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Riverside Cemetery
Plymouth, Wayne County, Michigan

Submitted by Garry Packard [gdpackrat@aol.com].

Coats, Catherine, b. 1865, d. 1928, bur. 1928, T-25
Coats, Louise L., b. 1835, d. 1903, bur. 1903, T-25
Coats, William H., b. 1841, d. 1923, bur. 1923, G.A.R. Civil War, T-25
Cochran, Douglas A., bur. 9/16/1983, age: 58yr, CPDB
Cochran, Marie A., bur. 6/12/1997, age: 72yr, CPDB
Cochrane, Alfred C., b. 1877, d. 1896, bur. 1896, T-20
Cochrane, Elizabeth, b. 1850, d. 1890, bur. 1890, T-20
Cochrane, Fay, bur. 10/29/1951, age: 61yr, CPDB
Cochrane, Howard A., bur. 11/4/1982, age: 74yr, CPDB
Cochrane, Josiah, b. 1847, d. 1926, bur. 1926, G.A.R. Civil War, T-20
Cochrane, Mary Beatrice, bur. 12/3/1970, age: 61yr, CPDB
Cochrane, Maude E., b. 1859, d. 1926, bur. 1926, T-20
Cockrum, John Ellis, bur. 11/21/1970, age: 75yr, CPDB
Cockrum, Kenneth Eugene, bur. 10/28/1952, CPDB
Cockrum, Stella V., bur. 11/19/1985, age: 94yr, CPDB
Coe, Eva M., b. 1883, d. 1917, bur. 1917, Wife of Henry B. Coe, T-17
Coe, Henry B. Jr., b. 1879, d. 1913, bur. 1913, T-17
Coffin, Walter Jay, b. 1888, bur. 6/13/1931, age: 40yr, CPDB
Coffman, Luella (Johnson), b. 1861, d. 1919, bur. 1919, dau of James P. and Susan M. Johnson, T-13
Colbert, Dennis V. Sr., bur. 1/8/1974, age: 84yr, CPDB
Cole, Alice (Townsend), b. 1829, d. 1912, bur. 1912, Wife of Wm. Cole, T-14
Cole, Blanche, bur. 10/28/1963, age: 78yr, CPDB
Cole, Dora Lyndon, bur. 8/10/1939, age: 85yr, CPDB
Cole, Dulah L., b. 5/13/1901, bur. 4/28/1989, Wife of Howard G. Cole, T-21
Cole, E., b. 1805, d. 1898, bur. 1898, in Shortman plot, T-11
Cole, Emma E., b. 1860, d. 1910, bur. 1910, Wife of H. Cole, T-18
Cole, Floyd, d. 5/1/1931, Pvt. 121 Inf. American Legion, World War I, T-15
Cole, Frank George, bur. 9/6/1962, age: 70yr, CPDB
Cole, Fred A., bur. 7/3/1940, age: 69yr, CPDB
Cole, Freddie, b. 1882, d. 1900, bur. 1900, T-21
Cole, Harry, bur. 1/22/1936, age: 72yr, CPDB
Cole, Howard G., b. 6-5-1899, bur. 11/21/1973, Son of Willard F. and Pauline I. Cole, T-21
Cole, Ivalita H., bur. 12/23/1968, age: 74yr, CPDB
Cole, Jack Douglas, b. 3/30/1933, d. 6/22/1935, Son of Howard G. and Dulah L. Cole, CPDB
Cole, Lillian E. (Denton), b. 1875, bur. 7/7/1932, CPDB
Cole, May (McPherson), b. May 1873, d. 1900, bur. 1900, T-21
Cole, Paulina, b. 1840, d. 1912, bur. 1912, T-21
Cole, Pauline I., b. 2-21-1878, bur. 12/15/1966, Mother, T-21
Cole, Roy, b. 1875, bur. 11/14/1955, age: 80yr, CPDB
Cole, Willard F., b. 7-31-1871, d. 9/6/1942, Father, CPDB
Cole, William, b. 1840, d. 1915, bur. 1915, G.A.R. Civil War, T-21
Cole, William, b. 9-20-1865, d. 10-28-1887, Son of Wm. Cole and Alice Townstead, T-14
Coleman, Alfred B., d. 6-1-1880, bur. 6-1-1880, age: 59-7-25, T-34
Coleman, Charles Hilliard, b. 3-10-1829, d. 7-16-1883, T-34
Coleman, Fanny M. (Packard), b. 5-31-1833, d. 8/1/1920, Wife of Alfred B. Coleman, T-34
Coleman, L. J., b. 1903, d. 1927, bur. 1927, T-30
Coles, Jeanette, bur. 12/21/1959, age: 80yr, CPDB
Coles, Thomas, bur. 4/11/1959, CPDB
Collett, Almeda Gray, bur. 2/19/1937, age: 79yr, CPDB
Collett, John W., bur. 5/25/1932, age: 55yr, CPDB
Collins, Alvin W., bur. 8/6/1988, age: 78yr, CPDB
Collins, Antionette Seltz, b. 1910, bur. 1/2/1941, CPDB
Collins, Archie Henry, d. 10/7/1937, Pvt. 106 Am. Tr. 31 Div. World War I, CPDB
Collins, Archie L., b. 1871, bur. 12/17/1945, CPDB
Collins, George Albert, b. 1884, bur. 4/8/1946, CPDB
Collins, Harry M., b. 1880, bur. 7/14/1945, CPDB
Collins, Kenneth, b. 1920, bur. 10/13/1926, Son of A. and B. Collins, CPDB
Collins, Mildred E., bur. 2/8/1965, age: 77yr, CPDB
Collins, Myrta W., b. 1877, bur. 10/28/1949, age: 73yr, CPDB
Collins, Rosemary C, bur. 10/5/2001, CPDB
Collins, William B., bur. 10/28/1972, age: 51yr, CPDB
Colvin, Hannelore M., bur. 8/29/1983, age: 52yr, CPDB
Colvin, Helen M., b. 1833, d. 1909, bur. 1909, age: 76yr, CPDB
Colvin, Isaac M., b. 1829, d. 1910, bur. 1910, CPDB
Conery, Ellen Brandon, bur. 7/4/1939, age: 76yr, CPDB
Conery, William B., bur. 7/16/1946, age: 83yr, CPDB
Congdon, Emma O., d. 10-21-1860, 1yr 10mo 0da, Daughter of W.A. and M.J. Congdon, T-41
Congdon, Joan C., bur. 4/24/1981, age: 63yr, CPDB
Conley, Allen E., b. 1863, d. 1939, bur. 1939, T-45
Conley, Helen M., bur. 12/15/1995, age: 97yr, CPDB
Conley, William B., b. 1862, d. 1946, bur. 1946, T-45
Conner, Eliza, d. 4-5-1890, age 93yr, T-07
Conner, Ella Gotlin, bur. 10/16/1939, age: 82yr, CPDB
Conner, Ellen, b. 1826, d. 1902, bur. 1902, T-07
Conner, Jane (Woodruff), b. 1832, d. 1920, bur. 1920, wife of Michael Conner, CPDB
Conner, John, b. 1825, d. 1900, bur. 1900, T-07
Conner, Mary E., bur. 4/22/1948, age: 80yr, CPDB
Conner, Mary K., b. 1865, d. 1926, bur. 1926, T-08
Conner, Michael, b. 1829, d. 1895, bur. 1895, CPDB
Conner, William Tunis, b. 1862, bur. 7/2/1939, age: A G.A.R. marker on lot mis-placed, CPDB
Cook, Alfred, b. 1820, d. 1897, bur. 1897, T-02
Cook, Baby Boy, bur. 9/18/1950, CPDB
Cook, Carrie M. (Penny), b. 1847, bur. 3/25/1937, age: 89yr, CPDB
Cook, Earl R., bur. 5/19/1973, age: 30yr, CPDB
Cook, Earl Richard, bur. 6/13/1974, age: 58yr, CPDB
Cook, Eliza, b. 1821, d. 1904, bur. 1904, T-02
Cook, Elizabeth Ann Welch, bur. 10/24/1951, age: 86yr, CPDB
Cook, Gladys M., b. 1890, d., In Passage plot, T-16
Cook, Harry R., b. 1882, bur. 12/30/1933, in Passage plot, CPDB
Cook, Irene J., bur. 10/28/1988, age: 89yr, CPDB
Cook, Leo Earl Jr., b. 9/14/1950, d. 9/15/1950, Our baby, T-18
Cook, Orrin H., b. 1833, bur. 1929, CPDB
Cook, Russell, bur. 6/21/1978, age: 79yr, CPDB
Cook, Ruth Minnie, bur. 8/27/1968, age: 54yr, CPDB
Cook, Sarah, bur. 3/1/1940, age: 87yr, CPDB
Cook, William L., bur. 7/26/1977, age: 17yr, CPDB
Cooke, Thomas, bur. 10/27/1931, age: 43yr, CPDB
Cookingham, William C., bur. 8/16/1947, age: 61yr, CPDB
Cool, Blanche R., b. 1890, bur. 9/26/1953, CPDB
Cool, Leland S., b. 1886, bur. 10/4/1935, age: 49yr, CPDB
Coon, Lola Irene, bur. 10/19/1972, age: 47yr, CPDB
Coonce, Charles H., bur. 3/1/1991, age: 76yr, CPDB
Coonce, Karla, bur. 8/18/1958, CPDB
Coonce, Kimberly, bur. 8/18/1958, CPDB
Coonce, Lorene G., bur. 12/1/1995, age: 81yr, CPDB
Cooper, Almon C., d. 11/14/1953, bur. 11/14/1953, age: 82yr, CPDB
Cooper, Arlean J., bur. 2/11/1974, age: 47yr, CPDB
Cooper, Barbara R., bur. 2/12/1981, age: 54yr, CPDB
Cooper, Charles A., b. 1871, d. 1953, bur. 1953, T-19
Cooper, Dr. Robert Edmond, b. 12-23-1870, d. 7/27/1929, T-02
Cooper, Emmeline, b. 1842, d. 1920, bur. 1920, T-18
Cooper, Ernestine, b. 1872, d. 1895, bur. 1895, Wife of Charles Cooper, T-18
Cooper, Harvey E., bur. 7/20/1998, age: 79yr, CPDB
Cooper, James H., b. 1874, bur. 7/16/1940, Father, CPDB
Cooper, John A., bur. 3/18/1998, age: 78yr, CPDB
Cooper, Maude Sherwood, b. 07-31-1873, d. 1/21/1960, 86yr, CPDB
Cooper, Millie Johnston, bur. 11/30/1932, age: 62yr, CPDB
Cooper, Peter, b. 1832, d. 1915, bur. 1915, T-18
Cooper, Roberta A., bur. 10/31/1981, age: 57yr, CPDB
Coopersmith, Eva, b. 1889, bur. 11/30/1950, Wife and Mother, CPDB
Coopersmith, George, bur. 11/14/1969, age: 73yr, CPDB
Coopersmith, Henry R., bur. 12/3/1973, age: 44yr, CPDB
Corey, E. M., no dates, CPDB
Corkins, Ida B., b. 1867, d. 1921, bur. 1921, CPDB
Corkins, Myrtle Elvie, bur. 3/1/1990, CPDB
Corkins, Peter L., b. 1862, bur. 1/13/1944, CPDB
Corkins, William H., bur. 1/12/1972, age: 74yr, CPDB
Corona, Berenice G., bur. 9/4/1990, CPDB
Cortrite, Anna Belle, b. 1857, bur. 2/10/1934, Mother, CPDB
Cortrite, Blanche, d. 1-24-1892, age 7yr 7mo 4da, daughter of Eli and Belle Cortrite, T-07
Cortrite, Clyde, b. 1888, d. 1916, bur. 1916, T-07
Cortrite, Donald B., b. 1891, bur. 6/29/1937, CPDB
Cortrite, Edwin, b. 1860, d. 1901, bur. 1901, T-02
Cortrite, Eli, b. 1849, d. 1919, bur. 1919, Father, T-07
Cortrite, Ethel S.(Mooney), b. 1882, d. 1944, bur. 1944, Wife of Clyde Cortrite, T-07
Cortrite, Harriet, b. 1818, d. 1904, bur. 1904, T-02
Cortrite, Mary M. (Brown), no dates, Mother, T-32
Cortrite, Meshach, b. 1807, d. 1898, bur. 1898, T-02
Cortrite, Scott D., b. 1887, d. 1918, bur. 1918, Co. B. 329 Mich. Gn. Batt, T-32
Corwin, Adelaide, b. 1896, d. 1954, bur. 1954, age: Full name: Adelaide (Cole) (Bellows) Corwin, T-15
Corwin, Dora (Cole), b. 1853, d. 1939, bur. 1939, T-15
Corwin, Dorothea L., bur. 1/8/1990, age: 65yr, CPDB
Corwin, Edward D., b. 8-22-1824, d. 5/22/1900, T-07
Corwin, Edward, bur. 7/30/1963, age: 85yr, CPDB
Corwin, Frank A., b. 1851, d. 1884, bur. 1884, T-15
Corwin, Fred A., b. 1860, d. 1929, bur. 1929, T-15
Corwin, Harriet B., b. 12-10-1829, d. 3/26/1908, Wife of Edward D. Corwin, T-07
Corwin, John H., b. 1838, d. 1916, bur. 1916, T-32
Corwin, Judson, b. 1-12-1834, d. 4/27/1904, bur. 4/27/1904, T-32
Corwin, Melvin John, bur. 5/17/1977, age: 65yr, CPDB
Corwin, Mildred S., bur. 8/22/1969, age: 92yr, CPDB
Corwin, Mira A., b. 1845, d. 1931, bur. 1931, T-32
Cory, E.M., no dates, Co. F. 24 Mich. Inf. G.A.R., Civil War, T-39
Corzine, Gayle Elaine, bur. 6/29/1964, age: 0.06yr, CPDB
Cosby, Ella C., bur. 2/16/1932, age: 67yr, CPDB
Couillard, Henry, b. 1888, bur. 1/17/1968, age: 79yr, CPDB
Couillard, Mildred N., b. 1885, bur. 11/23/1954, age: 69yr, CPDB
Could, Wilbur, no details, CPDB
Couts, Lester S., bur. 3/2/1973, age: 67yr, CPDB
Couts, Thelma, bur. 2/23/1979, age: 61yr, CPDB
Couzens, Roxanne M., bur. 12/16/1985, age: 28yr, CPDB
Covell, Gussie E., bur. 5/1/1989, age: 88yr, CPDB
Covell, Ray L. Jr., bur. 4/8/1968, CPDB
Covell, Ray L., bur. 12/23/1967, age: 63yr, CPDB
Covell, Ruth H., bur. 2/7/1987, age: 82yr, CPDB
Covell, William R., bur. 5/16/1988, age: 90yr, CPDB
Coverdill, Bertram Lee, bur. 6/30/1982, age: 89yr, CPDB
Coverdill, Marilla, bur. 7/3/1986, age: 122yr, CPDB
Covert, Alolpheb, b. 1853, d. 1919, bur. 1919, T-25
Cowden, Buthel, bur. 3/11/1988, age: 70yr, CPDB
Cowden, James L., bur. 9/28/1995, age: 80yr, CPDB
Cowger, Mary Margrett, bur. 9/3/1946, CPDB
Cowger, Walton D., bur. 3/18/1965, age: 58yr, CPDB
Cowie, Clementine, b. 1902, bur. 2/6/1962, Wife, CPDB
Cowie, William W., b. 1901, bur. 4/20/1977, Husband, CPDB
Cox, Claud, bur. 2/22/1985, age: 66yr, CPDB
Cox, Patricia A., bur. 10/25/1994, age: 57yr, CPDB
Cox, Phillip Daniel, bur. 4/25/1996, age: 32yr, CPDB
Coy, Edgar, d. 8-16-1859, Son of D.H. & E.J. Coy, childs stone, T-38
Coyle, Debra Lynn, bur. 3/7/1953, age: 0.05yr, CPDB
Coyle, Elinor, bur. 4/6/1979, age: 68yr, CPDB
Coyle, Marcus Wayne, b. 12-4-1899, d. 10/14/1957, Mich. Pvt. 3 Inf. Reg World War I, CPDB
Cracium, Silivan, bur. 3/24/1958, age: 63yr, CPDB
Crackel, Bonnie Jewell, bur. 7/12/1979, age: 31yr, CPDB
Crackel, James Frederick, bur. 7/12/1979, age: 32yr, CPDB
Crackel, Tammy Ann, bur. 9/22/1966, age: 0.02yr, CPDB
Craig, Delores Ann, bur. 12/27/1996, age: 59yr, CPDB
Crain, Roger James, bur. 10/20/1994, age: 18yr, CPDB
Cram, Charles C., bur. 10/1/1968, age: 75yr, CPDB
Cram, Leona Ava, bur. 11/16/1960, age: 62yr, CPDB
Cramb, Roscoe Leland Sr., b. 1873, bur. 1/24/1944, CPDB
Cramb, Roscoe Leonard Jr., bur. 5/2/1973, age: 64yr, CPDB
Cramb, Thomas Edison Jr., bur. 11/13/1935, age: 0.02, CPDB
Cramer, Annie, b. 1849, d. 1896, bur. 1896, T-20
Cramer, Francis, no details, T-20
Cramer, George C., b. 1872, bur. 8/21/1941, CPDB
Cramer, Jennie Kristnie, b. 1878, bur. 10/16/1959, age: 80yr, CPDB
Cramer, Jeremiah, b. 6-30-1821, d. 6-14-1889, Cpt. Co. F. 16 Mich. Inf. G.A.R., Civil War, T-20
Cramer, Mary A., bur. 2/21/1989, age: 90yr, CPDB
Cramer, Mother, b. 1819, d. 1904, bur. 1904, T-20
Cramer, Ray F., bur. 9/3/1982, age: 88yr, CPDB
Cramer, Sarah, d. 8-21-1847, 33yr 4mo 7da, Daughter of George and Rebecca Cramer, T-41
Crandell, Florence E., bur. 8/9/1973, age: 79yr, CPDB
Crandell, John Logan, bur. 1/4/1973, age: 87yr, CPDB
Crane, Alfred J., bur. 7/31/1963, age: 37yr, CPDB
Crane, Elizabeth, bur. 5/20/1957, age: 83yr, CPDB
Crane, Frank, bur. 9/16/1949, age: 83yr, CPDB
Crane, Iva M., bur. 5/2/1992, age: 93yr, CPDB
Crane, Leo R., bur. 1/14/1994, age: 94yr, CPDB
Cranson, Mary Francis, b. 7-17-1866, d. 10/18/1949, Mother, CPDB
Cras, Vin B., no dates, CPDB
Crawford, Mary E., bur. 12/5/1975, age: 60yr, CPDB
Creech, Sherry Lynn, bur. 11/13/2000, age: 42yr, CPDB
Cress, Elizabeth M., b. 1881, bur. 12/26/1944, Mother, CPDB
Cripe, Alma Ida, bur. 9/27/1974, age: 76yr, CPDB
Cripe, Leroy E., bur. 5/21/1988, age: 68yr, CPDB
Croll, Marjorie L., bur. 4/15/1987, age: 46yr, CPDB
Cromer, Jeremiah H., no dates, CPDB
Cronin, Robert E., bur. 3/17/1980, age: 58yr, CPDB
Cronk, Eva E., bur. 5/25/1973, age: 81yr, CPDB
Cronk, Ezra J., bur. 11/10/1970, age: 84yr, CPDB
Cronkhite, Carl A., b. 5-10-1883, d. 6/18/1957, bur. 6/20/1957, CPDB
Cronkhite, George W., bur. 7/8/1957, age: 46yr, CPDB
Cronkhite, Gustie M., b. 3-26-1889, bur. 8/14/1956, CPDB
Crosby, Amelia L., d. 10-3-1844, 1yr 6mo 0da, Daughter of Charles and Polly Crosby, T-41
Crosby, C. Frank, no dates, Son of H.B. & C.H. Crosby, child, T-38
Crosby, Calvin B., no dates, G.A.R., Capt., Civil War, T-12
Crosby, Charles, d. 8-31-1873, 74yr 4mo 4da, T-41
Crosby, Harmon B., d. 5-13-1867, 33-10-0yr, T-38
Crosby, Isaac C., d. 9-23-1844, 13yr 6mo 0da, Son of Charles and Polly Crosby, T-41
Crosby, Kate, no details, T-12
Crosby, Polly, d. 5-15-1882, 79yr, Wife of Charles Crosby, T-41
Crosley, Baby, no details, T-02
Crosley, Charles L., d. 11-14-1871, at 49yr, T-02
Crosley, Maria L., d. 4/19/1905, at 79 yr, T-02
Crosley, Wife, d. 1879, bur. 1879, age: 26yr, wife of C.W. Crosby, CPDB
Crosley, Wife, d. 2-2-1879, at 26yrs 3mo 0da, Wife of C.W., T-02
Cross, Ella K., bur. 9/14/1981, age: 82yr, CPDB
Cross, Raymond, bur. 5/20/1940, age: 0.09yr, CPDB
Cross, Roy V., b. 6-13-1897, d. 11/17/1953, bur. 11/20/1953, Mich. F3 USNRF World War I, T-47
Croteau, Dagne, bur. 10/21/1980, age: 66yr, CPDB
Croteau, Thomas J., bur. 4/11/1970, age: 62yr, CPDB
Crumbie, Alvene Streng, bur. 1/25/1940, age: 39yr, CPDB
Crumbie, Alvina M., d. 11/27/1900, Buried in Streng plot, T-46
Crumbie, Eunice M., bur. 3/7/1985, age: 71yr, CPDB
Crumbie, George B., b. 1873, d. 1924, bur. 1924, Father, T-29
Crumbie, Goodwin B., bur. 4/27/1974, age: 74yr, CPDB
Crumbie, Goodwin B., d. 3/7/1900, Buried in Streng plot, T-46
Crumbie, Marguerit H., b. 1896, d., Wife of Merritt W. Crumble, T-24
Crumbie, Marguerite, bur. 2/6/1969, age: 72yr, CPDB
Crumbie, Maude Winifred, b. 1873, bur. 9/11/1956, Mother, CPDB
Crumbie, Merritt W., b. 1896, bur. 4/7/1970, Husband, CPDB
Crumly, Marilyn J., bur. 6/20/1994, age: 40yr, CPDB
Crumly, Marilyn J., bur. 8/19/1993, age: 40yr, CPDB
Crump, James E., bur. 11/8/1969, age: 71yr, CPDB
Cruse, Robert J., bur. 3/14/1992, age: 73yr, CPDB
Csircsu, George, bur. 12/6/1978, age: 90yr, CPDB
Cuenat, Amelia L., b. 1869, bur. 12/21/1953, age: 84yr, CPDB
Cuenat, Catherine S., b. 1883, d. 1895, bur. 1895, T-18
Cuenat, John B., b. 1823, d. 1873, bur. 1873, T-18
Cuenat, John F., b. 1866, bur. 4/30/1946, CPDB
Culbertson, Etta Mae, b. 1900, bur. 9/16/1988, age: 88yr, CPDB
Culbertson, William H., b. 1894, bur. 12/14/1955, age: 61yr, CPDB
Culver, Herbert G., b. 1885, bur. 3/19/1955, Father, CPDB
Culver, Ina May, b. 1884, bur. 6/17/1961, Mother, CPDB
Cummings, Avis Jean, b. 1944, bur. 7/10/1944, age: Five days old, CPDB
Cummings, Earl A., bur. 12/9/1999, CPDB
Cummings, Jewell M., bur. 3/22/1984, age: 64yr, CPDB
Cummings, Lydia J., bur. 12/22/1961, age: 83yr, CPDB
Cummings, Robert L., bur. 8/16/1993, age: 79yr, CPDB
Cummings, Rose Frances, bur. 9/25/1965, age: 0.01yr, CPDB
Cummings, Rose Irene, bur. 1/25/1965, age: 45yr, CPDB
Cunningham, Anna L., bur. 2/22/1980, age: 53yr, CPDB
Cunningham, Deirdra, bur. 5/20/1975, age: 0.03yr, CPDB
Cuppetilli, Nicholas Robert, bur. 6/19/1989, age: stillborn, CPDB
Curle, Eleanore G, b. 1910, bur. 9/25/2001, age: 90yr, CPDB
Curle, Henry Wilson, b. 1904, bur. 5/27/1960, age: 55yr, CPDB
Currie, Nellie, bur. 9/15/1982, age: 97yr, CPDB
Currier, Lena Beatrice, b. 1882, bur. 5/17/1960, age: 77yr, CPDB
Currier, William J., b. 1881, bur. 7/18/1964, age: 83yr, CPDB
Curry, Albert, d. 11/6/1937, 64yr, CPDB
Curtis, Bertha B., bur. 4/17/1958, age: 67yr, CPDB
Curtis, Bertha L., bur. 1/20/1995, age: 86yr, CPDB
Curtis, Caroline R., b. 5-30-1850, d., Wife of Charles G. Curtis, T-19
Curtis, Charles G., b. 3-1-1823, d. 8-25-1893, T-19
Curtis, Cleo W., bur. 1/22/1990, age: 81yr, CPDB
Curtis, Dale L., b. 1923, bur. 9/22/1950, age: 27yr, CPDB
Curtis, Donald D., bur. 10/1/1983, age: 65yr, CPDB
Curtis, Doris P., bur. 8/31/1984, age: 71yr, CPDB
Curtis, Doris, bur. 11/24/2000, CPDB
Curtis, Dorothea L., b. 1924, d., T-18
Curtis, Evelyn H., b. 1920, d., T-42
Curtis, Floyd Harvey Jr., bur. 11/30/2000, age: 70yr, CPDB
Curtis, Floyd, bur. 8/31/1974, age: 68yr, CPDB
Curtis, Ida Lucille Whittaker, b. 1888, bur. 2/28/1940, age: 52yr, CPDB
Curtis, Jennie E., bur. 12/23/1968, age: 74yr, CPDB
Curtis, Leon M., bur. 6/12/1997, CPDB
Curtis, Leslie O., b. 1884, bur. 8/11/1970, CPDB
Curtis, Neal F., b. 2/23/1920, d. 5/22/1960, T-42
Curtis, Oscar F., b. 1872, bur. 12/22/1956, age: 84yr, CPDB
Curtis, Owen E., b. 1912, d. 1950, bur. 1950, Husband, T-20
Curtis, Rebecca, b. 1876, d. 1930, bur. 1930, T-27
Curtiss, Almina Atchison, bur. 1/5/1940, age: 84yr, CPDB
Curtiss, Baby Girl, bur. 7/16/1943, CPDB
Curtiss, Charles, bur. 11/25/1939, age: 83yr, CPDB
Curtiss, Evelyn Helen, bur. 5/28/1994, age: 75yr, CPDB
Curtiss, Flossie V., bur. 10/7/1995, age: 86yr, CPDB
Curtiss, George Neal, bur. 3/9/1996, age: 53yr, CPDB
Curtiss, Neal, bur. 5/25/1960, age: 39yr, CPDB
Curtiss, Owen E., bur. 6/17/1950, age: 37yr, CPDB
Curtner, Baby Boy, bur. 1/4/1952, CPDB
Curtner, Billy Bernard, bur. 1/4/1984, age: 58yr, CPDB
Curtner, Harry W, bur. 6/4/1988, age: 90yr, CPDB
Curtner, Helen M., bur. 2/18/1995, age: 68yr, CPDB
Curtner, James G., bur. 12/24/1994, age: 56yr, CPDB
Curtner, Patrick M., bur. 7/29/1974, age: 25yr, CPDB
Cushman, Charles Carryl, b. 1896, bur. 12/9/1946, age: 50yr, CPDB
Cutler, Edward James, bur. 3/10/1961, age: 78yr, CPDB
Cutler, Gladys B., bur. 11/21/1966, age: 59yr, CPDB
Cutler, Luella M., b. 1909, d., T-46
Cutler, Malcolm Edward, bur. 7/9/1994, age: 85yr, CPDB
Cutler, Richard B., b. 1912, bur. 4/28/1948, age: 35yr, CPDB
Cutler, Winifred, bur. 3/5/1966, age: 79yr, CPDB
Cutlip, Sarah Eugena, bur. 12/6/1968, CPDB
Cutter, Edward J., b. 1882, d. 1961, bur. 1961, T-42
Cutts, Arthur, bur. 8/7/1953, age: 67yr, CPDB
Cutts, Ethel May, b. 1900, bur. 9/22/1953, age: 53yr, CPDB
Cutts, Lewis A., b. 1885, d. 1953, bur. 1953, T-44
Cyek, F. Norman, b. 9/13/1918, d. 11/7/1935, Son, T-44
Cylk, Felix, bur. 12/22/1976, age: 85yr, CPDB
Cylk, Florence, bur. 5/26/1966, age: 68yr, CPDB
Cylkowski, Felix Norman, bur. 11/11/1935, age: 17yr, CPDB
Cylkowski, Julia, b. 5-25-1862, d. 11/10/1937, bur. 11/13/1937, T-44
Czeryba, John, bur. 3/11/1967, age: 52yr, CPDB
Czeryba, Kathaleen Anne, bur. 4/12/1946, age: 3yr, CPDB


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