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Svealund Cemetery
Kandota Township, Todd County, Minnesota

svealund cemetery, little sauk, mn
Svealund Cemetery, Little Sauk, MN
svealund cemetery chapel, 1926, grave of reverend forsburg
Svealund Cemetery Chapel in 1926

GPS: 45.83741, -94.91722

14330 Carpenter Dr.
Sauk Centre, MN 56378

Contibuted by: Kal Perry [mail]
Published: April 6, 2023
Total records: 66

Driving Directions

To reach Svealund Cemetery, travel north from Sauk Centre on US Highway 71 (which goes on the west side of Sauk Lake). After 6.5 miles, make a right turn on County Road 2, which is also called Diamond Point Road. Travel for about 3/4 mile before coming to the first road on the left, which is Carpenter Drive. Make a left turn on Carpenter Drive, and you'll be on a dirt road that travels along Mud Lake. Continue driving along Mud Lake, and the road comes to a farm. Before going up into the farmyard, make another left turn onto a pasture road. This road goes up a hill, ending at the gate of Svealund Cemetery.


Svealund Cemetery is located in Section 2 of Kandota Township of Todd County, Minnesota. It is on high ground north of Sauk Lake and northwest of Mud Lake. The road past Mud Lake at one time was the main road from Sauk Centre to Little Sauk.

The land for Svealund Cemetery was given by Charlie Hanson who lived at the farm on Mud Lake. Charlie Hanson was the grandfather of Bob Lewis (related to Sinclair Lewis). At one time, there was a church at the cemetery, the Swedish Svealund Lutheran Church, organized in 1868. It was the first Lutheran church in Todd County. The church was built in 1868 or the following year and it was perhaps the first church building in the county. The minister's name was Magni, who resided at Anoka. (source: Todd County Histories)

"Svea" is from an old name for Sweden. "Lund" means grove. Nels Thornbloom (1901-1992, brother of Iver Thornbloom) thought "Svealund" also meant "a strip of land near a body of water." Svealund Cemetery has also been known as Mud Lake Cemetery and German Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery.

When Rev. Erik Forsberg (1861-1925) came to the county in 1905, he divided his ministry time between Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Eagle Bend and the Svealund parish. Rev. Forsberg was of Swedish heritage and he had served other Swedish Episcopal churches in Rhode Island and Minnesota. He was interested in missions, and the congregation at Svealund was considered a mission church. The mission at Svealund was known as Trinity Church. Rev. Forsberg lived for 18 years in Kandota Township, on the shores of Sauk Lake. When he preached from the chapel in Svealund, he was able to gaze upon his daughter Emma's grave from the pulpit. Rev. Forsberg was the last minister of the church at Svealund. When the church closed, some of the congregation went to the church in Little Sauk. The church building was torn down in 1929.
(source: German Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery, 1990, John P. Arnold)

Cemetery Records

Transcriptions list made available by: Kal Perry. Transcriptions compiled May 31, 2022 by reading tombstone inscriptions.
The listing does not include unmarked graves.

Anderson, Albert, Jan. 15, 1882 - July 20, 1882
Anderson, Gustaf A., Feb. 6, 1888 - Aug. 6, 1922, Anderson lot.
Anderson, Johanna, 1845-1923, Anderson lot. on same stone as Nels Anderson.
Anderson, Nels, 1833-1908, Anderson lot. on same stone as Johanna Anderson.
Anderson, Nels, June 12, 1833 - Sept. 9, 1908, next to marker for Nels & Johanna Anderson
Dahl, Alfrita Rossella Allma, Sep. 17, 1872 - May 2, 1903, "Her toils are past, Her work is done, She fought the fight, The victory won.",
Emmeck, Errol E., Dec. 22, 1940 - Dec. 7, 1972, "Beloved Brother and Son",
Emmeck, Garry, 1939-1994, "Beloved Son & Brother"
Forsberg, Emma, 1906-1907, Forsberg lot.
Forsberg, Mother, 1864-1939, Forsberg lot.
Forsberg, J. Willhelmina, 1886-1986, Nelson/Westberg lot.
Forsberg, Rev. Erik, 1861-1925, Forsberg lot.
Hanson, Johann, 1822-1896, next to Emma H. Johnson.
Hendrickson, Howard O., 1903-1967, on same stone as Lorraine Hendrickson
Hendrickson, Lorraine C., 1921-1985, on same stone as Howard Hendrickson
Hendrickson, Melvin C., 1905 - 1978
Higgins, Amanda C., 1909-1976, Holm lot.
Holm, Adrian Orrin, Dec 5 1924 - Jan 14 2019, on same stone as Eleanor J. Holm, "PFC US ARMY WW II, Bronze Star Medal, Beloved Husband, Father & Grandfather"
Holm, Alma V., 1888-1972, Holm lot.
Holm, Betty L., July 3, 1925 - March 10, 2022, Holm lot. on same stone as Gordon C. Holm, "married July 19, 1947"
Holm, Charlotte, 1844-1928, Holm lot.
Holm, Clara, 1913, Holm lot. "Our Baby Clara, dau. of Simon & Alma Holm"
Holm, Eleanor J., Dec 5 1930 - Sept 6 2020, on same stone as Adrian Holm, "married Oct 14, 1951"
Holm, Frans, 1829-1910, Next to Johanna Holm
Holm, Gordon C., July 25, 1920 - Feb 14, 2004, Holm lot. on same stone as Betty L. Holm.
Holm, Johanna, 1826-1893, Next to Frans Holm.
Holm, Norby, 1962 - 2010,
Holm, Simon F., 1881-1963, Holm lot.
Holmes, Charlotte L., July 21, 1909 - Mar. 31, 1999, on same stone as Emil R. Holmes, "God so loved the world that He gave His only Begotten Son"
Holmes, Emil R., Jan. 12, 1908 - Oct. 21, 1999, on same stone as Charlotte L. Holmes, "God so loved the world that He gave His only Begotten Son"
Johnson, August, 1838-1926, next to Emma H. Johnson.
Johnson, Emma H., 1849-1913, between August Johnson and Johann Hanson.
Knutson, Albert, May 30, 1846 - May 28, 1916, tall marker. between Betsy Knutson and Albert Knutson flat marker
Knutson, Albert, 1846-1916, flat marker. next to Albert Knutson tall marker.
Knutson, Betsy, 1844-1934, next to Albert Knutson tall marker.
Moline, Erik, 1897-1905, next to Josefina Moline. marker is a white wooden cross with black lettering.
Moline, Josefina, 1857-1902, next to Erik Moline. marker is a white wooden cross with black lettering.
Murch, Edna, 1908-1922,
Murch, Elmer, 1910-1922,
Nelson, Anshelm E., 1884-1931, Nelson/Westberg lot
Nelson, Baby, 1933,
Nelson, Carl V. K., 1888-1955, Nelson/Westberg lot
Nelson, Emil O., 1895-1931, Nelson/Westberg lot
Nelson, Mary, 1860-1942, Nelson/Westberg lot
Nelson, Otto H., 1844-1908, Nelson/Westberg lot
Peterson, A, 1844-1917, "Father", next to An. Peterson
Peterson, An, 1846-1939, "Mother", between A. Peterson and Walfrid Peterson
Peterson, Emily, no dates, Daughter Emily. near Mother/Father Peterson - similar stone
Peterson, Father, June 15, 1829 - Jan. 17, 1928, same stone as Peterson, Mother.
Peterson, Mother, Aug 15, 1835 - May 6, 1922, same stone as Peterson, Father.
Peterson, Walfrid, 1910-1911, next to An. Peterson
Rasmussen, Emma J., 1858-1928, Holm lot. same stone as Louis Rasmussen.
Rasmussen, Louis R., 1849-1914, Holm lot. same stone as Emma Rasmussen.
Strobeck, Agneta, 1855-1948, Strobeck lot.
Strobeck, B. Oscar, 1848-1911, Strobeck lot.
Strobeck, John E., 1892-1930, Strobeck lot.
Strobeck, Lillian G., 1895-1970, Strobeck lot.
Strobeck, Olivia, died 1886, Strobeck lot.
Thornbloom, Iver C., 1894-1930, Forsberg lot. on same stone as Karine Thornbloom
Thornbloom, Karine L., 1896-1939, Forsberg lot. on same stone as Iver Thornbloom.
Wahlstrand, Anna K., 1829-1912, Wahlstrand lot.
Wahlstrand, Gustaf N., 1853-1918, Wahlstrand lot.
Wahlstrand, Laura C., 1861-1941, Wahlstrand lot.
Westberg, John, 1863-1935, Nelson/Westberg lot
Westberg, Peter M., May 21, 1858 - Oct 5, 1904, "Born in Sweeden", Nelson/Westberg lot, "Sof, Kära broder, och hvila ifred, Gud Kallade dig hem, han tänkte det best så."
Youngberg, A., 6-1-08 - 6-1-08, white cross, erected May-July 2005.

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