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Elkwood Cemetery (Saint John Cemetery)
Roseau, Roseau County, Minnesota

GPS: 48.5980235, -95.4321862
Elkwood Unorg Twp, T159N R37W Sec 9

Contributed by Marjorie Broten, Jan 11, 2009, last edited Dec 29, 2009 [mjbroten@centurylink.net]. Total records = 43.

The cemetery is located 7 miles east of Roseau on Hwy 11, turn right (south) on County Road 9, drive approximately 15 1/2 miles south, turn left (east) drive 2 miles on County Road 19, turn right (south) 1 mile, than left (east) 2 miles on 150 St, turn right (south) 1 mile, turn left (east) 1 mile, you will now be on the Winner Forest Road for 2 � miles, watch for the Winner Historic Silo on your left (North) side of road, cemetery will be next (east a short ways) on left side of road, in the abandoned townsite of Winner.

This small church cemetery, established in 1919 by Saint John Lutheran Church, is located in the Unorg Elkwood Twp Sec 9, the name coming from the many elk that had located in this township, due to the coverage of wooded lands. The many first settlers came in the early 1900s to live here and are now buried here.

The State of Minnesota began a resettlement program in the years of 1934 to 1936 this area would now be turned into The Beltrami Island State Forest, as the people would need to move out of Sec 9.

The cemetery is of good condition, the site where the church once was is still evident, newer burials are now being entered. There is a fence all around the cemetery with a gate for entering off the Winner Road. The maintenance is volunteer, done by interested relatives or others who wish to keep the cemetery current and owned by the Beltrami Island Restoration Society, anyone interested to give by perpetual care giving, donations, may contact the Beltrami Island Historical Society or contact Eunice Lund [lundfarm@wiktel.com]

A complete walk thru, reading all visible headstones, was done by Eunice Lund and myself, complete reading as of Jan 08, 2009. A digital camera was used for pictures.

- Marjorie Broten

Aasland, Asleck, b. 1860, d. 1926, father of Amelia Strum, fenced grave
Cole, Baby Girl, b. /d. 12 Jul 1941, d/o Roland & Sarah (Reed) Cole
Cole, George W., b. 24 Aug 1859, d. 10 May 1922, father
Cole, Heneretta A. (Busch) Hanson, b. 1876, d. 1950, mother, wife of George W & Nels Hanson, children George Frank John Susan Hattie Borden, Caroline Searle, Daryle Davidson, Roland Chancey Maynard Nora Cole Brantingham, Mahala Cole Goodboe, Baby Girl Lady
Cole, Lady, b. /d. 24 Dec 1906, stillborn, Baby Girl, grave is marked by a small white wooden cross, daughter of George W & Heneretta A
Ellingson, Elvin M., b.8 Sep 1908, d. 4 Jan 1994
Fevold, Olaf, b. 4 Dec 1910, d. 7 Jan 1929
Hanson, Alvin H., b. 30 Oct 1920, d. 15 Sep 1930, son of Henry Hansons
Hanson, Baby Boy, d. 25 Sep 1925
Hanson, Elvina Viola, b. 29 Jan 1931, b. 10 Oct 1931, daughter of H.E. Hansons
Hanson, George L., b. 18 Aug 1879, d. 7 Jul 1918, inscription on marker F/S GLH
Hanson, Hans M., b. 10 Jan 1842, d. 24 Mar 1928, father
Hanson, Jorand P., b. 1847, d. 16 Jun 1921, mother
Hanson, Kenneth T., b. 12 Jul 1924, 4 May 1980, Pvt US Army WWII, fenced grave
Hanson, Marvin Duane, b. 22 Dec 1935, d. 20 Sep 1996, Sp5 US Army
Janzen, Gladys E., b. 30 Oct 1933, d. 20 Sep 1985, In Loving Memory
Lamb, Irire, b. no date, d. 13 Jan 1934, Alias the Flying Dutchman
Lamb, Joseph C., d. 1929
Lamb, Loria M., d. 1919
Lamb, Theodore, d. 1937, funeral home marker
Lewelling, Carl, d. no dates
Lewelling, Grace 'Sis', b. 10 Jul 1931, d. 14 Mar 2003
Moen, Carl, b. 15 May 1887, d. 27 Apr 1927
Moen, Iver, d. 20 Aug 1916, son of Ole & Gina Moen
Moen, Joraine, b. 7 Aug 1917, d. 1 Oct 1917, baby of Ole & Gina Moen
Olsen, Helene, b. 14 Nov 1844, d. 14 Mar 1918, inscription on marker, F/S HO
Olson, Infant 1, b. /d. 1919, d/o Joe & Susan (Cole) Olson
Olson, Infant 2, b. /d. 1919, d/o Joe & Susan (Cole) Olson
Paulsberg, Carrie, b. 1881, d. 1936
Paulsberg, Henry Adolph, b. 1885, d. 14 Sep 1941, funeral home marker
Paulsberg, Henry Hans Johann 'P.G.', b. 26 Sep 1854, d. 23 Dec 1936, no marker
Paulsberg, Johan, b. 1843, d. 1919
Stotts, Caroline 'Connie', b. 1856, d. 1931 *see Misc list
Stotts, Frank A. Jr., d. 1926
Stotts, John, b. 16 Jun 1894, d. Apr 1938
Strum, Albin Herbert, d. 29 Jan 1924, son of Hans & Amelia Strum
Strum, Baby Boy, b. 26 Jul 1927, son of Hans & Amelia Strum
Strum, Baby, no dates, grave marked wooden cross tied w/string, edged w/rocks
Strum, Hans Peter, b 11 Apr 1874, d. 12 May 1935
Tolberg, Frank, b. 1863, d. 1921
Wytlacil, John, b. 5 Dec 1857, d. 1 Jun 1931, no marker, cement surround north of Joseph
Wytlacil, Joseph, b. 1888, d. 1923, son of John Wytlacil
Zitck, Julia N., b. 1898, d. 1921

- One unknown grave east side of cemetery (no marker, no dates) edging of cement around 3 graves, this grave is on the south side of Helene Olsons, one in front is George L. Hanson, Helene and George share the same headstone
- Unknown grave of M. J.'Mike' Dacey (Dacy) born 31 Mar 1867, died 6 Feb 1933 at Reine, buried at Winner, husband of Maggie Daeler, father of Owen (Alice Fox) Frank Halley (ref as Ellie) Charley and 5th younger childs name
- unknown, grandson Charles 'Chuck' Olson (ref as Dacey) son of Ellie
- Unknown grave of Darling Clara Eckhardt born 2 May 1934 died 5 May 1934 at Hiwood Sec 3 of Elkwood Twp infant of Charles Eckhardt listed from church records, pg 184 & 185
* Older records indicated Stotts, Caroline 'Connie' was born 13 Jun 1861

Atlas of 1913, 1935, 1942
Census of 1920 list of Mike Daceys family
Pioneers I & II
Remembrances Anthology of RC MN
Roseau County Heritage Book 1992
Roseau County Highway Map 2000
Roseau County Court House
Roseau County Museum
Sandridge Settlers Book by Ray Geroy

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