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Rumsey Burial Ground
Flat Rock, Wayne County, Michigan

25277 Telegraph Road, Flat Rock MI

Lat: 42° 07' 27"N, Lon: 083° 16' 21"W
Brownstown Township, T4S Sec 20

Contributed by Julie Witkowski, May 15, 2008, last edited May 23, 2008 [jfwski@hotmail.com]. Total records = 28.

Originally located on the Rumsey farm, about two miles northeast of Flat Rock.

It now is alongside the highway in a more residential area as use of the land has changed. I am not sure who owns and maintains it at this time.

These are all known burials. Many stones are severely, worn, missing or damaged. Information from stones and previous transcriptions, complete up to May 10, 2008.

- Julie Witkowski

Blanchard, Charles, d. Aug 17, 1872, s/o William H. and Harriet L
Blanchard, Harriet (Hattie) Louise Rumsey, b. 1845, d. (no death date), w/o William H. Blanchard
Blanchard, L Near, d. Sep 18, 1869, s/o William H. and Harriet L
Blanchard, William Henry, b. 1842, d. 1913, MI 24th Inf. Co. A Civil War (Unit 1101), h/o Harriet
Brown, George A, d. Aug 2, 1866, s/o C. A. and Sarah L. Brown, aged 1 y, 6 mos
Chase, Clara, b. Aug 19, 1835, d. (no death date), w/o William J
Chase, William J., b. May 6, 1830, d. Sep 8, 1911, Co. K, 24th Inf Reg'MI, h/o Clara
Curtis, Willie, d. Apr 12, 1861, s/o Y. (W.?) and ?, aged 3 yrs, 2 mos, 25 d
Gault, Arthur H, d. Mar 1, 1875, s/o J and I
Gault, Carrie, d. Sep 14, 1881, d/o J. and I., aged 19 yrs, 10 mos
Gault, Charlie, d. May 28, 1883, s/o J. and I., aged 5 yrs, 2 mos
Gault, Edith Grace, b. 1877, d. 1915, d/o J and I
Gault, James, d. Oct 29, 1863, h/o Irene Rumsey, aged 60 yrs, 3 mos
Gault, John, d. Mar 13, 1864, 3rd MI Cav. Civil War (Unit 1072), died of disease
Gault, Mary L, d. Jun 16, 1883, d/o J. and I., aged 20 yrs, 3 mos
Gault, Mary, d. May 2, 1878, w/o J. Gault
Gault, William, d. Apr 7, 1865, 24th MI Inf. Co. I (Unit 1101) Iron Brigade Civil War, died of disease
Little, Ambrose, b. Apr 10, 1842, d. Mar 9, 1925, "Father"
Milliman, Charles D, d. Nov 7, 1890, s/o David and Thetis, aged 48 yrs., 8 mos., 15 ds
Milliman, David, d. Aug 7, 1875, f/o father of Charles, Harriet, Salina (Lina), Edmund and Orpha, h/o Thetis, aged 59 yrs
Milliman, Lela, d. Jul 23, 1866, d/o David and Thetis, aged 2 yrs, 5 mos, 8 d
Milliman, Orpha C, d. Nov 23, 1850, d/o David and Thetis, aged 1 yrs, 5 mos, 8 d
Rumsey, Carrie E, d. Feb 25, 1861, adopted d/o Moses and Harriet L
Rumsey, Giles B, d. Aug 2, 1850, s/o Moses and Harriet L.
Rumsey, Harriet L. Rose Granger, d. Jul 24, 1898, w/o Mr. Granger and Moses Rumsey, m/o Irena, Harriet G., Giles, L. Near and Anna Rumsey, d/o David and Hannah (James) Rose, aged 82 yrs
Rumsey, Moses, b. 1812, d. Dec 15, 1873, s/o Jonathan and Jemima (Wilson) Rumsey, h/o Harriet Rose Granger, f/o Irena, Harriet G., Giles, L. Near and Anna Rumsey, aged 62 yrs
Smith, David, d. May 30, 1837, aged 52 yrs
Wells, Lina Milliman, d. Aug 26, 1886, Aged 40 yrs., 5 mos., 20 days

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