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Westside Cemetery
Magnolia, Nobles County, Minnesota

Lat: 43° 38' 38"N, Lon: 96° 03' 05"W
Westside Township, Section 18

To reach this cemetery, drive est on Luverne street out of Magnolia, which is in Rock County. The street becomes CR 4 at the county line and you will find the cemetery just after Abbott Avenue on the south side of the road. Permission is needed to visit because you must cross private property to access the cemetery. This is still an active cemetery and well maintained.

This is not a complete listing of all burials in this cemetery. The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Last edited Nov 28, 2007 Total records = 141.

Contributor's Index:

??, Merle, b. 1905, d. 1937, [GB]
Adams, David, b. 6/14/1832, d. 4135, [GB]
Adams, Elma Irene, b. 1912, d. 8249, [GB]
Adams, Melinda, b. c.1847, d. 6696, [GB]
Ames, Male Infant, b. c.1886, d. Jan 1887, [GB]
Ayers, Hazel Francis, b. 1891, d. Jul/Aug 1891, [GB]
Baker, Harold, b. 1904?, d. 1904, [GB]
Baker, Horace, b. Sep 1898, d. Dec 1898, [GB]
Baker, Infant, b. 1886, d. 1886, [GB]
Baker, Jay F, b. 7-29-1889, d. 10/20/1896, [GB]
Barclay, Florence J, b. c.1881, d. Apr 1884, disinterred to Adrian, [GB]
Barclay, Harold J, b. 1896, d. Mar 1897, [GB]
Barclay, Infant Female, b. Aug 1910, d. Sep 1910, [GB]
Barclay, Thomas H, d. May 1924, disinterred to Adrian, [GB]
Bates, Infant, b. 1886, d. Aug 1886, [GB]
Bates, Infant, b. 1886, d. Mar 1886, [GB]
Bates, William T, b. 1882, d. 7-28-1883, [GB]
Bennett, Rollan oliver, b. 1887, d. Sep 1887, [GB]
Boden, William, b. Jul 14 1904, d. Mar 1914, disinterred to Luverne, [GB]
Brandt, Carl Edgar, b. c.1892, d. Sep 1945, [GB]
Brandt, Edna Viola, b. 1913, d. Jan 1914, [GB]
Brooks, Albert K, b. Jul 19 1880, d. 1971, [GB]
Brooks, Gesine J, b. 1894, d. 1981, [GB]
Brooks, Samuel, b. 8-22-1840, d. 4-27-1904, [GB]
Brooks, Susan E, b. 9-10-1857, d. 3-7-1917, [GB]
Brooks, Susan J, b. 2-26-1815, d. 1-1888, [GB]
Brown, Alexander, b. 1-24-1846, d. 2-16-1918, [GB]
Brown, Infant Male, b. Dec 1901, d. , [GB]
Brown, Susan, b. 12-31-1839, d. 1-30-17, [GB]
Cady, Ira Merrill, b. 6-1-1855, d. 8-9-1912, [GB]
Cady, Mary E, b. 11-25-1861, d. 1-1-1915, [GB]
Chandler, Infant Female, b. Oct 1920, d. Oct 1920, [GB]
Clark, Infant Female, b. c.1888, d. Winter 1890, [GB]
Clark, Robert Douglas, b. 1912, d. Sep 1915, [GB]
Coon, Samuel Wilbur, b. c.1847, d. Aug 1883, [GB]
Cooper, John Albert, b. 1-14-1882, d. 8-15-1912, [GB]
Dean, Bernice Ruth, b. 1912, d. Jun 1913, [GB]
Dean, Frances J, b. 1869, d. Jun 1875, [GB]
Dean, Martha, b. c.1844, d. 3-11-1881, wife of W.C., [GB]
Dean, Martha, b. Oct 17 1878, d. Dec 25 1950, wife of W. T., [GB]
Dean, Raymond E, b. 5-10-1919, d. 1-4-1987, [GB]
Dean, T.(Thomas) James, b. 1900, d. 1982, [GB]
Dean, Viola, b. 1913, d. 1986, [GB]
Dean, W.(William) Cyrus, b. 11-8-1840, d. 8-22-1901, [GB]
Dean, William Thomas, b. Jul 7 1866, d. Jan 13 1942, [GB]
Dewar, Eva M, b. 1896, d. 1973, [GB]
Dewar, Mitchell R, b. 1877, d. 1970, [GB]
Divine, Jimmie Lee, b. 1914, d. Jun 1915, [GB]
Donth, Infant, b. 5-5-29, d. 5-5-1929, [GB]
Edwards, Amanda S, b. c.1842, d. Jan/Feb 1928, [GB]
Ekman, Caroline, b. 5-30-1859, d. 12-3-1920, [GB]
Ekman, John Herman, b. 12-10-1858, d. 10-23-1938, [GB]
Ellsworth, Alfred E, b. c.1878, d. Apr 1882, disinterred to Adrian, [GB]
Ellsworth, Edwin W, b. 1870, d. Jan 1892, disinterred to Adrian, [GB]
Ellsworth, Eva S, b. 1877, d. Jun 1878, disinterred to Adrian, [GB]
Ellsworth, John Adams, b. Oct 14 1828, d. 7-17-1901, disinterred to Adrian, [GB]
Ellsworth, Laura C Fish, b. Oct 14 183?, d. 5-28-1915, disinterred to Adrian, [GB]
Findley, Roger E, b. c.1919, d. Apr 1920, [GB]
Grimshaw, James Henry, b. c.1888, d. Dec 1930, [GB]
Grimshaw, Maria W Norris, b. c.1861, d. 3-17-1893, [GB]
Harrison, Ellen G (E?), b. c.1867, d. 12-20-1903, [GB]
Jennings, Infant Male, b. Aug 1912, d. Aug 1912, [GB]
Kienast H, Myrtle, no dates, [GB]
Kienast H,, no dates, [GB]
Knowlton, Infant, no dates, c/o Ed, [GB]
Knowlton, Vivian, b. 1899/1900, d. Mar 1901, [GB]
Kordes, August, b. c.1862, d. Sep 1885, [GB]
Larm, E, no dates, [GB]
Larm, Edna, no dates, [GB]
LaRue, Eva, b. c.1878, d. Mar 1901, [GB]
Lehman, Mary Hazel, b. c.1906, d. Apr 1919, disinterred to ??, [GB]
Lohr, Jacob, b. 3-24-1827, d. 6-18-1905, [GB]
Pickett, Charles Aaron, b. 9-13-1870, d. 7-22-1919, [GB]
Pickett, Harry, b. 1879, d. Apr 1881, [GB]
Pickett, Michael, b. 4-4-1844, d. 5-5-1927, [GB]
Pickett, Rachel Jane, b. 9-20-1850, d. 1-18-1932, [GB]
Pickett, Riley Benjamin, b. June 29 1874, d. Apr 25 1930, [GB]
Pokett, Amy Townsend, b. 11-6-1864, d. 10-26-1906, [GB]
Pokett, Elva, b. Aug 1899, d. Aug 1900, [GB]
Pokett, Infant Male, b. Apr 1901, d. Apr 1901, [GB]
Pokett, Infant Male, b. Mar 1897, d. Mar 1897, [GB]
Premo, Charles "Charley", b. 5-5-1817, d. 5-31-1896, [GB]
Premo, Dolly (Ellsworth), b. 1874, d. Jun 1894, disinterred to Adrian, [GB]
Premo, George Herbert, b. May 6 1856, d. Jun 1918, [GB]
Premo, Mary L, b. Aug 15 1860, d. Sep 1922, [GB]
Premo, Minerva, b. 4-24-1822, d. 3-2-02, [GB]
Prentice, Lucille Ellsworth, b. c.1894, d. Jan 1918, disinterred to Adrian, [GB]
Prescott, Lowell, b. 1896, d. Apr 1897, [GB]
Randall, Fannie, b. c.1804, d. Aug 1878, [GB]
Reed, Mary E, b. 1854, d. Feb 1924, disinterred to Adrian, [GB]
Rexroat, Mabel E (Walker), b. 1897, d. Mar 1928, disinterred to Luverne, [GB]
Rexroat, Ralph E, b. 1893, d. 1979, [GB]
Richards, Infant, no dates, [GB]
Richter, Walter G, b. 1882, d. Dec 1891, [GB]
Rider, Infant Male, b. Aug 1909, d. Aug 1909, [GB]
Rolph, Eva, b. May 1896, d. May 1896, [GB]
Rolph, Robert, b. 1898, d. Sep 1898, [GB]
Rulon, Infant, no dates, [GB]
Rulon, Irene? Odell, b. 1862, d. Apr 1924, [GB]
Rulon, Jennie, b. 1863, d. 1924, [GB]
Rulon, Samuel, b. 1830, d. May 1917, [GB]
Rulon, Sarah S, b. 1837, d. 1894, [GB]
Rulon, William G, b. 1865, d. Aug 1943, [GB]
Rust, Anna Marie, b. c.1912, d. Feb 28 1916, disinterred to Adrian, [GB]
Rust, Harm A, b. 7-13-1832, d. 1-28-1910, [GB]
Rust, Herman, b. c.1872, d. Oct 1917, disinterred to Adrian, [GB]
Rust, Infant Male, b. Apr 1918, d. Apr 1918, [GB]
Rust, Johanna, b. 11-20-1839, d. 9-7-15, [GB]
Rust, Viola, b. 1915, d. Nov 1915, disinterred to Adrian, [GB]
Rust, Willie, b. 12-18-1877, d. 4-18-1896, [GB]
Siefert, Christian, b. c.1804, d. Jan 1888, [GB]
Siefert, Mrs Christian, b. c.1799, d. Sep 1889, [GB]
Simmons, Evalina, b. 1820, d. May 1895, [GB]
Simmons, Frank, b. c.1856, d. Aug 1887, [GB]
Simmons, Harriet, b. c.1811, d. Feb 1881, [GB]
Simmons, Ray, b. 1886, d. 8-10-1887, [GB]
Simmons, Renselear, b. c.1812, d. Aug 1887, [GB]
Todd, Infant, d. Jul 1901, [GB]
Turner, Abram H, b. 9-30-1846, d. 9-30-1917, [GB]
Turner, Albert K, b. 9-30-1869, d. 12-20-1943, [GB]
Turner, Daniel William, b. 11-6-1860, d. 9-27-1933, [GB]
Turner, Earl A, b. 1-14-1889, d. 12-11-1910, [GB]
Turner, Edna L, b. 4-30-1857, d. 11-24-1939, [GB]
Turner, Eliza C Culver, b. 7-24-1835, d. 2-21-1916, [GB]
Turner, Frederick Asher, b. 9-1-1853, d. 8-2-1922, [GB]
Turner, Infant Female, b. Aug 1895, d. Aug 1895, [GB]
Turner, Paulina Charlotte, b. 5-13-1853, d. 11-5-1919, [GB]
Turner, Polly Ellen, b. 11-29-1862, d. 12-24-1916, [GB]
Uphoff, Fred, b. 10-8-1870, d. 6-21-1905, [GB]
Uphoff, Ocktge, b. 11-20-00, d. 8-8-1901, [GB]
Waayenberg, Albertes, b. 1878, d. 1912, [GB]
Waldecker, Freling, b. Jul? 1898, d. Dec 1898, [GB]
Walker, Annie H Wiseman, b. 10-28-1862, d. 8-22-1901, [GB]
Walker, Charles H, b. 12-2-1861, d. Jul 1929, [GB]
Walker, Elmer Franklin, b. 1905, d. Apr 1915, [GB]
Walker, Gladys, b. March? 1894, d. May 1894, [GB]
Wiseman, Infant Female, b. 1877, d. May 1877, [GB]
Wiseman, Janet, d. 5-25-10, [GB]
Wiseman, John, b. 1834, d. 3-20-1904, [GB]
Ziegler, Infant Female, b. Dec 1919, d. Dec 1919, [GB]
Ziegler, Margaret Agnes, b. c.1885, d. Aug 1922, [GB]

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