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Riverside Cemetery
Plymouth, Wayne County, Michigan

Submitted by Garry Packard [gdpackrat@aol.com].

Yates, Caroll M., no dates, Father, T-10
Yates, Isabella, d. 8/18/1955, Mother, T-10
Yettaw, Carole Elizabeth, b. 9/2/1942, d. 7/21/1958, age: 16yr, CPDB
Yettaw, Elizabeth B., bur. 4/14/1978, age: 56yr, CPDB
Yettaw, Jerome D., bur. 1/21/1969, age: 17yr, CPDB
Yettaw, Linda J., bur. 7/19/1989, age: 42yr, CPDB
Yoe, Claude R., bur. 12/11/1997, age: 96yr, CPDB
Yoe, Mary Almira, b. 1911, bur. 11/2/1948, age: 37yr, CPDB
Yoe, Timothy Charles Jr., bur. 4/26/1969, age: 6yr, CPDB
Yorch, Anthony, bur. 11/4/1987, age: 80yr, CPDB
Yorch, Earl Thomas, bur. 5/24/1965, age: 18yr, CPDB
Yorch, Jessie Leona, bur. 11/11/1993, age: 78yr, CPDB
Yorch, Joanna Lee, bur. 2/26/1943, CPDB
York, Alice, bur. 7/3/1970, age: 86yr, CPDB
York, Ellen B., bur. 1/25/1958, age: 72yr, CPDB
York, Frank, b. 1886, d. 1929, bur. 1929, T-19
York, Frank, bur. 9/29/1947, age: 61yr, CPDB
York, Franklin, bur. 6/4/1988, age: 75yr, CPDB
York, John, d. 1-30-1859, age: 68yr, T-38
York, Shirley F., bur. 2/23/1987, age: 70yr, CPDB
Yorton, Lena D., b. 1865, bur. 10/16/1946, age: 81yr, CPDB
Yorton, Myrtle Y. (Patterson), b. 1889, d. 1959, bur. 1959, T-08
Yorton, P.H., b. 1861, d. 1909, bur. 1909, T-08
Younce, Clyde Perry III, bur. 8/6/1996, age: 35yr, CPDB
Young, Capt. John L., no dates, CPDB
Young, Charles, bur. 11/9/1951, CPDB
Young, Karla J., bur. 5/2/1984, age: 20yr, CPDB
Youngs, Hiram S., no dates, Father, Co. D. 4 Mich. Cav. G.A.R., Civil War, CPDB
Youngs, Lydia A., b. 1839, d. 1917, bur. 1917, Mother, T-25
Yuen, Michael Y., bur. 10/19/1985, age: 47yr, CPDB
Zabel, Gustav F., bur. 6/9/1973, age: 70yr, CPDB
Zahn, Luella H., bur. 12/22/1951, age: 46yr, CPDB
Zampardo, Jennette H., bur. 5/25/1988, age: 77yr, CPDB
Zander, Daniel, b. 1892, d. 1918, bur. 1918, T-28
Zander, Friederika Emma, b. 1848, bur. 8/9/1940, age: 91yr, CPDB
Zarn, Anna Marie, b. 1876, bur. 10/8/1937, age: 61yr, CPDB
Zarn, Carl E., bur. 11/29/1982, age: 79yr, CPDB
Zarn, Herbert, b. 1898, d. 1901, bur. 1901, T-32
Zarn, John, b. 1866, d. 1906, bur. 1906, T-32
Zarn, Martha, bur. 3/22/1993, age: 90yr, CPDB
Zawada, Frank A., bur. 8/6/1988, age: 93yr, CPDB
Zawlocki, Kenneth Joseph, bur. 6/25/1997, age: 75yr, CPDB
Ziegler, Charley, bur. 2/7/1987, age: 77yr, CPDB
Ziegler, Grace, bur. 11/30/2001, age: 87yr, CPDB
Ziegler, J. Harold, bur. 4/25/1968, age: 63yr, CPDB
Ziegler, Mildred Mae, bur. 6/17/1996, age: 85yr, CPDB
Ziegler, Robert, bur. 5/23/1968, age: 19yr, CPDB
Zietsch, George John, b. 1869, bur. 2/15/1952, age: 82yr, CPDB
Zietsch, Nora, b. 1879, bur. 6/5/1963, age: 83yr, CPDB
Zimmer, Alice Marie, bur. 2/12/2001, age: 86yr, CPDB
Zimmer, Melvin K., bur. 12/15/1983, age: 71yr, CPDB
Zimmer, Toni Kay, bur. 9/30/1967, age: 6yr, CPDB
Zimmerman, Florence Ann, bur. 11/27/1984, age: 86yr, CPDB
Zimmerman, Frank M., d. 1/7/1944, Pvt. 64 Coast Art. WW Vet, T-23
Zimmerman, George John, bur. 12/2/1943, CPDB
Zimmerman, Jennie B., bur. 1/11/1988, age: 84yr, CPDB
Zimmerman, John F., bur. 1/17/1933, age: 61yr, CPDB
Zimmerman, Loren I. V, bur. 7/16/1980, age: 84yr, CPDB
Zimmerman, Norton A. Sr., bur. 3/13/1972, age: 74yr, CPDB
Zimmerman, Robert A., bur. 1/12/1974, age: 71yr, CPDB
Zittel, John K., bur. 5/8/1999, age: 90yr, CPDB
Zittel, Mary M., bur. 8/26/1970, age: 52yr, CPDB
Zorn, Homer L., bur. 10/27/1993, age: 83yr, CPDB
Zrnich, Alexander I., bur. 11/9/1970, age: 50yr, CPDB
Zrnich, Elizabeth, bur. 1919, age: 2yr, CPDB
Zrnich, Helen, b. 1896, bur. 5/24/1958, age: 62yr, CPDB
Zrnich, Nicholas, bur. 1/31/1921, CPDB
Zrnich, Steve, bur. 3/2/1962, age: 73yr, CPDB
Zube, Baby Girl, bur. 1/7/1938, CPDB
Zube, Herbert Jr., bur. 11/13/1935, CPDB
Zube, Herbert, bur. 7/31/1979, age: 71yr, CPDB
Zube, Mildred Louise Plant, bur. 8/21/1944, age: 36yr, CPDB
Zuber, Claron W, bur. 5/18/1983, age: 89yr, CPDB
Zubs, Carle Ann, b. 1938, d. 1938, bur. 1938, T-18
Zubs, Herbert J., b. 1936, d. 1936, bur. 1936, T-18
Zubs, Herbert, b. 1908, d. 1908, bur. 1908, T-18
Zubs, Mildred, b. 1908, d. 1908, bur. 1908, T-18
Zugler, Robert, no dates, CPDB

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