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I.O.O.F. Cemetery
Neosho, Newton County, Missouri

Contributed and recorded by Doris Snyder, March 31, 2000 [dsnyder@ipa.net]. Total records = 6,728.

Abbott, A. A., d.5/1919
Abbott, Ed. N., d.1/3/1942, Age 68 yrs, vault
Abbott, Henry C. , d.9/11/1895, Age 62 yrs 6 mos 4 days, Dr. Lamson
Abbott, Henry C., Jr., d.5/8/1898, Age 27 yrs 9 mos 27 days, Uremic Poison, Dr. Van Cleve
Abbott, Herbert, d.11/28/1983, Age 75 yrs, died at Joplin, Missouri, Clark
Abbott, J. W., d.1/27/1944, Age 77 yrs, concrete vault
Abbott, Lila C., d.10/28/1937, Age 74 yrs
Abbott, Martha E., d.10/27/1897, Age 55 yrs 7 mos 13 days, Nervous Prostration
Abbott, Mrs. Lila, d.10/28/37, Age 70 yrs, body shipped from Ft. Collins, CO
Abramovitz, Joe, Sr., d.1/2/1983, Age 82 yrs, Wessell Funeral Home, Pierce City, Missouri
Abramovitz, Mary K., d.1/30/1985, Age 81 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Adams, Barbara Ann, d., 1903
Adams, Bertha Irene, d.1/22/1972, Clark Funeral Home, buried 1/26/1972, concrete vault, Age 80 yrs
Adams, Clarence, d.3/16/1980, Age 67 yrs, Clark
Adams, Clarence, d.3/16/1980, Age 67 yrs, Clark
Adams, David, d.1/24/1946, Age 75 yrs, 9 mos, buried 1/25/1946 Bigham Service, The East 1/2 of this lot was bought back from the Adam family in 1956 and resold to Grace Green in 1957.
Adams, Delbert Lee, d.8/2/1909, Age 4 mos., bowel trouble
Adams, Faith, d.7/29/1979, Clark Funeral Home
Adams, Fanny May, d.12/8/1972, Buried 12/11/1972, Age 94 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Adams, George W., d.3/15/1950, Age 81 yrs, Bigham Service
Adams, Ida F., No date
Adams, Ida Lula, d.7/28/1966, Buried 7/30-1966, Age 86 or 86 yrs, Senility, Clark Service, Walter Adams - Son
Adams, James L., d.12/3/1958, Age 32 yrs, Clark Funeral
Adams, Jimmie Lee, No date
Adams, John, d.1/28/1958, Age 82 yrs, Clark Service
Adams, LaDelle, d.1/1/1979, Clark Funeral Home
Adams, Leona Marie, d.2/25/1992, Born 9/14/1897, died at Hartsvill, SC, Clark Funeral Home
Adams, Louis, d.1/10/1940, Age 55 yrs
Adams, Louis, d.1/10/1940, regular
Adams, Loyd J., d.3/6/1960, Age 66 yrs, Clark Service
Adams, M. C., d.12/16/1922, Al Adams father
Adams, Margaret, d.1924, Age 6 yrs
Adams, Margaret B., Grave of child of Mr. & Mrs. Adams, age 8 yrs
Adams, Mary Elizabeth, d.3/18/1969, Buried 3/20/1969, Age 79 yrs, Diabetes, Clark Service, Mrs. Azel Childress' daughter
Adams, Maude (Thomas), d.2/20/1923
Adams, Mildred M., d.2/2/1976, Age 77 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Adams, Mittie, d.1/9/1999, Born 1/26/1909, Clark
Adams, Mrs. Loyd, d.3/4/1960, See new record
Adams, Mrs. M. C., d.8/20/1933, Al Adams mother
Adams, Mrs. Ralph, d.6/1920, Wife of Mr. Ralph Adams
Adams, Myrna Marion, d.10/26/1975, Buried 10/29/1975, age 61 yrs, 1 mo, 29 days, Clark Funeral Home
Adams, Norah E., d.5/1/1912
Adams, Ray, d.1/22/1993, Born 12/8/1900, Clark
Adams, Walter, d.1939, Buried in Springfield, see Jack Rinehart
Adams, William A., d.8/14/1956, Age 84 yrs, Clark Service
Adams, William J., d.4/14/1976, Age 47 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Adamson, Garry L., d.7/23/1992, Born 11/2/1952, Clark
Ainsworth, Mrs. Anna, d.5/1/1941, Age 78 yrs, Thompson Service
Akers, Frank, d.5/29/1908, Age 57 yrs, Tuberculosis, Bighams
Albrecht, Augustus, d.1/17/1934, Age 65 yrs, Bigham Service
Albrecht, Nina, d.9/21/1951, Age 87 yrs, Doris Funeral Home, Okmulgee, OK
Albrecht, Walter C., d.12/3/1933, Age 73 yrs, Bigham Service
Alexander, Baron S., d.1/17/1930, Age 43 yrs, Bigham Service
Alexander, Bessie, d.6/18/1881
Alexander, Bessie, d.11/26/1892
Alexander, Byran F., d.12/1997, Brought from Kirkwood, Missouri by son, Jon Alexander, Clark
Alexander, Elisa, d.2/4/1889
Alexander, Emma L., d.12/5/1885
Alexander, Hazel M., d., Clark Funeral Home
Alexander, James E., d.10/28/1903, Age 74 yrs, 7 mos, 8 days, Locomotor Ataxia, Dr. Lumson
Alexander, James R., d.10/9/1863
Alexander, John C., d.10/8/1920
Alexander, Joseph G., d.8/16/1973, Age 69 yrs, Freund-Thompson Chapel
Alexander, Julia, d.3/20/1928
Alexander, Mary, d.10/1/1853
Alexander, Mary B., d.4/4/1910, Age 71 yrs, 9 mos, 13 days, Spinal, Dr. Bowers
Alexander, Mrs. Auvilla, d.5/20/1941, Age 85 yrs, 5 mos, 13 days
Alexander, Nettie, d.4/6/1959, Thompson Service
Alexander, Ollie, d.9/8/1984, Freund-Thompson
Alexander, Ollie, d.9/8/1984, Freund-Thompson
Alexander, W. A., d.1917
Alexander, William E., d.7/26/1857
Alfonsin, A. A., d.1/30/1961, Clark Funeral Home
Alfonsin, Henry A., d.5/1/1957, Clark Funeral Home
Allee, George S., d.11/30/1952, Age 80 yrs, Clark Bigham Service
Allee, Jessie, d.1950
Allen, d.9/11/1993, Clark Funeral Home
Allen Ray C., d.3/31/1933, Age 65 yrs, 9 mos, 12 days
Allen, ?, d.12/1915
Allen, Ben H., d.1964
Allen, Eldon August, d.4/12/1965, Buried 4/15/1965, Age 35 yrs, Chest injuries from auto wreck, Late Res Mulberry, KS, Concrete Box, Montanya Funeral Home, Mulberry, KS, Mrs. Eldon A. Allen, wife; Mrs. Jim Allen, mother.
Allen, Florence A., d.12/15/1973, Clark Funeral Home
Allen, James E., d.2/29/1974, Buried 5/1/1974, Age 82 yrs, Concrete box, Clark Funeral Home
Allen, Louise E., d.1949
Allen, Mrs. Helen, d.9/18/1944, Age 29 yrs, Concrete vault, brought from Webb City, MO
Allen, Ora, d.1/10/1956, Age 78 yrs, Clark Service
Allen, W. O. (Williard), d.1918, Hargrave-Luther
Allen, Willard O., Jr., d.3/9/1986, Age 67 yrs, Clark
Allen, Willard Warner, d.7/4/1964, Age 86 yrs, Buried 7/7/1964, Cerebral Arterial sclerosis, Roesch Bros, Shawnee, OK, Mrs. G. W. Wilson, daughter
Allen, William J., d.4/26/1958, Age 84 yrs, Clark Service
Allinder, Adl. L., d.12/28/1939
Altizer, Edward J., Sr., d.2/27/1992, Born 3/14/1913, Clark
Altizer, Grace 'Addie', d.3/13/1995, Born 3/29/1918, wife of Edward Altizer, Clark
Alyea, Earnest, d.12/28/1887
Amis, Joel E., d.12/3/1954, Age 91 yrs, Clark Bigham Service
Amis, Lewis W., d.8/9/1926, Age 26 yrs, Bigham Service
Amos, Edna Ruth, d.6/30/1976, Age 51 yrs, Clark Funeral Home, Concrete box, John Amos, husband, 1285 Montecito, Mt. View, CA 94042
Anderson, Ada Marie, d.1/22/1987, Clark Funeral Home
Anderson, Catherine B., d.2/2/1947, Age 67 yrs, Thompson Service
Anderson, Charles, d.9/26/1998, Born 8/19/1917, Clark, Double marker, Charles & Mary Kay
Anderson, Ester Louise, d.9/10/1974, Age 75 yrs, Freund-Thompson Chapel
Anderson, Ila, d.6/16/1975, Age 84 yrs, 3 mos, 10 days, Freund-Thompson Mortuary
Anderson, Ilea V. Gile, d.11/13/1962, Age 86 yrs, Clark Funeral
Anderson, J. G., d.12/19/1915
Anderson, J. K., d.4/20/1918
Anderson, J. Lindsey, d.1879-1961, Boydon Lot
Anderson, J. M., d.2/25/1910, Pneumonia
Anderson, James, d.1/17/1970, Age 67 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Anderson, James M., d.5/8/1877, Age 28 yrs
Anderson, Josephine O., d.1932, Age 80 yrs.
Anderson, Luvena, d.5/18/1879, Age 38 yrs
Anderson, Margaret J., d.8/21/1947, Age 69 yrs
Anderson, Mary, d.6/6/1981, Age 65 yrs, died at Joplin, Missouri, Clark Funeral Home
Anderson, Mary Margaret, d.4/18/1995, Born 10/9/1918, Woodard Freund Thompson
Anderson, Miss Bess, d.Missing
Anderson, Mr. A. P., d.12/26/1925, Check year
Anderson, Mrs. A. P., d.8/21/1925, Check year, Thompson Service
Anderson, Mrs. James G., d.1/1/1932, Age 79 yrs
Anderson, Mrs. Nora E. (F.), d.10/8/1947, Age 74 yrs, Thompson service, shipped from Iowa
Anderson, Mrs. S. K., d.1918
Anderson, Ollie, d.11/4/1961, Age 80 yrs, Clark Funeral
Anderson, Orville, d.11/9/1940, Age 45 yrs, shipped from Iowa City, IA
Anderson, Robert Wilson, d.1/13/1975, Age 80 yrs, Freund-Thompson Chapel
Anderson, Roy G., d.9/4/1954, Age 63 yrs, Thompson Service
Anderson, Samira E., d.6/27/1915, Age 63 yrs
Anderson, Thelma Ola, d.7/30/1991, Born 10/8/1910
Anderson, Will G., d.6/23/1954, Age 80 yrs, Clark Bigham
Anderson, William H., d.12/22/1872, Age 25 yrs
Andrews, d.5/8/1992, Clark Funeral Home
Andrews, Clara Mae, d.9/20/1972, Buried 9/22/1972, Concrete Vault, Clark Funeral Home
Anglemeyer, Geneva, d.3/21/1910, Age 9 yrs, Pneumonia
Anglemeyer, Mrs. Mary E., d.1/3/1947, Age 80 yrs, died at Coffeyville, KS, Bigham Service
Anglemier, Pete, d.3-1933, Age 41 yrs, shipped from Kansas
Antrim, H. M., d.6/31/1911, Age 56 yrs, 4 mos, 16 days, Lungs
Apgar, Nellie Irene, d.3/20/1904, Croup, Age 2 yrs 8 mos 18 days, Di Yates
Apjar, J. F., d.5/7/1912, Pneumonia
Apple, Adams, d.9/10/1931, Age 76
Apple, Mrs. Adams, d.9/10/1914
Applebee, Charles, d.8/31/1982, Age 27 yrs, Freund-Thompson
Applebee, Christopher, d.5/18/74, Buried 5/20/1974, Stillborn, Steel Box, Freund Thompson, S end of Hobbs Lot
Archer, Jennie J., d.9/21/1983, Age 88 yrs, Clark
Armstrong, Addie, d.11/23/1896, Age 3 yrs 7 days, Throat
Armstrong, Edith, d.1874, On memorial w/others, record 11/3/1975
Armstrong, Fred, d.11/7/1922, Born 6/6/1880, record 11/3/1975
Armstrong, Grave, d.1876, On memorial w/others, record 11/3/1975
Armstrong, Helen Florence, d.10/3/1983, Age 96 yrs, Freund-Thompson
Armstrong, Hellen, d.1880, On memorial w/others, record 11/3/1975
Armstrong, Hugh C., d.1945, On memorial w/others, record 11/3/1975
Armstrong, J. C., d.No record, No record of J. C. birth or death. All reference refers to daughters of H. C. & J. C. Armstrong, probably initials of their mother.
Armstrong, James, d.1/29/1894, Age 73 yrs, 28 days, Gall Stone, Father of Mrs. R. H. Carlton, Physician-A. W. Benton
Armstrong, Jess M., d.8/6/1966, Age 84 yrs, interred 8/8/1966, old age, nieces & nephews survive
Armstrong, Little Sallie, d.1880, On memorial w/others, record 11/3/1975
Armstrong, W. C., d.1925, Grave of Mr. O. . Brockman
Arnold, Mabel Gertrude, d.1/10/1968, Age 73 yrs, died at Joplin, Missouri
Arnold, William N., d.1/3/1967, Age 79 yrs, Thompson Funeral Home
Ashley, A. E., d.7/23/1911, Age 35 yrs
Ashley, Albert E., d.7/26/1911, Age 35 yrs, Peritonitis
Ashley, Amanda, d.11/9/1932, Age 80 yrs
Ashley, Arthur C., d.3/14/72, Age 87 yrs, Buried 3/17/72, Clark Funeral Home, Steel vault
Ashley, Thomas, d.5/25/1900, Age 67 yrs 11 mos 21 days, Inf. Of bladder, Dr. Wills
Ashley, W. M., d.8/21/1928, Age 84 yrs
Asling, Theda Belle, d.9/15/1977, Died at Joplin, Missouri, Clark Funeral Home
Atanacio, Angelo, d.11/10/1990, Born 6/8/1899, Clark Funeral Home
Atanacio, Eleuteria, d.10/24/1990, Born 8/8/1903, Clark
Atkins, Baby, d.10/15/1944, Age 21 days
Atkinson, Nancy, d.10/18/1982, Age 52 yrs, Freund-Thompson
Augspurger, Aline, d.9/26/1979, Age 79 yrs, Female, Clark Funeral Home, buried 10/1/1979, place of death, Frankfort, KY
Augspurger, Curt, d.11/26/1982, Age 23 yrs, died at Lexington, Kentucky, Clark
Austin, (Mother of Chas.), d.1919
Austin, Chas., No date
Austin, Dr., d.1910
Austin, Emma, d.4/19/1933, Age 63 yrs, died at Nevada, MO
Austin, Flora Ann (Mrs. Freeman), d.10/12/64, Age 76 yrs 5 mos 15 days, Shewmake Funeral Home, Granby, Ed Freeman, husband
Austin, Fred E., d.7/5/????, Age 69 yrs
Austin, Fred H., d., Age 70 yrs 4 mos 26 days
Austin, George, d.1923
Austin, George Joseph, d.5/11/1969, Age 56 yrs, interred 5/13/1969, Nellie Austin's husband, Clark service, cause emphysema, concrete vault
Austin, James P., d.7/28/1983, Age 71 yrs, died at Springfield, Missouri, Clark
Austin, Marguerite F., d.2/19/1982, Age 79 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Austin, Mrs. D., d.8/5/1915
Austin, Mrs. Dr., d.1915
Austin, Ralph, d.1920
Austin, Thos. R., d.10/22/1910?, Soft of brain, Dr. Lamson
Aydelotte, James Charles, d.6/17/1975, Christianson Funeral Home, Harrison, Arkansas
Aydelotte, Vivian G., d.4/26/1971, Clark Funeral Home
Ayers, Anna Gerturd, d.11/24/78, Age 84 yrs, buried 11/28/1978, Freund Thompson
Ayers, H. C., d.1925, See later record
Ayers, John H., d.7/1/66, Age 74 yrs, Heart Attack, interred 7/2/1966, Mrs. Ruby Ayers-wife, Mrs. John Hoenstein-dau, Clark Service
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