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Fort Mackinac Post Cemetery
Mackinac County, Michigan

Mackinac Island, MI

Contributed by B J Harrington, May 2001 [Bharr2302@aol.com]. Total records = 84.

Transcribed from the publication, "Mackinac Island's Post Cemetery" published by Mackinac State Historic Parks, 1999.

There are three cemeteries on Mackinac Island: the Post Cemetery, St. Anne's Catholic Cemetery, and a Protestant Cemetery. When visiting the Post Cemetery, look for the cemetery with the words, "Post Cemetery, Fort Mackinac" above the entrance (see photo).

Adams, Pvt. John, d. 10 Sep 1816
Allard, Pvt. Henry, d. 6 Aug 1816 (Drowned)
Bates, Pvt. Alvin S., d. 13 Jun 1874 (Typhoid Fever)
Brooks, 2nd Lt. David, d. 16 May 1827
Brown, Pvt. James, d. 1 Feb 1830 (Hanged for murder of Flinn)
Clark, Pvt. Jonathon, d. 16 May 1820
Clitz, Capt. John, d. 6 Nov 1836
Cooper, Pvt. Archibald, d. 30 Dec 1816
Dunlap, Pvt. Samuel, d. 4 Apr 1821
Ervine, James, d. 2 Nov 1811 (Musician)
Finnemore, Samuel, d. 13 Mar 1819 (Musician)
Fires, Pvt. John P., d. 22 Aug 1866
Fisher, Pvt. Charles, d. 25 May 1869
Flinn, Corp. Hugh, d. 5 Dec 1828 (Murdered)
Foote, Pvt. Isaac, d. 31 Aug 1824 (Drowned)
Fountain, Pvt. Gabriel, d. 13 Mar 1820
Gleason, 1st Lt. Joseph, d. 27 Mar 1820
Goldhofer, Pvt. Ignatius, d. 21 Oct 1872 (Heart disease)
Gun, Pvt. Philip, d. May-Oct 1796 (Place of death unknown)
Habbock, Corp. John, d. 2 Oct 1826 (Drowned)
Hamm, Pvt. James, d. 14 Nov 1819
Hoffman, Pvt. Benjamin E., d. 1 Apr 1849
Hohn, Pvt. Geo., d. 24 Oct 1818
Houghtaton, Pvt. Abraham, d. 3 Sep 1809
Howard, Capt. Lewis, d. 13 Jan 1811
Hughes, Pvt. John, d. 22 Aug 1866
Jemison, Pvt. Robert, d. 13 Oct 1817
Johnson, Pvt. Peter, d. 13 Jun 1809
Johnson, Pvt. William, d. 11 Jul 1809
Jones, Pvt. Samuel, d. 22 Apr 1823
Lawrence, Pvt. Andrew, d. 13 Sep 1834 (Drowned)
Luke, Pvt. Benjamin, d. ca. 1808
Maidron, Corp. Jaboz, d. 17 Sep 1820 (Drowned)
McCabe, Pvt. William, d. 17 Sep 1855 (Consumption)
McCarter, Pvt. Thomas, d. 25 Jan 1825
McGrath, Sgt. John, d. 15 Mar 1881 (Bright's disease)
McIntosh, Pvt. William G., d. 26 Dec 1848
Meany, Pvt. James, d. 20 Nov 1824
Myers, Pvt. Daniel E., d. 15 Dec 1817
Peacock, Pvt. Thomas, d. ca. 1808
Perry, Sgt. Lewis, d. 23 Nov 1869 (Consumption)
Phile, Pvt. Philip, d. 14 Aug 18l9
Phillips, Pvt. Isaac, d. 25 May 1819
Pleave, Pvt. Felix, d. 7 Mar 1843 (Suicide,)
Rogers, Judson, d. 17 Jun 1887 (Drowned) (Hosp. Steward)
Rogers, Pvt. George, d. 22 May 1833
Selden, Pvt. Walter, d. 16 Apr 1884 (Inflammation of lungs)
Sellers, Capt. Edwin E., d. 8 Apr 1884 (Inflammation of lungs)
Shaw, Pvt. Matthew, d. 14 Dec 1820
Shorten, Pvt. Nicholas, d. 6 May 1873 (Consumption)
Simons, Pvt. Amos, d. l2 Jun 1820
Simonson, Pvt. Andrew O., d. 4 Jul 1870 (accident, gunshot)
Slingerland, Pvt. Robert H., d. 22 Aug 1866
Spears, Pvt. Thomas, d. 31 Aug 1824 (Drowned)
Stoner, Pvt. Samuel, d. 22 Aug 1866
Taylor, Pvt. Robert M., d. 11 Jul 1832
Thorn, Pvt. Jonathon, d. 29 Jun 1820 (Drowned)
Tice, Pvt. Elijah, d. 25 Jul 1797
Tucker, Pvt. Willis (or Wilks), d. 28 Jan 1819
Wade, Pvt. Arthur, d. 23 Feb 1817
Walker, Pvt. Hamilton, d. 19 Mar 1816 (Pleurisy)
Walters, Pvt. Coon, d. 17 May 1891 (peritonitis)
Ward, Thomas, d. 9 Dec 1850

Family of soldiers buried in Post Cemetery

Anness, Joseph, d. 16 Feb 1892 (Infant son of J. W. Anness)
Baseler, Lena, d. 21 Jul 1889 (Dau. of Pvt. J. A. Baseler)
Cowles, Isabel Hitchcock, d. 12 Dec 1888 (Dau. of Lt. C. D. Cowles)
Cowles, Josiah Hamilton, d. 4 Sep 1884 (Son of Lt. C. D. Cowles)
DeRussy, R. E., d. 19 Jan 1860 (Grandson of Capt. J. Clitz)
Dunn, John, d. 13 Sep 1892 (Son of Pvt. M. Dunn)
Gaskill, Edwin C., d. 17 Jun 1889 (Capt., Retired.)
Markland, Imogene, d. 3 May 1886 (Dau. of Lt. M. Markland)
Marshall, Frank M., d. 7 Oct 1865 (Grandchild of Sgt. Wm. Marshall)
Marshall, William A., d. 11 Dec 1862 (Grandchild of Sgt. Wm. Marshall)
Mills, J. Russell, d. 30 Aug 1869 (Son of Post Surgeon H. Mills)
O'Brien, Allen Henry, d. 24 Jul 1855 (Son of Post Chaplain J. O'Brien)
O'Brien, Charlotte, d. 17 Mar 1855 (Wife J. O'Brien)
Rogers, Leon, d. 17 Jun 1887 (Son of Hosp. Steward J. J. Rogers)
Walsh Un-named, d. Feb-Sep 1892 (Stillborn dau. of Pvt. W. Walsh)

Civilians buried in Post Cemetery

Biddle, Edward, d. 1859 (Former village Sheriff)
Granger, Henry W., d. 12 Jan 1857 (Sheriff Michilimackinac County)
Haring, Samuel Kip, d. 1849 (U.S. Customs Collector)
Lasley, Ida, d. unknown
Puthuff, Mary, d. 15 Mar 1823 (Wife of Wm. Puthuff, Indian Agent)
Smolk, Abraham, d. 7 Jul 1891 (Lighthouse inspector)
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