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Rocky Fork Baptist Cemetery
Hinton, Boone County, Missouri

Lat: 39° 03' 13"N, Lon: 92° 20' 28"W

This listing submitted by Dee Pfeiffer, Jun 18, 2004 [pfeiffer@ktis.net].  Total records = 487.

This cemetery is on the corner of the main street of Hinton, Missouri behind the Rocky Fork Baptist Church.

This cemetery is owned and maintained by the Rocky Fork Baptist Church, which was founded in 1821, and the cemetery was started shortly after that. This cemetery has alot of old headstones which are hard to read.

I walked and read all existing headstones in this cemetery in the summer of 2002. I continue to seek more information about those which have no markers.

I walked this cemetery in July of 2004, reading and recording all existing and legible headstones, I then compared with the sexton records.

- Dee Pfeiffer
??, Buddie, d. 4/20/1862
??, Ella Lee, d. 8/9/1862
Alexander, Rmalin, d. 1/14/1870, wife of J.H. Alexander
Ankrom, Minnie Belle, b. 1871, d. 1913, wife of William Henry Androm
Ankrom, William Henry, b. 1869, d. 1960
Armstrong, James T, b. 12/17/1946, d. 5/18/1935
Armstrong, Lizzie, b. 7/10/1844, d. 7/19/1919, wife of James T. Armstrong
Atkisson, James, d. 11/21/1880
Atkisson, Rebecca B, b. 6/11/1812, d. 6/8/1896, wife of James Atkisson
Austin, Martha A, b? d 2/22/1862, wife of James W. Austin
Ballard, Abner D, b. 1871, d. 1938
Ballard, Lulie E, b. 1875, d. 1925, wife of Abner D. Ballard
Ballenger, Elijah T, b. 7/26/1844, d. 7/26/1922
Ballenger, Martha A, b. 7/23/1866, d. 4/3/1869, dau of J.& S. Ballenger
Ballenger, Matilda, b. 1/25/1840, d. 9/3/1911, wife of Elijah T. Ballenger
Barkwell, Celia J, d. 5/22/1899, wife of John S. Barkwell
Barkwell, John S, d. 2/18/1898
Barnes, Eliza, d. 9/29/1886, wife of J.W. Barnes
Barnett, C. Pearl, d. 11/14/1886, dau of J.E. and M.A. Barnett
Barnett, infant, d. 5/28/1880, son of J. and M. Barnett
Barnett, William Lawrence, d. 5/14/1869, son of J.E and M.A. Barnett
Barrett, Luther Lee, b. 8/8/1875, d. 8/9/1876, son of J.V. and J.D. Barrett
Barrett, Mariam, d. 7/19/1883, wife of R. Barrett
Batterton, Daniel G, b. 4/28/1853, d. 7/5/1906
Batterton, Ettie J, b. 9/3/1858, d. ?, wife of Daniel G. Batterton
Batterton, Ida D, d. 10/7/1877, dau of W.W. and M.A. Batterton
Batterton, Mary A, b. ?, d?, wife of L. Batterton
Batterton, Polly A, d. 7/11/1890, wife of Sanford M. Batterson
Batterton, Sanford M, b. 7/24/1828, d. ?
Berry, Amanda F, b. 4/20/1865, d. 11/8/1926, wife of Walter W. Berry
Berry, Walter W, b. 4/9/1865, d. 1/13/1941
Berry, William, b. 4/9/1865, d. 1/13/1941
Berry, William, d. 9/9/1882, son of W.F. and M.E. Berry
Boyce, Retta, d. 3/9/1890
Bradley, Eva A, b. 7/22/1858, d. 2/27/1929, wife of James W. Bradley
Bradley, Glenn, b. 7/18/1897, d. 9/4/1906
Bradley, James W, b. 7/4/1855, d. 2/2/1907
Bradley, James, b. 1810, d. 1896
Bradley, Turnance, b. 4/3/1895, d. 9/29/1909
Bradley, Zerelda, b. 1820, d. 1896, wife of James Bradley
Brink, Harriett, d. 6/22/1892, wife of C.W. Brink
Brown, Charles H, b. 5/18/1856, d. 5/6/1924
Brown, Dr. P, d. 8/3/1862
Brown, Fannie E, b. 2/19/1876, d. 5/17/1952, wife of William Brown
Brown, Haden, d. 5/15/1863
Brown, Harrison, b. 1838, d. 1912
Brown, Henderson, b. 1823, d. 1911
Brown, Henry C, b. 3/30/1835, d. 12/28/1880
Brown, Jemima, d. 10/30/1851
Brown, Joseph, d. 5/3/1868
Brown, Little Riley, d. 12/17/1894, son of N.J. and Pearl Brown
Brown, Lizzie Etta, b. 1/16/1867, d. 10/23/1874
Brown, Lloyd D, 7/18/1887, d. 7/18/1905, son of Charles H. and Sallie E. Brown
Brown, Marian Long, b. 1832, d. 1907, wife of Henderson Brown
Brown, Mary C, b. ? , d. 9/7/1867, dau of Riley and Nancy C. Brown
Brown, Mary F, b. 3/20/1832, d. 7/29/1915, wife of Perry Brown
Brown, Mary J, b. 5/10/1850, d. ?, wife of Harrison Brown
Brown, Mary J, b. 5/15/1842, d. 5/30/1885, wife of Harrison Brown
Brown, Mary, b. 5/10/1850, d. 7/25/1852
Brown, Mollie J, b. 1842, d. 1885, wife of Harrison Brown
Brown, Nancy C, b. 11/23/1836, d. 8/6/1836, wife of Riley Brown
Brown, Nannie L, b. 10/1/1864, d. 10/1/1866
Brown, Nannie Lurtha, no dates
Brown, Riley, b. 1/18/1830, d. 6/19/1882
Brown, Rosa Lee, b. 7/29/1864, d. 10/31/1929, wife of Henry L. Brown
Brown, Rufas, b. 1/14/1849, d. 5/16/1849
Brown, Sallie E, b. 8/3/1855, d. 2/21/1933, wife of Charles H. Brown
Brown, Sally, b. 7/28/1869, d. 9/19/1877, dau of Riley B and Nancy C. Brown
Brown, Thomas P, b. 5/18/1843, d. 8/4/1845
Brown, William, b. 1/16/1860, d. 6/28/1913
Bullard, Alonzo, b. 9/1/1875, d. 3/20/1876, son of G.H. and G. Bullard
Bullard, Catherine, b. 4/22/1849, d. 5/3/1880, wife of George M. Bullard, dau of Tom & F. Caldwell
Caldwell, Feruby, b. 9/20/1824, d. 12/11/1893, wife of Thomas Caldwell
Caldwell, Jasper N, b. 4/7/1847, d. 2/14/1897
Caldwell, Lauretta, d. 10/19/1895
Caldwell, Lula, b. 7/5/1861, d. 10/16/1913
Caldwell, Thomas, d. 2/12/1885
Canton, Sandy, b. 10/22/1882, d. 2/25/1972
Canton, Stella B, b. 8/28/1894, d?, wife of Sandy Canton
Childers, Emma L, b. 3/29/1883, d. 4/28/1953, wife of Jeptha T. Childers
Childers, Jeptha T, b. 1/29/1878, d. 1/27/1941
Childers, Margaret, b. 9/1/1857, 11/5/1953, wife of William Childers
Childers, William, b. 8/11/1843, d. 5/20/1928
Coats, Elizabeth, d. 6/14/1858, wife of James Coats
Coats, James A, b. 2/15/1877, d. 5/5/1877, son of A.C and Sarah M. Coats
Coats, James, b. 6/1807, d. 1/15/1902
Coats, Sarah M, d. 2/21/1877, wife of A.C. Coats
Coffee, Henry F, d. 3/22/1881, son of M.W. and E.J. Coffee
Comelison, Ann E, b. 6/11/1847, d. 10/5/1904 infant
Comelison, Burris, b. 4/21/1882, d. 11/20/1937
Comelison, Malinda, b. 11/2/1850, d. 7/28/1905
Comelison, Narcissus, 5/11/1833, d. 6/24, 1896, wife of J.M. Comelison
Comelison, William, no dates
Conley, Fannie, b. 12/15/1814, d. 2/7/1902
Conley, John B, b. 5/18/1875, d. 6/9/1893
Conley, Mary J, b. 10/22/1841, d. 8/7/1905, wife of T.W. Conley
Cook, Minnie L, b. 10/7/1896, d. 11/21/1896, dau of J.L. and A.E. Cook
Coule, ?, d. 8/6/1915, infant, dau of C.A. and Lula E. Coule
Coule, Ferdinand, b. 1/1/1851, d. 6/5/1917
Coule, Isabelle H, b. 10/17/1857, d. 6/5/1917, wife of Ferdinand Coule
Coule, Levia Ann, b. 1/11/1887, d. 7/9/1889, dau of A.and E.B. Caule
Cowles, Joanah W, b. 5/19/1820, d. 4/3/1852
Craig, M.E, b. 8/1950, d. 8/10/1986
Craig, Ula A, b. 12/8/1873, d. 12/7/1880
Crose, Mammie, b. 1896, d. 1916
Crose, Marshall Jr, b. 12/29/1940, d. 3/29/1941
Crose, Patricia Ann, b. 2/28/1940, d. 9/7/1940
Crosswhite, Eliza, b. 1848, d, 1924, wife of James E. Crosswhite
Crosswhite, Ethel E, b. 1908, d. 1924
Crosswhite, George, d. 8/10/1889
Crosswhite, Gladys, 5/6/1901, d. 10/11/1906, dau of E.W. and Cora Crosswhite
Crosswhite, Ila Lee, b. 8/12/1806, d. 8/20/1908, dau of J.J. and G.L. Crosswhite
Crosswhite, James C, b. 2/12/1848, d. 12/1/1898
Crosswhite, James E, b. 1846, d. 1897
Crosswhite, Juan B, b? d 9/24/1886, wife of H.H. Crosswhite
Crosswhite, Willis O, d. 4/28/1884, son of C. and C. Crosswhite
Davenport, Abraham, d. 9/21/1866
Davenport, John, b. 4/24/1793, d. 9/5/1874
Davenport, Nancy, d. 10/24/1866, wife of John Davenport
Davenport, Paul H, b. 7/22/1875, 5/1/1915
Davenport, Rosa Mae, b. 5/4/1878, d. 10/15/1927, wife of Paul H. Davenport
Denham, Mary E, b. 7/17/1881, d. 1/22/1899, dau of John V. Denham
Dennis, William B, b. 4/25/1826, d. 7/23/1876
Dysart, Samuel J, d. 4/26/1879
Enochs, Homer E, b. 6/14, 1906, d. 8/6/1906, son of J.F. and L.M. Enochs
Evans, Mary E, d. 10/14/1885, wife of Squire Evans
Evans, Ollie, d. 8/29/1874, son of Squire and Mary E. Evans
Evans, Sarah A, d. 8/13/1877, wife of M. Evans
Evans, Squire, d. 9/22/1875
Evans, Willie G, d. 11/2/1882, son of P.S. and E. Evans
Farris, Ella Caldwell, b. 5/6/1855, d. 3/11/1937
Fenton, Agnes, b. 11/8/1829, d. 6/29/1900, wife of Joshua Fenton
Fenton, Andrew J, d. 10/23/1871
Fenton, Caleb A.JR, b. 4/1/1883, d. 11/15/1913
Fenton, Caleb, b. ?, d 4/3/1867
Fenton, Caleb, b. 12/17/1849, d. 7/15/1916
Fenton, Carrie, b. 4/10/1860, 7/2/1942, wife of Jasper Fenton
Fenton, Cora A., b. 3/26/1879, d. 9/9/1962, wife of Joshua K. Fenton
Fenton, Elizabeth M, d. 11/30/1884, dau of J.P. and S.E. Fenton
Fenton, Ethel, b. 2/9/1883, d. 6/5/1923
Fenton, J. Jasper, b. 7/30/1851, d. 2/19/1928
Fenton, James J, b. 1/5/1820, d. 2/5/1869
Fenton, Jane P, d. 6/15/1872, wife of Caleb Fenton, Mother of Joshua & Agnes J. Fenton
Fenton, Jennie, b. 1/5, 1851, d. 8/4/1905, wife of Caleb A. Fenton Jr.
Fenton, John C, b. 1827, d. 3/24/1897
Fenton, Joshua K, b. 7/24/1868, d. 7/6/1921
Fenton, Joshua, b. 9/30/1827, d. 4/28/1908
Fenton, Lettice, b. 6/20/1811, d. 3/12/1893
Fenton, Lizzie J, d. 7/15, 1872, dau of Joshua and Agnes J. Fenton
Fenton, Lula Belle, d. 3/15/1883, dau of J.P. and S.E. Fenton
Fenton, Mecie M, d. 1/18/1891, dau of Caleb and Jane P. Fenton
Fenton, Nelson Elwood, b. 12/22/1921, d. 1/18/1922, son of H. B. and Mora Fenton
Fenton, Octavia B, d. 1/14/1875, dau of Joshua and Agnes J. Fenton
Fenton, Ora Pearl, b. 10/31/1883, d. 10/29/1909, wife of Caleb A. Fenton JR.
Fenton, Peter K, b. 7/24/1866, d. 7/6/1920
Fenton, Robert Lee, d. 5/9/1865, infant, son of James J. and Sarah A. Fenton
Fenton, Sarah A, b. 2/26/1833, d. 1/23/1907, wife of John C. Fenton
Fenton, Sarah A, b. 3/5/1831, d. 10/30/1900, wife of James J. Fenton
Fenton, Thomas J, b. 12/26/1889, d. 3/24/1959
Fenton, Virgil Lee, b. 9/25/1890, d. 11/17/1895
Forbis, ?, b. 11/12/1913, d. 7/30/1917, dau of M.P. and M.F. Forbis
Forshey, Goldie R, d. 9/8/1888
Forshey, James, d. 9/2/1889
Fountain, Susan C, b. 7/2/1853, d. 2/4/1858, dau of M. M. Fountain
Fowler, Ann, d. 7/9/1879, wife of J.S. Fowler SR.
Fowler, Lola E, b. 5/30/1874, d. 7/2/1876, dau of W. Folwer
Frost, Amanda, d. 9/14/1871, wife of W.R. Frost
Gallup, Colonus L, d. 6/21/1878, son of T.J. and Mary T. Gallup
Gallup, Mary T, d. 6/1878, wife of T.J. Gallup
Gallup, Rosa B, d. 3/8/1882, wife of T.J. Gallup
Gallup, T. J., b. 10/5/1850, d. 9/18/1921
Goslin, Abigail, d. 2/22/1893, wife of Silvester F. Goslin
Goslin, Albert Sidney, d. 6/24/1884, infant, son of Lewis J.and Sarah F. Goslin
Goslin, Alice Kemper, b. 3/28/1861, d. 10/21/1898, wife of J.B. Goslin
Goslin, Benjamin F, d. 6/4/1876
Goslin, Dicy F., d. 1/3/1881, dau of Lewis J. and Sarah F. Goslin
Goslin, Fannie, b. 11/29/1859, d. 9/10/1935, sister of Lafe Goslin
Goslin, Henry R., b. 9/19/1863, d. 2/3/1920
Goslin, infant, d. 1/16/1892, infant, son of J.B. and Alice Kemper Goslin
Goslin, Jeffie, d. 10/7/1882, son of Benjamin F. and Mary M. Goslin
Goslin, Lafe, b. 5/1/1861, d. 4/7/1861, brother of Fannie Goslin
Goslin, Lewis J., b. 8/2/1847, d. ?
Goslin, Lydia May, d. 10/8/1885, infant, dau of Lewis J. and Sarah F. Goslin
Goslin, Mary M., d. 2/15/1902, wife of Benjamin Goslin
Goslin, Sarah F., b. 6/18/1842, d. 11/9/1917, wife of Lewis J. Goslin
Goslin, Silvester F., b. 7/10/1810, d. 6/27/1894
Harris, Amanda, d. 9/24/1891, wife of James Harris
Harris, James, b. 5/26/1844, d 5/21/1913
Hawkins, Cora A., d. 12/12/1884, wife of A.D. Hawkins
Hawkins, J. Eddy, d. 5/11/1878, son of J.L. and Frances S. Henry
Henry, Elizabeth B., d. 1/10/1883, dau of J.L. and Frances Henry
Henry, Frances S., d. 5/15/1883, wife of J. L. Henry
Henry, Marian L., d. 1/2/1883, dau of J.L. and Frances S. Henry
Hoffman, Alford, b. 1847, d. 1924
Hoffman, Dee Wilson, b. 1866, d. 1959
Hoffman, Fred D., b. 1890, d. 1960
Hoffman, Nelson H., b. 1919, d. 1927
Holloway, Nancy Ellen, b. 7/24/1835, d. 4/14/1871
Hudson, Claud H., b. 6/29/1892, d. 10/23/1918
Hyde, Charley D., b. 8/25/1876, d. 4/22/1936
Hyde, Musie Level, b. 11/26/1886, d. 7/5/1959, wife of Charley D. Hyde
Jacobs, Alice B., b. 4/6/1872, d. 9/16/1954
Jacobs, infant, b. 1/4/1908, d. 1/9/1908, infant, dau of C.B. and Alice B. Jacobs
Jennings, Bobbie, d. 3/4/1867, dau of James and Elizabeth A. Jennings
Jennings, Eldora, d. 3/20/1876, dau of J. and E.A. Jennings
Jennings, Elizabeth A. Coats, b. 1/10/1836, d. 3/3/1908, wife of James Jennings
Jennings, James W., b. 5/11/1885, d. 6/22/1887
Jennings, James, b. 3/20/1833, d?
Jennings, Robert, b. 10/20/1846, d. 1/9/1906
Jones, ?, d. 7/3/1870, son of M.C.and M.J. Jones
Jones, Amanda L., b. ? d 10/2/1866, dau of M.C. and M.J. Jones
Jones, Jefferson, d. 4/21/1864, son of M.C. and M.J. Jones
Jones, Littelleell, b. 9/5/1801, d. 3/24/1855, wife of Richard Jones
Jones, Nancy A., b. 3/10/1821, d. 9/10/1863, dau of Richard and L. Jones
Jones, Sarah H., b. 1/6/1811, d. 2/21/1870, wife of Richard Jones
Keele, Alfred E., d. 1871
Keele, Talitha, d. 8/1/1870, wife of Alfred Keele
Keene, Alice Shock, b. 11/19/1848, d. 2/22/1929
Keene, James H., b. 3/3/1845, d. 12/19/1908
Kemper, Alice, b. 1/17/1871, d 12/22/1898, wife of P.B. Kemper
Kemper, B.Clark, b. 2/21/1900, d. 4/12/1954
Kemper, Curtis L., b. ?, d?, son of S.P. and Sarah F. Kemper
Kemper, Elmaretta, b. 1/21/1852, d. ?, wife of James E. Kemper
Kemper, infant, d. 10/10/1882, infant, son of Tilman T.S. and Sallie Kemper
Kemper, James E., b. 11/24/1852, d. 2/25/1910
Kemper, John D., b. 9/17/1828, d. 7/1/1905
Kemper, Mary J., b. 4/7/1870, d. 11/26/1921, wife of P.B. Kemper
Kemper, Nora Dove, d. 8/29/1885, dau of Tilman T.S. and Sallie Kemper
Kemper, Rebecca B., d. 10/24/1891, dau of S.P. and Sarah F. Kemper
Kemper, Sallie, b. 2/19/1838, d. 9/3/1908, wife of T.S. Kemper
Kemper, Sarah F., d. 1/11/1876
Kemper, Susan F., b. 2/19/1836, d. 12/18/1900, wife of John D. Kemper
Kemper, Tilman T.S., b. 2/7/1834, d. 3/18/1910
Kester, Mary E., b. 3/8/1846, d. 12/21/1905, wife of John J. Kester
Lampton, Eliza, d. 8/4/1877, wife of James Lampton
Lampton, James, b. ?, d?
Lawson, Richard, d. 2/3/1872
Limbach, Clara Crose, b. 10/23/1922, d. 10/21/1963
Long, Jasper Marion, b. 9/24/1877, d 3/18/1898, son of J.C. and F.E. Long, born Green Co., Mo.
March, Abraham D., b. 8/3/1838, d. 5/30/1909
March, Hannah, b. 8/3/1838, d. 2/25/1904, wife of Abraham D. March
March, Martha E., b. 9/25/1858, d. 2/1924
March, Sallie, b. 12/24/1872, 1/15/1924
March, Thomas E., d. 4/14/1873, son of A.D. and H.W. March
March, William F., b. 11/20/1841, d. 11/17/1903
Masterson, Ira B., b. 3/22/1861, d. 2/9/1907
Mayes, Elizabeth, b. 7/28/1849, d. 3/5/1921, wife of Matthew Jasper Mayes
Mayes, infant, d. 7/3/1907, son of Cicero J. and Maggie L. Mayes
Mayes, James Adolph, d. 2/24/1912, infant, son of Cicero J. and Maggie L. Mayes
Mayes, James Wesley, b. 11/7/1868, d. 5/23/1942
Mayes, Matthew Jasper, b. 1/9/1845, d. 11/1/1872
Mayes, Matthew Jasper, b. 5/28/1873, d. 7/18/1919
Mayes, Nattie Wesley, b. 3/7/1873, d?, wife of James Wesley Mayes
Mayes, Thomas J., b. 10/20/1911, d. 9/24/1912
McCown, James F., b. 1869, d 1922
McCown, Minnie M., b. 1879, d. 1950, wife of James f. McCown
McGhee, General Price, b. 8/22/1877, d. 7/12/1914
McKenzie, ?, b. 2/4/1820, d. 10/22/1900
McKenzie, Alexander Lee, b. 3/28/1866, d. 1/26/1890
McKenzie, Clara, d. 6/25/1871, dau of J. and T.J. McKenzie
McKenzie, Cora, d. 11/10/1887, dau of N.B. and Lula McKenzie
McKenzie, Francis, d. 8/28/1851, wife of John McKenzie
McKenzie, Isabel Josephine, b. 3/5/1841, d. 7/19/1925, wife of John McKenzie
McKenzie, Isabell, b. 12/4/1848, d?, wife of Nathaniel R. McKenzie
McKenzie, James Peyton, b. 6/28/1851, d. 8/30/1893
McKenzie, James, d. 10/2/1874
McKenzie, Jemima Susan, b. 2/16/1858, d. 4/28/1914, wife of James Peyton McKenzie
McKenzie, Lillian, d. 4/5/1884, dau of N.B. and Lula McKenzie
McKenzie, Lula V., b. 4/30/1878, d. 2/4/1912, wife of N. B. McKenzie
McKenzie, Nathaniel R., b. 6/6/1846, d. 1/7/1846
McKenzie, Nathaniel, d. 4/6/1882
McKenzie, Polly, b. 3/4/1814, d. 12/3/1891, wife of James McKenzie
McKenzie, Sallie Ann, d. 9/19/1889, wife of Alexander McKenzie
McKenzie, Tabitha D., b. 6/30/1817, d. 11/28/1833
Mihollin, Sarah A., b. 9/4/1824, d. 9/14/1874, wife of P. W. Mihollin
Moberly, Bettie, d. 10/2/1881, wife of J.J. Moberly
Mordica, Elizabeth F., b. 8/2/1836, d. 5/22/1913, wife of Thomas Mordica
Mordica, John, b. 1863, d. 1916
Mordica, Mary Price, b. 5/9/1862, d. 4/21/1914, wife of John Mordica
Mordica, Thomas, b. 8/4/1831, d. 8/13/1910
Morgan, Ann, b. 1885, d. 6/18/1951
Neal, William, Jr, b. 8/20/1826, d. 12/28/1896, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Neal
Noe, Catherine, d. 10/13/1871, wife of George Noe
Noe, George, d. 9/30/1869
Noe, James S., d. 11/12/1869
Noe, Zadok R., b. 5/27/1843, d. 10/29/1868
Orear, B. H., b. 9/18/1846, d. 3/10/1891
Orear, Daniel T., d. 8/29/1870
Palmer, ?, d. 11/23/1905
Palmer, ?, d. 7/9/1904, Children of O.P. and S.E. Palmer
Palmer, America N., b. 1/13/1843, d. 5/4/1886, wife of James Palmer
Palmer, Ann E., b. 1846, d. 1929, wife of John Palmer
Palmer, Carl D., b. 2/4/1914, d. 12/7/1946, son of John W. and Rosa A. Palmer
Palmer, Cordelia, b. 1/31/1869, d. ?
Palmer, Dudley, b. 8/18/1836, d. 4/26/1906
Palmer, Hendron, b. 12/4/1866, d. ?
Palmer, Hendron, d. 6/3/1883
Palmer, India, b. 2/28/1818, d. 3/15/1897, wife of J.H. Palmer
Palmer, J. H., b. 6/30/1818, d. 1/23/1904
Palmer, James D., b. 9/15/1871, d. 8/23/1906
Palmer, James R., b. 10/18/1898, d. 4/23/1899, son of Lizzie Palmer
Palmer, James, b. 6/7/1844, d. 4/8/1918
Palmer, Jessie P., b. 12/6/1900, d. 2/10/1904, son of Lizzie Palmer
Palmer, John W., b. 9/6/1873, d. 7/15/1957
Palmer, John, b. 1847, d. 1927
Palmer, Joseph W., 10/18/1876, d. 10/18/1926
Palmer, Junie B., d. 3/12/1840
Palmer, Leantha, b. 8/10/1833, d. 1/24/1906, wife of Hendron Palmer
Palmer, Lizzie, b. 5/6/1881, d. 12/11/1903
Palmer, Margaret, b. 1834, d. 1920
Palmer, Ollie, b. 1/3/1885, d. 3/10/1905, wife of Ezra T. Palmer
Palmer, Rolley, d. 11/1904
Palmer, Rosa A., b. 3/28/1885, d. 4/1/1951, wife of John W. Palmer
Palmer, Sarah Annie, b. 2/6/1873, d. 5/10/1912
Palmer, Theodore P., b. 3/4/1862, d. 3/31/1918
Palmer, Viola Bell, b. 9/6/1918, d. 5/13/1920, dau of John W. and Rosa A. Palmer
Persinger, Joseph T., b. 1860, d. 1936
Persinger, Robert L., b. 1862, d. 1931
Persinger, Rosa Bell, b. 1/19/1877, d. 4/2/1907, wife of William Barbo Persinger
Persinger, Rosa Thelma, b. 10/12/1904, d. 11/30/1911, dau of William B. and Rosa B. Persinger
Persinger, William Barbo, b. 8/10/1868, d?
Pigg, Alonzo D., b. 3/24/1879, d. 8/20/1911
Pigg, Clarence P., b. 6/2/1883, d. 3/28/1960
Pigg, Frances, b. 11/2/1803, d. 7/22/1881, wife of Renard A. Pigg
Pigg, George W., d. 5/6/1873, son of Stephen W. and Margaret A. Pigg
Pigg, Hattie Wade, b. 1/28/1874, d. 12/29/1927, wife of Clarence Pigg
Pigg, Henry H., b. 5/23/1840, d. 7/28/1862, son of Renard A. and Frances Pigg
Pigg, John A., b. 9/27/1830, d. 4/14/1863, son of Renard A. and Frances Pigg
Pigg, Little Eva, b. 6/11/1902, d. 10/24/1902, dau of Clarence P. and Hattie Pigg
Pigg, Little Ruth, b. 2/27/1905, d. 4/3/1904, dau of Clarence P. and Hattie Pigg
Pigg, Margaret A., b. 9/6/1855, d. 7/5/1923, wife of Stephen W. Pigg
Pigg, Renard A., d. 1/24/1873
Pigg, Stephen W., b. 3/1/1823, d. 8/31/1895
Powell, Albert N., d. 12/12/1872, son of W.H. and T.A. Powell
Prather, Charles H., b. 10/19/1828, d. 10/1/1904
Prather, Gertrude, d. 8/15/1874
Prather, Henrietta, b. ?, d?, dau of Charles A. and E.J. Prather
Prather, Henry C., b. 5/29/1856, d 3/8/1857
Purcell, John, d. 12/27/1860
Purdy, William M., b. 1/13/1876, d. 11/11/1928
Radar, Daisy, b. 12/9/1877, d. 8/23/1904, dau of John and Malinda Rader
Rader, John, b. 1/31/1836, d. 7/15/1903
Rader, Malinda, b. 6/8/1843, d. 8/31/1911, wife of John Rader
Redmon, Jackson A., b. 2/28/1897, d. 8/14/1979
Reid, Mary Ann, b. 4/19/1846, d. 10/18/1866, dau of J.H. Reid
Richards, Sarah A., b. 10/28/1848, d. 8/10/1899, wife of J.F. Richards
Roberts, Nellie Barrett, b. 1/29/1893, d. 1/20/1914, wife of Brown Roberts
Ryan, William Woodson, b. 8/6/1852, d. 1/9/1895
Searcy, Ann E, b. 5/26/1840, d. 5/5/1904, wife of T.B. Searcy and B.H. Orear
Searcy, Col. J. Jasper, d. 2/20/1872
Searcy, Sarah A., no dates, wife of Col. J. Jasper Searcy
Searcy, T. B., b. 9/21/1839, d. 4/3/1877
Sexton, Jodine, no dates, sister
Sexton, Mae, b. ?, d?
Sexton, Susan, d. 4/1918
Shaw, children, d. 1896, Two children of Flora Paris Shaw
Shaw, Flora Paris, b. 12/20/1872, d. 3/11/1906
Sheets, M. A., b. 1868, d. ?
Shock, Cynthia, d. 6/25/1889, wife of D.S. Shock
Shock, David H., b. 10/8/1899, d. 3/8/1880
Shock, David H., b. 12/22/1840, d 4/17/1910
Shock, David S., b. 10/8/1899, d. 3/8/8/1880
Shock, infant, d. 2/12/1870, dau of W.G. and F.E. Shock
Shock, Jimmie D., d. 11/16/1886, son of J.H. and M.A. Shock
Shock, Lela B., d. 12/6/1877
Shock, Lela, d. 3/15/1877, dau of W.C. and M.J. Shock
Shock, Lena, b. 3/26/1881, d. 6/7/1881, dau of W.C. and M.J. Shock
Shock, Maggie, b. 7/24/1850, d. 6/27/1901, wife of Walter C. Shock
Shock, Martha E. Wilhite, b. 3/28/1832, d. 1/16/1917
Shock, Mary E., b. 8/11/1873, d. 4/11/1910
Shock, May, b. 5/10/1869, d. 7/8/1901, wife of J.W. Shock
Shock, Mollie J., b. 8/11/1853, d. ?, wife of Willard C. Shock
Shock, Myrtle F., b. 3/11/1880, d. ?, wife of William J. Shock
Shock, Myrtle F., b. 7/2/1878, d. 12/28/1879, dau of W.C. and M.J. Shock
Shock, Walter C., b. 2/19/1847, d. 3/19/1914
Shock, Willard C., b. 8/24/1854, d. 4/1/1910
Shock, William J., b. 10/11/1869, d. 9/15/1911
Shock, William T., b. 8/29/1838, d. 9/20/1916
Shock, Zerelda, no dates
Sims, Bettie T., b. 4/19/1870, d. 4/21/1914, wife of J.A. Sims
Smelser, Cora M. Purdy, b. 4/27/1910, d. 1/25/1964, wife of James Emmett Smelser
Smelser, James Emmett, b. 6/10/1897, d. /
Spears, Rebecca J., d. 2/4/1890, wife of C.W. Spears
Staats, Isadora, b. 5/16/1871, d. 1/26/1908
Stephens, Richard, d. 5/6/1872
Stevens, Martha J., d. 5/11/1879, wife of W.M. Stevens
Stidham, Edith M., b. 8/20/1900, d. 3/28/1901, dau of J.M. and E.M. Stidham
Stone, Blanche Fern, b. 11/2/1916, d. 11/5/1916
Stone, David Crockett, d. 11/10/1878, son of Thomas H. and Mary H. Stone
Stone, Davis B., d. 8/18/1876, son of Thomas H. and Mary H. Stone
Stone, Delila C., d. 10/3/1869, dau of Thomas H. and Mary H. Stone
Stone, Delila S., d. 7/27/1869, wife of Thomas H. Stone
Stone, Elizabeth, b. 4/8/1794, d. 6/8/1871, wife of Isaac Stone
Stone, Elsie B., b. 1911, d. 1915
Stone, Fines Ewing, d. 12/30/1860, son of T.H.and Delila Stone
Stone, George, Riley, b. 12/30/1856, 6/22/1935
Stone, Hazel N., b. 1916, d. 1919
Stone, infant, d. 5/24/1889, son of J.W. and May A. Stone
Stone, Lucy A., b. 9/17/1859, d. 8/4/1894
Stone, Mary E. Barnes, b. 6/9/1865, d. 7/15/1963, wife of George Riley Stone
Stone, Mary H., b. 1840, d. 1929, wife of Thomas H. Stone
Stone, Thomas H., b. 12/15/1828, d. 12/28/1911
Stone, Willard P., b. 7/16/1898, 9/22/1944
Sublett, Susanah, b. ? d 9/30/1852
Sublett, Zadock, d. 1/26/1856, son of J. and E. Sublett
Sullins, Amos G., b. 3/22/1833, d. 2/13/1904
Sullins, Rebecca, b. 10/18/1833, d. 3/13/1894, wife of A.C. Sullins
Thorne, Alfred E., d. 5/6/1871, son of J.H. Thorne
Tipton, James H., b. 6/29/1823, d. 9/22/1881
Tipton, Ora Inez, b. 4/21/1876, d. 10/29/1882, dau of James H. and C. Tipton
Tipton, Rachel, b. 2/18/1834, d. 5/13/1907, wife of James H. Tipton
Tolson, Joseph, d. 1/18/1893
Tolson, Malvina K., b. 1854, d. 1897, wife of William T. Tolson
Tolson, William Archie, b. 1884, d. 1946
Tolson, William T., b. 1837, d. 1881
Trundle, William R., b. 11/25/1820, d. 4/26/1895
Tucker, Mattie A., b. 5/6/1873, d. 3/31/1960, wife of Odus Tucker
Tucker, Odus, b. 9/22/1889, d. 9/7/1904
Turner, Bettie D., b. 1861, d. 1903
Turner, Lucinda, b. ?, d?
Turner, Mary E., d. 11/8/1886, wife of J.T. Turner
Turner, S. B., b. 7/6/1819, d. 5/14/1886
Turner, William T., b. 1855, d. 1916
Via, Daisy, b. 1890, d. ?, wife of Wilber J. Via
Via, Wilber J., b. 1884, d. 1916
W___, Charles, no dates
Wade, Clara Keen, b. 1/30/1885, d. 10/18/1906, dau of J.H. and Alice Keen Wade
Wade, Clarence D., b. 11/12/1899, d. 4/4/1900, son of S.P. and Ida J. Wade
Wade, Eliza, b. 1846, d. 1920
Wade, Emmett L., d. 5/30/1862, son of T.B. and I Wade
Wade, Harriett A., b. 6/22/1820, d. 1/2/1908, wife of William H. Wade
Wade, Ida, b. 9/15/1872, d. 8/6/1909, wife of S.P. Wade
Wade, Ruby Pearl, b. 7/3/1909, d. 10/30/1909, dau of S.P. and Ida J. Wade
Wade, S. P., b. 10/15/1861, d. 4/13/1936
Wade, William H., b. 1/11/1820, d. 10/10/1900
Warnock, Cyrena, b. 7/23/1823, d. 2/8/1902, wife of John W. Wamock
Warnock, John W., b. 11/2/1812, d. 7/22/1858
Weldon, Forrest A., b. 9/11/1880, d. 8/1/1893
Weldon, Margaret A., b. 1854, d. 1942
Weldon, Margaret, 5/22/1904, d. 2/1/1907
Weldon, Mariah J., d. 5/3/1870, wife of Milton A. Weldon
Weldon, Mattie W., b. 10/3/1882, d. 6/25/1904, wife of F.A. Weldon
Weldon, Milton A., b. 5/7/1817, d 10/10/1895
Weldon, Miranda R., b. 1848, d. 1886
West, Amanda M., b. 1862, d. 1896
West, Anna B., b. 1860, d. 1916
West, Clarence Eston, b. 10/4/1915, d. 1/16/1919, son of Tena and Wallace West
West, Tena B., b. 8/9/1891, d. 1/6/1919, wife of Wallace West
West, Thelma Lucile, b. 2/7/1913, d. 2/5/1916, dau of Wallace and Tena B. West
West, W. P., b. 1857, d. 1922
West, Wallace W., no dates
Wheatley, Susan, d. 1/22/1892, wife of Hirman Wheatley
White, Homar, b. 1898, d. 1937
White, Luella, d. 5/3/1865, dau of B.F. and M.E. White
White, Marshall, b. 1865, d. 1924
White, Rebecca, b. 1858, d. 1936
White, Richard H., b. ? d 1869, son of B.F. and M.R. White
Whitworth, Archiblad, b. 7/5/1907, d. 11/23/1922
Whitworth, Carrie L., b. 9/13/1876, d. 7/3/1968
Whitworth, William, b. 3/16/1844, d. 4/18/1912
Widsom, Pollard W., b. 8/13/1801, d. 10/13/1846
Wilhite, C. E. (Bun), b. 5/12/1878, d. 7/4/1914
Wilhite, Carie E., d. 4/10/?, dau of J.J. and A.J. Wilhite
Wilhite, Charles E., b. 1/19/1882, d. 8/7/1907
Wilhite, Hattie, no dates
Wilhite, J. Mont, b. 1876, d. 1938
Wilhite, John, b. 1860, d. 1901
Wilhite, Julia M., d. 7/1887, dau of C.L. and E.E. Wilhite
Wilhite, Lee, b. 1863, d. 1942, wife of John Wilhite
Wilhite, Lena G., b. 1881, d. 1963, wife of J. Mont Wilshite
Wilhite, Sarah J., b. 12/15/1838, d. 11/19/1923, wife of William F. Wilhite
Wilhite, William F., b. 12/25/1830, 1/8/1899
Wingo, Caroline, b. 3/3/1889, d. 8/24/1910, wife of William Wingo
Wingo, Carrie Sherman, b. 1867, d. 1911, wife of J. Thomas Wingo
Wingo, Clemency, b. 10/18/1827, d. 4/18/1857, wife of William Wingo
Wingo, J. Thomas, b. 1840, d. 1921
Wingo, James W., b. 5/11/1885, d. 6/22/1886, son of JCN Wingo
Wingo, Malinda a. Winn, b. 1854, d. 1893, wife of J. Thomas Wingo
Wingo, Thomas, d. 10/8/1870
Wingo, William, b. 5/16/1822, d?
Wisdom, Martha, d. 11/27/1868, wife of Pollard W. Wisdom
Wisdom, Milton W., d. 3/27/1845
Wolfe, Levi S., b. 6/4/1834, d. 12/6/1911
Wolfe, Martha J., b. 12/16/1844, d. 7/3/1909, wife of Levi S. Wolfe
Wolfe, Sarah, d. 12/20/1967, wife of John Wolfe
Woodsmall, Mary Ann, b. 5/5/1848, d. 8/30/1917, wife of Taylor Woodsmall
Woodsmall, Taylor, b. 5/9/1850, d. 3/26/1919
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