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Riverside Cemetery
Plymouth, Wayne County, Michigan

Submitted by Garry Packard [gdpackrat@aol.com].

Squires, Anna L., b. 1914, d., T-20
Squires, Lowell E., b. 1908, bur. 11/5/1950, age: 41yr, CPDB
St John, Bassie, d. 3-12-1883, 12-7-31, Daughter of E.F. & S.A. St John, T-12
Stacey, Mabel E., bur. 6/7/1969, age: 82yr, CPDB
Stacey, Marie, b. 1882, d. 1915, bur. 1915, Wife of Orie Stacy, T-36
Stacey, Orrie O., bur. 5/31/1966, age: 88yr, CPDB
Stadnik, Wincenti, bur. 3/4/1964, age: 77yr, CPDB
Stafford, Dallas J., b. 1882, bur. 11/18/1957, age: 75yr, CPDB
Stafford, Herbert Dallas, b. 1905, bur. 8/12/1957, age: 52yr, CPDB
Stafford, James Herbert, bur. 2/24/1961, CPDB
Stafford, Joanie Lynn, bur. 8/12/1994, age: 37yr, CPDB
Stafford, Nellie E., b. 1881, bur. 4/30/1973, age: 91yr, CPDB
Stafford, Thomas LeRoy, bur. 10/9/1995, age: 58yr, CPDB
Staman, Harry C., b. 1901, d. 1925, bur. 1925, T-29
Staman, John, b. 1872, bur. 12/29/1940, Father, CPDB
Staman, Lena C., b. 1877, bur. 2/23/1966, Mother, CPDB
Stamper, Donald G. Sr., bur. 12/27/1971, age: 25yr, CPDB
Stanard, Baby Girl, bur. 4/3/1954, CPDB
Stanbro, Charles J., b. 1849, bur. 7/9/1931, age: 82yr, CPDB
Stanbro, Kate A. (Barber), b. 1863, bur. 11/11/1942, age: 79yr, CPDB
Stanbury, Douglas E., bur. 1/7/1977, age: stillborn, CPDB
Stanfield, Winford B., bur. 7/7/1988, age: 66yr, CPDB
Stanford, Clara V., bur. 10/3/1988, age: 87yr, CPDB
Stanford, Jack L., bur. 11/11/1993, age: 66yr, CPDB
Stangis, Kathleen A., bur. 8/31/1985, age: 23yr, CPDB
Stanible, Evelyn M., d. 1911, bur. 1911, T-17
Stanible, Lillian G., b. 1886, bur. 1/2/1954, age: 67yr, CPDB
Stankov, Walter, bur. 12/30/1976, age: 58yr, CPDB
Stanley, Effie, bur. 2/14/1985, age: 93yr, CPDB
Stanley, Father, b. 1853, d. 1934, bur. 1934, T-35
Stanley, Floyd E., b. 7/1/1908, d. 7/22/1952, T-46
Stanley, Harry, bur. 4/17/1958, age: 78yr, CPDB
Stanley, Martha, b. 1858, d. 1916, bur. 1916, T-35
Stanley, Mildred L., b. 3/13/1909, d., T-46
Stanley, Mother, b. 1847, d. 1913, bur. 1913, T-35
Stanley, Roy J., bur. 11/21/1947, age: 57yr, CPDB
Stapleton, Kathryn, bur. 7/30/1976, age: 55yr, CPDB
Stapleton, Roy Wayne, bur. 10/5/1977, age: 58yr, CPDB
Stapleton, Wayne Ray, bur. 1/4/1964, age: 22yr, CPDB
Stark, Effie Joslin, b. 1862, bur. 6/30/1942, age: 80yr, CPDB
Stark, L. Bethune, b. 1866, d. 1928, bur. 1928, T-26
Starkweather, Albert Oscar, d. 12-17-1841, 20-9-0, Son of William Starkweather, T-36
Starkweather, Albert, b. 7-24-1808, d. 12-16-1870, ALHN
Starkweather, Amelia, b. 8-16-1844, d. 3/7/1916, Wife of George A. Starkweather, T-36
Starkweather, Catherine A., b. 1821, d. 1896, bur. 1896, ALHN
Starkweather, Dwight, d. 1-13-1847, 16-1-19, Son of Wm. & Kezia Starkweather, T-36
Starkweather, George A., b. 2-10-1826, d. 2/7/1907, T-36
Starkweather, Infant, no dates, Daughter of George A. & Amelia Starkweather, T-36
Starkweather, Karl Hillmer, bur. 5/5/1969, age: 79yr, CPDB
Starkweather, Kezia, d. 5-21-1846, 47-6-0, Wife of William Starkweather, T-36
Starkweather, L. Monroe, b. 1831, d. 1893, bur. 1893, ALHN
Starkweather, Mary E., bur. 7/2/1974, age: 84yr, CPDB
Starkweather, Perry, b. 1820, d. 1891, bur. 1891, ALHN
Starkweather, Sarah, b. 1797, d. 1869, bur. 1869, Wife of Thomas Starkweather, ALHN
Starkweather, Thomas, b. 1798, d. 1877, bur. 1877, ALHN
Starkweather, William, d. 8-23-1844, age: 48yr, T-36
Starrie, John, no details, CPDB
Stasky, James Robert, bur. 8/21/1968, age: 31yr, CPDB
Statezni, Clara H., b. 1887, bur. 8/17/1971, Mother, CPDB
Statezni, Elizabeth A., bur. 10/8/1994, age: 73yr, CPDB
Statezni, William W. Jr., bur. 10/12/1994, age: 77yr, CPDB
Statezni, William Walter Sr., b. 1892, bur. 4/21/1958, age: 65yr, CPDB
Stay, Clarissa (Perkins), b. 1847, d. 1936, bur. 1936, T-23
Stay, Father, b. 1861, d. 1913, bur. 1913, T-23
Stay, Floyda (Smith), b. 1902, d. 1932, bur. 1932, T-23
Stay, Myrtle, b. 1900, d. 1918, bur. 1918, T-23
Steele, Glen R., bur. 7/1/1969, age: 55yr, CPDB
Steele, John, no dates, Co. D 4 Mich Cav. (G.A.R.), Civil War, T-02
Steele, William L., bur. 2/9/1973, age: 50yr, CPDB
Steinert, Alice (Reece), b. 1872, d. 1919, bur. 1919, Wife of Ernest Steinert, T-27
Steinert, Alice M., bur. 6/10/1952, age: 54yr, CPDB
Steinert, Ernest, b. 1870, d., T-27
Steinert, Harold R., b. 1895, d. 1953, bur. 1953, Son of Ernest and Alice Steinert, T-27
Steinert, Louis Ernest, bur. 2/17/1995, age: 74yr, CPDB
Steinert, Louis G., bur. 11/30/1991, age: 95yr, CPDB
Steinert, Vernce (Spencer), b. 1905, d., Wife of Harold R. Steinert, T-27
Stephen, Jemima, bur. 10/29/1996, age: 83yr, CPDB
Stephen, Jemima, bur. 5/7/1975, age: 83yr, CPDB
Stephen, William, bur. 11/28/1970, age: 80yr, CPDB
Stephens, Geraldine L., bur. 3/31/1962, age: 47yr, CPDB
Stephens, William L., bur. 11/9/1966, age: 57yr, CPDB
Stephenson, Beatrice Leora, bur. 1/15/1994, age: 75yr, CPDB
Stephenson, Melvin L. Sr., bur. 10/6/1971, age: 55yr, CPDB
Stermer, Eugene, bur. 1/9/1975, age: 50yr, CPDB
Stevens, Albert N., b. 7-24-1808, d. 12-16-1870, CPDB
Stevens, Asa, bur. 10/24/1966, age: 75yr, CPDB
Stevens, Baby Boy, bur. 10/16/1956, CPDB
Stevens, Calvin, b. 1858, d. 1906, bur. 1906, T-32
Stevens, Catherine A., b. 1821, d. 1896, bur. 1896, T-43
Stevens, Clara M., b. 1857, bur. 7/6/1932, age: 72yr, CPDB
Stevens, Eva, bur. 12/23/1981, CPDB
Stevens, Grace F. (Swick), b. 1871, d. 1923, bur. 1923, T-13
Stevens, Helen M., b. 12-12-1884, d. 8/27/1954, T-51
Stevens, Homer, b. 1860, bur. 4/17/1947, age: 86yr, CPDB
Stevens, Ida, b. 1863, d. 1929, bur. 1929, T-32
Stevens, Julia A., b. 1833, d. 1910, bur. 1910, T-06
Stevens, Kenneth R., bur. 5/28/1981, age: 75yr, CPDB
Stevens, L. Monroe, b. 1831, d. 1893, bur. 1893, T-06
Stevens, Louis, bur. 5/7/1934, age: 68yr, CPDB
Stevens, Marion W., bur. 12/13/1985, age: 89yr, CPDB
Stevens, Merle B., bur. 11/6/1997, age: 94yr, CPDB
Stevens, Nathan C., bur. 3/19/1969, age: 81yr, CPDB
Stevens, Oscar H., b. 1855, d. 1920, bur. 1920, T-43
Stevens, Pauline F., bur. 6/30/1978, age: 83yr, CPDB
Stevens, Perry, b. 1820, d. 1891, bur. 1891, T-43
Stevens, Philip W., bur. 5/27/1981, age: 82yr, CPDB
Stevens, Sarah, b. 1797, d. 1869, bur. 1869, Wife of Thomas Stevens, T-13
Stevens, Thomas, b. 1798, d. 1877, bur. 1877, CPDB
Stevens, Warren M., bur. 7/28/1971, age: 84yr, CPDB
Stevenson, Clara A., b. 1887, d. 1921, bur. 1921, T-27
Stevenson, Elizabeth (Greenlaw), d. 1920, bur. 1920, age: 92yr, CPDB
Stever, Albert F., b. 1882, d., T-35
Stever, Albert Frederick, bur. 4/8/1965, age: 82yr, CPDB
Stever, Anna L., b. 1885, bur. 11/20/1972, age: 87yr, CPDB
Stever, Augusta, b. 1850, d. 1928, bur. 1928, Wife of Julius Stever, T-21
Stever, Emma C. (Claver), b. 1879, d. 1947, bur. 1947, T-21
Stever, Julius, b. 1847, d. 1927, bur. 1927, T-21
Steward, Alta Lenora, b. 1892, bur. 11/17/1964, age: 72yr, CPDB
Steward, Arthur W., b. 1883, bur. 6/27/1955, age: 72yr, CPDB
Stewart, Anne H., bur. 9/9/1996, age: 94yr, CPDB
Stewart, Arthur J., bur. 12/23/1964, age: 56yr, CPDB
Stewart, Cora, no details, T-35
Stewart, David, d. 4-27-1881, 28-1-17yr, T-17
Stewart, Dimple B., bur. 10/1/1990, age: 69yr, CPDB
Stewart, Edward Maltman, b. 1890, bur. 8/29/1957, age: 66yr, CPDB
Stewart, Elizabeth J., bur. 2/16/1974, age: 85yr, CPDB
Stewart, Harold, no details, CPDB
Stewart, Helen, bur. 4/1/1967, age: 62yr, CPDB
Stewart, Helen, bur. 5/24/1993, age: 89yr, CPDB
Stewart, J.P., b. 1818, d. 1863, bur. 1863, T-35
Stewart, John, bur. 8/18/1975, age: 86yr, CPDB
Stewart, Matilda, b. 1820, d. 1862, bur. 1862, Wife of J.P. Stewart, T-35
Stewart, Mildred, d. 4-11-1884, Infant, age 3m 15d, Daughter of D.M. and A. Stewart, T-17
Stewart, Nettie, b. 1852, bur. 10/5/1931, Wife of W.J. Stewart, CPDB
Stewart, Olive L., d. 7-9-1883, 60-0-25, wife of R.B. Stewart, T-15
Stewart, R. B., d. 7-26-1887, 71-5-4 (also see Harlow for daughter), T-15
Stewart, Robert J., bur. 12/17/1981, age: 69yr, CPDB
Stewart, W. J., b. 1845, bur. 4/28/1934, age: 90yr, CPDB
Steyaert, Germain, bur. 1/3/1980, age: 58yr, CPDB
Stickles, Marion I., bur. 8/9/1999, age: 82yr, CPDB
Stickney, Savannah Renee, bur. 8/20/2001, age: stillborn, CPDB
Stiles, Hannah V., b. 3-5-1826, d. 1/19/1911, Wife of Sanford Stiles, T-09
Stiles, Sanford, b. 2-24-1822, d. 9/7/1903, T-09
Stillec, Martha Ellen, bur. 2/15/1979, age: 26yr, CPDB
Stimpson, Dott M., bur. 7/3/1974, age: 89yr, CPDB
Stimpson, Grant Hurd, bur. 7/6/1959, age: 71yr, CPDB
Stimpson, Judy Ann, bur. 1/2/1945, CPDB
Stobbe, Mary Elizabeth, bur. 10/20/1999, age: 71yr, CPDB
Stocken, Fred J., bur. 3/1/1947, age: 70yr, CPDB
Stocken, Ina Gertrude, bur. 12/3/1979, age: 93yr, CPDB
Stockton, Grace, bur. 7/28/1979, age: 72yr, CPDB
Stockton, William E., bur. 6/19/1976, age: 72yr, CPDB
Stockwell, Jerome William, bur. 12/29/1971, age: 46yr, CPDB
Stockwell, Rita H., bur. 10/4/1997, age: 70yr, CPDB
Stoll, Elizabeth, b. 5-9-1842, d. 7-18-1887, Mother, T-06
Stoll, Otto, b. 3-24-1878, d. 6/17/1904, T-06
Stolte, Rita L., bur. 6/13/1979, age: 56yr, CPDB
Stone, Herman Leo, bur. 1/15/1966, age: 64yr, CPDB
Stone, Ralph Benjamin, bur. 9/5/1950, age: 18yr, CPDB
Stooks, Carl Homer, bur. 9/4/1941, age: 21yr, CPDB
Stoops, Betty Lou, bur. 10/28/1946, age: 10yr, CPDB
Stoops, Edward E., b. 1914, bur. 10/30/1959, Father, CPDB
Stoops, Gerald Lee, bur. 10/15/1962, age: 20yr, CPDB
Stoops, Gloria Jean, b. 7-22-****, d. 8/28/1942, T-41
Stoops, James H., bur. 10/21/1987, age: 80yr, CPDB
Stoops, Julius P., bur. 3/11/1976, age: 66yr, CPDB
Stoops, Marguerite M., bur. 9/10/1991, age: 79yr, CPDB
Stoops, Viola M., b. 1918, d., Mother, T-42
Storrie, Addie, bur. 7/14/1979, age: 89yr, CPDB
Storrie, John, b. 4-13-1894, d. 6-24-1854, Sgt. Co. M. 40 Inf. World War I, T-47
Stout, Doris, bur. 3/17/1955, CPDB
Stover, Corinne H, bur. 9/19/2001, age: 92yr, CPDB
Stowe, Grace M., bur. 6/12/1989, age: 95yr, CPDB
Stowell, Janie Teresa, bur. 3/11/1998, age: 59yr, CPDB
Straka, Helen V., bur. 3/5/1980, age: 57yr, CPDB
Straka, Jane Ludmila, bur. 6/6/1991, age: 37yr, CPDB
Straka, Louis J., bur. 6/15/1979, age: 67yr, CPDB
Stranich, Jacob J., b. 3-10-1889, d. 9/14/1948, T-46
Stranich, Margaret L., b. 1/14/1905, d., T-46
Strant, Louis Ray, no dates, CPDB
Strasen, Christne, b. 1861, d. 1957, bur. 1957, T-01
Strasen, Margaret M., bur. 1/7/1981, age: 70yr, CPDB
Strasen, Rev. Charles, b. 1866, d. 1946, bur. 1946, T-01
Stratton, Geraldine L., bur. 4/1/1993, age: 90yr, CPDB
Stratton, Harold D., bur. 6/25/1984, age: 83yr, CPDB
Straub, Ruby L., bur. 1/19/1971, age: 76yr, CPDB
Strausbaugh, Dennis A, bur. 9/24/1980, age: 24yr, CPDB
Straw, Donald Edward, bur. 12/18/1956, CPDB
Straw, Schrine, bur. 9/20/1963, CPDB
Stremich, Margaret L, bur. 1/17/1986, age: 81yr, CPDB
Stremick, Jacob Joseph, bur. 9/17/1948, age: 49yr, CPDB
Stremick, Samuel, bur. 6/16/1982, age: 73yr, CPDB
Streng, Andrew, d. 11-6-1878, age 57yr 6mo 28da, T-07
Streng, Bertha Madeline, b. 5-14-1870, d. 11/19/1950, bur. 11/21/1950, age: 80yr, CPDB
Streng, Caroline (Stroll), b. 1860, d. 1916, bur. 1916, Wife of William Streng, T-21
Streng, Emma, d. 10-2-1889, Wife of J.G. Streng, T-20
Streng, Eva, b. 4-15-1828, d. 4/25/1903, Wife of George Streng, T-21
Streng, George Andreas, b. 2-19-1865, d. 5-24-1892, T-21
Streng, George, b. 1-10-1826, d. 9/16/1906, T-21
Streng, Helen, d. 9/1/1920, Wife of J.G. Streng, T-20
Streng, Jacob A, b. 12/19/1950, d. 8/9/1939, 80yr, CPDB
Streng, John G, b. 1861, bur. 9/15/1937, age: 76yr, CPDB
Streng, Louisa, d. 6-21-1888, 24-3-3, Wife of Jacob Streng, T-21
Streng, Michael, b. 1823, d. 1905, bur. 1905, Father, T-21
Streng, Roy Carl, b. 12-30-1898, d. 2/10/1947, T-46
Streng, William, b. 1855, bur. 11/12/1940, age: 85yr, CPDB
Stribbing, Charles J, bur. 3/12/1952, age: 74yr, CPDB
Stribbing, Lydia Louise Stender, bur. 8/17/1943, age: 58yr, CPDB
Stringer, Carl Beecher, bur. 8/29/1979, age: 69yr, CPDB
Stringer, Coraline Rathburn, bur. 3/28/2000, age: 83yr, CPDB
Strohl, Anna, bur. 3/4/1968, age: 89yr, CPDB
Strohl, Lucille F, bur. 11/20/1978, age: 68yr, CPDB
Stroll, Anna, b. 1878, d., T-21
Stroll, Baby, d. 1918, bur. 1918, dau of John and Anna Stroll, T-21
Stroll, John, b. 1880, bur. 4/1/1958, age: 79yr, CPDB
Strom, Christine M, bur. 7/11/1980, age: 16yr, CPDB
Strom, Donald Alva, bur. 5/6/2000, age: 68yr, CPDB
Strom, Marie Julie, bur. 5/6/2000, age: 70yr, CPDB
Strong, Alice V, bur. 7/5/1966, age: 80yr, CPDB
Strong, Harry, bur. 4/5/1979, age: 75yr, CPDB
Strong, Sidney D, bur. 10/13/1969, age: 85yr, CPDB
Stroud, Vivian M, bur. 3/20/1997, age: 84yr, CPDB
Stuart, Amy L, bur. 3/5/1973, age: 58yr, CPDB
Stuart, Elizabeth, b. 1891, bur. 11/3/1954, age: 63yr, CPDB
Stuart, Harold S, bur. 1/24/1967, age: 71yr, CPDB
Stuart, Irene A, bur. 8/6/1983, age: 83yr, CPDB
Stuart, Mabel H., bur. 9/4/1941, age: 68yr, CPDB
Stuart, Orlo K, b. 1893, bur. 12/16/1978, age: 85yr, CPDB
Stull, Virginia, bur. 2/14/1983, age: 47yr, CPDB
Stump, Frank Jr., bur. 11/18/1996, age: 67yr, CPDB
Stutzman, Augusta, b. 1902, bur. 5/26/1992, Wife of Fred C. Stutzman, CPDB
Stutzman, Frederick Chris, b. 1881, bur. 3/17/1961, age: 79yr, CPDB
Stuyvenberg, Jean Irene, b. 1925, bur. 7/21/1961, Wife and Mother, CPDB
Sulkowski, Edward Z, bur. 9/2/1986, age: 58yr, CPDB
Sullivan, Grace, bur. 12/14/1993, age: 83yr, CPDB
Sullivan, Helen O, bur. 5/6/1995, age: 73yr, CPDB
Sullivan, Herbert J, bur. 11/23/1977, age: 57yr, CPDB
Sullivan, John L., bur. 8/29/2000, age: 76yr, CPDB
Sullivan, Marion Amelia, bur. 2/8/1993, age: 81yr, CPDB
Sullivan, Timothy L, bur. 3/3/1976, age: 70yr, CPDB
Sumner, Allan, bur. 7/29/1965, age: 71yr, CPDB
Sumner, Ann E, bur. 4/22/1985, age: 85yr, CPDB
Sumner, Florence H, bur. 1/2/1985, age: 90yr, CPDB
Sumner, Margaret Marie, b. 11-19-1893, d. 12/6/1947, 54yr, CPDB
Sumner, Walter K, bur. 8/29/1978, age: 90yr, CPDB
Sumption, Gertrude Z, bur. 5/5/1998, age: 96yr, CPDB
Sumption, Robert J, bur. 2/24/1987, age: 88yr, CPDB
Sund, Carolyne E, bur. 1/23/1997, age: 82yr, CPDB
Sund, Eugene A, bur. 8/7/1996, age: 84yr, CPDB
Sundstrom, Donald L, bur. 8/17/1965, age: 31yr, CPDB
Susky, Alexander J, bur. 5/22/1993, CPDB
Susky, Beatrice Mary, bur. 3/9/1971, age: 55yr, CPDB
Sutherland, Augusta M., b. 3-21-1878, bur. 7/17/1970, CPDB
Sutherland, Donald H, bur. 8/2/1994, age: 87yr, CPDB
Sutherland, Elizabeth A, b. 1878, bur. 12/15/1967, age: 88yr, CPDB
Sutherland, Eva, bur. 10/27/1965, age: 70yr, CPDB
Sutherland, Juanita, bur. 6/8/1976, age: 69yr, CPDB
Sutherland, Marion K, bur. 10/1/2001, age: 96yr, CPDB
Sutherland, William J, bur. 10/14/1987, age: 63yr, CPDB
Sutherland, William McKay, b. 8-28-1872, d. 3/27/1958, 85yr, CPDB
Sutton, John, b. 4-26-1880, d. 7/7/1953, Father, T-44
Sutton, Lillie A, bur. 4/18/1957, age: 86yr, CPDB
Sutton, Nancy, b. 1-6-1889, bur. 3/10/1969, Mother, CPDB
Sutton, T. Spencer, d. 7/8/1927, Son, T-44
Svahn, Anna M, bur. 3/27/1968, age: 70yr, CPDB
Svahn, Carl H, bur. 2/8/1977, age: 78yr, CPDB
Swadling, Cecile M, bur. 7/22/1980, age: 87yr, CPDB
Swadling, Jackie R, bur. 9/6/1945, CPDB
Swadling, Shirley A, bur. 7/30/1992, age: 72yr, CPDB
Swadling, William Albert, bur. 1/2/1953, age: 67yr, CPDB
Swadling, William L., bur. 7/20/1965, age: 49yr, CPDB
Swalding, Jack R., b. 1944, d. 1945, bur. 1945, T-52
Swan, Annie, b. 1872, d. 1957, bur. 1957, T-39
Swan, Leitha L, b. 1900, bur. 8/14/1972, age: 72yr, CPDB
Swan, Mary Ann, bur. 8/5/1957, age: 85yr, CPDB
Swan, William O., b. 1901, bur. 12/5/1960, age: 59yr, CPDB
Swanson, Herbert Frederick, b. 1902, bur. 10/19/1951, age: 49yr, CPDB
Swanson, Hilda A., bur. 11/21/1969, age: 66yr, CPDB
Swanson, William Herald, b. 1951, bur. 12/6/1952, buried in Gustin plot, CPDB
Swatosh, Kenneth J., bur. 8/17/1983, age: 68yr, CPDB
Sweet, Abigail, b. 1837, d. 1927, bur. 1927, age: 90yr, CPDB
Sweet, Henry George, bur. 12/9/1932, CPDB
Sweet, Orville W., b. 1864, d. 1894, bur. 1894, age: 30yr, CPDB
Sweet, Philanda A., b. 1822, d. 1908, bur. 1908, age: 86yr, CPDB
Sweet, Sarah L., bur. 2/20/2001, age: 89yr, CPDB
Swegles, Dale L., bur. 2/12/1966, age: 29yr, CPDB
Swegles, James M., b. 1882, bur. 9/28/1954, age: 72yr, CPDB
Swegles, Neal LeRoy, b. 1903, bur. 8/20/1940, age: 37yr, CPDB
Swegles, Vivian M., b. 1883, bur. 5/6/1955, age: 72yr, CPDB
Swick, Frank B., bur. 11/22/1941, age: 72yr, CPDB
Swisher, David Earle, bur. 4/10/1998, age: 49yr, CPDB
Switzer, Jerry R., bur. 9/21/1998, age: 39yr, CPDB
Sydow, Howard J., bur. 3/6/1992, age: 80yr, CPDB
Sydow, Marguerate, bur. 12/17/2001, age: 87yr, CPDB
Sylvester, Rose (Shoaf), bur. 4/20/1978, age: 72yr, CPDB
Sylvestere, Glenna (Bishop), b. 1886, bur. 11/18/1959, age: 73yr, CPDB
Szafran, Leah A., bur. 5/14/1994, age: 18yr, CPDB
Szilagyi, Elizabeth June, bur. 5/27/1995, age: 60yr, CPDB
Szilagyi, Robert James, bur. 5/27/1995, age: 70yr, CPDB
Szott, Lawrence J. Jr., bur. 7/16/2001, age: 75yr, CPDB
Szyniszewski, Arthur, bur. 4/1/1977, age: 63yr, CPDB


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