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Benton County Cemetery
Sauk Rapids, Benton County, Minnesota

This is not a complete listing of all of the burials in this cemetery. The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net.

?? , no dates, Father, [JZ]
?? , no dates, Father, [JZ]
?? , no dates, Mother, [JZ]
??, ??, b. 04 Aug 1880, d. 03 May 1953, [JZ]
??, ??, b. 1824, d. 1914, Grandmother, [JZ]
??, ??, no dates, Co A 8th MI, Damaged and very old headstone [JZ]
??, Antonie, b. 1874, d. 1886, [JZ]
??, Emilial, b. 1876, d. 1886, [JZ]
??, T. Mil J, b. 26 Nov 1891, d. 10 Aug 1929, Sec 5, [JZ]
Albrecht,, d., No other markings, Sec 5, [JZ]
Baker, ??, no dates, Damaged headstone, Sec 6, [JZ]
Blaske,, no dates, Father, Sec 8, [JZ]
Blaske, no dates, [MB]
Bonowsky, nothing else on stone, [MB]
C., A. M., d. 30 May 1889, [JZ]
Dunnewold,, 3 sunken and damged headstones, Sec 8, [JZ]
Eliason, , no dates, no other markings, Sec 10, [JZ]
Hallstrom, Infant, no dates, Baby, Sec 8, [JZ]
Hayward, , no dates, no other markings [JZ]
Heninwa?, , no dates, Co A, Damaged and very old headstone [JZ]
Holm, , no dates, no other markings, Sec 10, [JZ]
Johnson, ??, no other markings, Sec 6, [JZ]
Ketcham, Baby, no dates, Sec 8, [JZ]
Kiekow,, no dates, Grandma Kiekow, [MB]
Komorowski, nothing else on stone, [MB]
Lang, ?, no dates, d/o Michael and Elizabeth Selly Lang, [MB]
Latterell,, no other markings or headstones, Sec 8, [JZ]
M, M J, no dates, No other markings Sec 14, [JZ]
Mooer, , no other markings, Sec 9, [JZ]
Naguschewski, , no other stones or markings, Sec 7, [JZ]
Noggle, ??, no dates, Baby, Sec 6, [JZ]
Orlowski, ?, no dates, s/o August and Augusta Gradtke Orlowski, [MB]
Roberts, ??, no dates, Father, Sec 6, [JZ]
Updike, , no dates, Grandson, Sec 9, [JZ]
W, O C, no dates, no other markings Sec 14, [JZ]
Wippich,, no dates, Father, Sec 5, [JZ]
Wippich,, no dates, Mother, Sec 5, [JZ]

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