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Indian Cemetery
Newaygo County, Michigan

Main Street
Fremont MI
Sheridan Twp

Contributed by Jean Stroven, Feb 24, 2002 [kjsk@ncat.net]. Total records = 38.

This cemetery is full but there are only 37 known burials. There are remaining many unknown. It is a very old cemetery.

I have transcribed from Tombstone readings of the whole cemetery when I walked it in 2001.

- Jean Stroven

Aiken, Alex, no dates
Aiken, Blind Squaw, no dates
Aiken, Fred, no dates
Aiken, Louise, no dates
Aiken, Mitchell, no dates
Aiken, Mrs. Steve, no dates
Aiken, Nora, no dates
Aiken, Rose, no dates
Aiken, Shunne, no dates
Badeau, Mitchell, no dates
Carey, Andrew, d. 1884
Carey, Charles, no dates
Carey, Julia, d. 1878
Carey, Paul, no dates
Carey, William, d. 1881
Jackson, ??, no dates
Jackson, Andrew, no dates
Jackson, Benedict, no dates
Jackson, Senone, no dates
Kaudauquotte, David, no dates
Kaudauquotte, John, d. 1877
Kaudauquotte, Marion, d. 1876
Kaudauquotte, Martha, d. 1878
Kaudauquotte,Andrew, d. 1890
Lawrence, Elizabeth, d. 1887
Lawrence, James, no dates
Lawrence, Josephine, d.1889
Lawrence, Mary, d. 1890
Pego, Augustus, no dates
Pego, Dominick, d. 1878
Pego, Elizabeth, d. 1880
Pego, Ran, d. 1879
Pucanabano, Cora, no dates
Schimmerhorn,??, no dates
Stone, Mrs William, no dates
Stone, William, no dates
Van Scoder, Garret, b. 1823 d. 1878
Wab-E-Cake, wife of, no dates


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