Chase, Libbie, No date
Chase, Nelson, d.6/8/1905, Age 85 yrs 8 mo 27 days, Paralysis, Dr. Benton
Chase, William Henry, d.11/27/1993, Born 8/8/1916, Woodard Freund Thompson Mortuary
Chatman, James W., Sr., d.1/7/1992, Born 9/12/1928, Clark Funeral Home
Chenoweth, H. S., d.4/19/1869, Age 64 yrs
Chenoweth, Jennie, d.6/28/1919, Age 26 yrs
Chenoweth, Lavina, d.5/29/1889, Age 78 yrs
Childer, J. A., d.5/4/1887, Age 29 yrs
Childers, Erza A., d.12/17/1982, Age 82 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Childress, Opal Leah, d.10/8/1992, Born 10/9/1912, Clark Funeral Home
Childs, Marrie R., d.6/6/1907, Age 86 yrs 11 mo 17 days, Dr. Benton, Gastries
Childs, W. T., d.3/1/1895, Age 77 yrs 4 mo 22 days, Old age
Choate, A. C., d.12/5/1911, Age 82 yrs 2 mo 20 days, Heat Disease
Choate, Aaron (infant), d.7/11/62
Choate, Clara M., d.10/26/1875, Age 14 yrs
Choate, G. J., d.1913, Age 44 yrs
Choate, J. K., d.7/5/1860, Age 33 yrs
Choate, Leonard, d.8/26/1995, Born 6/11/1910, Clark Funeral Home, Leonard & Auda (Morris) Choate, dbl marker
Choate, Martha A., d.5/8/1962, Age 87 yrs, Clark Service
Choate, Nancy L., d.5/6/1955, Age 88 yrs, Thompson Service
Choate, Nann, d.1915, Age 49 yrs, Thompson Service
Choate, Parmelia, d.4/21/1919
Christian, Benjamin, d.5/19/1961, Age 81 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Christian, Camelia, d.4/18/1907, Age 48 yrs, Dr. Foster
Christian, John, Age 86 yrs, entered on John Christian Lot
Christian, Mary L., d.4/24/1975, Clark Funeral Home
Christie, Louise, d.9/13/1902, Age 69 yrs 5 mo 5 days, Abscess on lung, Dr. Lamson
Christie, Sara A., d.1/30/1890
Christmastian, Mr., Buried several years ago, he was stepfather of Chris Jacobs
Christopher, Hazel Blanche, d.10/21/1971, Age 76 yrs, Freund Thompson Funeral Home
Christopher, John, d.10/1/1974, Age 88 yrs, Freund Thompson Funeral Home
Christopher, Marvin Franklin, d.1/18/1968, Age 47 yrs, John Christopher, father, Callison Funeral Home, Rogers, Arkansas, Carcinoma, died at Fayetteville, Arkansas
Christopher, Ruey Caroline, d.5/29/1980, Age 55 yrs, died at Fayetteville, Arkansas, Nelson Funeral Home, Fayetteville
Christy, Issac L., d.9/18/1895, Age 70 yrs, 9 mo 7 days, Typhoid, died at Fairland, TX, Dr. Adams & Ford
Church, Elsie, d.7/7/1899, Age 24 yrs 8 mo 9 days, Typhoid, Dr. VanCleve
Church, Enoch, d.12/23/1905
Church, Mary Ann, d.12/29/1905, Age 79 yrs 3 days, Heart Failure, Shipped from Joplin
Church, Rosabelle, d.11/20/1993, Born 10/2/1914, died at McAllen, TX, home Joplin, MO, Parker Mortuary, Joplin, MO
Churchman, Mrs. Addie, No date
Churchwell, Arthur C., d.2/9/1965, Age 78 yrs, heart attach, Clark Service, Glenn Churchwell, son
Churchwell, Dora Bell, d.11/10/1964, Age 74 yrs 6 mo 11 days, Arthur Churchwell, husband, Clark Service, Aneurysm Abdominal Aorta Ruptured
Churchwell, Nicholas R., d.6/25/1983, Age 52 days, died at Tulsa, Oklahoma, Freund-Thompson
Clapham, Lela Ethel, d.6/3/74, Age 85 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Clark, A. Seaborn (Friday), d.11/2/1970, Age 70 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Clark, Becky, d.1947, Age 84 yrs, orig w/Martha Williams
Clark, Bernice H., d.1/8/1981, Age 65 yrs, died at Springfield, Missouri, Clark
Clark, C. E., d.6/10/1935, Age 74 yrs
Clark, C. J., d.11/3/1943, Age 92 yrs
Clark, Charline, d.12/19/1968, Age 63 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Clark, Cora, d.10/27/1941, Age 72 yrs
Clark, Dickson, No date
Clark, Edward, d.1922, Age 78 yrs
Clark, Emma E., d.1946, Age 95 yrs
Clark, Fred Estes, d.5/1975
Clark, H. Mack, d.12/1929, Age 49 yrs
Clark, J. F., d.2/2/1937, Age 62 yrs, Bigham Service
Clark, Jessie F., d.8/5/1959, Age 80 yrs, Clark Service
Clark, Lillian Beatrice, d.2/9/1896, Age 33 yrs, pneumonia, died at Anderson, MO, shipped to Wanda, disinterred buried here 4/15/1898, Dr. Doty
Clark, Mack H., d.1928, Age 48 yrs
Clark, Mrs. Sally Ann, d.4/21/35, Age 78 yrs
Clark, Paul L., d.11/18/1965, Age 55 yrs, re-entered from Popular Bluff, Missouri, Clark Funeral Home
Clark, Pet, d.1935, Age 77 yrs
Clark, Tom G., d.6/19/1950, Age 77 yrs, stroke, Clark Bigham
Clark, Willie Guy, d.6/14/1895, Age 8 yrs 1 mo, Epilepsy, Dr. Lamson
Clark, Wm. V., d.2/3/1908, Age 53 yrs 10 mo, Consumption, Bigham Funeral Home
Clarry, John A., d.12/16/1907, Age 58 yrs, Pneumonia, shipped from Afton, Oklahoma
Clary, Delbert, d.1/1/1905, Age 28 yrs 3 mo 19 days, Appendicitis, died in Perry, Oklahoma
Clay, Charles D., d.9/22/1924, Age 5 yrs
Clay, John B., d.12/14/1913, Age 2 yrs
Clear, Charles M., d.8/5/1914, Age 39 yrs
Clear, William C., d.8/5/1914, Age 43 yrs
Clement, Earl, d.6/2/1996, Born 4/10/1913, Clark Funeral Home
Clement, Velma C., d.10/8/1992, Born 5/4/1910, Clark Funeral Home
Clements, Alice A., d.9/16/1919, Age 70 yrs
Clements, David (Infant), d.3/24/1961, Age 20 days, Clark Service
Clements, Dennis, d.6/5/83, Died at Joplin, Missouri, Clark
Clements, Geo. L., d.6/14/1904, Age 58 yrs, struck by lighting & killed
Clements, Mrs. Oelena, d.4/11/1933, Age 57 yrs, Cancer, born in Arkansas
Clements, Mrs. Oliva, d.4/11/1933, Age 57 yrs, Cancer, born in Arkansas
Clements, S. A., d.9/17/1919, Child grave on above lot
Clements, V. W., d.10/28/1937, Age 63 yrs
Cline, Halla, d.1/2/1947, Age 52 yrs, Thompson Service
Cline, Herman G. 'Cotton', d.7/26/1968, Age 71 yrs 11 mos 12 days, Thompson Service
Cline, Joanne, d.3/19/1995, Born 1/25/1936, Clark Funeral Home
Cline, Joseph, d.6/21/1963, Age 86 YRS, Coronary Occlusion, born in Indiana, Mrs. Myrtle Cline, wife
Cline, Myrtle, d.11/2/1964, Age 85 yrs, Niece Survives, Thompson Service
Cloud, H. A. F., d.1924
Cloud, Mrs. H. A. F. (Carrie), d.6/1/1943, Age 82 yrs
Cloud, Thomas B., d.6/9/1923, Age 54 yrs
Clum, Elizabeth, d.1948, Age 66 yrs
Clum, Grace, d.1913, Age 3 yrs
Clum, I. J., d.1918
Clum, John Lee, d.4/13/1940, Age 64 yrs 1 mo 28 days, brought from Tulsa, OK, Thompson Service
Clum, Otto C., d.1914, Age 7 yrs
Clyma, W. H., d.7/16/1895, Age 71 yrs 6 mo 13 days, heart failure, Dr. Benton
Coafer, Mrs. Ethel Apple, Age 39 yrs, died at Freeman Hospital, Joplin, MO
Coats, Edward D., d.8/27/1951, Age 71 yrs, Clark-Bigham Service
Cockrell, A. M., d.1959, Age 73 yrs, Stipp Lot
Cockrell, John P., d.3/18/1964, Age 51 yrs, Berlin Heights, OH, Mary Susan McGinty Cockrell, wife, cerebral anoxia, Clark Funeral Home
Cockrell, John P., d.3/18/1964, Age 51 yrs, Berlin Heights, OH, Mary Susan McGinty Cockrell, wife, cerebral anoxia, Clark Funeral Home
Cockrell, Mary Susan, d.5/8/1984, Age 84 yrs, died at Avon, Connecticut
Cockrell, Mary Susan, d.3/7/1984, Age 84 yrs, died at Avon, Connecticut, Clark
Cockrell, Mary Susan (McGinty), Clark Funeral Home, John P. Cockrell, husband
Cody, Leah, d.5/27/1966, Age 79 yrs, Stroke, Sidney Cody, husband, Thompson Service
Cody, Sidney, d.7/12/1977, Age 92 yrs, Leah Cody, wife, Freund Thompson Funeral Home
Coffen, Betty Lou, d.12/12/1949, Shipped from Franklin, Nebraska, Thompson Service
Coffman, Alta, d.5/18/83, Age 82 yrs, died at Joplin, Missouri, Freund-Thompson
Coffman, Bruce L., d.5/8/1947, Age 75 yrs, Thompson Service
Coffman, Rose A., d.1888, Age 77 yrs
Coffman, Russell Willis, d.7/25/83, Age 80 yrs, Freund-Thompson Chapel
Cogswell, Elizabeth Steward, d.1/14/1905, Age 64 yrs 11 mo 28 days, pneumonia & heart, Dr. Lamson
Cogswell, Eva Lena, d.1916, Age 40 yrs
Cogswell, Zelats P., d.10/15/1900, Age 72 yrs 9 days, kidney, Dr. Lamson
Cohea, John A., d.3/23/1985, Age 75 yrs, Ozark
Cohea, John A., d.3/23/1985, Age 75 yrs, died at Southwest City, Missouri, Ozark Funeral Home, Southwest City
Cohea, Leora, d.1/21/1998, Born 3/5/1908, dbl marker John & Leora, Woodard-Freund-Thompson Mortuary
Coker, Joe B., d., Clark Funeral Home
Cole, Geneva Alice (McReynolds), d.1/30/1993, Born 3/12/1915, died at Granby, MO, Clark Funeral Home
Cole, George, d.10/11/1924, Age 38 yrs
Cole, Joshua E., d.10/31/1959, Age 84 yrs, Thompson Service
Cole, Martha E., d.6/17/1962, Age 87 yrs, Thompson Service
Cole, Trent M., d.3/22/1985, Baby, died at Grove, Oklahoma, Thornhill-Dillon
Cole, Trent Michael (Baby), d.3/25/1985, Thornhill-Dillon, Joplin, Missouri
Coleman, Rose Ritchey, d.4/20/1915
Collings, Clara, d.9/13/1962, Age 73 yrs, Clark Service
Collings, G. W., d.8/21/1960, Age 75 yrs, Clark Service
Collins, Henry, d.8/29/1933, Age 74 yrs, Bigham Service
Collins, Myrtle, d.5/28/1970, Clark Funeral Home
Collins, Robert A., d.6/10/1966, Age 81 yrs, Myrtle Collins, wife, Coronary Trouble, Clark Service
Collins, Viola, d.9/26/1954, Age 61 yrs, Clark-Bigham Service
Colvin, Charles Edward, d.8/6/1946, Age 70 yrs, Thompson Service, Florence Colvin, wife
Colvin, Florence, d.2/15/1963, Age 76 yrs, Clark Service, Charles Edward Colvin, husband
Combs, Alice, d.10/22/1964, Age 81 yrs, born in Tennessee, natural, F. E. Combs, husband, Clark Funeral Home
Combs, Edgar, d.6/21/1984, Age 68 yrs, Clark
Combs, Edgar, d.6/21/1984, Age 68 yrs, Clark
Combs, Floyd E., d.5/28/1967, Age 89 yrs, Ed Combs, son, Clark Service
Combs, Foley Garland, d.1/23/1967, Age 62 yrs, burns, hypertension, Clark Service, Reba Combs, wife
Combs, Mildred, d.4/13/1953, Age 28 yrs, Thompson Service
Comstock, Ida May, d.7/5/1964, Age 84 yrs, late of Monett, Missouri, Marvin Reynolds, son, Buchanan Funeral Home, Monett
Condit, Charley, d.4/6/1886, Age 47 yrs
Condon, Laura, d.1/27/1901, Age 36 yrs 6 mo 25 days, consumption
Condon, Mary, d.1/16/1897, Age 3 mo, whooping cough, Dr. Yates
Conell, Golda D., d.9/1/1981, Age 87 yrs, Joplin, Missouri
Conell, Ira Ellen, d.7/30/1963, Age 77 yrs, born in Neosho, arteriosclerotic heart disease, State Hospital 3, Nevada, Missouri, Thompson Funeral Home, James & Goldie Conell, brother and sister
Conell, James, d.8/10/1998, Born 7/26/1912, dbl marker James & Rosalee, Clark Funeral Home
Conell, James E. Sr., d.1/10/66, Age 82 yrs, James E. Conell, Jr. Son
Conell, Rosalee, d.3/27/1980, Died at Springfield, Missouri, Clark
Conger, Jane, d.7/1/1895, Age 75 yrs 9 mo 23 days, brain & heart, body disinterred and removed to Rockaway, NJ
Conger, Sophronia, d.1923, John Conger buried on this tract, Sophronia Conger see later file
Conley, Infant, d.10/20/1954, Stillborn, Thompson Service
Connaway, Cynthia, d.12/12/1941, Age 88 yrs, State
Connaway, Vera Elsie, d.8/26/1972, Age 75 yrs, Freund Thompson Funeral Home
Connel, Etta, d.12/12/1912, Wife of J. E. Connel
Connell, Ellen, d.7/30/1963, Age 77 yrs, Thompson Service
Connell, Floy, d.1/19/1979, Age 84 yrs, Freund Thompson Funeral Home
Connell, J. E., d.12/11/1918, Grave of Mrs. Connell, grave of Mr. Connell's mother
Connell, Robert L., d.12/6/1953, Age 92 yrs, Clark Bigham Service
Conness, Mary J., d.12/27/1962, Age 4 yrs, Clark Service
Conrad, A. B., d.5/24/1949, Age 47 yrs
Conrad, Constance A., d.5/20/1991, Born 6/13/1925, died at Joplin, Parker Mortuary
Conrad, George W., d.9/2/1986, Age 85 yrs, Freund-Thompson
Conrad, Irene, d.4/1/1996, Pat Graham Funeral Home, Springfield, MO
Conrad, Mary, d.7/21/1955, Age 78 yrs, Clark-Bigham Service
Conrad, Tommy R., d.1/10/1948, Age 12 yrs, Thompson Service
Conrad, William H., d.2/12/1939, Age 72 yrs, Thompson Service
Conrow, Billy R., d.7/29/1990, Born 7/12/1921, died at Joplin, Parker Mortuary
Conway, Fred, d.3/1/1932, Born in Indiana, Hemorrhage
Cook, C. H., d.1928
Cook, David M., d.2/7/1957, Age 84 yrs, Clark Service
Cook, Eva E., d.1942, Age 71 yrs
Cook, James Lex, Jr., d.12/30/1983, Age 25 yrs, died at Houston, Texas, Clark
Cook, James Lex, Jr., d.12/30/1983, Age 25 yrs, died at Houston, Texas, Clark
Cook, James W., d.4/4/1940, Age 66 yrs, Bigham Service
Cook, John E., d.1/30/1932, Age 62 yrs, Bigham Service
Cook, Joyce Marie, d.12/29/1970, Age 34 yrs, Clark Funeral Home, husband E. P. Cook
Cook, L. L., d.1928, Age 19 yrs
Cook, Lottie, d.10/13/1936, Age 65 yrs, Bigham Service
Cook, Mable, d.10/14/1998, Born 6/20/1910, Clark Funeral Home
Cook, Mary E., d.5/15/1939, Age 65 yrs, Bigham Service
Cook, Mrs. Charles, d.11/27/1974, Clark Funeral Home
Cook, Ruth Joanne, d.6/17/1998, Born 4/23/1945, Clark Funeral Home, husband C. E. Cook to go in Spc 6
Cook, Virginia, d.4/23/1998, Born 4/18/1932, Clark Funeral Home, husband, William L. Cook
Cook, William H., d.8/10/1959, Age 53 yrs, Clark Service
Cooley, H., d.12/1915
Cooly, Elizabeth, d.6/16/1934, Age about 79 yrs 8 mo 17 days, Smith of Kansas and Thompson of Neosho, Missouri
Cooly, Infant, d.9/22/1911, Stillborn, transit
Cooly, John M., d.9/25/1932, Age 63 yrs
Cooper, Georgia, d.9/16/1909, Age 6 yrs 10 mo, Diphtheria, Dr. Lamson
Cooper, Hazel Alma, d.4/24/1975, Age 59 yrs, killed in Tornado, Freund-Thompson Chapel
Cooper, Infant, d.6/10/1905, Stillborn infant of Geo. Cooper
Cooper, Jennie, No date
Cooper, John, d.8/28/1958, Age 62 yrs, Clark Service
Cooper, Mary Jane, d.1/11/1902, Age about 59 yrs, heart & dropsy, Dr. Lamson
Cooper, Paul Eddie, d.5/22/1941, Age 11 mos, Paul Cooper, father, mother at East End
Cooper, Sarah Jane, d.4/13/1982, Age 86 yrs, Clark
Cooper, Wilma Fern, d.5/22/1941, Age 19 yrs 1 mo 23 days, Paul Cooper, husband, Paul at East End
Cope, Clarice, d.12/12/1959, Age 50 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Cope, Samuel Lee, d.10/1/1967, Age 80 yrs
Copeland, Fanny, d.8/25/1938, Age 72 yrs, Bigham Service
Coplen, Mary, d.1/14/1974, Age 72 yrs, Browning Funeral Home, Fulton, Missouri
Coplen, Roy Issac, d.8/11/1962, Age 72 yrs, Thompson Service
Copple, Lela, d.5/25/1907, Age 2 yrs, measles, Dr. Benton
Corbett, Dr. Roy, d.12/22/1957, Age 67 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Corbett, Earl, d.1/21/1910, Age 32 yrs, pneumonia, asylum, Dr. Bowers
Corbett, Mary Elsie, d.8/29/1984, Age 90 yrs, Scottsdale, AZ, Clark
Corbett, Mary Elsie, d.8/29/1984, Age 90 yrs, died at Scottsdale, Arizona, Clark
Corbin, Ledora M., d.2/14/1957, Age 87 yrs, Clark Service
Core, Beve H., d.3/7/1897, Age 28 yrs 9 mos, accident in mines
Corkery, Carolyn, d.7/1/1985, Age 44 yrs, Clark
Corkery, Carolyn Elizabeth, d.7/1/1985, Age 44 yrs, Clark
Corlett, George W., d.3/15/1878, Age 8 yrs, son of W. H. & E. J. Corlett
Cornish, Daisy M., d.1959, Age 84 yrs
Cornish, Earl Stanford, d.3/26/1993, Born 1/22/1898, died at Joplin, MO, Woodard-Freund-Thompson Mortuary
Cornish, Fern, d.2/16/1937, Age 49 yrs, Thompson Service
Cornish, James S., d.12/13/1930, Age 61 yrs, Bigham Service
Corpany, Elmer Fraizirs, d.7/19/1901, Age 1 yr 4 mo, shipped from Wagoner, Fever
Corpeny, Hubbard J., d.11/3/1895, Age 2 mos
Cotton, Earl May, d.9/21/1960, Age 57 yrs, Clark Service
Couch, Annie, d.4/16/1967, Age 76 yrs, Raymond Couch, son, Thompson Service
Couch, Cordelle, d.4/26/1996, Born 6/23/1910 at Gibson Co., TN, died at Olathe Medical Center, Olathe, KS, Clark Funeral Home
Couch, John, d.1/8/1967, Age 75 yrs, Raymond Couch, son, Thompson Service
Couch, Perry Willis, d.1/31/1972, Age 62 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Coulter, E. C., d.1921, See later records
Coulter, Edward C., d.6/14/1962, Age 85 yrs, Thompson Service
Coulter, Mary Bell, d.5/6/1895, Age 39 yrs 6 mo 29 days, Dr. Lamson, 1856-1895
Coulter, Mrs. Sally, d.8/13/1944, Age 62 yrs, E. C. Coulter, husband
Courtney, Jean, d.8/17/1996, Born 4/4/1920, Clark Funeral Home
Cover (Infant Daughter), d.9/1921, Infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J. W. Cover
Cover, J. W., d.1/28/1937, Age 82 yrs, 1 mo 28 days
Cover, May Esther, d.5/25/1934, Age 71 yrs
Cowan, Louis, d.12/19/1907, Age unknown, heart disease, found dead
Cox, C. M., d.1924, Age 77 yrs
Cox, Edna, d.8/31/1953, Age 60 yrs, Clark Bigham Service
Cox, Frank, d.1953, Age 61 yrs, Bigham Service
Cox, Jesse Jacob, d.11/4/1986, Age 3 days, Clark
Cox, Martin, d.6/1/1922, Age 40 yrs
Cox, Sarah D., d.1924, Age 67 yrs
Cox, Vernio A.A2283, d.1922
Coy, Juanita, d.4/18/1945, Age 31 yrs, Thompson Service
Craft, David, d.1/13/1928, Age 83 yrs
Craft, Elizabeth, d.7/11/1937, Age 88 yrs
Craft, Margaret A., d.11/25/1906, Age 77 yrs 14 days, Bronchial, Dr. Benton
Craig, Bertha, d.1941, Age 66 yrs
Craig, Bonnylynn, d.6/15/1977, Freund-Thompson
Craig, Howard Alexander, d.4/26/1969, Age 49 yrs, died at Detroit, Michigan, Clark
Crandall, A. B., d.3/21/1938, Age 58 yrs, brought from Joplin, Hurlburt Service
Crandall, Daisy, d.2/17/1997, Born 3/9/1908, Clark Funeral Home
Crandall, Edwin J., d.2/16/1963, Age 77 yrs, Clark Service
Crandall, Mrs. Minnie L., d.12/22/1903, Age 43 yrs 11 mo 26 days, Cancer
Crandall, Ralph Boyd, d.5/7/1972, Age 64 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Crandall, Sophie B., d.1/27/1975, Age 94 yrs, Parker Mortuary, Joplin, MO
Crandall, Thelma E., d.10/3/1982, Age 80 yrs, died at Joplin, Missouri, Thornhill-Dillon, Joplin
Crane, Pansy Bell, d.5/2/1966, Age 76 yrs, Coronary Occlusion, Clark Service, Mrs. M. W. Reynolds, daughter
Cravens, James William 'Buck', d.3/5/1933, Age 55 yrs
Cravens, Joseph, d.5/8/1900, Age 70 yrs 9 days, heart, Dr. Yates
Cravens, S. Jane, d.1879, Age 39 yrs
Cravins, Mrs. Maria, d.10/29/1932, Age 51 yrs, on H. Hanesworth Lot
Creed, Ora, d.1/15/1984, Age 90 yrs, died at Joplin, Missouri, Clark
Creed, Ora, d.1/15/1984, Age 90 yrs, died at Joplin, Missouri, Clark
Crews, d.10/5/1992, Clark Funeral Home
Crewse, Samuel Washington, d.12/31/1967, Age 82 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Cribbs, Nancy, d.9/15/1897, Age 37 yrs
Cribbs, P. E., d.3/15/1855, Age 19 yrs
Crockford, Charles A., d.11/15/1971, Age 61 yrs, Clark
Crook, James, d.12/4/1994, Born 6/5/1943, Clark Funeral Home
Croson, d.3/3/1909, Age 49 yrs 10 mo 9 days, heart trouble, Dr. Lamson
Crouch, Harley, d.1929, Age 73 yrs, Bright's, Dr. Mixer
Crouch, Mrs. Laura J., d.1929, Grave of Mr. Crouch, Deed made to Crouch Estate 7/2/1930
Crouse, Christy I., d.6/19/1974, Age 90 yrs, Freund-Thompson
Crowdus, Amanda E., d.5/2/1891, Age 55 yrs
Crowdus, Ambrose E., d.12/28/1898, Age 68 yrs 7 mo 21 days, heart & rheumatism, Dr. Wills
Crowdus, Ambrose St. Geo., d.10/20/1871, Age 9 yrs
Crowdus, James, d.4/29/1896, Age 38 yrs 9 mo 29 days, Consumption, Dr. Lamson
Crowdus, John W., d.5/14/1926, Age 67 yrs
Crowdus, Lila, d.12/5/1951, Age 73 yrs, Clark-Bigham Service
Crowdus, Richard Jr., d.11/8/1937, Age 32 yrs, Bigham Service
Crowdus, Richard Lee, d.3/24/1937, Age 68 yrs, Bigham Service
Crowdus, St. Onter, d.11/12/1877, Age 6 yrs
Crowford, No date
Crowley, James L., d.5/5/1939, Age 30 yrs, Bigham Service
Crowley, John T., d.3/25/1881, Age 49 yrs
Crum, Elizabeth J., d.8/16/1906, Age 76 yrs
Crum, Emma, d.6/23/1937, Age 81 yrs, Bigham Service
Crum, Henry, d.1/27/1897, Age 69 yrs
Crum, Roxie Florence, d.9/12/1975, Lamb Roberts Funeral Home, 1886-1975, paid by B. Anderson
Crum, Will, d.2/2/1911, Pneumonia
Crumbaugh, Luthr H., d.8/5/1914, Age 64 yrs
Crumbaugh, Mrs. L. H., d.7/14/1915, Age 58 yrs, Clark Bigham Service
Crumbliss, A. S., d.1929, Age 66 yrs
Crumbliss, Clarence E., d.4/25/1953, Age 65 yrs, Clark-Bigham Service
Crumbliss, Dallas, d.1942, Age 56 yrs
Crumbliss, Edward V., d.9/15/1921, Age 29 yrs
Crumbliss, Ella, d.2/27/1912, Age 42 yrs, Tuberculosis
Crumbliss, Ellen, d.1948, Age 83 yrs
Crumbliss, Frank, d.4/11/1938, Age 31 yrs, Cancer, died at Chicago, Illinois
Crumbliss, George M., d.10/25/1955, Age 58 yrs, Clark-Bigham Service
Crumbliss, Hugh, d.11/15/1982, Age 76 yrs, Freund-Thompson
Crumbliss, Infant, d.4/19/1909, Stillborn
Crumbliss, Infant, d.8/17/1909, Stillborn, child of Fred Crumbliss, Dr. Bowers
Crumbliss, Infant, d.6/28/1910, Infant child of Fred Crumbliss
Crumbliss, J. F., d.1917, Age 66 yrs
Crumbliss, Juanita Bell, d.12/28/1972, Age 72 yrs, Freund Thompson Funeral Home
Crumbliss, Lulu, d.1923, Age 22 yrs
Crumbliss, Mary, d.4/27/1983, Age 95 yrs, died at Port Arthur, Texas, Clark, Obituary attached to back of card
Crumbliss, Minnie Vest, d.3/11/1913
Crumbliss, Mrs. Lula J., d.4/29/1941, Age 51 yrs
Crumbliss, Tom, d.9/1918, Age 60yrs, Mrs. Ella Crumbliss
Cruzan, Benjamin E., d.10/5/1986, Age 91 yrs, Clark
Cruzen, Helen Margaret, d.11/26/1992, Born 11/25/1910, Clark Funeral Home
Culkin, Charles Ernest, d.8/29/1974, Age 76 yrs, Brenner Funeral Home, Pittsburg, Kansas
Culkin, Elizabeth, d.6/12/1999, Born 3/29/1914, Clark Funeral Home
Culkin, F., d.1918, Transion, one baby grave
Culkin, Ferne, d.9/30/1997, Born 6/15/1904, dbl monument, Walter & Ferne, Woodard-Freund-Thompson Mortuary
Culkin, Frank, d.5/17/1967, Age 77 yrs 6 mo 25 days, Clark Service
Culkin, Infant, d.3/30/1917
Culkin, Lois Ann, d.3/12/1967, Age 64 yrs, Cardiac Arrest, Brenner Funeral Home, Pittsburg, Kansas, Mr. C. E. Culkin, husband
Culkin, Mazie (Mary), d.7/10/1955, Age 66 yrs 8 mo 5 days, Survivor Frank Culkin
Culkin, Walter E., Sr., d.1/17/1994, Born 12/9/1902 at Noel, MO, died at Neosho, MO, Woodard-Freund-Thompson Funeral Home
Culkins, Arthur W., d.1949, Wife Lucy, Thompson Funeral Home
Culkins, Catherine Lee, No date
Culkins, Jane, d.11/30/1909, Age 84 yrs 8 mo 22 days, old age, died at Enid, Oklahoma
Culkins, Lucy, d.9/28/1970, Age 81 yrs, living daughters, Thompson Funeral Home
Culkins, Mrs. Louisa, d.8/17/1936
Culkins, Wm., d.11/6/1940, Age 81 yrs
Cullum, Clarence E., d.9/3/1981, Age 76 yrs, Freund-Thompson
Cullum, Mary Wilma, d.3/11/1994, Born 1/25/1905, Clark Funeral Home
Cumings, Robert, d.7/2/1909, Age 27 yrs 1 mo 2 days, Tuberculosis, Dr. Benton
Cummings, E. C., d.7/20/1912, James England Lot
Cummins, David, d.3/5/1894, Age 64 yrs 3 mo 9 days, stomach & liver
Cummins, Mrs. Annie, d.2/16/1931, Shipped from St. Louis, Missouri
Cummins, W. T., d.8/25/1914
Cuneen, Mrs. Micha, d.3/14/65, Age 84 yrs, born in Louisiana, Missouri 1880, Clark Services, no survivors
Cuneen, Thomas, d.1/26/1953, Age 75 yrs, Clark-Bigham Service
Curtice, Charles E., d.6/25/1933, Age 72 yrs
Curtice, Henry James, d.9/5, Age 69 yrs 8 mo 1 day, heart failure, sudden death
Curtice, Louise C., d.1920, Age 88 yrs
Curtice, Lucy Louise, d.6/13/1874, Age 3 yrs 20 mo 17 days, disinterred at Granby 1/6/1902, re-interred on Curtice lot
Curtice, Marie, d.1922, Age 30 yrs
Curtice, Mrs. C. E., d.5/20/1939, Age 77 yrs
Curtice, Ruth Henrietta, d.11/17/1902, Age 6 yrs 3 days, Diphtheria, Dr. Yates
Curtis, Bridgett (Baby), d.4/15/1975, Baby, Freund-Thompson
Curtis, Clarence, d.4/31/1975, Age 46 yrs, Freund-Thompson
Curtis, Jacoby Adam, d.3/9/1987, Infant, Clark
Cushman, Amelia J., d.3/11/1946, Age 68 yrs, Thompson Service
Cushman, Elisha J., d.4/17/1942, Age 72 yrs, Thompson Service
Cushman, James C., d.7/3/1968, Age 70 yrs, died at Springfield, Missouri, Cantrell Funeral Home, Republic, Missouri
Cushman, Katharine, d.1/1/1983, Age 79 yrs, died at Paola, Kansas, Freund-Thompson Chapel
Cushman, Kati Opal, d.10/15/1993, Born 2/13/1897, Meadors Funeral Home, Republic, MO
Cushman, Louise, d.9/1/1971, Age 72 yrs, Thompson Funeral Home
Cuttrell, J. M., d.12/21/1912, Age 62 yrs, killed


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