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Evergreen Cemetery (Scotch Settlement Cemetery)
Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan

16400 W. Warren
Detroit, MI

Lat: 42° 26' 17"N, Lon: 83° 07' 45"W

Contributed by Kate Denham, Feb 01, 2004 [ktdenham@comcast.net]. Total records = 29.

Evergreen Cemetery is located on north side of West Warren Ave, on the west side of Asbury Park Street by the Methodist Church.

This now is a small inactive cemetery, situated on the grounds of the William S. Ford Memorial United Methodist Church.

It was founded in 1844 by the pioneers of the area, then known as Scotch Settlement. The cemetery when it was founded was known as the Scottish Settlement Cemetery, and was maintained by the families.

In 1877 the cemetery was incorporated as Evergreen Cemetery. A portion of the original cemetery is now covered by Warren Ave, however no graves were affected. It does not have the care it used to, but is in okay condition.

These listings are taken from published obituaries and my own photographs from the summer of 2001 when I walked the cemetery. At this time I do not have all of the burials. This is a work in progress.

- Kate Denham

Beveridge, Isa(Bella) Troup, b. Aug 26, 1841, d. Nov 15, 1875, d/o Barbara (Gauld) and George Troup, w/o James Beveridge
Beveridge, James, b. 1835, d. Aug 06, 1873, h/o Isabella (Troup)
Beveridge, John D., b. Aug 1861, d. Apr 09, 1870, s/o Isabella (Troup) and James Beveridge
Colwell, Celine Coon, b. 11 Mar 1913, d. May 10, 1996, d/o Susie (Stevenson) and Alonzo Coon, w/o Donald Colwell
Coon, Alonzo Abram, b. Sep 07, 1880, d. Jun 29, 1969, s/o Celine (Dupont) and Dudley Coon, h/o Susie (Stevenson)
Coon, Susan Stevenson, b. May 10, 1883, d. Mar 31, 1958, d/o Harriett (Proctor) and Hamilton Stevenson, w/o Alonzo Coon
Gauld, Barbara Sharan, b. Abt. 1783, d. Aug 04, 1848, w/o John Gauld
Gauld, James, b. Jul 20, 1802, d. Oct 21, 1876, s/o Barbara (Sharan) and John Gauld
Gauld, John, Jr., b. Jun 08, 1814, d. Aug 29, 1899, s/o Barbara (Sharan) and John Gauld
Gauld, John, b. Abt. 1773, d. Oct 07, 1838, h/o Barbara (Sharan)
Jackson, Jennie Proctor, b. 1869, d., d/o Emma (Coon) and William Proctor, w/o Charles Jackson
Stevenson, Ann Leslie, b. 1843, d. 1888, w/o Isiah Stevenson
Stevenson, Hamilton, b. Sep 11, 1846, d. Apr 9, 1922, s/o Susan (Campbell) and John Stevenson, h/o Harriett (Proctor)
Stevenson, Harriett Proctor, b. Sep 11, 1855, d. 1929, d/o Harriett (Driffel) and Samuel Proctor, w/o Hamilton Stevenson
Stevenson, Isiah, b. Jan 01, 1840, d. Feb 25, 1900, s/o Susan (Campbell) and John Stevenson
Stevenson, John, b. Mar 11, 1835, d. Jun 25, 1885, s/o Susan (Campbell) and John Stevenson
Stevenson, Samuel D., b. Jun 21, 1876, d. Feb 23, 1955, s/o Harriett (Proctor) and Hamilton Stevenson
Stevenson, William, b. Feb 11, 1842, d., s/o Susan (Campbell) and John Stevenson, h/o Angelina Nowlin
Troup, Annie Proctor, b. Jul 30, 1857, d. May 26, 1947, d/o Harriett (Driffel) and Samuel Proctor, w/o George D. Troup
Troup, Barbara Gauld, b. Mar 01, 1819, d. Mar 27, 1899, d/o Barbara (Sharan) and John Gauld, w/o George Troup
Troup, George Dean, b. Sep 09, 1854, d. Jan 27, 1925, s/o Barbara (Gauld) and George Troup, h/o Annie (Proctor)
Troup, George, b. Mar 02, 1802, d. Sep 04, 1860, h/o Barbara (Gauld)
Troup, Marshall, b. Aug 26, 1885, d. Jul 03, 1891, s/o Annie (Proctor) and George D. Troup
Troup, William, b. Nov 1849, d. Jul 14, 1850, s/o Annie (Proctor) and George D. Troup
Winchester, Marguerite Stevenson, b. Sep 24, 1844, d. Jan 07, 1882, d/o Susan (Campbell) and John Stevenson
Winn, John Patrick (Paddy), b. Nov 24, 1876, d. Oct 12, 1884, s/o Martha (Ward) and John Winn
Winn, John, b. Mar 04, 1843, d. 1895, s/o Sarah and Samuel Winn, h/o Martha (Ward)
Winn, Martha Ward, b. 1849, d. Oct 06, 1886, d/o Catharine and Andrew Ward, w/o John Winn
Winn, Samuel B., b. 1820, d. Jul 13, 1888, h/o Sarah

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