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Knapp Cemetery
Oakland County, Michigan

43005 9 Mile Road
Northville, MI

Lat: 42° 27' 05"N, Lon: 83° 28' 08"W
Section 35, Novi Township

Contributed by Georgina Gaddis, Feb 03, 2003 [danielgaddis@comcast.net].  Total records = 60.

In 1836, Benajah Aldrich set aside one half acre of his farm for burial purposes. Henry Knapp, Benajah Aldrich brother-in-law, was the first to be buried here. Most of the burial took place in the 19th century.

One can find the victorian symbol for grief, the weeping willow, on many of the gravestones, as well as footstones, many in their original positions, which bear only the initials of the deceased.

Novi-Histocial Commission takes care of this cemetery. Any graves/markers missing were noted, if needed. This cemetery is no longer being used, but is well kept.

I compiled this on Jul 25, 2002, I physically went to this cemetery to obtain said information.

- Georgina M. Gaddis

??, Maria, d. Dec 10, 1852, age: , w/o ?
Aldrich, Benajah, d. Dec 24, 1851, age: 64yrs, wheat symbol under age
Aldrich, Charles W., b. 1851, d. 1926, same plot
Aldrich, Ellen M., b. 1869, d. 1948, same plot
Aldrich, Huldan M., d. Apr 27, 1873, age: 62yrs , w/o A. Aldrich, weeping willow tree
Aldrich, Isabell J., d. Jul 6, 1884, age: 74yrs,6ms,19dys, In memory of, index finger pointing upwards
Aldrich, Jesse, d. Sep 10, 1865, age: 60yrs,5ms,5dys, hands joined together
Aldrich, Sarah, d. 11th of 10th mth 1855, w/o Saviel Aldrich
Aldrich, Saviel, d. 2nd dy of 2nd mth 1866, age: 75yrs,5ms,18dys, someone place an american flag on gravesite
Aldrich, Willis, d. Feb 1, 1859, index finger pointing upwards
Arthur, Borridell W., b. 1883, d. 1942
Arthur, Erwin C., b. 1876, d. 1937
B?dywe, Angelina, b. ?1835, d. 1837, same plot
B?dywe, Lovina, b. ?1835, d. , same plot
B?dywe, William F., d. May 7, 1854, age: , s/o B?dywe, rose encircled
Banford, Al?ira H., b. Aug ??, d. , age: 47yrs,7ms,17dys, w/o Joe ?, "2 hands joined together, stone broken half"
Bement, Emily C.K., d. Jul 18, 1855, age: , w/o Norman Bement
Blanchard, Huldah, d. Oct 10, 1859, age: 28yrs,7ms,24dys, w/o Samuel Blanchard, rose
Clark, Prophelia, b. 1809, d. 1883
Cook, Duane, no dates, Co C. 30 Michigan Inf, American flag was placed on tombstone
Cronk?e, Hattie A., d. Mar 20, 1861, age: 11mths,21 dys, d/o J.G. & A.E. Cronk?e, Bear cub
Dennis, Abigail, b. ? 23, 1797, d. Jan 21, 1864, w/o George B. Dennis, tombstone broken in half
Dennis, Charles B., b. Aug 8, 1822, d. May 16, 1863, Heaven is my home
Dennis, George E., d. Oct 5, 1865, age: 74 yrs, bible open
Harrington, Florence Annah, b. 1907, d. 1930
Harrington, Herbert Hugh, d. Jul 3, 1928, age: infant son
Hills, Howard L., b. Jan 15, 1861, d. Jul 18, 1937
Holdredge, Clarence D., d. Feb 19, 1872, age: 4yrs & 7 mos, s/o H & E Holdredge, flowers encircling a plague
Holdredge, Dorothy, d. Apr 26,1882, age: 88yrs, w/o H. Holdredge
Holdredge, Heman, d. Apr 8, 1872, age: 39yrs,3ms,19dys
Holdredge, Sen. Heman, d. Jan 23, 1875, age: 75yrs
Knapp, Aldrich, b. May 10, 1816, d. Oct 5, 1891, same plot
Knapp, Belinda A., b. Mar 4, 1815, d. Mar 28, 1838, w/o C.R. Knapp
Knapp, Catharine, d. June 2, 1853, age: 77 yrs, w/o Jonah Knapp, weeping willow tree
Knapp, Hannah, d. Nov 8, 1875, age: 82yrs,?,?dys, his wife, same plot
Knapp, Harriet M., b. Jul 23, 1819, d. Aug 10, 1899, his wife, same plot
Knapp, Henry, d. Jul 23, 1836, age: 44 yrs, weeping willow tree
Knapp, Horace A., d. Jan 28, 1886, age: 69yrs & 9 mos, Beloved and ?ented
Knapp, Jonah, d. Apr 18, 1841, age: 71yr,2ms,20dys, weeping willow tree
Knapp, Mariah, d. Oct 11, 1837, age: 31yrs,9ms,28dys
Knapp, Peter, d. Dec 6, 1880, age: 85yrs,?,6dys, same plot
Knapp, Rhoda, d. Feb 27, 1858, age: 65yrs,1mo,1dy, w/o Henry Knapp, weeping willow tree
Knapp, William, d. Aug 2, 1848, age: 36 yrs, Best dearest William thou art? No mortal pain disturb thy breast and when thy savior blds here rise with joy thy hail in the skies. W.E. Peters Detroit
No?yes, Clarrissaa?, b. May 18, 1880, d. , age: 62yrs,8ms,21dys, w/o Gilbert S. No?yes
Parmenter, Alice M., b. 1869, d. 1947, mother, same plot
Parmenter, Anna F., b. 1848, d. 1927, same plot
Parmenter, Benijah A., b. 1842, d. 1921, same plot
Parmenter, Laura, b. 1808, d. 1889, same plot
Parmenter, Lynus, b. 1808, d. 1882, same plot
Parmenter, William D., b. 1868, d. 1937, father, same plot
Porter, Phila, d. Mar 18, 1876, age: 83yrs & 2ms, w/o Thomas Porter
Shain, Elizabeth S. Palmer, b. Sep 23, 1838, d. Apr 10, 1908, w/o George Shain
Sprague, ?, d. Feb 15, 1864, age: E.65yrs,6ms,3dys, w/o Caleb Sprague
Sprague, Caleb, d. Feb 25, 1859, age: E.68yrs,5ms,12dys, weeping willow tree
Sprague, Judith W., b. 10th of 12th mth 1821, d. 11th of 2nd mth 1845, age: 23yrs,2ms,1dy
Vadann, Joseph, d. Jan 7, 1867, age: 73yrs,?,2dys
Van Doyn, Elizabeth, b. 3-16-1785, d. 5-18-1872, Relic of Peter Van Doyn
Vandyne, Abraham, d. Jan 31, 1884, age: 75yrs,5ms,18dys, open bible
Vandyne, Issac S., d. Sep 12, 1850, age: 42 yrs, weeping willow tree
Vandyne, Sally Ann, d. Nov 18, 1854, age: 14yrs,4mos, d/o I.S. & J.A. Van Dyne

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