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Stotts Family Cemetery
Stotts City, Lawrence County, Missouri

Lat: 37°05'48"N, Lon: 93°57'32"W

Contributed by Bill K. Stotts, Jun 06, 2001 [bks0728@msn.com]. Total records = 17.

Cemetery is located approximately three-quarters mile west and one-half mile south of Stotts City, MO. Situated in the middle of a field currently (2001) owned by Mr. Roger Schnake. Not accessible by road.

The first burial, Captain Green C. Stotts, is my great-grandfather. All other persons buried here are family members. After some years of neglect the Cemetery is now being cared for. No burials since 1962.

- Bill K. Stotts

Davis, Fannie G. (Stotts), b. 29 Jul 1864, d. 1926. dau of Green C
Davis, Horace O, b. 17 Oct 1893, d. 11 Jun 1919. son of Fannie G
Davis, Rumsey O, b. 11 Sep 1847, d. 1927. hus of Fannie G
Hans, Leo, b. 7 Apr 1902, d. 18 Oct 1912. son of Ella B
Jones, Ella B. (Stotts), b. 20, Oct 1871, d. 19 Mar 1962. dau of Green
Jordon, Herbert G, b. 6 Sep 1879, d. 18 Nov 1898. grandson of Green
Jordon, Homor R, b. 17 Mar 1884, d. 18 Dec 1898. grandson of Green
Pruitt, Beuthuel, b. 27 Apr 1854, d. 30 Sep 1913. hus. of Mary Kate
Pruitt, Mary Kate (Stotts), b. 2 Sep 1858, d. 18 Feb 1922. dau of Green C. Stotts
Stotts, Green C, b. 21 Mar 1821, d. 5 Nov 1876
Stotts, John E, b. 16 Sep 1869, d. 20 Feb 1897. son of Green C
Stotts, Junius C, b. 25, April 1856, d. 26 Mar 1906. son of Green C
Stotts, Mary Jane (Barnes), b. 14 July 1836, d. 9 Jun 1908. Wife of Green C. Stotts
Stotts, Maude Dale, b. 15 Jan 1881, d. 23 Dec 1904. dau of Junius
Stotts, Myrtle Logan, b. 8 Dec 1883, d. 18 Jul 1903. dau of Junius
Stotts, Sigle H. (Evens), b. 1862, d. 1930. wife of Junius
Stotts, William L, b. 9 Sep 1866, d. 1925. son of Green C. Stotts

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