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East Dayton Cemetery
Tuscola County, Michigan

Lat: 43° 24' 39"N, Lon: 83° 17' 07"W
Wells Twp, Sec 33

Contributed by Dwayne Hall, Jun 25, 2005, last edited Sep 03, 2006 [trublehall@centurytel.net]. Total records = 966.

East Dayton cemetery lies in Wells Township several feet West of Hurds Corner Road on the North side of M46 (Sanilac Rd).

This cemetery is well maintained by Wells Township. Many markers are very hard to read due to erosion. Several lots have no markers. Contact Wells Township for other information.

Recorded by Name, Birth, Death, Age, Comments, Row, Lot. Rows numbered from East to West. Lots numbered from South to North. Ignore drives when counting. Example, to locate 24.5, count 24 rows from East, then go North up row 5 lots. Some may be approximate because it was difficult to keep lots straight.

Notation abbreviations are indicated in Legend below. This includes military information. A full death date with only a birth year may indicate death or burial date. Metal marker is from funeral home.

This complete list includes both cemetery records and monument readings done in the 1980s. Rewalked in 2004 and only monument readings added (no records) Corrections and additions appreciated, especially older unmarked burials.

- Dwayne Hall

dd = death date
nm = there is no marker present.
sb = a stillborn child.
ss = on same stone
fs = footstone

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