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Livonia Cemetery
Livonia, Wayne County, Michigan

Contributed by Julie Witkowski [jfwski@hotmail.com].

??, --ares, d. 11 Feb 187-, aged 77 yrs, w/o Samuel
??, Baby Iris, d. 1935 (no last name)
??, Father, b. 1842, d. 1919 (not able to determine the family surname, in an area with Sump and Gottschalk family graves)
??, George, (no last name)
??, Herman, b. 1877, d. 1936 (no last name, missing family monument, next to Lillie)
??, John M., (no last name, by the Peck and McKinney family graves)
??, Lillie, b. 1880, d. 1914 (no last name, missing family monument, next to Herman)
??, Mary, (stone is laying buried flat in the ground, very worn)
??, Rachel A., d. 1833, 14 mos, 14 d (Possibly, Hendrick. stone is cracked and very hard to read. Old Section, Row 10.)
??, Samkie, d. 23 Oct 1866, aged 2 yrs (Very hard to read, Fannie, Fankie? Not sure if name is right. Next to Alva Peck. Old Section, Row 4
Chilson, (There is a large Family Monument that has either crumbled or been vandalized)
Cort, Babies, (no names or dates)
Gottschalk, Family Monument (tall monument, broken into 3 pieces looks fixable!)
Hawkins, E., Family Plot (no individual markers left)
Helm, Father, no dates
Joslin, (unreadable)
Joyce(?), ----, b. Jul, d. May (unreadable)
L.A.S., no dates
Leslie, Family, Plot (no individual markers)
Long, C., (unreadable)
M. P. H., no data
Melow, ---- , (very worn), no dates
Motmer, , no data
No Name, d. 2 Oct 1881, aged 70 yrs (only a broken piece of the stone is left, laying on the ground)
Rathburn, (many broken stones)
Sh--, ----, d. 18 Oct 18-- (broken stone)
St. Clair, Family Plot no markers
W. F. C., no dates

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