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Pray Cemetery
Washtenaw County, Michigan

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Last edited Jul 10, 2006. Total records = 29.

Contributor's Index:

Burch, Daniel S., no dates, [JW]
Bush, Georgie, d. 17 Aug 1863, age: 2yr 10mo 20da, s/o Alex & Jane, [JW]
Charles, George F., d. 1858, [JW]
Clark, Patrick, d. 4 Apr 1860, age: 51yr, [JW]
Downer, Robert G., d. 8 Aug 1863, [JW]
Downer, Sarah Jane, d. 8 Nov 1855, age: 33yr 23da, d/o DB & W, [JW]
Finton, Asa S., b. 1801, d. 1852, [JW]
Fishbeck, Libbie W., b. 1869, d. 1887, [JW]
Fishbeck, Mary Irene,, [JW]
Fishbeck, Mary W., b. 1835, d. 1890, [JW]
Fishbeck, William E., b. 1824, d. 1908, [JW]
Galpin, Jane, d. 27 ??? 1883, [JW]
Galpin, Philo, d. 4 Mar 1853, [JW]
Geer, Hester Vanderzes, d. 27 Feb 1857, age: 57yr w/o John, [JW]
Janes, Nancy, d. 8 Dec 1865, age: 65yr 9mo 8da, w/o Julius, [JW]
Marsh, William, d. 26 Jun 1866, s/o N & R, [JW]
McCormick, Alice, d. 25 Sep 1863, age: 1yr 1 mo, [JW]
McCormick, Hannah C., d. 17 Oct 1842, age: 7mo, d/o Robert & HA, [JW]
Mead, Cynthia L., d. 28 Aug 1868, age: 61yr 4mo, 9da, s/o Jabesh, [JW]
Murray, Phoebe E., d. 25 Nov 1833, age: 6yr 9mo, d/o Charles & Abigail, [JW]
Ruthruff, Samuel, b. 17 Sep 1801, d. 16 Sep 1877, [JW]
Salomonson, Evelyn Lyke, b. 1913, d. 1993, [JW]
Slayton, Hannah M., d. 23 May 1853, age: 31yr 6mo 4da, w/o George W., [JW]
Slayton, Lucy, d. 16 Apr 1847, age: 62yr 8mo 16da, w/o Elias, late w/o Talcutt Foster, [JW]
Stoddard, Hannah, d. 1 Jan 1848, age: 22yr., [JW]
Stoddard, Infant Son, d. 25 Dec 1847, [JW]
Townsend, Deborah, d. 25 Jan 1854, age: 80yr w/o Moses, [JW]
Townsend, Moses, d. 2 Nov 1854, age: 85yr., [JW]
Wheelock, Silas, d. 18 Mar 1869, age: 69yr 10mo, h/o Almira, [JW]

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