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Lebanon City Cemetery
Lebanon, Laclede County, Missouri

Hwy 5 and Brice Street, Lebanon MO

Lat: 37° 41' 23"N, Lon: 92° 41' 09"W

Contributed by Jeff Mitchell, May 30, 2009, last edited Jun 13, 2012 [jemumr@yahoo.com].  Total records = 7,308.

From Purdy at Hwy 37 turn east onto Hwy C and continue to East Purdy which is about 3 miles. Turn right in the center of East Purdy and continue south for about 3/4 mi. There should be a sign.

This cemetery is owned and maintained by the city of Lebanon, Missouri. The cemetery was in good condition.

The information was compiled by inspection of all visible tombstones and temporary grave markers with the help of previous transcriptions.

It is a complete transcription which I did from Sep-2006 to June-2007.

- Jeff Mitchell

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