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Riverside Cemetery
Plymouth, Wayne County, Michigan

Submitted by Garry Packard [gdpackrat@aol.com].

Hoadley, Alfred William, b. 1914, bur. 11/3/1951, age: 37yr, CPDB
Hoadley, Charles A., bur. 4/23/1971, age: 20yr, CPDB
Hoadley, Lawrence David, b. 1946, bur. 4/2/1957, age: 11yr, CPDB
Hobbins, Irwin, bur. 10/30/1969, age: 75yr, CPDB
Hobbins, Lois M., bur. 7/16/1990, age: 92yr, CPDB
Hobbins, Lucy M., b. 1909, bur. 9/25/1970, age: 61yr, CPDB
Hobbins, Thomas W., b. 1904, d., T-44
Hobbs, Tracy B., bur. 3/14/1943, age: 82yr, CPDB
Hoben, John M., bur. 9/3/1997, age: 73yr, CPDB
Hoben, Patricia, bur. 3/14/1970, age: 41yr, CPDB
Hobson, Dora J., bur. 9/17/1959, age: 66yr, CPDB
Hobson, Harry H., bur. 5/14/1984, age: 81yr, CPDB
Hobson, Mary Jane, bur. 4/19/1947, age: 83yr, CPDB
Hobson, William, bur. 10/3/1960, age: 65yr, CPDB
Hochlowski, Phyllis Louise, bur. 2/20/2001, age: 77yr, CPDB
Hochlowski, Walter J., bur. 11/29/1980, age: 64yr, CPDB
Hock, Christian, d. 9-1-1882, 64-7-0, G.A.R, T-37
Hockenberry, Henry Otto, b. 1883, bur. 5/29/1945, age: 61yr, CPDB
Hockenberry, Lola Gertrude, b. 1884, bur. 11/14/1951, age: 66yr, CPDB
Hodge, Abigail, b. 1828, d. 1924, bur. 1924, Wife of Eugene Hodge, T-14
Hodge, Alma, b. 3-3-1860, d. 2-19-1881, Daughter of F.M. Hodge, T-14
Hodge, Bert Alesander, b. 1870, bur. 5/11/1959, Son of Edwin Hodge, CPDB
Hodge, Edwin, b. 11-1-1833, d. 6/18/1905, T-14
Hodge, Elizabeth, b. 1871, d. 1923, bur. 1923, Wife of Henry E. Hodge, T-14
Hodge, Emily, b. 1835, d. 1925, bur. 1925, Wife of Edwin Hodge, T-14
Hodge, Esther, b. 1862, d. 1895, bur. 1895, dau of Edwin Hodge, T-14
Hodge, Eugenius, b. 2-28-1828, d. 9/24/1905, T-14
Hodge, Evelyn, b. 1893, bur. 10/15/1973, Wife of Henry E. Hodge, CPDB
Hodge, Francis, b. 3-25-1831, d. 10/6/1903, bur. 10/6/1903, T-14
Hodge, George B., bur. 7/20/1968, CPDB
Hodge, George, b. 1860, d. 1938, bur. 1938, Son of Eugene Hodge, T-14
Hodge, Hattie M., b. 1860, bur. 10/15/1934, dau of Edwin Hodge, CPDB
Hodge, Henry E., b. 1868, d. 1954, bur. 1954, Son of Eugene Hodge, T-14
Hodge, Janet C., b. 1872, bur. 5/27/1967, Wife of Bert A. Hodge, CPDB
Hodge, John, b. 6-6-1799, d. 1888, bur. 1888, T-14
Hodge, Lloyd L., bur. 5/17/1980, age: 73yr, CPDB
Hodge, Mary, b. 1838, d. 1929, bur. 1929, Wife of Francis Hodge, T-14
Hodge, Myra Gena, b. 10-8-1864, d. 10-7-1867, Daughter of Abigail and Eugene Hodge, T-14
Hodge, Myra, b. 1840, d. 1911, bur. 1911, dau of John Hodge, T-14
Hodge, Wife, b. 5-26-1808, d., Wife of John Hodge, T-14
Hoedel, Raymond K., bur. 9/8/1997, age: 65yr, CPDB
Hoeft, William Harold, bur. 4/13/1948, CPDB
Hoeprich, Frederick M., bur. 6/8/1983, age: 75yr, CPDB
Hoffman, Amelia Pauline York, bur. 4/19/1942, age: 76yr, CPDB
Hoffman, August, bur. 12/23/1936, age: 70yr, CPDB
Hoffman, Emila, b. 1844, d. 1927, bur. 1927, Mother, T-34
Hoffman, Father, b. 1826, d. 1913, bur. 1913, T-34
Hoffman, Fred E., bur. 9/6/1947, age: 55yr, CPDB
Hoffman, Julia L., bur. 3/28/1989, age: 84yr, CPDB
Hoffman, Leona M., bur. 3/6/1998, CPDB
Hoffman, Reed Edward, no details, T-31
Hoffman, Richard Torrence, b. 2/26/1915, d. 6/10/1959, bur. 6/13/1959, Mich. Cpl. 660 Tank Dest. Bn. World War II, CPDB
Hoffman, Walter Frank Sr., bur. 6/19/1949, age: 56yr, CPDB
Hogan, Ricky C., bur. 12/3/1954, CPDB
Hogg, Edward, bur. 2/10/1956, CPDB
Hohl, Alfred, bur. 3/6/1967, age: 72yr, CPDB
Hohl, Elsie Rachel, bur. 11/4/1991, age: 94yr, CPDB
Hohnbaum, Charles P., bur. 2/23/1983, age: 78yr, CPDB
Hohnbaum, Elva K., bur. 12/5/1991, age: 88yr, CPDB
Hoisington, Minnie, bur. 1/12/1957, age: 84yr, CPDB
Hoisington, William Edward, bur. 10/2/1940, age: 68yr, CPDB
Hokenson, Frank S., bur. 11/9/1994, age: 92yr, CPDB
Hokenson, Henry T., bur. 9/25/1981, age: 89yr, CPDB
Hokenson, Marie E., bur. 5/16/1997, age: 89yr, CPDB
Hokenson, Vern W., bur. 10/12/1972, age: 75yr, CPDB
Holben, Eunice Marie, bur. 1/14/1994, age: 78yr, CPDB
Holbert, Nellie A., bur. 5/12/1973, age: 71yr, CPDB
Holbert, Shirley L., bur. 10/28/1982, age: 82yr, CPDB
Holbrook, Jane (Herr), b. 1810, d. 1868, bur. 1868, T-13
Holbrook, Mary Frances, bur. 6/20/1940, age: 85yr, CPDB
Holcomb, Benjamin J., bur. 8/24/1960, age: 6yr, CPDB
Holcomb, Benjamin Jr., bur. 6/19/1931, age: 6yr, CPDB
Holcomb, Doris M., bur. 9/20/1993, age: 86yr, CPDB
Holcomb, Henry H., bur. 9/5/1998, age: 92yr, CPDB
Holcomb, Jeannette W., bur. 8/24/1960, CPDB
Holdsworth, Arthur J., bur. 4/29/1948, age: 41yr, CPDB
Holdsworth, Arthur, bur. 2/27/1947, CPDB
Holdsworth, Margaret Bacon, bur. 8/6/1945, age: 59yr, CPDB
Holladay, Nancy A, bur. 3/23/1989, age: 77yr, CPDB
Holladay, Richard E., bur. 10/9/1978, age: 67yr, CPDB
Hollaway, Bessie May (Smith), b. 1884, d. 1944, bur. 1944, T-30
Hollaway, Charles O., b. 1856, d. 1927, bur. 1927, T-30
Hollaway, Russell A., b. 1901, d. 1927, bur. 1927, T-30
Holliday, Paul C., bur. 1/31/1992, age: 61yr, CPDB
Hollingshead, John H., bur. 10/28/1998, age: 67yr, CPDB
Hollingshead, Kevin Len, bur. 5/29/1964, CPDB
Hollingshead, Koy L., bur. 4/7/1995, age: 29yr, CPDB
Holloway, Aiken, b. 4-28-1827, d. 1-12-1898, Co. C. 24 Mich Inf. G.A.R. Civil War, CPDB
Holloway, Arvilla O., b. 1856, bur. 1/4/1944, age: 89yr, CPDB
Holloway, Arvilla R., b. 1853, d. 1895, bur. 1895, Wife of Lewis H. Holloway, T-33
Holloway, Bessie, bur. 10/9/1981, age: 93yr, CPDB
Holloway, Dewey A., b. 1876, bur. 12/2/1947, Father, CPDB
Holloway, F. D., b. 9-16-1858, d. 12-16-1896, T-11
Holloway, Frank, no details, T-11
Holloway, Fred A., bur. 7/15/1965, age: 72yr, CPDB
Holloway, Hattie Rosenia, b. 1855, bur. 9/3/1946, age: 90yr, CPDB
Holloway, Lewis H., b. 1852, bur. 11/28/1945, age: 93yr, CPDB
Holloway, Lydia, b. 12-14-1828, d. 2/17/1902, Wife of Aiken Holloway, T-11
Holloway, Marie, b. 1885, d. 1954, bur. 1954, T-33
Holloway, Maude C., bur. 12/8/1954, age: 69yr, CPDB
Holloway, Minnie M. (Adams), b. 1878, bur. 5/21/1934, Mother, CPDB
Holloway, Robert W., b. 1885, bur. 4/11/1969, age: 84yr, CPDB
Holly, Charles T., bur. 5/29/1990, age: 73yr, CPDB
Holmes, Bertha C., b. 1873, bur. 7/6/1951, Wife of Charles E. Holmes, CPDB
Holmes, Charles E., b. 1870, bur. 4/27/1934, age: 63yr, CPDB
Holmes, Clyde W., b. 1909, d. 1929, bur. 1929, T-01
Holmes, Ella Elliott, bur. 6/13/1972, age: 88yr, CPDB
Holmes, Elsie Elisa, b. 1891, bur. 11/2/1948, age: 57yr, CPDB
Holmes, Emory D., bur. 8/20/1979, age: 87yr, CPDB
Holmes, Frances, bur. 11/20/1974, age: 80yr, CPDB
Holmes, Francis M., bur. 3/26/1979, age: 71yr, CPDB
Holmes, Fred, bur. 8/27/1966, age: 71yr, CPDB
Holmes, Henry, bur. 12/2/1981, age: 81yr, CPDB
Holmes, Myrtle k., bur. 8/11/1990, age: 99yr, CPDB
Holmes, Raymond O., bur. 11/16/1993, age: 61yr, CPDB
Holmes, Raymond, bur. 1/27/1965, age: 61yr, CPDB
Holmes, William Otis, b. 1882, bur. 12/4/1951, age: 69yr, CPDB
Holstein, Baby Boy, bur. 6/2/1938, CPDB
Holstein, George H., b. 8-27-1869, d. 6/5/1956, bur. 6/7/1956, T-36
Holstein, Infant, d. 6/1/1938, Daughter of John Henry Holstein, T-36
Holstein, Rose M., b. 6-16-1894, bur. 12/10/1980, age: 86yr, CPDB
Holt, Donna K., bur. 5/29/2001, age: 55yr, CPDB
Hondorp, Dora M, bur. 6/23/1982, age: 69yr, CPDB
Hondorp, Gerald, bur. 2/19/1968, age: 55yr, CPDB
Hondorp, Henry, b. 1885, bur. 2/1/1945, age: 59yr, CPDB
Hondorp, Lavina, b. 1887, bur. 1/18/1947, age: 59yr, CPDB
Honsinger, Baby, bur. 2/25/1935, CPDB
Hood, Arthur A., b. 1879, d. 7/1/1936, Father, Sp. Amr. War Vet, CPDB
Hood, Clara, b. 1878, d. 1919, bur. 1919, Wife of Arthur Hoodyr, T-04
Hood, Ella (Walter), b. 1858, bur. 8/7/1943, Wife of John Hoodyr, CPDB
Hood, Helen B., bur. 3/30/1985, age: 87yr, CPDB
Hood, Ida (Chase), d. 5-5-1887, Wife of John Hood Age 33-1-2yr, T-10
Hood, John E., b. 1840, d. 1910, bur. 1910, Co. I 106 Ill. Inf. G.A.R., Civil War, CPDB
Hood, Melburne, b. 1900, d. 1901, bur. 1901, Son of A. & C.yr, T-04
Hood, Norman M., bur. 7/25/1975, age: 79yr, CPDB
Hood, Olive M., b. 1885, bur. 1/23/1960, age: 74yr, CPDB
Hoodley, Charles A., no dates, CPDB
Hook, Audrey Goodwin, b. 1910, bur. 7/2/1944, Mother, CPDB
Hopkins, John, bur. 9/1/1997, CPDB
Hopper, Annabelle 'Anna', bur. 1/24/1967, age: 52yr, CPDB
Hopper, Judith A, bur. 10/1/2001, age: 60yr, CPDB
Hopper, Loren Clayton, bur. 1/8/1994, age: 85yr, CPDB
Horan, James V., b. 1882, bur. 7/10/1940, age: 58yr, CPDB
Horan, Martha, b. 1886, d. 1928, bur. 1928, T-26
Horn, Elva May, b. 1873, bur. 9/1/1951, age: 78yr, CPDB
Horn, Marilyn June, bur. 10/20/1978, age: 43yr, CPDB
Horn, William H., b. 1868, bur. 12/24/1951, age: 83yr, CPDB
Hornback, Goldie P., bur. 1/11/1989, age: 76yr, CPDB
Hornback, Karl W., bur. 2/26/1996, age: 89yr, CPDB
Hornbeck, William Donald, bur. 9/6/2000, age: 81yr, CPDB
Horton, Allen, b. 1885, d. 1930, bur. 1930, T-43
Horton, James H., bur. 6/14/1980, age: 50yr, CPDB
Hosier, Hugh Risk, b. 1901, bur. 6/23/1960, age: 58yr, CPDB
Hosier, Opal Farah, b. 1905, bur. 8/27/1979, age: 74yr, CPDB
Hotchkin, Mary Jean, d. 4/4/1961, bur. 4/10/1961, age: Baby, T-46
Hotchkin, Wilbur S., bur. 6/18/1971, age: 56yr, CPDB
Hotchkin, William Smith, bur. 11/5/1942, age: 81yr, CPDB
Houck, Edwin, b. 1913, d. 1922, bur. 1922, T-03
Houck, Jennie, b. 1880, d. 1927, bur. 1927, T-03
Houck, Robert Irving, b. 1904, d. 1928, bur. 1928, T-03
Houck, William, b. 1875, d. 1927, bur. 1927, T-03
Hough, Adeline K., b. 1806, d. 1884, bur. 1884, T-09
Hough, Cass S., bur. 9/21/1990, age: 85yr, CPDB
Hough, Edward Cass, b. 1872, bur. 1/27/1959, age: 86yr, CPDB
Hough, Grethe Vesper, b. 1913, bur. 1/11/1960, age: 46yr, CPDB
Hough, Ira M., b. 1803, d. 1886, bur. 1886, T-09
Hough, Isaac D., b. 1875, d. 1926, bur. 1926, T-09
Hough, Lewis Cass, b. 1846, d. 1902, bur. 1902, T-09
Hough, Louise (Shefield), b. 1872, bur. 2/12/1943, age: 70yr, CPDB
Hough, Mariette Baker, b. 1846, bur. 11/8/1946, age: 100yr, CPDB
Hough, Mary T., b. 1860, bur. 1926, age: 66yr, CPDB
Hough, Plato, b. 1858, bur. 1/26/1936, age: 77yr, CPDB
Hough, Warren W., b. 1896, bur. 1903, age: 8yr, CPDB
Houghton, Amelia Lillian, bur. 7/24/1967, age: 73yr, CPDB
Houghton, Earl W., bur. 2/9/1968, age: 70yr, CPDB
Houghton, Florence M., bur. 1/10/1983, age: 95yr, CPDB
Houghton, Robert E., bur. 7/9/1983, age: 61yr, CPDB
Houghton, Thomas Richard, bur. 1/8/1962, age: 74yr, CPDB
Houk, Edwin L., bur. 1922, age: 9yr, CPDB
Houk, Elowene E., bur. 1/15/1997, age: 86yr, CPDB
Houk, James C., bur. 11/30/1982, age: 72yr, CPDB
Houk, Jennie, bur. 3/19/1957, age: 77yr, CPDB
Houk, Robert Irving, bur. 1928, age: 24yr, CPDB
Houk, William, bur. 1927, age: 52yr, CPDB
Hover, Freeman B., b. 1899, bur. 1/24/1936, age: 36yr, CPDB
Hover, Marjorie J. (Schoof), b. 1899, bur. 6/12/1986, CPDB
Howard, Anna M., b. 1864, d. 1923, bur. 1923, T-36
Howard, Beatrice Jean, b. 6/22/1941, d. 9/28/1941, CPDB
Howard, Gary Lee, bur. 12/3/1941, CPDB
Howard, Violet, bur. 1/30/1970, age: 63yr, CPDB
Howard, William S., b. 1861, d. 1915, bur. 1915, T-36
Howe, Clifton Russell, b. 1906, bur. 4/12/1985, age: 79yr, CPDB
Howe, Effie May, b. 1884, bur. 9/11/1961, age: 77yr, CPDB
Howe, Frank J., b. 1870, d. 1929, bur. 1929, T-13
Howe, Gilbert, b. 1875, d. 1932, bur. 1932, T-43
Howe, Isle M., bur. 12/20/1954, age: 78yr, CPDB
Howe, Ruth (Perkins), b. 1899, d. 1924, bur. 1924, T-13
Howe, T. Gilbert, bur. 5/27/1932, age: 57yr, CPDB
Howell, Alzina, b. 1865, d. 1957, bur. 1957, age: 92yr, T-10
Howell, August Lloyd, bur. 3/18/1989, age: 73yr, CPDB
Howell, Clara E., bur. 6/9/1978, age: 79yr, CPDB
Howell, Clarence, bur. 12/24/1956, age: 70yr, CPDB
Howell, Ethel H., bur. 3/20/1974, age: 86yr, CPDB
Howell, George Earle, bur. 11/12/1963, age: 80yr, CPDB
Howell, Harris Foster, b. 1911, bur. 2/29/1960, age: 48yr, CPDB
Howell, Jerald W., bur. 10/15/1970, age: 46yr, CPDB
Howell, Mary Alvina, bur. 1/2/1957, age: 93yr, CPDB
Howell, Patsy Louise, bur. 10/27/2001, CPDB
Hoy, Zenella, bur. 12/6/1971, age: 59yr, CPDB
Hoyer, Edward Duane, bur. 2/13/1961, age: 0.03yr, CPDB
Hoyer, Leonard E., bur. 4/29/1975, age: 60yr, CPDB
Hoyer, Rose D., bur. 10/15/1990, age: 70yr, CPDB
Hoyt, Claude, b. 1-23-1871, d. 3-21-1873, Son of W.H. & M. E. Hoyt, T-02
Hoyt, Clay A., b. 1873, d. 1946, bur. 1946, age: Burial Memorial Park Cem. St. Petersburg Fla, T-02
Hoyt, Emma M. (Cook), b. 1870, bur. 8/11/1937, age: 66yr, CPDB
Hoyt, Mary E., d. 12-28-1897, Wife of Wm. H. Hoyt, no ageyr, T-02
Hoyt, Wm. H., b. 1-18-1848, d. 11/12/1927, T-02
Hubbard, Harold W.Jr., bur. 5/18/1993, age: 70yr, CPDB
Hubbard, Harold, bur. 2/9/1932, age: 35yr, CPDB
Hubbell, Ada K. (Pitcher), b. 1882, bur. 12/28/1932, age: 50yr, CPDB
Hubbell, Alice R., b. 1850, d. 1919, bur. 1919, T-09
Hubbell, Burton, b. 1843, d. 1905, bur. 1905, G.A.R. Civil War, T-09
Hubbell, Evelyn, bur. 12/28/1974, age: 82yr, CPDB
Hubbell, Winn B., bur. 12/6/1965, age: 82yr, CPDB
Huber, Baby, bur. 9/8/1937, CPDB
Huber, Dorothy M., bur. 10/31/1998, age: 88yr, CPDB
Huber, Gerald Robert, bur. 5/11/1993, age: 61yr, CPDB
Huber, Irene F., bur. 1/14/1985, age: 78yr, CPDB
Huber, Katheryn E., b. 1906, d., T-04
Huber, Michael Joseph, b. 1905, bur. 10/9/1957, age: 52yr, CPDB
Huber, William D., bur. 8/15/1977, age: 69yr, CPDB
Hudd, Adelaide, bur. 11/10/1950, CPDB
Hudd, Elizabeth (Tillotson), b. 1837, d. 1921, bur. 1921, T-26
Hudd, Samuel O., b. 1859, d. 1913, bur. 1913, T-26
Huddleston, John, bur. 5/27/1978, age: 65yr, CPDB
Huddleston, Margaret Willett, bur. 6/21/1993, age: 81yr, CPDB
Hudson, Clara Gies, bur. 2/20/1941, age: 70yr, CPDB
Hudson, Elizabeth M., bur. 4/24/1981, age: 66yr, CPDB
Hudson, Ernest, bur. 6/4/1932, age: 61yr, CPDB
Hudson, Henry W., b. 1828, d. 1897, bur. 1897, T-20
Hudson, Lydia, b. 1841, d. 1924, bur. 1924, Wife of Henry W. Hudson, T-20
Hudson, Mae R., b. 1890, bur. 3/27/1946, age: 55yr, CPDB
Hudson, Mary J., bur. 11/8/1988, age: 78yr, CPDB
Hudson, Minnie, bur. 3/24/1948, age: 76yr, CPDB
Hudson, Sarah L., b. 1848, d. 1916, bur. 1916, ALHN
Hudson, Walter W., b. 1836, d. 1916, bur. 1916, ALHN
Huebner, Clara Mae, b. 1897, bur. 4/23/1976, age: 78yr, CPDB
Huebner, Ellwood W., b. 1895, bur. 4/14/1961, age: 65yr, CPDB
Huebner, Ruth, bur. 12/6/1996, age: 76yr, CPDB
Huegel, Albert, b. 1901, bur. 7/10/1989, Brother, CPDB
Huger, George H., b. 1862, d. 1928, bur. 1928, T-30
Huger, Leslie Carl, b. 5/26/1919, d. 11/17/1942, Mich. Tech. 5 126 Sig. Co. World War II, CPDB
Huger, Melvina C. (Wade), b. 1866, bur. 11/27/1943, age: 77yr, CPDB
Hughes, Jean, b. 12/9/1912, d. 1/29/1952, T-01
Hughes, Mercie Wood, bur. 1/6/1937, age: 93yr, CPDB
Hughes, Mercy, no details, T-27
Hughes, William E., no details, T-27
Hull, Alice E., b. 1876, bur. 5/9/1949, age: 72yr, CPDB
Hull, Jack E., bur. 12/5/1972, age: 53yr, CPDB
Hull, Mabel (Tillotson), b. 1900, d., Buried in Barber plot, T-22
Hull, Thomas J., b. 1927, bur. 1/6/1948, buried in Barber plot, CPDB
Humbarger, Ida, bur. 3/17/1954, age: 68yr, CPDB
Hummel, Arthur L., bur. 9/8/1967, CPDB
Hummel, Irvin William, bur. 10/11/1937, age: 73yr, CPDB
Hummel, Paul G., bur. 5/13/1974, age: 69yr, CPDB
Hummel, Rosa A., bur. 2/6/1947, age: 82yr, CPDB
Humphres, Charlotte V., b. 1912, d. 1946, bur. 1946, T-18
Humphres, Edwin C., b. 1905, d., T-18
Humphrey, Payne A., bur. 5/30/1996, age: 2yr, CPDB
Humphries, Arthur, bur. 12/20/1965, age: 76yr, CPDB
Humphries, Charles Edwin, bur. 10/17/1949, age: 71yr, CPDB
Humphries, Charlotte Ayotte, bur. 5/28/1946, age: 34yr, CPDB
Humphries, Edna Pearl, b. 1883, bur. 7/20/1955, age: 72yr, CPDB
Humphries, George Eli, b. 1881, bur. 10/1/1957, age: 76yr, CPDB
Humphries, Gerald Keith, b. 4/23/1929, d. 3/8/1930, T-35
Humphries, Hannah (Burwell), b. 1830, d. 1916, bur. 1916, T-35
Humphries, Helen R., b. 1911, d. 1920, bur. 1920, T-35
Humphries, Katherine J., b. 1854, d. 1936, bur. 1936, T-35
Humphries, Lila, bur. 12/5/1969, age: 76yr, CPDB
Humphries, Nathaniel J., bur. 10/12/1936, age: 82yr, CPDB
Humphries, Ruth E., bur. 11/28/1984, age: 91yr, CPDB
Humphries, Sarah J. (Hodder), b. 1856, d. 1914, bur. 1914, T-35
Hunt, Albert H., bur. 8/28/1959, age: 67yr, CPDB
Hunt, Baby Boy, bur. 5/18/1936, CPDB
Hunt, Catherine H., bur. 9/24/1973, age: 81yr, CPDB
Hunter, Elcanor D., b. 8-18-1835, d. 4/29/1923, Wife of Robert Hunteryr, T-18
Hunter, Elias H., b. 1869, bur. 6/15/1956, Wife of George W. Hunteryr, CPDB
Hunter, Ella, b. 1869, bur. 3/20/1956, age: 87yr, CPDB
Hunter, George W., b. 1862, bur. 9/18/1937, buried in Westfall plot, CPDB
Hunter, Harry Louis, bur. 11/13/1964, age: 69yr, CPDB
Hunter, Henry L., no dates, CPDB
Hunter, Mabel I., bur. 2/3/1990, age: 85yr, CPDB
Hunter, Pearl I., bur. 11/2/1992, age: 89yr, CPDB
Hunter, Robert, b. 11-30-1824, d. 3/20/1902, T-18
Huppenbauer, Harold J., bur. 9/7/1990, age: 80yr, CPDB
Hurd, Antoinette A., b. 11-20-1828, d. 2/10/1912, Wife of Henry L. Hurd, T-05
Hurd, Henry L., b. 3-22-1825, d. 6/1/1901, T-05
Huston, Arthur O., b. 1868, bur. 9/13/1954, age: 86yr, CPDB
Huston, Edith C., b. 1876, d. 1961, bur. 1961, T-43
Huston, Edson O., b. 12-13-1869, d. 3/10/1958, Father, T-04
Huston, Elmer C., b. 8-29-1879, d. 8/24/1951, bur. 8/28/1951, T-04
Huston, Frances Mae, b. 5-27-1888, bur. 3/17/1965, CPDB
Huston, Iva M., b. 1900, d. 1925, bur. 1925, T-43
Huston, Lee H., b. 1893, d. 1943, bur. 1943, T-43
Huston, Lillian B., b. 10-10-1863, d. 3/11/1929, Mother, T-04
Huston, Luella A., bur. 8/8/1961, age: 85yr, CPDB
Hutchings, Nathan James, bur. 11/30/1978, CPDB
Hutchings, Ralph James, bur. 12/28/1985, age: 55yr, CPDB
Hutson, Edith, bur. 7/28/1961, age: 84yr, CPDB
Hutson, Edson O., bur. 3/13/1958, age: 88yr, CPDB
Hutton, Louise C., b. 1881, bur. 8/8/1974, age: 92yr, CPDB
Hutton, Robert F., b. 1874, d. 1921, bur. 1921, T-18
Huyck, Darlene J, bur. 10/24/1983, age: 44yr, CPDB


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