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Chubb Cemetery
Westland, Wayne County, Michigan

Lat: 42° 19' 57"N, Lon: 83° 25' 27"W
T? R9E Section 7

Contributed by Esther Van Wicklin, Aug 16, 2011, last edited Aug 24, 2011 [vanwicklin@wowway.com]. Total records = 31.

This cemetery is on the north side of Warren Road, west of Hix Road in Westland, Michigan.

This cemetery was designated as a burial site by Glode Chub in 1849. Deeded to the City of Westland in 1969 by Myra Woodhull and Dale and Marion Curtiss, descendants of Glode Chubb. Officially dedicated as a City Historical Site, on Oct 23, 1971.

The cemetery is now owned and maintained by the city of Westland, and they are the ones to contact for additional information.

This is a complete transcription of the burials in this cemetery from all existing and legible tombstones and previous transcriptions up to Aug 13, 2011.

- Esther Van Wicklin

Adler, Herman, b. 1855 Germany, d. 1913 Nankin MI, age: 58yr, Beloved Husband, h/o Caroline
Chambers, Albert, b. 1832 New York, d. 11 Feb 1859 Nankin MI, age: 58yr 7mo 9da, s/o Alfred & Olive Chambers
Chambers, Ellen Jane, b. 1834 MI, d. 18 Feb 1853 Nankin MI, per 1860 census, her name is spelled with 2 L's in it. d/o Alfred & Olive Chambers
Chambers, John H., b. 1836 MI, d. 20 May 1852 Nankin MI, s/o Alfred & Olive Chambers
Chambers, Lorin, b. 1841 MI, d. 16 May 1863 Nankin MI, s/o Alfred & Olive Chambers
Chambers, Louisa Ann, b. 1844 MI, d. 4 Feb 1851 Nankin MI, d/o Alfred & Olive Chambers
Chambers, Olive, b. 1804 New York, d. 22 Jun 1867 Nankin MI, w/o Alfred Chamberes
Chubb, Elmer, b. MI, d. Nankin MI
Chubb, Glode Dugar, b. 26 Apr 1796 Poultney, Vermont, d. 12 May 1888 Nankin MI, age: 92yr, h/o Pamelia Pettison
Chubb, Hannah Myraette, b. 24 Mar 1845 Nankin MI, d. 27 Jun 1849 Nankin MI, age: 4yr 3mo 3da
Chubb, Lucius Wolford, b. 20 Sep 1842 Nankin MI, d. 17 Aug 1863 Philadelpihia, Penn, age: 20yr, US Vol Co C 24th Mich Inf, died of wounds received at the Battle of Gettysburgh, Jul 1, 1863
Chubb, Pamelia Pettison, b. 11 Jun 1808 New York, d. 29 Sep 1884 Nankin MI, age: 76yr 3mo 17da, w/o Glode Chubb
Decker, Elmer, b. MI, d. Nankin MI, s/o James & Maria Decker
Fogarty, Irene, b. 27-Jul-08 Nankin MI, d. 19-Jun-09 Nankin MI, Daughter of E. and C. Fogarty At Rest, d/o Edward Fogerty & Clara Heubler
Maw, Edward, b. 31 Dec 1815 England, d. 31 Aug 1899 Nankin MI, age: 82yr, Brother of Sarah (Maw) Paulger, lived in Canton
McCartney, Alena, b. 1834 New York, d. 12 Dec 1850 Nankin MI, age: 16yr 6mo 27da, d/o Samuel & Elizabeth McCartney
McCartney, Charlie, b. 1868 MI, d. 25 May 1873 Nankin MI, s/o Alvin & Emma McCartney
McCartney, Harriet C., b. 23 Jun 1846 MI, d. 16 Dec 1851 Nankin MI, age: 5yr 5mo 23da, d/o Samuel & Elizabeth McCartney
McCartney, Samuel, b. 1 Oct 1804 New York, d. 15 Feb 1871 Nankin MI, age: 66yr 4mo 15da, farmer
Norris, George O., b. MI, d. 13 Sep 1852 Nankin MI, s/o John W. & Eluta A. Norris
Norris, Harriet A., b. 1850 MI, d. 13 Sep 1852 Nankin MI, d/o John W. & Eluta A. Norris
Northrup, Elmer, b. 1850 MI, d. Nankin MI, s/o John L. & Roxana Northrup
Northrup, Mary L., b. 16 Aug 1853 MI, d. 16 Feb 1872 Nankin MI, w/o A.B.
Paulger, Baby, b. Canton MI, d. Canton MI, c/o Wm. & Sarah Paulger
Paulger, Eddie, b. Canton MI, d. Canton MI, s/o William & Sarah Paulger
Paulger, Sarah Ann, b. 1833 MI, d. 1868 Nankin MI, w/o William Paulger & sister to Edward Maw
Paulger, William, b. 1827 England, d. 1901 Nankin MI, h/o Sarah Ann
Thompson, Nettie, b. 10 Aug 1867 MI, d. 26 Apr 1904 Nankin MI, age: 36yr 8mo 16da, w/o George Thompson
Treat, Thaddeus Justus, b. 1833 Cayuga County, New York, d. 8 Jul 1897 Nankin MI, Civil War Veteran & h/o Elizebeth Locke
Weed, Amelia E., b. 23 Mar 1851 MI, d. 16 Sep 1855 Nankin MI, age: 4yr, d/o William & Sally A. Weed
Weed, Lyman H., b. 30 Jul 1861 MI, d. 3 Apr 1863 Nankin MI, age: 1yr, s/o William & Sally A. Weed

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