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Hudspeth Cemetery
Independence, Jackson County, Missouri

2910 N Six Mile Church Road, Independence MO

Lat: 39° 09' 01"N, Lon: 94° 16' 27"W
T50N R31W Section 13

Contributed by Sharon Kroner, Oct 07, 2008, last edited Oct 15, 2008 [sharonmok2@sbcglobal.net]. Total records = 41.

To reach this cemetery in Independence, from the intersection of Hwy 24 & 7 Hwy, go east on Hwy 24 for 1 mile, turn north on Six Mile Church Road. Go .9 mile to the end of Six Mile Church Road, turn left onto a private gravel road, go .2 mile, the cemetery is on the right hand side surrounded by a 3' stone fence. The cemetery is on private property owned by the Dean & Wilson families.

There are 42 known graves, with the earliest being 1847. Several of the stones are broken and are on the ground by the stone wall. Some of the broken stones are missing parts that held death dates. With this exception the cemetery is very well kept.

This includes all existing and legible readings from stones from when I visited this cemetery on Oct 05, 2008.

- Sharon Kroner

Beall, Paralee, b. 1825, d. 1913, w/o Rufus Beall
Beall, Rufus, b. 1818, d. 1847, s/w Paralee Beall
Elliston, Effie F, b. 1870, d. 1874, d/o John M & Susan Elliston
Elliston, John M, b. 1843, d. 1873, s/w Susan & Effie F Elliston
Elliston, Susan, d. 13 Mar 1916, w/o John M Elliston, s/w John M & Effie F Elliston
Elsea, Elizabeth, b. 19 Oct 1902, d. 8 Jan 1903, d/o R R & Mary Elsea
Hudspeth, Adhor B, d. 9 Nov 1858, d/o GW & EC Hudspeth, aged 9m, 7d
Hudspeth, Amanda M, d. 8 Mar 1850, w/o J W Hudspeth
Hudspeth, Elizabeth C, b. 6 May 1830, d. 4 Feb 1899, mother, s/w George W Hudspeth
Hudspeth, George B, b. 7 Sep 1851, d. 25 Oct 1910, s/w Rufus P & George M Hudspeth
Hudspeth, George Morrow, b. 1845, d. 1864, s/w George B & Rufus P Hudspeth
Hudspeth, George W, b. 27 Feb 1820, d. 19 Apr 1903, father, s/w Elizabeth C Hudspeth
Hudspeth, J W, b. 23 Apr 1809 Simpson Co. KY, d. blank
Hudspeth, Joel E, d. 8 Jan 1890, aged 71y, 8m, 23d
Hudspeth, Joel Rufus, b. 21 Nov 1839, d. 27 Feb 1895, s/o Joseph W & Amanda Hudspeth
Hudspeth, Robert N, d. 23 Mar 1885, s/o William & Tabitha Hudspeth, aged 63y, 23d
Hudspeth, Rufus P, b. 7 Jul 1847, d. 7 Feb 1923, w/o George B Hudspeth, s/w George B & George M Hudspeth
Hudspeth, Silas B, d. 12 Oct 1885, s/o W & Tabitha Hudspeth, aged 71y, 9m, 6d
Hudspeth, William J, d. 14 Feb 1863, s/o GW & E Hudspeth
Hudspeth, William N, b. 15 Jan 1842, d. 24 May 1907
Hudspeth, William, b. 1 May 1778, d. 16 Aug 1867, father
Jacobs, Amanda E, b. 19 Apr 1836, d. 13 Mar 1862, w/o M C Jacobs
Moore, George S, b. 13___1818, d. blank
Morgan, Benjamin F, b. 13 Feb 1826, d. 5 Jun 1857, s/o M M & M E Morgan
Morgan, Mary Eliza, b. 7 Aug 1807, d. 3 Jun 1857, w/o M M Morgan
Morgan, Nancy D, b. 21 Sep 1834, d. 21 Dec 1854, w/o Benj. F Morgan
Morrow, Amanda E, b. 29 Sep 1848, d. 15 May 1922, w/o Benjamin H Morrow
Morrow, Benjamin H, b. 16 Dec 1840, d. 27 Jan 1916, s/w Amanda E Morrow
Morrow, James O.S., d. 2 Jul 1886, s/o Jesse & Silvia Morrow, aged 53y, 10m, 1d
Morrow, Jesse, d. 16 Jul 1886
Morrow, Mary L, d. 3 Jan 1867, d/o J & S Morrow, aged 34y, 5m, 16d
Morrow, Missouri, d. 25 May 1868, d/o J & S Morrow, aged 25y, 3m, 21d
Morrow, Nathan H, d. 11 Sep 1883, s/o Jesse & Sylva Morrow, aged 48y, 11m, 28d
Morrow, Silvia, d. 10 Jun 1872, w/o Jesse Morrow, aged 64y, 10m, 3d
Morrow, Sylvia N, d. 1870, d/o Benj. & Amanda Morrow
Morrow, Tabitha M, d. 2 May 1876, d/o J & S Morrow, aged 43y, 1m, 28d
Morrow, William T, d. 2 Mar 1862, s/o J & S Morrow, aged 23y, 6m, 9d
Shepherd, Henrietta S, b. 23 Apr 1834, d. 24 Sep 1855, w/o F E Shepherd
Weir, David, b. blank, d. blank
Weir, Nancy Jane, b. 2 Dec 1833, d. blank, w/o Samuel M Weir
Weir, Wm. E, d. 16 Apr 1855, aged 26y, 8m

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