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Bittner Cemetery
Osceola County, Michigan

NE Corner of 3 Mile & 200th
Hersey Twp, MI

Lat: 43° 51' 31"N, Lon: 085° 28' 51"W

Contributed by Jeanine Jeffrey, Aug 02, 2001 [jeaninej at iwon.com](replace the "at" with a "@"). Total records = 39.

This cemetery is privately maintained by a descendant of the Bittner who deeded the land. According to the descendant there are more people buried in the cemetery than there are markers. She has recorded those believed to be buried without markers, based on oral history from relatives in the area. There was a burial book at one time but it has been lost.

According to the oral tradition, this cemetery was deeded between 1840 and 1890. The Bittner family gave permission to the Chippewa Indian tribe to bury their dead there instead of trying to transport them to Mt. Pleasant for burial. The tradition holds that there are the remains of five Chippewas buried around the perimeter of the cemetery.

Visual survey completed the week of Jul 23, 2001

- Jeanine Jeffrey

Benzing, Vieanna, d. 1888, age: 24y 2m 13d, Wife of Chas. Benzing, Marker is cracked and has been repaired. Crack is through deathdate.
Bittner, Henry, d. 29 Mar 1895, age: 77y 4m 1d, Our Father & Mother, Father Footer/Header stone
Bittner, Mary, d. 17 Dec 1896, age: 73y 7m 23d, Wife of H. Bittner, s/w Henry Bittner Mother Footer/Header stone
Finkbeiner, Catherine, b. 1853, d. 1898, His Wife, s/w Jacob F. Finkbeiner, Father Footer/Header stone
Finkbeiner, Jacob F., b. 1840, d. 1913, s/w Catherine Finkbeiner, Mother Footer/Header stone
Gerhardt, Edward, b. 1865, d. 1886
Gerhardt, Nettie, b. 20 Jun 1872, d. 28 Aug 1873, Dau of A. & M. Gerhardt
Hainbacher, Lydia, d. 11 Nov 1900, age: 41y 7m 20d, Wife of J. Hainbacher Our Mother, L.H. Footer/Header stone
Haist, Erwin E., d. 18 Oct 1903, age: 9y 4m 9d, , Blank Footer/Header stone
Heinbecher, Ezra, b. 26 Aug 1885, d. 5 Feb 1886
Hemund, Bertha R., b. 27 Feb 1887, d. 3 Oct 1899, Safe in the arms of Jesus
Hemund, John, d. 27 Nov 1872, age: 18y 6m 15d, We shall meet again where immortal reign there
Hemund, Willie, b. 12 May 1893, d. 28 Sep 1899, Safe in the arms of Jesus, Blank Footer/Header stone
Hoffmeyer, Catherine, b. 1800, d. 5 Sep 1880
Jacobs, Anna, b. 1844, d. 1880
Schultz, Caroline, d. 8 Dec 1880, age: 3y 3m, Dau of F. & M. Schultz, C.S. Footer/Header stone, age is weather beaten
Schultz, Child, no dates, Child of Fredrick & Mary Schultz
Schultz, Child, no dates, Child of Fredrick & Mary Schultz
Schultz, Child, no dates, Child of Fredrick & Mary Schultz
Schultz, Elizabeth, d. 9 Dec 1880, age: 5y 9m, Dau of F. & M. Schultz
Schultz, Fredrick, b. 12 Feb 1831, d. 18 Apr 1910, Father
Schultz, Lida, d. 2 Dec 1880, age: 8y 11m 20d, Dau of F. & M. Schultz, S.S. Footer/Header stone
Schultz, Mary, b. 7 Sep 1841, d. , Mother
Schultz, Sarah, d. 7 Dec 1880, age: 11y 3m, Dau of F. & M. Schultz, L.S. Footer/Header stone
Schwalm, David, no dates, age: Nov 17, 1935 Babies of Henry & Sylvesta Schwalm, s/w Paul Schwalm
Schwalm, Paul, no dates, age: Jan 13, 1937 Babies of Henry & Sylvesta Schwalm, s/w David Schwalm
Singlaub, Henry, b. 1845, d. 1920, Father
Singlaub, Jemima, b. 19 Aug 1885, d. 14 Dec 1899
Singlaub, Lydia, b. 18 Oct 1890, d. ? Nov 1899
Singlaub, Regina, b. 1860, d. 1953, Mother
Zimmerman, Barbara, b. 1891, d. 1961
Zimmerman, Barney, b. 1881, d. 1972
Zimmerman, Caroline, b. 28 Feb 1847, d. 9 Mar 1908, His Wife, s/w Jacob Zimmerman, Mother Header, Blank Footer
Zimmerman, Clara L., b. 1916, d. 1922
Zimmerman, Franciska, d. 6 Jul 1878, age: 1y 10m 2d, Dau of J. & C. Zimmerman, F.Z. Footer/Header stone
Zimmerman, Hannah, d. 25 Nov 1870, age: 10m, Dau of J. & C. Zimmerman, H.Z. Footer/Header stone
Zimmerman, Henry B., b. 1913, d. 1946
Zimmerman, Henry, b. 26 May 1890, d. 24 Oct 1891, Son of J. & C. Zimmerman
Zimmerman, Jacob, b. 3 Jan 1840, d. 6 Jan 1918, s/w Caroline Zimmerman, Father Header Blank Footer

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